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Thb Fcomva Halloo*.—Th* large war balloon which *ecaped on Monday fcnm Woolwich Arsenal without an attendant, by dregrfog itoelfaway from a number of mam who were holding it down, waa re-aovered ia E***a the following day.
New Lioirnicraii « *ni Islb or a
malt of the recent Board of Trade Inquiry at Liver-Tool into the low of the steamer Democrat, on tha Ida of Man Coast the Board of Trade have decided to treat a lighthouse at Inngenees Point, where the dim*tor took place.
Ciiokbd to D*am.--On Bandar evening a man named William Wood*, living in Friar-street, Lynn, was partaking of hi* supper, when a piece of beet •tuck in hi* throat and choked him. Every effort wa* made to water* the man, but he died of aaphyxia during the night.
Scicuta or Count Bi*ka*cx.—OnTueaday morning at eleven o'clock Count Bismarck, nephew of the Chancellor* put an end to hi* existence, in Venice, where ho has pawed several winter*. Bodily •offering wmi to have prompted the act Ha *hot himaelf with a revolver.
Gueat Fibb at Oldham.—A Are brolca out on rneaday at the mill of Memre. Coope and Co., Roytcn. Oldham. The damage amount* to aome £8,000, and 250 workpeople are thrown out of employment The fire waa mured by a fracture at the hoaditock of one )l the spinning-mule*.
Til a Clyde Sniratunreo Tbadi—At all the Clyde ehipbnilding ysnls on Monday printed notice* were posted stating that on Monday, the 21et in*t, wage* will be reducod 7J per cent The workmen have not yut taken any action in the matter, but it is expected they will accept the reduction.
Kim i* a WaaiciiouiB.—Afire broke ont at Monmouth Union Werkhouae about half-pa*t four o'clock on Sunday morning. The Monmouth Fire Brigade •oon tha spot; but the flumoi destroyed the . wholo of the laundiy, leaving only the wall* standing. The building wss insured. J
Scddbn Death or a Bai-ttst Mwiml—'The Rev. W. II. Irving, residing at the Manae, Chipping Camnd*n, Gloucestershire, who hfs been attending tho Riptist Conference at Leeds, and who armed in Hull on Taeeday, to pay a business visit suddenly ' staggered and fell while walking near the railway station, and died in a few minute*.
Turn Dbainao* or Windsob.—On Monday, for the | first time, the now drainsge system at Windsor waa 1 eot to work on the banks of the Thames at Old Windsor. The seremony took place in the presence I of the Mayor and Corporation of Windsor. These works and the drainage in connection therewith oost the inhabitants cf tho Royal borough a considerable
Falmouth. On breaking the bottle a paper was found in it, besring the following In pencil" Monday, 7, 1878. Brig Casper foundered 86 miles 8 of Scillv. She is sinking. Lord have mercy upon us." No month is given, but the 7th of October was on a Monday.
Fatal Extloston.—Shortly after four o'clock on Monday afternoon an explosion occurred at Waltham Abbey, at the percussion cap and cartridge manufactory of Messrs. Jcyoe and Co., London. It is understood to have occurred in the mixing-house, and by it one of the principals, Mr. Frederick Joyce, was killed. The building in which it happened was a | small one. Mr. Joyce was tho only person in the pinto at the time.
Tub IIouuidlb Outraob o*a Wira at Serolbt.— At the Sedgley Police-court on Monday afternoon, Joseph Watton, miner, was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment for having committed a murderou* outrage on bis wife. The ruffian went home drunk and handed 6d. to his wife to keen herself and family for a weak. She refused to accept It, and prisoner knocked her down and kicked her, and for a fortnight she wss not expected to live.
Tub Yaciit " Surge."—The Jersey Custom House officers hafe arrested the yacht Surge, on board which Stafford, tho absconding bank cleric from Liverpool, waa apprehended on Sunday morning. Tho reason assigned is that the vessel had no papers on board, and the captain explains their absence by saying the yacht took hor departure from Cowes about seven or eight hours after *ho was hired by Stafford, who was so impatient to got away that no time was allowed to procure the nucesaary papers.
Tub Loss or tub Eblaxa.— Captain Laver, master of the late ship Lblana, of Liverpool, his mstes, and the crew have attached their names to a testimonial to tho master, officers, and crew of the British ship Decspolis, thanking the latter for tho noble manner in which they stood by for over twelve hours during a heavy gale of wind and mountainous sea, and for tho skill and bravery thoy displayed in the handling of their vessel and losts, whereby the lives of all on beard tho Eblana were eventually saved.
A Man and Wira Dboivned.—The Irish papers repor" a sad accident on Lough Erne. A nonstable named Martin Boo had got married without leave. He « . • obliged to resign, and on Thursday, the 10th inst.. o came by steamer with hi* bride to get his disc!.-, -i* st Ennwkillen and make arrangement* for emigrating to Australia. In stopping from the steamer to the landing boat his wile fell into the water. Ho plunged In to save her, but as thore was no one present a ile to render them assistance they were both drowned.
WaECKS. — There were 24 British and foreign wrecks reported during the past week, making the total for the present year 1,106, which, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows a decrease of 207. The approximate value of property lost warn f*00,000. Incladn* Britleh 1108,000. IT* total tonnage represented 6,804 tons. Seven were lost off the coasts of the British Isles, three off tho Brazilian, three by collision, two off German coasts, two off Florida, two abandoned at sea, one wrecked off Sweden, one off Spain, one off France, one off Japan, and one at Madagascar.
Fatal Accident at Paodwoton.—On Monday afternoon several men were engaged in hoisting a signboard at tho Cld England public-house, kept by Mr. Smith, at 37, Delamere-crescent. Upper Woet-bourne-terrace, Taddington, when the parapet cr balustrade over which the rope passed gave way, per-cipitating two men to the ground. One fell on tho lamp at tho entrance and was picked up dead. His body was removed to tho Paddington mortuary. Tho ether man was taken to St. Mary's Hospital and died shortly afterwards Both men were married and leavo families.
The New Pmsons Act. — At Warwick Quarter Sessions, Izard Norton, speaking upon the Prisons Act, said that if tho uniformity which it was the purpose of the Aci to secure in any way diminished **? ty Ibe justices in the prisons, or
crippled the aid grven to discharged prisoners it would prove to hsvo beam very dearly purcbaaed. No Act passed within his recollection bad done so much towards the diminution of crime as that which pro. vided for aid to U> given to discharged prisoners. A mmsonal wa* adopted preriag that awry facility should be given for aiding discharged prisoners.
The Shakers.—At a meeting of the Lymington rural sanitary authority on Monday, the msdical officcr reported that he had visited the Shakers' camp and found them 80 in number, all well, A correspondent adds: "It is now eight weeks since the community were evicted, and the plentiful supply of coppers which at first flowed into their exchequer seem* to hare diminished, and thoy are now somewhat straightened. When visited the other day they were found feeding on cheanuta, gathered in tha forest. A move is daily anticipated. Mrs. Girling asserts that she has recei ved a revelation that they will return to "*t Lodge."
Educatiow Act.—The
■11 _DAai*o Lba» cr a Tnnr.—At tha Sheffield Town
are also at present in tlie hospital, and are suffering ¥»<• ol l.,„
Tiia Latb Fkauds on tub Artisans' and iianourbns Dwellino* CoxrAxr.—Since the deter-mined refaml by tha Noma SmrWary In tha'dkhteet degree to commute th/sentences Mascd upon Dr. Jama* Baxter L*ngley and'AVillium Swindlehurst for frauds on the Artisan*' anU Labourers' Dwellings Company, both prisoner*, but more especially Swindlehurst, have been subject to severe fits and mental depression. Tho number and weight of tho namea appended to tha petitions had buoyed them up with a hope of a speedy release from incsreeration, and their disappointment has been consequently tho more bitter. ' Dr. Luiglev is still engaged in the infirmsry as prison orderly, his ap" relieving him from the punishment of hard labour, whilst Swindlehurst has been employed alternately in the cook-house and mat-making.
Keitsal to Attend a Dtinq Man.—On Saturday last an inquost was held by Mr. Collieaat the Fountain Tavern. Virginia-row, Bethnal-green, respecting the death of Charles Henry Hegan, aged 27; a costcr-mongor, of 13, Princess-street, Bothnal-green. Deceased, who was wsll known and respected as being a very sober man, seemed to be In his usual state of hKth ,1Lh*,fT1,t tcn on thf pMvlou* Wednesday night. Three hours after his wife wa* awoke by her
Lilly, but that gentleman refused to com* unless he first received a fee of 3s. Dr. Richards was then sent
the hsart's setion. The Coroner said there was no law tacompeladoctorfo attend. Aft* eomo discussion, the jmnr returned m verdkt in accordance wMh th* medical evidence.
Criminal Neolect or a Boiler.—At Jersey, on Saturday last, \Villism Lane, blacksmith, was committed for trial for manslaughter. Prisoner let out a threshing machine for hire, the boiler of which he knew to be in an unsafe state, snd thereby causing the death of a farmer and a labourer.
Sewer Accident.—At Hsyton, about eight miles from Liverpool, a terribls sewer accident occurred on tho 11th inst, whereby two men were killed and three injured. Fire men wore excavating the sewer at * depth of over 14ft., when the earth gave way, crush-liig two men to death, and injuring thieo others, one
IkdhmghjMdg*, Newcwla, it wss capsized owing
reported that owing to tha steady increase of patients in tha asylum from tha county of auseax, and their gradual encroachment npon the bads available for their reception, they have considered the best r of making further provision for the Increasing bars. On Ju%87 l"t the actual number was 79
thete 745 wer^JRwex patients, 24 were pririU,---
22 out-country patients. If tha 48 removable patients were sent away there would ha 71 vacant bods. The ratio of increase, had ^srn 25 per year for the last five years, and inasmuch as the pre-asnt action of lunacy inspectors in sending Arm-lass and Imbecile patient* from workhouse* into asylums, as also the grant of 4*. ahead to each lunatio in asylums, tended allki to a still higher ratio of increase, it might be safely predicted that the asylum at Hay ward's Heath would be filled with county patfents in three years. Experience of the inconvenience and extra cost incurred in maintaining surplua patients in the asylums of other counties led the committee to suggest that the apartments now occupied by the medical superintendent should be thrown into tho general building, and that a separate house should be erected for him in the grounds. Boom for the reception of CO more patients could thus bo secured at a cost of about £4,000, and this thoy recommended should be done. The plan and estimates for tho proposed alteration had already received tho sanction of tho Secretary of State. It was not proposed to make a rata for the purpose, as there waa sufficient money in hand from the difference of payment made for pauper, county, and other patients. The report waa adopted.
At Tambeth Police-court on Tuesday a gentleman attended before Mr. Chance to nsk hi* advice. Applicant stated that some few months back it was nocewiry for him to liquidate, and amongst his creditors was the Phoenix Gas Company. Tho account he owed thorn was put down amongst others. Applicant passed after the^first hearing,;and since then had soreral-time* applied to tho company to supply him with gas, offering to pay the amount required as a deposit The company refused to supply him with gas unless he paid the amount which he owed thom at th* time of of the liquidation. Th* applicant thought that could not be right and it waa a matter of great inconvenience to him, especislly as tho winter was coming on, to be without gas. Mr. Chsnce said, under, the circumstances, he could not understand tho right of the company to refuse tho supply. Tho applicant had released himself from difficulties by liquidation, and the claim of the company was settled under that arrangement It certainly was hard, to say tho least of it, and further it would bd to the prejudice of the rest of the creditors, *uppo*ing applicant consented to the demand of the company. It would b* better, perhaps, If further Inquiries were msde, and be directed Serjeant Underwood, tho warrant officer of tho Court, to see the secretary of

>a men hsppening to be changing his i1"'* steamboat wa, passing. Two of the m,
y 'lham Spence, aged 30, and Edward Hill, 25—\------,
drewned, hat tha oth* two ware mared, a boat, la ----------------------- __
which were some boys, going to thoir aid. Spcnco AP Jones is a Califomian sheep-farmer, who is leaves a wife snd two children. , gaged by the Jspaneae Government for the purpoao --------Death.—On Saturday last tho coroner's of raising sheep in Japan, and that Shimosa - *A
" A letter has boon received
r received notice of tho death of Mary Ann miles from th* capital" A letter b,
aged two years, the daughter of parents living by » gentleman in Yokohama bringing the
W 1.l»» Rnnii.l.,1. e»—------e lif*'---- lk» milllnv ilmn nf U. An k. •
5io mantel- 1 masked robbers entered the house where Mr. Ap Jones
tho cutting down of Mr. Ap Jones by msskod robbers on the Shimosa Sheep Farm yesterday morning. It appear* that during the night, about two o'clock, three
at 1, White Horso-lano, Stepney.
had been left by her mother while__
errand, and during her absence the child
chair and took the lucifer matches from_______________. ______________________
shelf, and striking them set flre to her clothes. Tho | %?(*, "d, after gagging the servsnt, went into his
flames were extinguished snd medical aid called in, , worn and attacked him with sword*. Mr. Busscll,
but she expired shortly after from the severe burns. , interpreter at the Yokohama Saiban-sho, who was on
Fcnbral or Mn. Whallbt, M.P.—On Saturday i a visit to Mr. Ap. Jones, hoard a moaning sound, snd,
last tho funeral of Mr. G. H. Whalloy, M P., took ! going to the door of his room, was mot by one of tho
jilaco st B"*bon. Tho ceremony was of tho simplest ! robbers, armed with a sword, and Mr. itussoll received kind, the corpse being borne on tho shoulder* of » cut on tho hand which be raised for the purpose of
th* cwpa* bdng borne'ou tha shoabkra of deceased s servants, but the concourse of spectators numbered several thousands. Mr. Hampton Whalley, F**" ^ Bom ln-law, blr W. W. Wynn, Mr. Osborne Morgan, the Mayor of Wrexham, and several members of tho Town Council, were among the mourners.
Two SEAMEN DwsnraD.-Th* steamship Whitwood, Captain Cook, arrived st Goolo, from Boucn, reports harbmor, two wamen, aamed illiam Hitching and John Bedford, fell overboard, and were drownad. Thoy ware wrestling at th* Urn* of the occurrence, and, though every endeavour was made to rescue them when they fell into tho water, Uiw both sank before halp reached tham. Radfwd * bodywaare*ovarad,andinl*radatRaa«o. Both men were married, and Kitching leaves seven children.
DrerramAMcmm AT Emwaw. — Tha dktnr&aare, wkch took p!w# on Sunday aftamoo* at tha opso-ak religious services conducted at the Custom-house, Bollast, were more serious than they have been on nrevioo* Sanday*. Tha mob numbered cloaa upon &.000. Tlw preachare warn groaned at and haotad, and tho mob indulged freely in stono-throwing. The police charged them and lathed a number of the n
- —K
e wore of a very boisterous aha-
minent rough* very freely with riding whip*, proceadmga for a Urn* ware of a vary boitarew Several asresta were made.
L. Andrew* waa chargad with ambanllag fMO bdong. ing to Messrs. testes. Acock, and Copeman, butter
-by whom ha was Employed
March last, and
merchants, Temple- ____, ______
as clerk. The prisoner absconded ...
nothing was heard of him until a few daj
traced to Birmingham, and apprehended there
lava ago, when
J" charg^I Wd, "fSd
think it was s6 much as that It has'all Wn was*remuidod lMt liTin8-" The prisoner
SraMMMon op a OarrAre'* CmanMCATm—Judg. mmt ha* beam glren la tha Board wf Trad* inquiry at Liyafnoolmtotha lorn of tha *t*amer Cingakaa In Gibraltar Bay on August *. Ilia Court found that the charge against tha nwt* of having bean and* th* influence of drink at the timo of tho accident which happened a few hour* after tho veasel left Gibraltar, wss sustained, snd also that he neglectfully navigated the vessel; they therefore ordered his certificate to be suspended for twelve months, and the certificate of the chief o@car, Mr. Bandaraon, to b* muspandad for threa months for having failed to keep a proper look-out « Efca a, Laana.—Tha Oriental
Baths, situate in Cocfjjdge-street, Leeds, ware largely attended on Saturday afternoon last, tho attraction being a raca, dWano* 1X0 pad*, bdwean E. T. Joe*, of Leeds, the champion swimmer of England, and W. Book with, of London, *on of the veteran ex-champlon.
passed by Jones in the last turn, and ultimately dofeated by a yard, in tho excellent time of 1 minute 17 seconds.
american FOOD.—Last week there arrived at Liver-
since the trade in live stock was initiated. Aa regarda sheep the Increase or* any form* p*Hod I* mormon*. Thalmpwtathm of Hve jock last week k Wgnimcant from the fact that, although the weather experienced In meat ImWaaree waa vary wvere, tha modality amongst the animals In transit was smalL There was also a larger supply of fresh meat Four steamer* have arrived from New York,-and one from Philadelphia, bringing 4,280 quarters of beef, 636 carcase* of mutton, and 710 packages of fresh butter.
Heartless CoNnucT or a SiisrriELD Quakes.—A member of the Society of Friends, named Alfred Wolstenholme, was severely censured on Saturday .' m ■X i Sheffield Coroner, for neglecting to ratoue a child from drowning. He saw the infant, named Wernner, drowning in a shallow brook, and, instead
coroner said Wolstenholme waa placed, in a vsry dis-agreeable poaition, for If h* had taken tha, child out
or a great coward. Tha only excuse he had, appa
defending himself. In tho meantirao servants escaped and gave an alarm, at which the robbera fled. It waa then found that Mr. Ap Jones had been severely wounded with half a dozen sword cutq upon the head, face, and body. It is not known who were the would-be murderers, or what was the cause of their attack. The Shimosa Farm is about IB d from Tokio."
At the Berks Quarter Sessions on Tuesday, held at Reading, George Hicks, a young man, described as a labourer, was charged with stealing certain asticlos of wearing apparel and some gold studs, value £5, from Windsor Castle, on the 10th August last. It seemed thst her Majesty th* Queen left Windsor Ckstla, for Osborne, on the 19th August and - on the return of her footmen a few days afterwards they found that their apartments, which had boon left safely locked, had been entered and tho articles mentioned in the charge stolen therefrom. Access hsd been obtained to the lobby leading to the spurtments through a window, which was found broken, but there wss nothing to show that any of the locks had been tampered with. The prisoner, who wss working on some building at the Cuatlo, was suspected and apprehended, and on the way to tho police-station ho was noticed to throw a bunch of keys into a cab standing in the street They were at once secured by tho police, and one of the key* was so filed that it would open no less than 13 locks in the Castle. It was subsequently discovered that the prisoner had pawned the goods at three pawnbroker* in Windsor. ITio prisoner was committed for six months with hard labour, and an order was made for the restoration of the goods by the pawnbrokers.
from behind over hi* eye*. He thought at first it _________________
.....M tb iand not I They called nt the shop«
wo handa-voro 1 jeweller, of 106, Strand,
mar-Urraoe, Islington, waa charged before sax Hoaack, at Clsrksnwsll.polio* Court, with stealing from the person of John Charles Iiaeon a quantity of
* diamond merchant, living at 43, Bare*-ford-read, Canonbury. OTP the 26th September h* returned by the North London Railway from the City to Cenonbury Station, where he arrived about 7.30 11 ,WM » dark, rainy night, and aa he wa* walking down the Borasford-road he fait a hand put from behind over his eye*. He thong''
was only a joke by a friend, but a* the
taken away he began to struggle. Ti.......
then placed round his neck from behind, the thumbs preWnghim threat AtthatUmeLhbeyeewerefrea,
and he tried to scream but could not. At the same time h* received either a blow or a kick In the middle of the back, which made him senseless. When ho recovered himself he was alone. When ho left the City he had the following jewellery npon him : Thirteen diamonds, loose, weighing 26 carats; in a *mall box eoven diamond rings and a pearl pin; in another Daper parcel some more diamonds, a gold watch, four half sovereigns, and some keys. In the other trouser pocket thore was about 10s. in silver. In his waistcoat pocket h* had other diamonds mnd three or four gold watches. The prosecutor tend the whole of the property in the trooser goekete, to the value of Mtweftn £300 and £400, lais missing. Ho found, however, that tha property in hie waistcoat pockot, valusd at £200, was not gone —a fact which pointed to tha robber* not having time to finish their work. Tho wholo occurrence took placo within a few door* of his own hou*e. The ca*e would probably have never come to a ,court of justice had there not been some sort of quarrel amongst the robbers aa to the dispocal of the plunder. Early on Sunday morning an officer Heard a loud conversation between a woman named Alice Rogers, a sister of the prisoner, and some other women. It appeared that the prisoner had been to tha station that night to chargo tha woman with creating a disturbance. Th* woman was greatly excited, and the officer heard her say that ah* could tell the whole story about the three who were engaged in the diamond robbery; thst the prisoner •was one; that the amount realised was £160, and that the prisoner received £60, and with it had newly furnished his lodgings at 19, Dagmar-terrace, Islington. Ths prosecutor was sent for, and th* prisoner waa placed amongst seven or eight other men of similsr appearance. The prosecutor, however, identified him as the man who assisted in the robbery. Tho prosecutor before leaving Broad.street station had been in a public-house in Throgmorton-street, where he liad shown some of the diamonds. Ho had offered £60 reward for their recovery. Mr. Ilosack remanded the prisoner. The magistrate, addreeslng the prosecutor, asked him if he were in the habit of carrying such a quantity of valuable* upon bis person in the streets of London P Mr. Lisson replied: Oh, yes; and for the last ten years, but I hdve sever had anything of the kind happen before. Mr. Ilosack: All I can say then is that you may consider yourself a most fortunate
absconded from Liverpool with £16,000 in notes, the property of the Bank, from its branch In that town. Owing to information received the police kept watch for the arrival of a certain yacht, and about eight o clock on Sunday morning the cutter yacht Surge entered the harbour and was Immediately boarded. Learning from the captain that she had been hired by a young man who was then on board, the police went below, and found Stafford in tho cabin. On being askod his name he gave that of Henry Mitchell. As hie appearance coneeponded with the dsacriptlon^lven of him he was requested to empty bis pocket*, ahd on doing ao pulled ont a number of eeakd envelope*, which on being opened were found to contain Bank of England notes to a large amount. He was then arrested and taken to tho polico-*tation, where he made a full confession. The amount of note* found upon him was £10,000, and ho accounted for tho remaining £5,000 by stating that he had been defrauded of them by an accomplice, whoso name he declined to The captain of the yacht stated that the pri-hired the vessel at Co we* a week ago; he had been very anxious to get to Spain, and manifested :roat uneasiness whenever they had to put into any arbour, being always desirous of getting to sea again s speedily a* powible.
various charge* of obtaining gold watch** and other property by means of forged chrque*. Mr. Dougla* Straight conducted the prosecution for the Treasury. The prisoners, having ab*oond*d to Antwerp, wore brought to England under an extradition warrant to answer th* present charges. They are both under 20 years of age, and the prisoner Suckling is aaid to be well connected. Hunter formerly held some menial position at tho Olympic Theatre. The evidence of Inspector Littlejohn and tho other witnesses showed that tho prisoners hsd obtained a book of blank cheques on the London *nd South-Wratem Bank. They called at tho shop of Mr. Andrew Furtwsngler, jeweller, of 106, Strand, on the 16th of May last, and, presenting a clieqa* for £10, **ked to look at *ome watches, and selected one valued at £6 10s. They said that they had been recommended to the shop by Mr. George Coleman, the acting manager of tha Olympic, and thue recommended, the wltneee did not hesitate to accept the cheque, and gave the prieonere £6 change on their promiie to return with tho balance of lOe. in tho course of the day. The cheque, on being presented at the bank, was returned aa fraudulent. Other tradesmen gave similar evidence as to tho pmchsso of goods by the ssme means, and the payment to the prisoners of various sums of money in cash balances. After these transactions the two prisoners flod to Antwerp, where they lived in assumed names at one of the best hotels for a.short time, and where, being convicted of attempting to defraud a tradesman abroad, th«y were sentenced to three months' imprisonment by the local tribunal. Tha English officer, having traced the fugitives to Antwerp, they were handed over after having completed their term of imprisonment abroad. The handwriting of Suckling on several of the cheque* was now proved, and a letter written by him in the samo hand was admitted by the prisoner. Edward Fitxpatrick, of 62, Upper Marylobone-streot, picture dealer, deposed that he knew Hunter, who visited him In April last. The cheque-book produced wss stolen from bis plsco in April last, snd was missed shortly after Hunter had ooen there. It was an old cheque-book, and contained about 40 or 60 form*. It formerly belonged to witness's father. Both tho prisoners were committed for trial.
On Saturday last, at the Croydon Petty Sessions, a nurseryman named William Agate, of Scarbrook-road, Croydon, was summoned for publishing a defamatory libel upon Mr. Frederick West, of the firm of West and King. Cannon-street, E.C. It appeared that tho lather of the proeecutor, now deceased, acted as a soli-citor when property formerly known as Agate'* Nursery, Croydon, was disposed of under defendant'* mother a will. Since then tha prosecutor has received ■everal letters and other communications of a libellous nature, tho letter which was the cause of tho nreeent proceedings containing such expressions as "liar," " robber,' &c. The handwriting of the defendant was conclusively proved. Defendant did not deny sending the letter, but wished to go into the history of tho whole transaction, with a view of showing that ho was entitled under the will to the freehold land in Southbndgo-lane known as Agate's Nursery, and that Mr. West had been the means of depriving him of his just rights. The Bench would not allow this, and informed defendant that he was lisblo to be committed to the Assizes. They decided, however, to take a lenient viuw of tho case, and ordered tho defendant to find security—two *uretio* in £20 and himself in £60 —to keep the peace for four months.
Captain Ericsson, a Now York scientist, has been for some timo working at o new torpedo boat expected to work wonders. This singular craft was expected to be finished this month, and subjected to various tests to tho power of her engines and hor adaptati
Taylor, butchor, Whitchurch. . __________
and dressed. A leg of pork was sold to a widow named Kuscoo, who cooked it for Wednesday's dinner. «Mrs. Bnscoe, hor flvo daughters, and a charwoman, named Dodd, partook of the meal. Mrs. Dodd, at tha termination of hor day's dutios, took'th* rest of tha pork homo, and gave some to her husband and a to a Httlo more herself. Immediately afterwards Dodd and his wifo were seized with violent vomiting. Medical aid was sought, but, duspito everything that could be dona, Dodd expired lata on Friday night. In tho meantime Mrs. Ruscoa * flvo daughters wore attacked with the samo alarming symptoms, and in the cmsm of three medical aid saved their lives, but two still lie in a precarious condition. Mr. Barker, surgoon, having given it as his opinion that death had resulted from poisoning, the inquiry was adjourned to admit of an 'lysis of ths contents of tho stomach by the county
e washed off the

vessel waa #o sudden and so complste that no tia. J? allowed them to get provisions or water, and f* days they neither eat nor drank anything. The tain was included in tho survivor*, and hs snj other four were almost maddened by exoes*i„ ' and thirst Fortunately, when matters had s«sumed their worst aspect, the barquo Astern h-%, sight, and took the men on board.
When tho Act to consolidate the law relet!*, weights and measure* come* into operation in next it will bo found that in the county of Sal* K~, extraordinary discrepancies still exist. It may h»rr bo credited, but i* nevertheless a fact that wheat i], is sold by no less than six different weights; bit by nine weights and measures diffsrent from
omkhrhw; P*a*,thrre; mad b*an* by,^ Tha powmao* grain ooonaddao* tha county d,
other* 18, 19, and 24ox., whll* in other localities it •old by th* "roll" and tho "di*h." Potato** v.. •old by th* '• sack" of 1601b., or two bushels of 8oib. each *om*Um*u tha "*ack" cootalna three, her. cr five bushels—and sometimes by the of l*01b., sul by the measure of 841b., unless long msassre ii given, when it i* 801b.
anulytt. The most alarming ____________
to tha condition of th* pork whan it got Into Taylor", possession. 'I'h. —— K.:— :----:—i t-

tho torped*
llnitivl Slnt
representative of United State* scientific paper who visitod him Captai Ericsson would venture on no prediction*, but
ROBBING THE GUARDIANS OF THE POOR. Albert John Wearn, a horsckeepe
At Wandsworth Police-court on Tuesday, Frederick Smith, a young man living in Princo'*-tcrraco, Battersea-park • road, was summoned for riding a bicycle furiously, to tho common danger of passengers. Charlotte Webb said that at twenty minute* to nine o'clock on the night of tho 20th of July last sho was crossing tho Quoen's-road with her husband, and waa just stepping on tho kerb, when *ho waa (truck on tho ■houldor by a bicycle and knocked down, dUlocating
hor *houldor and injuring her neck and rib*. She wa*
attended by a medical gentleman up to Monday last at , Lady Lindsay and her an expense of five guineas. Tho defendant rode the Lindsay, has hsd ^vmyfw, and had n*IUi*rboU nor light Mr. |%*»aaad#,t —
ilbert John Wearn, a horsckeeper, was charged Monday, at tho Westminster Police-court, with icmon wonht venture on no prediction*, but was | *b*condiug from the workhon** of St Lnk*'*,Ch*l**a, iphatla In declaring that tbamachla*a,adevlca To, i *=drt*alingapaKof troumr*andothmartlclm,tha
as. ^
horizontally under water with great velocity, or, if desired, the missile can bo given a downward direction
. Woolrych committed him for
so as to pierce a ship's bottom below the iron plates.
P*g*t 0u*d tha d*f*ndant 40*. and oo*t* H* al*o ordered him to gag £10 compensation to th*

I Very sorry he h^d not tho
-in-law, Lady Mabel
rfroin fatal injury near Castle Eraser.
abominable. Ho was of opinion that bicycli within the meaning of the Police Act just as i a cart or a horse. An officer in com' " *
report the magistrate's observations _______
sionera. The defendant said ho had his bicycle, on which the distress could bo levied. Mr. l'agst then ordered tho defendant to be imprisoned for one month In default of distress.
i gallop. Lady Lindsay i
Tho arrivals of both live stock and fresh meat at Liverpool last week from America wore exceedingly large, and as regards the former the number has never been surpassed. The recent heavy weather seems to have had little effect upon the importation of tho live
taken place. The convoying steamers were-----
of Brooklyn, with 601 head of cattle and 3,0*0 sheep; Quebec, 146 cattlo and 1,382 sheep; ths City of Bristol, 327 cattle and 1,400 sheep; Bohemian,1 621 cattle, 876 sheep, and 260 pig*; Victoria, 220 cattle, 261 sheep, 660 pigs, and 10 calve*; th* Lak* Cham-plain, 1,161 sheep: and the Lord Clivo, 406 Head of cattle. Of fresh4neat, the Germanla brought 1,600 quarter* of beef and 200 carcase* of mutton; Kio Wyoming. 700 quarter* pf beef and 160 carcases of iputton} City of Brussels, 860 quarter* of beef and 110 carcase* of mutton; Egypt, 667 quarter* of beef and 76 carcases of mutton; and the Lord Cliv*, .803 quartern of beef and 710 package* of butter. Th* totals for tho week were 2,120 live cattle, 6,600 sheep, 800 pig*, 10 solves, 4,280 quarter* of beef. 686 car oases of mutton, and 710 package* of frefch butter.
coschman were dragged a considerable distance in tho wreck of the vehicle, which was minus tho fore wheels.
neighbouring farmhouse, where overV attention wa* paid her until tho nrrivsl of Lord lindssy with a carriage and restoratives. Besides other injuries, her ladyship had on* of her arms broken. lady Mabel and the coachmau were severely shaken, but had no bones broken.
VirnioL Tnaowixo.—John Willisn Ahlstt, a man associating with the prisoner until th6 parenU found
received at Dundalk. The attention of a traveller passing along tho high road wss attracted by pools of blood. Ho gave information to tho Kilcarry police, who tracked it to tho garden of a house occupied by a man named Byrne, formerly confined in an asvlum. Under a heap of manure they found the body of h man greatly mangled, but recognised as James Griffin, who had been talking to Byrne previously.
Fatal Railway Collision.^-A serious railway collision occurred on the 11th inst between a goods train and a beUgsLtrain on tho North British Railway, near DunflSBline. Th* engine* and many of tho waggons of both trains were smashed to pieces. A quantity of paraffin oil in the way meat the engine of the goods train got Ignited by tho *park* from the engine fire, and an alarming conflagration ensued. There were a large number of cattle and sheep in the goods train. All traffic was stopped, including through Gains between London and the north Ke the lay Bridge. Peter Brown, a ballast man, was killed, being crushed between tho engine and tho van of the ballast
mfli Exploboh ay Black at-ex.—On tho 11th inst an *splosion, which was heard all ov*r the town, occurred at Messrs. Dugdale's, Liveaey Mill. Throe person* were so severely injured that It Is feared fatal result* w|U ensue. A great number of hand* were less Rverely Injured. Tho explosion wss caused by a man named William Lowe going Into a gu room with a lighted candl*. The report wu terrific. L6we wa* takan up In a *Ute of insensibility, and two other
Fihe at a Bask.—a fire took place at a farm known as Talworth Court, lying about half-way be-tween Kingston and Ewell. on Satunlay night last, involving the loss of about £1.500 of wheat and hay ricks, the property of Mr. J. llipwoll. Tho flre wss discovered at about half-past nine o'clock by one of tho men living on the farm, who immediately gave the alarm. The charred body of a man was found among *ad a pipe was found close by, so that had gone thore to sleep, and bad
• • Anocnw.-Thoma* Carroll. 46. a jockw, giving hi* addrematKlag^tre*t, Manchreter, ha* bem chargcd, at tha Mamkhona Pollca^ourt with being drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner
In answer to tho charge, ho said ho was vory near his
W diechmrgod. hut ha had t* thauk drink for bringing magistrate.
T . SHirwaBCK amd Loss or Ftv* Lives.—
I=t#ll«meaha,reKhedLlrerpaolofthawreok of tha
o, Oud..—rdnco rkW-nl.
North Woolwich. On the previou* Thursday daceiwj
missed by a companion, who, looking down, saw only a man s hands above the water, and a couple of short planks upon which deooasod had been * tending wsre floating away. It was surmised that thenlanks. which formadpart of a mwing platfm, had dipped fro, * ledge upM wkch Ui^ had been reetlag, and that Ik deceased fell feet foremost and stuck in tho mu.l, ths tide being low. An attempt was made to reset but some time wss occupied in getting a boat,« deceased had then disappeared. A model scaffold was produced at the inquest, and it was stated that every precauticn was taken; but tho Coroner sal jury were of opinion that tho swing platform was* cheap and careless contrivance, which might hav*ben made eecure with a little trouble. A verdict of Acri-dental Death was returned.
A private letter from a naval officer with the Chin_
let writes under date Shanghai, August 30: -The presence of Russian cruiser* in Chinese waters con-tinuesito givo cause for the most watchful vigilance, llie trolic arrived here on the 28th and reported tho arrival of tha Rnmhm monkore Smertch, Uragsn, P*reon at Bakodadl, a gulf of the 1 aciflc, in the extreme north of Japan. A, they had taken up position apparently for a long stay it wi wn*ld**d advlmhla to mnd on tha LOy, Magpie, ar Frolic by different route* to Intercept tie Admiral c.. his cruise and advise him of tho Muscovite advent. It is considered here that strong representation will be mado to the eenior captain of the squadron upon tho indiscreet, if not illegal, course he is pursuing in "demonrtratmg" with *o large a force upon the shores of a reserved and suspicious nation. Tho country I* now awch excited by poUMcal and thoolo. gical agitators, and at the requort of our embassador. Sir Harry 8. larkee, our small force of gunboats has been kept out of harbour and cruising as much aa possible to avoid giving offcnco to a remarkably * citable people.
'4 I" mppllcetloe of tha ebrtrir
by the memw of the electric light Tha match, which
o clock at night Tha electric light wee throw o: the ground from four lempe, W feet from the grand.
fondly, end then watched the gema with great ink**!. Some amummcnt wa, cauwd by the brilliancv of th, Lght which denied the plsysre eomewhat and »u*d rtrenga blunder*. Behind cech gaol was eked i portable engine, which drove two dynamo m* hiam.
SL ^'Kbt The illuminating power ».i« 'qua! to 9,000 tandard candl**, and tha co*t per h,nr lm each light is 3jd.
Sixovlar Case o. __________ .
s held at the Sslford Police-cc_ s given showing that the pri.
ihonrfr wm tn.ptl..) •.. L._

singular part of the case was the prisoner's dof.
National Lite no at Institution.—Tho .u:»<«
we*t kfong #* the National Llfobuatlnallutiun. , not a winter pamee without *om* of them rendci,u< g«Rant servicei in saving Ufa from shipwreck.
DbatIi bt Misauventukb.—A sad occurrence t " just taken place to a soldier st Chatham. It *■ • < .IT0 to the Royal Engineer- '■
Saturday last felt unwell, and went to the casu u: heemtalatChathamllarracke, where they were sen I with what was supposed to be modicino. Shortly all- '■ wards the men wore taken worse, and upon laquiu- • being instituted it was found that that which had I- ' given them was not medicine at all, but a disinfr.:-ing fluid. The usual remedies were at once -ippli-d. end the men were immediately removed to Fori IW Hospital; but one of them, Sapper Bridges, lingend under Monday morning, when he died in great u A Board of Oflicers is ordered to assemble to inquire into tho matter.
Savaob Asssclt.— Edwaxd Douney, well Imown U the police, was charged at the Thames Police-court :i Tuesday with committing a violent and unprovoW assault on Henry EUiott, 133 K. At twelve oVI»k on Monday nipht th* prisoner was creating a disturb-
** J bystondere dragged the prisoner away,
and with their assistance they took the prisoner to ths station. Mr. 8*under* sentenced the prisoner to I* day*' hard labour.
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