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.-TORDAT, -PRBRTIA RY 2. 1858.

B D E H ' 8
William Baboxt), 2
to M&
BTBEKT, South-
At a R.medy In
limlit.Oi »H1 «KBVSB .YX/'mixtXA THOU
oerrs centre*. and to cure them U to reintroduce fn« deficient property.
PHORuS f'lLL.S have been invented to abcom pli*h this end. »nd there are now many thousands," who can testify to the *ucces* that baa attended till* mode of treatment in Neuralgia, Ague, Sciatica, Prostration, St.
- • Vltuil Dance,_i Warwtia', bebUlty, Jmpateaoe. ISkin-• ' Dla***4*, and all 4i*ed*e* •rhing'from 5mp«Ve.f>»ood, and having aa lymptoroi weakneaa and debility.
Came no after d*pre**ioi
Incresie the capacity for mental and phytic*].
exertion---— ' .11
Produce cbeerfulne**. , .ooj
Give a cool new and dexterity to the mind.
Confer freshness, originality, and energy on the / '• '[ < menial processes. j > p rr T
Produce sensation* bf lncre*jedmu»colar pawer. Stimulate the nerve power.
AND rnod:
. P^OR?9'PILLS. i
Vltalita, purify.-and enrich the blood.
Regulate the aupply of blood to diseased Nourish diseased animal pfTvea.
Act aa a brain tonic.
Act aa a general tonic.
Invigorate the whole aytterni
Strangthena the Nervea and Muacular Syitem.
Promote* Appetite and Improve* Digaation.
Animates the Spirit* and Mental Facull Thoroughly recroiu tba General Bi inducea a proper healthy condil and Pbyaical force*.— Bottlea, 4________ uulu
■................ ..
By gently atimulating action of the Liver, and ,lightly
other indication* of dyipeptia are removed. Tahaxacc*
and Popopbtuj* jamtj.h ^.fer than Calomel or Blue MM far remevim, thftlli. p^pam! by J. PKPPBK.
Court road, London, whose n»me ra«>«t
, ----------urt road. London, whose n------
be on the.label. Dottles,.2*tM And 4*6d each. Sold I all CheraiwU.—Agent in Southampton Q, l)oVi4« Cneraiit, 100, HiKh:*troefr. * T • * ,
remedy for Skin Diseases. The most Inveterate obitinate Kfuptlon* a»d , Pi-pplea are subdued I by Sulpholine, and a clear, healthy skin developed. Tbos* complaining of tender, reddened, *nd irritable skin*, or affected by the «un, rough wind*. &c , and even «uffefcr* fro** Senstfiutional Skin D*aMe*,will derivegj-ea^ beoefit arid "temfoft1 byvtwDowman. O|dni|*t.l60. gighstrpet. . . _
_ PASTE.—By using thin dellclotii Aromatic Dentifrice, the enamel of the teeth becomes white,'lojmd, and polished like irory., ,IH# exceedingly fragrant, and specially useful for remotioic incrwtatione of., tartar on nepifecttd tt'jth. ,8old, by all ChemisUi Pole, la land 2* 6d each. (Get Cracroft •).—Agent in Southampton Q. Dowman, Chemist, 160, High street.
cure*, and Wrtrongly" retoiti^Bnded:-' Sold in Bottle*, la IJdind **9d *&A;%yall C&* Ag*mtw8opth-arapton-»G. Dtwmart.'Chptolsylflr). High-
[ jr
I' /.
PHOBU8 PILLB . % : Are the best tonic. u
Afford a ready mode of gaining atrengtb.^ Are pre-eminent a* a means of gaining atpctitp. Particularly useful to delicate femalea. Powertnllyaasiat the digeativeorgana.-, y , < • Thr^w on germk of all disease* ; and * Thoroughly tecroli the general" bodily health.
P9q*OSP(LLS,S,Wu:d«.*;, "I May be deactibtd as a ,j' .
There are two forces always at work in the body, the nervoua and the vejatlv*; whetj^e fMUvsr-o/ercome* the latter, from oyer brain for^, mental anxie^, loss of reet, violent shocks, fut living, overtaxing the pt>*ers r from any of the c.uses combined under "txM*ae«or indistretlons of yrmth,*' __,
loses strength and energy, become: thhs &nd pallid, the least thing # an exertion, he becomea nervous and irritable. atilamia fiequently.the e*id..
In all stages of these affectiona, the predominant character is dcfiOian^. l w.itmg of, Pb<}sphf)rua from the nerve tissues, and fhia wil| be aho|vn by the increased mxcretlou of PWephoma compoundi, mlwaye w ho d#-Ucted in the urftjp'if;t}Joee so ,offering. ; thb waiit is inpplied by the use of 2 „ , , , Y i .• c
J-J RESTORER tvlTl dirk'ih G>ey Hair, and in a few daye restore completely the natural colour. -The effect W mMHAf ^rodWo^by mn kWaota*e*oa dye,
end *bo 8alp!*r'B«#W^K ddt^iM^Jnjoro the akin. Bold in large bottles, ls&) each, by Chemists and Hair-dreeaert—Agent lu&pithampton—0. Dowman, Chemii*t,
MOrHWpatrrt , ^ _
Ai th#y met u a toclo In vlrto* Ihmlr cmpmdty for supplying 4he nerve mattey with compounds, the want of Whkh mMAAIm on the mofbld condlAu thmp remedy. It it known by experiment tbtt* coarse of th

I'NAS .jjid X IT l| S B
i' n o s r n oic s 'it'll a
t. . • ' • i • i *"• • Terr "•'•J ■, | - * l AN OCdiSYONAL
BRAIN TONIC. . The th'e.mbeo;ber*t powers. Ac..
exhanitloD'Of mind mud b*dy. In thaw* case, a stimulant U Mqmlrmd.'mnd th»(.genermlly rmeoMod to.UmXcholW, but very onwieely, for When In effect* have'gone off, Ihe wtleoi kjMner&llf left wop* of. than before. It h in these oosea that-. f. - jx.. , . . , ,
PHORUS PILLS are invalnable, aa they act not M a stimulant only, but as a subitfKufe, to sqbe extent, for rest. A couple taken an hour'or so before the ces-Ration of the day s work i* found to remove sensation* of fatigue, to give clearness and dexterity to the mind, to pwdntm mpwUtm wW m Lwlthydln'Uoa.mml looooducm. mbmequentk to the guk* r'^p of which overwrk mo constantly deprive, tho* . occupation la mental.
Ahomt lb* weopd h, . knepdon of th* do**, #*}?* S1!?* ■ exbilarattu.. vgin to make themselves T i capacity for exertion, both mental and-■hysicsl, is Increased. If the patieni has th* dose while ; u 'k^f'®!0 k* feels bis strength renewed ;
kW i . '? * iUt® of despondency, be takes a more ehwrfal Mewof Ihlnp. A ,imt* of deprmamloo dew rtuw, therefore, whilst acting aa a stimulant they differ from all ptber stimulants as they do not leave their die-trtssmg after effecta.
PHORUS PILLS may be considered speciflo in _ NEURALGIA.
BMtbal ,m ,k_ M lm Ihmt of wm* oehmr
i Instances e affected nerve* a tonic, or nourisher r the affected nerve*
dkwee*,theye^art. doAe^ower,In L

PatienU suffenog, from any disease, no matter under
PRICE—2* 9d and 4* &L
J ^ A*a moat whole,ale PmUat Mtdieir* h«uee.
8US8BX DEUfi tJOMPAHT, U, QUICK"8 ROAD, BRIGBTON, Ot «h«*a all ChemUU deelroma ef being appelated Ag^t* mheuld apply.
J-i RESTORER;-while keeping the Hair it* proper colour, 1* uacfpl for removing ecurf, no other application* borne ncce*snry to encourage tb* growth of the new hair. L'ockjtfr'l 'Re*torer ha*'powerful'elean*lnK propertie*. rmudeMng R m deiirabl* Umb ^loM. Lmrg* bottle*, |*&1 —Agent In SouthamL-on-O. Dowman, Chemist,'100, High-street^ ->>
DoctOf of Medlclneand Burgerr of the Uhiveralty of Jena.
Just published. Enlarged edition, 1« P»gea, crown 8*0.
T^EBttLTATliia" " ANft ' 'NERVOUS
This is a New Medical Work on the Nature, Trialment. and Cure of Nervosa, Mental, and Pbyeical Debility, LowniWif WrR*, I#dlge*a#d, Dlmnesa of Sight. Want Af Energy. Daafneee, Epllepay^ Piles, PfmWmture Decay, Hamdache. InitmbUlty, &e., resulting from Loea of Nerve Pfwcr; tbe reaulta of Inteitipetance. Late Uoura, Worry, Brain Toil, ho., whicbk:if neglectcd, will end in Prema-tnr* IMdig*. GlWf Instrwi** by whwh thouamnd, hap*t*en remtcwd W hmrnRh. )llu*lret*d by caaem and
katl^ontala ffom grmt#fulpm&l*ot*, *hh mew* of qwr*.
used In each case. . -J ■ I ' . . . l
•I Sixteenth Thousand.
vlr?es«ni?r*ji "m CTTT0^-*! riS'e'
PEOPLE'S GUIDE TO REALTii; or, y9torteE3'_MAxuAt,-> vyi o» fwci
ealfhfu) and
n Humanity. Subjects :*-Pby«lLl Education,
Education and the Culture of the Beautiful in Humanit — - -
Uws of Life, How to render Weak Muscle* Strong)
Gymnastics, Prevention of Di________ __ .........
Light, Skin, Diet, Bath, &c., &c. Gfves Instructions for D*wmI@pIog,aDd 8tr**gtl*minglh* iloman Bbdyt Bo* to regain Loat Health, reanltlng fmm %haoatlon of «erv* Power, lb« effect of Overtamed BnerKlee,X)eefwork
CltyrLlfe. Worrr. Brmip ToQ, Inle#:^efmdce.;and other ay»id ^ JWIn^tlea of Old
PHc* 1*, cn*wn Bfo.cloth glR, iBoelr^te^ with wgfavlng*
IT PoeiUoo. 8*W*pi* IramWx OWkMtiMmlden. hood. OwrUblp, Marrlaye, M@th*rbood, Fwmale gduea. Won, F*mmle Health. Pemml* Hygiene, Domeetlc Medl cine. Woman a* a Wife, Woman aa a Mother, kc.,kc. It S* a treatise on eubjedl* ofvita! Importance fc'Woman.
Beat direct fnwqtha^mtheroD receipt of l&emmo*nt
In mtampa. - . ..... ,. . . '■ Addrc, hEKRV Sjrfrir, 8,~Burion 'Cr«c«nt. _ Ixmdmm. W.O.
QECURITY of Advertisements guaranteed.
SKIN DISEASES, Eraptions, Blotches,
Ulcerated>-Sore ' Lege.- OM Sore*, Glandular Swelling*,! ,C»neeron* • Ulcers, Spot*. Pimple*. Poeiykm*. Bdle, Carbaclee, RlMgworm*. 8oaW Mead*. Sore Eyae, Ery*in*ln,, Itch. Scurf*, Dis-colonitif is of ibe.Skin, Hum»Mm and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally
THoFMfAS ^*&(^%fr2
Proprietor solicit* ettflerert to give it «
ker.. j L'.'
^sncceasorM^ Mbf
aa *ar
jh* nie^'' Pr.!0®1 of. British
Stim^T al C.TtAYNRR"R 91 TTOTrtrJp.
Wholeamle: Am:PmNn*-**AclneHooaee. -
LomDM Barer j .1^0 q%^bRD STREET, T*Hdt fc 1 I
Barclay and Bone" LditdeA. mkAl^n Wholeeale Ho#*e*. . ,* v ^ 80(TCl!A*PfoEr_
quinino. t
Royal Horae Qoarda.
»U»i taken: and for i.nx»ip-wi™ wmen smppllvd when trmve'llmTn cot-of th)._, MJaj ^h^Jatfer *-
. v^atM one Whick* . uoru
CenUal AMo* wtlb the gre&iMi poeelbl.

miud and body of
ttie marve'li
an Arab £h»ik, __________r .,,
when I adminUterwi to him flvB
n, %' COCKLE'8 PILLB jnllm^f^fr—#,eeak.ry,mmnmMl*=def mdw. who
out, bq»:piattlMmarvKa.im_^w.
eonvcrt^tien li\.tbebaaaar."
e lawviona to mU eailv* wdtei
I'had not die.1
A Good Family Medicine Chest
k°trt-'."P «ipw" SfrKS;r q \ DE TO KHIVA
' * x: a. CAPTAXK: PBKD nnaXJLBT, . ■ \ • • ^27 Horse Guarilt.
Q O C KJLI)' 8^ Antibilioua Pi^Ig
^ iJ-^^gXTTBIMTTEABS. *^fhro&,bo«MbeUMMdEtagdom.
Western Shore
Clarendon Hotel
8L Mary'* Brldga Portawood Village Swan, Proems* tie Pp*#mantl# Motal Kxeter Inn. Western Shore Mary's Road Andrew's Koad Orchard Street Cricket Ground
Three field Lane
Slwbynden Street West End Station Balths Tavern, Chapel
ifortt^Tw k*CW It0ld
BedbMdgo Mil I brook Rami
West %nd Railway Hotel. Woolmion P) *
Jtut Published^ a grmtnltou* Edition of a New and
H BAL?g;
Valuable Work, i___
*,th* OOXMDMT%AI, MtqnfD '
Bern* poet tea to any pddraaa oa ree*lD» of oni* pmnny tam*toprepwpoeU#*.othylattfrpo*tthr*a***mp#.
Thla Book *ho*ld be read by evary ona, yoong ir*ld, o(
Hoar to regain Health,
Heslthi a Social Beienoo. ! '
Thla Valuable W6rk fl 1J p.,


tlc-doloreug, __ ................
pr. Th*mpaou.b,hotho,ery bet mrdhh. ,* po^. f*, Uta young, ihe oW. th* wemk. ih* paRM, tha dAlcmto.
ATERVOn™ DEBIUTrlnd .11 other x> """
the happlnen of life.
iuSi"'"™ 3unl«Ji,9 till 2;
V/. I. warranted to con .11 ftom th.' Oton*, tn «tl,f Mi, .cquir.a or con."t[tutlbo.l; Or.,.1
" # fa,60 akmpa b, th. Mmkw, f. J. 0LA*n, tltly Ch*ml*. Htgh Btramt. L«ncolm.-.Wh*l**ml* AgenU, Bakclat & Boss. London, and all the Whelaaale Honwa., Wd ),* foUomlw o^mmlaU I* 8outh#m»r W!:-^ Johm* iDA Co., &*o door* blow Bargata; 0.
***** ' dad iy. Thoma*, 153, High etreeL
OI.Ql.Yfln Malt. E«UhlJjib.d 100 Year,. Vwb OAIXOHa ot IM. riSE OLD WHIHKT (0m. ud BotU- M^d) m, tn. i„ ^u00 „ H
. ... Tvd..nml|^. ImlamaM.
1 Jl1 •• Ctraetor*. by a »r«t«n ---


i 2 '1' J A DITTEN'3
Becommend«d by leading Fhysldaa* Id CfcriitlinU.
Tho high cKiof ranger, *nb-chief ninger, the m&nent secretary, and Parliamentary agent of'the Ord*r of Foresters hare had an interview with Mr. Solatcr-Booth, President of tha Poor-law Board, to ■ vrnra-lho repeal of the 23rd clause of the Poor Law Amendment Act. The deputation wa* introduced by Mr. Mellor, the author of the objectionable clause, which-grree puarxlianetho power to claim-the sick bete*la of pauper onlilBatio naotnbors, andrwas
panted by ^ --
aiplaliieu tbat i worked harshly in many parmanm* W##*^f,]$ibpxl:t#d * mgpgAa} amood-r ment of tba obuoalona clauae fo: exempting member*' of fHemdly aodetlaa from ita operation wharf« wtfr, child, or other near relative warn dpp#*d*al oa (hew;
on"Toanp^ef(5Vd"tfnf sick mcmberconkPbe at--^
tached. Tho^ PyUmmmtary Weeretaqr, ^Ir. Pinch-beck, stated tliat theWlcty would prefer the modili-cntion of the planme to Ita to*) r#peaL . )Iy. Salat^r-Booth eahLvhjqn'iha Poor ;ta*, Amendment Act.wma pamdn^ Inrongh* RiAiAnenf'he wi* hndk 'thd'
impression that guardians would not claia* the sick gay of members ^vHore '4ives dr. children would ho doprifW 6£ ahpport', and. hoi alao relied upon tho nroriacgthat&h* ye lief mustfrmtboJaelarod k>be^ipon loan, an3 ^oRevetl ^Eia pkia would TiairW be*h a fatal majoHtVof
the cases named. Still he would' carefully consider (ho whoU..matter,' and,, would communicate with .MK Mellor by and bye "whether Government *aw their way to mako any change.
At tho Thames P*Gce*ooort, Julian Ilarakmi, an imian j*oatna9». hw ^aen charged,with, unlawfully andniraHokAulynSitNn^ add wonodimg Oior^A Cadgk ] and Dominico Pani, ao*mf%L baloogiog,to lha aama ahip. A serleant of tho MiUwall Dock inTonfled tho magistrate that Dominioo waa unable to appear, and *a* lying in tha hogpital in a dangeroua condition. He had received a eovcro Wound ih) the left s*de, add7 wtha left arm. George Cadga maid-be warn a seaman on "BdH.thi ahip)A>n6, lying in lMiUw;ll Dockl'lB#ar#oA, tw^lea and ona o'clook on.&day, Uta 26th InmL, he went to the foMcaaOe, w&**# he
(jbancellOr .bf the Excheqner stated that Lord l»c h*d lha%.dy receireg a eommnnlcalion from ih% Ifnaaun'Ambammdor in rwpect to th* bamee of tb,
Y to keep op^n the
I^pI*neUca *nd kpt«Ct Bntwh life mnfl pmpcrtr at Cynptantinonlo; Lot in coneoqumt* of the briMt,
month of tho Dtodanei
The amount whieb the I----------
for Bl Bnppluwnttgy Vote om il____ __ _
mlBAna: In r ply kfnrtBerOempheU;withdrawinR- his motion. It* remainder of the evening waa m*iWy devoted to discussion on a bill to amend the Landlord and Tenant (IrelansU^Ac*. of, IA"0L U»a aecomd reading of which waaTqeded'ty'W t&6& Tha Honao roaa ahui
^7¥Pb.5tHO-^»fiRA.i aanf,
In tha Hooae qf Lordaon^Mopday Lord Bt#thrc and Gmmpbell oalladmttantioa t* the fnrthar cor epondenco relating to tha aEmir* of TnHtvy. In i which followed Earl Granville,
aawthi(pA*B#** 4hd:Pleo!f«h&ing. Tbay had holii of each other by tha hair, and he went between them,

harm&eee, com-
principally of
A gradual
- Boxe* of.2-4 Pill*, la. ljd., of all Chemist*; and by post for 15 stamps of F. Newberr & Son*, 97, Newgate'Street, London. E.G.

4** ^rom that pollcy the Government had nn t, . John g*errod. Tha Oowmment had - - *
' tatcd mtep, and Lonl Derby found Wm*elf able to
Innnlrv at ' ^9 Uon#e of Comqwpi #:e ChancelWof the
clhiaeucy of (hp y#val ftnd Military Servicee dunn; tW ymr endin'g on tn* 31*t (lay of March, 1878.
On Saturdayi Iaat,"'Dr. Diplock held the Hopa and Anchor, Botlwmear Hnunakw/tonchi'
ing the death of Mr. CR:(AA**-Ed*#rd Lntam. 48 year* of mgo, of Manb* Hon**, Settnn. Mr. WBBmm
John Lucas,a brolher)*tatod that decea*ed warn of ho,^ " --' ----- ---
BABamsme - «sssss-- - -
There were two botUe. in the room, and thoy had "^tenegro. Ihe pnipomal for tho tndepm.
(%t o^l^^m^'^tneJ^^fo^ilionth^t )Im;^i%i*madrL S^ilTlhe
he had taken mn orerdoe*- Decemaed'a death waa «*u*md . h«d "hich provide* for an " ulterior under.landm, ly the quantityof^lonB taken. After " m*
tion, tha jury return Orerdome of Chloral."
Universal Patronage.
g#rding tha right* of Kumaia in the Stmita reached, when they took up Ihe chcering, and * an»werrd from *ome of the Liberal bonchea. ' enthusiasm with which the Opposition viewed theso baae* nf poaco waa in no meaaure damped when tho Chancellor of the Exchequer, reviewing them, pointed out that tho establishment of tho autonomy of Bul-
Ihe TkrMbOb&mtetea thatafarm wuaaoldrecehtly | gruia. a* dq^di by tho.Conferanca, would ba to cut at the chrnnh door of a pmruh in Quabeo to the hlghemt | out the centre of tho Turktah territory in Europe, and bidder with Y?o old peopIouMcumbrancea:—"They eatabliah a Kmi-independent 6tate-an objection which handed over the property to their children on condition the Opposition answered by loud cheers. Then, who tlat *o long u tho old people lived thoae children ; wu* to be I^inco of thi* new Statef Ona report had should lodge, clothe, and beard them mutably to their reached th* Chancellor of tha Exchequer whichwentte oondiUon, take tlwm te D:,m, aarvica on Sunday and , mhow that the Emperor of Iluamia wa* to mlect him. fowt day mnd hnng them home, place a home and I He read attract* from dcspatchea which ahowed that vehicle at tlwr di*%»o*al on demand, f*teh and fee the *o far hack aa the 15th of December Lord Derby had
nrie*t and doctor when de*ir*d, keep in good order the beat bed remerved for them mntil the death of the *ur-vivor, allow them access to all buildings and lands they may wiah to enter, mtiafy aB their nccemmmry wanta, mplritnal or cornoiml; and in tknem of mickneae fumlah them .with ^)u%,tyy& mnd. 8nally, at their death bury thorn in'the parish cemetery, provide an ordinary funeral mervicm, and a memodal aetvica at the end of the year: temdea having ten lo* maaaea chknted for the repcae of thdr *oul*l The now pnmioaaora of the pro« peAy failed, mnd now the pmperty ia offered for mate,, anbjrctte the charge in the deed of donation. Thai* a very common praetico u: Loyar Canada "
informed Count Bchouvaloff that Great Britain could not permit even a temporary mnd military occupation of Constantinople, and on the 16th received an answer te tho effect that the occupation of Constantinople did not enter into the Ituaaiaa plana. Tumult* might arime in Conatentinople, and great danger to British ihtekete vdold he "mrnrpxL Under theao circum-atancea tha Meet waa ordered !h mil for lh* DardancBe*, tho Bunan taring given hla permlmion for it to enter .the Strait*, OfThuraday night a telegram wa* re-cwved from Mr. Layard contaOung an nnoEcW report of the terma of peace. The telegram act forth amangat other thing* that tho queetlon of tha Darda-nulkm #a*to.boaetlkid between the Cmr and a "Cbn-UP** *ba» telegmm. .the Government decided te countermand the order to the Heat But it to thai that tha word **Congrrm" waa
" ' — the telegram bygrror for "Bulten,"
follow In the w»ko o erf health to the n
•prince U th* n»rt rfactiva
■are with ntoOj-rvukUri moon-
t DeformlUoe erf
' Taom las B-aaicui Iarr*c*«*T Umtu,
I et »H sufferers from penera! or heal dhaasa take heart and
....... . ,hoa^bem*t,ms*oraU«o
f* Oi^Monr aao MLta tha mu«da* CP frfal". ftf palna. meoralgta i a*d swmalic twttcha* depart unde:
plAlyoos^nfTea. The wpiiaUnn lie PiUs bare acWaea every ad eW passem la ^we L dcjpalrtDg oi rulict or abaudening Lap
Brqnohitia, Diphtheria, Sore Throats, Congha, imd Colds.
(or oil dcr«ngemenU o. — r wkuadag will b# prompUj
Bad legs, Bad Breasts. — Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
niaaarpaldif Jwwoak%jT&«Adeiv1rsa Ih* My «* mirangth and mgu k for th* dadei af Ufa, aad I* (s no leas wobderful to watch t^e efftct r, f Hollo war's Healing (NnMassA, when It h we.1 sowAw *u Ihe peWof AractJcoe, and sssliW by »v propriata duux oI the 1'UU.
Gout and Rheumatism.
■Win he cotw! with the pe&taet cerWotr if l>m qoanUW* nf the Ointment bo wxill wurkod Into Uio aflUcted parte. This nsatmsal moat ba ;#s*wrla^r fallewad for acme Ume, amddolf **slsW In powvdal do^a ef .HaOoway's POk. %bm* pmtfyia* aad soothing moadlem deowad the eanw* atwulom orf aU persons IWik lo rt«nnalkm. pmt. «eWk*. os-^fwr pelnfnl aSedioni of the mtisClea, nerrca, er^ointa.
Piles, Fistulas, and Dropsical Swellings.
_ TWe Incomparable Ointment Is earneeUr reoeramendeil to upd rcguUte It^dr^aUtioo.'
The Qol^mqlfh*' Oompaay, with .
encouragement of technical education in the demign mnd exetutfon of work* of art In the preciou* metel^ have remolved to give mn annual pnze of. #0 for tho beat demgn. and al*o f60 fur tho beat model of *ome article In gold and elver which, when manufmcturcd, *hall eacivd 30 ounce* in weight, mnd an annual prize of f35 for the best execution and workmanship of some such article; three prime* of each for tha ba*t dmign,
m,al«,|, and eaecuUon of *nmeartkle of km weight than 30 ounce*, and prime* of 425*adiforthobe*t*pecfmen*
of cha*ing or r(p#ww* work and engmnng. Object* of jewellery and pemonal ornament* are not aubiecteofdeeign. All the mpeebnen* *ent :n wUi prubahly mfterwmrd* be publicly exhibited. Tha com-i*!ilon mn*t be Bntiah mubjeete, and thaohjarte muat
be delivered before November neat. The company I t)"ght agreed in that view, and took tha
have ml*o reeolved that a.travellingecholamhipoff 100 bf aakmg whether tha Government had
per annum mav be awarded la a stuJM,tmhmh...h«.M | oummunicated with Romia ma well m* with Tarkrv
which greatly altered t&a poaiiion of again.......
in brief, tho Government nad dadded to per*i*t in their vote of *i* million*. It need not bo *pent, th* right hon. gentleman explained, and what wa* loft on the 31*t of Mawh would, in accordance with the con-ditions of a aopplementery vote, be returned to tha Treasury. But It wa* necemmry that Parliament *hould *how ite confidence in th* Government, *o that they might enter upon a Cungree* ineaking in the ww«cwo. , f^.^ed by the force of Kngland. Tho
not te ba the ! ^""1"" ** Ilarhngten obaerved that a* the propo*td yt^o of credit tad now becom* a vote of confidence in tho Government, it would under these circum-atancea only be fair te poetpone the debate till Thur*-Mr. Bright agreed m that view, and took th*
I'-U^ouW ba taken to purify the blood
Ibtk tto Glntmmt and JNUi AnuU b* used in ths • Mloning cprnjfUintt:—
' Ceens (Soft)
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eareptmnal talent, and who ahall have obtained a prir* "teT decide^ te egnd the Beet into the Danla.
for deaign for three succeed re year a, in order te ' Okdatone alao mupported the muggeation enable him te *tudy art In the preciou* metal* on the I ,. V** poatponement bf the debate till Thurmdav,
Continent. *. P couraa waa agreed te. In replying to queation*
— ' nsked, Sir Stafford Northcote repeated tiiat it was tho
preaent in mrculmtion, I vot* waa ona of ConOdence in the whole policy uf tho ""lunps | Government. Bat " there mutt be given *omc out-ward and vlmble sign that the Government possessed the conSdence of England." Mr. StlaLf Bwoth then moved ior leave te bring in three Bill* relating te county government, the valuation of property, and the highway law*. After *ome dimension tho Bill* were brought in and the remaining buminem disposed of, the House adjourned.
amount of counterfeit ........ ...
the pieces imitated being principally fl< and half-crowns.
UaaLTMY Common or Svoan C&TTL«.—It la year* *ince th* bmeding and mtere *teck wa* In *uch healthy condition In burrey a* mt th* preeent time, foot and mouth complaint ha* quite »ub*ided, and there are W Ny oaaea of pleuro-pnenmonia orlun.
idi*ea*e, and no ca*e of Hndmpeet ha* cropped it 1* hoped fanqer# and *teck breedem who have of late yearn wuteincd great low** by cuttle diaeaao, have axnenenced tha wo$at of their mirnfortunaa.
Seaman To DaATu -On Saturday laat Mr. Hum
».t«r. Hot flcrearHs attracted thp .Mention of hn-mother, who qmctly ntnekd hor (torn hor porilou. poaitlon, wid at once look hor to tho ho.piwf.hv. on .he .a. found to bo (oarftUr Kildod
imnnes racoired. Tho jury rotnrncj » vsrdict o( Accidental Death.
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,800*, wine and rotnt merchants, of Qui_______
Opmte. The failure took plaoe in December laat, and
at the mecUngj upon k statement of again showing
:####### with » committee of inanection. Upon tho application
In tho IIoiiso of Lord; on Tuesday,- Lord Emly asked whether her Majesty's Government wtro will-ing te produce copiea cr any correapondooci* which had taken place between them and the Turkish and Greek Government* with reference te the maintenance ol neut^Ii^r hy Greece duriny the war; (o the di*lurb. anoea in Themaly and Epiru*; or the outrage*com-minted in thc*e provwe*. The noble Lord ob*orvwl that a great j*rt of Themaly had been ravaged by Circassian emigrant* and terrible atrocitie* committed, and he desired information with regard to any remon-atraneee addre***d in mnmeqnanoa to the Porte. Lord Derby, in the com. of hi. reply, mid that "complaint! had been made by tho Greek Qorernment of tho misconduct. of many Circaaaiana in the neighbourhood of
prevent Greece from entering into the war'. All that had been done waa' te give ner friendly advice as a protected Power. Lord Granville waa of opinion that tight in . endeavouring; to localise tho war, but added: that the justification of the advne given by them to Greece must depend ycry much TOon tho nature ofthe^Argumente employed.
of^hbel, and, after sitting four hours, wa* counted