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, - fW SOUTHAMPTON Ori^MHV KK ANT»-^'TN€ff15, --{$£- • -
Soubby, barrister at l»», of th* Middle Tampl*, to h* hb private mratatr daring hb year of, OlBea. Mr. Sotilsbr ha* filled the mmepffice in th* present and two precedingmayoraltiee. . .&
Cuabltox Old Phucu Pai*.—Renewed effort* have b*eo made to r«rirq this snclcnt pleasure (known as Horn) fair, at Charlton, formerly hold three day: in October, but the official* peremptorily decline to atreds to the proposition, and an7 altedip^ to hold a fair will be suppressed by authority.
Tn» Akbbicam Fooi> IKPOBT4TIOX.-TJ.O supply of
tabs of hatter, being * decrease in every instance except u regards sheep when contrasted with the Sgnree of the former went.
AL4BJIWO .IJ.ciuam of Vaouaxct or SnitortKiRB. —At the meeting of the ltoard of Guardian* of the Ludlow Union on the 4th inst., Superintendent Brooke*, the assistant relieving officer for tramp*, forauued a return (hawing that the number of tramp* relieved in the following year* were a* follow* (ending September M) :-!#%*, 4**; IMd, *#*; 1*77, l,#7t; ana 1878, 1,333. •
hdooaanow to South Ai-stbaua.—The Salisbury, 1.094 ton*, Captain G. CWse, cl,altered by Sir Arliiar Blvih, K.C.M.G., Agent-General for South Australia, left Plymouth on the 4th insL for Port Adelaide, with 370 emigrants, under the charge of Dr. F. E. Corbet Singleton, surgoon, amongit whom were 85 tingle female domestic servants, under the case of ill*. Margaret Roger*, matron.
A Ship Stuasdbu.—Intelligence ha* just been received from l-'arousbnd that the *hip Father Smeed, Captain Dennett, belonging to Mr. George Smeed, of Uofo Court, Sittingbourne, and laden with coal*, lia* been stranded on Gotica Sand*. It i* feared aho will bccome a total wreck. The Esther Smeed wa* capable of carrying 1,000 tons of coal*, and waa built a fe*r o cod of A.000. a* tho own*". psf^to dnp-building yard at SiUingbourne.
Cok» Market roa 6i«ovoif.—At a recent meeting of wdluenlml rmldanl*. bdd at th*'Royal H06L it wa» resolved that a market for the «a!o of com should' be established at Slough, and that the first market: should take place at the hotel, which is situated opposite the Slough Junction.of the Great Western Bail way, on Tuesday, October 15, at the clow of a public meeting which U to be held for the promotion of the object.
Awtto.—The Isni Jpnii Rtcord ha* , that Sir Henry A. Hunt, O.B., the
EPITOME of azys.
Ekd 07 a Snuu.—The strike at th* Rhode* Mill, lliddlet-n, terminated on Monday. n< |W,.ito being idle a fortnight, have re*um*d work on the
court, John Bryan, 23, a bricklayer, ha* been charged *»Ith cruelty to a kitten, which ho waa wt te n policeman to throw a* high into the air a* he coald, and then to kick it a* it felL He waa fined 40*.
Gamkltvo i* Ba**slet.—Fifteen men hare been found guilty at the Bamiley Polioe-oourt of " gambling in a public place" at Bamriey, vis-, playing pitch and toss for money. They Wert fined various ■urns according to antecedent*.
Tub Neobo Buwo in Sajtta Cacx,—News from Jamaica announce* that the negro insurrection in Santa Crux has boon qnelled, and that the ringleader* have been raptured. It i* said that the rising originated in a disagreement between th* negroes and planter* on th* tubject of labour contract.
W«a>.-Forty-three British and foreign wrecks were reported during the past week, making the total for the present year 1,082, or a doqrsaae of 182 as compared with the corresponding, week of ^ year. The property lost was approximately valued at incWlng Britbh A00.Q00. Tko oggi*. gate tonnage was about 9,500 tons.
Houbiblb Cbobltt :!» rni Pottekib*.—Tho North Stafford agent of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating a most barbarous ca« of cruelly perpetrated by poller*' workmen upon two cat*. 'J'he men got the animal* hi their work-ahop. and gouged out their oyes, and whilst blind and uuUdened with pain incited them to fight.
Soocnmo Ocmaom on a Otu:—At Wednmlnry I olico-couit, Samuel Powell, 19, has been sentenced
tempted to thr __ _F ___________
•oner stabbed her with a knife and broke a bottle over her head, inflicting aerious wounds. Th* girl raised an alarm and pii*ooer ran aw*y.
Exr.uoKi.wabt OratAon.—The county magistrate* at llurelcm ha* sent a man named Sherlock to prison for eight months for an extraordintxy'btttragok In company with another individual, who ha* absconded, he burst open a dooc of a house, attacked the inmate* with a gun, sorionsly Injuring one. and destroying a' tiible and olherartieles. Ho fought the policeman for ten minutes desperately, and, assistance having been procured, ha was chained to a oart and drawn into the
absconded with a parcel of bank-note*, the vali _ which has bedn stated at £15,000. The bank officials admit the fact of the robbery, but decline to give any further information, and the polioe, into whoee hands the matter has been plocod, are equally silent. Tho
-'—snded clerk b su|----" 1 ' ' " "
-0 ho wjll prohat dition treaty with thi
Stork in Sorri/ Psmhiiokbsiiiub.—A great storm from tho south-west broke over South Pembrokeshire on Monday evening. At Tenby it was moat severely felt, the wind being of such force as to make it dangerous to be in tho street*. Tho glasa in the window* of several houses on the Esplanade and in other streets xnsiderable damage was done to
inthority l_______—____•
irbitrator in the ca*e of the London Pavilion Mm,
At the Birmingham. Quarter Station* on Tueedsy, two men, named Jam** and Da wee, were convicted of
tendarnee*, left the dock, but Jame*. uttering a ory of rage, iprang at the wardcr in ehargr, whom ho attempted to hurl dewn the steep step* leading to the 0*11*. Fortunately the' watder, although the attack wa* so unexpected, stepped forward, tho* wiving him-eelf from falling, and grappled the pri*osier. J*m«, however, had worked himidf ihto'a state of frenzy, and ifiade desperate efforts to dear the dock. In-' «jector Hohy, of the court, and Detectircs'
Black and Cooper went to the warder'* assisUnce. and with considerable difficulty the prisoner was held down' acrdss the mil of the dock whilst (by the order of Major Preston, the Governor of the Borough Gaol) hi* hands were secured behind him with handcuffs, nnd-'hb boot* having been taken off. he wa* carried dowt to the soil*.
Thomas Smith or
Tueeday morning .....
Correction, for tho murder of a woman with whom he had cohabited at B*tter*ea, named Amy Jadge. The prisoner was tried at the lost *e**ion of the Central Criminal Court. The defence **t up for him at hb tnal wa* that he wa* in sauce at the time the act was committed; but this failed. Sinoe hb conviction the prisoner has been visited by two medical men, by direction of the Secretary of State, with a view to a*eerta>n the *Ute of hi* mind, and their report was no duibt unfavourable to Ae *ugw*tioh that the prisoner was not responsible for his act*. He has been visited since his conviction by a number of hb reblivas, and on Saturday last hit mother, hb sister, and brother, and a brother-in-law took their last farewell of him. He slept soundly during the early tx^tion of Monday night, and Mr. Gilbert, the chap.
PI*"", v&ikd him woe afla, ew*m o'okok and remained with him till the last moment. Shortly befoeenine o'clock a procession, headed by th* under-sheriff, Captain Colvile, the governor of the prison, followed by several warden, proceeded from the cell ■whan the prisoner wa* confined to the place of pie prisoner waa pinioned by Marwood *hortly before he arrived at the *caffold, and he walked the hole distance, which wa* rather considerable, with' The chapbin road tho Burial Servi
Hall, ha* *ent in his award. Mr. Wbl "claimed 1 the prisoner responded audibly. Just as he wa* abou> £147,000 for the freehold and goodwill, the building ** otter the word* "Lard, have merry upon me, *treet from Piccadilly to | *fte^ he had pronounced the word* "Lord," the dren 1 £109,300. The freehoU j «nd the prisoner dropped at least a distance of si
Wegwqulrtd (0, _
Oxford-street. The ai
cm* M. WW £8^000, s—___..
f :W7«; m IS76, md 1m W77,
occurred on Sunday morning in Gravwend Hatch be-Btoom* Prfna Friedrich.Cari and tbo barnw Wrttw. tb« form* bouhd to mnnd^bnA, and the latter from Auckland. The steamer had several plates'stove in on the port bow and decks ripped
owed op the South-Wast
I Jell, and the prisoner dropped at feet, evidently received a fearful thook; death appeared to take place in a very short period. Although othing but the bl*ck flag oould be *een, at bast 1,000 «r*ons wore sasembled outside tho prison at the loment of the execution.
roofs and chimney-stacks in the I____ _______
ing tho day was terrific, and at high-water tho spray was earned ovef the houses on tho north end of-the Esplanade. - r: ,
Bzuotocs Eoualitt.—It b proposed to hold a groat North of England convention |of friends of
tho robtior

cclesiastical questions, to urge upon Liberal iraacrs mo necessity of at once declaring in favour of disestablishment, and to promote tho better political organisation of Nonconformists. About 2,000 delegates are expected. Mr. John Bright and many —-Bibcrs will be ' " *

from tho 1st April, 1878, when there wi_______
of £6,213,389, to October 5. were £36,370,419, against £30,472,760 in. tho corresponding period of tho preceding financial year, which began with a babnee of £j,9SS,CG0. Tho net expenditure wa* £15,098,231, :igaiiist £12,850,011 to tho name date in tho previous year. The Treasury balance* on October 5 nmoonled to £M#,*03, mod at tb# aamo dato In 18T7 to
WOUKINO ilex's COLLBOB, G&BAT OeHOXD-STOBCT. —After tho usual autumn holiday recess tho new
. _ prospectus in me omtm nt m
' Free Popular lecture* for M<
e given every Thursday evening; the object of tho Council being, a* they frankly state, not only to apply free lecture* of tho highest cla*» to tho public, •lit to *itract them to tho College, *o that they may of th* advantages eo easily within thou

ak or Foot and Mom Dubasb c :c.—Informstion has been received at thi e Deputy Clerks of tho Peace for Lancashire of Il,o outbreak of foot-and-mouth discam jutbroak is on thi windloburst, Whittington,
i aneater. amd th* other Is 00 th* farm of Mr. J. ) jlson, Iilundell Sands, Great Crosby. The autho-nt:c* 111 both district* have taken every precaution the Act allows to prevent tho spread of the disease. No of pleuro-pnoumonia are reported, beyond
t Aughton, near Ormskirk.
x —On Tuesday Dr. Hard-• the King"* Head Tavern,
wieko held ai ________
Broad-street, St. Gilca'*, relative to the death of John Mcena, aged ditT-thr**, who** dmth took plae* oa hunday last. He had been a porter at Covent-garden; but, took unwell, and having no money, wa* turned out of his lodging*. He then *ought refuge at night in * watcr-cloaet: and appeared ao emaciated that his fnend* advised him to go into 8L GO**", Workhomm*. llo did so ; but when admitted it wa* found he was nearly twensibl* from want of food, and h* died on Sunday from lung inflammation, accelerated by exposure and want. Tho jury returned a verdict accordingly.

-----baa been received in Lirfir-
yyul by telegraph of a dbasUbaa mllision between tho Liverpool tlcamer Livonb and the London steamer
and the peak? part of th, lorn fall on London and
ve^ hanngbom boilt In I8T4 at LiverpoA. gho wa*L5WtooagM**regut*r_and was an inm *m*#
CntoLam CawAL WAona.—On Monday the w rnsual ward* «m th* edlular mystem, which th* Ben-har* erected at Mary-pkeo, Not-
A «.000. irom th. pU«. of M».M.
A. and C. liars ton, architect*. The ward* contain 40
ho left the court smiling. • • ?«?■....... ■
pin, and other
tUSiSs aBBSasi
India Docki . T""PTMUML-On Batwday ing last Mr. Alderman Patterson (chemist), —to of the borough of Stamford,
.'S, oss been indicted for having stolen a cornopean, value £10 10s., the property of IWnry Morgan. H* , wa* further indicted for having stolon a coat, value ™' • 21*., the property of J«me* Clinton, and two mhlrta \.t *nd othw" articles, th* property of George Merchant. : Morgan, a comet player at the Royal Aqi '
a sismnjb itertjss msxoaii.
i^? I***' ^ died *n 1513, an ex-
to. Giovanni di 'hrt Etfr jihOTa. uJ*'
pnrinaw .t Hi. tim. not to iMn h .oy wny -1O1 tho old nwrter'i pwntiay. At tin end Of »
in a handsome frame in the port of honour, the following .conversation took place:—" Why, you. have had yamr Antnrnoehio eoyad^ "Be, aw khnd. only rrstortd, and restored, too, by a m»i*terlv hand."
topwv#laywth*oontnwy."r U^mthbtha^^w*. was taken 6wn. and th. pannelWmgtnmedwand, showed the uamisUkable signs of age in it* worm-oaten condition and the grain of the wood, all of which it *ould be impossible to imitate. The friend, astonished, hot onconvrnc*d, *xamjif*d ft *UH tkeer.
yomrownpW,'* oomtmoad ho, "hot itb #*t your picture. The wood being tMck bw been divided in two with a hair saw, and two panel* have been made, '
on one of r*hlch wa* 1 -m.:. =_* *---
stolen. On the otK<
which at present b the <
being made the Italian fraud, and also that the _
exorbitant price* to an American, who had beet. _ . virit to fan* to lee the Exhibition. The " re*tor*r' will have to answer to the bw for hb culpabli Stratagem. It b not at all likely that thb is hi flrrt attempt at "picture restoring" of a similai
s of /which was tho original. Thb ha* been hi*.. -p oogy haa'bwd made^
inposseaa." On inquiry obliged to oonfaa* to th*
the local justice* £10
f Mr. Smith,
di*ch*rged, _ .............
tromo regret that Mr. Wood should liavo brought tho charge. Counsel for the prisoner* stated that pro-CWwgs woald bo taken apinsfMr. Wood.
Mean an.—A shocking crime has been committed by two young men turned Parrot, the son* of a grave-*W**fyeL*.Chalee. Tlwy took the train for Auxcrro (Tonne) in the guise of butchers, murdered their gpndfuhor and grandmother with th*lr knlre^ plundered th* how*, *ud returned to Pari*. Theelda*. aged 19, wa*epwtod while ambting his fath*r; th* other, who is a year younger, has not yet been appro-

chapel, where workmen were engaged fixing new cord* " En^nsee from Ww, Hertfced^and
do.tro>rf. --------—
Tmn Camw, Px&om.-Dnriog the Tmde* Union attention was drawn to the case of th*Oadiffpdo!a,Howe*, 8amMls,andWmiam#, who ^y""'pnd*df*i*fomngtotak*v**eel* oat of P*onrth Road* bacons* of thokwnes* of th* water or** the Cefny wrach shoal. In consequence of the action ofthe Congress a commission was sent by the Board of Trado to inquire into the matter. As a result a tolo-Briatol, stating that the three Wot* had bean resnstoted, and aB raised to the Ant class. The shoal b being removed.
Alahkimo Uailwat AcciDKfT.—An alarming acci-dont occurred on the Caledonian Railway near Aberden on Satimby morning last. A* a Uoln containing two hundred passengw* was approaching the station the ennum went off Urn mil*, hot on again. SooMaly
had this taken place when all the carriage* got off. The engine was quickly stopped, but not before a considerable length of the permanent way had been torn up. Tho passenger* were much shaken and greatly alarmed, but no one was injured. Traffic waa interrupted the greater part of the day.
Onca**D or A RAILWAY VA*.—On Saturday lad. th* deputy conmer for Bast Middle*** op*n*d on inquiry at the Wade* Arms, J#-emiah-stroct, Poplar, respecting the death of Mary Tiemmings, aged two y*om,th*dbu^btarofmdy*r, living at Borth street, Poplar. The doceaacd was out for an airing with her muter, *heoshe strayed off the naremeet, and falling under tho wheels of tt loaded railway van, wa* instantaneously killed, the back wheel passing over her head. It was clearly shown that no blame was attached to tho dnmr of th* whiole, and th* jmy r*tnm*d o vmdkt of Accidental Death. )
Fatal IJoatino Aeon mar.—A painful boating ac-odent oecorrod on Sunday awning at Bath. Two youth* hbod n boat, wkek they orarkaded Hth
male and female companion*. A stonnofmln coming
on dunng the excursion, tho boat was rowed under a Wrgo^ehed doee to tho Midland Station, and whilst thoso in . tho boat were precipitately endeavouring to jump on to a bargo tha boat' oapdbad, and tho WW* party were thrown into the water. Two young girl*, named Annie Bond and Lucy Wickham, were drowned.
Woolwich, was walking past the shop of Mr. Woodley, butcher,.in GoOwtxiwo or watootoo axd Ckamxo-c*oss Bbiuobs.—>On Saturday last at noon a deputation of the members of tho Metropolitan Board of Works, nceam«n*^by two or throe of their principal exe-cutive officurs, attended at Waterloo Bridge and at tho

polled up very quicklj
bmlth, and now lb* In a
- Upon thb identification^ took the prisoner into custody ; _s--'iiodgip*mt g»/
mod in tho
mongst the*

icngst whom was the pri:
at once picked hii----*
had receivedl the Serjeant Pros ton s
and afterwards w*.......
Cheyne-walk, Chebea, wl pawnbrokers' duplicates,
ferring to the a: tide* n also articles belonging t Aquarium, and lett by tho ow quitted the premises at night.
had nothing to say in bis defei A second indictment was then g coat, the property of James Clin—, _
this caso being also a member of the Itoyel Aquarium Band. On this charge also the prisoner was found A"i*tant Judge sentenced him to be '
, was found Guilty, s into for stealing a
At Clerkenwgll Police-court, Char lee BcoTee, commission agent, ha* been charged, on remand, .with obtaining variou* cum* of money by fabe prcteuoe*. The primmer,.who bad an office in Finebury, opened an account eafly in 1876 with th* London and South-Western Bank, with a deposit of more than £100. The bank alleged that on the 30th September notice wa* given the priaoner'of the oooipubory closing- oi hb account, but it wa* not proved that anyofficia/notice of thb act reached the prisoner until the 9th of November, when a letter wa* sent him from the bank telling him that cheque* drawn by him h*d been presented, there being no assets, and warning hfm to stop the practice. On the part of the prisoner, Mr. OoMb*g stated that the prisoner had never :*Mred any notice from the hank until the letter of tho 9th November, and the bank manager stated that after that date no cheque was presented. In most cases the prisoner's cheques were paid by friends of his to customers in exchange for good*, and they *tated that they did not cash the cheques because they thought th* chenuee worth th* money, but because of their friendship with the persons who presented them. Jamee Holmes, manager at the Mag** Read, Hollo-way, dated tha* In Oetoker, 1*7*, a eaeael c**osa*r named Chatcr paid him $ cheque for £7 18*., signed by prisoner, which he cashed. The cheque wa* returned dishonoured, and on seeing Mr Chatcr shortly after tho gentleman asked him to cash a similar cheque for £12 7s. 6d. Witness told him that tho other cheque had been dishonoured, and Mr. Chater then said that he would prosecute Scolea, and gavo him tho second cheque to pom through in the ordinary way to ascertain it* worth. Thb also waa returned dishonoured. Mr. Thomas Lucy, Earl of Zetland, Leo-•treet, Kingsland-road, mid that in October, 1878, ho cashed a cheque for a young German customer for £9 18s. The cheque was returned. Ho communicated with the person who introduced the young man, and he got £5 back. Tho prisoner was committed for trial at the Central Criminal Court.
Ah action in the Exchequer Division ha* been db-poeed of in the Sheriff's Court, before Mr. Under-Sheriff BurcheU, In which Ansb Jackman sued William Jons* for damage* for breach of promise of marriage. Judgment wa* suffered to go by default, and a* the promise a* well a* the breach was admitted, the only question was the amount of damage* to bo awasded. No sum was claimed, and. in the oouree of the inquiry a curious incident occurred, the defendant offline to many the plaintiff. Mr. B. Williams wo* couneelfor the pbintiff, and Mr. Gruggen, solicitor, appeared for tho defendant. Both parti** were called a* witnesses. The young -*oman, who was now 22, had lived with her aunt, Mr*. Adam*, in Great Dover-rtreet, Borough, where she became acquainted with the defendant, a medical roan, who now mid he wa* 40 yearn of age. In 1*7% when eke waa 13, the defeuebnt waa accepted as her suitor, and became Engaged, the engagwnent continuing until la*t year. On being pressed to fulfil his promise he put it off for a period of ten months, which having expired he took no notice, and hence the action. According to the evidence he had stated to the plaintiff's friends that ho had a third of Dr. Roberta's business in the Boroegh, which was worth £1,400 a year, and that h* had a house and had insured hb life. In answer to the ease, the defendant was called and denied th«*e statement*; he had been promised a,partnership by I>r. Roberta, but Dr. lioberte bad retired on account of hi* health. Had he obtained the partnership he should hare had a house.. He had now from Dr. Clyma, who had succeeded to the business, £100 a year, with board and residence. Dr. Clyma was also examined, and said that £100 a year was all that the defendant had, and no prospect of anything beyond. In the course tho defendant's examination, he mid he had never refused to marry tho young woman, and was now "ready and willing to marry her. Mr. Under-Shcriff Burchell asked if there anr response to the offer. Mr. William* naid the plaintiff had wasted fiv* year* of her life by being engaged to the defendant, who had it boon known what his real position waa, would not have been accepted. There ooeld be no reeponse to the offer row made, and substantial damage* war* claimed on the pMt of the young woman. The jury returned a verdict for £110.
Char lea Jamee Bray, a young man of reepectahle ippearanee, has been charged before Sit * •w-street, with embesxling
Guilty. Tha
mad and kept to hard labour for 1
There is at present lying at the Preston Infli man named John Gregory, who I* Buffering fyom tha
Moult* ofbemg Brad ut,by uman named Jam* Abton.
gamekeeper for Messrs. Smith and Stocks, at Wood-plimpton, n**r Prmtom. Daring tho night Alston was disturbed by hearing some noise* about the pheasant pen, which b situated close to the houm. " got up, peered out, and observed a man outride rem ing something from a man who had broken open pen and way'——h-j »••
off. Gettin
cartridge at them,' holding hi* _________________
He then, not knowing he had hit tho man, went for tho poHc*. They come and marched the locality. Thoy presently came across a blood track, and traced It to o hooao. They thm* found on* of th* po*oh*m with hi* foot *hatter*d. After being dm* h* did not my out, afmld, a* h* my% of tha woood banol being fired, but he crept on hi* hand* and with tho other leg to the farm-house, where he waa found. He wa* token to th* Ingrmorv, Predon, whm*1t w** found necemery to omnutat* tho leg below th* hueo. Gmgory will not baahlo to appear bafbm th* magi*, trates for a few week*. Alston was taken into custody, hot * out c* bail pending the trial, which b @%*d for
A brge meeting ofcom dealers and millers has been Wd at the larmpool Com Eachang*, Mr. Alderman Hadl*y, of Icndcei, pressdiag, for the purpoee of ton. sidonng the operation of the above Act, which come*
flour and meal be bought and sold by standard of 100 pounds«' That tbb meeting dceires the committee of tho Liverpool Corn Trade Association to form a committee in conjunction with the National Millet*' Association and tha London Corn Trade Association to. memorialise the Board of Trade with a view to the establishment of such denominations of standards of weight of grain, flour, and moal, as shall best promote uniformity of custom throughout tho United King-4om; '"That thb meeting, welcoming the establishment of the National Association of Britbh and Irish Miller*, and approving of if* vigorou* action in calling the attention ofthe country to the importance of com-plying with the requirement* of the Weight* and Measure* Act, 1878, resolves that a branch assocbtion bo formed, called the Liverpool and Manchester Db-trict Association of Miller*."
Scaoosm* CAPsrxxD.—A correspondent at Holyhead onTueeday *Utoe:—The schooner Volunteer, of Pad-•tow, capsized in a aquall in beating up to harbour. Captain ahcUwo men are euppoeed to be drowned. Oco
IUtb or Mootautt.—'IJe mortality last week wis at the rate of twenty per thousand annually in London, and an average of twwitv-one In the other large town*. In the metropolbdiphthana cawedmoro than.douUe the average number of deaths, and the Begbtmr-Guneral asks whether nothing can be done to arrest the progress of thb epidemic disease.
CUKATMUi v A contemporary say* that
the London Cremation Society are fitting up o cremating appantnc, "Oorint'* Cremator,'' and in a
Ahott tim* it will bo in wmkfnf order. , It wffl pro'-' ixmdom Cremation Society are apparently about to
^»,Fwick Flbbt.—The French Gorernment hu
fled will eomprbe ten annocr-dad broadside ships.

THE GERMAN TOBACCO TBADE In view of the proposal U a Government monopoly ii statistic* with regard k
Ingham, at Bow-street, with em healing upward* of £80

lated to hb appropriation to a eum of £64 4*. 9d . which had been eeut by post from client* at Leeds, Messrs. Dibb and Co., on the 27th September last, to be paid into court in relation to *n action in tha Commcei Pleas Division of the High Court of j ustioe. The cheque waa given to the prisoner by Mr. Fraud* Kichard Bloxham, a member of the firm, and should have been handed to the caahier, Mr. Stoke*, who de-pceed that h* hod never raedwd th* mrnrny, whOo another witness, Albert Spiers, proved that the pri-eooer *ent him with the cheque to tha bank of Meesra. Coutt* and Co., where it was cashed, the money being afterwards handed to the prisoner. Inspector Barley, of Scotland yard, who h#d charge of the case, deposed that he went to the office of the prosecutors and saw the defendant in the prescnoo of Mr. Snow and another gantleman connected with th* firm. Mr. Snow expremed hb regret to him of what had token place, and said, " I fear. Mr. Bray, your defalcation* amount to £400 or £500." He replied that they were more, and amounted, he feared, to over £800, adding that it wa* " all through the curse of gambling." Mr. Lewi* asked that tho caso might be disposed of sum-mmily, on tho prioonef* nleo of gully, " " had no desire to act harshly, but Sir Jan declined, and remanded the prisoner.

recently modo the loomey from London to Nine and back. Riding to Newhaven on the 28th of August, cromed by the night boot to Dieppe and rodo ~ ix, Chnrtres, Orleans, reaching xn'*ur-M*ro eo the following. Saturday Storting again 00 Monday, 8*pL *, they took the road by then, Bevara, Boanne, *. Etienne, m the Ehone thnmgh Valenc*, Omnga, through Aix to St. Maximin, whare id Sunday; next day thoy rod*
cawe, wore unhurt, except Dr. Bead'* mm, who injured, but not mdomdy, .
CEN8DBE ON WORKHOUSE OFFICIALS, An inqumt wa* bald on Monday before Mr. George Collier, Deputy Coroner for Middleeex, at the Prince of Wale* Tavdfn, Victoria Park, touching the death ■Of Mary Ann Ballaadm, aged 17 years, who rerided at No. 8, West-street, Green-street, Bethnal-green. The mother of the decerned mid that her daughter had been a victim to periodical epileptic fit* during the lut fe* year*, and that on the 1st mat. she took her in a cab to the reed ring ward of the worlthonee. Witnem received a message the mm* evening staling that her daughter wa* worse. She went to the workhouse and found the deceased still in the receiving ward, and in one of her usual fit*. Witnem asked permission to be allowed to use a mustard poultice, a remedy which had upon many previota occasions restored consciousness. The doctor, however, refused the request, stating thai the deceased was dying. Witnem at thb became some-what agitated and begged permission for herself and the daughter.with her to be allowed to slay longer with th* deceased. The request was conveyed to the house-mrgeen, the master, and matron, bet waa peremptorily refused, and sho was told that if aho did not remain quiet she would be removed. Witness wse obliged to leave at ten o'clock, and on visiting the house
sasasnia sfasta:
the deceased died about two hours after she left. Mr. T. Butler, house-surgeon, mid the girl was in the last stage of pulmonary consumption. In answer to the
and it would be impomible to preeerve order if the wishe* of every patient's friends were acceded to. The comnar, hanng tq waU nmrly mi hour for on* of the night nurse*, took the occasion to remark that it seemed to bo the practice of the workhouse officiab to
throw obstacles in tho way of their witnesses attending to give important evidence, and that the repeated ncgligwo* amounted almort In mapscion. Ho would wnte to the proper authorities. The jury returned a verdict in aocortbnce with the medical testimony, adding, as a rider—" That the conduct of the workhouse master, matron, and house-surgeon was decidedly inhuman and deserving of censure."
Several Board of Trade reports upon railway accidents have hew issued. Major-General Hutchinson, reporting upon a collision which occurred at tho Stepney Junction of tho Groat Eastern Ballw.y on August 6, when a Woolwich up-train wa* run into by o tram #omg to" Southend, and 34 pamengum were more or leee injured, statea that the eoc&eut wm* partly duo to tho folium of th* point and dgnal Inter-Imprudence of
ignelumu. He addL thlt the hand* of th* driver of the Southend probably havo enabled him in-have *topped hi

changea In the _____
Uiejuodfot Major Marrinder, dou between a Lancashire and rain and a Great Northern pas-the Blikgoto Station,
___ , . - -—-----id Yorkshire Railway,
ori Sept. 10, finds that it was due to some mistake a* ggnala, but from the conflicting *vid*nc* b ty whether the bbme i* due to the signal-
r of the Great Northern train.

ike tho sale of tobacco erroany, the following the present condition of tho
........tmyd of *om* Intend..Th*
area of bnd upon which the tobacco pbntb cultivated exceed* 80,000 acre*; Prussia, Bavaria, tho Duchy of Baden, Alsace, and Lorraine being tho countries which grow tho most, and the average yield b about 3,3001b.
to the acre. When tho question of the tobacco tax was submitted to tho committee of tho Bundesrath in 1872, that body repotted in favour of the tax being calculated by weight, and thb recommendation was adopted by tho Reichstag dissolved last June. The tax amounts to 2s. per cwL, and brings in upon an average £70,000 per annum. In addition to this tax upon tobacco grown in Germany, there is a duty of 2s. per cwt. upon tobacco imported in the leaf, of £3 per cwt. upon cigar* imported, and 33s. upon tobacco imported in any other shape. These dutie* bring in about £600,000 a year. About 50,000 ton* of tobacco leaf are imported into Germany every year, and about .1,250 tons of prepared tobacco, while tho export* of German tobacco do not exceed 4,000 ton*. The bto Reichsrath having refused to accept th* proposal to alter tho system of taxation, a committee waa appointed to consider the whole question, and by the middle of next month this committee will meet to make a digest of tho information which is now being collected as to the number of tobacco manufactories, tho . .. „ , mode of operation, the cost of production, 4c. Menu- Station, when requeded by facturors are even required to *how their book* tc proceeding was taken undi
- •• „l________--.I ' th* ifflrAr.
Avignon, thorn
they epent tht _ . .
through Brignolle* and Pre jus to Cam lowing morning to Nice. After a week!* *tay here they commenced tho return journey on Tuoedoy. Sept. 17, *nd reached Geneva the following Saturday, havilig ridden no Digue, Grenoble, and Chambcry. Geneva to Paris was ridden in four da-* (Sept. 23 to 26th); the last 10 miles into Pari* being paved, the beoyclbte here took the train. After thro* day* lu Pari* they rode, in two days, to Dieppe, and the fol-lowlng day (Oct. Z) to London. Th* wholo dbtanco ridden was about 1,530 mile*, and, a* thoy rode on 24 days, their average for tho wholo journey was 64 mile* per day. The longest distance in one day wa* 91

CABMEN AT BAILWAY STATIONS. At tho Westminster Police-court, Alfred Honnor, a rned by Inspector Turpin,
cab-driver, ha* been on behalf of the London, Ui Railway, for refusing to quit thi

inhere of the_____ .
it b evidently intended be, the advantage* c from the adoption of pre rails in Franco.
»e, if called upon
good and mmer
* than in tho t
It consist* less in exU t developed in conduc
of children with the utmost circumspection^ They mark all you do, and most of them are moro wise than you may imagine.
Waste «co Time.—Time lost can never be regained. After allowing yourself proper time to rest, don't live if youV life with doing what exactly what b " " !f ind going straight through with it
ding thing* t,
to bo doni
Language should be like thi us without itself being visible. Some-tin of not absorbing interest may have their attractive-ncm heightenod by the ornamentation of language, as the beauty of tho cup enhances that of tho wine.
lUxona.—Homer, who b mippoeod to have written nearly 3.000 year* ago, allude* to tho use of the razor. T6b instrument ha* generally been made of metal, but Cortcz found the Mexicans using razor* of obsidian, and the Tahitbn* use piece* of shell and sharks' teeth ground to a fine edge. In China and Japaiyraxorp, Ijko. English one*, but without handles,
EoTrriAjf Txhtlx*.—All the great temple* of Egypt which have withstood the destructive tendencies of time and the assault* of man for four thousand year* are of hewn *tone.\%il the only wood in or »bout them b ^n the form of tie*, holding the end of one stdn'e to another on its upper surface. When two blocks wore laid in place, then It appears that an ex oavajaon about an. inch deep Wa* made in each block, into which An hour-gtaa*-shaped tie wa* driven. It b therefore very difficult to.foroe any stone from it* position. The tie* appear to have been tho tamarisk, ---y, o sacred tree in ancient Ee-rpt. and
i now as on tho day of
dovetail two their insertion.
Aw I*MAX soacxnxb.—The Indian* in Central Aiperffa. in addition to their other superstitions, have their wbe mem and sorcerer*. .The commandant of
W him whether ho could find out where th* cow
■ . »» V.1I l:.___l_ i a -

byo-law, which gai
1 —- —.......— —-ipany power to givo rea*on*ble
I orders for tho control of the vchiclular traffic. The ; defendant wa* tho driver of a cab which wa* not privileged,[and on tho 20th September ho'put down a fare at the main line part of Victoria Station, and then drove hb homo and cab rupidly into the *talion without leave, and put himself upon the cab rant. When asked to leave bo refused to do so without a fare. Two polies officers in the employ of the company told the defendant thoy should forcibly removo him, and ho then very cruelly beat hb horse, and went to the Wilton-rood entrance of the station, where he caused a crowd to assemble, and greatly annoyed the officer* of the company a* well a* tho general public. Mr. Wright, tho luperintendent of the station, eta ted that it waa the constant practice of non-privileged rush in at the gate* at busy time*. Mr. D'Eyncourt said it wa* clear tho defendant had no right whatever in the station, which wo* private ground. He had behoved very badly, and ho finod him 15s. and 10s. costs:
•e occurred at all had it not been for the failure .. focuum broko on tho Groat Northern engin*. soror, the driver had apparently no mean* what-of knowmg that hb vacuum brake would not act *- This accident, therefore, Majop

vary strong orgum— 1 broke* bring automatic., | telltale a* to their being ir
The *u*pwb** death of o woman at ABedro*, nrer Derby, ha* oau*ed great excitement. Tha deceased, whom name a Maiy Beoedlcta Foam, aged 37 year*, wife of Samuel Foam, landlord of the Red Cow Inn, ABeetmo, di*d vary myeterioody on Thumdoy night, the 3rd iu*t.; and from the mark* of violence (including a black eye, black mark* on the arm*, and an nkusuro of tho chm) bom* by th* body, foul pby wo* owctod. At the Inqueet WiUmm Webrter eaid: The deceaaed wa* my daughter. I waa *ent for
ontho%ndmd.^o*aomylianghkr. Ifoundhorin
bed upetair*. On the prevtou* night *he mid to me: ' Father, I wish yon had l**n hero *oon*r. Th*y !nfactth*y
havo killed mo." When she mid thb sho said (speokmg to har hueband): *« Wh*n yon oonld not do
rtyommelf yon wont to fetch yonr mother to help yon.
You havo given me a pair of black eye*." He mid h* would mah* her onothor poiAf. dw did not mind.
mmgoon, m^l doceooed wo* Bnbj*ct to coovuldve flu.
woman. Dr. Gidximo Apoaod that bo had mode a """ if tho body, and found that

fatal Ca*b or SotoixseusM.-Miss
of Chmodde, London, and of Luton, i Mrnmmbnlbm on tho 4th ln*L. Lutom, fdl fn her bedroom window in the thiiu ,torey to the str below, and received such injuries that she died thi™ Jtmward*. Sho hod prodoudy walked In h*r

-rAt tho meeting of the Royal
National Lifeboat Institution, rewards
keen g™*4 to tho crow* of Ufebootoof tho put aumtl, inVZh%iW th^h% S 82 bves, besides helping to rc*cuo
mm K■
th* deceomd.wo* o chnkic *uE*r^ ^
wnion d*cea*ed died from the eSect* of the malady.
■ '318.—The army and navy
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