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Etsstan Coal.—It is announced that the Gorsrn-■wtlw relinquished iU intention of establishing u
HmAMM AT 8nunnr,—An exionsivt •bike ha, broken out at Sydney among* the aeemen, j^#jpmteet against the employment of Chineee on
Cattuki or a Piratical Dmos.—Oaptain Pringle, M.M.S. Vulture, ho* reported the capture of IS • piratical dhaoa and other boat, off Katif, on the BMstbrrn tide of the Persian Gulf.
Tne Win Muanxx at Babkow.^—Varioua persons Wt» recently been apprehended in different parte of (fee country on suspicion of thoir'being the William M "Guinness who murdered his wife at Barrow, and two persons aro now in custody at Belfast and Dublin m suspicion.
*M*ny • 7°rks and quarries. This company*, works fuim the staplo industry at Caithness-shireT
Au*y AccotmiBMaxT,.—Notwithstanding the pre-gaUoom foe w. the amy eeoontrAnent mwrn
•nljr port of wit month a «lo will tako dace at tho
Umrn^ ,bS,rita.1""1'
mmm pl*i
n™/L°d*ri£uZ£t ™k
■.m-al numter of coll.iions, um malting in tho
ins of tho veas.1*. At tho prwont tit """ "" at tho bottom of tho Moraoy,
Wee large, compnweg 4,2W quarter, of beef, 1,035 ***** of ^utton, end 04 dead niga. One of the
£rr=ss3TRass5Jr - ^ 2'12'
r«*l Fiub in Dunnr-laxe.—At an early hour on
"pwae a large mm box warn uneerthed, which warn d to contain vanoua Roman and Druldleel rell-
. lli- t. bmqm- Gill-
nena, 8t*wyt master, from New Ywk, arrived at Newry on Monday morning. Nisrly all the voyage w., etonmy, mmd tempertmm* yether wa* experienced, and on UcL 15, when off the Banks of Newfoundland, tliu mate, carpenter, and sUjwatd were washed over, bbaid Awl drowned, Urn vm*l receiving conWdemWe damage ^tthe same time.
"Wrh- ncar T^dhnry, furnish proof. Sirs. Webb still enjoys ennd health, and she entertained a gethmng of her relative, at her reridence. r> £^7^™® at Blackm'uk.—On Tuesday
Bobcit Dodd, pot rafivker, was charged with the attempted mnrder of his wife on the 10th insL Tho prisoner had l*eo hreught from a beerhouse, and hud fastened the door and threatened to kill his wife for, fetching him. Ho threw her down and lumped upon her, causing injuries that threatened to be fatal. Bho was removed to the infirmary, where she now is. Tho prisoner was sent to tho assizes for
Iwe or A Ymaan. nt DmiafoL Cm*xnna_—On Sunday night, the. Lrnulm Jane, of Guernsey, bound fiiim Itoscoff to Bristol, while coming up Bristol Channel during dirty weather, ran npr.n tho roeks off loitiriiead, filled and *ank Immediately. Ckptaln Dourgaille. the- mate, and crew lost everything, and only escaped with lives by taking to.the boats' et once. Tky rem* on by train to the Ballon' Home, Rnrtol, and will he forwarded homa by the Ship, wieeked Mm i nets' Society.
8rnow Dxant n, a TAVxxx.-On Monday mom. ing, while a number of pcrwrns wcie partaking of re-fiuahewt at tha Manor Ilonao Tkvem, Btambrd. sticot, \\ utorloo-ronil, they were alarmed by seeing a reapevtaWy.dresMd man aoddenly fall In front of the bar. In consequence of hla death-liVo appearance a
At the Mansion-house Justice Room on Saturday last, Thee. Yull, 60, living at 10, Frederick-place, Mile-end-road,' manager to Mr. B. Attenborough, pawnbroker, enrrying on burineaa In the M(norie«, was brought before the Lord Mayor for examination, charred with atealing, between February, 1877, and October, 1878, a large quantity of jewellery, of tbe value of about £1,800, tho property ot his employer. Mr; Attenborough was counsel for the prosecution: and Mr. Goldberg, eolicitor, defended. Mr. Attenborough, in opening the case, remarked that the charge preferred was of a rather peculiar character. It an.
SgSliS ft-S'.'teS 5
£1,000, but which was eftorwards found to contain

for -. of tho good, to ho prodoood. Th«
e^SSSs i-surSSZ
, _____.________,
nSekl? lcaUl0r b*S'and a m"tch* burned, in her : , '
A fUmwM Cesnom, wm, F^m.-«r WlWam ' «™ALnm AND11ECE1VJNG OMEQUES. n^Wt lienor Fmnda Gpencer Churchill. Toen IJatt., was summoned before the city magistrate*, _
Monday, for obtaining by falso ore
impudent fraud.
from tho " far north,'^and in
tences, on July 12 last, a cheque for" £ Mcssra. Sinkey, Am, and Flint. Tho defe, mot appear, ai " " "
served the sun_________
hill, Lendon. The h,
oupenntendent Davies said he it his place of residence, Netting-
' it, and the *hwt distance
memger, of Upper Richmond-road, Putnev, esid k.. Gouth-Weatem Bank,
tho Baltic, : «tolcft choque was negotiable. Inspector Shaw, of the
had agreed upon their eardlct, betoae«wmberofthe!r
hour th# returned Into eooxt and meld they were kll agreed except one, and there was no chance of their
be tned again.
Before the Chatham -stipendiary magistrate on Monday, William Tournef and William Bryant, respectively steward and cook of the Royal Marine o[Rears' moos at Chatham, were summoned for cruelly illtreating a cat on the I6th insL The prosecution was undertaken by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It wad proved that a cat having got into the offioers' meet-room, Tourner beat it with a brush and a gridiron until he drove it out into the mesa kitchen. Following it there, he further beat it with a suot-poundenJDjo poor animal took refuge in the coal-hole, where Tourner heaped the coals up over it. By his instructions Bryant then beat the cat with the coalytake, after which Tourner dragged the poor animfl out, and hang it up by a string for n time. Whemhe took it down the wretched animal made a noise, whereupon Tonmer exclaimed, '/ What! not dead yet?" ind boat it further, until it was really deed. Inspector Carter, of tho Royal Society, who saw the dcadbidy of the cat, said that
----» h-----------fed, three of its legs rnd
id iU neck and jaw also
«*tor% dark now applied &. .
Bench granted it at once.
WuacKS.—There were 42 British S'nd ft reported during the paat week, making the total &

m# by cdS*"*" *** ** %****% we off Ti
Phosecvtiok or a Max ox fira nstance wa, afforded at Woolwich tical working of a strike.

accused said he r and had been rec
magWmte'a auggeeU,* thai
thing!" He &__
Wiethe aoxqiort of hla h
~>onux.—An extraordi-Monday morning b'

: strike pay of £l a week for month*. In answer to tho ho would have been xclalmed. In aurpriae, k when I could got 20s. Tdered to pay 6a.
^ Jiiiiun m iim „--
nary diaoovery Ms _____

9 severed. The parcel & "calpel, with blood-rtained blade, mh excitement haa been cauaod by the •o probably thi
~™ng two iiion from tho bun,ins ,o».l
alarm caused

royed hack
also contained Although mucl.-----
»g," but ho had ^____
m ft and £». IW1 pro-
Heameiwd (hoy had bwn to Poita Bull had bcei butcher, of 1'utnsv,
manded the prison* Putney together.

i iWod that they left

The exhumation of bodiei anthorisod by the Secretary siastlcal authorities, has ta ceremow, end ettracted aw eight of the bodlae buried wreck of the Princeas Alice 1 _ __
the "unknown" gmvca, end of theae two have hem of the eemetenr, the othaie ro. No other exhumations haa an epplicetion
* * dl%h3%
it Woolwich Oei_____
if State and the eerie-m place without any *ly eny notice. Only m recognised from the
ro-intarrei* w other parte o hewing been takm ekewhei
been attended by a refusal,
hich there wou6 have h
1 of the county juatioea to pay the coata. i
A Derby cmr«a^(idont state, that the village of lonly, mix milea north-eeat of Do,by end eboot four nlos from Belper, is now in a state of greet excito- | i«nt, consequent open the dlaoevery of the remaina [ a man supposed to have been murdered 37 years
It that aaaome mem were engaged he
brickyard, mtueto between Kilbnm end Horaley, e%. mvaUn^ olay, they dlacoveved, from 3ln. to Mm. below portions of a human body, supposed to be nn named John Alldrcad, who was missing M February 16, 18tl. AOdrcad'a alater, Mary All-dread, is still living in the village. On the facta of M** caae bemg mentioned to har aha burnt into Wra.
on which day he went to Derby with two horaea and a emit loaded with coela. He wea then Im the employ of Mr. Searson. Ho has never been heard of since/'
Uona of the men'a hair, and a tooth, are In good pre-serration, also tho roof of his mouth and bones of the leg and arm. I ho tooth, which is of a peculiar shape, "***= Alldrwd, and aha at o^ *wd. My brother had a alngular mat of teeth." The Belper police have the matter in hand, and are at-tempUug to clear up the myatery of the crime. A few montha ago e man on hia death bed in Derby In-Urinary privately confeaeed to having, 30 or 40 yeara ago, murdered a companion by striking him down and escretly burning hla body, but aa the mlaemblo mem diod immediately after unburdening his mind, tilt particular, were, for obvloua reaaona, withheld from publication. Rumours aro rife thft the man who thus if John Alldread.
the dead of its eyeballs several of its HW b:
fractured. The Iheaclae^vere all discoloured,____,
fact, the body was more like a mass of pulp than anything else. The owner of the cat (Sergeant Manner, R.5L) said the animal was the pet of the division, and he believed Tourner attacked it because he had an ill-feeling against witness. The defence was that Tourner did not know to whom the cat belonged, and that in killing it he was merely acting in purmanco of the orders issued by the commandant, such great annoy-. aneo hexing been caused in tho mess-room by cats, that orders were given for all stray ones to be " mado eway with." If the defeodenta. In deetroying the cat, used a longer and moro cruel process than was absolutely necessary, it was merely, their solicitor urged, en enor of judgment on their part. Mr. Atliawee (the megbtmte) meld that cruelty of ea abominable character had in point of fact been committed. but as defendants hsd acted under orders thev wore not to hi* mind proved to have been guilty ef intemeWooal cmeRy, end he therefore diamlmed the information against them. At the same tima, thscmae omo to he brought forwaid, end ha tkmqht the barrack authoritlea ahould heve given doflnita instructions as to how oat« were td be dis-poaed of, matead of kerinw It k the dbcretkn of

diod was the

shooting a yeionbonn'8 doq
waa to recover damagea in con-
that the dofendent hed oumplaloed efthotwodogaof the plaintiff coming " to the annoyance of hla wife end . he further aald that If the dog ere any mom he would ahoot IL The dw inerally kept tied up or indoors after this, - -if Fob. 22 last one, a large
beard they did not for burying a child
nything eaten

CURIOUS LETTER FROM A CLERGYMAN. Tho Rev. Baillio Wallace, rector of Moresby, wl recently refused to bur a vwy aatreordlnary lAter to the Whi of Guardians. Last week, Mr. Walla,
guardian*, atating that he had h,
intend paying him his fee of
which had been interred at the _____________
adding, «• It is an act of downright dishonesty, to whioh I certudly ahaTl not aubmlL^' Th* guerdien*, eftermemnr Into the facta, appointed e committee, id decided on an enawor to the rev. gentlemen; bm* bofore it could be forwarded the following letter waa from Mr. Welleoe: —"Sim, —Had Mr. been preeent et your meeting on Thumday laat, I am euro he would heve been Inteneely gmliMed et the atnkxng oorroboietion of hla theory e* to the descent of man afforded by your conduct when my latter ya read by your clerk. It aeema e pity, how-Ver, that the interests of Whitehaven and the neigh-owhood ahould be entmrted to e aet of men wto, ith few exception*, mverlebly turn the boenl-room ito e monkey-houao for the nonce when they a*. :mblo there for the discharge of public functions, and ever dimolve e meeting without reproducing In en effective lebleeu nvant the froliceome gambol* of their distant relatives, tho hirsuit and quadrumanous deni-xen* «ff the tropial foreat*. You have my pormlaalon to publmh thia letter." Mr. Muagrave moved, Mr. Reed seconded, and it was agreed to forward the correspondence to the Bishop of Carlisle.
Womkn and Maiiiuaob. Marriago is of so much

waa e nuieance. but that he never Intended to ahoot A
waa very dark, and before he could *ee enythlA the him end put hm pewa upon the breeat of the delendant, who feR th* hnnth of the dog upon hie
tho jury to consider whether tho defendant had reason %
j ury having eonaidered the matter for between two and three hour, found e verdict for theZdefendant; but
On Monday et the WertmWer POUce-oonrt. John
exocubon of thmr duty. Dawwn mid thet, et Wf. — — - ' h, waa celled to No. 0,
Chelsea, and found the pri-: - —"—" °' *he house, tho prisoner,
who wwdmnk, bemg naked, and refuaing to edmit him. \% iUmm went round hia beat, but waa celled again and found the prisoner in the street brandish-mg a poker over hi, father^ hmd end uaing horrible *:tn*m'e face, kuooked hie helmet off, and ran mto the houae again. The pri-aoner then threatened to knock the dd me6'a bmln* out if he dered to enter, but he did by the edvi* of the conrtehle and got hi, eoet, end then, ea the prl-aonor followcd him out, be wa, apprehended, end wee wy violent eU the way to the rtetlon. The mother waa elm drunk, end amaahed a vase in her husband', feoo, cutUng hia eye end noee mverely, but he would not charge bar, a. there waa a aick child et home.
reTy T'0'«nt. Uo roquraj to bo .Uo.od to
bomte* he hed heerd enough to justify him In oom-mitting Black to prison at once. It was infamous tho manner in which tho affairs had been dealt with, ilo mado an order that two sums of £300 and £225 mepectlvoly, which, It waa ellrgcd, had been peid !" W4*#th paid lnt» tho Bank of England. He deferred tho question of appointing another trustee, but ordered Black within fourteen days to render detailed accounts of all tho money he had paid away. The case was adjourned.
THE LONG FIRM PROSECUTION. A* CenW Criminal Court on Saturday last, th* bml of Oonrteey Oark Smith, Thomee Davla,
brook, and a number of other persons, by fraud and w n .. " "the long gnn swindle,"
jr^dabnd*5%I&, MrTPuKdi
appeared foe Dan*, end Mr. Straight end Mr. Geog-began for tho other prisoner, Hardinge. The cam for the pro*ecutioa wae corrohomted by the reeding of e gma* nmnber of lottere thet were found at thi
property mqnmtlon they were very mech premed foe mony, end wM reeortlng to aU Muda of expedlenle
there was no evidence to show that they ever con-tempUtod a" fraud, or that th., «oro in any ».y
)f the Persians to mako hie
r .....- hundred yerda. the Kurd by

Little Blenhoi
public inqoire .hoald ho hrld.' At 7Z.Z! T\C

ingly not caring a *tew about the raging the Knrd, by criee
gssaaa ■
rill be fully consif'c^d.
-On Monday, at

Hu lordship end daughter were much shaken.
towanta many, end m charitable. Nuptial k.. perfecteth it; but
. ,, . inclination end
'fothem,which,if Itbenotment
doth naturally apread itmlf ?n becoino humane and kind; friendly

to tho gaol. The .
stomntion in the locality.
oot House s
_ , —- — - -—.—The captain ,
India, whith arrirod at ralmouth Shanghai, nporta that whon near tho Capo Hopo ho aijhted a rcnol on Ore, and ho it.e>od foi
f^Port, StW India left ^.dconUnuS 1 pSSSS^JT STZZ
suicide by jumping overboard.
- i ww.

unpleasant may be lost sight of and forgotten ; but,
.** bo not served, a thousand good things, though gamed, will be comparatively valueless. The mai% purpose of human life being the construction of man', ««ecter m as to 6t him for immortality with God, we have in that fact tho rule by which to measure things, and determine whether they are right
A Vaix Pnovxsio*.—In the year 1670, an Act was introduced In Parliament "thet eR women of whet, ova ege, mnk, prohmlon, or degree, whether virghm, maids, or widows, that shall, from after such an act, impose upon, seduce end betray into matrimony, any of his majesty's male subjects, by scents, points, oosmotio washes, artificial teeth, falso hair, Spanish
bij*, ihall incur the penalty of th, laws now enforced egnuu* witchcraft, sorcery, and such like misdemean-our,, and that the marriage, upon, conviction, stand , null and void."
A* Immmamnmu TxunATiox.-Aulhors are very like other men, and have their peculiarities. Thackeray bad a singular liking for rare plain dishea, which one never under any circumstances sees, except by chance. One winter afternoon, about half-past four o'clock, a friend eftha great nov*W, entering the ooffee-reom ?ft5? Athenmum, was surprised to find him dining
Henry Gilbert, the man who was co death for the murder of an infant of tho whom he cohabited, we* hanged at Hunt it eight o'clock on Monday momlnr. »d in it tod that he committed thi ligned to the jurtlce of hi*
Tho culprit

pinmnmg proeem with nmch calmnasa. He walked
mad e porimn of the Bnrial Ssrvlce.^ When * *h! drop the cnlpntmUmeted thathowhhedtomyefew
hoisted at^the geol eAer the drop felL Gilbert i
• his duty to take out
this great i
. ... ^ out large enough

lodging in thi
br*d to eu*ke«.^ mon^, ai e& thomid of eaeh joumw. Three into, in which ho had received sum, c amounted for them to hie employ,
oonoy and not ■
wpfwedeatoone hdy that huahand, who -the aamo obaerv
hlown upon the,
) eara». xt ha, buried the largos wme inrteucee, elmort entire tc
*nd reality a mMtamlyboareeu, __
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