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Tag SOUttiifapTON OBSERVE^ ANb WiSOEtESTER NEW8-3ATJJRDAy', '66tOBBR 19. 1878.
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. ' . , ALL SAINTS. l\\ ^ »*«Un« of iht members of th*
held at the George Ion, Above B»r, on Monday evening, tor the purpose of receiving tb* sUb.cemmlt«e'* report On the tsnoidates selected to eontast the Ward ou the let ofNuv.mber.-Th* Prudent (S. M. Kmsnuel, Bsq) P'Mided, «..d »u supported by Capt Glbb., K. Mayes, B*q. Aldermen Asian end liawson; Councillors O. Lai,yley, p. Warren, It. Newrain, mud W. Perkins: WrA !tp' Candy, twoof the selected candidate*—Mr Harry Coles, the other, being detib>ed to London on buslnoss-tbe large room being crowded in erenr part. f
The president said before procr»*'"'» s»si>« »>«•'»—• for which they had been called t,
thrir President. It pa* an honour fe Sid not dealre, * *"*" " advancing (n yeare, and thought
be should make way for
the time had arrived _____
better qualified
> All the post than him.
aelf (no. no). Ilewsver, having elected him, hie service* wrre at their dlspossl. Having alluded to the large deputation from Conse>vative Association*, of which be waaooe, that waited on Lord Ueaeoosdeld the other d»y, and ihe remarks of his lordship, who urged them
* "P**" toward, him (cheers).
Mr Meldrntn, who waa received with cheers, said the meeting had been called f, r the purpose of receiving th« report of the sub committee, wno had been lntrus. ted with the task of selecting candidates to represent
enabled to reeommend to the meeting, thr.e gent'emen who, with Mr Warren, who again asked their euffrag«e, he hoped would reovive the undivided support of the party in the ward. Tbla year tb* Liberal, were deter, mlbed u try again to secure a seat for one of their friends if poesibls, but the Conservatives, he trusted, wuuld do better than tb*y did last year, and bead the poll by a triumphant majority. He aald the report prepared was to the following effeot—lhat Mr Warren was again willing to corneal tb* teal, and be felt sure the committee conld not have secured the services of one who had done more to the satisfaction or the members of the association and ratepayers of the ward than Mr Warren. The candidates selected to till the vacancies were Mr J. Bishop, Mr lisrry Coles, of Undue.street, who had shown himself * good business man in his own tailing, and therefore would make • good business man for others; and Mr F. 11. Candy, partner to Mr William Perkins. If only the or the ward worked aa^they had don* before, "
." »,\p«vrii u.r«. . nov oe oiugui napping mis time, out rather sho
mltar nnvSii l".' br PC. Longman wlib al them * dean pair of heels, and piaoe the Conservktlv,

i caiunlav night, was eeut'about
capable al fertawood _..
Ills business, being on his way to Liverpool
property of Charles In the forwaaUe
Company's"* * la''hi'
of th* ship (1
. IS. ed. Th* forrcastle v
r, and he waa sent to bard labour f*r*"two mouths. " «... | Kellaway.. another I
s onnvlrUnna against prl-
.........i— ---------
to hard labour for |« days.
Issoltiro La»*ua«b-Kllia Noyr* was summoL._
J. #L CWreey,
I Kmaxuel. W. If.
Iluchan, Ksqra.
8ydinha?""wo,r?iTJ'o'f"il?ill,*b*th "n,ul,!y •nd Kate
JJeiw-aut V'aas. fur bolnjf druuk a„d o,l„Jol^Zu5'lLgu^« In .Norili.front at twmuty minutes pa,I la o'clock that inornlug. Peopln gotiwitnf t..«lr bwta to aw »hat was the
euted. Rely old ofleaders boUi wer* sent to Winchester tor is days, hard labour.
A WnoaoroL Chakuc.—John Dowry, a lad. waa charged
Ser sou and bad been talwn f^*"uj^rt'"n "her "ra'I
amount for Itlu a Mil. The other coal complainant admitted that her son bad lent him several tlmea to •I mm dismlMM1rJa'eas* lic*rln* ,hU e*IJrnf® Bench Btcaliso Potatoss.—John Ford was ehsrged with
sSffi i-KSi-i,;
«t Burireae-atreet sate, a.Id brtwi-un II and II o'elork on Tharanay morning laat a man came Into her house with some potatoes tor sale (Klbai. and alio bouifht thrm for «d. After this prisoner « nieied Iter house and aald he had a ffw potatoea In 1:1a pocket. 7 or s. and ahe might aa well have there all. and lliey were no usa to him. l'rlaoner put theiKMaioea on tlio ulile and she put thrm with the other Jloth prlsooera were together when alio paid th* money.-J O Boae proved tracing prisoner*, and another man be* ping In the nolghbuurboorl of HhihUeld. and lhat both had
n tlio ulile and she put ihrm with the other*.
.....i»m together when she paid th* money.-
ltoae proved tracing prisoner*, and another man hcif. glng In the neighbourhood of lllglifleld. and lhat both had buvn hanking pota toe* trom door to door through Uurge**-atreet, and he g«t the |«uuws (produrwl) from tha laat wltnras. On charging the prlaooer he pleadml guilty to • teallng a part of the potatoes. -Prisoner was aeut to Lard
Kao ». Aldermen
Ber.w* the Mayor . ----------
I.amh and Kmanurl. Oeneral Try,
a sailor on baard lit* 1,. A b.W.R. Company's residing at II. 8t Mary's-road. was rhargnl with stealing a gold bracelet and other artlclea of j, wellRfy ot ronalrter-
Mr Sopt lloakinson aald he p..,- .
evld«nc« and then ask rur * remand.
. -..........-1 he went to Ponsmouth and there
found prisoner In eu.kxly of the pollc*. Tho gold bracelet, gold uarringa, and olh^r article* wm* handed to witness by the eh lor constable. Mr Jarvls. In the presenco Of lb* prt nrtklis. Wltoes'Tlwu *U prlso**T tT*t"ha''woulVbo
—Wltneae aakr.l prtaoner If he Inlormed the captain, and he replied *u —Clmn tula evidence prlsnoar was r*mandetl until Hatunlajr ao tUat the owucra of tb* property, on* In
ll*n»ford#hlra and the oth«r In Paris, mlgbt b* brought
Harman Paula.,n. t
James Mason, wer*---- -----
lul command of Captain halm or

» provided I* plac*
ordering erifeeer* to hewa up the i s wtlng that I ho Ship was hoi lit lo gd • Iiould rvfa** to do a i until men wt.
of tb* two sick meu.—Uoth prisoner* <
laboar for l< day*.
tVoMBa'g Q«Aanrt.s i* Vobk-sts Mary Ann Monk, of T*•houllug most liuilly at b*rSUCCeSS C Ha a ci it or Hiuiio llsrta wivsorr A Licwls — • Uarrnaa, for

tw*my mlnatea palt II Oflyk on tL.
hsa heard th* report of tha Commit!**, the eaudidatra nominated by tb.m war* indisputably men of excellent character, good position, and honourable men of husi. ness (hear, hear). It was for them to say whether th*y weie the right men to represent thetn,after he had moved tb* adoption of ih* report which he did with a great deal of pleasure, do far ss he could sea no ax. cspllou coulu be l»k*n to one of them, but if any on-thought other*i*r, the chairman would allow him I giv* full expraaaian !e bla feelings on the had much pleasure in moving the adoptio
of their old and eeieemed frisnd Mr Kurber, for no one had ever served the tuwn or his party more faithfully than lhat gentleman had duiiug tae time he had sat in the Council. They had also been well served by their friend Mr Warren, who, he was glad to see, again placed his services at their olepoaal (applause), lie felt sure, as Mr Msldrum had already said, that they would give that support which had keen foithcomiug on former occasions, and In rs-tarn fdr that he would serv* lbs Interests of th* bur-Besses as faithfully in the future as he hsd in th* past. He rcgr.tted eery much losing the valuable profess-*•* ■■"•"am P»,kina in Council,
sat at the Drard of Ouaroians the rates had been lower
*ap*nstv* maohlnery orthe School Board, they would hav* kren still losrer. I All local matters should receive his most careful attention, and ha would always be alive .to tlie Interest of All £ainU. A» regarded Port*, wood, he had property in two roads at Ports wood, and he wouhl be looking after his own interest while he was looking after theirs. He entered iato the flght to win, and he asked them to give no split Totes, otherwise their ant"'" rt B0\b- "hti *11 desired, a triumph.
Mr Candy said ne also thanked the burgesses for the kind manner In which they had received him. Wing comparsUve stranger amongst them. He frit he «i waa not entitled to the confidence reposed in him, but now he was their selected candidate they had a right to know wh»t his political principles were. Well he was a staunch Conservative (applauie). Like Mr Wsrren, if he went into the Council he should go as a Conserve, dve, but not to ait Ih a okalr.'aad vote for a thing simply became hi* Conservative friends did so. Whether ne was *nlin; on* way or the oV»er, his first considers-lion would be the s»pport of local Interests (cheers). Heiheuld always hm,# a careful eye over Portewood. fo* he lived there some time, and"it wis there he made some of hie best friends. It would be premature to In. dicate that night his particular course on any subject, but k* might aay ne should net take any decided steps without first consulting his constituents. No doubt he should make a few mistake*. All young men did. but If returned, he shouU try to do his doty to them and to the satisfaction of himself. After a few other r*-marks, be sat dotrn. '
. Mr Meldrum remarked tha* what Mr Bishop had staled respecting the eipsndiloxe of the School Board
the ratepayers'mtmey In aa ectravagant a manner in
the Council as at the School Board. Mr Meldrum then contraslcted the statement made in the Liberal papers last week respecting the result of the registration, and asserted that the following was a verified result of the registration
Wl#rft,»8ATOKDAT. OoTOsaa I*. * Eccl*sjastical.—The canonry at Winchester, vacant brthe death of Canon Woodrooffe, has been filled by the appointmsut of the Bev. Brorst Roland WHb*r-foree, vicar of Seafnrth, who will resign thst parish, and act as Warden of the Wilberforce Missionary College, th* head-quarters of which have been moved from South London to Wiaoheeter, and the work of which fill now Ue In Portsmouth, Sottth* amnion, and Aldershot. .
THB WiMTza Aastzt.—The following dates have been fixed for holding the winter assises or giol delivery I—Western Circuit (Uird Chief Justice Dole-ridge): Exeter,Saturday,October36lh; Bristol.8—■-dav, November 2nd ; Winchester. November 7th.
ridge): Lxetsr,Saturday, October S6lh; Bristol, 8atur-IT, November 2nd ; Winchester. November 7th. UaAMAtic Pusbiitatiom.—Ihe members of the Winchester Amsteur Dramatic Society, appreciating highly tie valuable and able services of Mr W. O. Blanchard, as their stage manager for some years and esteeming him aa a friend and neighbour, have pre-aented him with a very handsome and useful leatlm'oW. and remembrance* of happy hours and suo*-esfui theatricala In the cause of local charity. It la fa/m fho establishment of Mr O. P. Jsoob, and consists o< a jug and two goblets. The latter bear the monogram of the receiver, and on the former is engraved tb* follow, ion inscriptions
00 LU lotrto. fioRiooO. Ooiobor. Hm
" Safe mayst thou wander, safe return again."
Cymbelln*. Act 3, been* #. Itl»X» SnooTtxo.—There waa a friendly competition Monday; at the Mlllbrook Range, between ten of

Duplicate, fal led
8t Lawrenee
Sustained. failed.
ional *ervices of Mr William Peikins in
and he regretted alao it was on account of ... _____ ..
hi* health that they were about to do so. lis might say

*k a renewal of their e^sfidenoe. They muat all ry much obliged to thea* geuilemer* for Doming d aud offering toeir servicea, and he hoped Ibsy would be able to congratulate them on their aucce»s o i 1st of November In ths same hearty maimer they becu able to congratulate All Saints' uicmbara orinsr years, lie fell eure they could do no belUr a adhere lo th* report which had been placed before n. Mr Warien mey kne* as an eatermed friend, and Mr Bishop had supported them on mauy occasions.

He had always attended their ____
cuing good service, and he did his duly t&or.
tlie Hoard of Guardians. Mr Csndy they o.
upou would give the aame tfflcieul couuael Perkins had. and as regarded Mi Coles he was a thorough business man, had a great iuteresl In the and by looking alter his own interest he would •king sftef theirs at the same time, lie did not think they could have selected four better names, all of which he should cordially support (applause)
%. J. huffelt in supporting tne report, ssld they ist to select men to look sfter the ratepsycrs' money, and the best men to do ihu and to try aud In. creasv the trade of the town were men of business hablta (hear, hear). They could place great confidence
... .l.._ ii----at the head of the poll at the
with a great degree of
in Mr Bla nop. He *
election of Uuardian* and it
confidenoi he could now come forward ______ _______
suffrage of the burgesies of the town far the Town Council. Mr Candy they knew to be » staunch supporter of the cause, and they could not do better than have one lawyer to fill tne place of another. Mr Coles was a man of great enterprise In business, and he no doubt would carry bis enterprise with him into tne Council-chamber. Mr Warren, alter trying him for three year a Lad never been fouud wanting, lie w
his paity aud not voted with them i party. That was the kind of spirit he admired (applause). And they were the kind of men who would look alter their interests, aud he had no hesitation In stating that the four Conservative candi-dates before thsrn were all men of that character Alter a few other remarka the report was put, aud carried by acclammstiun.
Mr Warren on rising met with a most hearty recep

Jetted to lbs vote at the recent registration, withdrawn me objection lie diecovend, a short time before it came on lor lirariug. «o they might rely up-on him oiligently watching over the Interests of the iubabitanta of Portswood (cheers). He regretted very much three of hi* colleagues had thought II necessary
-- withdraw from the otruiest at this eltction. _
th* time they had been iu the Council he found ......
gentlemen assisting him In every way lb«y could for ibe inurcat of All Baints and Portaw ,od (applauw). It had been menilouvd lhat Mr Davli and Mr Perkins did not attend their ward meetings, nut he could assure them, from his own p*rsoual knowledge, their interest in the welfare of th* party was ine leas for that. He regretted very much they were not coming forward again, aud regretted still more the " - » di setting him, but
seriously Into

when he esme to take the . _____ ____
sldrration be louod It could not be helped, aad all that
keard the other candidates meant to flghl ----------
hsd fought a good mauy political figius, and had never reckoned bla opponeuta too aheap | it waa a y*ry bad
They aaw lhat on th* Ist of laat November, want they reeled too aafely on their oar*, and their opponenia most
-----.----------laL,_ aa ot g
popular man was within abi nt ii ______
•eat, end h* would do ea again uul*ss they carefuL'Mr Col*e,who waaheaorry loe.y was
ou fionoay, ai :ue Minorooa nang*. otiictn ten ot
the lit and tea of the 2nd Hants. Wimbledon rang** and rounds, fte, 1st stsg* of the Queen's, and of ioutse " usnal targets and scoring, The lit Hants could persusde their best men to go down, and consequently theirs was scarcely a representative team, and tha sun being directly In rear Of the firing point) gave
2nd Hants, and driven to the'range, wherji shooting commenced at 2 o'clock, and until the longest range had be*n reached the affair was doss and dnubtlul, but at 600 Southampton drew ahead and ended with 69 polnte to the good. After the match the competitor* returned to Southampton, and assembled at Ward'a refreshment house. High-street, whera the .2nd Hants provided a capital dinner. Lieut Bwayneprrslded, and Lieut Abraham occupied Ihe vice, supported by Cspt Harfleld, Lieut Shenton (1st Hants), and Lieut Per-kina. Various toasts were given and responded to, Interspersed with songs ahd recitations, at the ooaclu-
by all. Subjoined are the scoresi—
yards yards yards Total
Nab-Lieut Abraham ..
Hub-Lieut Perkins Private Hacking Laum-Corpl Porter .
Bergt-M*Jor Poole
Colour-Sergt Frith
All dslnt* ...
Conserrally* gains on Objections
_. Total Conserratlve gains *... " .....
The Liberals were ex>reiuely anxlnui to make a show and how they did this th* fsets wfll shew. They in certain names to be inserted on the li«t of over and when they appeared in court objected to
(laughter). In the parish of All Salnta alone I.....
were fifteen or eixursn persons who voted Liberal laat; time struck off by their own party because they were anxlout to show what a great work they had done (laughter). Then they had made
claims sui'slned by the Liberals-------------...»
Conservative Associations (laughter). Kven admitting that, the Conaervativea weia in the proud position of
Mr W. Perkins, s* one of the retiring councillors explained that failing health bad caused him to retire now, but en some future occasion. If they would accept him, he should be pleased to come forward again, lie thanked them very much for their past favours, snd urged them to throw their whole energies into the fight, iu order to ensure success.
The Chairman said he had to congratulate the mem. hers on the ohoice of the csndidatea, at th* aame time he very much regretted the retirement of Mr Furber, by which they had lost a good man. Mr Perkini had carried out his duties in a straightforward manner, and Mr Davia bad given them every satisfaction, and he had not the slightest doubt they would,be succeeded by men who would follow their example (applause).
The resolution was then put and carried by, acclamation.
Mr Pope next addressed th* meeting, expressing the deep regr't the association felt at losing the services of the retiring councillors. Mr Furbrr had now arrived at the tim* of life when be required a little rest from public life (The Chairman : " He Is not so old as 1 am ") (laughter). Mr Pope was very glad to hear that, fur it ahowed the chalrm»n felt equal to any ser " s the association Imposed on him (hear, hear) He
Portswood men to all Intents and purpoi..,____
of high principles, and who would hot ahrink from the duties Imposed upon thrm. and concluded by pro-posing that the United Associations give a hearty vole of tha iks to the retiiingciuncillor*.
This was seconded by Mr Atkins, and carried unanl.
.Mr (v. Perkins on bahalf of himself, Mr Furber, and Mr Davis, briefly returned thnnka, and a vote of thank* to the President for presiding brought a moat enlhu-
aiastio meeting to a c
Hoaaiaaa's Taa.—flholo taai al vary reasonable prlc*a
KrS-iwMZ .'ZKtut.a.'SA
tra MM in Knglaad la painted or fneed with mineral powder, Hru.slan blue. Ao., to hide worthies brown leaves, the
Uh i giiat', bookseller.
with agouumj pain from the crown ot the bead to th* knew.

These Sessions were held at the Castle. Wlnch**ter. on Monday, when, at noon, the county financial busi-n«*s was taken. The P.lght Hon Viscount Brersley presided, (and among the other magistrates present
Dutton, Mr J. Bonham.Carter, Messrs W. B Simnnds, M.P.. Lieut-Colonel Naghten, M.P., Capt Field. R.N., Capt Brnwall. R N , Lieut-General Forrest, C.B., Mr O. B. Byre, Ac.
The right hon gentleman who moved the necessary resolutions explained lhat this was the first qutrter In xount of reformatory and i submitted to the Finance heretofore having always
which the payments o Industrial schools ' '
Committee, these been dealt with by the Visiting Justices. He told there wss some conflict of npininn as to whether the Secretary of State should not b* liable a* a whole for these expense*. One year's experience of the Priiona'Act had been to show that the relief ot rates amounted to something like a halfpenny In the pound, thouzh he waa happy to say It was by no means unusual lo ask for a farthing rate here. Yet the committee had reason to believe that If the Income and expendi. lure should go on as now an alteiaata farthing and hslfpennv rate would be sufficient for the general purposes of thecouniy.
Sixteen of the twenty-three constables who were called out as belonging to the Reserve Forces have rejoined the Constabulary.
The commemoration services of the aboVe Church ere held on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday ser ons were preached by the pastor (the Rev U. W, F. Oregg). both morning and evening to large congrega. tions. On Monday afternoon the usual tea meeting took place, tn which upwards or 160 persons sal down. In the evening the public meeting was held In the chapel, and was alao well attended. The chair was aken by Major.Oencral Tryon, J.P., who waa sup.
other friend*. Ihe meeting having been opened by singing and pr»yer, the Rev O. W. F. Oregg aaid he had to thank them most sincerely for th* kind support and sympathy which had been accorded to him during the past 30 years during which he had laboured in their midst. He thought they had been most successful during the past year as they hsd not only cleared off their debt, but hsd even money in hand after paying •" heavy expenses which hsd been necessarily atien-
------.£------------# place of worship.
•ilh that, as their
m, It waa thought desirable to postpone"tbe matter for a time at least; and now they wauld like to again draw attention to it, as they had got plans for building seven class rooms over the existing school
■•ability to attend from tha Rev* H. H. Carlisle and II. O. Mac key, each of whom deeply sympathised with them. - The Chairman said la felt aure ha need not offer sny apology for being in that position lhat night. Though he was a Churchman he thought it was their duty to give what help thsy could 'on place as thslr chspel w*s, m it wa*
—,-----ns of spreading the Gospel, but a means
of social Intercourse, and h* for one wohld be most happy to give them any aid he poaaiblv could. H* " detain them but call on Dr Wright to say a ' "'-u' deeply sympathised
» T.H chute
ey could get, s
few words.—Dr Wright __
with them, as he thought thu^
needed all the assistance they
that reaeon lie waa present thai evening, ns wouia ass them all to pray tor th*lr paator, and he would assure them that It would gratify him very much to know that h« ws 'surrounded by deep sympathisers. Then there wa* another way they could help him. and that waa by getting lost eouia to come to tha Horn** of God. What Inesiimsble good might be don* if.eech one present would bring but on* lost soul Us Qod! In conclusion h* would appeal to esoh one t* do what they could for the Muter—Other speeches followed, and the meeting closed with the usual vol** of thanks. During th* *v*nlng several hymt were sung. Collections were aaada at tha'cloaa of each service.
Sum* a a Data*.—The comfort of refreshment and lam.
awu£.uJiD!$oiL11"U*le"' ' &
ta-fl. ®*|ow. II
H.—Q. iw. II.
been found to contain numberless minute shells. There waa no proof, howevsr, that tb* animals which occupied these shells had really lived al th* bottom, and in default of Iht* the current belief wa* opposed to Hi* Idea of animal lif* In the deep so*. Byand-hye tb* dl»i cOrsry oU the coast of Norway, of a species of crinoid
B^iluon being uddsrtaksn for the purpose af dredging jn lb* nertbsrn sas by Professor Wyville 1 bompson and himse f In 18o8, the Admiralty' placing a at their dlspo*al for that purpose, which wa* followed by
f.2 o'f,!Aa.c« .2 ■
Bsbe*. Dr Carpenter said tha most numerous claii of
globigerlnia. whose shell, lay In oountlew host on lbs wbi|* mud of the ocean depths. It was doubted | whether tbey were alive or not t but hl» belief was that they lived and grew at the surface and In the upper region of the ocean until they formed about slxtesn cell* and that then the arbornst* of lime they secret*) from the water thickened thsir shells and mads Ihsra so hsavy that they sank to the bottom, and for his own pari bs did not see why they might not continue to live, there. The lecturer pointed out that In all *ge* those tnlmbls had played a most Important part in the economy of th* earth, and immense extents of strata wevs formed wholly of thslr remains. Th* sea. as had bstn discovered by analyii* of water brought from rerious countries and depths, w.s a kind ot weak broth, io which these foramsnifsra found plenty of nutritive matter. They formed the food of starfisbss and the like, which in
final Illustration Dr Carpenter present J those minutes forms of vegetable life, the diatomeeese, and explained that thsy had the power of creating organic matter from air and watei, which animals had not. These were fouad In Immense quantltiee In Ihe Antarctic Seas, and thence were distributed by Ihe Polar, currents throughout the main oceans, thsre supplying nutrient matter for foramenifera and thus laying the foundation of tlio chain of marine life which had formed the subject
of the evening's discourse.______
at the close tendered to the lecturer who w applaudyl for his most lucid addre**.
■ ■
to bo earned away and tho prisoner had taken a bank cheque book from a drawer of a table la tha drawing-
By the English pre** it i* found that a memorial by the Archbiahop of Cantarbnrjr, tha BUhop of Gibraltar, and a large number of Uo member* of the Church of Lnahnd Twnnerano* Society, taa been forwarded to Sir Garnet Wclseloy uking him to pre-yent the extension of the number of dnnkiog house* fa th. Wand of Oypma. It l» av4 that Zn^lah influence and civilisation ought not to carry with them * blot ,nd a* the Inducement
afforded by sach plaooa to habit* of intemperance. Wo are fully aenubl* of the good intentions at the** gentlemen, hot assure them that their fc*ra are pcrfeolly groundlew. Long before the English occu-M*rina waa full of wine shope where better than poiaon wa* mold, where a man oould get mad drupk for about 2d. Now most of thow & « cl()'0<1 ?r Uken ^7 foreigner*, who soil good WUahb**a&aboo&:od.aqmad. Th#o*a#qaenc# i* that now It coat* a man about 2*. to get drnnk. The nativea still stick to their own drink*, and the *hopa which sell thee* thing* are lesa in number than they were before.—Pyprm.
uZss. ....

want'of spirit. Indigestion, heanneaa. low of sl-ep. n-uraUio
carer»il> prepared with Chemically pure 1> gradients, and oartifiad to c-nuln 31 doaea ofQulala* and Iron. By obtain.
"Lb!°..°^?fli'1*.nU.J,n_,*==^ra or reputed Quinine wiffea (ui lor stamps or P.O.oJ by J.' fenpe*!
Anvics to Meraaaa I--Are you broken la your reet by a lck child suferiog with Ihe pUn of cutting teeth f Oo koialst and get a bottle ot Maa. Wiislow's or. It will relieve the poor sulterer lntioe.ll. -~J- parfectly hanuleas. and pleasant to taste,
Osford-strwt. Loodoa.
PaLtuaLa biscovsar roa rna Haia.—If yoar hair is

_ _ 3. Bayaar, H, Drld#e-*treet
C' «w,». uw*
Adnural commanding, reaolved to save tho young man, ordered him to tako charge of tho first boat pnt off (rem the doomed ahip. The Grand
umieraLind, yir," o.cWmod Iho Admiral, "that you ato unilor my comnoind P nnd do yon dai* to rcfoso obodicnoo to rov order f" "I know my doty," •mwimrod tho midJipman, >ull>0 oioy iij ordor. »o« m,y «o «t to mo, oxcopi u orj.r ti
ing, wa* promptly ordered undo, arrest for dieobe-dwac#y ordere. If# euhmitted wfthoo* mmmar.
yoarhanngplaced the midshipman A lade and* mr-" ^ W*" =7 ** having
"qmlwamd pareon m wmo ^""'7 *»il«go remote from all gcneralsocioty, may
w2 'n * DMfn^ *lca In order to cultivate hatred e&ctnally; dmdly and oomtlnaoaehabedfe hetb#-coouogaaaaachroafgmaemachaatheoldUood.fead I.m'yVnd,
oiok. po«.blo, ond to giro it nniuj from a purely artistic point of yiew.
y, which could not but be iis-haWte of Oriental life, v
if that toilsome Jc.
-SSIL °I then formod a part, a smglo
wmeperof the Emperor wa* sufficiently powerful to tecure the execution of hi* mandate* in the remotest 'c*Tili»cd *orid. Great aa are tho hutono difflcultiea in which thi* censu* la involvod, s to, he good independent graonde for,
believing that it may have been originally ordered by fnitto Baturninu*, that it waa **sw by Publioa 8ul-jifioua Quirinu*, when he was for tho first time legato of Byrta, and that it waa completed during his second term of office. In deforonco to Jewish prejudice*, any infringement of which was the certain signal,for .violent tumult* and insurrection, it waa not qajtied out in the ordinary Roman manner, at each penoa'e place
Jew* still dung to their. gtnealogWa h memory of long-extincfr tribal'rehtUWH tho journey was a weary and
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