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Ji;»!VI!5ir!fI() V,O'nifAHTO03 fHIT
mta to tbi' Chamber la j«t« Rom by.
t j the pr***noe of MrSapt Bre-«ry and Several of Ma men nood order Wa* kepi throughout, ud no cheering m obte-vad when each member took Me *eat, a* Iim been the eaaa On pv*vWia ooeaelnna. The
® VaSJS: £?>'"•«:
Junior-Bailiff Warren 5 Aldermen MeOalmont, Lome'.
The Tow Citric, Mr K. b. Pearce, having read the minutes, '
The Mavor aaid that the A ret bualnesa to transact that day Wm to fleet him racceaaor.
Mr U. Duulap rage end aaid the time bed now ar. tired when it wee the duty of the Council to elect one of their number ta occnpy the chair Which bed been eo ebly filled by their preeent Meyer. The grntleman he wee about to propose had long held e teat in their Chamber; end he wee aurd from hie cannKliuu with the curotneree of the 1 own the choice would he.received with great satisfaction. 1 Without any farther •b**rvettAlderman F. H. MoCelmont eaid It afforded him the greateet plcaaure have*, the' honour of aacondlng much a prnpoeil. He wai! iter going to take up the ttme- of the Council with aUon* apeech. but he wma eure thet the choice of hie party and onlleaguea would be tbe approval «ef •the hurgeeaee at the end of hie year of office (ebeese).—The re«olutlon waa then put and. carried amldat loud cheer*.
The Mayer then amidet hearty applauee,in tea tod tbe newly elected Mayor with the chair """
The Mayor then took the
1 the established
______ ___ _ nana! oatha which
1 administered to him by the Town Clerk, decided to take the oath not to injur*
Mi J. 8. Pea roe inquired if it woe neoesa,
.thia oath to be edmmiatered P
The Town Clerks yea, it le my duty to do the Mayor need not.take it unleee he pfeaeee.
The other oatha were then admioiatered and aigoed by Hie Worehip ; ■ V1
Hie M*w Elect, in rising to retara thank*, received With 100d applauie.'"' He eald tbe 9th of November w*4' a' day of surprise*, but to none was " m greater' aorprlss than to nlmself (Oh oh). It wi indeed an office to be proud of. Ue had taken U position' feeling that he esould' be supported by {all thoee who had elected him, not only by Ma party bat by those of oppoeit* politic, in the oheroue duties whieh be bad undertaken, wdd he true ted that he fhould die. charge thoee dutiea to the beat of hie ability and to their aatlafaatiob. He had lo follow a long hat r* do thoee -who bed filled that dignity, and he won! the beet, God helping him, to an/ulste their good deed In doing eo he ehould look to the Support of tbe burgee* cutaide that Council. He tendered them bia moat grat, fni thanka for the honour they had conferred Upon Mr and reeutned hie eeat amldat lood cbeen.
TO« or Til AD K* TO TBI tX-MllOK. Mr. Roliee Drirer, on riaing, eald in the adjoining room there wee a llat of namee, the ~ ' ' they would all reeogniee aa having doi the town. But however suece-..*prerl001 Mayors had been. In no aingie Inetanc, 7 been more
aucceaafol than the gentleman V d juat completed hia j ear of office (lend cheers). waa not often an oppon unity presented itaelf by whioh our Mayora could diatinguiah Uiemeelvea, and It waa only by the fulfilmeni of their buunene duties that they could recommend them-aelree by their buslaese qualitlee to their fellow townsmen, and aliow their powereof adminlatration. Thla yeai an exceptional opportunity preeenied Itaelf atUie vUltof their R-H. the Prince and Princeae of JFalea. The Ma,or catbe forward in the moat aplrited mShner, and It waa gratifying to know that hia exertiona were duly appi elated by their Reyal Vlaitora (cheera). Again, at t vielt of tbe Agricultural 8orle,y, he came forward a fully maintained the character of the town for lioepl-tality ; and when erer hia earvloe* bad been neceaeary he waa alwaya ready to do all that waa required of him (hear. beer). The late Mayor waa a young man. and be hoped that they would hare the plea,ore of aeeing him occupy, again, the poeitlon he lad >e
>nd that it be a
Mr 8. 8. Pear, >een so ably pro
e resolution tha aa lure that It would r a'6t Mary'a man t< resenting, aa M Mary'i
A letter waa read from Mr 0. Smith, of WJckham, aaking if the Corporation were willing to eel! 119; High-itreer, aa a site for a. new Poat>oBka.
I he Town Clerlj aaid be wrote to Mr Smith, Inform-In*him that lie would ley hie letter Wore the Corpo-
atreet waa wanted in connection with other property. The lettere were referred to committee.
ran otMK to niorrr*AT*s.
The Toifn Clerk read the following lettere; -
In* hM attention to the f»et that oo return of #eee hae
borontrh t aad wl
n 11 KanAUVk,
----------Secretary of Stat
the Juatfeee' CTetka' JUL In the eaee c reference to reeent eofre»pond«
The'Mayor of Southampton.
.v • • , -i ii bonrnsr LOeninrtoji."'
the returna, which wae &6 far Atiafactory.
• tvtMKxnvvinon. ■
A latter from the HOroe-ofBce intimated that the aoperannuation of Mr Box. late engineer at the borough jail, bad been fixed at £38 14, par annum and the Town Clerk added that the letter waa dated the 2nd of
that for 'J3 yea re he had a erred aa engineer of the borough jail, and be oarHed out hie duilee to the entire a,
tlon of the authoritlee. Hia auperannuatlon allc _ had been fixed at £38 Ha per year, hut under the old Act he would hare been entitled to three-fourtha of hi* ealary, or £70 7a 4J per year, ahd he aaked the Corpo,
r &IU re *U per roar, anu ire take aotne addition to the auperanr
The latter, w
referred to the Finance C01
-------------»IOHOU'« OOSTRACT.
A letter waa read from Mr Jena* Nichola 1 f tbe balance due upon the ' ~ "*
t Port* wood, and In a aecond letter he a aid thai unleee it waa paid he ehould be compelled to take pro ceedinga to recorer the eame.
The Town Clerk thought the lettere had better go to the Finance Committee.
Mr Junlor.baillff Millar moved that thi paid, which wia aecoodad br \ldei
' PBOPOSXD A communlcatloi Trade, encloaing a
ilinoualy adopted. laiDOl AT n X>«ST'-aa received from PpHcation that had hi
tbe Board of
from Jlr Charlea PinL ,--------- - , .
bridge. 20 feet in width, over the Itcheu at St Deny a, and abere tha preient railway bridge, and aaking foi obaerr.tlona of the Council, thereon.
Special and General Worka Committet

oe, and Mr Cuarlea Cox, >
1 26th of October laat, 1
lated Mr Charlee Cox.—Seconded
office expired
Mr Phippard' nominated the re-appolntm William Hiskman.— Mr d. 8. P« ^ Mr CUrelaml nc
^Mr George Dunlop, in nominating Alderman McCal-mout, Mr Sheriff Dri»«r, and Mr W. Furber. J.P., aaid they were all gentlemen well qualified for the offcee.
Alderman Paaaenger roae to order, aa one gentleman ooold not nominate all three at once.
Mr 0. Duolop : Then I will nominate Alderman Mo Calmoot-—Seconded by Mr Senior-bailiff Warren.
Mr Abraham pronoaed Mr J. 8. Pearce, who had been a regular attendant at the nieetinge, who had taken gre«! Intereat in education, and who waa the correapond init eecretary with the Sell *"* *
„ . McCalmont: And eecretary of tbe Liberal
31 r Abraham: Yea, Mr McCalmont. and part of whoa, la to prevent your being member for South,
a toon d the rote Of than did, three fourth a of .thi other fourth of the town would heartily reciprocate the aeniiment—that a htarty vote of thanka bo aceorded to the ex Mayor, and although hia name wag the laat on thk llat he warn alire it waa by 1,0 meana the leaat' reapected, both In^de and outaide that chamber (loud applauae).
Alderman Aelatt, in the cqurae of a long apeech. aupported the motion, during which he waa frequently interrupted wWj cdea^tof ••.Time," &o. After
amldat loud laughter and uproar. ,
The ex-Mayor, on riaing to return thanka, waa received with prolonged cheering.: Ho returned Ma alncere thanka for their kind vote,, 4nd for the kind way in which it had been receiied., When he took office he waa a yeuog man, but be we$ certainly twelve montha older now (laughter). iJe promiecd when he
an Important trnat had been plaoed in hie charge, an4 he bad endeavoured to hand over thai truat unadllled
(cheera). He truated that he had been able to give ■
to make a Bag with the town arm a thereon, and he gear • a =b* back of the Mayor*e obair.
McCalmont eaid: Do object (cheere).
Mr Le Feurre aeco
i> order, upon whioh Aide:

jminatlon of Mr J. 8. mlnated Mr Williat
W. lione (Phraideul »f the Board of Goarlla^a). T. P. Pijne. WiFurbeir! Eaq. J.P., PellaiS K. Chipprrflrld. T. Falvey, A. W*.vei|& fa#a^, |L G. Whitchurch,
the Army, W»vy, and ttierrye Forcee. propoaed by Alderman Paaaengrr, and acknowledged bv Captain Abraham of the 2nd Hani*, and Captain Bance lat ante Artillery. ' • ' .
The Mayor, in propoalng the toaat of the evening
"" * 1 jpS
tha (applattae). The ynung gentleman, If (key would exeuao Ma calling hlm ao. who^wae elected laat year to the Mayoralty had fuUy juUtflad the Choice of hia fellow councillor (hear. hear). lie ventured.roeay
rdt waa a very beld.«trok« en hia part to accept honour, but Upon taking **• poalUon, feeling
trry out thoroughly the dutlee that devolved upon him, o that no gentleman in the town ehould aay that b#^
the manner to which hia aervlcre for thi goed of the twm Wb^wooplW^ by tW%#mil,
goodly n«mb?r of biygrpaa aeer - •-
thrfde in''" " ----
— Jhotild Wkf the greateat ng hia name Ihacrlbed on the Hat of of thla ancient borough kept at the Audit ______he felt very keenly the compliment hia party
the'town or Corporation at a;(utute perhaps, hold the ppal%ior of office had bran ""
alluded tt

itleman who would tl
,ughly np-
vu .ocefed'him -T------------ -
!#=### made to him, and hie epeaklnr "*

bear In mind tl

lam Jamea Cpok^
'■i.n?£ZrhXtrt^ O. —.
bole of hie famWf ......
teU him thai the whole of hie family worked at the Are.
—----* toW htm thai wae alt right.
refaaedto give him any Information with regard to Ik'and forbade hia wife giving any. The follow!** eatmdar be ayafm vlalted the factory, and found eoaeediffcrentchlldren whom priaooer ordered oet of tbe room, an(f refuted him any Information. In anawer to the defendant,
—The Chairman anggeated that prtaonir ahonld plead
___joeUs—Defendant baring proraiaed to eand all,hi* ohll-
dreu to acbool. two other eaaea agataat him ware with draw a.
attempted to break up hia fornltdre. He: got htm out of
ten minutes after hie front w^dow wee emaahed by a large, atone i priaoner wu a landing ckee br. and he
lo lAr ola-atreet oa Saturday .'nldifc: and eaw defendant lhro#tho atone, prod wed... amtjAwk cpmp^nant a wlddow, defendant remarking that be would amaah the — lot. — Defendant aaerlbef bW'e&dnet to too m«h drink.—lie waa fined 3a «d and the 00*ta, and 3a «d for tbe
lqdow, or 7 daya.
A»D Uarafl' Ancstra' tAkooiag. Keith, a labourer, waa broagiit by! T.C. .Touog. f, drunk apd ualng abaalve language In CTUIord at - — Sunday night-—The.r

great trouble In getting him to the at*tloa,—Ue: wae aent
Trafalgar road. rreomanaW. waa charged by P.O. , Martin being drnnkandh^apahlr • * ——
the p«»e"of glaaa, be vraa

mbled adalo.t.
broke II^—Promlaing U
^ A Ntcx^Tocm.—Charles Taldro

aeeaultlng P.O. Sprteger la at Mary'e^tr
[" being drimk%od

.....admitted, tbe

I aa. including
Ire be would t*
Mr O. P. Perkina.ln propping the election of Sheriff,
Wr run..
(tad MconJ.d th. propodlion, with
Baaeett (eheera).

fellow townamen (applauee). "V- |
Bailiff. He wee wmanlmoualy elected, and returned
*$^&sr£!2?sr£Ss~; -
order by the Mayor and aeverel member*, end aat down **W some confusion, after propoelng Mr. MUI«r.*-Mr. Le feuvro lied much, pleasure (o eaeondtng the proportion. believing that tbe ConesrvatWes could not bow mad* a better selection.—Carried un.nimoosly, Mr Millar, to rotornto* *hank« for the honour oon

Mr Senior bailiff War
Forber.—Seconded by Mi . ......
Mr Hamilton Donlop proposed, and Mr Jnnlor-beiliff Miller aeconded, the nomination of Mr Sheriff Dnrer, upon which Mr J. S. Pearce appealed to the Council to re elect Mesa * Hickman and Cox. aa he did not aak them to re-elect hlfti.
On a dlruion tho roUng waa aa follows :-Por Mr Purber, 20—Meaar*. Harper, Warren. Whitchurch, &. Newman. Parmenter. Colea, Blabop. Cooper, Aalatt, A. L. McCalmont. Lomer, Dawson. Millar, O. 1 union. H. Punlop, Emanuel. Drirer, P. H. McCali
..... ________ind hia neck that day
lacribed there in the year 17W bv on* ttivea of thia old amd then ancient ._ admlnliter juatlce with mercy (ap-Thou;h they muat expect only a very quiet nUtlou* year, while he held tbe Mayoralty, night be roattera of importance which would . front, and amoogat th»>ae he expressed a the question of publio offices, whatever form
ad to eee that bia friend Alderman Peeeeogar bad, a Mice on the agenda paper to bring It forward In relation tb#*l*etrloUghL HowoddmeY*""
end which waa I, of the^ repreeent,

id AlJerman McCelm neither of thoee ger " thu* they had 19 rot
re-named alio roted for Mr Sheriff Drirer I. with the exception that emen voted for themielres, and
.. Hickman and Cox each had 15 rotes, rlx., Abraham. 8. 8. Pearce. John*. Cleveland. Lin-ford. Bance. Weaton, Roger*. Phippard. Jonea, Bartlatt, Le Peorre, J. 8. Pearce. W. H. Newman, and Passenger Mr J. 8. Pearce received 14 vote*, he not voting for itnielf; and Alderman McCalmont. Mr Sheriff Dnver, nd Mr W. Purber were therefore elected.
TH* TAOAHCT 0!f Tn» DAKTLIT 0005CTI. Alderman Pawenger propoaed Mr Henry Abrah, member of the Hartley Ouncl". In William Purber, who had ceaiod to be a member of Jtho
Mr 8. S. Pearce aeconded the proposition.
Alderman Lomer bad the pleasurs to propoae a gentlemen who was fitted In every way to fulfll the duly, And who had rend#»*J the town great eervice. He luded to Mr Alfred ' -igbton McCalmont (applauae). Mr George Dunlop ssconded the motion.
The voting papere were then banded 1

tied for Mr A. L. MoCalm for Mr Abraham, Hie latter being Meeere 1 8. Pearoe, Johns, Lmford. Weaton, J. 8. P« Plilppaid, Rogere, W. H.Nr- — n-
r'tfett.' Thoee who voted for Mr McCaltnor Messrs Drirer. H. Dunlop, 0 Dunlop. Emanuel,
, Miller, Whitoburoh. Pi
riiunnm, uiauup
ill, Aalatt. V. II. McCalmont rren, G. P Perkins, and tbe Meyoi Mayor elected.
with. and. alter a long aiecuanon, reeuitem a. io.iow« s— f-pr.ciAi, a*d GpgaaL Woaae.-The Mayor (J. R.
man Passenger. Councillors Abraham, rarmenter. Clove-L. MeC,|moet. *aql Aider. E%,%e%amd. DrirerfMl'lU*. Phl^ard. Wbltchureh. and ban'ff.^and'TiouDrlMora O.'DUU!^
Alderman llartletk and Councillors Le Psu
Dawaou. end MoCalmoot. aed Councillor* Cooper. Ilarpei A]3*nMlMwm'aWjoiNa
the Senior-bailiff, and Councillor Harford. Jobna, Blabop
Keurre. O P Ina. Phtppard. -

t: sswV":
upon ib. to.» ol S.»U..oplo». a.. bo..r.r, Ini™
during hia Mayoralty to a,
_ j, the corporation, him the honour of
Port," which wae acknowledged by Mr H. Duolop, ta President of the Chamber of Commerce. . ex-Mayor propoaed "The health of the Town Clerk," exprt*»ing hit great Indebtedneaa to Mm for hta
thia brought the banquet to a close, tbe oompauy pa rating about eleren o'clock.
ifepU^^TforSavi og'ab *t blm for irefaeUen.—Hie Uot
---------1 01 ma pi-""
aUt^bterwl b
"for"dVfen"dani^* labour, and gav
Oj-f^rerkfna. K«qr«.
Greonell. two brlt with being drunk a
*THBXATBNISO TBE LIFE OT A WIVE.—tnomaa J«nm Coatee, a dork tabooter. of Betta'-lane. waa brought up on a warrant for threatening tbe life of bia wife. Mary Ann Coatee.—Tbe wife aaid ;be did not wleh u»; ores* tbe charge If bs would Tceep the children. Uut tbe Bench re-
%% is
could lay bis tongne to j and threatened to amaah her with spirit bottle. Prom three thrests she wa* afraid to ream In the house with him. He was a dock labourer, and I the money be earned be spent In drink, be had not ten her a penny for three years ; ami she kept the illdten and hdmo herself —Ho wa* bound over, hlretelf ta to and two turetlee in each, to keep tbe peace for six
saw defendant In front of hia bouse, at Portawood, with a
s? a.
the aide of tbe donker beating and poking It with a etiek.
wS syak
-____________ —v-----"Arthur* Barnard and Alfred
Mitchell, two lad*, la years of age. residing fn Prince-
of No. J. Prlnee-atroat, Northam — It appears thai a li_ number of boys have tor a .eoualderable period annoyed
- ............wing atone* at bis wli
__________________... ork without being annoyed
out his knife, and swore he would ' " *w *
defendants denied the charge—The ________
nanl he would be discharged, but. Mitchell would be fined 10* and eosta. and 10* tor damage done to the door.
default U daya' hard labour, the tnagUtraU* befng


Tb« Couiwhl then broke np. | (

the f 10 acale. ■

fall, and will
>I8CONTENT. Mat* rocked on the ri» he shadow of leal and tree as In lore with tbe barbou
Looks back to the peaceful rive
Of the moaa-grown shaded shore One alghe that It may euler That harbour nevermore..
Of a tar-ofX anowy a all Of all that life can loach ua. Tbem'a uaugbt so true aa thi*:
yh*dy lnitf tnAehfriw. ,
•Jtrr-UKttir hi thi* dlilr&t Of thi iter Union keep* lb the light direction decrraiing—a* will be seen br ibe annexed eompar • re srimmaty of the w«*U'eftdliig Novinibkr 8th, 1877
-Showing k decroue la ttftiey of 45... ...---...
,*T AKD SOUTH H*.XTJ Faexeu' CLUB— iblect Introduced at the mnetlngof the member*' of this clhb, on Monday, hy Mr W. C. Spoooer. wai "Th* leasona taught by a,wqt,hary*at/* The annual root ahow to connection with th* club will b* held at Boilej on Monday, the 25th toat.
LORD NORTHBROOK os'rtr INDIAN CRl8lei On Monday evening thero waa a grand Iranqtwi U AoOulldhal^ WlbchwtW^Uw. Imrgo .—««Wy room of which preaeoted a bnlllan^ »ppr*" "" "
ibled for dinner at half.paat.6. being welciimel by Itala Jj.'C. •Moore), who presl o jr the principal table, right and lift,
the New Mayor (CapUto'J.
and there were at the nrL_.r_.----
Ao Km-Moyo, (Mr J. T. OHAorn), ^
Buddei , Viaeoont Baring, Rev G. A, Heathcoto, Be* O Rlch*tdsOn, General Porre»t, Rev W. • WaTborton,
Prlnc* aSd. Prtoce** of Wale* and the, re*t of the Royal Pamllr," propoaed. from the ohalr, were ex-teedlngly well raceired; that of the "Aimy. Nary, and Reaerre Force* " wae propoaed by JDr Ridding, and roeponded to by General Porreat; that of '-The Biahop aqd Clergy of the Diocefle" ya* reaponded to by Archdeacon Jaooh. • ; <•. ■ : , . ■ ■ .
Mr Barrow Simonda, M.P..1" prqpoitng the apeclal toaat of "Th* Ex.Mayor," *aWi he bad to eongratulat* the late Mayor on the way to which he had conducted tb* affair* of. th* city, through, what muat. generally •peaking, harebeen bo eventful rear; rind he had earned far himself th* goodwill and deep re*pe«t of hi*
Mr Alderman Moi*h*ad,eneaklog to tbeto#ale*fd the late Mayor could not be blamed for the accident he had met in hta year of offie*. Tbey were new about to ask Wm to look at the full consequence* of 1*1* handiwork (laughter). Hia fellow c|ti**ni oould not allow. It to pa<* over in ailenee, and. he waa reqvmted hbw, following the old and time honoured, cuatom, and that he might not allow the recollection of tho accident to slip away from him, to present him with aeradle, which he truated the ex-Mayer would not relegate to the nureery, but that Ita form and substance might compel him to keep it In hie drawing roem, a* a memento of the event wMch occurred during his year of office.
The gift waa now preaented to Mr Clifton. It form* a centse piece in ailvrr. The base is relieved by glaa* dish**, and wltnin them rlaee a podium or dome, which aupport* a email cradle, with a atiield of the city arma In coloured enamela, with the following inacrlption : — '•Presented to John Thomaa Clifton, Mayor, by the Corporation and oiiisens of Winebeater, on the expira. lion of hia year of office, November 9, 1878, aa a memorial of the birth of Bia aon Leonard Winton, March 12, 1878." The aummitof the dome haa an emblematic, cradle with a guardian angel hovering over it. The dealgn, which waa. we believe, by Mr Knowlea, of the High-atreet. who.aupplied |it at a co»t to the aub-•criber* of £100. is altogether very pleaaing, the introduction of th* "Guardian Angel" being moet appropriate. ...
The Eg.Mayor acknowledged th* gift.
The High Sheriff of Hampshire next proposed the toast of " Houses of Parliament," coupling with the toaat the name* of the Earl of Noithbrook and Mr Barriw Simonda (applanae). , , •
Lord Nortbbrook reapunded for the House of Lords, «n^ «nnV«i' »i »nm« length on Indian affaire. He r*-rlationa with Afghanistan tributed the dee patch of a 0 the apprehenaion which night break out between . we bad the. right to Malta, the ftuealana had the right to take auch atepa aa they thought neeeasary to protect Ruialan territory in Asia. We could not posilbly hare any evidence that the Ameer hkd entered into any ho.tile arrangement.withlhe Kuaaiop Embassy after having received It. " I have rtofear (Lord North-brook aaid) of Ruafian l^trlgu* In Afghani,' Referring to the statement mail* by Lord Beacon on Saturday respecting the neceaaity of aome rec tlon of our north-western frontier, Lord Isorthbrook aaid the rectification apoken of would^ not improbably, be confined to the permanent occupation of Quetta Upon that he .wiahed 'to aay that the reaponalbillty of of tbe measure* t*k*n to th* year 1876 for the eettle-ment of some difficultie* which had arUen between the Khan of Khelat md.h|a noble* rested Upon hlm^buthe had never contemplated in the arrangemente which were then made the occupation of Quatt*. Indeed, h, bad alwaya been oppoaed to auoh a atep. and h* ala, di,agreed with other augge*tibn» whtqh had been mad, for the rectification of the n6rth.western frontier. Hi believed that our preeent frontier waa unawallable. an, to make any father, advance Into Aighanialan would be unwlie. Our greateat difficulty on the frontier,war in dealing with the Independent tribea. and the furtbei wo advanced the greater that difficulty wou'dbeoome The Prime Minister aaid on Saturday laat that the quealion of our north-weatern frontier bad been undei the consideration of several Indian Viocroye and ad. minlatrhtom of India. It waa not. however. Lord Nonhbrook aaid. in his time, and be had
the highest authority for aaylng that during th,
mialalrailon of Lord Mayo no *wh oonwdarmipn* brought forward. But In the year, 1867-<8, to Lord Liwrencea admlniatraUon, the queation was very folly kodelderea on, more wan one nocaalon, and the ooneln-aion of the Gorwnmenl of India at that time w. again,1 any Interference In the affaire of Afghaplatan t a forcible or amicable occupation of any poet or tract 1 the country beyond our, ownfrontler. In concluiioi his lordihlp **ld he b*d eeery reason to hop* thi tkeie would be no occasion for war.

for several yeara paat, and_ Rusalan mualon to Cabul existed laat year that , England and Buaaia.

the Pari* Xxhtbl
wall aa Xi-glUh. Tbi _ __________________imam * tea k a ;g*i
MaXU! Poatomee/BoUey-%?Wn OAee,'l
yn* outjumiothvi oj: -----------

any eruptlona. *ort*. n
hSmaah mZadiae.%et aetking"aaer* e*m ha daalred th, thete medteamoots- poaaaaa. The Ointment reUaes tJ iw.llen mntclca, dl»«iahee lof^ramatloe, aaauagee pal
i, altera alive* when all ether toeana of regajnlog baal ito failed. Their action l* temperate, aot violent, or 1
Aj^Aoctowrr.—Aognat. 1878, loiudng the aphieand h*a
.be able tori.* ao good en aeeeont Of a* X can my own. and _ .. ________f "the"kidney*, heavy deprw-
~ ' ' tha paat apgal*
iir." Maraden, tha Vettry Clerk of Gunborwelft
attended before Mr. Chanoe, at Lambeth, on Tneeday^j
milk adulleratioa before him.a*hort tune back, when an objection waa taken that the inapecioc aa the pur-j chaser wa* not prejudiced, and hi* worahip adjourned! the maWer/o hok WW «»!<*•• of Btbfi r. 8tnalL"l Hinco tJiroSar . Jamta Ingham had girto a decidoa which, rfnderod it highly nece«*onr Uxat >he Vertnerf should,: toko Immediate , atepa. r Ho therefore no« wished to aak hb worship what optoloo W held upon the point, as ft* wa* intended to take ont other *um-nionoee under the Act. Mr. Chance cohaidcred i# tra« * Tery- prober appHcatlon. & wa»,anxioum to hear Sir Jamea Ingham on the. (dbjoct, And had aa interview with him." Mr. Mayd' had taken the aamo obiectioq jn thi* Conrt, bnt ho (Mt/taking place, in the country particularly, in ooneo-quence _ol the dociaion in the 8ootcJ»-Oourt*. Sir Jamea Ingham told him that ho consideMd the beet cour*e waa to hare the qneetion decided by a Superior Court, ant! that wU whjr he gare the decision against ^.y«rtry» ,Mr, Marten thanked hi*-worship, and •aid ha would mention the matter to the Vestry. Mr. Mayo, :*6|ici tor, mid, with regard to waUt in milk, it wa* often neooamry to add it, aa pore milkarould mako peraona biliou* aometimem. Mr. Chance mid, if that waa *o, then let the sellers aak their cnatomer* if they wanted milk and water, and not charger for pure
The *eltl«mcnt of Grand Point, famoo/for perique, —ya the Jkm Orkmu TT*W, is aitnite^ fln the left bank of the MWmlppi, fl/ty-ilTe mOm above New Orloans, and three mil** from the river blank. Tha flrat aettlor who had the hardihood to enter ;thc*e solitude* and open a littlo farm waa Rouaecl. who purchased a email tract *f Government land, and in the year 1824 shoulderod hia axe and camping iteriml*, built him • hut, and eom'mencod the laborious rork of clearing up hi* kbd located in tho midst of a dense eypreea swamp, With alligator* and wild animals a* his only companion*. At the and' of one. year Ronaeed had completed & boa*o, into which, he moved hi* family, con*i*ting of • wife and fonr Aildren, and where he continued to rrnidd until tha day of his death. Two of his von*. Octave and torn*, both
Brandfather* now, still reside on the old place, and are
ghlr respected citizens. A. few year* ago five of tho old pioneer'* son* and their famiHe* were living on the old nomeatead, hut death ha* taken.away two, and one ha* removed. The settlement at the present time con-*i*ts ot nineteen families, all of whom are engaged ia the prodactlgn of pierique tobacco, which is the only crop.they send to market. An average Grand Points farm is eight aeres, and thio average fyjeld is 400 pounds of manufactured tobacco to th# Acre. The people are happy and contented. They hav* no stores or rum shops, but in their place a very neat Catholio ohuroh and a goodachoolhonae. The inhabitants are all Catholic*, and speak the French language, or something like it, in - all their intercourse with each other. The whole of tho land cultivated by theee people would make but an average h6rihehi farm; while it would hardly be perceptible compared with the augar plantations adjoining it. They are all excellent hunters, and very rond of the chase.
In the common Pleas Division on Tuesday, Mr. Justice Den man and Mr. Justice Lindley heard an application in the case* of the Yorkahire Banking Company and the Load* and County Banking Company (Limited) v. Beataon and Myoock. These were action* upon two bill* of exchange for about £700, and the queation was whether Mr. Mycock, one of the defendant*, wa* liable npon the bill* a*, aleepinr partner of the firm of " Wm. Beataon,'/ which carried on the business of some chemical works. At the trial before Mr. Justice Lindley' at Lead*, the jury held Mr.. Mycock liable. Mr. Waddy, Q.C., now moved for a rule for a new trial, and said that the
Eisent wa* a teat action, tha real ram in dispute ousting to many thou*and* of pound*. The bills w*T* two of a *enea of aocommodation bQla; they were endoraed " Wm. Bcat*on," ahd the principU queation waa whether thi* name meant Mr. Beataon individually or meant the firm with which Mr. Mycock waa connected. The learned counsel went througa the accounta of tho parties and aome other m?tt?i-a, and contended that thew showed that tho transactions were not thosa of the firm, that the jury were not justified in finding their virdict, and, indeed,
At the Marlborough-street Police-court on Tuesday, George Blakeman, a young man, wa* charged with ateabng property of the value of £60, belonging to different gentlemen engaged at the Prince**'* Theatre, O xford-atreet. Detectiv*.*erjeant Brown, E Diviaion, stated that he apprehended tha priaoner at Stafford Prison Hie charge waa that of stealing some rait* of clothe* and other property. The priaoner aaid he expected soma one would come from London for him, and that ho would make a clean breast of it, as there was no one else concerned in the matter. At the Stafford Police* station an ofilcar showed witness a bag containing a coat and-hat and other articlca which he had reomved from Inspector Whieehurst, at Hands-worth. . The prisoner said tha laced boot* wore his own, but that tho other articlee he bought and left ■with a pawnbroker in Church-street, Birmingham. Mr. Charles Warner and Mr. Elgnold deposed that they left their property safe at tho theatre on the 6th of July, and on the 8th It was found to have beca stolen. Mr. Harry Jackson, the stage-manager, stated that the prisoner had been employed at the theatre as a night hand. Ho believed he was at the preeent time wearing a coat belonging to Mr. Howard Russell, and that it formed part of a former robbery. On the application of Detectivo-sorjcant Brown, tne prisoner wag remanded for further inquiries.
mmom to baiter* tba* fraa ao com/ax" ""
IfuyM* *Um It

hich diatingulahed the Medieian ehiefa of the fiorentine republic. Refined in manner*, but aenaual and voluptuoua in heart, a lover and patron of th* fine art*, affecting a taate for lattera, delighting in pomps and *how», hi* court wa* perhaps ~th* most brilliant in Europe. No olegauc*, no amusement, no pleasure war* forbidden admission into it. The fact that it was sn ecclesiaatical court waa permittted to b* no restraint upon it* ample freedom. It waa the, chosen home of art, of painting, of x*v*l*, and of* masquerades. The Pontiff waa not in the least burdened with religioua belief* and conviction*..: To harm auch waa th* fashion of neither his house nor hi* ageJ Hi* office a* Pontiff, it is tru*, connected him with! M a gigantio fable " which hsd oome down from early] times; but to hare exploded thatfakla.would have* been to disaolva the chair in which he sat, and the, throne that brought him so much magnificence and.' po w*r. Leo wai. therefore, content to vaint" hi* seep J ticism in the well-known sneer, M What a profitable affair this, fable of Christ has bean to tu.l". To thi* ib had coma!' ChrUtianlty *a* nojr.worked eololy as a sou re* of profit to the Popa*.l-2Wory of Frota* (eeffaea. . ' ^
Th« Outbuax or Tn Xsqian Mctixt.—Tha work
e%ceases, and haa neither compunction of caste, religion,; o* anything else to prevent them from
and eet on fire every European bungalo w, niss**crinr ibdhcrimlnately event luropean th*y'me^Jwithout

occasional sxplosion of amunition barrel*, wildly rang th* shrieks of th* dying and th* fanatic yallg of, the mail mutineer*.
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