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A YOUNG MAN Accustomed to collect wW dssimsfWherKMf LOYKMT ssemOee.
T A RI E R,* CSObBJTS "COXCOBD. JEand other Theological book*. — Addree*, X. Y. i. 06s*rrer Ofiee.' , . . # _
THB GROSS OF OSIBIS, or TEE Lirm. -B* momcm HMTo*
every quant, at 0. KAYNmy. a, Baioos
_L1 Medical Work thoiring tufferers bow tbey may be cured without the mid of Quack*. Free on receipt of g*te*ettamp. Addres*, Secretary, loetltute of Anatomy
DEBILITY —A gentlemsa, hiring tried in tiled remedy, hu discovered a simple
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win every advertUed remedy, ha* meant of telf-cure. He will be h*|
Li*bum House. Ful
TO CONSUMPTIVES.—Would yon like
to know how to *top the Cough and c»u*e ea*y expectoration. thereby relieving the lung* *o that they can heal ? Would yen like to know how to expel the erer and *top the night iweaU f Would you like to know how to »trengtb*n the *y»tem up a ttand«rd of good health, by a few lifeypvlng herbal retnediee ? If *e, tend for my 32 pa** Treat:,e on " Herbal Remediet for Lung Complaint*." Sent to all applicant*, free of

is, 2, King-itreet, Co»
CLASSES for Ladlee and Gentlemen are now in full operation. To ipeak any Language *o a* lobe understood U not *o difficult a* would at Gr*t tight be euppoeed. The necetsary rul«* are generally few and simpls, and with the knowledge of tbi *
hundred \

memory—no one need be afraid to vei----
Termi, moderate.—Apply to Dr. DECKER, Prof: of Language*, Hartley In*titution.

balance handle.
16x16 30s | 18 x IS 60a
Hal* Ws I 20x18 Me
MxM Me 22x20 70*
22xa@6e I 24 a B 80s
Galvanised afttr made.
For Training Mast*. &*. ... Proof against RabMULI the emallesf Rabbits) — T Vi I : " 4 »» J 0 4| ! I
Made and Sold In Rolls of 60 yards e from 1 to 6 feet, etprices jiroporti *ned to' a.14"*
For lsrge^qi
GUAO& M«b.
m ::: i|Ud> fi'c
NOTICE.—The sbove Special Prices being extreme!] •ow, we mutt respectfully intimate thst they are com. juted on the basis of prompt payment, without any deduction whatever. 100 yard* delivered carnage free
•njONEY 1 MONEYr r MONEY 111
Thd edvancee can be repaid a* bit be agreed upon weekly i monthly, or quarterly. Application* by letter Pleeee Kate amount required.
Genuine traaaactiont Immediately attended to.
ti rii ;-: .'pqfeiio gEBBc-Wa
cheap. Apply to
^ W. BOOTH. Price 2* and Is.—C. Ratsbb, 81,
MEBOANMLB BABE. LWtsd. « aad 87. Road, Wectmlneter Bridge Road, London, from £10 to £1.000 at a deyea nottee, for *hort or long periods. in Town or Country, without publicity, upon note of hand alone, or upon mortgage of furniture,atock,
Intereet. No rarotiee required. Dittaaoe no object, , Bank baring a large amount of capital at command; good application U refuted. Apply pereonaOy, or pro*pectu* forwarded, gratia, containing uteful Information to borrower*
CHARLES H. WHEATLEY, Manager. J.—The above Bank land* more money annually
i can be fitted to any bieycli.
. ind ring only when required. Price £1 It A Special Price Litt for Club* and Trade. Forwarded free to any part of the Kingdom on ret
if P.O.O. by the Patentee* and Manufacturer*. L. &. JAMES and Co.. Cyclop Telegraph Work*, 48, London
Public Notices.
KT&, VX HIGHLANDS.-Royal Route, n rlz ria Crinan and Caledonian Canalt, by ' C0LUMBA'(newiteamer) or'10NA, from Glaagow dally, at 7 a.m., and from Greencck at 9 a-m., conveying P*te*ngere fpr the North and Weal Highland*. Bill*, with map and touriit faret, free by poet, from Darid Hutcheaon and Co., 119, Hope'
QOUTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. --------------------- • I8LE
THE LAST CHEAP EXCURSION free* >f WIGHT, PorUmouth Harbour and P<
Town, Cotbam, Go*port. SOUTHAMPTON. Bitbop. itoke, Wincheeter *nd Batingrtoke, to LONDON.
A CHEAP EECDRSION TRAIN #m leaee Pwt^ nouth Harbour 5M 1p.m., Porumouth Town 6 5 p.o>. .Boat for Ryde at 5 10 p.m. in connection), Coaliam 6.10 p.m., Goeport 6 5 p.m., Pareham 6.23 p.m.. Botley 6.35 p.m.. Southampton 6.35 p.m.. Bitbopetoke 6.65 p.m.. Winchetter 7.13 p.m., and Battr.gttoke 7^3 p.ei., on SATURDAY. W: Ocrommm. from Waterloo
EriJge Station at 1.15 p.m. on Tueaday following the of the Ticket
Flrat CI ait. Second Claee. Third Claa II* Od u *d t 0d
?are* from PorUmouth Harbour to Londoi
Pirat Clata. Setond Claw. Third CIai Ha Od B* Od St Bd n Ryde to London and bac
FU*t CUt*.
Second Claaa. Third Claa
The LAST CHEAP EXCURSIONS to Oxford, eamington, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Shrewtbury, lanchetter,Liverpool,&c., via Batingttoke, on MosdaT,
Station*. Timet. ^ ...lite
*Mham_ _ em lmw_. _ _
tewprt _ _ * u I ri,tteer_ _ _ _ j oetlwmpteo _ I* *< Woherbamptec _ _ M
I Birmingham _ ... ... M r. Batingttoke 11 IS I Warwick. Learning Ion 18
Returning on Monday, the 7th'of October.
OF THE SEASON (Tide and Weather permitting).
(Being the Final Trip* of the Sea*on).
Leaving the Royal Pier, Southampton, at 2 15 p.m.
N.B.—The Excurriont by the Aft*moon Steamer* it Single Farea for the Double Journey, alto the itaue if Cheap Excursion Ticket* on Saturday, and Circular Tour Ticket*, will be DUcontlnued after the - nrtant. BY ORDER.
rp O CO N T R
er ma^ b* obta
of Mr. Oedde*.
in be Impeded.
Tendert (marked a* *ucb) to be delivered at the < of the Clerk, 2, Portland-etreel, Southampton not
B#pL I7A, 187B.
TBURSDAY, OCTOBER Sfd. and nek eremimg at 8 o'clock. Day repreeentatione Wxdsijdats and <VWAT* at 8 o'clock.
Is m norel mnd wonderful entertainment, excelling any previous representations. .
> ml. I n.«tim;*n, to

EVRKT rSRBOH ufluw A QXTt at rich
Fellow of the Royal A*tronomical? Meoday, November 11th, by R. A. Paocioa, Eeq.—
Mondaj^Novembet 25th' by Profeetor P. Mixne DtsCA*. M.D., P.R.5., lata Preaidtnt of the Geological
SociKy—Tb* Ener^ie, Within the Earth—Mountain-D"c"-Tta
TENDERS will be received at the undermentioned Office, until 12 o'clock won, on the l*t October nut, for the tupplyof
FOEAOE. AND STRAW FOR PALLTASEBS, for the dm of Her Majeely'* Troop* tlationed In followb^placM, from lit November, 1873, to. »
i ^SOUTnaE>i

- Meeekton. Elton. [
I.' ManAweod"
le. Portadown Hin* 11. Portamonth and Hlleee
ige will not be reqelred at Statlome marked of Tender, and Conditiont of Contract, > "» Office, by letter add
Tender* on the printed F« up, tigntd. and dated, and i

ler will be noticed
_____ ixmed Office, e
ipe. marked " Tender for Forage. &c.,' Before 12 o'clock noon, on U>e l*t October
atmiteeriat Office. Colewort Barrack*, Porumooth, 9th September. 1873.

MIXTURE foe CBILDREB bee been wed with the greatett tuccett, for the timple reaaon that It u^the ta/ett and mott effectual medicine that can po«*ibly
The auettion. of courie, will be atked, what i*Nuai« Brown s mlxtcst made of ? We aniwer that it it com-poted of variout guint, tyrup*. and baltamic article* w*ll known to be utaful in d it porting or "cutting " the phlegm, and in allaying inflammation. *oolhing irritation, and by their cooling and demulcent propertie* re*toring the little eufferer to health and enjoyment. There i* no Laudanum whatever in Nomi Brown's MlxrCBK.
Another queellon that will be aiked it, What i* Newt Bnows'g Mixtcbc good for! Well, It i* certain to relieve, and in mott cate* cure, any cold or cough a child may have, moreover it doe* not do *o by merely •tilling the cough, but by going to the caute of the complaint in dispersing the phlegm, cooling the inflammtd pa wage* of the chert, and awirting the lung* to recover thelrproperecdea.
In Croup or Whooping Coagh Nubsi Brows's Mix-TD«» U very eflectuel, wbiltt in Cdmmon Coagh* and Cold*, it may be depended upon not only, In the way of giving Relief but a* a Cure.
When Infant* are Cutting their Tieth xtrsx browa'a MlXTCRt will be found of tpecia terr[ce, at It thoroughly coolt the*y*tem,allaying the irrUation of thegum*, giving natural reel to the Child, and a quiet night to the
Krent*. A* we aaid before It doe* not contain any udanum, but i* a timple preparation of valuable drugt. A dote given at night, if the little one It rettleae, feverish.

able tkin, and the prooeet of teething grtally ataUtad.
Ncrsi brown's MlTXCRl It only-made by Pabdos and So*. Chemitu, Maldttone, but may be bad of the following Cbemut*, who have been appointed Agent* In
80CTBAHPT05 : Mr. H. Hunt, St. Mary-etreeL Lisd-port: Mr. O. M. Brown, 219, Lake-road; Mr. Staniwood, Commercial-road; and Mr. W. Hey lee. 21, Arundle-etreeL Sold in Bottlee 7&d, It l|d, and %* W
COMPANY (Lmnraa).
The appointed Agent to the Company 1* now prepared to give ertimale*. tupply inttrumentt and material t and to contract for fixing linea, pott*, and wire* required " "id for keeping and maintaining the

ectlon with each other
f the working of t!
lnttantaneont communication it afforded at either place to all who detire to tatiify Ibemtelvet a* to It* efficiency ** well a* It* utility In connecting maniiont, * table*, ledge*, retidencet, offieet, to., or wherever ea»y and rapid corretpondence between two diitant point* I* a
Personal Inepectlon I* Invited.
Pricks Porwird*d os Application THE COMPANY CaUTIONS all Pereoee lafrin^o, immediate proceedings will be taken

5md^anipfox% (Bbstrbgr
Offers unequalled facllitie* to Advertisers. Advertisemenu ineerted in both Editions withoo
adtxrtisimbxt9 ihould reach the Office not lati than Thbib o'clock on Friday Afternoon, for the Fin Edition; and Thru o'clock on Saturday Aftemooi or the 8 ecoud Edition.
Advertieement* *hould be addrenad to the Publish, and Correepondence to the Editor.
The Sovt\ampton Oburxtr can be obtained at Me*si Smith and Sob's Railway Boomtall, SocrmaMMM Does) Siatio*.1-The Pibjt editi05 of the Southampton Observer It pubtiahed every Frioat Attbrkoos at FOUR o'clock, and the 8eoosd Bditim on Satcbdat ArrsMoos tt FOUR o'clock. Each Edition contain* the lateet Local and General New* op to the hour of going to pre**. Demesne Sbrtamts WANTING 8itoatiobi.
tiirbb Une* and under ...... SIXPENCE
SiTDATioa end EnrLOTMBBT Wa*tsd. Hocus and Apart*xsr* to L*t may be advertised In the Southampton Observer tqbsb line* and *.
Bees Be* and Tradb Adtbbtuxxmt* are Ineerted at contract ratee. Term* may be known on application to the Publither.
Tie Southampton Observer
WlitrtustM S«rs.
It is to be hoped that the politic*} preepeet in India Is not so e^rioa* e* it seems. First, we have the movement toward Afahanirtsn. A movement so eoddca, aad fraught with each far-ejt-teodioc cooseqtxenocs, that we are obliged to ht-Usre that the government have more wdgbqr reasons far their action than tho mere fact that the ruler of Aigbsnietan by chosen to be eW to the Russians, and to endeavour, in his bslf-■svage conning, to set their pretcarioos eniost oar own. Kd the matter o*Xy rsst wUhLorf Znrtton we shonld be half incinw^ to fear that
with to distfoftrieh himself aneong Viwrojpe by the adoption «? a njore itriklog policry tbtn his reoent predeoeeeors have prodenUj ioilowed. Bat, thsnks to the electric telegraph, the Tuier of
who play* at royalty in Dublin- Castle. That Jwtn* so. we take it that the policy telegraphed from Calcutta has been endorsed, if not directed, by the adminlstratloa at borne. They, we may be sure, have excellent reasons for entering noon
. - ■ reasons lor entering upon
so serious a departure from all recent precedent* as the proposed mi*s# of Sir Neville Cham-
by an almost official intimation that tb* British government is dissatisfied with the military strength the Indisn Princes see fit to maintain, sod that oontroul over their forces will claimed and exercised by the representative of the Kaisar-i-Hind — a title whose significance thejr doubtless begin to realise. These native armies are very considerable in numbers, and tot altogether despicable as soldiery. To have to choose either to disband their forces, or to band them over to British rule, will be a hard trial for these feud stories. Again, we may be »ore ithat some pressing dsnger is known, or such seriou* trouble ea this shadows forth would bsrdly ^ have been invited. To quarrel with AlgbaniiUn is no light matter, weighted as Inaia is with taxes, sod still suffering trom grievous (amine; and to add to this a dispute with the Princes within oar border, is to mm a risk that csn only be justified by abs&late aeceswty of sute—necessity that we have tie doubt the administration will be able at the proper time to demonstrate the existence oC
Turn aspirations o! Italy after Austrian territory now are as absurd as her pretenrons to independence were reasonsble. Thirty years ago her friends could point to a famous snd historic laud parcelled out among princes who were either Austrian police agents, or represented dynasties imposed upon the country without its children .being consulted in the matter. To these rulers there were latterly two exceptions, the kingdom of Sardinia whose prince had some aspirations beyond obtaining the approbation of the Court o! Vienna, and the Pspicy, whose chiet as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, attracted to Italy many visiters who did not come merely to plunder her and go away. Still the Popes had been so accuttomed (thanks to the Napoleonic usurpation) to rely upon the Court of Vienna for support against their discontented subjects, that the Papacy ijremed likely to become something as little independent as the small principality which lies between the Austrian Empire and Switzerland. We mean Liechtenstein, whose sugust rulers are proud to be Austrian generals and statesmen. Against soch sn Italy a* existed when 1858 commenced we can well under*tsnd all generous nature* revolting. But Louis Nspoleon, Csvour. and latterly Bismarck, gave Italy to herself, and convened the Princes of Piedmont, Dukes of Savoy, Marquises of Montferret, &c-. &c^ into her kings. Doubtless a vest improvement in the political happiness of her children has been the result. Still •he i* wrong to fancy herself a great power, and seek to play the part in Southern Europe that Prussia bae so brilliantly performed in the North. Prussia gained power by becoming •ilently and quietly the centre and head of the German states, snd the leader of the German people—not by clamouring for everything as hers that bore a German name.
Otherwise acquired. .Than S03J new afcurch-yard*—not to mention the old churchyard*— have been accepted under the lew of the land, ^osecrated to certain fixed, defined purposes. It is now proposed to hand them over »o alien purposes. ^I* this (they ask) to keep faith with the
Thb Qilouist Edccatiowal Txcst.—We may remind our readers that the course of *ix lectures' In connection with this tmst, to be held Hartley Institution on alternate Monday*, will commence on Monday next, the lecturer being Dr.W. R. Carpenter, C.Bn and his subject " The Voyage of the Challenger—Fhyncal Geography of the Deep Set"
We fancy there is one point upon which Licensed Victuallers and Good Templars will cordially agree, vix , that n<

expect they will be wiliing and if they prevent any addition to present drinking facilities we believe the general public will in no wsy object. Thst in msny districts— notably our own—competition hss increased the number of licensed houses beyond any reasonable necessity, we think no one will contend. Least of a;l members of the trade who have to share with six or seven sn amount of business only sufficient for three or four to work prosperously. The constant transfer of licenses being a significant proof that very many bu*i-
Wi believe one of the advanced Liberal fondest aspirations is that Mr. Gladttonc may be able (if be ever re-enters office) to cede Malta to Italy and Gibraltar to Spain. Whether be will supplement this by proposing to remove the English settlers from Australia, and restore that noble island to the shambling savages we found there we do not know. We are sure, however, that such a proceeding would before logic*!, and equally as reasonable as giving up the great Mediterranean araensls to people who#e claim is simply sentimental, and who, probably, would retain neithei post a year after they got possession. As it i not unlikely that we *hall bear a good deal more of this preposterous proposal, and a good msny similar ooea, it is worth while asking what are the claims of Italy and Spain to Malta and Gibraltar? Malta is popularly supposed to be at Italian island; but it is nearly as much ar African one. If contiguity proves anything. Iti population speaks a Semitic patois (either derived from the Csrthsginians or the Arab*) and are decidedly not Italian by race. Politically, of eoilMfe,' the kingdom of Italy has no better claim to Malta tbsn it baa to ,any other fragment of the Roman empire. The Italian pretensions ti it are, therefore, riraply impertinent dresmi which they would hardly dare to talk of wen Malta held by a re*o!ute power i like Germany. As for Gibraltar, it certainly standi on soil thi is a part of Spain—as Spain appears in the atli —but when we ask What b Spain ? the answ« does not go far to prove that Gibraltar Spanish. As far as length of possession is cor cerned, our.title is almost ss good as Spain's, has been English now over one hundred an sixty years. It had been Spanish but a litt more than two centuries, when Rooke seized i The Moors were expelled from Granada in 1492, and up to that time they held Gibraltar, and had held it ever since the Sarsceus conquered Spair in 712. So if length of pos*es«ion gives a titl< the Moor* of Barb*ry have a much better clair to the reversion of " Gib." than the Spaniardi In fact the notion that this or that nation has an better right to any.particular town or territor than its sctual possessors, is one of thi

profit that they
ourselves we desire to regard the quel the cool, clear point of view of ness, and, so considering it, wi pletely both from the gentli eradicate the " publics " as if they wolves, and the misjudging friends of the trade who seem to nourish the beer shop is a centre whence virtue and cultui radiate to enlighten and inloi

We have long ceased to be among the mircr* of the Right Hon. William Ewart ( stone, believing hi* theories of politics,
home, and foreign, to be simply pernicious, did biro, however, the injustice to suppi*e that he loved and honoured his country, snd would have served her in hi* own perverse fashion. Thi*, however, was a mistake on our part. Mr. Glsd-stone is evidently but little pround of his < try, and as little does he value her esteem. Still we should have thought the respect of the majority of Englishmen better worth having than the handful of dollars he received from the American publishers for bis miserable article, . recently published in the NorOi American Review. An article such as we should have expected from some second-rate lecturer or professor on his travels, men ready for any dirty work to pay their travelling expenses. One, however, quite unworthy of a man who has held his head high among English statesmen. Let our country be going to the dogs as fast as the may. it it not for an Englishman to lend her a shove on the road, as Mr Gladstone has meanly endeavoured to do. Could anything be baser ? To rake together all that he thinks are sign* of his country's decrepitude, and string his dirty libels together to curry favour with her rivals !
Tux notion that the United States' Government propose by a Customs Union to virtually add British North America to their own system will be received now-a-days in a very different mannei the way in which such a proposition would hi been greeted a generation since. Then we should (and rightly) have treated such a proposal as impudent jest, or next thing to a declaration war. Now, we believe, most Englishmen will . simply Inquire what are the views of the Canadians on the subject. If they desire such a union we ihall trouble ourselves no further. If they are fairly unanimous against it, we certainly shall use our best efforts to prevent their forcible annexation to the Great Republic. For it is plainly evident that a Customs Union will be so close an approach to political confederation that it would be both unwise and undignified for us to keep up the affectation of the Dominion being in any sense (except a historical one) a British colony vxyAwpr- That the whole continent of North Amtc£a (less Mexico) will become one mighty English-speaking republic is, of course, just the text on which the Radical roosters will crow themselves hoarse. Possibly, however, the sum of human happiness wQl not be diminished if Canada hss the sense to avoid this dangerous partnership for some time to come.
frees the following statistics. The . for the rejection of the Burials BillM
afford sn opportunity for sn «*p*Wuu of pubfie

if Spain. Most hi write as if the holding of Spain by the Moors was something in ii*elf immoral, and all our sympathies are invited for the Christian Princes who wsged incessant war until the Crescent was driven from the Peninsula. Now what made their title better than that of the Moors ? They were not the aborigines. Who they (the aborigines) were we do not know. Probably they were not the people conquered by the Romans. The Visigoths, whom the Moors conquered, had not been in Spain more than three centuries when the crime of Roderic brought ruin on their rule. All over Europe history tells us the same story of conquest fol lowing conquest. We English are intruders in Britain, and the Celts who preceded us we have every reason to believe found men whom they displaced. The very name of Prance is a memorial of the Prankish conquest of Gaul, As we have shown, the present dwellers in Spsin have no better title than possession, which commenced in war and rapine. Their ancestor* conquered the Roman*, who themselves bad conquered
s thai the horrible si
remedy, but up till mow the retult has oclj ippcintment. Eltewhere it it illegal to tc r the " watt* " from habitations, but London—
llth of nearly 4,000,000 e
a to the Bout is that the tei
i uphill or u:
lowerer, who, with the so mm try all end their wwage down to the river,
owing to more wasteful habit, among ths w*li-u»-do.
_ °Y,B ®LD. vaietn aoarmo* curse*.
isTrZTLZ b~nUfDl »<"■
mof the Pacific Oesao.— Panama Star aad HrralJ
TBK INDIA* cmisa
Afjhanittan before the departure of the Mlsskm to Otbul.. It will be recollected that ia 1876 eomrauoi-
* in Cabnl he had deemed it I a Special Envoy of high rank, ith bias personally on crgoot welfare and tranquility of both oUtes would best be assured by a full and frank state, rneot of the present position. In oonaequenoe, how. e»«r. of the death of the Heir Apparent to Cabul the Viceroy Mot a xeoood letter expreesin* hi* sympathy, and adding that he had postponed sending tks*mia*ion until the uwisl period of mourning hud elapsed.
Correspondents at Borabsy believe that no immediate ad van os will bs madeoa Cabul by General Chamber lain, who nut first negotiate with" the independent hill

my be expected si
n Quetta upon Csn. u as sufficient troop*
lion* of the *
sr.—A Berlin iss^suhmitled I
states that Uobart Pacha I Admiralty a plan for raisin.
Ow ThArsdir, Southampton Street Tramway share* were quoted it R»r, \ prem.
"" Thursday, P and O. Share* were quoted at
O* Thursday. Union Steam Ship
O* Thursday, Royal Mail share
T»r L. and S. W. Railway trai week ending the 23rd inst. show an it ired with the corresponding w*
ihares were quoted i were quoted at

) Gas Cow
e paid during the pa«t year
the Rev. P. H. Bowdi le arms, white gloves, a ind—Monday, Wadncsdi
lull drew. r«rade on the Wes it Hi. Luke's Church, when jmitb. M.A.. will preach ; sW 10 pouches; Ih* band to mW*
ind Friday, at 7.30 ptn.; g— ----------------
1 rill.—Tuesday and Thursday, at 7 30 p.m.; gjmnasium nstructlon classes —Friday, at 7 30 p.m.; competition 3y corporals (undress uniform) for two vscancies as lergeants; usual conditions —Saturday, at 9 a.m. ; »r*s«s pdss sompsdilom at ihs 2md Hants B.V. ramgs. Wlllbrook ; N.K.—See printed conditions; Side arms •ill be issued trom the armoury frou 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday evening| officers. non-commi*.lon»d officers, ind trumpeter for drill-Csptaln K. K. V. ghutte. (ergeant W. Watts, Corporal It. "earce. Bombardier W. *ma. amd Trumpets: J. C. TalbsL—K. Barnes. Captain
Mediterranean Pos
Kde Chau-
sajvky, 45 vote* ; 1%*7
of England aad hirdly ■ ure, the frosts being mild So very probably, in th:

if 1977 78) ws lu
and speedily p«*

t with Ice than in others, a* Arctic r cost and loss. At present ion on hand, but we believe a use oiuer nauoa has. The Dutch "i are shave, but w# fancy their ship is in ths frozen en Greenland and Europe; the whaler*, of ere on ths west of Greenland.
o Arctic explora

pleaaanter place in th* world than th< »erge oi a Hampshire Common } Ws very much doubi it. Our own Common i* of course a raik, where the furs* and heather have been allowed more freedom
gsjhuine common. .These are various indeed. Fust of
than Its breadth).
bright yellow flower* like golden stars, and which are »«* all dandelion*, as ths popular bo tan v calmly class* them. Jnat now, too. there Is any number of thi pretty lavender.eoloorcd scabious, one of the late*i o wild flower*, and one which last* till the frost* ami
uitsbabt amd Philosoprical Socistv. — The tt meeting of the above Society will be held in the unci! Chamber ol the Hartley Instituti Fridty evening next, when Professo ident), > will road a paper e
•a'.—The polling in thi* Wot y. The Mayor declared the the poll at eight o'clock a* follows: —Lieut
Trem.yne (Conservative), 657 vntMT Mr R w
Willyams (Liberal), 611 votes ;
■t 1400 name* on the register. The Lib in the evening a great amount of drunkennese, and d Sghis secur ed "S lbs etrsete. Cslemsl Hogg. . who has been in Tru^o canv.ering. left after close ef the poll. Colonel Tremayne briefly returned thanks (rem ths door sf his CoWmlUsa rssm. Mr WUIya** people from a window, claiming
til out fairly and honour-rie«tiontble victory. Out 57 went W the poll, and on steadily from eight' , local time. Both sides it the clo*o the Conserve of MA Ths Uhsral*.
uaj(»rity of 40. The official dec
play of party feeling. Colonel Tremayne re th.nke from the door of hi* hotel, and Mi ■ ,M- -Willyams addressed a va*t crowd from tb< window of the Royal Hotel. He claimed thet thi Liberal party had won a moral victory, and expressed the belief that the time was rapidly approaching when the Government would fall in public estimation from the false pedestal It had so long occupied. There would, he eald. be a decided reaction throughout England, when the whole of ths country would be once more in favouj of Liberalism.
8saxocs Ilwbm or 8ir T. M. Biooctrn.-W( * """ " 1 General Sir T. M. Biddulpb, whe

^B«nt SoctBTtcs.—Three cases relating to •ocietiee were beard on Thursday by metro, magistrates. At the Marlborough-.tree! Coui Hearts of Oak Society was ordered to pey a su a* Wb° loM k*.toolj hy "
:h*tending the feet' that he was ** Lambeth, the Secretary
burned down,
of a lodge of Odd Fellowe wae fined and ordered an amount which ho had embezzled, under pain of tnpriaonmaut. At Southwark. ths Secretary of a friendly society was committed for trial en vane** charges of freed and forgery.
Harvest Hons at Bubilsoo*. — Ths good old custom is still celebrated at Bursledon. Mr. W. C. Humphreys, of Elm Lodge, gave hie employee their annual supper on Monday last. The men met early in a field adjoining the farm, where cricketing and other •port* were enjoyed till supper time, when a goodly least was spread, comprising roast beef, plum pudding, and numerous oiher good thuya. Great prai.e is dee to Mr To* (the bailiff) and Mrs Fox for their ready
School, numbering about 130, had their annual treat on ths lawn at Elm Lodge, when ' a plentiful supply ol oaks and other refreehmsnts was supplied, a variety of toys distributed, and a most agreeable afternoon spent by the juveniles.
Tss. Itchsw Bbidos Compart. — At a meeting el the shareholders of this Company held this (Friday)
after a Ion* discission, it was resolved to hmdgos oonUnoously instsad of employing boete end steam launches. It was elso resolved that new bridge should be percussed at a cost of £
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