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or Sir P. Perkina and
•7 to drink to the U,Ith
r*lr%T who ww to bat* prcpo**d to* tow*.and add th*! too« UittM of. .• The Man in torn Moon ?. wu rather
np*et it flood ebecte). • .*■»« r* nS «i . •
(alien loto abler hand* a, h* know very li|$k abog&toa aociety. Ha mat theraf jre laara it lo their worth.
^ A Am w
thet terra, thrit health not permitting It. Bi; ■wer* g«ntltre«n-T**dy-— twiwe fareaed »V+ materially a*alat. If elected, to efleieatlf euri bu*iortt of the Iowa. Aa to hia him**lf, he *aid i had brrnunytalngin hit conduct during- the ••— —' had represented theot wttioft requiroi *apiau<*. ti*n h» would be hapay to fir* it, whether with regard t» expenditure or other ra tie * (appl*u*e). He hid aljray* looked upon it a* a part of the ratepayer*" duty, " J bad a tepreaeulative, and thought there had ... unneoe*«aty axprnditere of their aw«, to inquire wuy It «m *p («ppl*u,r).. If (key thought bla
— duct had been coi.nttent, and (hat he wa« de**r*lng »eing returned to Council, he hop* they would ini him along whh hi» eolleagaee—not by pledging m«elve* only that nfght to.eupport ibein, but by Idg 'M' them on the day yof toer election, f«r be n*d them that tb«r* w-uti be a ervrre fUbt, and t atrenuoue effort* would be m»de by their oppou.
- *• H« aiked:them, not to eplit their *otea, but to (uppott himaelf and Cul Wa«U*e. H* aaid he would not •ay one word im dip.iagemtbt of.hL opponent*, and he hupnd th* euuu»t would 6* carried on witn a good

great eeergy to hie own huatna**. He ■•» a thoroughly practical man, dad a man |fl»d would te * tb» town and hie party faithfully, aa lie ##prored by bii crndect at l Hoard of Onardiana. tuWbich poet Uiej elecUd lilm a large m.jority laet Batter (appUaec). ATtho-.gii belonging to All Saint* proper, ha waa a lattpeyer of Pomwood, and eouatquently ha* the internet of ib*i dUtrict at heart, ft 4a* at lib (tli* chairtaau'*) annotation that Mr Caady earn* Torward to eonteet tlm ward of All Oalnu. 11 la praaence moat bo familiar to many of them, for Mag at lllgtifiali. a* ha bad dow*.for aome be tm—»Uy attended t&a dku»p oI the Porta-

eleaudu th*y waulJ keep dear - of paraonal y, elariderou* Imputation* Op I generally been able to conrti
ntlemanly. fair, hi* ahoald that
it (obeeta).
ho wa» exceedingly wall i not ao well knowr '
ake both theie
itiwood be bkd ii\terrat* at (take both theieaud la the town, where he waa well known, aud had terved lb* ratepayer* In a public 'capacity on the Board of Ouardi.ii*. There wu. no d*abt, one difficulty a candidate h«d to con. ..... i h» regard to makl'g too many prom (are,
neatly, and be himeeif waa willing to eudoiea e mg Mr. Candy had aaid io eindicatior. of liia own in the public print*. Mr. Col** they kn*w a* a eery oemful man of buaineae. a Ihoroaglily practical mar ndwbo ooufd b* confidently recommit,d*d to tbalr: * Worthy of I hair eullr .<**, a: d worthy of being a
f returned, i wood hare bla ara
iffaeied the inteteet of'Poru ton (*ieer*X «• aaw tli >nent>. who atated that h_ eraial iutereat of tli*

en terrain their frtendikf
K S'lAuKwuVea -----
toaatof "The Licenced VlctnalUra' Protection Society
HS%l=2La. •« «- U
---------.------& hat gint\rmaj) bad aaj
intere*t at atake (langhuri. whiU ibc niJy qualification of another opponent warn that he a*»i»ted to *peud the ratc)>ayera' mone, at (hd School Board (applauie). If elected he (Mr BUhop) would endeavour to cprry out out hie dutlea faithfully 4nd If at kdy tlm* question* " inUrtcl of the tything'«r of the to«n
me on be would be only "too glad to
——------- .atepayeea aa lo wbM era* btot tabulated to
promote ibelr g*od (cha*re>. The raua in ma lytbing
----1 pce**ut high, and it would b* hi* fluty to en-
______t *o get tUrtn and keep thai lower; and. in
ooncluiion he eaid at pi* eapiratioa of the term of office ot himaelf and coll«**M», W elected, be, baliertd the ratepayer* would aay that they had not made a bad
C Jdl*F.°H. Ca^dy/who w»* reoeired with loud cheer* laid be: #a* plra*ed to m«k* the ac^u»iulancq,of many preeeut whom he had not wen before, be alto had great p(*a*ut$ In meeting mtnjr wto he had' Veen' b*. fore, If not there at leaat In other placet. 1'herefor* be did not come among tbem aa an entire itraiigu T»P-pitnet). Mr War
car*, and w** now hefora
[action, he fait It hi* dai.
■atiert of local latere**. If tbi lunad to Li* *eat U> the Couo
n at tl-a Council three touch upon one or two
if the Liberal*, for
and if they __ .-------
ground*, a* tlietr opponenla did. be aaked
account to ipltt their .....* " '
hx colleague* ware ,
Hrf pointed out that h ......
P.*t*wooey had better Irate v.j ... tbf i^oeatitm ef^eary
rata* would be ral*«d during thi
lion of hi* Owu cliar-cur he biu»» (~i-» v~. •»« may were rent into the Council the expenditure fpon the •e wage bail already been Cfrated, and they bad done the
*u that they were abbot tb* beat aboaed and tha he*»le»t also axarciaad Ibair infloenoe on Member* of Parliament to Injaia tbem. Aa to the Permit*!™ Bill o( Sir W. Laweon, that waj nearly law ono*»aa.iber* waa ouly a majority of SI again*: it, bat Hit* year \t waa defeated ty S05 toUa. Xhia one woolJ hat* thought would bar* nearly aettled Sir W. Laweon; bpt being a man of "energy ha waa not aa*ile di*poe*d of. Mr Bruce brought Jtt a Bill to om>B*cata the publican*' trade after 10 year*, "bat be had U»;gbe. tba Bill op through the procure brought to bear by the Lieenaed Vicinallert' Protection Society. H* tb*u brought In enother Bill bridling with paint and penaltia*. a* each oonticUon wae to carry th* I icon**, and on' th* third
'Mr Luiin. tl>e cbairtuan of iLe Badford place duuKt, of the ra■leat'iuB! c-w. B^_.
' —. — adopt d He referred to tha tactioa o' the Liharala on tha
prreeoielerXioD in All Saint*, and aaid tber www at their old germ a, •• .plaahing a* much dirt aa they could " They, get orer tie fact, that it waa the Liberal* ihat played tha leading part in tba rw-poeal to purobaae th* Uee Worka, but it waa mainly owing lo Um infiueoca of the rmag Coaaareati** Party that the "aa d-wtroyad. tow earing * burden
•hit tba Co*nW%toW%TT5
publio ofla»«. remarking that ha. believed -hay uauld
■d*ELtbVPr*W*t for " 'a?r,di an °* "burnt
£4,900 The preeeut offioa* w»ra a diagraoe, and if tb* work of the lowo w*a to be properly carried oat, • they muet hare pp.per placet to ooodu<* it in fbnir). The Coneerratire Party had now been in power for eome time and wer* proud of their officer*. Their praeaat Mayor wat a worthy follower ef thoee who had gone before and the dignity and tha honour of Southampton had not been tarntehfel in hi* haada. They ween all proad of their Sharif he waa a ipemmaa of th* indu* try of the ward (bear, bear j. They aonld not aleo but be he•ali'Ssd With U,a eery good aampla n" that happy body who were r*pr*eenied by Alderman lUweon, lUat •reaing (applauae) In c*.ctu*ion, he meend " Ibml endcrae* tlie condnet of their Corn-Mr U. Danlop on hia ie-
T°Mr JMiM^BaSus'WMwm^itlng ni'tmtti himeelf atrowgty againe* any idea of * oempromw* ha preoeeded to refer le tb* ramoeol of the o»hatand*. cu*tu by the intrdMauKon of th* tramway*. Wb*n to* imroducuon of the tramway, wa* firtt mentioned lie wat entirely oppoaed to them, and e»*n for their coming *o far into the loan aa the It righbridga. He wae blamed for thte, and waa told U waa no bwineet of hie. but he objected on principle, Mr Warren ipok* highly of lb* qoahty of the cab* which w*r* *appli*d in Ih* town, and wbicn wer*

-------------—j proprietor* oo#ld uggee*
better Mice before the committee which bad ohargt wf the matter, it w*a their duty to do eo (cheer*). Ue believed that if the oab proprietore would fir* up th* cab* tan da io the centre of Ute High-»tr*at all other pomu would be conceded to tbem, but be knew that olberuiee It would be daogerou* borli lo the traffic in the •treat* and to tha lafety of foot pa*eengere (bear. hear).
Mr Hhhcpi In the coneae of hia obeerrauon*. eaid ihut the ratepayer* bad returned younger member* to the Council than himaalf. and aa be wa* a large employer *d labour, he had great internet ie the welfare of Ina wovt-log claare* (cheer*) In oooclaaion, he hoped they wooid rally round toe Coneerratitea, and hare no rpliuin* 6.' rotea (abeare).
Mr Junior-Bailiff Warrtn tugget ed ao excellent site for a Cab*tend io the new (treat that I* to be made through the lata Mi** Ogte'* property, m Above Bar
Mf Wallace mentioned the commotion which the cab proprletore and the general puldia had made reepeatlng the removal of the cabetand*, but be deprecated it* being made an etoetionaering cry (cbeer*\. He aaked if
Corporation would allow tba caha to rtmaii fund* until (he new kite waa ready (appUui Major-tien«al Lacy taid be bad llabnt •ideratle kttaoUoe to wiiat Mr Warren bad t»a cabetand*, and he thought he had «i • ubject (apptau**). U« believed Umt bol Int.rmt and tba x*n*ral public ragreuad t
In their old
rictiou the pohlioin wa* to loae hit liceo**. Afi, alluding to Mr Obamberlain'a attempt tooarrv the BiW founded on the Ool hen burg ayttam. and to tba gentlemen who supported their aociety. he ooacladed by thanking them tor tiataaioc to bit remark*, and »r * ^ conduct at a aooiaty w»* tueb at wcold cootioue to n their aunport Ylood cherra)
Mr. J. K Vearca, In proposing I" The Mayor Corporation, Maglttraree aud oth*r Municipal Bodli tha town." aald from Wliat he knew of thoee bo they all did thair work yimarkably throughout England they culd not find a betU.r M.vor and Corporatfod a* *h*wn by thelr haviag Hie Worenip io tlje chajr that ttening (cheer.), by bariog a g'ntl. mtna* Mayor whoblmtelf and family raeided *mongi tbem (applau**L
mi«tf.eod congratul Tbi* waa eeoooded by Mr

lotogham, and carried
tatnd the proceeding*.
Tim HIXD—Oaot. aethein. with th* W.wud
Tb. PWBArCS-ChgC 0.------ _
mail,, arrived el Madraa ou the t»d lit
morAL mail iwjrrurDiA a»d braid
.Vaihaaipbni opto IS (Teiaek al


, ,,w "

Tha half-yearly meeting of tin. delegate* from the C?«rtt 1
Sootlnmptno Tbara wm (i del*gal*a preeent —The report of tha offlc-r. ,lated that the quarterly return* ,how that la eome portion* of tbadlMrte* the existing Uapreat-loa of.tradetaadrervely affaetlag any .extaoalou. the ao*.
pen*km* for non-payment being unuiually nemnrou*. bat Ueverthei***, toe total .tmngm ha* grown during the pa.t quartbr from IfcttT to WJM an toere**e of Wt. The nior-pooffiKC period 1*1 year, to* laneral
Th. sokxjj-Cn* 8. a. P.C,
•jr. tha let Hovvnber. '
iefand Algae Bay, tailing" *»Ma~au OSKMA If—Cap*. O. D C*t»al'. *U toe ham

mai'a. *rvia»d at Aoatbarai _ ____ ___
The tUSIUX-Ch*. K. 8. WarWgb. Ufl Xoathampto. Thnraday. and Plymouth oa Frt-Uj. with mail*, he* far A. *. Walt, with the homewaM

».• Mayor i on the Bench, in buiinaM conducted better. 7 of the Mayor (applaute).
wdlet, they were all doing Ujelr beet for the lutereet 'end pro*perlty of the town and tbeir.fellow iowri*meu (beer, hear). The country to peering lit rough a time o
d trade; and notwItlKtanJing Ihlt, It ■to know thai tbalr rata* wi " (bear, b^r).
- fit licenced Victualer*' trade, hi toougbt that to a country like Bngland all trade -hoalt
—---irk lc|*ny trade be plea»ed.
got nd of all the Pennlwive Bill* the better, f* th terfered with tlie liberty of the *abj*ct (api lau*a). concluded by propoeing the taaa" L — — three timee three.
8oog-Mr. Oake—with b*njc
***Tb« M*yor tald he had much to the toatt, and waa eery pleated to hi evening to preilde over *o large a b dy of They a* a Corporation bed p'-nty of work they had.tal at the Coqaoil until nearly 6 evening, endeavouring to promote the the town. .Aa u> the magistrate,, he wa* not one of the great unpaid prrtrni in* to *pr*k for that body; that body bad alio a of w rlf to do. but very little In connection Liermed Victualler*. He (th* May he hoped, a temperate man, but hi be lorrr to g1*e up Me gltta of bee dinner, or hit g at* of win* afterward* (tpplt : o the other bodie*, he wa* plraaed to ay
rate* waa now ranch lower than they had been
aound *dueaU0B; I after life. After ■> few other down after again thanking thi the toa»t bad Uren received.
Mr H. Guy propo**d '' The Tra
The Sheriff, in acknowledging thi regretted the ebeena* of th* Pr**ldi of Commerce, Mr H. Donlop, wbi better re*ponded

retired from the chair on
the town (tbetr*), He wae delighted to be there to eupoort lb* lJoented Victualler*, and wat pleeeed to
e*y tb*t although n orer tbi* country,
eatlly th*n other part* of thi eufferlng eoormeuAy. _H*4hi new prevailing In the Foreetofll>t ao great that the Government bed at breaking etenee. In order to keep them fi therefor* they eould Imagine the anermf"
mleery and diftreae that —
BouUiampton. the large -were being erected
«> trade, he wa*i glad to . *•—. depreeekn In trade bad patted
intry, Southampton had aeceped much more. ,b"
i, the dletre*« being
_____,bw of*new building*
____ __ . Whitchurch; "" Tb* Prem,
The rem am g metit were "The Cb*l

Mr f. R. Meldrum •toonded > be proportion, believing
falWt would-be benefitted by the election of the Con-ndidate* (cheen). He b*p»i that when. *k*d the ratepayer* for their rate* they

a* appen. «d.
T»l tuuU !i»'l

f. com emulated being a r eaid* ill I
e ebauld Pay fo duty of wtKM>er wa* elected he ward of All tJainta Unto hie-be*t not only fo ward but the town at Urg* (cheer*). Ha bad oo experience *e a Town CoOuciuor, though u'x" ,o,.
woik, tapeciallr on the Lvete '
a* had done Lie b«»t fo (applauie). lhuojjh a tiue Cuo«er»ativ*, he (M ly wi.hed lo go into the
been thooghl |f
ny frtvuil* id tfce HigY,treat ^ Weigh WW
help you p*y claim* arl.1 a reply wa* reeetnd - K
uf the M»Jor (cheertj. airman put tb* reaolu
Mr Bit hep
y moment to erect a lun.tic aiyiuui; tacbed to t.kmg aw.^Mheborough'gi
u»e, but noL to an expanditur Ruing* (ap;

differently tu
Hotel, Bloohy
pied the chair, and. i dida at. ,peke of th


Bithop, ** a pobl •urehe w«» theri Hoard of Guunlip
If, and tali be had gatlwualn
houU be glad
uly tkatcbed by
Candy and Mr Oole*,
pludel by proposing.
roper pereoo
tlonlie Had obu
hire It brought
m by toeime*Leo-g-bhaUed than th* n

All Saint* Ward
IXlqudappI D*aa eacouded th* propo*
pportod by Mr Kidd
pedal notice They aay I U. a matter they call -that f.mSu* trial," that " young Indian Importation " appa«rbd in no very credit
other publl

be u«cd.—ilr. Uartnell. ot bwuUiamptua. wa* on*ulmoa,ly etecied I) C..R,—Tba Mayor o( Sootbampton w*. prui«>*e>l
i tV vole* to 33 girrn to li
Kyde. -The, Appeal
belt tor the 1 ything ol roruw tluie, and the" town «t,ltt#e fette Mr O T. Pupe In propo.iog that themfeting pledR luelf to me evcip effo
thoroughly perl
pperied the proportion
Cole, 0 . the leading matter ((%. Lawrence •Wer*. and tliere tbey l.av to go any farther. If tha
•grev with him aa a great pre there a* a danger of ga* bem light (api
Id find, and (londappl
(Contituud from pagt 3). TnURSDAT
H.0eetoey. A. f^tar.
w 'd,f
&ut he thougl
BUhop. and Mr Cola*, mddreeaad th
1 more e*peci*lly io th* Blechri rk*being heartily endurted by "he
Mr Candy they
nd be thought the* we icoudldite. MrJ.13i*h'
ded by Mr BUhop, and carried by
f Li^li |'"i.c:i'i
y and of high principle* (lou

WA*D OF 8T. MAKY A epecial meeting of the member* of th* St. M
. 0. *n«ov*. K*a.. Commaud«r. P
bo*rtl the Wolf, for whom
mad* to Mr. SuperlnteuUeut Braary, th* prUoner li.d been apprehended, and article* found lo hi* poe«
.j; Miller aud Mr H. 0. Whitchurch, and iug »ifpported th
heard no more about it. But. a* tie Hampshire Jrult-pendent had selected ocly one portion of the affair, not
i honeatly to hit duty, idpoeed a epe '.Zl vote of thank
and then a* a clergy for many year*, aud
party held a good^^r
opedbeh.d jiv« i,did*te* at the hea l of
id Mr Nichol* aid maae an oner of £l6o a •ear to the Corporation, bnt there wat a cla that he wa* to hat* th* whole control of wblch he thought wa, drcidedlv Improp h*vlng had the conuol of the land t
prepualmg I
the libe'ril* tb %nd he did
Porttwood. tv.utOMni.tor, by the Bav T. Plunket Moosey, vioar. Mr Pr-d-rlck Baonl.g of Houtbamptoa, t. Oath*noa EU*at«ih. d.ueh:*e ot Mr A. J. Lm*U«d. Oakflcli*. Poita-
whiob bad bean made (hear. hear). H trualci tha. they *hould •till continue to hold ll prtmecy io the ward, and by the ta
. Elizabeth Bigg*.
bnlim.ic*. on (he
hould have been bound lo der the injunction of hia doctor*, who Lad
School. 8oatbaapV
I tend meeting*
I of hit friends: He trurted that when another con tail took place they ahould oom* out of it
talking. He thanked tb loo and the hearty recepti
MBETINO AT POBTSWOOD HOTEL. The Co narrative candidate* nddreeted
former ocoa*ioo», viotoriou* (ajiplauw). They
byfthe day'a paper* that the Liberal! bad choten another didate to repreeent them, but tho*e present might
Port*wood Hotel on Monday
a*,tired that when tha proper time came the C tee would be fullr prepared to maet tbetr op. pdneut*. Wh*n thfy did he hoped tbey thduld
. truthful, and hooorabl They would not lead themeel

BoUo*. —Octobw ». .* I
—--pkm, by tha Ear Mr KaabU. .---------
George Lot*** Jam—. E«j . i* Mia* % t *r Anni* Bobtoo, d»«gbtarof Joseph & b»,u. E*q.. of Tetfonl. Ltnc-la-hlre, —' — "* "" ---' "e High-.treat, gonth.

' *tot through IndUporitioi
Mr. 'jnnlc*.Bailiff Warren d,tailed bla put etiricti. and pledged hbuaeli . returned to tb* CoaacU he would eo,
b*K. rndearoura to. Pre»o't toe---- _ _
ported by air. junio. -----%; U..Ji
_ the 1*1 of Norember come* round, to elc< Councillor* for Ibt ward of/II Selnta. _ Tbe^ outgoing Councillor* were Mei
. . lew they would aU tay there
_______ d faithful man in tba ward, who had
giren in toe Council an undlrlded tupporl to the dutriol
iZf S"u« S&AZ
Ih.r »l r.p.1 It, W bjrtor
ALLBAMT& i Th»r*dlay *wnh5r—Mr. 'Coanelilar
Furber, than whom he
and Cole* addreaecd I
ss'X. ffjsru. ET. .
made a very good eahcUo*. The ConjerraUroa I SSdtWh^rrnftMefi tlwTaiaa.—Mr* Bl,i»op. wbo^waa well
ip "and falae ttatemeota which the Liberal* were iking on the pr***ut occaaioo. They alao bad it rown in their facea that th, CcoaerraU"* we
Liberal*' propoaal* awue fewjreara ago they would bav*

* hoped all would be Bailed, ai

■ iss;tXft in j»:j jat
m.^Th* caaraa of bit tt
-Council propoaed to do waa to adapt their preatntofficea
Pe'""• •treat. Wlaehaeter.
Tb* JTAPAOL-Capt. J. ». Mai
t, with the watwwd
m(mtJTbrirreprSmJaSm. He aUo apoke
(he coara* of n few year* gas wonld be auperamJed
left Ium'o* toeWthWkbe

MM%ndy*t5%^ ^ Oeorge'a-eiieel, Poothaapto^
' Kla^-OetSer'lf," Kdoo-ierr**e. Boathampton, Mr
??6a!%%tor #, at Morth-firoal. Sestoaopton, Mr > ^iuSi«^!nLktfK. at I murevad DwaWaga. Chin try-

Bjeta*VT-tta. WMm.-U^C. Baynar. XX, Brtdg^^raet
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