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Alderman t.aiab (chairman*. J. T:TueVrr. \V. II
,„.l ic,, of STHit v*1u«. fn>« a'portwan&a*. «l hlmaelf aod wife bolnfrpasMO-In,m s..uiU»wh|o«»U) llavre, uu boari) the Wolf, on "I «»* UUi uISop»eu,l*r. hU lDCT»i;e
b*f"re ill* ReConloe (T. I
.....7 u»e SbSritl Ct». I. itarp.r,
_.... T—,------ ---4 McCalmont, Kaq ). and ^i.
following magistrate* :—OeneralTrynn, Aldermen Lamb
snd Kmanuel, and Messrs J; B. Le Ketm*. J.
•*y, H. J. Baehao, O. Ihinlop, U. Donlop, and J. T.
Ths following gentlemen were a-oro on'

» pstradT pM earring*. #w I
BeiUr*. a wldo*. .WeMhur U Oti*racrv*l. fit. Deny'*. aald prisoner bid been saylug hla sdilre.acs tn ber la

u and 8, W. K.Lomp^iy.—MrUoxwWI MgWjor* remand MONDAY.
dlfn tobacco ami *u*. ma^etaeiurwl lubaeeo, the single
n Is tit Id Omhanl-laiie. and auaaltiag an old Bin.-The cm wm Mtjoarnad (or a week. detaudaut promiilag •»
compensate ll»e old
... . Qt ass.—William lleory Book. ________cbanrwl Willi being drnnk end wltfoljjr

: eoncernpl «
since uupllclf'^ W ood.
_____,.Je am b-.artl the Wolf
for and accrptml. lu XluO. aud TUKSDAY.
r Tntrr.—Elisabeth Ward, a
a old offender. «
a Uttr gla»* from II
a fork (mm tb# ebop of Mr \V. Jennings.
I farther cbsrped with stealing
of pnwkw*. aud about 1 n'tloek rime In again.
%%%%%%% s-RSK^a^tsaKsstt-jes
J °n_'1 **itn oTalmlur prtiy
' *C°l "v'ftvlr b^^t'ThrTS^in".he Hie Urc'rder. ard lu all probability
Royal Mall Htuara Packet clnnany. vi ..paymrnl of wagw. £S U« M. d
-"W s.w.'m ssf::s aa
bo glvuu tliem Ui« day.—The
WRDNE8DAT. , . .
1 foiling tt 10a.
> itiraet and *a(d.l|e'ijgol3
TlleW Sei^nn* were held at AiOnli.l'un ail Min'lay, \ J^jJ^ihlTniit day And aaked W aaVber ar>arMr C. Horeeman
W J. l'aditone
: ft Sf.«r"
r, Irt obarying llie Grand Jory,
—_________ Wohn tharn that Ihe oalaniar
only contain* I the nainaa of four jfllonere, who were «hanted with larceny of no'«rehi value.. There *u only one caee repairing any obeervatlon from him, wtt oi Ooepar. arbe waa cbarjted wtlb itaalloiH'attar. 8a far aa hla experience had gone he bad never known of anch a eliante of felony being pfafarrtd before iroandad en audi facte. The facta of the eaae appeared to be tbaae i -In the month of Angel lea, oegwnatbna ?ere eotered Into between Cooper an«l a Uf Jfbnatoo for tbe I eaae, with the option of purchaa*. of » houae by Jobnaton, and it waa verbally agreed that Cooper woold toka a oer-talnanm, Jobnaion, bowever, aald a verbal agreement woald net be binding In law, and reqoeated trooper td
However, that woold be for lb air eonridefallen.' After a few other remark,, the learned Record* dtemlaeed the Grand Joy to their dotkee, and the trial of prtecne*
°° Dn*«oa of Hum it i winl >aiurr. George Smith, a brokevH bailiff, wae Indicted for
Mary'a. on the 2lei of 4«iwM H
day named in the Indictment the landlord pal in premiaea for a abort time prieoner waa eeen to leave thi
op the bill paat .0t Luke » Church, and
without ooj parcel. In the mean-
SSSffi ssss?
tb alealing the article*, irtid "-J ation priaonar aaid be^*-—
On aearchlng birn I
- . .. ibould leave
re*poneibilliy of the Kerurder. who directed tbo Jury to return a verdict of not guilty.—The jury, having turned round for a few aeconda returned a verdict of Not Guilty.—The Recorder. In diacharwiog the prteoner. tild bim It waa a ear* of very great *u«piclon, and bad he been convicted be ahoald have felt it bia doty to have Implead a wr, WW wnl**#. b. Wag an oawrof the Crown. He cautioned him never to come before tbo Court egain.—Priaoner wae then diacharged.
CUarlee Alfred Uavia. late a cook on board a yacht, waa indicted for having unlawfully by falae and fraudulent pittance* obtained from Mr Alfred J. Miller one jacket, one veal, one pair of trowaera. two white jacKele, and one black »carf, at the pmrleh of 8t Mary, on the 10th of Auguit lamt.—Mr Warry proaecuted, prlaoner being defended by Mr Mathewa.-Prom the evidence ll ap. neared that pritoner bad been cook on board the yacht Mirabel, the property of Mr Leater. who it aeemed bad ordered dothee of proeecutor lor the wholo of the crew of hi, yaebl. and if the men remained the aeaaon the Clothe, were to be their properly at the termination of the voyage, providing they had conducted theuiaalvea to the eatlifectlon of the owner. The yacht returned from a voyane on Ihe 10th, and priaoner wa» diacbarged the aame afternoon, aignlog a receipt for hie wage,, the tailing mafter (Mr Pulley) telling prieoner be waa to leave what clothe, he Ud belonging to Mr Leater at the Bun liar, and priaonor dWae. . He gave him Do order to go to proiecutor to get the clothee named in the Indict

r he diecbarged the prl.
_______________ behind the prieoiier'e
therefore inadmiaaabia. —The lUcorder^t i different opinion,
r swussfu
l>nn< Iti lb* wok room el the liouaa «Hk
........ u >iilf.*ov*Cflfn> BBd lra»e
________ _____ . _. • t- 11 h*t not to do it. " " '
houae. The tlirn bthe pur.y. ami after'
eulTaalil Uir^nau ha.l"bc*n rebbed lu Imr houie war,I. heard llraiu aay yo# wewd not holloa, 1 ollr- '^>u«ln«, for yiKi hadbalf a .ove™ign of the money. _
- "I
______the re^ueal of Mr Matbewi
.. — objection. — Mr Matbew, here took the iadiciment, which be contended we,
_____ a, the pnanoer waa alleged to hare
gone to proeecutor, and elated that be had come there by order of Mr Laater far hi* clothee, wbereaa the evidence given (aid nothing of the kind. All prwoner Mid when be went to proaecotor'a ,hop waa that h* had called to aee if bU clothe* were ready, and UIng *aked
" „n,;, —— ------
tlii, fact. The yacht a article* elated that the"clothe« were U> be the property of the tuen at the end of the voyage If they had conducted themeelve* to the eatWaction of the owner, —1 — being dUcbarged ' * *"

_. ___,aid " Davia," and tbd clotbea

Iw ItrMd her —T "he had pui tl
K. MboH huaband keep,

rii.r* Monday night Hearr^ aad#Payne^cajM^ w her atatlog that'tUer ww man and wife, jotke morn I ° ramm.kiwa ,'alr*. .od tho woman ordered two g!***«* r^anU^l.......... waa wearing for fra M.. wh'-h '»
paid for In allvrr.—Mra, Sooth, fi p..iire .taUon, depoaed to aearehlng
^lK7w S ^a^awtbkard Wow kr
there an night. After a loo; bearing the ca*a waa re-
CLtWJK srr*JtixtA"«W
ant took thi* latter be wa* aommiuiag a falonioaa offaoe*.
leave tba eat* In thk band* of the jarr.-Tbe KecoHer, in eummtng up the cat* to the Jury,went carefully through the whole of tba evidence, telling tba jury that it would require their careful conaideratlon to arrlr* at the con-clu*lon aa to whether prlaoner got poewaalon of thia letter with a felonlamaIntention. If they were aatlafled that be did, then Itwaa their duty to Bnd him godty of the offence yiib which be waa charged. He, how.rir, reminded the jury that ll, been prored that prieoner did the act with a falonlou* intention. No doubt It »*i a kbabby and dl*l»ooourabl* thing to do. but were all charged who did the aame thing, their Jail* through-out the country would v-' " ' *
very email compaM, »,
good character. If tb*y Iil-------- - - . - -
ca*e it waa their duty to give tho priaoner the benefit of that doubt, and lay br waa oot guilty.—Tbo jury then turned round in their box. and after a few miuute* th* foreman announced that the jury wubad to r«tire to con-aider their verdict —The Recorder : Very well.—The jury were then given'In charve of the Officer of the Court who wae ewom in the uauel way to keep them " aeparata from o|bera. aud without food brought, kc. Having been abaent about a quarter of an hour, the meaaengar Informed the Kecorder that the Jorv wi,h< to atk him a qoeaiicm.-The Keoorder directed the jury return into Court, aid baviag done *o and taken tbair •eat* io the bog, the fafeman aaid tho jury withed to know If defendant'* going to the houee and atklng for the letter con»tituted a felony?—The Kecorder: A* I told you before, that la tho question yon have to decide, and tba poii^l In the oaao I left lor yoar consideration.—Tba jury again turned round hi their box and efter a aliort c«.n»ulutloo, th* foreman b*i0g a*kei if they had agreed upon their verdict, replied "yea.' Each jaror'a name waa then called over, and all being preeeni, the quo,lion waa'put to the for*man " Do you find the priaoner guilty or not guilty ? "—The Foreman : The jury are of opinion that defendant had not committed a feloviiuua act.and therefore wa* not guilty ; b»l at tho fame time the jury wulied to oxpreaa their opinion that defendant had committed a very di,honour able act (epptluaa; toppreeled).—The Recorder aaid he
any other.—The prl,
the Court with hie tho ye,«ione.
. —t he quite concurred II have been «orry had they returned oner wm* then diwherged and lefl rlendi.— Ihia oloaed tba butmeaa of
Tfcw aiatt.foorth aaoual rteating of the BnuthtmJ-ton Amillair of tUa Society., and th# fifty-ninth annker*ary of the Ladle*' Bible Aaaociation were held at th* Victoria Itoaau on Tared ay evening. The Biahpp of O%ildford prraidrd and tba olergymrn and layihen praaent end around the platform Included the 'Ai llradWy. Dr Wright. T. P. Moooer, 9. B. Stribling^ E. J. Botin. T. Garrett. C. K. Steward. Bandfanan. md .B. B. Drfvar; aod Meaara Algemoo Coote, B. C. Hanklnaon, W. B. Randall, J.P.. G. Y. MerceT, Q/ R. DkWton^ W, C. Weatlake, Alderman Dawron, Sleper. T. 8. Hill, R. 8. Smith; A. Barling, Captain Rainier. R.N., Yonge, B. Maye,. J.P., J. Hwa4r;ttuL'tttcri.-< • . , ( ' i
After the ringing of a hymn, the reading of a pot-tlon of evlphtr* by.the Rev Arthur Bradley, and prayer by the Rev H. B, Driver; Mr O. R D.waon, after an nauutlm^ the receipt or lettCra of apology for non. att«ndanoe hAra certain'kninlattfa and othara, road tho report; laf which Uila le an ahatraet
The number */vl,lt* paid by tho agent-------------
Tbey'eama to thia deetalon with much regret, but It waa feUtliaCMrDoraoaey wa* phyalcally unable to carry on thia part of hi, work In ooenectlon wjth hla mlaaloa work
of their free contribution to tho fuodiof the Parent Bodaty lo glt*. Dlttarnaand ITreamanUa alao maks a larger re-
a committee ara doe to their I
liberal and RMieroaadonatloa ol fifty poanda. wbleh b been remitted dlroet,M ber repedal daalre, to tba Part Society. Mr* Rowland haa alao anaonoood thia donation
Th/eommlttee have to report that they have recelvod
a eommlttaa paid to tba Depot
Building Kuod aoeoeot.- Tbaska to theaa---------------
very dedroa* ibould be eleartd oB a*
^ w'thTZJaZ****,* good Wtb#
frvqycnt tliea* atation,.
The committee with very great eorvow have to the loaa they hare. In common with many other reUgloua ------—.— —...—> w_ ted death c"
Martha Toomer. who for a lengthened period ha* filled, w ao mock illllgenee aod ability, the oBte of eecrrtary to the
I.adlea' Committee of the Southampton P,vl- ---
Ther would alao keep In remembrance t"
.'Y/.:f$0900W. 2;'. //
Th* anni»er«ary aervlcOa fn .c6nri*eff«i >lth thw •elooU wtia held aa Sunday and Tpraday. On Sunday apecial acrmon* were preached bdth morrn?vsar£?rtvk a&Sfs.^
Trebirlling paW an adflreet to the aehool children %rtd a large number «rfrl«ndk. Oh Tared ay th* nwal tea muting waa ^»ld, > Whjoh iboht'lfiO aat down. In th* evening the public, meeting wa* hVld when ther* -u i Jarg* atl**idanci., .TheRev Jill. Patter,On oo-wupted the thalr,' antTw** lupported br **vrral of th* teacher*. The meeting haviog been ^peti*d wllh th* aioging of i hymn and ,prajer hj Mt. WU%m*. the
335. the average atteiidaaoe la the merajflg being 100, and In the afternoon 204. Thirty of th«o aaet I. the-Bible el awe*. 129 In the Inlhot «la**. aadth* remaining 176 formed the general olaaae* of the aahooU. Tkey had39 te4eb*ra and offleera. Including* aaprrint*ndeat, •ecretary. treaaurer, and. librarian, with aa*v*ra«*at^ during th. year They po.teaked *library of 3C0 volt me*, but It much needed replenishing. The ob'ddrtr. had aubaciibed £10 3* Ijl to th* Juvenile Mlaaionary Society during the year. Tb* Scholar, Slek Benefit Society numbered 60 member*, and Py*-,,e**ed a balance of f U lla.OJd. - Th. grkUfylng exeuralen to BroadUnda' Park during the aummer wm referred to; and It wm mentioned Wat there Wm aojee £i0 la hand toward* pWvidhyf A*w e a * room*-(appUuae)The OhaIrman aald they Ought to oongratn fate tberaaelve, on havlffg »uch a Capital report; They ought to thank God for i^agieat ,ncc»,a they had had th* paat y*ar." Latt year they could not frpbrt lolar* m having joined th* Churem. but the aeed
------jwn iii now being reape&'fbr tM^year eleteii
teacher* and aim acholara had jelned'th* Church. Their financial pf.ltlon fajavrry good, i*p*«l^ly wljh »*«ard to th. ela,.-roo*u fund, and h* thought lhat they ypuld b* built by ntit yea/, aa th* ***omm»datloo for the Bible claiae* waa'at preamt very limited, ecpedally when ih*y canddered how grratly th« cla««e* had In-creased under th* management Of Mr GambTen.. He al*» begged to thank thow fri*nda who had h*(ptd thf m aomucli to make the achool treatao ^leat a *uccrM a*
grflrtidjl, arid M utt* eourag*' (applau*,).—Mr Holii* (the auperintendent). aaid he wm pi*Med to **e *o many preaent. H* wm thankful to know they had been
reader* from hie leciurc* i
with tbo Poly-
technic lnatiiution Mr Muraell'a ' dkelcbea are ia,ued in Mr Longley'e " Piretida aerla* of Sixpinny Uook*." The** are iwuod in " thro* dmlnct claaae*—atori** fur children, temperance tale*, and fiction (for tboee of older growth) of a distinctly religiou*. but not goody-goody character." They will doubtle** command circulation.

Wiuflitsirr fltivs.

bill. It W by the jBdldon* uae of »ocb art Cbemiet*. Ixmdon."
reUru. Mawy.U».gh au* aaWUf III. adjftr 4ert»r-----
—avoided, and eoi.U uway, —
a RoUt* of Qui*I,e and tro. .. ........
•» th. eaamir*f iwSllUy^SlUh QslSjM
wSar and ti.... ......
dk*utMfi*d wlth'th* prieoner -Addiwtng th* jury, learned Recorder *ald It appeared to him that In aha**** of the owner there wa, nothing to (how that pri-ioner bad not discharged hie duty to the aatiafactiop of ih* iwn.r. —Th* jury llien raturnad a verdict of Not Guilty, >nd prl*0n*r wa, dUchargad.
Edward*nhluv! %a%ww.h^mr, o# Lawar Canal walk, wa, Indicted for (Waling four partridgee. the property of Mr John Lane ghrubb, at th* parieh of All Mail t*, on th* 29th of September la*u—Mr Temple Cook* prosecuted, the prisoner being defended by Mr Matbew*.—The fact* of th* cm* were theee . -On the day named In the indictment It appeared ib»t protecu-tor'. keeper (Read) wa, travelling on the railw.v between Ringwood and llrockenhuret. and left tba four partndgee In th* railway carriage. In which prieoner wm ••aled. After leaving Ihe carriig* he diecovered hi* mistake, and informed th. elation matter, who telegraphed to the ■tattoo matter at Uiecbynden to take po**e**lon of th* bird* whan th* train .rnv.d. On tba arnral of the tralo at UlWiynden Mr Hardy, the atation maater. proceeded to the carriage named, and met the pn,on*r. who paeeed h.m with four partridge* la hi* bind, iiuiry-
Mr Maiiiew* in tbia cm* aUoi rai*ed an objection to ilm

ApprenUtM,^ *n*^ BwvmU, U. — 0. tl, Brdg*.
a»u ________.. acquit th* pri*onar, which
__don*, and pri*on*r dl*cbarg*d.
SATURDAY. Ocomm* 1
igiliiriiHuu, -in iii.v.
day, 11th of November, and we learn that advantage will bo taken of it a, an appropriate oeoaaion to make a preeent of plate. In acme way embracing the aymbol o( a *il*er cradle, aa a momenta of the addition to hi* family during hla year of office. The Town Clerk and Mr Councillor-Drew have become the acting xteward* fur tboqe citizcu* who deeire to thu* recognito the obligation* of the fcity to their retiring Mayr-
».—2 tbarea 142 e ) each, am of Jablochkoff, Rapieff,
region of ihe electric light are dealing great eipecta-tionaday by day. At th- earn* time, Mr Warren aold freehold bouae in Hyde.ttreet let at A22 per year for 425, ahowing^ that real propeity it not declining in
MtJNirtcaxT BEQUMTS — HJUSTS cocutt HOS-IT*L-—To maik the day of tbr foundation of thit otnltal it* hoa. treaaurer. Charle* Warner E*q.. on _ riday invited tba new chairman (Archdeacon of Win-cheater), the committee, chaplain, and medical a tag to
___________ ..._____ . would dealr*
which they am affiliated, aod they earnestly tru»t that
th. Uoly mplrlt will, by Hla enllgbtmlng and janeil-fylog llaBuenma. *o work npoo tb. mind, of men
happlneaa that •• Tb. foar of tbo Lonl 1* tbo beginning of i glad ha had heard thia re-
Word of God was circulated through it* agency in about 220 language*, and but for the r/ork thu, done roia-tioAary work would almost com* to a standstill. The Word of Ood would go where very eft en man could not go. and It would, too. itay where mtn eould not * ay. i thown by what had occurred In Madagatcar, . If the Bible had not been left by the miaaionarie* rere driven out, reliaion would have been lo«t „ ther. After eapre,*lon* of attachment to the Church of England, and giving reason, why h* loved giving *t the ,sme time credit to others who thought . would compromise their principles by oomlng within her psle, the Bishon ixnresied the pleMure it gave him to be associated with those who loved gospel in the grand and noble purpose of spreading I's holy book throughout the world (applause) The Bible wm th* key to the hurasn hesrt ;it answered to the full all Its yesrnlngs, and let them, then, all endeavour to spread the pure simple word of God, and if they did that in prayer It would an*wer the purpon
sueoestful during the year, and invited , all to ttke part in ao nobl. a work.—Mr Camfirld next spoke a few words on •• The dlfBeultlts of Sunday School walk, and bow to surmount them," and said he thought they cou'd tell what sort of a work they were engaged In by the difficulties they encountered, and In Sunday School Work there wa* no exemption to those difficulties. He Iben explained th* difficulties they encountered, and
Ihey could not b* successful. To remedy this proposed they should hare good Blbl* cImsss o thsy could fall bsck upon In *
of |h* lesson* both Interesting and Instructive. Fould urge them all not lo fall baok under difficulties, but ever to press onward (applause).—M r Gsjnblen then gave an ^a.eellentaddre.a en "Originality in Teaching in th* course of which he ,aid he ,houlo like to bring before them a few points whlchhe thought were worthy of their considerstion. .The opponent* of ihe Bible would tell them thit aora* of Ihe pMsages to be found in th* Blbl* wer* vulgar, but was that so? H* could not think that what I, counted vulgar now was thought so then. They ought alio to consider the.way in which the Lord and his Disciple* tiuSOUTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT.

his health, and Mr Kvctjn* Ucathcou to that of the late chairman, Sir W. Heaibcol*. retired on account of og years. The treMurer thsn announced that he that day received from Mr Uoattr. of Southampton,
fund* Mr Goaier has presented£1000 to the Winchester Provid.ut Diipenaary, which it is understood the managers of that charity intend to apply to th* pur-chate of some property in the hqoare and oouvert It Into adiapenssjry in connection with th* hospital.
Tb* name* ot the R*v J. IVrclvaU h*ad mMtsr of CUfturi College, and tb. Rev H G \Voodsw*r*gnTu*s-day ehoaen to b* submitted to th* Uisbop of Wla-Chester lot th* post sf Headship of Trinity College.
ed to pay 4*80. fw* of all
warn —
which Ood bs'd a'ent It, snd cur. all lb. ilia and ires of humanity (applauss).
The Rev T. P. Mooiiey (St Deny*) moved that the report be printed and circulated, and that the committee and officers bo re appointed, with power to add to their umber —This wa, aeconded snd csrrled unsnlmoualy.
Mr Algernon Cnote, deputation from London, then addretaed the meeting, and apoke of the report a, alike exhaustive and encouraging, snd containing much matter for thankfulness. He alluded to various forms ror which had to bs met, and said that those who
.....combating them were obliged to depend more or
leas upon ihe Bible Society for aid. He concluded by mentioning that on the occasion of the recent fearful disaster on the Thames lb* Society thought *orae opening might be affurded for them, snd deciding to
y, ihey sent t<
. Mansion House Committee saying ihey would like to give to every " *......'
.............. of lbs surviv
New Testament, and they presented 200 escb bearing the following inscription —" Pre
_____ d by the British and Foreign Bible Society ss a
token of spmpathy with the survivor* from the wreck of the Princes* Alice. ' The Lord preeerveth the
_ . . He relleveth lb. fatherless and widow (applause). —Other addresses followed, snd the meeting termlnsted with the ususl vole* of thsnks.
from all'i*ra*lt«, or impuritia*. harden, tb* gama. pr
oonriao** of Its woml.rfal affioaoy aa a curative #ow«r that it ha* loduo««l at tbi, eroniug to purchaa. a bell and ha ad fur tn» son, th* benefit* of which 1 (ball hop. la do. time tu bo abl* to fti. io good an amount of M I.------*"
I oo inwnu. a* *oou a* is Is posslbl. for m* to do so. to pay you vialtem behalf o« ny wif*. and g* for her tk*

thing has wrought a l .. ....


A lilting of this Court wss held oo Tuesday, ____
Court-houeo. Caeile-aquare, before 0*Vg* Uarrla L*a,
: ; : ......
plaints, 8 adjourned cases, and 4 sftcr-Judgment ,ee down for hearing.
William Dudman t. Ttiomab CoLLiroao. —
8hutte for llieplalnUft and Mr. W.J. Hickman for the fend ant. ll wm a claim for a 8*. amouot of valaalloo of certain fruits and vegetablea to the garden of a coitnge em Mr. Cnlllford1* farm at Soulb 8toueham.—The e jlalntlft wa, that In October last year he went fendant a* ballllT. hie wage, being 25, s wee*
•ent free, ffrlng. and the produce of a amatt gi continued to Jlr Culllford', acrrloe till about Angu,t I aat.
wuoo be room!red an Informal notice to quit, but ha agreed to go out If defendant would pay lb« value of the fruit aud regetabh-e In tho garden. Deiendant at «ret refused to ay for tho fruit, but agreed next day to par for tho whole.
'lalntifl therwupoa had tlieerop valued by Mr. Bandy, and lived out tho taiau day. Plaintiff aent defendant tho particulars of the valuation. and three days afterwards Mr.
s, declining lo be re,pon,lble for ihe fruits gtitute* the '.-Mr. lllcktnan submitted that plaintiff --------- '----igeel^dtscltarged.
Thorn** C. Mill*, c«trying on the WjieMtrf a mlflt dnler in Pratt-aUwt, Catadoo Town,^ appealed on Btturdar, at the Middlesex Sessions, against a coirrio-tion of Thorn** Barstow, Esq., a magistrate silting *l Clerkenwell";Pcdice-coarL kr awnJthif Benjamin Fordham, a jpoJio*-«m*Ubl*, in tfi» Axecutioo otftlla
Ford ham recapitulated the *rtd*B0*. ho gav* on the former occasion, and said be wm quite sure that it wm th*appellant) who kicked him. Charles iTnrner,-■erjeant of the E division, corroborated thd evidence. Mr. B**ley eddiwedihe oorirt /or the ^ptlknt, he *aid, had lived for ten year* in the neighbourhood and wm highly ra*pocUble, and what object oould he poesihly hare m Viokin* & man while he was ofi thar ground, and whom ho did not know f II* then &Ued a number of witnseaos. Some of them said they saw ths- aiks^iveoffiw*. '^ke Mlils, that th,y inrd vary b*d language, and that Mill* took no part whatever in dMnrbanoe waa going oa; A man named Cullum gaid h* WM looking oat of hi* window ahd
felL town togntter, and,*omo pno callod out." Fair play," and two-m*o came up aad pulled th* *w6 de-tec tires ofl the man, who was undermost on kh* ground. Mill* n*v*r struck ihjr itiei of committed any act of violence. Mr. Montagu William* having replied on the whole owe, the magistrate* retired to consider their dociaion, and on their return into qonnt the MsisUnt judge said said they ware of opinion that thia conviction should be quashed; but although they had arrived if thi* conclusion, they thought that the detective* had given a correct and truthful Aooooat of what took plaoe at th* beginning of th* affray. Tho question m it affected the appellant, however, related to what took p&w* afterward*, wh*n. Fordhan* wo* on the ground and th* other >Utectit« ^hfd gos« mwoy. A* to thu, Ford ham warn tba onlr witneas in support of the charge, and although they ttiooght h* had slated what ho Wkwd to be true, th* rvid*nca on tha qther aide'satisfied them that h* must b* mistakso in identifying the appellant aa oM of th* four or fir* men .who then assaulted him. Th* ..........called hi Support
who convicted the defendant, or he would probably not hate d«*U with the caw summarily, hut ha v. sent it to be investigated before a Jury.
A somewhat singular affair has bsen mentioned at thn Ease* Ouartor Sessions by tho Rer. E. F. Qopp, m chairman of the Dun mow Board of Guardian*. It appear* that som* time ago two women named Dixon,
found in a ditch by the side of the road near Danmow. There wm evidently no need for thai* selecting such an uooomfoiUbLs spot for tho *nybg out of their re*o!ve, for they are stated to havo been, comfortably off, and in the possession ef & considerable 'amount of money; On being taken
before the magistrate* on s ......
commit suicide they i

roruilght, in order that Inquiries might bo Instituted into their history and present condition. The surgeon of the gaol decided that they.woto insane, and they were consequently taken off to the lunatic ajylunj at Brentwood. Mr. Qepp stated; that they were still in the asylum, and with very little promise of getting better; but tho mother was in a very distressed condition respecting her furniture and a large' itfrn of money she had left behind her in the house. Tha police had seized the key of ths house, and alio tho money, and a lawyer'* letter had b4en *entf lo tho Board of Guardian*'to deliver up the key of: the house to the landlord, to whom some arrears of rent wore due. The Clerk of the Peace said tho ttnmty had an Interest In tho property in thi* Way: The Act of Parliament provided that where a TnhatlC wm jtos-*es*ed of property two justices might mike an order commanding the overseers of tho parish lo seise (hat property and apply it to the maintenance of the lunatic* still in the Mylum. Tho Court ultimately resolved that direction should bo given to the Clerk of the Peace to take the necessary steps before two ju*tiee* to seise the property in question, so that it shall be applied to tho maintenance of tho unfortunato who are now in the asylnm.
Hook its. —What a picnic would be without hornet*' !* a matter of conjecture, a* there never has *K«n & way to W oot. A home* i# m** devmma. tional. It goes to all picnic*. And it Is a ddsipible adjunct. It tends lo modify greodincM, haide* adding largely to the general enthusiasm. Five hontnts at a small table will do more to level social distinctions and to promote social intercourse than an awful diaMter in a village.
Courtship amono th» Zapokas.—The mode of courtship of tho Zapoms of Ecuador presents somo suggestive features. The enamoured swain goes to tho woods and hunts game; when be has procured it, he present* it to the maiden of his choioe. This o
tbst from plaintiff's
matrimony, the Zapora suitor hM the great advantage over civilised wooers of being aMuted as to the lady'* capacity to* preyonn* a square maal; and doubtleM there is a diminished probability that
_______________________________ ._ afterwards " the fat will be in the fire." On the
his honour's attention eren aa a matter of equity, plaintiff i other hand, tho Zaporines* is favoured with pome * " ' "* ' foreknowledge M to her spouse'* ability to keep the
larder supplied.
CimiTt xMi> C*B*»ioj«T.—Nothing is more honourable and pleasant than civility, and nothing more I ridiculous and burdensome than ceremony. Civility p- (Jtu-hn, .1* tr, behavo with proportionate respect ««
having found tha land la a naglwiad s------ -----
a high state of eulttvallon.— Ills Honour ssld while tho plaintiff might have a reaaonable claim Is equity, h. could not aay that defendant wss liable In law.—Verdict for de-" " " ' Mr. Hickman adding thst
good defence, upon th. n Csoslct v. Gsoroc Coatas. P*ar#d for the ■ • — ........
. ... - . . .. * builder, of Bleliopstoke ell for Ih. d«feodant. a publican, of Old Shirley, claim of £13 for an alleged breach of warrant plaintiff aald he bought a bora® on tbo 4th of May,
J ft
John Dickett* — Dlckctts w hor*e to plaintiff a, agent ol the animal for £15. which hi II* Mid It w
•uro whether Rogers
.. every one, according m their nipk require* tad th«L lie ment demands. In other words, civility is the science uf men of the world. A woman of good address, who „.m conduct* herself with due circnmspectldn, conciliate price ho the love and esteem of society, because.fveryone And* ind. and herself at ease in her company; but a ccxemqnicu* mart/to I woman '» tho pl*gne of her acquaintance. fWch * require* too much attention to be a pleasant as*>-. .. .„u„„ _:.u _i... __:t i___
^ l :
frivolou* etiquette. \ou canmjt to too formal t anlmal away Roger* toTd I W her, nor can she dispense with her formalities to iey would Hod the pony a other*. In short, ceremony WM invented by pride to
uKZf" ZZKZ with r^.'«
walked Hie animal home, and It appeared unwell next da/.
* only work tliey had out of It
---- _ ill." but they did oot hare
II three week* after the purchase —
i* a driv* on two occ»-a veterinary sargeon
9 found the Animal
aay If the disease had bwn of long .landing.
the tut. of th. animal on a
» examination, and
aler bearing Mr. V
o Marinas l--Ar» yon broken In yowr n
"i.j .V»l I [.ill ih. bnw.U, .u.ll. tb.
ByrOo is sold by *e*loln* I Wars *r*rywh*re, a,
______ J bottla.—Maaolaetorwt la Kaw Io»k. and X 4*1
Oxfard^trMt. Loadoh.
Vauraass Uiaoovsar roa nta Haia.—If yoni hair Is
b*dUa^reeabl* tnMll of ®oit-E^toran." It makw thei hair
ilk yonr Chemiat /or "Tea Xixicaw Hit. Bs»sw«^"' prepared bv lluat 0. OUMf. «3. 0,fc4 atrwt. Undon. and aoUl by Chejalala and Perfumer, •»*!; whare, at 3s «d par
Cacrtos.—Meor*. Bedtltt an* Son* bag to caution th.
HtiMMEa Da;**.—T&* comfort of and tern-

blush to be converosnt with.
Pbocumti.iation.—Sir Walter Scott, writing to a friond who had obtained a eituation, gave him thi* excellent advice:—" You must bo aware of stumbling over a propensity which easily beset* you from the habit of not having your time fully employed; I men what th* women varr **p*ra*ivcly call dawdling. ^ our motto must bo lloc tgt. Do instantly whatever ia to be done, and take tho hour* of recreation after business, and never before It. When a regiment is under march, the rear ia often thrown into confusion because the front do not move steadily and without interruption. It i* the tame thing with business. If that which I* first In hand is not instantly, steadily, and regularly dispatched, other things accumulate behind, till affair* begin to pre** all at once, add no *a conftuion. Prey mind thl»: thu i* a habit of mind which is vary apt to Wet men of intellect Mid talent, *roed*lly when their time i* not regularly filled up, and left at their own
arrangement. But it la like theTi---* 41---*-
and end* by limiting, if it doea not of manly and neceoaory exertion.
of manly and nccewary exertion. I must love a man ■0 well, to whom I offer inch a word of advice, that I will not apologia© for it,, but expect to hear you are become M regular a* * Batch clock—hour*, quarter*, minutes, all marked and appropriated!'Thl*'» *Weat cMt in life, and must be played with all skill and
circumstance*, and V Maiotl of hdW&Wa&t cheer-fulnw* to mothnmgh Hie, and a shield against it* dU, however things. might go.atii**, and th. world
take a higher and better tone from th* oon*tant habit *10
C*ich other. Thare it * psctle, brt p«rf*otljA Itt*-»i(tibia coercion in a'hatat of reading well directed, ovef" «ftrt*Itinour 'of &7in»hI»TdkrecteTand coadact, which i« not the lem *AotWand.btouua.ii'tti4«k% tho last thing he dream* of. Ik drills** the conduct of m«Oa and suffer* them not to remain UrbtDO*
. 111'is.
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