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A YOUNG MAN .Aocnilomed Jo «W4t „„u,l«ir.ri.tU>.r EMPLOYMENT M«ll«.
. . opying M S.S., or out act •• tutor—Good security —" Alpha0A**»rer Qffio* Southampton. .
IPOR SALBL—AABNEyA " COMMBN? : T!&:*#». omuDMhi "ooxgomp.
ANCR,". ad oth*r Theological book*. — Address, %. Y. (Esarw omee.
THE CR09& OP OSIRIS, or THB o*om bp w#m. *, EOMACE Biaro*
J0NR3. Joint Author (with the R*v. Blr 0o6. lT. 0b*, Bart.. M.A.), or "Popular Romencmm of thm Mlddl* Aim." and " Tale* of the Teutonic Land*."—Published bv Thorto* Seitt, 11. Tho Terrace. Portruhar Hoed. Upper Norwood, B.K.—Prioe Sixpence, to be bad of mil
"\rOVELETTk fonw m LIBRARY of. J-N COMPLETE 8T0RIE8,: I ' ' '
■VTERVOUS DEBILITY--GEA1Xl Medical Work mhoi^ng sufferer* bow thy mm, be cored without the'aid of Qtaaeka. Ptee on receipt of pomtage otomp^ Addr***, Hecretory, Institute of Anatomy Birmingham._■ , ,
DAEXUTY.-A Mntkm.5 WH k
vain evtry ad>crtit«d remedy, bee ffl*ee>»/*d m'tlfijpl* meons of self-cur*. He will be happy to forward the particular* to any sufferer on receipt of a itamped and directed envelope.—Address f. T. BmwmU, B*q. Mayville, Hammeremith, London.
to know how to Hop the Cough and cameo easy
ever and (top the night awmats T Would you like to know bow to strength sn the *i*t*m mp a eland,rd of good health, by a few llfe^vlog herbal remedies* • If mo, *end for my 32 page Treatise on " Herbal Remedle* for Lung Complaint*." Bent to all applicant*, free of charge, prepaid by melL Address—PRor. 0. PnsLPfl Baows, 2, Kla#etrast, Covent-gotdtn. London.
Money advanced at a day'* notlw—from £10 to £1.000 —to Clergymen, FARMERS, Householder*, Trtdes-xnen. Lodginghonse Keeper*. Cab and Cart Owner*, or. heir own security end in ttnct confidence, by Mr. M. MORRIS, at bit prirate office*, 14, Portland itrmet, Southampton. ~ " " ,
The odvonce* can be repaid a* may be agreed upon weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Application* by letter Pleaae state aoounl respired.
Q*nnln* Iraauili6ns '.unrelialelypttended to.
MKBOAMTILK #AKK, LlsslWd, #5 mad #7. York Rood. Weltmlnster Bridge Road, London, from £10 to £1.000 at a day*'* notice, for *hort or long perlodi. In Town or Country, without publicity, upon

pon mortgag
plant, crop* and farming Impli

mltore,stock witbut ren,oral

the Bank having a large amount of capital at do good application i* related. Apply per*on*llr, or proepectnt forwarded, gratia, containing uielul Infer-
N. R.—Thm above bank landi more money annually than any two or three (put tngetber) of tbe largeat Advance Office* throughout England.
Respectfully solicit orders in
LAWN MOWJMO MACHINES. With teveral Imfobtakt iuphovmmbxt*. ThmrCLIMA%," ......

MJsoeUf&^ottriV1 119
0LAS8E8 for Urflee *M'OeWeW#
and red words—which earn a.aily b
The aame oan be ftttmd to any bicycle, never got oot of orjer, and ring only when required. Price £1 1*. A Special Price LI it for Clube end Trade.
Forwarded free to any pert of tbe Kingdom on receipt of P.O.O. by the Patentee* and Manufacturer*, L. M. JAMBS and Co.. Cyclop Telegraph Work*, 48, London
We, London, RO.
Publio Notices.
TO-NIGJIT, and EVERY EVENING, gt o ' ' ^ ^ >pre**ntatlnn* — WmoauoaTS and
HBW Tuotrp* or
la a novel and wonderful entertainment, excelling any previous representations.

< thl* deii. hh
- - - ----.—sU patron a jAPiifni
S=awnr, coMlitlog of large Cabinet*. Dlove Bo*t«, y»blM, Tray*, Paplsr-Macbe, Doll*, Pani, Umbrellai. ?.rle!: Imtrument*, Mechanical Sptderi, Mag-
Japane*e Workmen, and manufactured In Japan.
Doori open at 7.18 ; to commence a xPrir-3, 2», li, alio «. Ch
Ticket* at Hammond'* Mmtlo Baloc
A GOUKBB d FIX LEOTUERS will hmdell^ tm thm OaU m# Uw HARTLEY INSTITUTION, on alternate MONDAY evening*, at 8 o'clock, commencing Monday, October 14th, by Dr. Cabfbstm-*The Voyage ol the Challenger—Animal Life of the Deep Sea. Monday, October 23th, by R. A. Proctor, Esq , B.A., allow of tbe Royal Attronomical Society- "The Birth of th£ Solar 8y»tom — Nebula, Meteorite*, Com*t*.
• T|0nM*T' NoTemb*r lllb' ^ PaocToa, Esq.— Monday. November 25th. by Profewor P. MARTI* Dcacus, M.i)., P.RS., late Preildent of the Geological Society—Tbe Energle* within the Earth—Mountain-
Mumdmy. Dmcemhev 9th, by Pmfmmmor Dnoaa-Thm Energiea within tbe Earth — Volcanoca.
The Lecture* marked thu* <•) will be lllu*trated by the O^y-Hydrogen Lantern.
Single Cylinder, with
Double, Cylinder, with b^ance^handle.
Mm IB Mm M«30 70# 24*23 BO,
HI* Worablp the Mayor (A. L. McCalmont, Eiq.), mill preiid*.
The Dinner will be a ipplled by Mr. T. DartnalL
Galvanised after made. """
■ 1 o j
the K^bbiuj ° «l
1 to 8 feet, at price* proportioned to the above acale.
TYING WIRE, M pei lb.
'or large quantitiea a further reduction * offerei tha following SPECIAL BATES:—
■ 6*0 yarda 100'j yard* leo* yard*
NOTICE.—Tb* above Special Prlcea being extremely >w, w* muat reapectfully intimate that they arm com. uted on the baaia of prompt pavmenl. without any iduction whalerer. 100 yard* delivered carriage free.

dairy requisites.
WalU, fm*mw% Rain-water Pip* and
rsaapv. , . ________
8ASBY an4VBEkaEtT. ,
From Southampton. Northern.)
Bt. Deny a. Blabopatoke, or j 11 0 j ( so Wlnrtieater .„ ._ ......)
.r*7u"v °.rl»• •• ••
A Special Train will leave Southampton at 7 2 Northern 7.24, St. Deny * 7-28, Blahopatoke 7.4" Hotlay 7.52. Pareham 8.4, and Coaham 8.16, arriving i Brighton 10.16.
Returning from Brighton *k 7 p.m. the earn* day. __In connection with thl* Ei r*ion a Special Train wl leave Wlncbeater et 7.20 am. for BUUopetoke, returning In tbe evening to Winchester.
Nfl®raHHou«aHjiuo Straijntmjrtmt , -■
ADY»aTtt«tfi!i« *l?ouM reach the OfBce not later
°rA*dv*rilam^MU*' *h ould be eddremaed to the PuhJUhet
publiabed every frtdat AmmgoOit at POUR o'clock, end the Bwbxo EdITIO* on SATURDAY Amairaof ae POUR o'clock. Each Edition contain* tbe late*t Local and General New* np to the hour of going'fo prei*. DoMmmTto S*ryast* WANTING Sitoatioki.
tiirii line* end under ... ... : .'SIXPENCE SiniATiO!* and emrlotmbirr Wartm, Houses and APiRTXkSTD to Ltr may be adveKUed la tbe Southampton Obiervtr tdrbi line* and * d
CiwUBw-i& :: z 'i S
BuaiKtai and Trap* Adv*rtu«*Rsts Arm ln*erW at con'«c^"t*. Tarma may b* known oo application
Lo«T ,and Pot
oms.or arartmwtts wmrid, ' Notices, and other tlmllar P roon line* and under are
The Southampton Observer
Trat Buch a very considerable cxten*ion of the facilities offered at the Town .quay is under consideration — indeed is almost an accomplished fact—will be ,iti«factory to all interested in tbe progress and advancement of Southampton. At the same time that the fosteririg a! pus com. qicr.ce receives due care, we hops the comfort of ▼inters will not, be altogether lost sight of. For some year* past their clsimi to attention bars been almost entirely disregarded, although : such visitors brlpg business Into the town in the most direct mi good desl of money in circuit us that while the pending alterations of the Town.quay are under debate, it might fairly enough be asked whether something ,.cooW not be done to keep the Royal Pier for visitors (who now arc largely increased by the nnmeroti yachts which again visit the river), and let tb< goods traffic pas* entirely over the Town-pier the Royal Pier has had its original charactei tefy much altered, and, as fsr ss visitors am proinen^dcrs sre concerned, very much for ib< worse. The Railway aud the Isle of Wight Companies have pretty well divided it bet wee them, and while ttiey have perhaps made it moi useful, they have not made It at all more orni mental. Certainly it it not nearly so pleasant lounge as it was in our younger days. Tb matter, we think, is well worth the considerate of the Board. To pot it plainly and bluntly-visitors to Southampton bring a good deal of money into it, and benefit a great many persons who, to say the least, have but a very problematical chance of ever seeing themselves a penny the better for all that commerce may do

tins precious Jeremiad, one would fancy that
a* rnpdom. drngwd behw
irresponsible judges, and sentenced to chl'el terms of kmnsoumeot atlWr mere eapeke. waddef^oolhw of boklpg *b#mm:ier. Suppose we remember tbe people mrfao don' steal, and doa t commit brutal assaults—do no. tbey deeerw «wn# UtUe vmpe&hy, W*
been a tokrmbly cmrefnl remderof uw pnwwllM mt pettyr^oo^ 4a#fI«r.M*loo^,Md and the impression left upon our mind ia ibat for once that magistrate* or jndges efr side of severity, tbey err numerous times
side of misplaced lenity; and that evil-doers in Ihim coonuy w*lr*al#d mwli too gmUy fbr th* general weal. As to what the sympathetic wnter in question say, of the misery within the jail,, the excellent health his interesting.cljentt enjoy is tbe best answer to thafclsuse of him in-dictment. If they were as miserable u be imply*—if they were always fretuni •ortows of their relatives (for whose feelings •your rogue always has so , much consideration) tbey would hardly show ro Ioh an average of flickncsa or death among them,

B M Y 0 0 N

|wlng place*, from 1st December, 1878, to 31st May.
). Portadowu DHL
------of Tender, and Conditions of Coatnot, may be
obtained oo application at tbla Offloe, by Utter addreeeed to the Senior Commianrlat Offlcer, or in Person between the hours of 10 end 4 o'clock, and no Tender will be en-tertaloed unlet* made upon the Porm so obtained.
The Tender matt be properly filled up, signed, and dated, and no Tender will be noticed nnlemt delivered at tbe undermentioned OBcm, undtr eloted envelope, marked "Tender " on the ouUlde, before 12 o'clock Noon on the 8lit October,
HBNRT C. LEWIS. A.C.G., « DUtrlot Commletery General
ConmUearlat Ottoe, Colewort Barraok*,
Porumouth, 7tb October, 1878.
9. CANUTB-ROAD, end 68, HIG1J - BTREBT, Sooth am rros.
The appointed Agtnl to the Company 1* now pre-pered to give eatimatet, (apply InttrumtnU end material*
Thb danner to the United States from the strength that Socialist or scmi-Socialist opinions have gained, is not, of course, from the possibility that they will ever become law, ss from the danger public credit will sustain from public men coquetting with these opinions. It must be remembered that the professional politicians furm an almost distinct class in the United States, and although not held in much esteem, thev arc (thanks to Democratic institutions) a much more potential body of persons than sny we have answering to them here. One great difference cornea from the fact that politics seldom put much money into an Englishman's pocket. Indiretly, of course, they help pushing lawyera to keep themselves before tbe public, and enable them to become judges and chancellors, but to most other men—even of tho most unscrupulous character—politics bring some notoriety perhaps—hot pell not at all. Those, indeed (and we believe they are much %hc more numerous class) who become politician, from fairly creditable motives, spend on politics in Englsnd more than they can ever hope to receive. In tbe States the reverse is the case. Congressmen are paid, and all the public offices are looked upon as so much spoil to be wrangled over by the victors in each successive political contest. Such men, ol course, will be profoundly indifferent to the dangers to the state from any tampering with public credit, and be keenly alive to tbe number of votes they may command by pretending to sympathise with any fresh delusion. There is, of course, a long step from Butler fraternising with Kearney and robbing the bond-bolders by taxing bonds in plain breach of the law. Bat the mere hint of such a possibility will have its effect on the loney market, and will very effectually binder

per cent, stock
attention for tbe moment I, eoncen-ited on Afghanistan, and the wild and sterile country which stretches between the Indian and Penian frontiers is receiving all the attention that until I itely was lavished on Bulgaria and Armenia. The Russians have been good enough to devote ta some attention to a survey of the country, and with their usual considerate thoughtlnlriess where our interests are involved, have published the result of their investigations. Doubtless merely to guide our statesmen in arriving at j ist conclusions, and with no reservation of showing the world how much better informed they are than ourselves. The worst part of Afghanistan is decidedly the Afghans— they have much the manner* and customs of the dwellers in the " Debateable Land" between England and Scotland when things were at their worst there. Tbe only law is the strong hand— Thotm may tak* who havo the power, And thorn* may koep who can.
Possibly, and most probably however, a firm rule at head-quartera would soon conduce to-more mettled habits among the people. They are a bold and soldierly race, intelligent and enduring ; if our rule were accepted by them tbmy would be no mean acquisition to our empire, and their loyalty secured, would form no bad advanced guard toward, the Mu*cov,. As to tbi country, a good deal seems poor and bad, but tbi rest is veiy good indeed. The. northern par. •eems the be*t; there tbe land is most fertile, and the products most diversified. We don't suppose there it much opening for emigrant, from England ; but once a (top were put to the incessant robbery and oppreatioo which now goes on, population and pro,pcrily w^uld certainly Increase together.
That nne of the firm, indebted to the bcoken-down Scotch B»nk owed that eatablithment one million sine hundred thou,and pound, makes one regard tb* Beoteh ,y*em of bodde* with respectful admiration. Once upon a time such an amoant would have been a re*pectableaddi-*loa to the niUosal debt of * of *h*aWond cln.s. Now it U only one item in an account t Likewise and'also the question arises:—If ibi, was only their overdrawn account, at their bankers what did their business return, foot up ILtnn,t b"TC bcen * vefy »*upcndotn total. That aeven firms owed the Baftk five millions among them, will, of course, account Ibr the depoeftore' mtoey eery readily, What they.have done with it remain, to be teen. Most likely it is represented by sales of goods at a loss and by warehouse* filled to repletion with arUcles that arc ndw unsaleable.
Thb Faasu Tmoomtm i* tub East.—The news conies that the Russian troops have halted on their homeward march. Indeed we read that the head, of their columns are again turned towards the City of the Sultan. Considering that

forgetting the troubles with Afghani. e remarks the Under Secretary of State irJet fall at Chelmsford have a very u it significance. He ,aid—" That the tim ery momentoui, because at any mome rgency might arise which would ttra ourcet ol the country to the utmost. *i vcre not ready for it the bli s in the history that was to
would foil
Ox Thar*-)iv. Southampton Stroot Tramwi were quoted at OJ 10J.
J84Q rhur"1"J,> 0. Share* were <
ON Thursday. Union Stoam Ship share* wci Os Thut*Jay, Royal Mail ahare* wero t;
'daya ago. While on Hastings, a briJgo at carriage containing the
faanaKaa'm jaraaaam Taoura, now at the Phil, harmonic Hall, continue nightly to draw crowded house,, but not more a- than they dmmmrvm. To say that their entertainment is clever 1* *cairely sufficient—it is rmally wondmrfuL It eommfaema with the aairacediBaij performance* of Kingkioon attack wire suspended be. tween the opposite balcooiet. Tbit it very clever, and it seams quite as eaay for thm artiste to walk on a rerr oma|l wire as^it it lor an ordinary mortal to walk mq
midt of wooden brickt. which it very good,
s——*Mlo*m ----- *

inoe*, and twirls with Ba feet in______
'droit manner. Then there it bamboo and polebalaacinc,
hrowing far eioeedt what i< crdinarily looked upon a, baing sensational. But tbe most extraordinary f*at it tb* l**t one, when Condotorra balance* three nailed ladder* oa the eole* of bit feet, np which "Little All-goet through tome performance*
------- idling the oesling of the halL The
feat look* dangerous, but is saJ*ly aooomplishod ; at tbe me the spectator feeU mumewhat relieved when mg performer again atiod* on the ground, bile they cater well f„r the amusement of thair i. tbey provide additional atti _ jach visitor a Japaammm ears,
doubt but that they will oontlou.
if publio support the merit* of
being a enperior race of porkers; Skanld, however, one so far forget himself am to vmntnr* oo such an enormity, he k speedily made to remember himself by the appH-cation of the Iron rod of the hunter. There need be mo great wonder at the employment of pigs to U#e borinemt, lor these animal* are among'ths mo*t keen eoented of quadrupeds. Almost every sportsman baa beard of the famous mow " Slat' which for many ymsrm wa* used at, a pointer in thm New Forest by the Mm«*r* Toom*r. withw. thm memory of pereen* now living. She learned "her work in an incrediblt thort time^and would point • partridgee, block game, pheasanlt, rabbits, and tnlpe far . better than thm majsrity of trained dogs. For some oxmlt reason, however, the would never *tand to a harm. She ha* been often known to aland a partridge at forty yard*. She would back the dog* in tbe field, though the latter, from jealotuy, perhaps, and a feeling tha' tbey were xulfering an indignity by being worked it porcine company, would never back her. Her la* owner wa* Colonel Syke*, and alter *b* became fat anc •loggUb, ibough *be would point game at well a* before the wss killed at DattildoA Route, Weighing at he death 7001b.
On Ubaoiko.—Thm art of reading need not here b either defined or reoommeaded, but it may be utefb to throw oot a few very brisf hint* upon the subject. The first is that readers arm of three classes; those who simply te.«in all they re id,, without either selecting oi digesting it; those who retain nothing that th«y read those who retain what suits their ta*te or what they cat turn to account, lie this as it may, it tbould bo born i: mind by thome who would profit by what they read thai they should not proceed too rapidly, but *hodld real is, tbe idea* which come in *uooee*i6a before them, thoold pay oontiuued attention, and tbould mentally judge of what they read in regard to ttyla aa well at matter. Reading aloud it an eccompllthmeot, *uoee*t ia acquiring which depends partly upon natural gifts and partly upon study and practioe. Skill ilithi*{* most deairable; and the young abonld be carefully trained to It They should moderate the votoe according .to.lhf tite of the t^m or building and the number of hearers. The tone*, empbatu, tpeed, and other deUdl*, vary with the tnhJeo:. arid, Cleae of sompoaitioa. A nov,lshould not be read, Itke a termon, nor a sermon like a novel| poetry skwold not be read like prose, nor proem like 'poetry. ThS intonation* in dialoguee should be carefully attended to, so In kpeecbee. deacnptlon*, narratlved, 4a Every effort should be made master sn author's ideas, and to slprets them suitably, forcibly, and naturally. Tbe more com-pie: I he com poeitioo, the greater the difficulty, but the greater the honour of auocea*. The student *hould begin with the more simple and easy, mad gradually proceed to what i* more complicated and difficult. A conversational atyle ha* been pronounced Uie beat, bui tbia rule muat be modified in the case of orati ni, dnunatio writing, and the grander forms of poetry. It is a great thing to place the emphasis properly, to avoid a tiog.toog manner, to pronounce diaUnctly, and to »varied tbe inflections of
of the reader's natural voice, and not of a voice w— feigned and artificial. This defect it otpeciilly com with preacbert who read Ibsir sermons, add who d in tone* to which tbey never accustom tbemselvi conversation or when * peaking unofficially. A tin remark applio* to public prayer,; but wherever habit is round, .it i* a viciou* on*, and greatly detr from the merit of tho reader add the effect of wha real, Ol the need f word nothing need be Dletionery " tin Octobei
Tholoiitful Kind*ms or tub JfAroa.—Tho Major (A. L. MoOslmont, E*q.). ha* thi* meek, with thoughtiul kindness and liberality, presented to the lamalsm of the Vforkboomm infirmary wards, a quantity of grapes, grown in his gsrdsn at Highfieldt a delicacy that could not fail to be highly appreciated by tbo aick and suffering inmate* of these ward*.
' The Watbb SurpLr or faakmaatlv.—The South Hants Water Company, which is
Shi» Dcscrtion.—Atthe Cardiff Police-court on tbe Jnd iaatant. Edward Davles. fireman, wa* charged with desertiug from the atommer Jlorglay, at Newport. He wa* apprehended at CsrdiE Defendant was willing to go in the ship again, but the offioer *oid a man had been engaged In Hi* stead. Ordered to be sent on board.
" Ctuielit Jjomtttu

legged in bis stead. Ordered to be sent
rmnxo —There haa been oonsiJcrablt___________
; the past few days, especially towards the 'eek, when the tides were dead. One party Vedneeday secured forty.thr.e doama fiab. and icr on I buraday forty doaen whiting pout, about n of wbitidg, and one large maskerel HAT Hasts ABTiLLmuT. —The annual carbine

warn brjuiftit bsfi
Pntwo—nnder thm
gfiii ^etbefthm Wn#mk*f
am oan t of nearly imanded, bail btlng-
'red. and Inside Koodi £300 w*re found. PrUoosrt
Turn Mail Slavic, to I*dia.abd Oi the director* of'thm Penli

Tnm 8iwaoii Qobtios at SALBBoar.-Plan* have
»>*en the c»*e in previnu* years. Ttim club bad never since Its existence been In *o flouri*hlng a condition a* it w.* at tho present time.-The report was then unanimously adopted, and + oordUl vote of thank* passed to tb« lion, secretary, on the proposition of Mr BmmUter, for lbs txcelleat mannar In which tbe accounts had been kept and provided that Sranlng, to which Mr Mutton suitably responded.—A vote of thanks wa* also pawed unanimously to th* auditor*. Mr J. C. Beaton on behalf
with the club having been arranged, a vote of thanks to tlie Chairmsn closed the meeting.
Glkction Ihtelliobhc,..— Sergeant Oammlmm who
mitte* of that borough to be ». candidate at lbs next eltction. on the ground of hh advanced age, snd his wifs's bad fate of health. Nothing ham been dldnitely igh. Sir J. L Lswrence. of Barsly >een invited to coniast the seas merest. Mr Potter, the working ind Mr J. H. Raper. an advocate of

bo Keeper of thm Pnvr Purse, with two Limalsmmet-Ooloaml Arthar A Piokard, V.A., Equerry to the Duko of Oonnanght, has b*en saleoted to fill ons of, the sppointmeuU a* Am*istaat-eeeeof the Privy Puree.
,r bss been deciued to psy to the sha
>, being at the i
. srexs
period of 1877. when it was JB1 per share lAHslitr CoMfAiiT.—A dividend of 25s per sbsre will be recommended at tha meeting to be held on tbe 2-ttb insL
Thb CoarosATioM will attend Divine service at Holy Trinity Gburoh on Sunday morning next, when a sermon will be preached by the Kev. Cresstvell Stranue aid of the mUsion school ro«m attached to tho church
^ *heae scholarships are C. H Poynter, from Tsnnton's Trade School; A W. Rider, from tbe Grammar Bohool i and A. T. Simmsons, from Taunton's School. Therm wire eleven competitor*
Sr. LAwae.NCa'tOHUBCH or Bnglakd Txurtsaics SociBTT. —Thm fortnightly nsmting of this aooisty was held, as asaal, at the Pnemde" MmeUmg honmm, on Tueedsy evening, the Rev. H. H. Petmira presiding Tbs room was crowded Telling addrsosas were delivered by thm Rev. Canon Wilberforce Dr. Aldridgm. end Mr Saunders (editor of the Ilamptkir* CKronu lt).
Ohb of tbe perveree notions of very advanced Liberal, i, th.t Proteftant, have ae black a record against them for Intolerance am our " fire* tbren of tbe Roman obedience." To make out their case tbey tyiote tbome instance, in which f rote,tanta have undoubtedly been pcraeeutori. Were the object merely to prove that Protestants bsve been Intolerant and cruel, of courte they prove their aamertion. lint tbi, la not mo. What i. Intended (and desired) ia to ahow that Protectant! tm is a, essentially Intolerant as Romanian), and then (meen by tbe clear light of history) their case completely breaks down. Toleration ia tbe logical outcome of Proteetentiim, end was first granted by Protestant Giatem. During the era of civil war which immediately followed, the. revolt again,: Iton.e In the eUteentb and seventaenib tentOrwa, doubtltes thd Ffpteittnti (flghrtog for e*istimce) did some bard and artel Jiat the momifQt a gleiim of pe^ce pame,.
Thb annual dinner of the 8opthamj)too Hontcultaral Society will bm hmld at UKTLyml \ io'oria Rooms on
Tuamday mvmnlng next. The president of the society
livermsry isrviomm ia a
Sims and Battery-1*3 drllla each.
rlxc. Caotatn Ranee sued offlcera prisms
r. Dowdlug ...
•iU preside, suppcjjted
-----------j- _ ----dth Northern
_______ itioaal Chapel w||| take place oo Sunday and
Monday. On Sunday two sermoot will be preached by thm Rmv Q. W. P. Gregg, and on Monday th* ueual tea
iHromTATioa orPoaaioa Oattlb.—Mmetrm. Palgitm". Marphy, and Co t tlsamsr* which *rrt**d at ton last week from Oporto brought am many a* iS) and (wo other eteamere arm sapected bare with caiilm.
and another v*»*l of the mam* llnm-lhm L* pan to—Is .....
cab piopHetor, lift hi* horse and eahiln tha road oppomitm hi* house while hm went in to get the keys' of hts.Msble, when the animal ran away dawn Chantry, rmadlfherm It mamm In eontaet will, a g e lame column, which Was vary much damaged, while tb* oab capalsed
WdtaHy duwjmd n " '-1"- ...........
Qunnor J. Temple

The garrison gun competition, sahlmh Is always very interrstina, will take place on Monday next, at the liamble Battery, the corpa leaving by tho 7.30 a.m. train for Netley.
t*. Mart's Cbickst CWK-Tha annual dinner of thla club waa held at Kamp'a Hotel, Richmond-ttreet. on Weiineaday evening, whsn about 80 rat do wo t-i a capital dinner, provided by Mr R. Kemp (the host) In flr.t rate ttylr, snd In a m.nner which gate th* utmtwt satisfaction. The pres. lent (Mr 0. J. Parsons) occupied th* chair, •nd Mr. 11. Kemp flhe vice-president) tbe vice-chair — On th ■ removal of the cloth the usual loyal and patriotic tuatu ware proposed from tbe chair, and duly honoured.
o dest cricket club In the town, it having been established as far back as 18C3, and be trusted It would be at 'ucceciful lo the future as It had been In tbe pa it. Hsvsral who had handled tbs willow for the first time as mtm lersof h«(;lub bad not only been.selscted to ib« colis' but aUo in tb* county match** and remarkably welL—Tb* toast wo* dran enthusiasm, and responded to by Mr. W hon. arcretary), who —Id that b* wa* pleas tbe funds were In a satisfactory (lets. Tha club had
' ",lh the result that nine ware won. two lost, and four drawa. He thought be might fairly *ay that tbey had every rewon to congratulate th*m**lvee on the matches tbmy b'd plsyed and the victortra achieved, partlculirly wh*n tbsy bore In mind the Indisputable fact that they had played three dubs thm secretarism of which had not o a Jmi to let tbmir own 6o»'jMs sssmhmrm stand isid* t • enable them o.htrt ouu.Je to play who wer* con-(1 lereJ motaliktlyto obtain a victory, hot not with-..anding that each time tbey bad met them the Bt. Mara* bad bean represented by Ibeir own bona fid* ■sesaier* who had proved tb*ir ability and determination to bold Urnr own against ths combined fore of th* three club*. St. Luk*'a club had not beaten them at *1| emaaon. and although lb* Mercantile Marine, warm
£l?#i "°4
lendtd bad suocmeded In beating them twice. Mr.
10.8 B. Jordan 9.18, S. Cow-
e P«rini«sive Llill, n
f rocks, is frequently hidden from lb* land in bad leather by the spray.
Til, weekly lecture
ophicil and Musical So, . _____ ______
pancer at the Kell Memorial Schools. The subject wa* The method of searching for truth." There wa* a
a Lad scald bo to Dbatu.—Tbs borough coroner (P- '-oxwoll, fcsq ). held an inquest at th* Royal Indr-
----Thursday aftsrnoon, respecting tbo death of a
led Williamson, 14 year* of age, residing in Kiva*'-lt appeared that deceased had of the brain, and on Tuesday wsmm nw mmomr paced a pan ef bet wmtar en tha kiichen table and afterwords called deceased down to as lis came by the kitchen table be acci->1 the pan and pulled tl

erdlct of " Accidental death."

ir should take place *bortly.
wo occount* were ant yet sent in. A vote of thank* U b* chairman concluded the meeting.
morning, before Mr A|,
leraAYW Conmr.-Tbe anaaU Coort hr
timer, the Reviming iveral parishes nr*-a
»came wareeomwatmd. the poUUeal', r stf^ aaWwawt e
•engor and Goc, for 43, Above Bar. expoosoa being

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ty, and thim i*
6 3. T. Meider fl. F. Vok't* 4"x^Vbm tl nutnoer of lun* obtained, *xeluslv* of *stra*, ...
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UnVb'"-— *' b*"'T* " will bm nearly
• completed.
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ha* be*n Intrtduced o

i»»Porgm aiuanat of trad* earned on hire.
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