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FomnALL. -fWmoWA ffatleminl ,v. Southampton Rorert -Played «B S«o< ham pltfnCcui toon on iiafirday luL Thar® was nothlnjr attain*! on either tide during, mn hour and a quarter. but during tba ten minutes of pl.y Hartleld. for tbe Roverl. aoocwdad . in getting a ,ry! bkb conwMed b# PWwn Pinhntn. Airfield. and Pakw dltllngubhld themselves
,e»t the Rover*. and Oletll: Poole, and Taylof t>l«yei well on the other aid*. Whrni lime *U called the Rover* were t ie winner* by one goal love. The t«amr
follow:—11 arlequlna—01*411 (onptaln), Ratter, Proctor. Mark* Plemlh*. AHlJk. Olbb*. Beam, Rdls; and WeJker (forwards). WUtlam*oh. Poole (quarier-backi). Matthew*. Wallace (th>fce.qu»rter back*). Taylor (goal Jb**r* *-Faire* (captain), 0. Abraham,
Richard^ Cookeey, Harfiald, (J wen, R. Dvinn, Chorion. J. I)yon (forward*), Pinhorn, Jetton .(quarter-back*), O. Capper, Keana, H. Abrahim (three-quarter-beck,). H. CappW (goal keeper). i
Islb of Pcrbbck Yacht Club.—The opening crake will be bald at Swanage on Jnna 27. The Channel matches from Swanage to Boblhampton, which proved eo tuccedful during the laat two year*, will probably again talk place the day aftef the regatta.
SOUTHAMPTON Savings Ba*b.—Th* Hintici*' . year of tHl* inititutiou closed ftn the 80th November la*t> and einob that Utn* the latorwtiBg and probably the moat . extraordinary avast, connected with tha. Saving* Bank* tinea tb«b formation in 1811 and 1816, ba* oocurrad. We alltMa to the (hot that tbe Proeideut, R*r. Caoon Bead cm, bf North Stoneham, who helped to farm, and ha* ever litioa 000tinned a manager of tba Bank, completed tili 100th year tn th* oommenoement of the 62 . year of tM exiiteooeof thia vef* valuable Institution. The annual meeting w«i bald attheoflioe in W*tt Marlands . on Frida^ tba 18th in*t, r. W. Morrit Etq., vioc-pre. aident, iff the obalr, and a Ifhte number of manager* also war* preeent. The andlfoea' report (copy below) waa received and read. TM renal annual atatement of . account* fa*examined,approved, and aigoed, and aeveral form* required by tba Act of Parliament were tinned and ordeitd to be-forwarded to the National Debt Commiitiohera- By the toooanta it appaara that tba number of depositor* ha* J
Invented odbital of the B added lo the depoeitcrf .
paid to them inclusive of trantfer* to and from other old and the New Poet Offioe Skviagt* Bank*.' Tbert ate no letl than 2.604 depositor*, and it it appsrent that there i* -an increaaed confidenoe among the depoeitori, which ii equally de*erv*d by tba tfknagement.
" T 'TO the Committee of 1iftag*m«nt of the Southampton •
.*», Lincoln^* bin KleJdifVooSon. JanuarySfrtb, 1878.
• Gentlemen—] have exifclaed tba aeconta Of your flank for tbe pattjeAr ending the a&tli November, and have the pie*,are In fyMytlng thit 1 find them correct. Exclusive of the flunk premises and the dwelling-house eeeupW by yonractoary WBkhbeWm* to the rraetaee. the n.n.i, ,, assets of the Mbk attbecloeeof the year consisted of the following *um* t— N.' *
In depoalt with the National Debt Comml*.
aloners. *v A Separate 8urplua Fund,not £ * d.
bearing lnim»t ... x ... .......... in 14 0
In |nvMtment..Wltb the *ald CommUionor*.
at Int«ro*;;|4l *. ... ... >. ... «. * Total amount l|itba hand* of Government ... «1.C08 18 9
rilfc SOUTHAMPTON OBSHltyffilt A\n .'WIXOH1531'lC't NICW4 -SATURDAY 'jANU.-VRY 2r,. I^g.
I hand* Of the
•hand of the Actuary, 3a 0 0 -rr-; 1:
voa umuoa 01 m uovernmrni I* alone more than aufflclent to meet all tlflyVabllltle* of tbe flank, and a oompariaon of tbe annual *t#tap,ent prepared for the National Debt Commliilonert *liow% that there ha* been an Inereiuo of u In the number of the depo*ltor*'account*.and of £1,6311HTU In the total amount ot depoilu.
I have onir to add that the b
1 lanced with the aame care an--------,
And have the honour to be. gentlemen.
Your faithful and obedient ecrvant.
k. G. Pkideaux. Auditor.
Loan BEACoNsmiD.—Colonel 0. Lmnyoo Owen, M.P., Chairman of the Portamouth Working Men"* Conservative Club, having forwarded to the Premier k reaolntion pawed at a meeting of the dnb, ezpreoira of oonfidenoe in the policy of tha Government with re*pact to the Eaitern Queetion, and condemning the unpatriotic tactioa of tbe Oppoaition during tha leoaa*. ha* received the following raplv " 10, Downing.etroet, Whitehall, 22od January, 1878. Sir,—Lo(d Be. cornfield ha* had tha hoooor to rmcai** th# eopj joq Kmmrdad to him of a resolution adopted unammoui y at a meeting ot tho Portamouth Coniervitive Working Men'* CJub, and he beg* that you will convey hi* than e to the member* of that ataociation for their warm cxpraaaipo, of oon-fidenca in her Majwty'a Government — 1 have, Ac.
Tuikish Distiess.-A oommitfae ha* been /ormed at Oon*tantinople, under the preaideney of the Engliah Oontul General, for the collection and diitribution of an lational fond for the benefit of all refugee*, without * race or religion. The oommittao comprise* consul* of eleven nation* and leading member* of the Greek and Armenian ocmmunitiaa and of all tho foreign colonic*, and they are about to make a vigoron* appeal to the benevolence of Europe.
Spain.—King Alfonso waa married on Wednesday to hi* ooutin, the Infanta Mcrccdea, in tho Church at the Atocba, at Madrid. The ccremoniil waa a very grand one, and tbe King and hi* bride were greeted with the moat enthusiastic cheer* from the countl*** thousand* af p#raoo# who had (kok#d into tb# oMj to witnaw the procession and tha epectaclo.
Tub Poet laobeitk.-A.m*rriago i* arranged and Will take place at Westminster Abbay during the firat week in march between Mr. Lionel Tennyson, younger son of the Poet Laureate, and Mi*a Eleanor Locker, daughter of Mr Frederick Locker and tho late Lady Charlotte Locker.
attack ON a Bbitish oowbulatji.—An outbreak having occurred in the Chilian penal colony at Putita Arenas, PsUgonia, the convlcta attacked Sandy Point,
flrlnff infil (Ka Rrilith PnnanlatA with n l^.nnmnlA.nn.
onw pared with the oorra* ponding wjok ofl.ut ye&r.
No. 4 Comp**t. — The Com. ,n^'? Hrtd-qnarlers, on Monday, Jan. #1, mt %30!p.m , /or drill. Belt* to be worn ; Uniform optional —T A. S^blton, Captain
Tlotr Trinitt Mutual Improtpmic*! Sociptt — The aecond op^> night wa* on Friday «v<>ning. **-school-room, New.Voad. In the unavoidable abu...„ th# Prwldmt (tk. Rw. 0 Strang.), Mr J. C Pfak. occnpiixl the ohair. An interestio,, and clever lecture on "The Micro^opo," illustrated by diagrams,
givan by l^r. A. Rogers, of Southampton.
Tn* Nkw.OooRT* op Ju*tic*.—In the TIon«e of nommon*. on Tnaadaj, in an,war to a question by Qol. Walker. Mr & Noel wd he regietted that he Oonld not assnro tbe hon member that the Courts of Jostide were progressing aatitfactorily, because there were pori uon* of the work which ought to have been completed and which warn not completed. The dafa for the entire completion of the works was Anpnmt 7.1880 The con-tractor* would be entitled to an extension of time nnder tha e'rika clanae of their contract, hot no indulgence 00 account of the dispute between them and their workmen had yet boon granted. A ehort indulgence of three month* had been granted on account of frost and *tre«* uf weather. ^ ~v
o t'i S' k' L. Ro*om\n (the chairman of the Tlonnl School Board) wjw among tho»e who formed the d«puta. 1 the Duke of Richmond laat week on the «ubject of wiling reform.
Himu. Oswald, Moanvoirr, and On, shipbni'dera
f'* weak. with CTrot sucoees. On Suods v apemoon S*? .1MB * f*"'0* in th« 81 Marvfi.road Chapel, and m the evftoin? he pn*aohed in the Friend*'
? " ^needay ewoln,. in
Capllbp Ohyel, on "Ra*,*d Mhool^ raemd ehnrrhee, and ragged peon)*". There w re wry krw Ut«nd«ne#eml4h# rmoodA-Wowa, amd the moat marked atUnt.on w*. paid to the speakor. 'At the close of each meeting several pW)e,'wfre fAkon, and no donl* good w,D rawdt from Mr. Ralev". vWt k Booth-ampton. We *hould state that the lecturer caime hert Society ao,P'°*8 of the Southampton Tempo ranee
f*i th" Ik.
Dal/y/ftket of Wednesday, a* avowing the irxtraonlinary "'•?J° ^rh,*»a instrument may be applipdi-i Tn« TcLcrtiox* at rnr. florae or (;0MM0*a.-T,aat
----distinctly audible despite.....
Tub ln»lttx\ar.'inphe annual meeting of the Go-vernor* of the RoyaJ ; South Hanta Infirmary will b* heU om tha :
HlOH Tips.—There was a very high tide at Southampton on Monday night, but we have not heard of any damage resulting.
Sexes up C*N*niK* —Tho000k i», as a role, largvr and more massive than tho hen, it bolder and more energetic in bis movement*, and. in the-flight, bustle* about in a ownmi""*'"* •>»*v„r -- - — r«r-~_iV—L -• j_ the looker 1
iinmending tort' of way at ifans^oua fc 'ii • . ^ ker-on with tWidcAtbat-ho i* tb# anperior bird Put h^m in a Cage alone for a few minutes, and
> noise from the
firing into the British Consulate with a 12-poutider'gun. Tbe Vice- Consul took to flight, and wat purtuedand fired at, but he managed to escape from the shore in hi* boat, and waa pioked up by a pawing tteamer.
Canon Bkadon's Photoobaph.—We learn that the managsra of the Bouthamplon Ssv .. Bank have selected one of the photographi bv • Adamt and
Stilliard lor enlargement, to be b u .10 bank rcmembcrance of tbe many yeart gr* -out tervic the rev. gentleman a* one of tbe managera in ooqnection with that iottitntion.
Pabliamentaet Division —Tlie following Hamp shire member* voted with the Government agsinit lb Irish emend men t to the Addre** on Friday night, th number* being 49 for and 801 againstMr. 0. C Clifford, Sir J. D. Elphin*tone. Lieut -Colonel Vagblen Sir Frederick Perkins, Mr. G. Sclatar.Booth, Mr. W. B Symond*. and B. H. D. WolfL
Tub Earcbh Qubstion.—Under tho recent n peaceful aspect of Uiit question it wat jbougbt^ advisable
whether the peaceful policy of tne Govern ment can be maintained.
F.ntbbtainmbnt to th* Inmates o» the Poor-house—Mr. William Hyles, proprietor of the Roya Yoik Music Hall Above.b*r, on Tuesday evening, gave his annual treat to the inmates of the Poorhousr, tbe whole of his excellent company lending their assistance. The dining hall, whera the enlertalmment took place, was decorated the same as at Christmst, at were slso the different approaches, giving the whole a very pleasing appearance. The President with several of the Gusrdlans were present, and aasisted by the master and matron, Mr and Mrs. Ramsbottom, had spared no pales to make the evening'* amuiemmt a*ree*ble to th* Inmate*. A *tage wa* erected at the east end of the hall, from which the performance look place, the band being stationed at the tide. The proceeding! commenced «iib an overture by the band, followed by Mr. Chnrch tinging In good form " Nancy Lee." muct to the amuiement of the company. After thit came a terlo.comic song by Mitt Ada I ton and Mitt Ada Vlnetta, both clever artlitet, the flrtt the programme concluding with a comic enter by Mr. and Mra. H Temple, who created laughter by their amuting tqutbblet of a married life. The second part of tbe performance waa equally successful, especially that of the Frame Troupe of Acrobata, three io number—father, eon. and daughter, the letter being only eleven year* of age, while her biother ie two years bsrjanior. The performance of those two children U something wonderful, end should be witnestrd to be appreciated. We heftr their engagement extend* over next week at the Royal York Music Hall. Mr. Kdwin Forest and Miss Emma Weod gave seme comic duett, which pleated the poor people very much. The entertainment having concluded, the deputy.President proposed a cordial vote of thanka to Mr. Ilylet for hit klndnete in giving the entertainment, which wat carried by acolantiion, to. whioh Mr. Hylet retpended, stating that it would aloaye be a great pleasure to hint to do anything la hie power to
Eremote the amuiement of the poor, who could not elp themselves. He was wgrmly cheered on hlA retiring from the ttage. A hearty vele of thanka waa also accorded to the matter and matron an the propoai-tlon ef Mr. Walden, for their axerlioat In doing all they could for the eomfort and happioeaa of tha inmatet during the Chrietmae holidays. , The national anthem brought a moat pleating and enjoyable entertainment
g&P' SwX.r
jaarmadULW 4 moralag
and Interesting agency. u-,i j t
Thb Haetlet Council will moot on Monday nexf. '* vmHoom raporU and cmmmqakaKone, and
on other business connected with tho inttifution.
A Mmanm of 8'. John', frea Chu^hafEn,|.md Mutual Improvement Association wan held at Mr Mnm&'a aokpolroen,; BL Andre*", n*d, oa Friday avamn* laat. tba R#v. E J. Bnm: In (h# dhalp.l Im. ppyytn #p#Wia« formed U»a prmrrammm.
and tome vorranimated addressee were dolivorosoufhavptdn school Boabd.—Thit board will meat on Toaaday nart, at lha omoaa of lha hoard, fo ra-oommnnicatione-to receive a report from the By-law Committee, recommending cases for n>mis«io of feet, and an increase to AUsndnnoe-offloo Baillie". salary—to receive report* from tho variou* mnnsg,r*of aehoole, and on other bnsinett.
We learn that #t the annual meeting of the St. Law renoe't Church of England Temperance Society Tneeday evening, and reported in onr third page; l.— teanper#on« jdmadth* total ahaUnamaa »#otioa of th*
PoRTKWoon Woremen's Hall — Another of the entertainment* in connection with (hi* hall, and which haya proved ao *noc**aful In tha paat, cam* of oa Tu»aday evening. The attendance, though not
bold and defiant, hi* chirp clerfr and ringing, hie action quick and deceive and fuli of fira-* The hen i*. on the contrary, *maller and morvfelicately Duilt, it thorter and mord chubby. hnTa neater head and quieter eye, it lett demonstrative in her movements, and wl/en put Into a Cage al6de,'/^i6p# backward* anJ fbf" ward* in i quiet way wjlh a aofl plaintive chirp. Th. cock,- undersimilarcircuinsUnoes- teems to pull himself] together, tightens his feathers, andstrotchoe himself out while the hen it still all over the tame hen: tlie doesn't team to know why tbt has been thus isolated, and her demeanour is molanpholy rather than fiery and rebellious. Many Jsuciera of our acquaintance can tell a heu immediately by her hop and soft "cheep " or failing that by her head and cyo. We Tnight add that the head of the cook it longer and looks narrower, and •tperifcnced breeders cantfell the te* of birds in the nest at a gljtnce by this token flone. Possibly much of this may seem to tho. uninitiated to point to distinction* without a difference; but, as w« stated at the outset, some of the diatinotion* are subtile, and such as only experience and Accurate? observation can determine. They exist, howEver, and to iba educated eye are palpable enough, and in mattering them hot the difleronoe between judge and no judge.—From " Canartij and Caye liirdt."
CUUgCH op fnoland yoono SoCtBTT —
- h» «uua( tormon ib coo aecUon with, this society ,Wa* I preached last Sunday tn St. Mattbew'i Church, 6y the Rev. J. Bollen, whochoee fcwWe Uxt the! 16th 'bapter' let Corinthians, 13th verse—"Stand fast in the faith; quit you like men; be strong." In tho course of the rev. gentieman'e remarks, he dwelt upon the necessity of watchfnlncaa upon the part of j oung men, and the many dangers to whioh they were exposed. Tbe church of taken a ver^r lively interest in tho wel.

and Divorce Diviaion of the High Couri Tuesday, the suit of Cbamberlayi Chamborlayne and others at Westmiaeter —Dr. Ti
nonnrl thn mil nf Mr. 'I
before Bid Jaa. ........... . - . _ eaid he appeared to propound the Will of Mr. Thomta Chamberlayoe, af Cran-bury Park. WinoheotaT, dated Auguat 81, 18/8 The deceased wa* the owner of tbe yacht Arrow, and during the time be wa* eng*g*d in hi* dntie* a* chairman of the Wincheater teeeion*, be wa* eeieed with paralyaia, which o*o*ed lost of epeaah, and be died on the 21st of Octobor, 1876, at hit seat C ran bury Park, having made ,the will which waa now propounded.—Mr. William Beet said be wa* a solicitor, at Winchester, and acted for the testator On the 31st of August, 1876, he a tended, at Craabnry Park, and took instruction* from te*tator for hi* will. He gave hit aeeent 10 the variou* proposal* -by-node of tfaoha^d. Mr* Chamberlayna waa in the room, and ae*isted testator in hta nplanationa. Ttt-,talar waa perfectly^aentible at the time, and when the will had been drawn out and read over to him he ex-pressed hit tatiifaction, and executed the tame io (he pretence of witneee, and hie butler, William Cole. Mr* Chamberlayne bad beam prevented attending the oourt, owing to the loee of Iyer daughter.—William Cole, the


Chritt bad .
fare of the young man. and fo^the reaton, namely, not only the. happiness, of" #any/i* christian houtsbold depended upon tho reelitude of the young man, but alto there waa with them all a ver natural dotire for their proeperity, which at one appealed .to their natural feeling*. There never wat time in the hittory of our country when it wat rnoi aaceesary lo he watchful than what it le cow. There never was a time more fraught with peril, more indoce-menu for young men to forget bis God, and to live the life of thoughtless pleasure than at the present moment. He'wat preaching at ho had been requested that night te Christian yoong men They had some ground to ttand upon, some foundation, they should not be easily moved.
'* ""----ef pleasure they could tell him thatthe
death ; they could tell him they Lad
watched the live* of such men, and had ecen theth tort Riddy from the cup of pleasure, that they had watched their livoe and nmcn them walking from the poitou of the sinful cup. The joy and pleteeuro was not on their side, but on your*, and experience proved it, for there is no peace, saith God, to the wicked. They may turn hi* weapon* sgain*t himself: his pleaures were but a shadow, which had lost the glorious substance. What of all the shame, the disgrace, lots of character, loss of time and bodily strength, and lots for e*er? Of the dying sool, "for what*ba» jt.phjfli a man if ha gain the
the pixnoforte
Tn* Guardians of the Sou'h Stoneham Union, their Ust meeting, resolved that newspaper reporters
mott able manner, and reflected the liighoit all ooocerned. Mr. Aadrawm preeii^d at it efficiently. A very pleaaant evening
WiNcnr^ebr Assizks. Tdursdat. — (Continued ft„,t owr p##e). _ Jethua Charlee Colllos, o&rt John Charles Collins, o/ms Charles Jothua Collins, snd Francis King were Indicted for forging a cheque for £18 IPi at Boothamptoa, on October 29th latL Mr. Beelham. c«n. ducted the prosecution ; the pritoner* were undefended by counsel. It appeared from the prosecution that the two nritontt* bad been pasting as father and son at an hotel in Southampton. During their stav there Cdllins bad en,the 28th *f October gone to the shop of a .man n*mdu«;d by Collins, and It was King (who asked another tradesman In the town to cath It " for hit ton. Upon theee facte it wtt contended that both the priioneri were guilty of forging and uttering the cheque for £I6 19». The pritonor Collins practically did1 not deny the charge, but King declared that he wts lgnor«nt of the whole transaction, and believed the cl-eyu* to be a good one. The jury found both the prisoners gijilty. It then appeared that King had presently served a term of five yea re ptnal torvltudo for a tltnilar offence. The learned Judge sentenced each of the priioneri to five years' penal servitude.—Jamei Poweri wat ladleted for wounding James Duffy with the intent to murder him on hoard the British ship Hantt ooiinty, In the bkrbour of Ilavannah. Mr. Warry pmsscuted ; tUe priionsr w«s undefended. Thepriionerand proiecutor, who bad been drinking together had a quarrel about a plate of the nriioner't which the protocutor broke ; and after a scuffle th* pritonti drew a knife, and Inflicted three wound* of a most serious nature on the head, breast, and abdomen of the pro.eoutor. The prfioner wtt convicted of wounding with intent to do grevioui bodily hirtn and wat tentenced to Ave year*' penal ttrviiu le.
The Wai Panoeama at tub Philuabbonic hIall —M. Gompertx, whnte diorsipio picturet have long been favourably known to the public, commenced here on Monday evening, and during the week has be*n extensively patronised. Thit panorama, lllmtrates a tour from London to the seat of war in the East, Constantinople, Moicow, and St Petersburg. Stsrtiag from th* Metropolis the spectator is carried by ta y stages through Swliierltnd, the Tyrolean Alps, Vienna, *o to the seat of war. The pictures are all admirably painted, and those illustrating the scenes In the Kusto-Turkith battles form admirable aldt to the batter un. dentanding of the rtporta ot the war. Tbe view of the entire city arid euburbt of Constantinople it very striking, and the representation of the great battle at IMevns. the fall of the well-known fortress of Ear*, th* Russun* fighting their way through the Shipka Pasi in the Balkan Mountains, th«lr army crossing the River Danube at Ulmaitxs, and the blowing up of a Turkish monitor are among the incidents which exelle ilrong imerest, exhibited to the ptiblio nightly, betidet a capital descriptive licture. The eniertaiomo it it divereified with some excellent tinging, Mr. Pat Barry, the celebrated comedian, eaon evening dtli^hu the audieEce with tome excellent national eo'ngt. On McAiday evening there wat a crowded audience, tnd he sang " Britannia tulet the wavef, and Britont are not slavei." this being the cboru* :—
Aid we mean te keep oar Bntplr^tltSeTusV As stated above, the hall .< crowded' alghtlyV tad all who wleh to eao and lodge for themeelvee should pay at visit ie this ptaortmt, which It one of the very beet ever exhibited In Soothampton. Thle attractive exhibition will be epon during the whole of ne«C week.
TMB'SEfoargD BaiiogATioK op Loed Dp Bar — 1 telegrsmfrom London, at noon today, ilaUe that Lord Derby remain* in offioe.
Death of Mb. B. P. Foedeb.—It i* with extreme regret wa have to announce the eomewhat sudden death of tba above-named gentleman, whioh took place at hie
dignity, end wa* highly reepeoted both bp hi* feBow-townsmen and a largo auola of friend* in thia town and Mighbaarbaod.
gentlemnu conclu'Mng with an earne*t oxhortnV God should be in their hearts, and his word their rule of life There were a large tiumber.ofyouqg men preeent-daring the *ertico —(Prom an occasion*!! corroruten t ) The White Dead-Nbttle.—Thewhite dead-nettle is exceedingly abundant in tbe hedgerows, on banks, and waste plsces and rough ground, and being a paranoial ss not, when it has' dnCe established itself, Ki»a up possession easily. The whole plant b somewhat coarse in appearunco, and when bruised ha* a strong and rather disagreeable emell. Tha plant ordinarily grow* about a foot high, but aa it ia generally amidst long grass and coarse herbage of one sort or another, the whole plant is rarely seen unlet gathered with that intention. The leasee are given off from tbe *tem in pair*, each pair being at right angle* with the poire immediately above and below it, and in tba axil* of tbcte leave* tho whorl* or ring* of flower* are developed, each ring, being composed of from a#» to twclv*. blossoms of a deLcate creamy-white. Tba taatb oCthooalyx an very long and •prcsding, and form a conspicuous feature, while the form of tbe 00rolls, a* it rises and tower* above the calyx very graceful and teantiful. Tha plant is evideotly a vourits wi»K lh« >— —— 1— » ■
Tna Soctiiampton FIbb Bbioadr. — Mr. JC-, Emauuel ha* addressed th* following to the prese :—
I have no Intention to eeter Into a paper eontrovor*y. for which I havo neither time nor Inclination.ns to the cfflclenc of the Fire Ilrlgarte, and as my rfasoa for first addrestln:
othor witness.—Hit lordthip pronounced for the will as propcoodad. ' ,
Thb Hampshibe amd Nobth-Wilti Bankiro COMPANY:—Thit flouritbing institution continues to m/ke gratifying progress, and tbe eighty-seventh report of th4 Directors, showing the result of its operations up to December 31st last, is one of the most satisfactory they have been called upon to issue. The gross profit for
panditure, there remains a net profit of £39,015, which, with tho balance bf profit'earriod forward from the pre. half-year gives a total of £42,054. Out of thia the director* appropriate £30,00*, to pay a t'ivi. d*nd for the six months at the rate of 20 per 0 nL per they add f10,000 to the reserve fund j and, further slight adjustments there is a balance
matipp. I Corns!dar. ty the coarse takea by the OoaaeH. lha* I have effected my object; Indeed. I should not have tgaln trouble I you had It not been for the remark! of Mr. Miller atlbeCoancUmrttniK, who. II l,r 'l,\, u„t sceun- m, ,,f deliberate falsehood, to use a mild term, charges me with %mss exaggeration, although It appear* by a letter In the Southampton Ttmss ot Saturday last.'signed by four of my fellow-towosmcn. that not only am I corroborated In all tho miatesmsnts I made, but •• That I esertpsd i.ut a faint Mta of tht htlp Ml end hsp»kts condition 0) ttu situation 1" re I---
By three arpumsnts only. Mrst that tbe plug wts opened and the stand fixed before tho engine arrived, although he doei not itatc to *k«k htre/tn; second. Uiat a placc Is atslnned for tlie branch on the top of tbe engine, third, that the " Novel " was at work eight minutes alter arrival, and before the Ssppcrt trrlvtd \
for Tny tntwert. KlrtL—Lontlilerlng the time that " *.....Southampton" engine arrived (nearly
powerfwUt* eBbet on------------------.......-------
• Is not bti oplaloa. bnt lbtt he" hani g conUued his itlon to jhe High-street did not, visit iCast-strrut, and Is consequently not aware personally of what took place
night of the Ore was tttht at tl5e comer'of York-hull,lings. Secondly,—I will not dispute the yltce assigiwd tor "

1 that night It w
n tho proper place.
followoThlfn up the passage of H^. Carter t houte. and ssw him attach tbe said ,brao*b.
Thirdly,—'Bdt r^qulMt no auiwer. at Mr. Miller only eonflrma my re oarks as to t|ie ." Royal" being at work In -ery fair time, but Mr Miller, In setting forth the.exploltt f the - ltoyai," Is only'endeavouring to withdraw atU:u-on frdm tho fllsgraceful scene In connection with the Southsmptor." which was witnessed by so msny, and as caused so much comment to arise In the town. Aa ttsUd In the ItUer which appeared In your.csn-tcmporary.T did not give a full account of all I witnessed. 1 thought what I did ttata wat tofflefimly bad. but, having
Miller considers this emcicuey. which I presume ho to prove. I csn only ssy that all the drill and practice I had as a volunteer.once a week for three years was a fallacy
of £1,231 remaining to be carried forward to the next profit and lees account. Considering the nature of matter* commercial during the past hall year, those re suits are of a character that ought to satisf) tho most tanguino of tharehoidtrt, and thow clearly the wiedom of-therttep-adopted a year ago of carrying tbe head oflba to London Tha total aohacribod capital'tho back ia £1,500.000, of wbicb j[300,000 baa been paid nb, and the reserve hss been raised to £160 00«. The ex. lent of tho business of the company will be seen from the figures of the depoiits, which amount to c'ose upon three and a half millipnt tterling , The casn in hand, at call, end-short notice, it £.551,819; among the.invest moots it £-100,000 consols, at 90 per cent. There can be little doubt that the capital mutt be gradually increoted to keep pace with the growing butineeaqf the bank, and
------1----ipital will doubtleetpi
th"" ''1''— —1
Miohat's appeal. — We yesterday called attention to tba appeal of Midhat Pacha to the Britiih public on behalf of hie poor suffering countrymen, and wo are tufe that be will not appeal in vtin Whatever may be the respective opinioot of mm with regard to the character of the Turxt, and their'mode of dealing srith tbe pro-vincet subject to their coatronl, it moat not be forgotten that thoy Are men, and (bqy arn gt^ prqarbt moment; on thoir kneea before a powerful oooqneror. They have fought well, and they have *uffered much. And thou, tandt of the women and children of Turkey, who bare not feught,_and, who are not responsible for the war in any way, are n£w in unutterable diitreti. Driven from house and home, under a wintry tky, foodies*, shoeless, and friendless, they appeal, through the voice of Mid hat P&cha, for help. Tho*o who think tha Turk hdt beep treated unjustly by and cruelly by Buttia, need no word lo stir their compassion; and others, who' lay think flit Turks have brought misfortune on thsm^ selves, must admit that perishing women and children are objects of commiseration. Disinterested pbilan. thropy ia not limited t-. creed, or colour, or clime. We have recently assisted our fellow.*ubjecte in India, and we are now aaakUag maw of onr fellow citisena st homo. But neither from India nor from homo ha* a more piercing cry of distress arisen than now cornea from Bulgaria and Koumania. Tliia cry should go direct to tho hearta of all, and mere particularly to tnose who have in any way encouraged Turkey in tbe un. Oqnal combat with her northern assailant—TA« Echn.
Counts Coubt.— A sitting r&t/t* Court was held on Toeeday morning, before P M. .eooard, Esq . judge, whan there seventeen original plaints, three sdjourned, one default, and two commitment sammonsoa down for hearing, jone of which,were of any public interest. In the mahar of the garnitbae summons, which wae adjourned from tho laat court-day to tbia, none of tho: partiea appeared except the gamiahee, whoee goodt" if wassought to attach, and hia Honour, therefore, made
Couksino.—At the Sydmonton Meeting Isst week Mr. K. L. Ede'a Esk Deer won the Higbclere Stakes (npam), and bk Baatlaaa oarrlad of tb# Strwat Place Stakes at tho South of England Club (Plumpton)
southampton Sailori' Homb —The annual gene-ral meeting of tho tubtcribert and friendt of thit in-ititqtion will be held on the 29th iutt, the Mayor, A " . McCalmont, Eta., presiding.
The Matub and other members of the Corporation will attend Divine Service at Holy Rood Church, on Sunday next, when a sermon will be preached by the Rev. J. Alton Whitlock M.A-, Vicar, in aid of tha Holy Rood Sunday School!.
Spanish Cattle.—Tbe tteamer City of Amitcrdam rived on Friday night from Oporto with 160 oxen, and tbaMarcaailaand Avcpaare o;p#c*od Iron: the aame port abool thi o^d of'lb# weak with Bpaaiah caUlo, 50 of which have been landed at Southampton during the preient month.
Boat Accident at Cowes.—On Monday morning; It M .S. Hector »• -a - . . ake oaptiatd'wl . off, ■pmcipitatiBR therwhole of her ,____
occarrEdf Tba body^fia dot yat bean recovered
Attempted PoisoniKo at Shiblbt.—On Tuesdsy evening a mad named Simpson, well known in tho na*bbourbood.aa *droaan an* fabcurae, andaavoorad to 00mn.1t auicide ander>ht following circumstances :—'i It appears that ho-went'te Mr.- Sincor, chemist, and a»ked for a packet of rat poison, and having procured it, went home and put it la biate*' which he bad partly -drank, when h^ became ill Dr Winckfield was sent f^nd am#r (teoiynaing tbe atcmaeb pnmp,Simp.
gentleman. In returning thanks for the compliment paid him, taid he thould, is during the patt year, do all in his power to promote tbe interest a of the Southampton Rowing Club. Mr. J. A. Smith wae unanimoutly
elected treasurer. Next followed a ravition of_____
ralet. which being satisfactorily arrangsd, the committee wat appointed aa under.:-Moaara. I'arker, Adamt. J. Bright, jun , Penny, Crocker, and Bennegeare—It having been previously decided ia tbe rulea to augment the number of the cbmtnittee from three to lix member*, exclusive of the pretident, captain, tecreUry, and treaturer. Sir. Plnnis—a mott worthy member of the club—w*aagain unanimoutly re-elected captain. Complimentary toasts followed to all the officers of the pait ytar, who tcknowledged the complimtnt paid them, each and all assuriag tbe mem here that it would be tbelr earnest desire to do their utmost to promote and,cultivate the art of rowing, an exercise mott essential te the wsll being of the rising generation. Considerable other butinsu In connection with the club having been transacted, a vote of thankito tha chairman for presiding brought the meeting to a close.
Workmen's Hail. Winchester terrace.—The half-7e,«r meeting of the flommittie of this hsll took place on Wednesday'evening, the 16th IntL, for the purpoae 08 receiving the auditort'report on the ' balance iheet and the election of officer*, ccmmittee of mimgeinent fe* the enema* *l*ma*the,&e. Mp.L. Powell accbpled V?.c !.r' .* * l,w Mmark* on tbe progress of the
ball, calleil on theieoretary to read the report and balance sheets, which were at followe:—The committee have much pleasure in laying before the mem bora tbe eaUsfae-tory program the hall hat made during the peat mohtbi, Wfteen new membert having joined. They ...
alto plaaaad to atala that tba boobalo tha library haw
beam welfraad by th* mombara. Tb* coal club top tha SuwVeu* ^'1 T,ry *ucc«Mfu,» tho receipts being £113 7a 3i-f, tod tba number of member* at the end of tha year 6d5, tnd the quantity of coale auppllad 354 tons 13 cwt SqraThe *aymg* bank receipt* were for the
also a perfect aucccem, 520 pertont having joined the tame. Tho receipt* on account of the ball fundi for tha
ti" ' ******* * kakmoa of £47 ltia'4 Jd.
_ ------------------------- _jd shall also __
Ivo some Information rrspeetltg the t ire Brigaile
tUMtmsnts I bavo made, and shall alto be from my residence of six years In that
» North, of which I possess s
In the Live 1 kaowledg*
Death op Mr. JrT. Clabk.—Our readert will hear with regret of tho death of Mr. Joeeph Turner Clark, which occurred ■ on Monday morning laat, from heart disease. The illneea which resulted in bit lamented decease, we learn, eroae front Mr Clark having taken a chill early in tha week preceding Christ, mat. Having been cut of door* a good deal during th* day ha caught cold, and, being aomtwbat pressed in bnsintaa at the ctoea of the year, h* remained in his offioe very lata that night, and ao, it waa auppoeed, in-creased the ill effect* of tbe obill. Serieoe symptoms afterwards rapidly set in. and earlP in the following waek and for some daya afterward* hia life waa despaired
111 atruck into that vital organ, but srith attention on the part of hi* medical attendant*, Dra. Lake and Keele. and great care bestowed upon him in his family, he ao far rallied as to cauae hia frianda to believe that his strength would surmount th* attack. Ind**d, so wall did he appear that on Friday last ha waa enabled to take a abort walk We understand from that time until Sunday night no recurrence of tb* serious symptom wa* manifested. On
Uiera aaamed to be no cauaa for immediate anxiety. The next morning, be we* found to have peaceful I ly andquleU v passed away in bia tleep. Assistance was called in, but ltf4 Waa quit* extinot Deceased waa 67 year* of
ha ving inherited to a vary large degree tbe temperance pnamplee of bia father, who wa* om of tba earliest pro. motor* of th* movement In Boathamptoo, and wboee
Th* interment took place in th* Friend*' Banal Ground on Friday.
•pector* of Sobooli in England and Waloa, giving I bom further direction* respecting their the faoo of raoent legulaUou. Any infraction of. the Contcience Claueo ia at one* to be reported to their Lordships, and th*. Inspector! are initruotcd to take tpecitl care to point out to school manager* and toach«r* tho import, of the *tncte*t adberenoe In letter and *pint, to
ly *vad*d or neglected.
KxiUBfTINo Pooltbt.—When not overfed, acme fowls will ttand a fondtrful amount of exhibition, especially If they can be freshens* up on a grass-run in between; but birds thus continually shown require a most thorough and careful examination before *aoh time of sending off, to *ee that they are really fit to go, and are not tufferlng from the afrala. If they do appear to be linking In any
Ifieaat cock cannjt stand 1 it are gantrally the rtckleat buvert w* have already tpoktn of; who buy their fowlt, not becaui
they care for them, but merely to wis; and It i*. perhapt. alike difficult and needleat to conceal our contempt for . «. " living creators limply
who can thna eonaldar _ --------_
aa;a machine for ministering to hit purte-proud vanity. *"1' vary different spirit to that which Impels '-a. ' still rather breeds, the
oury elected, with Mr- ff. Knott, for ehafrman, Mr. J.
MeMr*-.a-Oayton and W. Taylor, audi-tore, Mr. 0*0. Gordon, tecretary, tnd Mr. Geo. Gordon, Jan., hbrartan. tl>e trustee* of the hall being Mettrt. W. Sim moot. J. McLaod, Cbarlet Bramiar, and J. J. Sharp*. The oommlttee of mtmgcment were Me^rs. Crabtree. 8\rge»nt, Webb. Wiittington. Perry. Taylor, Brown. Pnllock, Mann. Godfrey, and-Witerboute. Several tub. scripiioni an I donation! wire staled to have bean re. ceived during the past *ix month*, and It wa* raiolved that a rote of thanks be eccorded to tbe hon. member* and donon, also to the prase for' their kludncss In In-atrtfng the r*porta of the meetings. A rote of thanka to the retiring officer*, committee, and tbe Shairnian brought the meeting to a close.
a4*r^"WAaoNRT.—On Monday evenlag At Pcstiral of St. John and inttallatk>n of the Wonhfpful MasteV of Ix>dge Peace and Harmony (No. 960) took place, when there wtt a very large attendance of the craft. Including many vititore from lister lodget, and upwards of twenty "**"* laatallatlan. Th* Wor, !k w x« Jo^B Clark, preiided, and among
r* *"* ^ Royal Qlemceeter
(Sedthamoton), Claatentum (Wooliton). Economy (Winchester), Ac. After the ordinary bushiest of the lodge
."75 maauar; after wMob lha
W.M.) had heard P.M. Payne dltcharge a Similar duty on previous occasions, but never so impretsively as on the preeent. He also moved that she vote of think* be pUcedoothomtoutaaof the lodge.-Br. P,M A. J.. Miller seconded the proposition, which was carri-d With acclata^tlo^ — Br. P.M. Payne acknowledged thecompli-whalerer was worth doing ibould be ti ns r*li lit "A**/" ^?sn hit pleasure se wsll ts hit duly to do all he could for Freemasonry, for there wst a great deal more In It thao the outside public gave them credit' if'jfiJ when the brethren assembled in a Matonic lodge
that day the ton of a very old Mason, and be wished him every htppineisdurleg hit year of office, trotting that the entulng year would be as prosperous for Lodge Peace
Immadlat* Peat Maa„r for the able manner in which be had carried out his dot,** during th. wat year. Baying no one had taken more paint to tuitain the credit of the lodgt.-Br. P.M. AdaBN aaccodw th* ppopoalUod, which waa wrdltlly tgrted to. and Rr. P.M. Clark returned thanki, laying he fad done all In hit power for the welfare of the lodge and be felt he wai imply rewarded by the vote of thaoki jost accorded.—At 6 o'c'-ck in the evening a well appointed repatt wt, tupphed by Br. T. Dartnall. of the Uigh-ttreet. to which between fifty and six'y of the brethren lat down, after which the usual loyal and maionitf toette followed, the evening being ipent in a vsry agreeable manner.
Tub February Part of The Young Ladies' Journal deserve! a word of praite for it* numeroui attractios. rot the imall mm of ninepence, It contain* an ample amount of domestic and artistic novelty. Whether ladiet are itudying ntw fashions, or the decoration of their houses with pretty and useful q* dlework, they mil find numerous suggestions for Industry and occupation. The reading and mutlc given In tbii Journal are turo of attention, but of tpecitl feature it the gratuitous replies to correspondents in tbe psgesof the Journal, or b* pott, according to tbe wishes of the Inquirer.
"* ^u* hfk he
cf the Mtwarj
ea Moon ay nornlng dne on tha 4th of February.
^ 2 atr*""
sour, inir. iwrai ispli txD Binziti *
e mails. Is expected 1
i ebrnary.
the 7th. cr*nk''tttfl brr'k.en I vopalred and proceeded on
general cargo, and a numerous complement el' osdtlo pas
The HKIiifASy—Capt. O. Itelehmann. from IteW Tork, Is due st Southampton on Tutuday nex , with passengers aaa
cargo, on hor way te Bremen.
Ths SfOSEL-Cnct. H. A. F.Keynaber, from Bouthaxpton, arrived out at New York on the 22nd IntL Baltimm Ltns. — The LEIPZIG—Oapt. R. Hoffman, will le Saturday, the 38th Inst., with passengers Baltimore.
Havana and -Yew OHeens tins. The It.tSXOVXR — Oapt. HI Enlmann. sailed from Ravrwoa Saturday last, with passengers and freight for
Havana and Se* Orleaae.
Tueeday, the 29th last., with mailt,
______ for Bats via, Ac.
DBB, KEDBRX.A.YOE.V—Capt. A. Bruras,
leave Sootham^ton
"—"SSiSo —
® JsAJMTKA — Cant. Ordemanrr. from Bat Nleuwe Xhape. passed Gibraltar on the ilst Jnit.
at Suit on the list IntL. and left for Rotterdam.
CLYDE MIPMM OOMf A*Y. TheT0W.4RI>—Capt. Hetherington, tailed from Routhaaip-ou on Saturday, for Water ford. Belfast, Glasgow, sod Qr*enoek. ' ,
Tho RATllLlS—Capt. Crawford, saUot from flouthassptoa oa Wednesday, for Waterford, Belfast, Glasgow, tad
left Southampton on Saturday for Oorl
another mtn, who acqolraa/ ur rawer ureeu..
best birde poetlblt, became ha really appreciates them; and who.feelt a juat pride In (bowing tbaee triumphs of the breeder*! art. because tucccet to felt to be deserved 8uch a one will car* firat of all for hi* birdtj he wiU treat them, and use them, and thow them, faWy; and he will igw* J® «l*o a juat and hearty congratulation to anv friend who can show a better pen than hia own. We well remember one* hearing a poultry-man, who had eold hit favonrit* cockerel for a great euro. Utterly regret U on aeelng the peer bird almost hopelessly broken down at tha and of .11)0 seaton. and Indignantly affllrrolng that' had he kaown how he would have been knocked about," he would rather bane given him away to a "real fancier" than have told hkn to th* actual purchaser for double th* amount.—FVcm "Tks lUustraled Book qf Poultry.
T«i BAIH ABD ffwi oi Enoland SOCIBTT** MBBTnio.—Tbo achedule of the rntee to b* offered at the above eociety'e thow at Oxford ha* just been issued,
the laat day of *ntry. Th* thow will be opened oa Frida*'' J0B* 1 "iU Cl°*# 00 *** Allowing
(Continued from pags 8).
IMnnett said on Wednesday be wae on board the _____
fleor. and while In the engine room he found eoneealed
£1 is «d— Defendant admitted the tobaeeo belonged to him.—Mr. Knowler. examlniur-offlcer of Customs at this Port, said It took his men three quarters of an hour to get
the tingle duty and value, jfil It id and paid the amount.
I. Aldermen Lamb
_ » charged with being drunk and In-
capable. Defendant baa Just been discharged from the Army at Netley, and should have gone heme to Dublin by the boat on Tburedsy. Defendant, however, got drunk, and It toppoeed to hare loat hi* warrant tnd money. 11!* face was In a disfigured state from the effects of coming In contact with tbe gravel on tbe ground.—Defendant r ordered to be detained until information waa obtalt respecting him.
Marion Korea, for whose Ifr. Klllby appeared, residing
— - -™-~ Hyde, on the 19th Inst. Complainant lodged
syasaartz: %
asked him what bnslnce* be had there, abused him and followed him up and S
Defendant waa i
1 Alouday. t* land
and left for Hull, with a
g The Mori lay. s, from Ad$n, for Loudon,- fcaa arrived 1
Tke Sorthum^ria, from Southampton, arrived at Sew York ea tba 17th last
endlnc Pthruarv 1 »-Sanday ... 4 2J 5 2 1 Thursday
a second hiyb water ahout two hours after the time
after the second tide.
1 about three h9uri and a half
Patients admitted during tho week, 01) ditto, discharged *$
Visitors for January :—Rolles Driver, and C. Crow,
Prom Jannsry I to January 10,1875 -
Hoticb.—la order to ensure insertion of Births, Marriages and Deaths It Is neceesary that they should be properly authenticated bv the name snd address of the sender. BIRTHS.
HounselL—January 17, at 11*. St. Mary's road, Bouthaap-toe, tha wife of G. C. iloueieU, of a daughter, stillborn.
Hutchison —January 1*. at BL Thomas' Rectory. Win-cheater, the wife of the Rev. R. P. Hutchiaon, of a daughter Kemp.—Jaoaary 93, at 78, Bucban-terrace, Bouthamptca, the wife of Captain frank Kemp, of the L. and 8. W. B. P.
H*yw»rd—CawUv.—January 17, at Bt James's Church,
mirl*,. aey Swsthamptoa^ by the Bev. M. d Prak.
"t. U
„OaMtoa.«-January 15, at Belrtdaie-road, Bouthampten,
Bevols-strest. Southsaipton,

iastaatlj relieve aad
I. bottles at 7fd aad Is 1
"B«.k Ol JM, ■ U.-0. JUiw. nlBruiwWMl,
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