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T If WAR PWKT.tjjn AT Sjgrn
wiitrjN .'■yiarouiA i»oo*V
Aotmi'u It b*earnerknowni*bat ib& Chancellor of.i he R*c!t«jd"i h»I *W.m:iwUke. that he #ndld #*k f*n&, ,Ui.p''m*ni»rv «r*m k*ih*AWy*ndMA*y&*&**(—.
earrv*t protest aga^nat rl*Mlayd vbeing involved i . W.rla dsfenne of the jirwrni government, of ihr-Saltan, against *ny auoplrmenuuy yole af mo i') being made f r mcasiireeoBlJdUteAwiBwlliywieh s dh*att#na r""u " At the-meeting.ibete was ia very I *t da irderly chAractcr Al-iermfcn Jone*; JJ Prreidenb of-the Liberal Reform Association. waw v.>Uitto the chair, and he was tup-Parted by the Kevr.C B;-8tews*d, Dr. Wright, B. U "H, K Stribling, > and H O. Meokmy;. Aldermen I',««enger, Dartlctt, and Newman < iQcneral Tryon, J.P . Councillor* Pnipoard and Cleveland, Dr. Heariie. Xcara. A. C*«k##% IP.. A J.
Kni.'h», W C, AVektlake.'.W. M. Lanhsater, 8 J)uki>», ( J. PhilHpaj.C. Con; H Pond, H. M. Gilbrrt, J. ». l'r.ree, J. "Bailey; O. Ilowmnn, H» B. Kobine, A. J. Miller, T. Palvev, Samuela, J;iT. Hamilton, H. A*hby., J Steeeba,' C.*WJ Hankin, Dunrutey, Budden, J. II.. f .... .. ,n
The Chairman, »ho on well received, aaid they were all awareof he obj«et at the mretiug that evening —ii >va« ta etlter'th.-ir protoet againat an unrighteoua cj j»e—And thalr nbjeet wunld commend itaelf to every, t!.mki«g and ret ion able person (hear, bear). Thfjr, hid no"'Wi«hHa go to war t» protect British interest* fhichhad nevet been aaiailed, and the Itussiai.a hul given'the mOatsolemn pledge that they would respect British iateresta 1'hU »»i neta pat* meeting (bear, he\r). They were there • in the interest of peace, and. would do their beat to preserve peace in tbtt country, He wat thaakftU that we had auch men la the Cabinet a* Lotf: Derby (Uud cheers) and Lord Carnarvon, (cheer*), who bad kept thia country out of wat—« war, for air intent* .and purposes, to maiplain one tif tie most cruel and- tyranneu* Government* that the world a J Lord Derby had atated that »ho greateat of Britiah intf>'re*t* wa* peace, and he (the speaker) w*< convicted that It. was to the interest of the w*tkiug cl»»se* that we abnald not ba. invrlr*! in war. War brought 'drsn!at destruction; and c»med a stagnation of tntd* And commerce It would injure the fair fame of England to be engaged in upholding a Government which had been condemned by the whole of Burape. It would be a raoat disastrous thing If, by the ambiiinu* design* of Lard B«acon*fieiform 'o aliow that kit V
hin' |*ii,oij.le« in Parliament,
.. lJ* ^aolutlon . wan, «w*ndad • by tli* ttee.
M ickey. wbo.cooU not abtda * Rearing,, pwi , •emumage at the oUief end of ih^.foom, an^ &q '•**■?» «0 »ln« "Aula Britannia. ,, „ , ^
fir. Gilbert thea profoesd.and.Mr.^ealta^e e*cond^ 1, i% »ote of. thanke U> the Chairman. whipt> b.ring b«fn acknowledged, the meeting broke up Jn,oj>{oar. 1 ,
Mr. P. Elliott, of An]o(er, asking the Council * lend them aome scientific objects for exhibition at a •oiree to beheld bf their Member* in Andovef *b»rtly. j-On the proposition of Mr. Le Peurre, eeoond«J by On Lings ta If. the application waa referred to tile Museum Commit tee. with p*wer to deal with the *ub. ject.—A letter from Mr. M Mile*; re«pecrfng tlio n«e of the hall, waa referred to the General Purpose* Committee. 7 •
Tlie Finance and General Purports Comnilttee ercom mended the payment of various cheques. The difficulty of preventing aha hall being crowded contrary to the regulation* laid down we* discu-aed. After wbtcVtbe committee recommended that in any future meeting in which a crowd may be expected thsir special attention should be druwo to tiie same. In regard to the exit from the ball, il waa recommended that Mr. Lemon's plane be adopted auUtitutlng panel for glae* Id tbe*wo if3? U*d,B* ** Art Gallery, and that the door* in

Heme t .ok p

thoae *h i took'in Irttirea

w6eQ4^ereaeb Iheir aabecrlptiaiv bjt 1HK.
that during.
equal pleasure In being able to ang the year the working ..of the Institution bad g( amootbly and luccetsfully. Sfnce the laat meeting the
cheers, rose to muve the firat resolution-. lie aaid he ha4 much pleasure in occupying ao .prominent a position tha" evening; and he to be undrrstovd that sl.ould there be any difference of opinion in that meet-tb*t their chairman would be willing to be*r anything tbst could be said on the other aide. The retoluiloa hp ha J te propoeewee aa follow*
That this meeting o( InHabltanta of Southampton, con-veme* by public announcement,' hereby protest* against tlx proposed sdpplemeutary vdte by the Uovernrteut o" six millions sterling for the increase of our army Wituri awing that It lain aplrit a'departure from England . neutrality, and from the promlae made by the Chancellor of thehxrli^juerou tlieeronlngof the meeting of l'arllament; .u l.rltatlus mcnace to a friendly Powers aud a proposal Jrsu-bt with dantrer to the peace of EurOpo, aud the beat interests of the British Empire.
—[The reaolutien wa* received with cheer*, hls##a, and upioar.l—Mr. FaUey maid that he undrratuod theie »" to be an organised oppesltian that evening, but he could see the character of the meeting, and trie reaolu-lion would be carri«d by an enormous mijorlfy.' (\ voicet lt'« a Liberal meeting.—cheer*.) It was a meeting fir peace; it, was a meeting in favour of British intereet*. and he only wi.hed theyountr men "bo Were endeavoomtg to disturb the meeting knew as much abauf the cuts* of war as their fathers did (cheer*), it wa* not to our interest or cood policy to aend our brave troopi and our sailor* to be engaged in a cause that would oring dishonour and disgrace to the name of England (biases and ohrera). Hi* rftolutiou stated that, inapirit, the proposed vote wa« a departure from neutrality. Were not our Army and Navy already in a state of efficiency ? Then if hot it Was a disgrace to the Authorities of tbe country. (A Voice: How about the Liberal Government ?). The Liberal Government never brought the country to auch a humiliating and.disgraceful position (Uproar). L*t Mm direc: tlipir ttteution to if hat the Chancellor of tbe 'Exchequer had ; romieed on evening week, ai the opening of Parliament, the early meeting of wbicb c«a«ed'anxiety tnd alarm throughout the country. And what c.uaed ill this alarm ! (A Voice: Mr. Gladstone,and laughter), h was thought that something grand w». coming ; some tiling that would raise the hbftty of England ; but, lo, tlic mountain in labour brought forth a wretched little nouae (hisses). Mr. Palvey next referred to tbe cjn-iitions laid down by Mr. Cross and Lord Derby at the 1 spinning of tbe war, and up to tbe present moment Russia had honorably fulBlled her engagement (bisees) 1 Le Chancellor of the Exchequer had stated that no rjt* would be aaked for until the Russian terms of peace were known. Before theae terms were known the Chancellor of the Kxchequer gave notice for a supplementary vote, and his excuse waa that Russia delayed in tusking known the term* of peace. (A voice : do ah* iid. cheer*.) The term: had come to hand. (A voice: Of cour.e they did, Ruaala waa frightened.) Tboee terms were calculated to lead to peace, unless by the c 'urje of the Government Turkey would be deluded into swilling more blood and spending more money. l.orJ BeacenaMeld had *tat*d that the Ku«*ian term* •ere calculated to be a basis of peace; If *o, what were "e going to apend six million* for ? He contended that tl.e Government had attempted to tamper with tho forking claascs (no, no, and uproar). He aaid that they L»d reason to btlievo— and England bad reason to believe—that tbe autoraent made by the Chancellor of the Etcbeqoer at tbe opening of Parliament held good ; but statement bad already been broken (hiasw) The l iberal* had up to the present shown faith in the ("vernment, and wera not dwirou* of making this a I olitical question (nli( no, and uproar). It was an imperial question. (A voteo : leuppo.e you wan' .. W&llinKfnrd). Another disturbance wa* crea, Mr. F.lvey, continuing, aaid that the proposed vote waa an irritating menace to a friendly pqwer (oh. oh). Since Russia had been an empire, except m the Crimean war, sl.o bud been a friend to England (Holy Kuaaia). He never bad any ajmpatby with the Russian fo m ot Ei-vermnent, ai.d be quite egreed that the partition of I' land wa* the bloodicat picture in the bwok of time (I ear, hear, and cheer*, and a' Voice: Ho w at-uut Khiva?). II* urged that If England waa dragged into war it would be brought about by the the head of the pretent Government, by a man who had built himself up in public life by making phraaei.—
" I have much pleaauto" In' propoaing the
pressing hi* fraternal approval of the conduct of Lord Carnarvon; and one from Sir K. Perkme. M.P.. with the words " I afcalt aupport my leader In tbo Hooso ef_Cooimona at> Monday" (blaaee).
■—"■■■* w an u>iinr, sua sua ""or* ta the south corridor be made ward*. In connection with the paymsnt* by outeide itudante for aocommoJatmn In tbe exaiaioatian*, of the
the local .ecretary wa* willing to dispoee of. Jhe o im-initteo raaolved that in future tb*-ftan be granted for these examination*, conditional on the payment by out-aid* atudent*. for whom the Hartley Council . provide the accommodation, being Jlanded over to the Hartley Council by. thoae who conduct the examination. At another meeting of the committee an application from the Pbly technic Institution for the nee of the hall during the present balf-eeaaioo was granted on the ulual terms. A letter waa read from the Town Clerk, Informing the committee that the Corporation had paid 4109 Ge fot fire pr«miama upon Iniuraucea of tbo Hartley Buildings •ocurding to the account emcloeed, and he requested liat a Cheque for the same should be forwarded to him. and this matier was considered at another meeting of the committee, when they recommended tbatthe arrears be paid, lea* £15, aa waa khown by tbe account* of the Institution to have been already paid. The uae of the hall wa* granted for a concert in aid of • St. Mary * Church Building Puhd, and Mr. Shore, executive officer, waa directed to see to tbe repair of the larqe gaa meter. -General fryon moved the adoption of.tfc report, and •peaking of tbe innnuatlona alluded to in the report, said lie thought that subject had better not be dieousaed that day.—Mr. Furbor aeconded the adoption of the 'report, and after a abort dlscu*«Ion between General Iryon and Mr. Le Peurre retpocting tbe aalary paid by the institution to Mr. Hunt, the borough treasurer. Mr. Le Feurre eaid be bad g.ioe into tbe matt,r. aad found there was a miitake as to the salary of Mr. Hunt as treasurer. That gentleman bad expUined some yean ago at thi Borough Council that hi* a^ary. £5 a year, waa so small that he did not care to take it. but It now appeared that Mr. Hunt bad und in hia account, which amounted to the sum of £45.-Upon this explanatio that p^rt of the report, waa referred back te the Coi mittee to deal with.—The remainder of the report w uoaoimously adopted.
Tbe Library and Museum Committee reported that the list of books purchased aim** the last meeting Was submitted.and the inconvenient delay which ba* occurred
Committee had been aye. from tbe'fanda, to do what wa* greatly needed—sapply the patient* with everything they required in tbe ebap* of diet, tli)* reform baviag. come about by. tbe knowledge that tbe benevolent we're, often impoeed upon, by people begging, stating thattheV had friend* In the Indrmary/for wnom they were obliged to provide tea, ftc. ' The fu*d« during th* \year had been very fair, the only one which had auffersd being the Nurxee' Ketirement Fund, which.waa of great two, belpg to provide for nursea belonging lo the Infirmary In old age Diir'ng the year tbe committee'hDri Lake (hon. sec ) then read the report, as follows : •i ?n p^eaehtlng to the Governors the report of the of thle .Parity for nadthur yeaf. makiatf tbe thirty.
Divine Giver of all good fur tbe raldanV* affimlfcJ to ttiem, and for the munlgeent llbrralltr of Its many friends.
Refsrr|ng flrst to the financial poaltl.m of {he Institution, the Committee are ph- to be ahl* to re port that although
thry have makv In the past year mure outlay on external repair* aud that *oa»e of tho article* of diet have still farther ItlertsseU lu7 prlc»-| rv
9 year w|pi a
or diet have still further Itiertsseg Id price-pJrtlcolarly brrajl and meat, yet with tlie balance In hand remaining
from the previous v«ar. taey have been enabled ......
liabilities, and to close at the end of f balance In the hands of the trmnnjvr
Tho total tveelpta. h>av(nic out tbe legacte* and 'Wn*tlnnt rwjalrlnjf Investment, amnuuted to £3M0lis3.l, and the payment, acre E363 I3s ed. making an exces* bf expen-
. ...... Ashaebeen Joatatatfcd..
£)S0 4*'id. there'ha* been sufficient t
The Committee fe« l this
t rvmainlng C19)« Uil at the e
t which they are glad toaee. seems to have been established on a permanent bsnls, Tbe amount ree*lv*d from thU aourre last rear was £M0 la. and tbe Committee are very grateful to the elemy a«d mlnlaters, as wall af the committee ef the fund, for tlielr valuable'ald and support ~lve4 to thle eharliy.
The annual eubecMptlhu* worn Suit 13s gd. a falling of aa compared with I8T« of 7 iv.
H»o Committee have gratefully to acknowledge the re-
r.1 ^ -* - • - a special donation for prortdng the
__________3B&?5S4SSlJS5i~«,: "'«•
Legacies haVe betni received ------ -------—-----------
lavne. of SoathaWptO*, of Bi5; all free of legacy duty Also In now 3 per oent stock. OT# fr«m th* latu Miss
2S?8tvJtSftfftsH.fiL«si! •aa-.'z'iw:.r*'*

R^vs.iV. IL-.Wigrami-.
Qan» fc;lHr,«,Byre Cra«
foond many pereJn«atnongtb»m. who, JodgmgfroL _ appstratiCe, w*fd not flt object* forCharity. It Ought to be ib of* fully recogni*ed that th* Inflrmary wa* a obaritabl* Institution, and tboe* who gav* l*tt*r* (bould only do *o to real object* of cbarltyr He did not wish to be.invidoua to thoae yrho had been ao genoroai to the iMtitdtton during the pa*t year, but tbvy war* apecially thankful to th* Rev. F, 0. Wigram for what ha had don* with reference to th* apparatus*Wch^haa proved ao o**ful, #nd h* thought tbla g*nkro*lty dee*rv*d apecial mention (applause). A* one of the Committ** Mr. Bucban t*s'.i9*d to the nna*lmoag.f**ling am on git them, and they bad efilf •*** 6b>*ct ## view—th* gytd of lh< institution, and tbe more they found they could adaaoc* it* int*r*«ta tho mere freely trark their labotxra given (applause). v-n ' ,i'T
Mr. J. Everett, aeconded tbe adoption of tb* report mhichjwaa agreed to. I r. Sampann next proposed thanks

meet, tie Chairman be requested to examine such account, and the Finance Committee, after approval by the chairman, be requested to pay the earn*. A num-b«r of account relating to book* purcbued were examined and'recommended for payment, and It waa recommended that an expenditure be aaxictioned 6f £'25 on the art gallery and museum. It wa* further resolved that th* executive officer* be empowered to purcbaae from time to tithe each drawing* and facsimiles of the works of great master* or other aMIatiA worka aa may be auiiable ftir exhibition In tbe art gallery, and alao *p*-Cimen* of natural hlatory. when each may b* advantageously acquired, and wblob may be of intereat either a* local specimens or as tilling I important omissions in the example* of natural history at preatnt in the museum, but auch purohaeea io no c*ae to exceed £20, without special sanction. It waa reaolved to pmohasea sUtis-tlcal account of Bengal, published by command o( the Oov*rmm*nt of India, In twenty volume*, for the *um of £5, and the following donation* were received with tbonk* from Dr. Oeborn :-A larg* framed engraving, aud tbe 3mlth*onion Inatitutlon annual report for 18."6,
Mr. Baaartt moved tho adoption *f the report, which -rnndad by Mr. Driver.
he Feuvre tbuuuht tha Cmi
tary at hi* discretion, or To alfowwg any officu of the imtitution such latitude, for in doing thi* they placed a responsibility on Mr. dbore which ought to oo borne b> tbe committee. The proper mode ^ould.b* for Mr. Shore to make a report to tbe committee, who should appro** of tb* object* before tbe expenditure was incurred. A* a matter of principle ha considered thia expenditure abould be under tbe direct aanction of tha committee, and not, aa in the word* of the report, be left with their executive officer.
Mr. Baeeett reminded the Council that there were touietiuie* opportunitiea when their executive officer could purchase a valuable work of art, but that tbe op. portunity might be gone before the committee could b* called together. To avoid this they thought it best in tb* Interest of the institution to allow Mr Shore a discretion to purchaae to the extent of £20, a* waa the ca«o where Mr. Shore, being at a aalo, purchased a valuable coll:c ion of books for the library on hi* own responsibility, and these would have been (o«t if lie had waited till tho committee cvuld be called together to aaoctlon their purchaae
Mr.^Kurber said be quit* agreed with fMr. Lo Feuvre'*
Mr. Driver suggested that the amount he reduecd from £."0 to £10.
Mr. Le Feuvro said he equally objected to thi* aa a
The Rev. C. E. Steward, »n *econding the proposition, said It might be thought that the proper plao* for him that evening waa (a voice t Writing t«r) preparing for his durtea for to-1

• exactly ,tb* reason why ba.was*, for when be raw that tb* meeting waa called In tb* iaUreeta of peac* and justice, ll-'elruck him that tb*** were tbe very reasons why b* tfie taught In bia pray*r book to pray for the high court of PmrHamant. (a#pl*ua*). AfUr a spercii of some length he asked tho** of hia hearer* «be
____-w.'_ ...... f.nm H.nm*.
•yed by reakon Weave England ftoan the danger of a p..lky » hidl be *haraoteris»d aa that of Lot's w»f*.
(A voice : The coIleotWn mill b»t»ad*.) , „ ,j
Another di.turbatoce bee* took place, Jaettng for.paveral. " mutes, and lt setmed M tUugM. freiiflgbf' Wa#
the MMWOjMg
acceptance bv the Ottoman Court of tb* terma «f .|>
diet Med by JUui...
oPPWaakn to which Umy bav*^Uh*cto b*ea.
gtefeWgjea to wm.
Mr. Bafsett said *uppo*ing Mr. Shore waa in London, and aaw aome valuable object which ho might purchase for tbe institution, before a committee could be called the opportunity might be lo*t. Where there waa time to Call a committee well and good.
Mr. Shore taid be had made aeveYal valuable purchases of books for the institution at bit own risk, but he did not wish to do thia in future.
Tbe proposition for th'4 adoption of tbe report ae altered at the auggeetlon of Mr. Driver waa then put, when it
carried, there voting for it. 5-Tbo Mayor, Dr. Lang-stall. Meeire. Driver. Pbippard, and Baeeett; againat it, 4-General Try on. Merer* Purber, Abraham, and Le Feuvre.—Tbia cloaed tbe busineaa before the board.
Witutorstrr ilrtvs.
8A'rmtDy. Fnmtunr 9, 1178.
JUDO*a' Ciacotra. — A return obtained by Sir W.' VVrnon Harcourt relating to th* Spring and Summir Cireuita of last year baa beet* printed. On th* Weatem Circuit, Spring, from to* lith of February to th* 29th of March, with two JadgeaTub Rev. Neville Shcrbrooke marry Mi at Lilla* Cairns, eldest daughter of the Lord Ohancelior. Mr. Hhrrbrooke, who waa formerly in tb* army, waa: ordained about a year agb, aad la the presiding genius of Portman Chapel. Hi* fir*t wife waa tha daughter-of the late Lord Howe.c in live long,enough 1 ahall expect to ae* Mr. 8herbrook* a bishop, aa he haa Aplenty of eloqaenc*,' and is v,ry Prntaatant, which eeemetb* right line to take up no*,aWaya.^-lPii(c.
Thh CouitTT HoaPiTiL I* alway* needing help, andi
.varied ar* the means taken to fdd .iui deferent fupda. AtnongU others, a ball glv*n onihutaday night the Guildhall, eapreaaly tp provide f under *n* ffe^a. glad to knbw U waa a great aueceai, .W.jPt, *..«%, ,being preaent. and the ticket* being I2*4d,ea*&, %

WW T.J b" II [U|
UI wu, IU ,wci, iraa »; 41
with the foregoing donatlbn* hare been Inreated danee with the role* a* usaal.
Th* Committee have received from the Ear. Krednrlr K. .Wlgram a donation of .CM to m et the cost of the rocou-atructlon of tho dlrlnfeetlhg apparstua (applause).
It will he In th* reoolWtlou Of the Govern ira that Mr. Wigram has already glveu tho whole cost of the buildings, and the fnrrier apparatus erected, and which wa* ta uu-fortunaUly destroyed by Are. and tn* Cnmmlttna fevl aur* they will with thiun accord tlielr warmest thanks for such gn-at generosity (appl*o*e).
It may not be out of plaeo here to mention that the Committee burr appended to thia report a statement •bowing the number *nd nature of tho article* dlslufccted by tlie apparatus during the past rear, an Inspection of which, thoy tliliik. clearly show the large amount of good work effected at a comparatively small cost, aud what a valuable auxiliary such au apparatus must bo lo the sanitation vf the establishment.
Tlio folk)wing donations have been received : From Mrs. Chaplin. £3*, which sum this generou* lady has given for many yeara : from Rev. W. O. Maol, by sale of tho late Dr. Maul a carriage 1 t'3t from Mr*. Seville Sbnt* for a life govrrnorahlp; £S from the late Miss Lo Fuavre 1 XS its from tho Shirley A in a war Wamui* Society 1 aud £3* from C«ptaln \Y. Olllson. col toe ted on board the Peninsular ai;d Orlenul Company's ships. Au wa«d haa been
thanksgiving and other service* £UJ. - -f
rhe workmen. Ac.,.Iq, tbo neighbnurb«t>:d hare cwntrt-bated £t?t 13s Td. representing Uio' following Arms ?— .Messrs. Oswald's Shipbuilding Works, Woolstoo j Mr. G. T Harper i Mesa,a. Day. Summer*, and Co * Iron Work*, Northam; Mr Arthur J. Kulght. Mr. J. U. Ilaseley. Messrs. Hull and Son*. Measr*. Kmannel and Son*, and woikmen employed at the New Graving Dock Works, aud it tb* Import Departmeut. Southampton Docks.
For the wlfoU of the** and many smaller donations, particulars of which published as uatml. the Oomrultte* bog to offer their stucore thanks.
A special appeal waa made'through the public press early In the year for ylfu of ealleo and -linen, wliteli wra* moat favourably rcsponiled to. and for which the Committee are very arau'fuj. Tiio uumbmr of donor* beln% unusually lanro. tho Cpmmltti-e propose to pobllsh the names, together with other gift*, la a teparato list /
~ " rMMtaisi
h higher, namely. :»-t.5th. a* against 74 Thi* .....1 patient* remained wiurh longer.
thcae lielmr those of ao serious
Instant admission, and being]aa ma . ______
deuta Uiun In the previous y*ar. Tho remaining
ureal Import*MO of malutalulng an InstliuUon. like the IntlrinsTy, that such a largo number of persona should liave eded surgical asilsiauce In *ome fonn or another during Ingle year. • , - : i if
rho nomber of.out-patient admltuxl. leaving out the ... .1 greater utmiber than the year
The total of tli*
the Committee, believing from "observation "n 'ttui/ pernotis'preaeuteil themselves a* pntlont* who were not Ut cases to recrlvn Uio benefits of tho Institution, resolved, commencing with the 1st of August, that all such patient* ' ould bring a letter of recommendation from a governor aubaerlbcr stating that thoy were known to b* object* . ......part * »

alteration h
a privllsgea of recoinmondatloo.

IJuatlfylng, tb* Com mil loo believe, the change There being hitherto a deficiency of bedroom accomodation for the servants, tko Committee have, by ullllalug he space uudcruoalh tho Eyre Crabbc want, succeeded, at he moderate cAstof 115. In dbfaloing several aildltlonal ooms. an Improvement which has proved very advan-
It having transpired lhat tha benevolent were often Imposed upon by people begging, otr rtlei;round that they-had friends In the Infirmary for. wbom they were
found by the Institution. The UotsmitteoiMlsh It to be g.-nerally kuown thattlwre U now; no ground whatever for.
would have *w#get*l 10 both tt.U and tho'-Norsns
JaatttuUoo but .specially tbo latter. It l*: to bf, regretted,
month* by the Nurses loatltwtkLjon the'^ouu^tKtuS?
-j-u™ ■»"ta
Ii I* very gratifying to the CothMllfeo't^'liW.'rn atair' ....... "" ....... Chaplain J'uuu
•ufflcluui to moerihe __________________


Wmmimatm that It apot*
t(ia» lo\>huv X»ai lev in
_ ----------------------aervic** during
(bf paat year, and thit.'they be reqnaatod tq contii^tMr tbeiu during th* present year. All tboae who bad Witneaaed the aervicea of thoee gentlemen would b* willlrigto bear leatlntooy *4 to the maonec In which-t''*y had caryi*d out their dutiee. Tbay muat not think him invidious if h* atngledout two gentleman la particulL. fie oould not, forget tb* valuable service* of tboir president, they often b*ard them apoken of bat hot too of •n, [All thoM who obt^rved th* oar*' of their president In coming there year after year at all tlmaa and seaaon, and giving up the beat of hit vilaab!* dm* to the eervices of th* inaiitution would b* moot ready to aocord him a most hearty vot* of thanka(applauso). Thoy wore no lea* Indebted to thair Hon. Secretary, and Dr. Lake. It after aatoniahed him to aee bow much of bia time ho could devote to them patched aa It waa from hia hardworking profeaii*nal p-jrauita ;\»h*nev*r he came to the Infirmary,|Dr. Lake wa* sure to be there, and they could not over eatimale hia aervic** because Dr. Lake not only devoted his time and energy aa a surgeon, but when conaiderd how much ho had td do In keeping the ra of tbe institution on smoothly in the ab*«nc* of Committee and President, they would b* uior* Willing in according a moot hearty vote of thanka to the aecretary and Preaident. Their aervicea were iudts-perisiable to th* institution (applause).
Th* Rev. P. E. Wigram. in aecondmg tb* motion. *aid h* did ,0 with a great deal of pleaauro, and he *ould ■fully endorao what L»r. Sampson had said, wuh reference • to their president, and lion, secretary. He wished to add his testimony to theireffioient aervicea, and he trusted, please God. they would aee them, blesaed with health and vigour, continuing their labour* y*ar after year, for he waa aure that the efficiency of the institution was very much dspendent upon their continued attention to welfare (applause).—The motion waa carried.
Colonel Hillvard proposed that the cordial thanka of the governor* be given to tbe Committee of Management for their aervicea during tbo year. H* thought it was unneceaaary for HiabtO toll iborh that it w*a essential to eliminate frem the list ill "dummies" who wereeeldotn ornamental, and never uaaful. but he would apeak for tbe gentlemen on thia committee, and he waa auro that they would perform their duii*s faithfully and wall (bear, hear).
Dr. Wright aeconded tb* ra*olution, which wa* carried with.acclammUou. . j t ,
Cap!./broken. Jtitf., proposed & vdti of t|ianka to tho medical officer* of tbe institution for their vaiuabl* aarvioos, remarking that without their aid the governor* could do little in auatainlngauch an inatitution (applauae).
The K*v. T. Garrett aeconded tbe motion, aad aaid that he had obeerved that tho medical officera were not dy diligent and attentive, but ajao kind and aympa-
anent the lose by death, and other elrcumaUnee*. of seversf " th*yjruat tbat otbera will b* found tolah*
''-JKwwi...................... _
uantl the ln*titatian,.«b^WMGMt>A«MdtT, bat »_ relkkHehed 'imply—with- the ob/ect of doing
ra"ff ^ rfry
rOaptlia^wen iecendrd rtie fuopoiltlon b an catoJ • giallo epeecb, mentWed the fadrbtedne** of #11 pnbllo UatitnUona to th* Preis, and to theae who attended the
indebted to the Preaa tfot Only forKepertlng their meet* » liga, but alao for oublhhlng tegtilarty swrek by week a. *mall paragraph ahewing the number of betJa occupied tboa Keeping the work don*(yytht Inatiturionhtfoie tH* ' f puklic (hear, hear).—Th* propoaitien waa unanimously; , *W#dto. , I. ..a ,r , .
The Secretary read a letter from Mr. R. Colea, J.P., resigning hi* office-a* Ueaaarer.—Mr. Burnett moved,
vt«.. R M.». Compauy, 87i„ft|tre*Bi«ltig .Ot.ilMa t U S-8. Company, 1*0, repre**otlng #T# daya i P. and G. Company, l.repreaontliigadaye. The aam* reason with regard to the P. and O. tympany prevalla tbla year ae In the paat— that their crew* being almost all composed of Aalatlea, their men do not frequent the Heme. ToqrCommltte* are p'easod to tepott'thia th* number of dlatresaed seamed who have been supplied with board and lodging at a eoet to the luelllalkm of £ « Its, ha* shown a conalderable de-creaak. numbering 1#9 agalnat 1»3 In 187*. Tbey are a!ao
dated at the Home at the expenae of the Shlpwyrckod Mariner*' Society,nnmberlog jot -agalnat 443 In the.previous year. 333 naval Invallda- have b**d received at tbe H^mo d^urhag th* paat year, an Increase of 33 a* compared
The thanxa of the Ommlttee are due to th* Board of ^MUaZwL* °Th tto*k!^f^h?&taMUU*hV b°P* "
th*tio, and this wain ureaj ibing, fpr nothing*o tended tu soothe the aching pillow and aorrowing heart.
The motion was carried unanimoualy.
Mr. Weatlsk* then proposed a vote of tha-ika to the chairman, and thia waa aecondod by Capt. M .rtin. and a*T'*d with acclamation". The compllmoilt hCvtbg baen acknowledged tbe meeting terminated.
The annual general meeting of the ahareholdera of the Company promoting thl* ondt,taking waa h,ld Tueadav evening at th* College, 8, Suaaex place, wh Major-General Trvoo, J,PV presided, and there w« also present Dr/HUPalk, 4nd Meter* W d/Weatlake/'
l*waI -j- ■ -i
occur, and In th* order in which'they are received. Tlw Director* are perfectly satisfied with the thorough ohareeter
tnueb of the succee* ahlch ba* attended the College Is due to tb* *mcWot teaching of Mi** Sherwood and b*r ooAju-tor*. In July laat the whole *cboo! wa* aabmltted to a thorough examination by lb. Oxford anil Cambridge rExamination Board, who**delegate. W. L. Courtney. Eiq . seperlntended It on tho *poL Tbe report* of th* Board were published lu the local papers at the time, and were highly .atlsfactory., The value of the Ktnder-Uarwn sya-'
tbemaelve* for re-election. ...
— Mr. Tripp* also presented the financial atatement Aom wl^ob ll,ap#eay*d that a(t*r allowing fqt depreda-tion upon the building account 61 £10 2. 9d, on flxtures and fUrnlrufe £20 8*. and l«*a-.n book account £22 0s 6d, the remit of the year'* operations had been a aum of £92 14t fid, adding to which a balance of last yemrql fl@6*W, g,#m Of fill 19^Ud.wa*.gl**p tot division. Mr. Tripp* explained that although durFng the past year they had had a fair Income, yet practl-
,lly it w.'i* the wor*t year thry bsj had for profits, was the third year of their -establishment—a period always looked upon a*r.a cruclalon* in all entcrpti*ea of-thi* character, — The Chairman, in m*ving the adoption of the report. *ald he. trusted It would prove •atiafactory to the ahareholdera. The fact that 160' student* -the maximum number fixed by the 'director*
— had been receiving education within tho** walla, ah*wed, he thought, that tb* Girl*', College supplied a want which wa* felt in Southampton.—Mr. Weatlakv, #*qomdtog th* motion, Mpr*a*,d hiaaatlafactlou wlA. the statement, presented. Although the d|vidend-fe.'*ud*d wa* bnt 6pkk*6t,m*compmMd*|ihf& P" Cent, laat year, he-had alw*ya fclt with' that C#W pany it waa not ao much a question af. large dividends
in any way, Mr. Trippfe explained 'that f*r eeonemieal purposes thrr. trained tcachara inthasystera at* pre-miuaa of^XlO,! far the. year, Thfao pyrauas, ?er*
place of the two"who had left, they had now four othera; but in addition to the head of that portion-of the establishment (Miss Sims), th* direotors bad now appoint**- a *eoond„ thorougklj -^ompcunt trained teacher Id the KinAr-Garten av»tejn^^t.,Lahkeatei' agreed with Mf. Tnppe that the (hffd ytlr^u- a Jtlnd-o? tfaPyear. He waa gUd.. tooi 'thi College 'Waa'-lft' such good odour Its a (dace for training toacaera.ln/ th*. Ki&d*r, Qgrtro. eydem, f Thd f<*olot|o# ;?M, upaojrf
hoMrkrlum of £26 b» awardedi to 'Mr; Tfippe -for hi*: aerviceb. whidb Be hlgh'v eulogised, aayiag. the axic..
pa.alof.tho College *a*.mabily dependent upon MWBfi
Ijy Ur. Bmford, aad also car ried-
it 6iing mdati*

baviia bccom*an«nuai w W. dtUi^h^cdyed 2 tToHlTc

ilad;l, e^llaalsiiooi

irq tok*l

viJiKjodi' iinHb x»di «J -Uil rA jvjiU :J^uoJ ino.ln lr huo
£38 as id. oollectsd bv him In the bop*, as before *ugg*a ted. of forming a fund for renewing or adding to, th* pre-s*bt aeeommodailon when anch a neoasatty may art**.
Yoor UommlUeo In presenting tb* bal*ne*-*h**t, retrret that the sara* gratlfrleg roealt baa not be** obtained In 18TT a* In tb*1bnn*r. ye*r, but they account for thl* decrease In tbe fond* by the Isrg* outlav for repair* required, renewal of .toreltore,-ahd also for the painting of th* premlsOsoateid*during the year, which has caused an Increase of expenditure. Tbo Committee, however, feel that Uiey may alio congratulate their fnenda on th, pre**nt condition of th* Home.
.Your Committee, In lamenting the loa* by death, of the services to thh Institution of the late master. Mr. ITolce. and tho consequent resignation of Mr*. Noire aa matron who both ah*wed seal and general kindness (which W materially contributed to tho comfort of the Home) have the
b*M*v*, malutaln th* good order which ha* hitherto pre-
In conclusion, your Committee, teeing that this valoabl' Institution can navor be entirely sotf-taaialntBg, desire te exnreaa their best thank* fAr\h* kind support accorded ta ltdnrine the paat. and as they made an appeal at th* last annual general meeting for additional aubaortbers. and In a
Jola the ranks of the present subscriber*, and ao awell the lilt that it may 6* seeo how great Is the number of tAo*e. who. knowing tb* advantage auch an Institution confer* upon tb* sailor, com* forward te lend a helping band.
The atatemont of account* *how*d that the receipt*. In-cbiding x balance In hand from the prevloua year of £»\ lis. seaman's board £5M 13* «d. *ub*evlptlons £»• Ts. donations £ior II* sd. amounted to £9S4 713d : out of
wMeh4m**U»M= b#**paMtofpnwiato*aamd*a*b.
Ing. £130 19* lofi'iSbmiiJ8 r,M
.Captain Me w r. ..lA'moy lo g the'adoption of there, port, aaid be wk* pI* aae ao. many bid Menda •pteacntj he wa*, howeVery korry to aay thai*-the report was not of so gatiafacfofy a character aa had baen th* cS'e on former occasion*, the receipt* being lets than the expenditure. whjch„he attributed to tn« illueaa ctf the Matter during some .six or eight months of th* paat year. The Inatitution, was, however, going, on. regularly and w*U under the able management of Commander Hodgkskin and the new Master, T^ere w»s a slight falling i.ff in the amount of anbacriptiona ; last year the amount was £164, and this year bat, notwithstanding this the number of subscribers •eemed to have aomewha* increased. There were twjj -pjiint* in the report on which they might congratulate themsfiv«s—first that they had l«ad a lea* call up the» thia year than formerly foy the maintenance ■ dl*tre*sed Bri'ith tubjcct* and *)iipwr*«krd mafiee.,, both of which claitet of perton* pressed heavily upon tkem Their thanks were again due lo Captain Cox-well for the contribution he bad made to the fund* for ajtnecial object; he was etare th* whoi* of th* aub-acrlber* would join the Comkiitee in that expreaaion of thank*, with a hope that the help thu* rendered would lead to the Inatitntian being placed on a better footing (hear, hear). The decreaae in the funde furs -nSshc-da good taaioa for their having liabilities of ;^61 19a 9d, wherea* laat year they had nothing,;.but We believed'that they might look forward to meat.;
With a hop* . that the present deficiency would iagain recur (hear, hear).
Colonel Hiliywd seconded the re'aolutfon. ' Mr. Ohipperfield aaid. a* p member of the committee, it waa a matter of much regret to thrra'thkj the rpceipts during the paat si* month* er ao would nbt' bear comparison aa again*: the income of prevloua yiears, and that the expense for yrovjsioos exceeded th* amount they had recived from sailors who ftrquftited Uie Home. They were anxious to discover how thi* had been canted, but, unfortunately, they were prevented from doing that, owing to the lamented death of their late maater. The Committee had, however, urged upon Jhe preient Maater the di^y'of practising ■11 the economy he poseibly could. H« quite agreed with Mr Mercer in the axpruaion of than kg to Capt C»xwell for the warm Intsreat he bad taken in. the " and when he had done *o much a* to be abl<
but alao thoae who it, could be Induce to take a wanner Intereat In the Home. Itahonld be known that ene cause of the falling off in funda waa#n<
Me. Sheriff. Harper *eeqnd*d, the etecfiWof Mr." Chlpperfield. but that gentleman declined, and moved
that Mr. Darwin, one of thefr hankers, be elected, which
, -
Jr* Sheriff, in moving a vote of thanka to the atiditort, n d h. ... Krrr u, h,« ib.l th, otiM lo.u
Tl>e Sheriff aexroiippeed a voU df thick* to (he Hen. Secretary for hia aervicea during the y^ay,stating
thatto^are aeparated without p.malog a vote of thanka re b«n wdula hare been a reflection npin the afcretary, befcauae the balance-ahret noticing ao g*oi.M,It> pre-viout yeara, it would hayf looked aa though they held him to blame.
The proposition wa* carried with acclamation. Commander Hedgskin, in .reply, *aid it, wa* more , than he de*erv»d, brcauae erory man who had a duty to perform should endeavour lo do it as heartily *e -he cbuld. • ,'*• •
Nr. Barling proposed, and Commodore Olive/ --arconded, a vote of thanka to the Mayor for preaTdlng, and thhr being aho carried, AT f
Hie-Worship aaid the tailor* deserved mora sympathy than they obtained in thia end other porta, and it wae . their dutv to see that these men were provided with comfortwole quaitera when they came bom* from fong • yoyagea, which Would be (hq mean* #f keeping the^.* from the beerahopa He hoped General Tryen a aug-geaiion would be adopted, and that the next meeting would be held in. K .mafe prOfninfafpart of'tkn town, the re*alt no doubt being th*t they wotild obtain more . subscriptions, he waa sorry to see-tbat Mr. Cole* waa
Cole* had done much aertle* to the towb. and he wa*
aure ^ they allL Moped/ib»t h^ wopjd , speedily -
brought the proceedinga to a cloie. ,
•titution (hear, heaA. ff eyery eaptaln^in the Unlo ■ Company and the itoyal Mail Company wduld «%* t themselves in a similar way, the position of the Hon-would be very different, aa compared with that it occupied. > '
General Trjon aaid he wa* fcure it would admitted that the Sailor*' dome was art Iualitution-which could fairly claim the sympathy snd support of the inhabitants of the Port. He had, however, attended the annual meetiuga for aevcral ) ears, and be confessed he could hardly^ook upon their gatherings as being fepresentative, and that the locality in which t)u-y met had something to do with it. He would suicge«t to toe Committee tbe propriety of askir.g the Mayor to allow the"u*e of the Audit House, and he . believed that for to laudable an object tho request would b* willingly acceded to (hear, hear).
Captain Urowell, ILX., remarked ihit there had been falling off in the number of bed* occupied, and alio
the number of *hipwreckfd and diatresacd i
' t satltfactorily accounted for by the ter bring 111 f and'were'they t
rell provided-
relieved. \V'e* that satisfactorily fact of the late
it wat not due to thete men not being made *o welcome aa formerly ?
had been laiidei___..... _______...
further reason for t^e deficiency.
1 The Mayor, in-reference lo General Tryon'a remark*, bad made.wa* a very good one indeed, and he had no doubt the Committee would We-it 'Into- consideration. He believed that if thft ae beld at tlie other end of Ihe.t much larger attendance to hear
kntiu&l Meeting wa* 'held *t the other end of ithere would be a much larger attendance to hear tbe (detail* of-the'- -good work- performed by the Biilor* Home, and no-donbtlbe' number, of tubicribcda woufd be increased (bear: hear). . i )£?.■>ii
The report we* then adopud. ' -'•■c .--HuM :Lieut LIIHOg*tone, R.Tf.rpvopoeed * vet* of thanks to tbe comhtltte* for'tho paat ye*rand moved their r*. election.—General |Pryon Briefly seconded th*- motion^ The Secretary read a letter from Mr. G. Cexwell,
r/slfftllnff Tils nmillsn nn ihi snMrnlllM. -., .
ilgning hi* position on ihi committee.
________, ..... ...,_______th*|th>pre*Ait'had been cloaely ebnaeetid -wbh It,' and .•hould It*be Hie pleasure- of Uie.-mfet^g to aeoept the
,hear). Tbp InstltutiMi Wa deeply Inlebled to,,hi*aa f-
ampton (bear, hear). ' He had been it* untiring adve-cau and supporter from lu (tart, and b* could mot let
loit.'and lhlsir utimation of th* servioe* be. badT*i»n deredthe }amitutioa (h*ar, beartvr ;
8hjfri j secjjnded ihle, and4aid that Mr. CoxwWl =n#yo:be a|lawed to Yet W (torn the conrntlr^ wipiopt ag ekpreaaign of tE«lr ^£>ka_Jor the hohad rendered the Home. Go;w;ll w^yV^ yfflcient support *f the .inatioitum-io* *gpy.y#*%d
worked long for it. and it M«bld-i>* Okie an actiof cosh
mon courtesy
done, and ra
committee mee

^7pr*%tIo» s#a pigged unanimooiYif ^

a a» ins omoaa, t^osaowno nouae, v^a*HW»quanJ,
... Tueeday. W. B. Randall, Baq.; J.P; (chairman • of the board), pr**id*d. and there were present—Rev*.
The Clerk read a eomtsuaiation from Mr. f, Rcgere, matter of All Saint* School, encloalng reaolutioe* paased at a meeting of head teaeber* ,b*ld at 8putbamnton on January 19th. Th*reaolaUona a*t forth that tb* various returns required by Government war* so numerous that they could not be properly done,during aehool bourv and Interfered Very much with tbq education of the scholars, and that these returns had often to- be made a star school hour*. Tbay alio aiked for a remuneration ot 8s 6d per hundred Una*.—Mr. W eat lake thought that if,the request wa* complitd^with it would entail a large coit, and after a dlseuyalon ,lbe letter wa* referred to the Education Committee to report upon, Mr. Weatlake'a .namebeing.addkd W'tUgcommittee.
With reference »to, thia subject the aub-oomtaittee re-
100 at a time, at the rate of Sd per copy ; at ti)* expt i ration of that time a fresh *rrengem*nt to b* made, baaed on the experience then gained. The committee recommended the board to procure cMIAcale* of birth* regittered In tlie registrar'* dittrict for all. th* Pnbllo Elementary School* io tha district, on their manager* sending in the form* supplied by the cl*rk, properly filled up, together with tb* amount of th* feet They further recommended th* board to provide c*rtifloate* for children entering tbe board *chooj* free of charge. The tub-committee Intimated that they would report further at to certlficaUt about which tb*re i* a diflkulty at toon at *nqulrie* made to the Education Department bad been answered.--Mr. Dible moved the adoption of tbe report, which wa* *econded by JO," Hilller,. and' carried by 5 to 2, Metsrt W**Uak« and M*ldrum alone dlwenting.
Tbe Rev. Crewwell Strang* moved tbe adoption of tbe report of tbe Bye-law* Committee, recommsading various cases for romis*lon of fee*.—Thia wa* aeconded by Dr. P.Ik, and carried. _
The Bye-laws Oommitt** reported that Attendance-officer Baillie had apotiad for an In*r*ate of talary, and , a* that officer had now betn io tb* employ of the board •inc* Feb.. 1876.'at'a aalary of 25s a weak, and had t performed hi* dutief-to lho>atiaUctU>n of th* board, 'ley recommended that hi* salary tltould be increaacd i 30s a week, which wa* agreed to.
The Chairman read tha report of the manager* of thi* *chool, which Hated that tbey bad now more (cholars than they could *ccommod*te, and tb* Edac*.
tion Department had Intfmated that they oould not allow tuch a ttal* of thing! In future. The averag* attendance bad bean 279 per week, wbarea* the tcbool waa'built to accommodate i08.—Tbe Chairman propoaed that the matter be referred to the Work* Committee, to draw up plan* t* soon a* poarible for tbe enlargement of the schools.—Mr. Oillier, seconded tbe proposition, which waa agreed to. _
Mr. IVeatlake moved, th* adoption.of tb* report of manager* of these ichool*. which raoomtnended an in. crease of tWltry to th* head maaUr, Mr. Ewlng,.who hgd
. JsJy&.Tar o^iS"
one-third fee* and one quarter grant, the board guaranteeing a aalary of ,£110 p«r ,annum.-»The Chairman tecouded tbe adoption or the rephrt, Which waa carried.
BofjTHjnut Vtsxtiot, tcnoins.
Dr. Palk reidartd moved the adoption ot the report of the. managrve of fbi* to^ool, which aaked for a grant of £105 for die rJfm*nt of aa^Hea, Ao —Mr. Dible . having aeennded tb* motion, it wae-agreed to, aud tl»a_
lv,»IW. MM -' h •

CHfi^thttl TW* '«m th* lhfselo*A llorathus'a. Tea. > la, AimUk.g t"d Agent*, and for 40 years—
Its gi^. atrear^ 'aUoiona, flavt)
Agen'S :—Southampton—CbImparl*-80, Bridge-street: Dow man,' 190
Oommeroial • road ; "
Bernard-street |
ftjj&l _______________.

.TiKaaaa vaKAa
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