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* This train will run ef this mouth. —
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1035 L 1130
Wc»t End. Dock:.



)uthamp;on and Netley tin
and Reflbridge and i are third class.
High Street, oppoaite the Audit Home*.
The Poet Oflce, Higlwtreet, opens for offleial inqulriee and for the rveep Ion el *aU lett*re at 7 a-m., aud otoeet ,at 10 p.m. The town deliveries oommenoe at 7 a.m.,, and " '5 p.m. No postage sumps are airred after 10 p.m.
On Sunday* therv U only one dabvery by letter carriers eotntnouciuy at 7 a.m.; and letter* are delivered at tUa eountcr from 7." am. until 10.0a.m. only.
Sundays th« oAo-j cloaee at 10 a.m.Vor ell public (ratine**

Oblige (waii box) 10. 0 a s

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Onflow road, Sen-
Railway Terminus 10.10 am
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(pillar) ... 9.50 p t
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*n Sundays only.
for that reason ne txSmpied tke poaitinn that lie did. Th* mwutet of the la-t meeting having been reed and signed, the Chairman eaid that during the Ust day or two they had suffered a great loee In the death of the ex-Mayor (Mr A. L. MeCalmont). He had always been * eupporter of their eociety since it .had been
eeubliehed, and now on Wednesday they bad all been shocked by the fanooncement of Ids almoet sudden death. If his |.fr and health had been epared. he would have been with them that dar, and be, therefore, wished to expiree hie regret at the great they had Sustained, and aleo to express hie sympathy with hit bereaved relatione. — latere of apology for non-attendance were then read from their ("resident (Mr B. Jones), who enclosed a cheque for Are guineas. the Revi Mr Western. U. H. CkrHsla. D'Arey if. Pmstom, O. OL White, Mr Wlikey; and General Harrow.
The Hnn. Secretary, Mr Darwin, then preeented the annual report (which wae yery voluminous, and wai taken »« read), from which the following are extracte :—
The Committee, In proeentlne their third annual report-be^ to etalc that daring the year ending September 30th, I8J*. tlicy have lnvr«a»;aled «■ S ca»e».. Of tkee* ITS wtfre dlamlexxl: S» were recoramemte-l for aa«l»t»noe: and 171 wer» aealated. There weie 11* epeelal nrpoite ofeaeee «ent
*'l?«m"md y conhl be dealt ef
tally with only by
andewrytnir. Of the tS r,
hundred more application,, yet the undeMrvlntr eaere have UlmlnUhed owe-half, while t&oe# Inveedgated at the eull of. and reoommended for relief to private Individual* have Increased flre-fold.
The L-ranta atnonnted to £ 4 7$ 3d.
Thl* Increase of expenditure baa boon brought about partly In equwqmemee of the great uxpenee Incurred It
who, although able to keep them when there, were not In s
partly dlmlu|»bed br- - .............
8ve pereon*, for wtrnm employment had been obtained . other place*; and part payment of rent In caw of one pei •on. and a contribution toward* a mangle In caw <
if Wind Kehool'f«
wy; mangle*, eewlng a
chaaea of furniture (In order to let lodt-lug*), Irvnlug »tove, pn«»age money* to join »hlp. outUU for eea, repairing (hair, purchase of clothc*. redeeming Uilnga In pawn, openlot; a (hop for ooe enable to work, payment of back reut icaoied by llloe**), renewal of outfit (loet when *hlp-wreeked), the purcbaca of varlou* article* of trade. Ac.
Of the loan* 'hat were granted. 45 have been repaid, and the whole mm repaid during tho year amounted to 4133 1»». The out-atandlng *um on loan on Sept. 30, wa» jfJT »• * " larger part I* being paid

i eodety £ioo without em In loan* todeaorvlou per-ir coiamUiee'Uave gratefully tte« have had before them wvaral begging
.......— —• purporting tc—
I scale, but In
the eociety all the cradit for the dacreaaa of pau,iart*in and vagrancy a* lie thought it we* partly due to th# energetic action taken by the Gu*nlian«. The outdoor relief given by tliem In the yea, 1S74-5 wa* £5079. and all that had been done in three year*. Ha again wiihad to expree* lit* pleaeuro* in being there, and hoped the eoriaty would^atjll go on and prveper.—'The raeolutiou
The lUv P. K. Wigram said he hoped th#y would excuse him from making a speech on account of the great loes he had sustained by the death of the late Mayor. Ha therefore simply panted to be allowed to expreee his confidence in the society, and believed that it was doing a great work. He wished to propose the re-election of their President. Mr Jones.—This was seconded by,the Rev B. J. Boon and carried onani-
The Rev 8. B. Driver, In a few remarks, next propoeed the. re-election of the Vice-Preeidenu -ml Committee, which was^seconded by the Rev 0. M. Owen and carried
Major Drummond proposed the re-election of the Executive Officers, which was seconded by Mr T. W. Shore and also carried.
The Rev O. W. P. Gregg propoeed. and Mr Myers seconded, the re-election of the other officers, which wss also carried.
The Chairman then eaid that their business that day was done- He thought the wciety was calculated to do a great deal In forwarding charity and checking im-ions, and hs thought that they had, as the report
On the motion of .the Rev B. J. Bot Rev Dr Wright, a vote of thanks was accorded to the bdmd t, Mp W. K.

siding, and a i Ruckle, for hit1 the meeting.
thanks to the Chairman for pi compliment lo their agent. Mr n behalf of the society, concluded
st, but nothing
whether the writer applied a ilo gentlemen or lady, they dfi and rvldeuce that these beg?!
rrau oasy aud pmdacnve livelihood, far which they would haVu gained by hoi

position ; yet ev, thai thalr rC!ier Its lutention
ached for by well-kn

U,e flrat. I* before long perserved In as
scare pleased^notice that the Provider rapidly increasing In Its usefulness. Tli *#ra now numbei nearly 2.0O0,. as again,
linn or proper cases will be established beiivtua all ftie lucdlcal Institutions of the town.
The number of medical cases attended by the Poor L aedlcal oillcer continues to decrease. Last year they

•keeping whereby repetition
frequenting tho town had lucrease.1 from 883 to 2.38'. They rvgrei to add that during the year endlug September 2»tfi
harshly with unfortunate families, for amongst i
one night. They wander from Union to Uoloi shunning those where rules are stringent an,
those wbere work Is light an

odd Job r.y two. Of On the general a. about one-third of The committee h
d of that of last year, se here tender their thai iplrlt which prompted h

ri-cov»^T you run Hue —If y**r hair Is grey or "hit*, or fall!n* off. • uso " Tbe Mexican 'newer." for it will pes(Me*l* vssteys ui mn ca»», IThOs ka>r to Us natural colour, without tearing «re" all Chemist* and
" not»a —pasjs.—**li,oolv«o

of October IS. saj>:—Messrs Horn:min have bad wonderful sociM wlU» Uirir lamous tea In the Pari. Exhibition , it
acquisition on the imUtnt, It I* possessed of a very
llornimaii'*, Tea In tin foil packet* U sold by app In. ------ —' ---hem prefemtf "

ie invaluable when its p>a
w-111 ruoiace brukrn BeOth and ratXU-------
sed vigour. Summer Is the asaaou to* removing . • Imrtaess of breath, wbeesleg. asthma, ant all pulmonary
a&siir'10 ,f-f ■«*»
The Rev Dr Wright, In moving the adoption of the joort, said there were a few points bo should like to any a word or two upon. The report stated that clothes had been given to tho society for distribution among the deserving poor, and he thought a great deal of good night be done in that way. Then it was rasntiouod ibout a loan, and lie thought that by lending money out so they might do a great good, and he thought the money h»d pjjt so was returned as soon as possible under such circtJ-zsnces.. Among other points he touched upon were vagrancy»and' imposture, he detailed several cases ie his own experience, whereby he had given away a great deal of money in that way. He thought it a great shame that people should give money " "o who falsely pleaded they were out of work and ■ rtlv to detect such
•tablishnd. If the
starving, and such like, and it w
great good and a lasting benefit to the td'i amnion, and he, therefore, had much pleasure in proposing th# adoption of the report (applause).
Mr C. Crew seconded the resolution. He thought that the Sodety bad been a great -'«*! tfclsunc'ersiood/ but he thought that that feeling w*s fast giving way to
two facts. Among tho,
187V the total amount i
AM 17s M. mknwb*------- __
included j6100 which had been advanced to tbi __
ujpton Benevolent Society. The number of cast
ITmSSsi5*jfd\ kU8%
i *by°the
Southampton Benevolent Society. The number of cases investigated in 1877 was 303; In 1878, 405 j or showing an increase of 97 case;. Ho thought that those figuree plainly showed the puhlie of Southampton more than words Its popularity. They wauled to pro. mote charity, and not to stop It (applause). They only intended to give relief to deserving cases. He also wished to say a fsw words on another point; that was tbe Southampton Provident Dispensary. The report stated that Dr Griffin and somo others bad greatly laboured to start that institution. He thought that there results wen. moet gratifying. Tbey bad now over 2,000 names on the books, whils there were only 600 this time last year. The report also referred to the great services rendered to the Institution by the agent, Mr Buskle. After a few other remarks he concluded by seconding the adoption of the report, which was carried unanimously.
The Bev Cress well Strange then moved a resolution to to the effect thai eeting by tbe report thai the eociety forwarded charity, discovered imposture, and helped the deserving poor, they were of opinion that the town
Stnerafly would be greaty benefitted. 8k eaid he hoped le society would !on* continue to carry on Its excellent work. He was glad to know that the eociety bad held 1u ground against all ths prejudice that bad been thrown
ports wood conservative . association.
A meetmg of this Association was held at the Rail, way Inn. St Deny's-road, on Monday evening, Mr Councillor Whitchurch presiding, in the ahaoncs of the president. Mr W. Purber, who was away through tho death of ilia bnither in London. Amongst those were Mr Senior bailiff Warren, Captain Gibbs, Coun. cillors J. Bishop, H. Coles, and numerous others.—The Chairman said he had to apologise for his absence from their meetinge during the late contt would have kept him away except tbi which he was suffering. It was very hard for him to be In bed and know what wa* going on outside, and It wa« still harder to read eome of the argument* used against the Conservative candidate*, and be unable to attconobatulatios to thb mayor.
Mr Chapm

Mr Senior- Bailiff Warren being called at the'Town Council on Wednesday a res passed empowering the committee to carry o Ue put a notice of it on tbe Special and UeL Committee'* paper, for as a resident In the district he felt the health of |a portion of the inhabitant, should not he imperilled bv allowing such a state of things to continue. He was pleased to say when the tenders for the work came in there would not be an hour's delay in getting on with the work. And be was glad to say tbsy would not be taxed so heavily as be at first thought, for taking into considsration the work, it was going to be carried Out at a comparatively small coat. He then produced a plan of tbe now bridge which Is propoeed to bo carried across the water, at the end cf tbe road, stating a subcommittee of the Special and General Works Committee had viewed the spot, arid could raise no possible objection to the erection. Tho bridge would be 20 fsst wide and free, and would prove np immense

ighbourhood particularly. He di re would be a little opposition on the part ol i Bridge authorities, but that could not at al i with the decision which had already been givei Hoard of Trade. Referring to the receni . Mr Warren said be felt grateful foi
now Brood, and pointed out that th** premise* wsr* t>.« property of the Corp-raSiom • and by remaining where they were there wo.,Id be no expense of purchaaing land. Bern dee. hy an expenditure not exceeding £7UOd« they could make their j.reeent r ww. an* tA* best out of London, riis Mtnr-ls tell theui^lhat a- new Town Hall oould be eretted for £40,000. I«it he believed they would not stop short of £90.tXX).-and s-tch an expenditure at the praeent time' when alienly they would be compelled to build a lunatic asylam. was not at all advisable. The Guardians were doing all In their power to keep down the rate*, but with such expenditures as these thrust upon their efferts must prove fruitless.
Mr Warren explained that the reason the lamps were not yet placed in Duke.s-road *u because there was no
the lampe would soon be there, " * 'ted with the association having

Th. fortnight!, tn.atmg of thU -mt held on
e School Attendance aouneed a precept for
The Vice-Chairm%n read a let Longlands. thanking the Chaii laying his previous communicati He was *o surprised to I ear frou power for the Education Depa part of a p*ri«h a separate seh«c written to ths Bducstu-n Dept and the following was the rei lords have no power to make pai district by itself, unless iUs a pa
i before the Guanliar
trict :** that he had

of ths pariah in sufficient to er
this" He concluded. th<
saying the whole parieh of South _____
involved If they In that part were ohliged f> go in for a rate—The Deputy Clerk said If this wm a correct copy of tbe commu-mil this Act

irpoee* of the principal ,
principal Act shall apply t

part of a pariah situ,
to operation, and they could ihute or not —In the course iw thought they should reply
»«ying that the Gusnli
ponding period of last year. 221. A deer,
A man who i, out of work, but has been Messrs. Oswald Mordaunt. and Oo's. at W< before the U. ard and applied for an order to attend his wife in her confinement, and 1 for his wife and family, fire in all. He ployed as labourer at 18«. to a p .und a , been thrown out of work through a strike layers. He said he had been unable to ohu employment.—The Vice-Chairman said ho
by enquiry, an
desirable in their district*.— it would be fair that thosi relief struck off should hav Crew did not think this i Guardians were only to giv, and when that destitution < wsll^-Jn reply to the Guar, lie did not always hand the person relieved, because I atanoe, widow* to remain al perhaps lose a day's work.
ito their own hands should he paid at th Sanitary Ouainess wi ter this had been diap
ick off. This was
lould be done, be cause the relief in cases of destitution, eased, tbe relief stopped as iahs, Mr Goodridge .aid he money into the hands of the e could not expect, for in-home to receive, and thus These cases, however, were lation. the relieving-officers widow* their relief monthly

i defeated, for fi
and all for their exertions a half, and he hoped whe nd they would all show ■ they hsd done previously
igretted very much Mr Cand is knowledge he found him t I hutines*. but he hoped tho tim
itude would be wac I* sincere thanks t<
were lost by bein who styled theinse
-----diminished one-half this year it
t? * -• ^'Mrring cases had Increased
Tbelr greatest -thanks «
i. das to ths douth-
WB. one tuey euoaia not pa*e oy ana I Bat was tbe
Mr J. Bishoj part did he not return hi*
returning him a* a reprcie hoped ths election wbicl warning to all true C
plumpenyund that so man
servative?fnd reneirod hi ............... ----------
Associations should have been found to admit they split thsir.votss in favor of the secretary oP»bo liberal "200." Jf hard work won an eletfton ho was tmu.nU four of the Conservitive members were deeerving of success, and had nqWMr Pearce received 280 spill vote*-he wool, never (Mae's been returned. In the Oouncil he oould set already the town had a great deal to put up with frou certain parties,\who beetowsd tbsir eloquence upot sveijr little subject that wai brought'forward,.and h, could assure them\if he *a« not t»lking he had a watch ful sys over their Ibices s and would work diligently In committee, wher*,tho real work of the Council was done (applause).
Mr Coles alio ■ harked ths members for thsir ener •nd kind support during ths recent contest. Hs cat into the flsld rather late in the day. and taking that ii con ideratioh hs looksd upon hit return as a still grea honour. . He was hot a man of many words, and objected to wasting the valuible time of business men by unnecessary talking, but he had been placed on several committees, and they could depend upon it hs would work in those committees for ths interest of ths ward, and of that district of Portswood. It was his intsntioii to attend all tbsir msstings if,possibls, and make hifti-sslf thoroughly acquainted with all the wants of U s several districts, so that hs might ths better look after tbsm In ths Council. Gentlemen rise at tbs Council on svery point to maks a speech, he suppoesd for ths saks of seeing thsir names In print. Matters were fully die. cussed In committee, and yet tbsrs wero gentlemen who would ask paltry question* when matters wero brought forward for confirmation. Hs should b* glad to learn tho wante of any part of th* ward, for It was his intention to do all ha could for its welfare. Referring to the general question of Conssrvatism hs aakad tbsm to 190k back to past legislation, and see If thsy ooold find a man who bad steered ths country through a host of difficulties as ths Karl of BsaConsQsld bad (applauss), in spits of ths disgraceful opposition thrown In bis way. He had kept a clear coast and aucceeefully avoided all obstacle*, and to a masterly manner gradually overcame such opposition as th* Afghan Com mitt**, and was now rectifying what bad been brought about by th* past conduct of Liberal Viceroys of India (applause).
TU ItBW toW3hall qubsttob. v •" Warren spsaklng upon this subject said It was a is queetion to them, as thsy would be called upon 1 triksita towards the expemee, and asked them to oo-ueioarard at th* puhUe meeting which would beheld pest Monday night, at 7 o'clock, and support those who
Gbbat AMD Small Tnntcs.—A divine potency preside* in human affairs, and is wont to shut great things within smttU.—Btp/uuri- Tomb.
Truth.—It is one thing to love truth, and to seek it far its own sake, and quite another to welcome as much of it as tallies with our impressions and pre-
Wnmra AMD Old Aob.—."Winter, which strips tho leaves from around us, makes us see the distant they fonnerly concealed; so does old age rob us of our enjoyments, only to enlarge the prospect of eternity before us.
" A monkey on tho house " is a curious expression that is current in Cambridgeshire. It means that the owner of the house has raised money on it. The natives also say, "A monkey on tho land," the word " monkey " being exactly equivalent to " mort-
Dnxss amd eblioiox.—Miss Lydia Becker is of opinion that the principles of art might as well be applied to dross as to pictures. Bhe approves the sentiment of a Frenchman-who said that a well-dressed lady had a sense of inward tranquility which religion could got beatow.
CiiBBuruLXBSi..—Do not imagine that the appear-of sadness indicates sanctity; it may mean hypo-rrijy. To conceal one's own gmfs for the sake of sheering others betokens a self-denying sympathy which is the highest kind of goodness. Let us present the sacrifice of praise in whatever company we
Iloicvrrs.—What a picnic would be without hor* nets is a matter of conjecture, as there never has been a way to find out. A hornet is not denominational. It goo* to all picnics. And it is a desirable adjunct. It tends to modify greediness, besides adding largely to the general enthusiasm.
hornets at a small table will do more to level distinctions and to promote social intercourse th: ~ 'ful disaster in a village.
WETTO& & Go.,
14 9, HIOH^&I&SaT. 90UTH*dPTU2b\
^dgar w etton'8
FRICTION OLOVES, Ac., Ac., for the COEE, EEUW. amm PMArEyM02l 0, DISEASE.
Tb* folicwiog ar* some of th* r*»BT diseases In which ear Magnetic Apruaooes. wiU eff-ot a cor*, or afford relief: — Oout. Rheumatism, umbag-s Smr.lgia, Sciatica. General De' illty, Eyiiepav, Draper, Milton.ness. Th ck Meok. Lo** of Voice, La.igoor. D.arrhata, Karvonsaye*. Asthma, Palpitatlo* •f th-. Heart, Cong**Uo- th* Lungs. Enlarged 'Amelia, ig.stioo. lacipisnt Cub-Ills, Son. T-ruat. Cula-y. Cramp. T*m*#r#. C*s*. 1. Spinal Debility, Ague,
iVo Ckaryt for ContuUattwi.
Among tbe special advantages of th* Magneticon Appliances arc Their simplicity and ssfety.
Their constant generation of of Batteries, Metallic Plates,
Tb*y require no preparation, 1 no sores ; and as the magnetic curron through an intervening garment they r
t passes r*adv4y
Being mad* up In light malarial, they are as com. fortabl*~to wear as an ordinary garment.
Though more especially u.cful in certain classes of disease, th*ir gently invigorating influence upon tbe whole system cannot fail to be very beneflcial to most invalids, and to those who suffer from any bodi y or organic weakness, whij* their direct action upon th* nerves render* them equally useful In many Casee which th* ordinary remedies fail to *S*ct.
apaeal Magnetics Appha**** ar* mad* for children, who ar* found to b* peculiarly euseeplibl* 10 the invigorating influence of magnetism, especially when dehili-*atod by epidemics, or msniUstinjl a tendency to in-

It will greatly add to
RHEUMATISM, s-road. Southampton ileasnra in- uwtlfyln: uetloou Appliance*, i
11 pain. Meeting will my back. 1 could ,c
ivlag suffered li ao accident, an,

PEPPER'8^|n^B '^d ra!0N

tdeppeb's quinine and iron ^ TO*W IE ECEOFULA.
If perscverd with Quinine and Iron will entirely banish the scrofulooe taint from th* body. The ulcerations and abscesses, frequently of > painful character, soms-imes ' appearing in til* gl nds of th* neck, in other forms as » ekh» eruptions, Ac., will ultimately
tdeppeb'd . qdixufe and ieon
TONIC cofflbinit these powerful agents in their highest state of efficiency, is chemically pure, unaiterabls
Care must b- taken wh*i» asking for Pepper's Quinine and Iron Tonip In tbe various Cl«Bists*sbope that it snd no other is supplied, otherwise disappointment will result. Bottles 4*4*1. lis, and stone jars tfs. .
"pepper's qoixine and ibon ' t,,a
Depression of *]>iriu from any cause long continued snjures the health greatly, and many suffsr in this way for want of a proper remedy.
For tbe low nerraa* headache, commonly atUndsa on depression, especially if from msntal cauees. the Quinine and Iron Tonic will be fkiaryl most useful; it re's system, and speedily dissipates u#-of a melancholic character.

tUi certainty recommend It to ail wbo are ,uffeni lieumatUm. — f sm. yours respectfully.—C. DYK1L
Having saffsrad for a long ti
is similarly agio tad.
noe,ter-passage, Snutharapton, Jam* 21st, 1 L asd heard joa lectar* when you came to I al'hough 1 wss harcly able to gel out, • uffari'ig from IUieum..u,m in the bead foi I • th. snd had never had one Bight's rest. I b ''and nsit «Uy, snd wore it rouud my bead,
od uigftt's tvst, a*d I am Sarpy to say I hs___
leumatlc ,-aiu ,iuce. aow over a month ago. X low ■» a spine bsnd, si d I feel much better In m> general Dear air. you ar* at liberty to sublish this, noplng iduce others to try i»*nd get relieve.!.—O. CARlER.
36. Orchard-Ian*. Southampton, Jan* 21th, 187S. 1 much pleasure lu forwarding you a Wall-i. to toe effloacy of your Magiefe appliance.. I ring Mveraly irom Rhea mat Ism in the right ,nn and d I procured the appliance* from your ssubii.h-8, Reireut-street, Wadwa. Iq Jaauary last, and derived so mneh beoettt from thsir us* that I oould y employment with comfort aud convenience.
3. Hroad-lane, Southampton. Oct. Sth, 1S7S. 'es me grvaL pleasure In telling vp* of the have received from wearing one of your Slagucticon have beeu a suff.-rer from Uheematio Oout lu sll my body, especially lu my bauds. kuee,.topain hsU left symptom,.
1 try one of 3 having worn
fenng from tbe same coroplslnts ibe relief 1 have f. ua< m your valuable Maguetlcon. My age Is 63 ne-: Nab
RHEUMATISM AND NERVOUS DEBILITY. 36. Itichmood-sirvet. Souttiamplou, 30th Sept.. is:? I feel It a pleasure 10 Inform you Hist the Maguetii

—Tho mode of
courtship of tho Zaporns of Ecuador pi suggestive features. The enamoured swain goes to the woods and hunts game; when ho has procured it, ho presents it to the maiden of his choice. This constitutes the proposal; if shp accepts, she cooks the meat. Hence, before entering upbn tho bonds of matrimony, the Zapora suitor has the great advantage over civilised wooers of being assured as to the lady's capacity for preparing a square meal; and doubtless there is a diminished probability that afterwards "the fat- will be in tho fire." On tho other hand, tho Zaporineea is favoured with somo foreknowledge as to her spouse's ability to keep the larder supplied.
CiviLtTY AMD Cbmkowt.—Nothing is more honourable and pleasant than civility, snd nothing more ridiculous and burdensome than ceremony. Civility teaches us to behave with proportionate respect U »*e«7 one, according as their rank requires and their morit demands. In other words, civility is tho scioml jf men of the world. A woman of good address, wh# tonducto herself with due circumspection, conciliate the lore and estoem of society, because everyone finds f %"* f h* «"pany; b* * atrtmoolcos *otnan is tho plague of her acquaintance. Such a
to get my proper rvai vred. and 1 feel Quite

Taken a f*w minutes before meal tim* th* tonic effect on the coats of th* stomach i* such that anvnmodiat* desire for eating is created. A' lb* sain* tim* tbe digestive faculty it aroused, si\d performs its functions in alaborat ng tb* food, fhus preventing Ui* usual dis trashing symptoms of flatulence, pain at th* cheat, and heartburn, generally known as indigMtion.
tdeppeb'e quinine and iron
TONIC Ii *old hy chemists everywhere in bottles 4s 6d. in bottles Hp, and in ston* jar* Z2i each, for protection be sur* the name, address, and trade mark of the proprietor, John Pepper, 237, Tottenham Court Hoad. London, Is on tbe label. Any chemist will procure It to order, hut do not b* prevailed upon to try any other compound.
_Sent for Stamps or Post-OfBce Order._
peppeji'3 quinine and iron
There are many derangements traceable to disorganisation of the nervous system far too numerous to mention In a notice of tliis character, but some one or two are .......:----ind.d^nand a-----—

literally n
1 .thousands
may for a time allay. 1 kind Quinin* and Iror

and although exi
absolutely nec
ntly proves its ir
ihase* of suffer

„ ------- - — 'ohs action. If one is su
I ng from any malady in th* least degree tracoah relaxation of the nerves, no time should b* lost in la Quinine and Iron. Th* *ff«ct will beat oucp evid and restoration to health certain.
PEPPER'S QU1EI&E AMD IEOE TOEIO la by all chemists in bottles, ts6d ; next ,ixe, lis; s

t)epper'8 quinine and iron TOEIU PUE1/1ES AED EEE1CHE8 THB BLOOD.
It directly influences tbe circulation of the blood in a remarkable manner by eliminating all impuritie* and accumulations that obstruct it* free transmiMion through the veins to the heart. It gives tha proper chemical and physical characteristics, especially the red corpusc'ss eliciency of which is easily Indicate-! by unnatural pale-"ess of the cheeks and Hp*, and other appearances.
7*d. PEE BOTTLE. b l e 8 8 the baby.
with the greatest Si
is the safest and most effectual medicine that can p<
The Question, of coutse, will be asked, what is I Baowa a Mixtobb made of? Re answer that it is po*ed of various gums, syrup*, and balsamic a well known to b* useful in dispersing or " cutting Phlegm, and in allaying Inflammation, soothing irril and by their coqling and d*mulc*nt properties res the little sufferer to health snd enjoyment. There Laudanum whatever in Noksb Haow.1'1 mfxtuhi >th*r question that will be asked is, What is I 's's .Mixtuhb good for! Well, it is cart.
passages of the chest, and assisting the their proper action.
Whooping Cough Ncasa Baowa's Mix-- . iflectual, whilst in Common Coughs and Colds, it may he depended upon not only in the way of giving Relief but at a Cure.
When Infant* are Cutting their Teeth Ifoas* tJaovrs's ITU as will be found of specia service, a* It thoroughly ■Is the system,allaying the irritation of thegums, giving lural rest to the -Child, a»d a quiet night to the psrents. At we said before it does not contain any Laudanum, but is a simple preparation of valuable drugs.
iveh at night, if the little one is restless, feverish, way out-of-sorts, will cause the Child to wake in ling a* cheerful as a cricket, with a cool couifort-1, and the proco** of teething greatly assisted. b0CTMAMMu*:Mf.H. Haat,SL*arr**reeL La*»-
«... w. „ a. .------Lah^wad, Mr.
*d Mr. W. Haylee. 21.
wood, Commer ..........
die-street. Sold in Bottles 7Jd, Is Ijd, a
moat miserable. Hut n
appetite, and can wai doa wood day's worli be£j will patronise y<
Make what use you pleaae of this, and I shall be happy to answer any enqulrie*.—NATHANIEL SUDDEUY.
ind 1 hope every auffere
Pamphlet, c nd Referents ir will be for.
arded poet fre
ly*m!s-4.e, rroxftt-stkegt, W. Edutbcmh—li and 8a, MarrnHD-ernxxT. d0bub-», LoWkh BaCKVtLLB 9tbbct. CaBLTBBBAM-98. llloii-stbsxt.
OLai00w — 24, OoBDoa-srassT. PocTnroa*—i8. Bath-btkit. Nbwcastlb—4S|, Blacxbtt sraxxT. CASADa—Chobcu-staibt, Tobobio.
Term*'from £3
Resident Pbvaldsn. Di u.luureu..
Phyaldaa.-Dr R. B. Oriadrod.
'T^O obtain ease in a short time, even when
TiNCTUBB % SS'l^TI^S^ safe and simple but most effectual Remedy for natieipain in the arms, shoulders, hips, hand*, feet, tc. Thoumnds have tried it, and been relieved
Dey Sir,-Last Saturday wevk iwollen with Rheamallsm that it 1

witna.-l,lance. Just managed te g# out
Tours truly, CHARLES FRETCH.
bat aothloz hag given a* so much r«Uef as your Indian Tincture. I only took two doM*. and am now quite frt* from pain- Too ar* at liberty to us* my name.
Working in Breachley's Brewery, Maids to** Sok Maken-FABDOE B EOE. MaMetene. Faedo*'* INDIAN liNCTORB is sold by.all Chemist, but if not in stock any Chemist csn procure it from his Wholesale London House; and it is woith trying, as it Tery seldom fails urgiv* the greatest relief.
bold by tub cukmiets Southamito*, Mr. h. Hum, XL Marv's.stree'. Lanoport, Mr. 0. W. Brown, 214, Lake-ioad« Mr. J. 8tanswood, Conuaerital-road; Mr W. Haylee, 21, Arundle-street.
Sold ix Bottlkb, le IJd, 2s 3d, aad4s 6d bach. cepted.l0WC*1 °* otll,r Tender not necessarily ac-
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