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Ameetlng of the Council wi beld at the Atfdtt How* on ttcdne.d.y afternoon. The Mayor (J B. '
^ John®, J. R^ Weeton, H. A. Llnfdrd. and O. T. Harper.
Alderman Ailau, who generally atu in the Inner circle among:* tlie Aldermen, and on the right of the chair, took bis teat at Hi a place appointed for the junior bailiff, and am toon at the minute* were rea l roe*.' and rat about to addreet the Council.- The Major interfered, and eald at It w*t a pertonal matter be could not bear him, and requested film to rorucne hit teat, a* be (the Mayor) ruled there, and riot Alderman Atlatt.—The Alderman, however. pertisted In ipeaklng. whldh brought the Major again to hie feet, who, with coottderalile Warmth, laid he«»ould not hear him, and requeetad him to alt down. AW'»e Alderman did not do tide there were loud criet of " Order, ufde.-," and " Chair,"
which the Alder jrould brim
tried hit teat, itatlng that he
mm v.M4«..r. ........- forward in another form.—It
it afterward* atated privately that the grievance wat Mr Miller being teitcJ emongit the Aldermen, and where he (Alderman Atlatt) ought to tit. Thit little *c*ne over tire bsitii,e*e proceeded, but I* anything but a harmonioot mtnner. at will be teen below.
Till HOMI SacarMRT AKD Till BlROUOO MUM. The Major taisl no iloubt the Council ware aware tliat a deputation had on )Ionday la*t waited on the Home Secretary with rcepect to the doting of the b»rougb jail. Tborefnru he would oJI on the Town Clerk to read the report he had drawn up on the tuhject.—The Town Clerk then rtad the following report
TWdMtaUnmwnaWedefMr A. UIW*. M P.. #lr P. Terkln., M.P.,the Major. Alderman 1'aaeenger. Sir ' " ir Le Feovre, J r . and the .Town Clerk, who on , Ian waited upon the Home Secretary, on the of the memorial promoted to htm. requeMla* the withdrawal olllie notice to illacontlooe the Southampton Jall-rio dee hie that the tame ihoelo be re-npeued. u one of ncr itajcatj'a 1'rWon*. Among the principal- pelut. urged upon the Home Secretary In tupport of their petition tere—t«t : The public neec-Mlty of aerlmaal prison ■*- lthampton; and i.Tlie groat expsinie that woolrt h* 'lag prisoner* from .Southampton to Wln-imouth, and the delay la discharging tlie

ow of time by the police wit, he liability 'r~ ------
nd the **#**qi 11 8M: Tlie queauuu oi Corporation to pay any torn of iment by roaaim of the closing of the * the heavy annual ezpente
9 30r 10 W
>4% : ! i

tth : ThequeitU ------
• borough, and augmenting
— --------d by the deputation.
td the public coo-
Doclst. Wait Sad. fleclbrUeo. Bnms-r. Atdo»er.
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Alton. Alraaford.
t JJetley Ar. Sonth'ton
9 33 9 49 Z 10 5 10 33 10 80 _ 11 13 2 16 2 28 2 40
_ ------------------- and Eedbridge and
e Southampton and Netley linet are third, claet.
High Street, oppodte the Audit Hoeae. The Pott Office, Hijh-eteeet, opaoe lof official Imjuli for (he reoep Ion ol eald lettera at 7 a.m.. a^i clo*a*
___jwo delireriaa .
id 8.15 p.m. No poatag* aUrap* are a«rred after 10 p.m. On Bandajt there la oalr one delivery br letter carrier* immenoluf at 7 a.m. j and letter, are deliver*! at the muter from 7."ajn. until 10.0 a.m. only.
Sandayt th* offio« cloaea at 10 a.m. for all public bullae**
Reglttered letter* received up to half-an-hour before the
Carltoa place ' ... 1». 0

Onalow-road, Jfew-
(pillar) ... «.S0 p a ♦On Sunday* only.
IV pi on •« " Hatjilbook of the L\w r»latinjr to Debtor* and Cr.dlt-r*, Oempeettloat and Liquidation*, aiid Bankruptcy, ta.—C. Rayner.zl, Bridget treat, Soutnamptoa.
Bf«ton'a *• Book of Burletquae," It.—O., Bridge-•trect, Boutbamptoa.
Beatoa'a "Jokta and Jeatt," la—O. Bayner, 21 Bridge, atrcol, Boatliaaptoo.
o relief from a

e did not require the prlao hau-ver expentea aboald b» lu the removal of prlaon<
tarred after the flrat
----- ^ and from Southamp-
nd I ortamoutli.,euch expenee* ahould
not be paid bj^the Government In every Inttance u
to the court under the remand warrant, and thou d *uy delay take place In producing prltooert tt the time appointed. lie would nay attention to any repreaentatloot that might t* made to him. and apply an Immediate retnrdy ; 3rd: With reference to the liability of the Corporation to pay any turn of money. Mr Croat aald he
p0M0- one farthing unlet* they w!
ct, int. the prl-on of the borough, like all prtoma i the Act applied became vetted In the crown, jet " no "ability by th* Corporatlbn to pav any whatever In rrtpect of the exeeat In the number of .he Jail, at to whether It would be advlaable for the
foot the *tatlon-hou«e building) upon the tcrmt lmpo*e«l by tha Prlton AcC The deputation took th* opportunity of pointing cot th Mr Croaa, the difficulty which had already oceurrert with retpcct te the releate of a pritoncr at the Jail at Wlncheater. upon ball, requiring the pertonal attendance of a maglitrate at Wlnelie«u-r for tlie punxwe. Mr Croat thanked thede, utatlon for bringing the tul-je. t under hit not Ire. and ttatcl that he would take Immedlm e ttept to remedy the lueonrleoee. The'deputation rale d the quettlon upon whom devolve,! the duty of pYovldli g lock-up accommodation for the tafe custody of pHaoueit. whether the Corporation or the Government. Mr Croat anted the opinion of the law officer* ol the Crown had been taken upon the question, who eonaldered the protl*-lont of the 1'rlton* Act. INH. did not releave Corporation,
-----nxlttlhg liability t« provide proper loek-np aceom-
" * ilt of thlt Interview
thwratepayen.—Thit wat meconded by Mr Unfurd —A tbarp dWcutn.iB followed, after which the Town Clerk, mantwerto Mr J. S. Pearce; r<'d at the matter tied at pi etewt there wat about £15.000 -to be paid #8 hi 22 Teartf from the prevent d^te. Am preaent ct realm dt«i I tt mere exempt frwm tliit old. debt, and the abject wat to «rt rid of Wilt old (Vaterwnria Act, and borrow the money without any iocreaee of taxation whatever. U! the difficulllce in the way had been removed, and by borrowing thlt money for a term «f rtO yea re It mould come mucli more t«*y on the ratepajert of the town — Mr J. 9. Pearce aaid having taken tome Interest-In (hit matter be wat pleaaed the commlttm had arrived at thit decition. and trotted the report would h«;«1opted. and eo a burden that had been hanging over them for the put 40 year* would be got rid of—The Town Clerk, In bntwer ti a queetion. aaid the diatricte exempt from the old Act wire Beroie-town, Northern, and the tything of Porttwood, there being no bootee In thote dittriet* when the Act wae patted 40 j ear* ago. —Alderman Joaee wiahed If it wat intended to borrow the money from Government !—The Town Clerk replied that the cora-ilttee did not anticipate doing eo. but would tame de-entu ei with a linking fond to pay them them off. and iat would not ineraaae the rata* one halfpenny.—After few remark* from Alderman Patatoger, the report at unanimously adopted.
THX DttAIXAOI or BKvoa TAtxrr. • 1 be Special and General Work* Committee reported Sat the borough turreyor. Mr Bennett, had eubmitted report upon the tubject of draining the boutet border-lg on the mudlandt in Bevoit*valley, a great nuisance being cauted at preeent owing to the ditcharge ol tewage matter upon the mud by the etopping up of the railway archrt at the St Dsnyt northern end of the London and South Weatern Railway. They recommended the Corporation to adopt the tot'eme, and adveriite for tkndere for carrying out the work. The • committee further reported that Mettra J. Bull and Son had applied for ptrmiation to uae the ear ft m over the reeervoir of the tewage outlet at the Platform for the depoeiting of material* in connection with the Harbour Board for the conttmcdon of a tea wall, which they recommended the Corporation to grant nndtr certain ttlpalatioaa.—Mr G. Perkine. In moving the adoption of the report, eald ti le w t a-mott teriout -natter, and one th-t admitted of no delay. .Both Mr Bennett and Mr Lemon bad estimated the coat of carrying out thie work'at £130. and th* plan propoted would give relief to at leaet 100 hou*e*, by laying down » 12-inch tewer; but there were eight hju»e« that could not be drained in tlilt manner.—Alder-tn.n Paaeenger eecon led the *dopti ,n of th* report.— Mr Whitchurch jind Mr Miller cordially eupported tl " recommendation* of the committee.—Mr Harptr wi pleated to know what wae recommended to be carried oUt, and hoped no delay would take pi,
the prop&aed eoifi. -Mr Warren tpol effect, and eald he had no doubt the work would be puthed forward at once, and to get it completed before the hot weather eet it.-.-Mr Lungley alto tupeartod th, adoption of the report.—Mr J 8. Pearej »ag>Oi tl If th< money wae tq be cl)a**d to th*
n borought. Upon tl
•open the prl*on. yet
wat to far tttltfaetory to them, and doitbUeaa It wonld be to the Corporation and the ratepayer, of Southampton generally, to Mud the) would not be.ralled upon to make anylpaymeot whatever to the Government In eoueeqaene* of thlt d eel* ion, which deelaloa Mr Cro„ eta ted the public
convenience Impoted upon hi fat neither would ihe ri
prltouor to til* Jail at WlarheaXer *»d Fbrttmouth. thn practically relieving .the Corporation o( thlt anticipated annual outlay. - . .. , .
—The Town Clerk, in antwer (o Alderman F.manue', mid the town wou'd have to continue paying off the deb't on th* Jail until It wee paid off; and. In reply to Mr J. ~ " *ald th* money 'for the erection of the jail
—In antwer to Alderman Jone*, the Town Clerk If the Corporation witbed to retain the jail they a pay til* Government tor it; but If
uld have nothing to pay.—Mr H. Dunli be remembered th*t although tliey had to loan on the jail tb*y would be benefitted over £1000 a year frOb th* Government.—Mr J. 8. Pearc* laid that might be. but they bad all to pay their tbwe o" that eum. The feet wat the Government bad rdhbet them of their jtil —Tb* communication *u referred ti committee, and the tubject dropped.
A letter wat read from Mr P. K. Domrney hon tec. forwarding the following revolution pawed at, meeting of the 84 Mary't Liberal Attociation : Tb* In the opinion of thlt meeting it would he a practice mitUke, and an Inluetice to the great body of the rate fiayert, to alter the preeent buildtnge and erect nei publio offlcee at the pretent tite of the Audlt-houte."—/ memorial wae at the eatne time presented from rate payert and ownert of property in the town, requretini th* May6r to call-a publio meeting to coutider the tub JecL—He/erred to committee.
from Mr Wilder

•econded by Mr Luogley.—Alderman Lomer oppoted th amendment, on the ground that it wae travelling out « the utual couree—the more eo at the Council met one a fortnight. Beeidee, they had to borrow the money.-Alderman Paetenger tupported the amendment, and oi a dintion there voted for the amendment, 2)—Me*tr< Harper, Abraham, 8. 8. Pearce, Johnt. Cleveland, Lin ford, Bance. Whitchurch, Wet ton, Colee, Perkint. Jonei Bartlett, Daweon. Miller, W. H. New nan, Ptttengei Warren, and the Mayor; againtt it, 8-Me*tri. Atlat BUbop, Lomer, J. 8. Pearce, H. Dun lop. end Ktnanue

tnder be omit:ecL—Mr G be did not appro

centlnued by Meter* Abraham. J. S. Pearce. Warren. H. Dur.lop. Cleveland, and Driver, and on a divieion the amendment wae earned, 23 voting for It—M, Harper, AtlaU, Abraham 8. H. Pearoe, Johnt, CI land. Linford. Dance, Whitchurch,. Lungley. Bit Warren, Jonee, Lomer. Bart . H. Newman, Pi
ColM. O. P. P*kl Diwton, Miller, L
the Mayor ; again*! it, 4—M« . .
H. Dunlop, and Kmanuel —The amfodm ried, the original report wae then adopted.

their contract with the Corporation. In re, engine* at the Porte wood Sewerage Werie, i if the Corporation would lnttruct their eurv tain an cellmate for rq-cogging the wheel*
inttmcted him to obtain tbeeetii __ ___________
alto gave order* that on laid* «he. river bank, 'abutini upon the work*, be planted with witbiee. In refereoo, to the claim made by the Mouth-Weatern Company, amwdad aoemmt. nmonnWng to £98 17* Od. had b** tent Jo by Mr Jacomb to the committee, offering to pai a tum ot £4 0t 3d in flnal tettlemenL-Mr G Perkint in moving the adoption of the report, explained tb variont matter* contained therein.—Thit wa* teconde. by Mr Lungley, and nnanimoutly adopted.
The Special and General Workt Committee reported that a letter had been received from Metire Sharp and Co, tolicitort, ttating that the Tramway Compahy willing to bear the expente of replacing the eabatandt, providing they were allowed the old materiala, the Cor Dotation to undertake the work on their behalf. Thi Committee had taken Into cor.tideration the letter fron Mr Bennet, of the National Provincial Bank, objectini
e propoted for
e from Mr D. Dunca plaining of the tite eelected, a

.f hit brother, the ex-Mayor, from tlie Council meeting wa* due to hit having been confined to hit bed for tome day* with an attack of low fever, and adding that he mutt plead the tame caute for hit own nbtence. at he could not leave hit brother at preaent.—Several member* exprested their deep regret at boring thit new*.— The Mayor said with the oonttnt of The Council be would caute a letter to be forwarded to the ex-Mayor, exprett Ing tho.regret of the Council at hi* unfortunate illneie. —Thit tugicettion wat dnanimoualy adopted.
Town Clerk initructcd .t
ard a letter to the abo*
30th of September, 1878, tbowing receipt* amounting £3334 7* 8d, taking from which the neceetary deduction amounting to £31919* Id. a btlance of £3014 18i 8d wat ihown. the oo*-&fth piyabl* to the Corporation being £580 It 6d.
The Town Clerk read & memorial froip retijenlt in the vicinity of Ahovt-bar and Below bar ttreeta, who apprehended contiderable Inconvenience If the above-mentioned thoroughfare* tbould be .blocked up by the Tram way'.Compan; during the. two weekt pteceeding Ohrietma*. ahU eartittUy roqiiH{Jnsftbe Council td ute itt Influence to get th» work thefe coiiplcted by th* l4th" of December.—Referred to o^nmittee., .
muses. . •
The Finance Comm}ttee reported that a deputation,
tary of the Local Government Beard, _____
•object of th* Intention of th* Corporation to pay ol th* exit ting Local. Co tnmietioner'* bond*, and if pottibli obtain tb* neceeaary power to re-borrow th* amount. Mr Rotten cuggeued that th* dame* in th* Mferal local Acta relating, to the matter tbould be repealed by a provltlonal order being obtained for that purpoee, whemupeo the committee reoommended that an application for tueb an order to be made to the Local Government Board, in order to give pow*r to th* Corporation tq re-barrow' th* amount, and to charge the rc-piyment thereof over th* who!* town (exoept Potttwood) pro. vided the time for Jho re-payment of th* **me amount h- not lett than <50. yeara.—Varioua payment* »r-ended by th* Committee, including £40 18*
H*imah and Pngb.l*gal charge* and acmrial
3MA A;
charge* on th* lara* ot oer'tficate for adrance of £3,740, for*n«w watqr main; £30 5* 8d to Mtttr* Macfatlant
deputation of cab proprl<
in reference to the propoted removal*. Afl tuggettlxnt from, Mr Wallace the Commit ineuded that four cab* be allotted to the itar Ordnance Office, and three in Bcllevue.roaii the Unitarian Church, alto that the thelte near the Ordnance Office; and that there be three carriage* on the park tide of the Urunxwick-place. It wat mo»ed that a ttan cabt be placed in the centre of the roadway i etreet at the Above-bar, and at an amend,m ttaud be on the *eet »lde of Above bar-siti tng the late Mitt Ogle't property. Upon t diritiou the former propotal at carried. The Committee further recommended that the atand Ih St Mlchael-etreet be placed in the oentre of the roadway, and that the ttai in Berpard.ttreei be moved to a lower petition oppon St Jamea't Church. With regard to the memorial .ownert and occupiert qf property in Hanover-buildint agaiutt the oabttend being placed ther were of opinion that they would not b commending any allerationolthededt alteration wat auggested by the manager of L * 3.W. Railway Company, in reference to the way in which the tram line* thould be laid in Canute-road, at agreed to by . the Committee. The Railway Company having iefuted to give their tanction to the alteration of th* pattir | place in Terminu*.terrace, which wa* recommended for th* approval of the Council,' the Tramway Company Intimated by letter tbiT.'on further contidtr*. tlsn they found it would. be of equal tervice to them., If they were permiited. to move the W? the qnd .of Oxford-ttreet. and the* atked the eohtent of tfae Borporatioir to thi*. —Mr G. Perkint, In moving the adoption of the report, referred to the removal of rlia cab ttandt In order make way foAtbe tramway.' Ketpectin? the one at t Ordnauc* Offito, be laid that where.the committee pi poted to place the cab* it lift plenty of room for ar one to drive up^o Mr* Duncan'* door, and they did n recommend that the cabmen'* «heJtar houte tbould be removed from It* prewnt position.—Mr Bance tecoode " the tdoptlon of the report, and tald he bad meature the dlttance, and found thkr* were 20 f**t between Mi Dunoan'* door and tba cab ttand, thu* giving plenty of room for four cab* nnd*f the wall and people to drive up to tb* doon—Mr H. ■ unlop'underttood that tb* ibelter houte wa* to remain where it wat, and a* the other portion of the cabe-wonld b* in Bellevue-roed, near the Unitarian Church, the** men might a* well go to their hornet a* to attempt te go to thit *belter houte. —Mr Perkint uld bo had *pok*n to th* mtn on th* ub. ject, and tb*y did hot oWect—Thi* rite wa* .than Adopted, U wat alto the one In B*ll*vu»-road.—A'dtrman Atlatt ro*«, and wat proc**dlng to obj*ct to tb* cat* being removed from the High ttreel, but wa* Informed that it hid already been deetd*d by th* Council that th* cab itandt thould be removed from there. Tl)* Alderman proceeding to *p*ak, wh«n Mr Harper ro** to order. —Aldtnnan. Ailatt, to Mr Harper: You have no right
•taod in Brunewick-tflaee wa* th* next quretion Ut diicnriioo, aa part ol the report. — Alderman Atlatt
Alderman Paieenger rote to a point of order, *taUng that AlJaiman Atlatt could not tpeak again. Alderman Pas**i-itr, however, met with mo better fite than the previoua tpvaker, and eat dp On eoaidst eetciderabl* laugktar. — Mr. H. Dunlop next ro**, and cowed
much UugMer by U«e remark* on the five Aldermen, ho he eaid had made a pretty kettle of fith of it. veotoaliy thie part of the arrangement wa* paated — heaettpert of the report rec.mmen led that three ib* ih6h?d b* placed in the cenfre uf the idaJ at the top Of Portland Street, and thi* led to one of the rhott ditorderfy MNM* eter witnet.ed in the Council Chamber —M^G. PerMnt aaid tiler* had been a differ. «te of opinion in Committee on thi* *i%e.'and he ived that the propotal for a cab ttvtd In Portland. *tr*et be meleded, and that Recent otrbet be adopted inatMl. which wa* where the cabmen wiahed if. — Mr LuogVjj' aroonded the propoeftio.L - Mr ft 8. Pearce moved M en amendment that the eat itand be In front t"°P«'y "hieh waa eeeonded by Mf J. Miller. — Alderman Lomer thould tupport tb* amendment, on the ground that the publie would b» put to great inconvenience by the removal of all the cab (tandi, beildei. he did not tee why they thould be ealled upon te encriflce the intrrrsta of the town, for any private company (, h»ir). — Mr Warren tup-ported the amendment. It waa tuggeited by the cabmen tHem»elvea. that the itand in Kegtnt itreet could act at an auxiliary to that proposed oppoaite the late Mi** Ogl*'* property — Mr Abraham thought the deciaion arrived at by the Council, with regard to the removal of all the cab* from the High itreet, a ratner baity one. and ahould tupport the amendmeut, — The Mayor exp'ained that it waa neoe*aary to remove the cab*, aa they atood in the centre of the road where the tramway* won'd have to run. — The Town Clerk here read the rerolutiqp petted by the Council tome time aince, that all the cab itand* ihould be removed from the Higb-etreet and by the amendment before the Council it wat intended to place a cab atand opnpiito the late Mi«* Ogle'* property, which, in hit opinion, could not be done He mutt, therefore, advite the Mayor that the amendment eouU not be pttt until the retolution had been reacinded in tb* usual tray. — The Mayor laid, a* adviaed by the Town Clerk, it wu In* duty to atate that the amendment could not be put-Mr S. S. Pearce taid hit amendment did not interfere with th* reaoluiion at all.—Alderman Atlatt remarked he seat oppoted to a cab Hand in Ilegent.ttreet, aa there wa* tcircely room for two vehicle! to pata He objected to the cab« being removed from the —Contiderabe confution here entued, everyone talking. —Mr. Cleveland reminded the Council that the pro. poted cab atand oppoiite the late Mi** Ogle't place seat only a temporary arranremenL (A voice: To get it there by a tide wind]. Mr Cleveland aaid it cotrtd do no harm [" order.' "order "] — The Mayor again interposed and laid aa the Tosvn" Clerk had decided thkt the amendment could put, the diaeua*ion on it mwt elo«e. and Mr Cleveland returned hit eett. -The hubbub here became to loud that «ca:cely a word could be underatoud. the Mayor doing all he could to water* order, bnt to no effect. — Mr Luogley tugpeited thit^the *ubject had better be adjournal until the ne\V, *ncil meeting, a* it.waa utterly im-possible anything could be done that day. — The con-fution now bee,me Interne, membett leaving their t at* tnd all talking in a load manner, whiUt looking for their coat*, hate, Ac.—Mr Harper wat underttxxl to tay that iueh conduct w t about the worat he had ever witne*ted on the part of burinett men, and he, for one. ihould never come there again if tuch conduct continued. — Mr G. P. Perkiut expretted a aimilar opinion, aaying that tuch conduct waa outrtgeou*.— —The Mtynr aaid he wai powerleit in the matter. If hi« authority was to be aet elide, he thought the beet thing he cUuld do waa to itay away, alto —Mr Abraham considered it a great pity for member* to act aa they had done that day. and the toe tier their couitituenti were made aware of their conduct the better. Who, he would aak, wat to *tay and do the work of the Council, if they all left.—Mr 8. S. Pearce here called out that the amendment would have been carried had It not been for the trumpery ruling of the Town Clerk (tenaation). — Several memnert were now below the gangway, with their hat* in their handt, and Mr S. 8. Pearce called out that there wat no quorum. — The Mayor made an earneit appeal to the memben to r-tniin, to that there might Le a quorum to patt the Watch Committee"! report, otherwi»e the police would not get their winter olotbing. but to no avail, at teveral mem here lefL—Mr Abraham, with contiderable warmih, called out that Mr S. 8. Pearce wat takiag tway Mr Bithop, and entered hit pretrit againn tuch conduct, but both-left. — There, however, wat a bare quorum, and on the proportion of Alderman Pattenger aecondtd by Mr Abraham, the queitl,,,, of the cab tiaodt waa pottponed to the next meeting of tLe Council.
clothTng. Mr* 8 Oamlen — Winter trousers, lit 0d great oat*. £7 2* ; glo»e«, 12* 6d; tunic, roat, and trouten, £2 4* lid; helmet*, 8» 61. Mr W. Oamlen winter troutert, 12* 1 Id; great coal*. £2 b% 6d ; glovem, 10* fid ; tunic, enat, and troutert. £2 5e Od; helmet*, 9*6l. Mr *. Freely—Winter iroueer*. ll*5Jd; great coats £1 lit Ilid; glovet, 9« lljd; tunic, coat, and trou,or*.£2 la ll^d; helmet*, 7* IOJd (plate* It 5)d extra). Mr G. Buckle — Winter truuaer*. 13*1^1; great coati. £1 16e ; glove*, 10« 4}d; tunic, coat, and troutert, £2 4.9 *d; helmed, 9« 7d. Mn J. CocWt— Winter tronten, III 10d; great c„a|a, £2 4t; gloVtt, 10*Bd; tunie, coat, and trouieri, £2 4e I0d j helmeti, 9l Bd.—The Committee reo-nnraendel th* acceptance of Mr Freelv'i tender, ce alto that of Mr Pott a offer to tupply colxa oil at 3t2d per gall., the only other tender being that of Mr Bailing, at 3i 3d per gall., and on the preposition of Mr Abrahim, seconded by Mr Cleveland the report wat adopted, and thi* cloied one t nol*y meeting* held in the Council Chamber
W$TTON & Co.,

, Sestrmlcia. deUrica, (Jeoer.l
De^Ulty, Epdep*^OMidy. Miiwcueea. Seek. Loee el Toioe. Laegoar. bmrvhrne. Hervowtneee, A.thma. Palptatioa of th. Heart. Qmgeetto. ..f the L«(W*t. Salaried Tob.IU, Hyetaria, Krytipjiae. PWmlywi. Imllg.Mtea. Iaclpbet Oo»-tampU»a. Lota uf Appetite, Bros^sh^Ut, Bore T» rt«a». Cum-awo* Di*«a*. *. Headach-, PlrmMey, Croup. Immwra, Con-■ titration. Deafnau. Wakefulnea*. Spinal Debility, Ague.
Bprai"i. Qulmsy.
Xo Charge far Comultatim Amorg the tpccial advantage* of t Appliance* are:— •
Their simplicity and lafety.
TJieir conatant generation of electricit]
of Battariee, Metallic Pl.t Tfcey require no prepai

urhestrr £ews.
SATUBDATC-NovexBEn U. 1878.
CoHMUTa Jcbjsdictioh —The newly-elected chief aagittraie (Capt Moore) promtnaded the Market on Saturday morning In bit robee, accompanied by the ildermen, crier, tic, and made the utual proclamation it to the hourt of holding the market and the duty of telling wholetome food.

that they i
independent judgment*, but are * peaking In their 01 defence. Tbete retpontible Indian official! are on their trial. If the "■ Lawrentian policy" wae the blunder, the ditaitroui blunder, which event* item to demonstrate, tli* " authority" of ite authort, advocates, and willing agents I* gone. And obvioutly that " if" it not a qui*-tion for tjiem to decide. Their ape echo* and letters ihould Jb* taken for what they are—namely, ai the utterance! not of judicial but of inculpated pertont. They are not on the bench but in the dock. Under tuch circumstance*, to talk of the " authority" of their itate menu is abturd ; and all the mora to tince the' cate against them appean complete. Ot the general inconvenience of the couree they bavt taken we have tpoken eleewliere.—Pall if all Gazette.
Oca Rauir —The amount of relief administered in the week ending November 15th in thi* diatrict on 903 ptrtont seat £33 16s lid, at compared with £38 3* 4d end 334 persons in th* stmt period In 1877.
application of the flae propertlet of weU eelrcted
Mr Eppa ha* presided oar hreakta......
cately flavoured here"age which oiay bill*. It i* by the jadWoa*
be'traduaUy. built up ^n-111
------- ooortitutlon
itrong eaoagh to realat any ter.daney dred* of labile B-sUadlea are floating to' attack wherever there It a weak p«
O P" many a fatal that* by keepta* ouri
-.......... s'ftsjrs!
■ well fortified
ty without th* a(d or Acid*.
o toree ; and at the r
n intervening gammer

Being mad* up in light forteble to wear at an ordinary gann
Though more especially useful in certain cl.
die^ee, their gently invigorating influence upon tb* whol**y*teui capnotfail to be ery beneficial te moat tei who toffer from any bedly bile their direct action npoet

Special Magneticon Appliance*______
rlio are fonnd to be peculiarly iwce^tibh orating influence of magnetUui, eapecially when dehiH-tfed by epidemic*, or uiiuifeiting a tendency
. mi,
bed or .It upright. After trytug many remwtlee wi effect. 1 oooaulted you. and you reeommeeded your uetlcon Belt. After wearlug It three dayi all pain nad e and after a fortnight 1 could walk with pleasure or with aa**. which 1 have not done for eavaral monvh* I «** *'th certainty rroommeod It to all who *re .ufferlug Irom KheumatUm.—1 am, your* respectfully.-*;. DYKU.
Southampton, Augaat 8,1878.
Having tuffeeed for a long time gut fr m general deMlity, I lava ken induoed to try your Magneile^s, from which i have obtain*4 very gr».t benefit, and ifcaU have much plra-
iter-paataga, Southampton, Jul 21,t. 1P78. d heard yo« lectare when you came to South lioueh I waa hardly able to gat oat, at 1 forl'ig from UUeumauam ia the Head f.«r more h. and had nerar had out night*! leek I bought d neat day, and wore it round my bead,
ilgut I re»t, »Kd I an kappy to (ay I Ua natlo ^aia *loce, now over a month ago.
inch better In mj general
health Dear *ir, vou are It may induce other* to trj
38. Orohaid-lane. Southampron. June ^ th. 1878. I have much pleasure In forwarding you a Wat. Boni.l at to the cAeaof of your Magcetie appliances, wa* mS.rl-g .everely iroel HheaasatUm In the right ana an baee. and I procured the appUaaee* from your aaublUI
follow my employment with oomfbrt and ounveata^.
a. Broad-line, Southampton. Oet. 8th.

parta of my body, especially In my hand*, knee*, ami leg,— io much ko that 1 have been oWlged to c#ye work, iml for thr«* month* have not been s'jlo to get out of door*. • 1 waa Inducod to try one of your MagneUcon i%|t*. and the remit 1*. after having worn tt tor two hon re and a half all

of yoarX«M

Belt I purchased from you In Auguat. 1878. »•••« ' »••• wonderfully Improved after wearing the appll*
suffering nearly four year* with rheumatism a pain* In my head I found great relief In one wes__. You am at liberty te make what Uae you like o( thi*.
™. W. PINCH.
uid darting
_ IHDI0K9T10N. .
t Cliff-terraew. Southampton. 0*L MlS. 181 ■offered for 3* yeara from Jndlgc.tloii. and ylng evil*. I have tried dtffervot remedle*.

4. Bath-road. Bradford It I* with much plenum: zreat benefit which I have re. Belt. Xor nearly two year* from Indication, and I near, trying the treatment of doct

llio Hospital.
October, l

iv, had emwdy any pale.
in now perform my dally worg. io o what uw you pleale of thlt .teat leUtud t0 T°"' JAitiS BKONCHITI3.
After uaing it one week my cough had aimott I and at the end of a month. 1 am thankful to «ay. I
M. and 1 feel qui
again, my mend* being q
a Cottage. St Geoi
hair eharmlegly twa
I " Baatorer*." It makes ibi
and sold be all Chtsutta
TnaOtT Arvacnovt ann
from lrr.tatlon of the throat »%d heart*
aijj turpriaad at the almo*t lm_
-alight ooW." or hreaehial aCectioaa.---
» toon, # ilmilar troublct. If allowed to
its %%

-WETTON & Co., -80UTHAMPTON-H9,H10a-8TaE6T

dm,contihciueni, Mentaryoccuparten,

If perteverd with Quinine add Iron will entirely hanith tin tcrofuloui taint from the body. The ulcerations and alwceeaee, frennenUy of a painful character, eo&aume* appearing in the gl.nd* of the neck, 10 other fi.rmt u irvy.end oWloate ikln eruption*. &#., will ultimately

e purifying indus
TONIC combinet the** powerful agent* in their
portable, alwiya of n.d*fl»iie itrength.
0*re mu*t be taken when atkmg for Pepp*r'* Quinine and Iron Tenia in the veriout chemisU'thope that it and no other it tupplied, otlierwia, dieappoiutment will reeult. Boitlee 4*6d; lit, and etono jar* Ca.
Depreeaion of tpirita fro® any cane* long continued tnjuret the health greatly. And many infer in thit Way for want of a proper remedy.
For the low nerenu* headache, commonly attended on depretaton. eenecially If from mental caute*. the Quinine and Iron Tome will be found meet u*eful; it r*-inrigorate* the entire ivetem, and tpeedily diieipatei un-pleaeant tarnation* of a melancholia character.
Taken a few minute* before meal time th* tonic effect on the coati of tb* atomach it tucb that an immediate detire for wring i* created. A" the tame time the digeitive faculty It aroeted, and performs it* functions in elaborating tb* food, tbu* preventing tb* utual dit
*■ TONIC i* told by eliemltti everywhere in bottle*
the proprietor, John % Road. London, it on tb* fe It to order, but do not be p compound.
8*et for Stamp* c
ftr, 237, Tottenham Court ►•J. Any chimin will procure •railed upon to try any other
r Poat-Offioe Order.
There are many derangement* traceable to d!*organite-tion of the nervou* tyttem far too numerout to mention in a notice of thi* character, but tome one or two are promigMt and d*mand attention.
Neuralgia, a name for a hundred phase* of *uffering, and from wliioh thouiandi are hourly complaining, ia lit*rally norvou* pain ; and although external reinediee may for * time allay, they cannot cure. In caae* of thi* kind Quinint and Iron it abeolutely necessary ; it acta like a eharm, and abundantly prove* It* influence in controlling and regulating nervou* action. II one ie te fleeing from any malady in the least degree tr»cf*bleto relaxation oltk* nerve*, mo time tbould be loet io taking Quinine and Iron. The effect, will beat once evident, and rviloratlon to health certain.
PEPPER'S QUINI&E aED IEOE fOEIC I, *ld by all chimiila in bottlee, 4*fld ; next rise, lie; ttone - - • nail bottle*. 22* *ach.
It dlmtjy Infloericei the circulation of the blood in a remarkable manner by eliminating all impurities and accumulation* that ofcefruct lie free.trantmUaion through the veina to the heart. It give* the proper chemical and phyaical characterlitica, Specially the red corptuc'ee eflciency of which it eaiily Indicated by unnatural pale-ne e of the cheek* and llp^, and othkr appearances.
?*d. ?^E BOTTLE.
MIETUEE lev CEILDEEE bae bwm uted with the greatest tuocett, for the *imple reason that it U^tbe safest and meet effectual medicine that can powibiy
The question, of coot**, will be atk*d what it Euatg Baows's MiXTtra* mad* of * We antwer that It it coa-pot*d of variout gumt, lyrop*, and balsamic artid** well known to be useful u> dispersing or " cutting " tb* phlegm, and In allaying inflammation, toothing irritaUoi, and by thrir cooling and d*mulcesit propertiei reetoritg the little tufferer to health and enjoyment. There it to Laudanum whatever in Noma B&owx'a Mixtobi.
Another oueetion that will be a*k*d ia, Wha* it NuiM Bmowx'm Miarumm gend fer? W*n, h w wrtai, w
relieve, and in most caiet cure, eny cold or cough a ebdd may here, moreover It do** no* do eo by mwely ■tilling the oougb, but by going to the cauee of the ctm-plaint in dit porting the phicgui. cooling the tn(!.mu»d patMget of the chcit, and emitting the lungt to recortr their proper action.
In Croup or Whooping Cough Noasi Bbowh's Miv-
TOM I, IWJ lScctu.1, .W.. ,d &)«!,. .,.1
™" °n" mtb""
or in anyway out-of-eorte, will cant* the Child to wake n
T™ BEV1EW; g Rwonl
nno obtain eue in • short time, oven whn
CHARLES PRJC5CH. i "0LI> 1T TH*#ollowixo omkmibts
»ou> w BMTtn, 1. l|j. 2" 31. .ndl. 6J »AC«.
ninli?! w oth#r T*od*r not necettarily ac-
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