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GL K K K WANTKD.—Mnst bo' Active,
Intelligen', • good pwitnaa. and ■TTTATER EXCURSIONS—Avoid them Too* HoSno" humm
where you hav. Sixty Thoomnd Acre. of Measure Ground* clo** at hand, end Cheap tod Preqaent TRAINS to LTXUUUBST ROAD._'
ATOCTNO HAN Accustomed to. collect ml.dwiM.fWk* EMPLOYMENT aaenOee.
T70R8AL&—BARNES'S " COMMEN-JT TAErrmm." CBUDBM-S "OONCOED. ANCE," »r.d other Theological book*. — Addms, X. Y. Z.. Obterrer Office.
WW OP UFB. By EUSTACE EINTO* JONES. JoUt Author (with the R.v. 8lr Oeo. W. Cox, Bart- M.A.), of " PopuUr Botnances of the Middle A*««. and " Tales of toe Teutonic Land*."— Published bjr Thomas Scott, XI, The Ttnica, Psrquhar Road, Upper Norwood, 8.E.—Price Sixpence, to be had of all
-L'l Medical Work showing sufferer* bow they may be
•enred without the aid of Quack*. Pi
postage stamp
luo. lot aiu ui miiwi. Iiw »«.««'
imp. Address, Secretary, Iwtltote 4 An.
-...... **dy, baa disc.'
f-cure. He will be happy ti > any sufferer on receipt of a relope.—Address J. T. S
Pleaw a tale amount required.
Pen nine transaction* immediately attended to.
Ebe Soni^atitplim Obstrbtc
"MP**"''* LWwt M and P.
York Road Weetminater Bridge Road, London, fi £10 to £1.000 at a daya'i notice, for abort or l< period*, In Town or Country, without publicity, ui not* of band alone, or upon mortgage of furnltnre,stock, plant, crop* and farming Implement*, without removal. Also upon Dead* and Ufa Polldss at £5 per cent, interact. No (untie*, required. DUtanse no object, the Bank having a large amount of capital at command; no gdod application i* refo**d. Apply p*r*cmally. or proapactu* forwarded, gratia, containing awful Information to borrower*
N. B—The above Bank lead* mora money annually than any two or three (put together) of the largeel Advance Office* throughout England.

e fitted to amy bicycle, never get oi
of P.O.O. by the Patentee* and Manufactar JAMBS and Co.. Cyclop Telegraph Work*, 4 Wa, Leedsn, WABTED.

B L E 8 8 THE
7&1 ,
TO CONSUMPTIVES.—Would you like to know how to »top the Cough and caui expectoration. thereby relieving the lung, *o the can heal! Would you like to know how to exp ever and stop the nght sweats? Would you know bow to strengthen the *y*t*m up a *tand good health, by a few life-giving herbal remedie, a* tend for my 82 page Treatlae on " Herbal Ret
CLASSES for Ladle* and Gentli in fall operation. To^epesk any Languid ^ ^
hundred word*—which
rulm* are generally fee nowlodge of the** and a •ily be commute
BEGS to return his most sincere (banks for the very liberal palfmape be ht* received during the part twelve month*, and «o inform hi* Customers that from tbi* date the Wholeaale and Retail Trad, will be carried on excloiively for CASH, and no good* can on any account leave the Store* unlcw pre-viotuly palffor.
CIGARS, from 5* 3d to 50* per box.
SHAG TOCACCO, from U* 4d to f* per pound.
Respectfully solicit orders in the
" •• md thoae by
and Pai l, Ac.
16xlC 35* 30:30*4,
1#* 16 60, SI: 18 W*
23 : 20 70.
Oalvanlted after made. %
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the .mallear Rabblu J ■! • •!
a of 60 yarda each. In width*

0 yarda.lPOOyardt^OOOyard*

MIETUB* I* ch1ldeen kw bwm with the greateit
it effectual medicine that can p<
The queetion. of courte, will be a*ked, what b Numb Baowa's MiXTca. made of ? ttoimxr that It i* com-po*ed of varioa* gum*, ayrop*, and balaamic article* well known to be u*eful in di»per*ing or " cutting " the phlegm, and in allaying inaammation, eoothing irriutioo, and by their cooling and demulcent propertle* restoring the little *uff*rer to health and enjoyment. There i* n laudanum whatever in &or*x Brows'. Mixtcr..
Another queetion that will be aiked ia, What i* Ncus: Brows "a Mixtcbb good for? Well, it la certain t r#k#w, and 1= mwt cmew cmra, amy odd or ooogk i cWld may kaw, mwaerar It do* no* do by *aw#l: rtUUay *ka eo#gb, hrt k? pin* W «»«»# of :ko com plaint In diapereing the phlegm, cooling the infiammed p***agea of the chert, and aaabung the lung, to recover their proper action.
In Croup or Whooping Cough NcrSI BaowTt's Mix-tori i* very eflectual, whil*t In Common Cough* and CoM% K may b# d^andod mot oaly In tk# way of kut a. a Cora.
Wben Infant* are Cutting ttelr Teeth Ncrme Browh's MlXTtiaa will be found of ipecla acrvice. a* it thoroughly cool* the.yatem,allaying the Irritation of thegum*, giving natural rert to the Cblld, and a quiet night to the parent*. A* we *ald befor. It doe* not contain any Laudanum, but I* a alrople preparation of valuable drug*. A dote given at night, if the little one ia reatle*a, feveriih. or in anyway out-of-«ort#, will cauie the Child to wake in Ika rncmlag a* chawfml a* a crickrt, wilb m cod comfort-
aniSon, Cheoiiata, Maidatone, but may be had of the folMMn* Ck.mW^ who haw bwo appoblad A**nk In thi* putrict i— 0
BoBTniMPTON : Mr. H. Hunt, St. Mary-itreet. Laxd-pomr: Mr. G, M. Drowp, g|p, Lako^mmd: Mr. bunewood, ^omnercial-roatf; and Mr. W. H.yie*, 21, Arandl.#rwk 8oU In BoUl* 7*d. la l*d, and & M
Public Notices.
TG-NIGRT. and EVEE* EVENING at ...t-.u n---imentation* —WidsmoaTs and
aiEw Tmourm or
Is a novel and wonderful
entertainment, eiccIBagtny previous rcpresentationa.
thanking the pubil
•» 5*)"' P«pl*r-M<
a. Muaical Inatrument*, Mechanical Spidera, Mag-MtW Waa. Bamkoo Caw. China Wara, Pwhlog Bod^ Silk Ball., and 100 other Novelliea. all the handicraft of Japanea. Workmen, and manufactured in Japan.
1*0 &L. Children h '* Muiic Saloon, Above
' Advertwamant. inaertad in botl
AOT«a.TisB«B»TS ihould reach it*. OBca 'r
------ _ - ----Jd to tk. Pabliabi.
and Corre*pondeno#& the Editor.
The PnuT EDirtWvof the Southampton Oitrrver it publiahed every Pripat Arraa.oos at POUR o'clock, and tha Sboohd Bpitioi ----
_ WANTING BmL.----
an* mmdar _ _. SIEPB3CE id Hurwruwr Wasted, Hocsas iy be advartUed. Tiilx* hoe* and
i Soutiampton Oburvt ry additional iin*
»ay bo known on applici
araatkx5ts Wastbo, ces, and other (imilar
The Southampton Observer gufl WiacUtstrr *J(rcs.
Saturday, ootobeu j. is-s.
Tiib hittory of the Engli.h conquest o! Indi mi generis amoo; the hiatory of cooquct*, it much as it was effected more again.t the will of the conquerors than of .the conquered. Lati events and their possible outcome, naturally sent ui to our book, to refreth our memory of act. aad deeds that acquire a new imerert from the fcet that a Ircsh and most important page seei opening in our Indian history. As w« read t _ story of our progress there, we can hardly no., dcrstand the impertinent imputation, 'a certain perverse school of.politicians have piled upon the memory ol Indian administration.. In early days their hand, were certainly not clear froui lb* a*n a*cr*/«**#,-bat of any InWmtloa ol founding a mighty empire at the expense o Indian Princes they are certainly free. Tbt later rulers—to whom our most important acquisitions are due—imperilled our earlier possession) before they advanced the frontier* of tbi
empire. And then we may ask what was th<
" ......

should be held so sacred t S. Hindoo'Princes, they were simp]
dc*ctndmnt# of robbers, and ibeli was based on little but forco and fraud. The rupee, of more than one deposed adventurer or bis son, have probably placed more than one voluble Radical barris'cr in the Commons House of Parliament to air the wrongs of an employer 'bom any other conqueror would have banged.

have been that they pensioned thee gentry too liberally. Thus they added to India's responsibilities a very needless burden, and .upplicd ihe smews of war for their own annoyance. The treasure of the deposed Peishwah enabled Nana Sahib to inflict the atrocities of Cawnpore.
It seems a pity that Tramways were not invented and brought into use before Railway, and steam were thought of. Certainly passenger trains passing along our ancient roads, and picking up pas»enp«fs wherev#r they lound ibem, would seem infinitely more useful than the railway system, which has diverted travelling into quite other channels—ha. made our broad highways comparatively useless—and while it has turned some village, into l.rgo towns, has practically reduced some ancient cities to the mtmlua 6f. well, villages. As it is, we expect tbst ylien i, bxnprewed air, or some other yet to be discovared agency ham given their ,carm greater facilities of locomotion that Tramwaya will bo-come an established institution in all the more populous diatfietg of this country. The Rail-way* in many directions are getting gorged with business. Accident, being often plainly due to the traffic becoming more than the line can ac-commodate or human energy controuL What q relief therefore it would be could the railways be left chiefly, to the goods' traffic and the passengers again travel on the King's highway.

n tha IWI of tha IIABTLEY INSTITUTION,, om iliernato MONDAY eveningi. at 8 o'clock, commencin Monday. October Hik by Dr. Camfmmram-'Th Voyageiot the Cb.llenger Animal Life of the Deep 8ei Moodw.OctobwSSlb. by a. A. Paoorma. Eaq . B.A fallow of tho Boyal Aatnoomlcml Sockty- "Tho Blrl Planet* ***** System ~ Nebulw, Meteorite*, Comeu
' th°nmty' NoTeml*r by B. A. Proctor, Eeq.-Monday. Noveml
Drmoam, X.D„ KB . ......__
"ociety—Tb. Energle* within the Earth—Mountain
Monday, December 9th, ty Profeaior Duscas— Th Snergie* within th. Earth—Volcano**.
The Lecture* marked thu. (*) will b« Illustrated by
(A. L. McCalmont, Esq.), ■pplied by Mr. T. DartnalL
His Worship th, ''H^prwid*.

*, CANUTB-BOAD, and M, HIGH-STBBET, South am nos.
Th. appointed Agent to tb* Company I* now prepared to giv. eatlmate*, ropply Instrument* and materials tract for fixing lino*, posts, and wire* required urpoea, and for keeping Md maintaining tb. - »<»fkln* order. Tb. above boo**, of
bu^D*f« kab* In tal.phonlo oocnecUoo with each otb.r. a practical IIInitration of th. working of thi* n.thod of InttantaMon* communication Is afforded at either place

P*reonal inapection I* Invited.
i American " securities " will hardly inBdenoe in theif properly increased ty mome recent developments In American poli-tics. l'hc pressure of the h&rd times there has been feljf all the more acutely from the high prospedw. everybody bad enjoyed for mo many yeat. 'p'rdttolrtlTO The artieau class, we must ember, hadinjoyed comforts and received a sideration in the United Stajes unknown to r equals in Europe.' Add to this the fact ! Europe has been pouring its most unprinci-. I and most dangerous children into the bosom of the Great Republic, and we can well undcr-itand the origin of the dangerous views on -ealised property that are becoming orevalent there. They come from discontent,
fostered by the ! crazy, and not iris of odd notions on property and government had advocates there we all know, but none (or very few) had any notion how large a following these teachers possessed. That they will be able, to command a majority in Conprems large enough to enable them to ruin the United States thoroughly and emphatically, we do not expect. Unhappily, however, the people who make politics a professiot in the United States will be sure to go grea lengths In professing e dishonest acceptance o these wild doctrines merely to obtain voles And the result will be so much distrust of thi United Steles as a deblor, that the people who di pay taxes will find the consequences of the alliance between Messrs. Kearney and Butli very expensive and very troublesome.

rild views
Gilchrist Educational Trust. All clssse. were represented in the audience, and all seemed equally to, and equally satisfied with, the able
Tw* Jail.—W* have been favoured with a copy of the memorial that has gone up to Mr. Cross, the Home Secretary, from the Mayor and Corporation, and also the Msgiatrates, in favour of the re ten linn of our jail aa a prison. The arguments in our favour ars both weighty and numerous and .re very well set forth in this document, which no doubt will receive from the administration the consideration our peculiar pom lion certainly deserves. Should the closing of the Jail be persisted in, it will not only inflict a very heavy fine upon Southampton, but will also, it seen., to %*, amount to something very like a denial of justice to many of the poorer class of prit

will hfive due in
: expedition to Afgbanialan, which replaced xnent Shah Sbooja on km tottering throne, panted by the late 8ir Henry Hav»l.,ek. He any in ihe 13ib B*gl.
at, of which the fa e the c;ramandir
la hi. seoond aide-d»4Vmp. V n nffioar*. Haveloek had literary i'
'""k WfinR ,h* ' aame library wen
scribes... We may say that it t.rminatea with the firat eapture of Cabul, and the re*(oration of Shah Shooja
> bis dominion*.

d powiblv avoid it. The it to aim oat Arctic cold,
day. Th. best p.rt of th* country ia axil., and nearly all of it very mountainoua. ant* are bold fanades, and a large per eantage are profea*ional thieve*. On the other hand, they never met th. Briti*h on th. " open" without being beaten, and onr diaaat.r* eame from aheer folly >art of the Kngii»h official*. Then, too, it mu t
ainebt, wifl probably *uw»ed "tb. lata »ir Tboaa* Middletou Biddnlph, a* Keeper of tho Qnssn's Privy
Tslilrikkto XtfAiig^r Co«caoas oommanead a short eoffagsnimt at tinr Philharmonic Hall, on Tbur*-day aveaing. Toaay that ihak entartaiamont n cl.var is *oar*ly KiBrfoot—the tridto +% r*nUv wt»dwfnl. And whil. Uwy oaWf wall for th* aran*emen: of their patrons.'thay provide additional attraction* by PreoanL. ing to each visitor a Japaaaaa enrioaity. Wahava no doubt bat aa their claim* upon pwblio anpport baoom. known they will be honoured with crMrdod honaaa.
week our reapoetad townsman, Mr J. W. Hi
monpiod th. post of hoooor with B. Cbipparfiald praaided, and tkera was^a very larjta
attendant* Mr Hi known in Southampton that it s. qoite say mose than that ha fully sostaineJ his previoo* n> puts lion, whil. Miaa Vernon waa all that oculd bo do-•ired as a pianist. Tb* vfcriona sonra w*ro well rendered, and the ooonaetiva remark, appropriate and plsamng —Next week, D W. Allport, K*0 will deliver a lecture on - The Preneh Revolntion of 1799."
Watsbloo Beidob, at mid day on Saturday, will bo opened free to Ute public. Charing croa. foot-bridge will be thrown open free at half peat 13 o'clock th. *ame

STONSBAM BBCTOBT. —This annual gathering of thoaw in th. employ of the "a*. Canon Beadon, took place on Friday. Cricket Mnmeoeed about It o'clock, and wa. kept op with inch .pint till about half p .t four, wi^n tb. men and <"r «nve^, together with invited friend., repaired the Schools (kindly lent by the K.v. P. P Beadon),
partake ot the hoepiUlity of the
...... devoted to |amuw-
Seadon," in fwliug and appropriate term*. The toa.t having been received with maaioal honour*, Mr. Jc in the sbwno. of Mr. T. Bundv, r**ponded

of our way to do their work, and thsj our/Viry pre-oaotioM may fasUltam thels advyais. Wa akomld
oppiesaora, and perhapa hall t and cliverera. If Euaaia wer. jh it then the Afghans w
advance her armiea I probably kok ta allies, and do their
turing them thatLs greet deeire wi me* to whanoe the welfare and oomfoet of thoee mploy, and to be to them what he baa been for r»—their friend aa well a* t
low ymg portioi.a of the -----------
England and Ireland. • At Southampton there wa* a good round tide, but not higher than usual at the spring*. Had there been a strong wind from a sou herly directio. it no donbt would hav. come a couple of fret further. There was a higher tide than was expected on on the previous Thursday, and this begin to pot same people in fear aa to what would happen Neither on Satnnhy or Emm day did the tide reach the bed of the
/ollok's Tojcb.—A vijitor to the tomb of Arthur Pollok.authoeo( "The Comma of Time." in Millhsuok Churchyard, wa. grieved to find the inscription on the granite monument nearly effaced. Only bie name is legible. Ha think, it i. rimply naoaamry to indicate the fact to some of the national admirers of that lamented palms la mpwo lb* oomplstaraalomtlom of hla memorial. Mani of Pollok . countrymen would gladly, he i* sure, defray tho ex pen a* incurred in the renewal of a deeerved tribute to one he esteem* among the beet poet, of Cal-
Michablmas D\r—Sunday being Michael ma* Day, th* bells of St. Michael'* Church rang nut merry peal*, morning, afternoon, and evening The nana! week s dedication lerfioe* at the church were commenced on that day, tke Thar (tk* Ea*. F. M Gmgoey) p
i Rsaaasr
o*l. Tk* oEiwt, e deroted^o the debt on the n
been l.tll^S I. & "kkk the Vl« k*. to b. .bl.
ni ! T"" 9"** BoLLma-Thla ww roller ia dom.
lad immediate misery as it* stonisament the war had hsrd enersl prosperity seemed to ivery clas* of worker* and tri nd proaperou*. The. reason Inited State* Ooverum ar borrowed ana spent thj sham proaperijy wh so suddenly and «o dim

fd00.000.000 This prodwed eh (out-lading the war) ended trouly Im 1973 Mr Weeeker 1 be aet flooding the ey. On the contrary, he be. iney-or credit—the people of i*t of their trouble* Evidently ition of running for Congreai ire*t. A* little doe* he intent nen, a* he tell* them lorai ble truth* a* to their dealing! Dig cake Preiident Lincoln'! Jt *o liberally. The view* ol and illuitrsted by any num-i, po*«e.*ing that cri*p flavoui lake* Yankee humour *e ad if all were like the fourth of
of foreign loan*, when
c*pood*noe from Simla .report* but littl from the frontier, but say* that the preparations
thought that
b hastened c report that the Am re teoppow tha Bi
y lead to di»turb*noo
ritiftn. in which e papers conta
, England could
i English note bsd bfen ;
Tne Btcvct.ES.—The Timet (which never chs pions a weak cause) tell, us that Bicycles have come an established institution, and their prop:
tore an important interest, end that tbeirexistei must be treated as an accomplished fact of c*
siderable public advantage 1 We suppose, therefore, the few millions of persons who '
Bicycles, and who do walk, ride, or dri public highways must submit to this n with as much equanimity as they can command.
On the roadway it seems that Bicyl<
kill or cripple us with something very like perfect impunity. It having been clearly demon strated that if anybody gets in the way of _
noiseless machine guided by a calmly indifferent young gentleman, and going at the rate of a dozen miles per hour, It must be the fault of the pedestrian. On the footpaths, however, some feeble shadow of right Mill remains with fool-passengers, snd being there they hsve the right to expect to be safe from this new terror of the way. This fact seems quite forgotten by the Bicyclists of this neighbourhood, for twice lately we have been passed by these machinists on tho foot-paths in the Upper Avenue. Of course the danger from a collision is as great to the rider as to the person ridden over, but we prefer (and we fancy most persons do) whole bones in ourselves rather than the poor satisfaction of knowing that the agpessor in such a ease has also suffered
Thb Scibncb Lxctukbs at tub Habtlbt.—
The very numerous audience which assembled at the Hartley Hall on Mondey evening was a gratifying acknowledgement to the Hartley Council end their executive officer, Mr. T. W. Shore, of the pains and trouble they bad been at in eecor-
iog for Southampton this early visit of Dr. m
Carpenter and his brother lecturers under the ' tke Becceuership of Bath.
md O. Shares were quoted a Steam Ship shares wore quote
' Thnrrlsv, Southampton Street Tr wdre quoted at par * pr Os Thursday, 1* i
O* Thursday. Union Slea
O* Thursday, Boyal Mail *hare* were quoted at
Thb L. and 8. W. Railway traffic return* for the week ending the 30th nit. .how a decree** of £2337, a* compared with the oorrmptrndin* week of last yoae
Thb Australian cricketers played the.....
America on Monday aad Tuwday.

----- .kably wall, two portions of St Msr;V
street and Eait atreet having been completed thi. week. Eaat atreet being very narrow, aa a mutter of eoore* a good deal of ob*»roction wa* eamaed by the roller, and wa would suggest that the earn* practice .hould be adopted in this town aa in London and other pi.
using ths roller at night when all busi
inateadof in the day. and them no in ________
ever, would be experienced, by either tradesmen or res deal* pa-sing up and down the streets.
West Qtl.v Hsoatta Club—The monthly meetii of thia Club will be bald at lb* Clnb Houaa, VVeat Qua on Thor*day evening n.xL
Turn Low*.iso or FocsrosT-HiLL —Th. Shirk Local Board on Wedneadiy night
that the worl
r arrangement* can be made

Tee Obbat Clock 1______________
—Within the Imt lew day, prep.ratioo. u.v« been :a pro^rm* for finn* the large clock which U about to be
militabt Movcmbstts —Tb* 2od battalion of th. 19th regime.I, th. strength of which i. 1® officer*. 4&1 men, # w .meo, and <8 ebi>dre6, arrived at the Boyal Pier, S .othampt«n, in two government (teamen, on
•uuon, from whence they were conveyed by special tram to Alder*hott, where they will occupy quarter* n the Sooth Camp, and b. attached to the lit Brigade, under the command of Major General Pakanham. A detachment of the battalion paeiied through Southern p. ton on Saturday afternoon, ea romU for Alderahott.
Thb Lavs Ma. C»abiba Habbisou —The dmih of thi* aged gentleman remove, another link betw.
Mr. Hunioo'i nan cased gentleman *
of friend*, and hie kindlinc , _____
benevolence will make his death felt as a sere .
" as one of the Charity Truatee*
ibrogated, and we believ. in his sd the public ia aeveral other
■ of divpodtion and ready
inder the system n. roqng.r d.y. had i

• paraded in the Weat Mar

on Sunday la*t for att.ndano. at Div--------
Luk*'* Church. Captain J.S. Pearo* was in command, the other officers pm«l being Lieutenant. C hapman, Bee. and Yen ablet, and there was a master of .11 ranks of 110 mm. ' Headed by the bind, under the direction *' * larohes, they pro-
of Mri Can I el o. playing *
eeeded to church, wbere s __________
Y"* Pvaaehev brim* the Bectcr, th* Eev F. 51
i harvest thank agi.i
. hansomely decorated with flow.
and two siokly-lookin

ikent Ibmma, h* fm ite and ssk it the water «uppli*d ! Southampton under ths Corpora tic
authority ia deemed wboleaome with tin sects in it, to say ^nothing of a heavy nnd deposi
J. Miller, of I'ort.worxl. waa .ppointed oollectbr ■ in the of Mr Pionig.r, re.ign^l.—Vioe-Admir Il.Coote.C H, J.P., who baa been appointed Con marrder-in-Chief on the Chinaatation. was preaect. *r a* that ww hi, laat appearance there before leaving f, China be took leave ol hi, elective and ez-officio oo league*, who one and all expremed a hope that when L
i.e Dc*th.—About eight o'clock on Torn-the body of • well dressed m.n was found id red feet to the east Margate. II. was
h. base of tl>e cliffs, a I of Newgale Coaetguard dreased in black, abd the o

ssmaa. Mr. E. Folilo*. Poalterer, of exhibited on hisslall laat Saturday afternoon, gr a than 200 brace of partridge., which wore told at I w<
the only clue to hi. id.ntit
ineo »ewn to which waa ■' iCO, W P Urqnha't, he obverae the name " I'earce." The dec* bout 55 years of .jje. jiud 3ft Sin in height
fell off the
in agony while the high tide gradually w and took away his life.
' Covnrr or suum.mrvom Buildi The i6tl« aoouil general meeting of I the County ol Southampton frovidi Building Society was held in the Polyt<
Boom, on Friday evening, ond.r th. pre F Bailer, one of the vice presidents, wl large attendance of members • 1 he repo ol which appeared in our last week'* edi aa read, and tb* Chairman, in moving iu he regarded it as a moat Mtisfactory oni
3a 3d a brace. On a doten brace were left. La*t Sunday the Earl of Beaco

bout the Pret "inter flannel
a good hm* la bay y«
lha depremloa la sbawaw, a,* a : *r and London bourne have good* io hi elling at leu than manufacturer.' pric
lad and tea. w
ng iu height i on deck ; meon bnwd. A e 18th, 19th, and luccerdrd by fine tterly winoa, for
gv* wiek*la to ^ar* Bpe&nth mok tw*l' ----
the Americans' *econd innings Th. highwt Australian aeor* waa mad* by Spcffbrtk. namely. M rnaa.
Tub death i, announced, at Dublin, of Mrs Matilda Cairns, mother of Earl Cairns, aged 86.
Ax EXAMINATION fer i foundation scholarship in Cm* Edward VI Gramosar School srss held at tk* echool on the 26th and 27th ulL It was accorded to A. IL Emanuel, eldest uo of our fellow townsmsn. Mr Michael Emanuel. Thie is the second ach larahip at tka Grammar Sabool gained by mambare of thi. family —S. H. Emanuel, .ldeat too of Mr Henry Emanuel, having gained a like diatinction in 1874.
BewTMAMMoe BmnoweD SenooL* —A BMotia* of tke governors of Kiag Edward VI and Tauaton'a Trad* School waa kald in tka OouaesI Okamher of tk* HaMl*y Invtitution on Tbuwd.y afternoon. Mr B. Chipperfield presided, aad there were preeent—Mee*r* W. Hickman, W. B. Randall, G. M. Paseengor, J. 8. Pearoa, C. Cox, and T. Falvey.—The Chairman announced that the following member, retired by rotation oo the 26th October, bat were eligible for re-election—Menr. C. Cox, J. 8. Pearce, and W. Hickman, Corporation
Wilberforoe. elected by the School Board; and Darwin. Bllyatt, and Morris.—It was decided . neceuary works stTannton'. School ha carried Ir Falvey eaid L. u been to the schools, and
foond the works prograesin* mo, ......
repast of the Finance Committee
bi'Ufor payment, which waa agreed ----------
d touMion.—The Chairman then moved, to accordance with notice, that the day of meeting be altered to the fir*t Monday in every month, m.tead of the firat Tknrm.
day, a* at preeent.—Mr Hiokm----
Hid the preeent day was very in abera—Alter eome disc

i eeooaded thu, and inv*oi«nt to torn* of

It is bad saoagh to have half a doom nnjee nbulators againat yoor legs during

H M.S. Hector, the Coastguard ship in ti
is—by the Vicar (tho Rev J. A. \Y 11 *c lion* amounted lo i£22 15* 10d. scmsmr SeaMse—la the last Bnanci Us 9d waa paid into (be Exchequer on. wtg of deceased merchant teamen which remai for six year*.
Aocidsst.—On Monday evening a Hors fly, the property of Joseph Bom.ll, ihied at rail* placed in the road near tb* Ovdmamm running into a fly belongin
pretty inlaid \ Aasociation, of
Mr Newlyo had *■
i Holy Trinity fnf mt work-table from ion with th* South
i. many" present* rement from th. It Scho)l waa a
re-elected dkectors, aad Metre Sparrow auditor*. A sum of £10 wa* voted to the •* who bad been engaged io framing the new ognition of their tervicc. SH BseCM—Judge Keogh, of th. Irish let*, died on Tae^ay at Biniren-on. the-i deceeied wa* Attorney General for Ireland
d Gal way judgment wo* the cbtef.
x.—Lord Carnarvon, aa President of the i. Saltaire, delivered an addrea. there on the general subject nf education, his chief i should be more largely than
directed to the develop*
—Tho Mayor (A. L
isted ^ the
town held a court for the reviriw ofTbe burge*. li^"of the borough, at Ike O.lldhall, on Tua*day mor
ably Quitted by the Town Clerk Tho H
day From what we <
o learn, although the figure
uht- builder, of Cn
ballon. Mr. Alfred Pay i*«. Mr. Payne retided ly twelve month, been c
«pres*ed on all tide* ■

alb. The fui

row fSeturday) afternoon, at the 1 be followed by a large number of

whole of tho

place, wbd* /n lb. «v*ninK th. bells wor. rung muHM rk of respect for the deceased.
iasistan. — A Woolwich corrDependent title vmw of a winter campaign in Afghanistan, th. ithoritlM hav. ordered the Immediate despatch
a clothing for I
i I rub Political
of bedding ..........
10,000 blanket* and 5000 _________
store, .nd are now In conn* of transi
Prisonsrs VuiOag Committee have, through________
Oddfellow, (among whom ber, and for many years b
d*pwled b*'tV "
^r-'Millaia, th* oelebr.U .
i and land, 3, P.lac-gate, which

kad purchased a boui gave him a borough of land adj<
and afterward, pnrebated aroL wh^r
ir to a county vote. Tb. point wa, and tha H.ri.t— .,u i.:. a

hi. intention to aak for
fire, which might been attended with Mriou. con.
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