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I Thb Cbbchb. — Her lioyal Highness Prince**
--I'Christian haa, through her equerry, Lieut-Colonel
Qnrniui Draws.—Colonel Henderson hu iaraed , George Grant Gordon, .Itrforflied firm. Hilton that
—----«----Lir^—■ . : jho will.bepio*t h*ppy to gjvo her nauie mm pstrbnc**
to i bwiK. to bo Laidin JM^rch next, on behalf the Creche and branches in Stepncy-cauao'way. Her Royal High*** also expresses Jier intention to.scnd, tome
--« warning publican, that aU Chrirtma*idrews
far geses, &c., are. illegal, and that offender* will be
SnoBKDtnrT Jocxxrs.—Brnck*haw, Morgan, and . Cbok were brought before the ateyarde of Halifax, on jrrtnrdar morning last, for disobsdienoe at the post in the N urserf Handicap, run on the previous day. The two first-named wore fined 6 -guineas, and Cook
S!u> Catcbixo.—The London bird catcher* are now lnsy in their professional vocation trapping and netting linnets and goldfinches, and are realising a good terra* at their calling. Hundreds of theme songbirds are captured and sold to London fanciers daily; robins are in good demand for exportation to th» colonies.
Tiro Ran Ska Slav* Trad*.—The delicate duty of patting in force the provision* of the Anglo-Egyptian «e*»rention for tho suppression of the ware traffic in th* Red Baa ha* principally faRen upon her Majesty's •hip Wild Swan, and the suooesa Which haa attended Wr ■operations has been marked by an bfficial expres-men of satisfaction on tho part of Lord Salisbury.
As' Ikpbmul Pkbsbkt.—The German Empress haa se»t to.lira. McGonnell, wife of the chief boatman at FoUwtono, a handsome gold brooch, accompanied by a ktter convoying the grateful acknowledgement* of the Emperor and her Majesty of the charitable assistance rendered by Mr?. McGonnclI to the aofferor* by the loss of the Grosser Kurfurst.
A Biuoawti.vb suxa bt a "blak-or-wah. — A Plymouth eorroepondoiit state* that a tclegrhm ha* »fen received at that port announcing that her Majesty s ship Devastation, while returning from tho Sea of Marmora, ran down and sank in tho Bay of
JmixlI i^lbodon nlmo, uiJlbededmlhoin to obu£ knowledge m'tho preliminary treatment of tho rick aud lojtrred is moat encouraging. -
a %
Hospital into the circumstance* attending the death of Mm. Ann Norman, oged 62 year*, residing at 17, Farmers-road, Kemiington-park. It appeared that *vo week* ago tho deceased fell in her kitchen while earrying a tub, and broke her thigh. She expired
Destbccrtb' fnt* m Manciixstxe.—At an early low on Saturday morning last a destructive fire broke oat in the warehouse of a linen manufactory, Cboixh-■trect. Thence the fiaino* spread to-an adjoining Mock on the other side of the street, which wua so ■arrow that the firemen could with difficulty got the engine* into play. The flame* reged from two o'clock tor several hour*, and completely destroyed the build-xngs and their content*. The damage* are roughly estimated at £50,000.
. Tax Muhdsb and ScictobWa Dxcxkahd.—An inquest wo* held on Saturday last, at Uttoxetcr, on the bodies of James and Mary Ann Cook, who were foond the previous day with their throats cut. *
Cbok, who wma a farmer riant, living on hi* own ▼ears had been frequently
dnmkomw* he cutTd* wife", throat and hb awn. rho jury found that Jamea Cook committed both acts while in a state of insanity.
Iub Wah Orpicx.—The new scale of salaries tc oOkMl* warn announced on Satmday last.
by £20 per annum to a maximum cif £01 thwo who are *econd in a branch are to i samo ratio to £700. Tha clerk* are to have annual Wrememt* of £16 un to £400, and then £M per mnnm up to £300. Thome gcmUr=-n promoted frem dwkmw* to have . : r edlato lnereaso of £50 por annum. ,
Gentlemkh Ckicxbtbrs.—tbv .ummitteo of tho Mmiykbona Uub has passed tha Mowkg weoktlon : ?*ht to maka a proOt by W#
~—, " — »nu oenevea it was
Hugh C.rey, employed «t Gremhack Cbcoical Worlu.
"7"-. ««>/»• 7 bSu.U. iL buUot f onnd inUw *"=d#ton of
tMmyCarey The jury retanwdawnlkt of Wilful
Murder against some per*on unknown. The remain* of the *eHeant were interred oa Mooday afternoon, a large body of county police following and thousands of spectator*.
dental Death ^ TCi^ict was returned of Acci-
to t*« MAYom or Ban -At Beth on Monday, Mr. Murch, tho Mayor, wa* presented with a testimonial, consisting of a solver, together with a marble bust and a bronze copy of the Warwick *"**» ™ token of the untiring teal and great ability with which during a long period of years he has Jt/ promote the best interest* of tho city of Bath and county of Somerset.
AciucrLTvuAL LAnocuxKs' Waoes.—At a very wrgly attended hiring fair for agricultural servant* for the winter half-year, held in hewcastlc-on-Tyne, on Monday, the wages of men Buffered a reduction of £3, and of women £2 for the «ix months, as compared with those paid for the corresponding period of last year. The reduction is attributed to dull trade and lower prices of farm produce. ^
Mrmnma mr a Lcanc—At Stafford Atriwa on Tuesday, Richard Hattoo, 38, labourer, who was removed to tha lunatic wyl== at BIctoq Xn Skptember laak wa* charged with the manrimughtor of John if? , the 5th of September, at Shrewsbury.
Ills lordship ordered that tho recognisance* of tho prowcutor and wltnemee should be enlarged j*,, a* the prisoner wa* detained in the asylnm by order of the Secretary of Btata.
CmtrmLTT to a Pammor.—At the Liverpool PWk*. coupon Monday a young man named WmiarnMaskill wa* fined 40*. and cost* for grow cruelty to a parrot. Whilst in a model lodging-house he took the bird Aum hu poeket and Ouw It under the table, and,
theb«nmgcoalelnafewmo«ento,butdiedingieat to
pain soon afterwards.
The inquest on Police-*etjoant Sowoll, of tho St Helen* force, who w*s shot on Friday, the.1st fnst., wa* opened on Men lay morning at the Poliee-oonrt, BL Helen*, before Mr. Driffield, coroner. The evidence given shops that the Serjeant suspected a man
who walked aw*y from him. Deceased followed him aud accortod him, and the man wa* seen to shoot him in the (ace.. A number of witnesses said they could identify the man if they saw him again. Dr. "Martin said the bullet had penetrated at the inner angle of
have been fired within an inch of hia face. In answer to the coroner, Superintendent Ludlan said they had ■ clue to the supposed murderer, and believed it
On Monday afternoon the Bishop of Manchester ^tomded the wening of a working-man's dub at Warnngton. P*ev*ou* to tha ceremony taking ph**,
i sermon in St. Paul's Church, mado in aid of tho building. In
the Bishop pre
lount of drunlreni ____________
i fact that the Otitiah people
SUafEZMIOK OK A OAPTA11T8 CERTIFICATE. ^ on Tuesdmy bto the dreum-
8He proceeded slowly, and, land looming on the port
ipiit to bagree, where she was beached, her taEred by then
missions?. %n giving judgment, attributed grese nsg. hgwuca, :f not incompstency, on tho part of Csplmln William James, and suspended his certificate for n* "3 o * mato's certlficata. Mr.
Howrd Smith aM*ared on behalf of tha Board of

a a fact that the British people were spend-one hundred snd fifty millions of good hard.
. ,. ...-------- -• Brigstock has been he*

unount of lamentable wretchetfceas which brought Into tho homes of the people of •t be exaggerated. How many unhappiqess did it create res! and what terrible ex 1 Tho amount of peuperii
_ Hi lM _
between husband and
ample* were set to childi_________
crime, ignorance, and degradation which resulted from it wa* perfectly frightful. Hi* lordship thon proceeded to speak of tha great good which was derived frem •such institutions a* working-mens' clubs, and referred ; to one at Rochdale, which was of immense benefit: : and was doing incalculable good to workpeople in the neighbourhood where it was situated. Hs hoped the workmena' club at Warrington woqld he successful,
«ss»as5«£as as«ss?«ftAttf=

. n__? _ frugality should be exercised by the people.
scene would ___
J. _ »pj,e Company

rised by the people.
BOBBERY OF JEWELLERY, imeramith Police-court on Monday, Sidnc
Norden, . o ...
residing with his p,
wator, was charged _________„ _____
ring apparel, end other articles of tk

• i .... -----::-----o than hi* expenses in *uy
matoh shsll be quahfied to play, for the Gentlemen
pecuniary essistsnce, h# shall not be debarred from a*, gentleman by having his actual expenses

__ - —-— — —Circulars were
mswd on balurday last on behalf of Meeere. J. G. J<*Kpli and Co., of Frederick-street, Birmingham, and Tloruni ., Canada, announcing thnt in consequence of the fa ire of remittances they are reluctantly com-pelM suspend payment Mr. Ahman, a member •i tkf .. to, who is at present in Toronto, has convened mm*, ugoftbecreditorethere forllth bsL, Aar whir.i »•' will return to England, and will place tho
/ duty to py mto tho Lank monthly the amount re-
; KtSiiSSS
»m prCKnted to thu committal, lie hJf-Toarly rf" pUco U* week, ,nd after Mr. T.vlor hud -luditon he abicoodtd, and, it
id gentian
whether any property had be

I f , ? -newer any property hsd been stolen, a ! lady had not returned. On Friday, tha Ist Inst.
Enfield district,
down and ridsd his pockets. The lad, as soon a, ' could, ran off to tho Police-station, Enfield, and if tho patrols accompanied him back to tho spot curred, but no *
the affair o
taker, his books to thi I* believed, loft the to__
mb the *PI*"ti* boy^ headed by a band of
s found to
s pickcd up in an ini_______ wuutMUU

Smocapm Di____ ...
twelve and one o'clock <_.......
■Bmi.ll.lo to. toiuUblo procured a cab and .o the London 1/o.pital, where the houw-
nf l,,8,°" Mam Glasoow.—A serious sx-AlUon Wood Worka, ' Glasgow. On Saturday mornlfl,
eW addell we
H in the coarse of a football match in Edinburgh, """ i*""- ^ A Davo*saiaa Vicak ahd his CaracnwAaiixx.—
Ormmio or a For, Aur Eamnmo,. — LonX Wrottosloy, tho Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire Monday opened an exhibition, at Stafford, of pictn pottery, statuary, articles of vertu, and other wi
m eid of tho Schools of Art aud Smenca. eahilation contains shove 300 printings, Includ miny by the old master*, contributed by noblei and gentlemen of the county; tho rest are by mot artist*. The Staffordshire fine art pottery is rep^ntod, as are also those of Worcester and Lam-
Maksiox-iiodsb Funds.—Tho Lord Mayor trans. 5?%" 2"- T™*** ** h"ker, at WIpn,
£1,061, boing tho amount collected at the Mansi— houso in aid of the sufferers by the recent explo? at the Hay dock Colliery. Upward* of £25,000 in has been received at Wigan, but £3,000 mora h , nead*L TowerdsthePrinceeeAIIcaFundtheMayo* and Municipality of Boulogne have forwarded £58 18a., being the proceeds of two concert* organised there, and have oxprcssod the very deep and painful emotion* which the news of tha accident earitod there.
Post amd talxouaph Seuvices. — Mr. Hobson, Postmaster of Glasgow, on Monday night delivered a lecture on the poet and triegrsph eerricee. Tho number of letters which passed through the post office in 1876 wa* 1,019 millions, or 31 letters to each person m the wastry. In speaking of the telegraph service he dated tha ordinary number of messages whkh passed the Glasgow Post-office was between 0,000 and 10,000 daUv, knt on the 3nd of October, when the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank became public, the number of message* was 16.000.
Tub Stmkb in thb Glasj Trad*.—a meeting of glaasmakers recently employed at Messrs. Chance's work* took place at tho Glasshouse Tavern, Spon-lane, on Monday morning. Tho result of the interview with the Birmingham Trade* Council was announced, and their, promised support was received •with much satisfaction. A letter wag read from the Amalgamated Engineers (Oldbury branch) expressing sympathy with the man on strike, and promising to lay thm* case before the head o@ce of the society, in the hope that some assistance would bo given.
Vatub or Land in Melrovbnb.— A largo and k&ndsome building Is t»~it to be seeded for the Union Bank of Australia In Collins-street west, on the si to formerly oooupfsd by the Criterion Hotfl. This rito, mluch has a frontage of 6ML to that thoroughfare, and runs back to Flinders-lane, a distance of nearly bought from tho Grown in the early day: of Melbourne by the late Mr. Mlohasl Pender for £16. It rediaimed in hia possession until his death, Mid his hslrs sold it a short time since to the Union Bank for £33,000.
T*a HaKuax Cast—In the case of Bradford and Fry, In wluch an erdor for tho removsl of a confc uonaland other things from St. Jsmes's, Hmkham, had been mado, sn appllcstlon was undo to the Arebes OomtonSaturdsylast, tostsy thelssueof thehcultv ** "*«^o to the steps a%A
tion. llie Dean of Arches, after hearing couOsc that the ca*o could not bo reopened, and that thi
fleant saw'the
the prepo^y, mod gave him the names of the pawn-
wWaofthe duolwates. His conduct had been ven bad. Three of the pawnbrokers attended, and pro-Ucles,jncluding a pearl necklace immittod tho pri-
3 trace of the man could be
life, and th
the plaintiff*
'Id and held i avo the residue of hi* realty to to toll, and out of tho proceeds M&.of his pereonal estate, end X^s coming to the pWntilh' , t —J wnsta of hi* will, he directed
the plrnnUg* to pay costs, then to pay any sum dates, and then to divide
id* by virtue of th plaintiff* to pa; charged on any part pf hi,

Etmscan Metal cup, with inWd Oguree In "uckloy,' a silver
and gold ; to Mr. Vict* -------,
**=*" '= rdfef. To the othm___
>n,_the following tmivtnirt were previously

the Chesapeake Bay and sunk
'"Tr" P" eswres, sou uisn w divide
t^e residue, fhe question was whether the mortgage weht wss dmrged on thapersonalty by the direction to pay all just debts, or whether it was to be borne by the propmtyjuortgaged, or by the whole of the realty. It wa* also disputed whether the specific kgmtoee were onUtled to marshal assets againlt the remduary devisees. His lordship, afte^ hearing the arguments of counsel, decided that the mortgagee
ATTEMPT TO LYNCH A MURDERER. A large crowd awaited the departure for Uak of the condemned man Garcia, the perpetrator of the Llan-gibby murders, from the Glomcsstor raUway-statioo. A strong body of police was provided, but it required their utmost exertions to conv*y the murderer through the mush. Refuge was eventually taken In the refreshment room, mhd by the time the pdka had got in there Garcia was exhausted with fey, the Crowd having made most determined attempts to get et him, apparently to lynch him. Here the departure of the train was swaited, and a double line of police s formed from the refreshment room to the train, e prisoner was couveysd through the opening sur-inded by constables and gentlemen who volunteered u«st the escort. At this time the execrations
■femng, and the attempts to gst at the prii
were redoubled, but owing to the strenuous exer____
-\l the police he escaped unhurt, though hundreds of wavy blows aimed at him fell oil the backs of hfe escort. After he was seated in tho carriage the police had to form a cordon round to prevent the windows being smsshsd, and it wss with the greateet dUBculty th*t the railway official* kept the crowd clear of tha train a* it moved from tho platform.
nmsskse; but the escape of the steam an_ _ _
On Monday, at tho Southwark Police-court, Charles May, 20, ajfekot-of-leave man, wes placed at the har^ for final eiamination, charged with stealing a quantity of wet linen, from Eari'a-road, Old Kent-road, the property of James Drew and others. It appeared from the evidence of Police-constable 153 M, that at a quarter, to. two on Saturday morning he was on duty in Tabard-street, Borough, when he met the pneoner carrying a bulky sort of a bag. Witness stopped him and asked him wbaHirhed in the bag, when he replied, "Oh, nothin/butmy dirty clothes, which I am taking to the Aid womaa to wash." W itness asked him where sire lived. He said, " In a court close by, and you can come and seo." Witness accompanied him down Royal Tent-court, but as he oould not find out the house hevtook the bundle from him, and found the content* to be wet linen—linen recently washed and evidently) bung out to dry. Witness took him to the statiorj-honee, and charged him with ths unlawful poeseesiowof the property. He had atnae found the oc^ner, amKnad evidence to show that the prisoner had beRrXeen about the vicinity of tho premises from which the property had been stolen. Mr. I ai triilgo asked what the beg contained: Witnese replied that there were two sheets, three towels, two table-cloths, two pillow-casee, and a large quantity of under linen. Matilda Drew, residing with her hurimnd at M, EarTe-wad, Old Kemt-read, WentMed some of her property, which she bung out to dry on Fuday night in her hack garden. On Saturday mom-m; shs protTsded to the station-house and found the prisoner m custody and the linen in the possession of the police. Two other females having identified the remainder of the prep"**, the couetable Infbnned hie worship that the prisoner had been several time* convicted of felony, and wss now liberated on a tickct-of-leave. Mr. Partridge committed him for trial.
Owing to the disgraceful ovoiuwwdlng and glaring vinlaUon as regards undsvground tsnemeuls of the Metropolis Local Management Act, on Saturday, last the sanitary officer* for the Holbom District com-mewed a ssarehiag investlgmthm of the Italian colony on Saffron and Back Hill* and Leather-lane, and *erved tho following notice on the lessors and occupier* of all underground tenements, informing them of the requiremeate of the IWnl Section of theMetrepolla pKal ManaMment Act, and the penaNiee resulting from a broach of the same, via., "That any poison who lets oe occumsa an underground room which hae
in front of the window at lee* ML long and 24ft. wide; an open fireplace with proper flue therefrom; a enndow of at les^-elno square feet, haying et least one-half of its auperficies made to open for ventilstion, is liable hr every such o@cnce to a penalty not exceed, rng 20a for every day during which tlm same ceo-tmuss to bo let or occupied." The Board of Work, wdi take stops to snfores the penalty. The eudden ,sn
lodging-bouee, kept by a man named Treads way, at art, on the previous Tuesday. It an-•»».-» deceased, who warn a disposition, had
off for h* keep fof the last six months. The jury
absence of half an hour came into court and asked whether they could order the dog to be metered to tho plaintiff, but wore informed they had no such power. The jury oonld not agree, and the plaintiff offered to leave the matter in the bands of the learned Under Sheriff, but the defendant wished the case to be eettled by a jmy. Alter consulting sou* time longer the jury assessed the Value of the dog-at £5, and gave a, verdict accordingly. Mr. Under Sheriff Eurchcll said he had read the Act of Parliament under which loet doge w#e token by the polke to the Home, and if not claimed could be sold, snd unlcas notice bad been given by the owner the title to tho animal would be valid. In this case there had been no plea, and the only question in dispute was the value of the dog, which the jury had estimated at £6. The defendant in court sold the dog for the damages awarded to the plaintiff, and would have to pay costs of the
coneldereble noise, which readied In through the bolting of horses when th_____
lways into now districts, where
system. The!
mlttee, reported that the Board's liabilities ____
economy He oppood tlo etentin. of new eipenu*. ■nd urged Uuit the bend teachere o! the lohooli
were p«ld Ux too highly. ThU uinounooment took Um ^
«ESEg 5SS»
How tub PbWb or Bbbad wa* Rxoclati
tury, a simple plan waa followed in England to a the great fluctuation* In thebrioe of bread and obviate wo eatortfon of yie baker aAl mBler. The Atebe of Bread waa set every week bythe authcritic* in every borough and manor. The prioejof tlwrbread was gulatod by the- then price of the wheat, a eufiScient margin (^reasonahle progt bring left to the baker and miller. Offenders who sold too dear were punished by aneamdthepUlo*. ' '
A WArenmpocmrasv. -I wee once walking a short
the gate, open Ull he paused in, and received his thanks jriA a pleasant smils is she paasod on. "She dmerves
^TiiSuK°£Sti^' "•<°r,b~uiM-
to extend thi railways do i
id the extension of a light lino system, worked by earn tramcars, is proposed as a ready and compare. velylnexpenKve means of stiB further developing
dkiirSdjy ripT%% % %tl^5o3Zt%
a Heavy railway.
iks, and the
served and kway's lodging-housi »o age of 43 or 44 he . He then met with rev
Ivthat time he severed himself from all th his friends, and it was only in

heard he had taken t
him et the Greet Wmtpn Station, acting a, messenger. He refused all information as to his
dlvirioo, but ds^P^Sf&d The jury returned a verdict in accordance with tho

injured, the
igino leaving the rails. Three passengers were the engine customed some damage, and the
which was too small to be swept off by the guard iron, or to be seen from the signal boa. the leading end of
howovs^siKhprecticmaremoatdangerous,and It l!
very ddhcuB to keep people off the line, he hoped that all persons detected in trespassing would be rigorously
. A °' £-6 has been offered for the spprehen-
m the hotel nor known. A nembev W rering w occupied r»me there, and me the front door leading to
went to the terminus. The property missed consists *mtoh,a lady's half.hunter, three *dd embunele necklacee, gold chain, 8ve gdd,
dmm^ and tureumselocketo.ene gold and carbundo, diamond and pearl *ieodant, three paire of dianmnd end gold earrings, twsnty-right dmmood. pearl, mpphue, Imqodee, and gold ringe, breast pin. forty sUvar bangles^ crystal watch, two gold and tnr. quoiae brooches, altogether sixty srtlolee, tesadee akut II* in notes, gold, and silver, value £230. Informa-two was at once given to Superintendent Jemee Terry, and the pobce are mekmg every endeavour to discover the perpetrator of tho robbery. Thi* is the second extensive jewellery robbery in Brighton during the past half-yoar.

in the Exchequer
Willian. T.™-T—-
SherifTa Court. It___________ ...
High Cburt, by Emily Ludli m.Tagg, to recover damages for a breach of
learned Under Sheng for the aasceeureut of the com-penmtion to k awarded. As ths promise aewoBw
tho breach of the same waa admitted, the only quos-
being sworn, the harped counssl for the plaintiA aftor staUng the names of tho parties, and the nature of Uie action, Informed them that he was happy to my that, as an arrangement had been made between tho jgarttre, they would not be troubled with the case. Ihe jury would give a vmdict for £300, and there
both aides in tho terms of tho arrange-
their briefs on

A dreadful murder was committed at Derby on iturday night lasL It appears that a man named *wk Kennedy, eged 30, a bricklayer's labourer, uy in Chapel-streot, Derby, has for some time past -od on unpkaaant terms with his wife, MareCet mnedy, owuw to the Isttor bring addicted to drink. Kennedy « ri*o * dissolute character, and is also froquenUy undsrtheinfiuenceofliquor. On reaching
----------™ &turday night about II o'clock he fbnnd
He was laid up for | that his wife was out. Shortly afterwanls she opened

horses. One Is

hoapital in Soho-squaro, whither deceased wmored, when he died la the cab. Dr. WBkinson said tho cause of death wss pressure on the spine from en "boreee or tumour, causing parelysim. The oorener thought an imprudent thing had been done in re-moving deceased, as not only bad death ensued, but
acoremm*#lnqubyhad beenneceeritotod. It was a wgreUabla thing that Dr. WHklnsph, who had at.
' ahould bavo suggested his v^Uct in accordance with
- On Tuesday tho report of the Special Bridge or Subway Committee of the Corporation—to whom it was referred to consider and report as to tho source or eources whence the funds for the construction of a low-level bridge across the Thames, east of London-hndgc, and tho approaches thereto—was Issued to the members of the civic body for consideration at tho eperial mooting of. the Common Council. Tho committee recommend tho construction of a bascule bridge, commencing at the east end of Tower-street, and terminating on the Surrey aide at or about Stanton's or Symond s Wharf; and that the neoeaaaiy stops be taken for obtaining the authority of Parliament to raise upon the credit of the Bridge House Estate* the sum of £600,000, and tho continuation and appropriation of the coal and wine dues #o the extent of the. required balance (estimated at £250,000),
fftr Ihfl ^Arntn.etlnn rtf UlA pmnou.1 k«.l______J__
rliich fJbd her to the 1 whiloaown kicked her oerai uuy. Me was at once given into custody rgo of common assault, and was locked up. ud was called to the wlk, but sU efhrts to sr to consmousnem were unavailing, and she u half an hour .after receiving her dremdful
Kennedy is still in custody, an "
*1 with wilful murder. When hi wo* dead he admitted that he
Quicksilver, silver-plated
pluto to his father's about two moot______
sale at Mr. ScoU-RumaO's. k. J. O.
ing tho property with a guilty knowledge, will I accordingly.
sr, bring tho
medari with. Rer
through th,
Which passed laldunngtho first nine mimthe was, according to the o@lclal — -hmh 1,000,834 tons, or
Payne held i

Thb Hnoirs' nr Ricnwoxn Pan.—The herons which annually locate on' the waters in Richmond Park during winter, and absent themselves in the summer, have returned to their old .quartern. They woly increase in number —about save* or eight
; .vTk**icai, Educattox.—It is stated that the Wor-Aipful Company of Cutlers of London, with a view to
Btreng mhds, like hydv evergreens, are meet vodantinwmtor; when feeble coes, like tondsr sum-mer plants, are leafless.
postoat to endeavour not only to be learned, but to b*
Coorego and Oo.'e I Friday last the roan er-room ndlin* alloged that h«
«®VT»A BaewmiT.—Mr. * Horsleydowa Vsetry on
vas pushed against, and knocked
by the men "larkingaho^/ flffi
« pip. The DritS

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