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Southampton Wert.
Mr. Webb* Pout* would Ilk* l
jrablo accident on lite Thami ......, ... ...
of Jr*wln* attention to the value of every learning tlie art of swimming. It Is cert.lo that t( more of the unfortomte pfeopl* tied )>**n nbtplo *witn many would bar* bee* ,av*.|. 3uuthacipton wa, parti
•o-oalleJ public bath eet«hliili«.| cI
trotted tbeee remark* would lhat*otn«t)ilog would he d-•o that next iprinjt pul " provided for ibe mllllo,. all that bad been *all hjr Mr.
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«P , 4 30 •21 Mx (Dot Chester 3 0)
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i>-40 r • II 60
Sl'ttday*. I 30i 10 IS

Rom*a» SvUth to .

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the 2nd, 16th, and 30th only
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• Tfcia train will tine month. ■
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Itota »r. Bad bride*. Weet Had. Dock*.
Alraiford. •
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fea*e Netley Ar. Bontb'tou
... not only k**p the-", after lif«oiay pr^v* of not"* krt (luluof. hut » u rn. during tl,e *n,ulng -Inter
« j,'-a,
o Foot*, and would
i melancholy cat*, became if th*
.......................e actio had been able to *wlm the
young lady might have been **v*d.
p ut he had been oh.
........ .................. but being on a dying
riait here thought he would Ilk* to «** Urns* placet of tnterett he remember*,! in hi, younger day*. Among i*r place* ha went up l.ansdown*—or a* It was for-irly callcl-Z.on Hill, to have a look at the chapel n lichhe had *hared the ministrations of one whom bo held great revoince—th* iter. Jam** Orabb*. But judge hi, mr.riie when, on reaching the *ainmit of the I. he found the old place failing Into decay, with acarcely a whole pan* of glas, left in IL And thu« -
Mr. Viator eald for s
___ which dunng hi* lifetime that much revered gentleman laboured and atoggled likely to reach
____r _____... bard to erect
...... .. . io*t Ignominiou, fate, ff, read In th*
llibl* that the work, and Memory of a righteous man liv* after him; but thie ieeuie not likely to be fulfilled In thie caee, for In thle hi* native town Mr. Crabbe a appear, to b* quit* forgotten, and hi* chapel fall-
ing down. • And y*t h*

[ about doing
EHOCKINO QOICIDE RY UANO^NO. |» wM k* k lh* r.w*te*W*m nf we es.dw* 4&*4 **
e—rtmw 'ha death fif Ulifabeth Ann ^,„l*tral4* f9r neglecting to comply with, th* Local ... u ^ j premises, aa
.........., tonehlng the dqtih fif Uliaabeth
Por'lork. agfd l|
___. _ Elisabeth PovtlocV, mother of
at 82, Klnr^lrwt. Prom lie* evidence
ae<*ral timet attacked with* kind of wadiieas, bui had been wor.e aince July la*t. #*# had been under the
morning witne** waataken with hyttrrict. and drceiwd ,eem'd v> be very much tffe^fff at It, and after 'topping In the room lor a few minute* got up and went nut Into the yard. A few mlnutea afterward* her two next door neighbour* ruehed Into witne»*'e bon*e. and atld that'dtceaird had gone Intrt the cloert with a pl.Ae of and ihit ehe had crlrd out "With my eletrr go'od-bve for mej for I *hall never *e* her again " Both neighbour* went to th* clo**t, but could not get In. a* the door wa* bolted. Witne** then went out with the poker to try and force the door, and aeqt for a policeman, and Srrgeaut Hoi da way---- '
mlnntee, and broke <
Aet lit regard to certain alteration* t y.—-follow*: — for that h* int»nd*d to mak* certain .
Utne to a certain old bulging of hi* pv*tni*** without notio* of ii»e not to the local
--------------a*iu* ti'ii* lonving * plan of th*
pro, oi*d al|*r»tlone-*t th* offlc* of ih* Borough Sor-v*»ur. On that oceatlon, Uu Information b*ing Informal, It wa« withdrawn, th* Town Clark Intimating that h* ahould apply for a freah *ummon* agalnat Mr. BaaaUy. for not complying with th* of th* Loo.I Act. and mad* hi* application Vcordlngly, on Thurtday l«,t. Tb* Town 0l*rk, wltb Mr. B*nn«tt. th* Borough Borreyor. appeared In eourt oo behalf of the Corpora. Won. and Mr. Robin* for Mr. B/italey, and alter * few cataa had been dl*po»ed of. the following *cen* occurred, which c*o**d conud*rahl* excitement in cwrt — Mr. tt. 8. Pvaroe, addr***log the Bench, *aid he withed to iuak* a few obeervation* on * question of the grea
rpHERE is Bcarcely a disorder rtf the bodyk .' functional or organic, in which Quinine and Iron could not be aduiiniatered with good reeuli*. Pof intermittent ferer*, A* ague, low fev*r, and fabrll* tymptoin-in general, nothing can compare For prortras tl*n of ttrength conee«jo*nt ott long lllnee* or other cautM, do** conHueiuent, eedentary occupation*, and any. thing lending to Impoverish the vital Holds aid nnder-mln* tb* constitution, (julnlow and Iron la admitted to be the only remedy.
L. SffiiL^'r'BrWSS
aon* T In an sg* lilieft place* nf worship are constantly b*ing erected, he should have thought as a mere matter of £ s d—it would have been worth while to have .used this centrally siiutted edifice.
Mr. CI vis ws» very »orry to read in the Times that und.r the P. and O. Company's new contract the company would discontinue in 1850 to embark their tnalis at Soa hampton, and that th* mall, hitherto conveyed by tbemlietween Hong Kong and Yokohama would be also .i!----.i-----i --------—mid regret with him
______________________________* Houthampton could
ill a (lord to loee any of it* (hipping ; and he wa* afraid such would be the case, for of cour»o where the mails were smbsrksd the pastengers would embark alio, and so there would be nothing to call here for. He tr illed that the capabilities of the port would be extendi I in some other direction, and that our " Liverpool of the South" would b* such In reality, andinot only In nam*.
Mr. Notewell saw a very curlou, pleco of Information In a Port,mouth newipeper a few day* line*, which waa rather amutlng. Some three or four Sanday* ago a lad who went to a church at Bouthtee, and was ilttlng In a free * at In the gallery, took up a hymn book which was lying on the east. A* ha did so a small packet of paper fell from between the leavee of the book. On Inspection, the papers were found to be Ave X"5 B»nk of England On coming out of church he handed the notes
th* Sunday
collection In the church for the Church Miwionary Society, and the vicar seems to consider that the note* were Intended for that object. TbskUair has be»n adeer-tited, but no response li-a been received. In connection . with church collections the following financial statement may not be unhitesting. It is the reeult of a twelve monthi' collections at the Wakefield PsrWi Church, the total being £)51 18s 9d, compoird of four notes. f.'2 sovereign,. 117 half-,over*lgns. 1 crown, 441 half-crown,, 4M gortma. 3M9 ghllBnge. MM *htp#mc*#. 3W8 peuces. 13,860 threepences. 17,018 pennies, and 7194 half pennies.
Only one body wa* brought Into Woolwich on Wed-nrsday from the wreck of theTrineeta Alice— thit nf a bsby In long clothee. The majority of the bodies which had been clsimed but not removed were taken away oy the friends the tarn* day. and thoie remaining were interred on Wedneadav morning. The Lord Mayor and Sir B. Phillips, bis Deputy, visited the Dockyard, and the dreadful work of the pait week and the arrangements made to meet the sudden demand upon the authoritiea were explained to them. Great deintu. tion it suffered by some of ths families, who have loll of (npport. and th* representative* ^
......-v..--------- -----------anJ deceated wai
found hanging. The .ergeant pulled th* rope down,
a'.d told h*r to go for a doctor, but one could not b<
found. The aergrant said life was extinct, ^itne.s believed thst deceaied did not know what ah* did when the wai taken bad. She bad been in (he service of Mr.
Sim*, watchmaker., but had been obliged to leavaon account of her health.-P.8. Holdaway deponed that he wai on duty In Klng.*treet on the previous dsy, and about 12 o'c ock a boy came and told him that Mrs 1'ortlock daughter had gon* Into me closet to hang herself. H* immediately «ent ro th«
houie, and found the elnagi duor fattened.. II* called aevrral timee, but could get nHe immediately cut the b>dy down, and found the hindkrrchief (produced) tied very tiihtly round her neck, ao much an that he had to cut'U. A rope r -fattened frem the litndkerchief to the tarter. He i sure she wss quite dead, although he sent for a doci but none oime. — Mr*. Kiixibeth Wilcox, a widow,
siding next dour lo deceased, spoke aa to the bad at of health of deceased, and without any deliberation the jury returned * verdict -'That deceased hung her-self whilst in an unsound state of mind."
The Borough.Coroner. (E. Coxwell, E«q.) held i Inquest at the .Cbamb+rlayn* Arms, New,own, t Monday morning, on the body of William Msrtln.agrd 71 yea,*, whote deilh occorrd as under,: Mrt. Ann Price, a widow, living tt Wlnabeelcr, ssid she hsd been staying about three, we*ka with Mr. and Mr*.
Martin, at 26. Bullar-*tie*t. Deceaaed had told her be thought he had'his winter's cough coming on, and on Saturday coughed a great deal. He had recently had some money st"l*n, and suspecting a gfrl who came to clean, bad on Saturday morning marked some copper,
and pl«ced them on the mantle shelf. As the money hsd dlssppeaied, Mr. Martin accused the girl. wLo
threatened to go and tell her mother. She went away, _____________ _____ ________ ____
and he ran alter her. When he returned he bejan Mr. LePeuvre; I think It i,quite clear a fault I, telling his wife and witness how the glil had acted, but | committed by our officer, Mr. Eldtldge —Mr. Eldridge putting bis hsnd to his head, appeared as if h* was I think not.—Mr. L*t'*ovi« : But. aural., you do
fall considerably annoyed at tillsd*lav,Jb* more so »s tb«re wa* * man, poiitivdy setting the auihorittea of th* to»n at defiance. Ho wai alio sorry .o s*/ that In th* til*-charge of btsdutlss h*didnotrec*ivu ihesdpporl from court lie d*»*rve«L—Mr. O. P. Perk.", liou lo not mean from the m«gi>trat**T-Mr. l'*arce; No*lr. I do not.—,Mr. Eldridg* (pointing to Mr. Benn*tt): That gentleman called on in* on Monday, with the Informs lion, ami 1
told him that I conld notxet it oat in for Tliura-
day, as It wa* licensing day on Tuesday, be,ides the in-formation was Informal, th* date not being filled in.— Mr. Pe*rc« (with considerable warmth): 111 consequence of the neglect of Mr. Eldridg*,' this summons c-nnot now be taken for* w*4k, on account of my other pressing engsgetnants.—The Clmirmsn (Alderman Lamb): Ar* you prepared to go on with the ca»* to-day. Mr. K-jbina ?
— Mr. Robin*: No, certainly not, I do not know what w* ar* charged with. I merely cam* h*r* to watch the case on b*balf of my client. — Mr. Eldridg* waa about * T* • *h*n Mr. Pearco interpoeed. Mr. Eldridg* : Will you kindly listen to me ) — Mr. Pasrce (angrily): I don t know that I shalL—Mr. Bennett li*r* stated that he dlttlnctly told Mr. Eldridg* that the summons was to be returnable on that day (Thursday). —Mr. Eldrldge: And I told you that I ooulu not do It.
— Mr. |Pe«rce: This i» a mo»t icrioui matter, and I cooiider that ' J have been treated very b,dly. Her* I* a building of lath and platter going on. agalnrt the law*, and ther* I* nothing to pravsnt a sad cat«itmph* taking placo similar to Ih* on* at Binningham, recently, and then th* town would be h*ld re«pon,ible.—Alderman Lamb again ap. pealed to Mr Robins to allot* Ih* case to proceed that d«y. — Mr. Robin* replied that he could not do so, as they were not euoimoned. He might have to appeal to the Court of Queen's Bench agalmt fc conviction, but he could not do *u unleu they were lawfully summoned.—
his head, appeared a. .. w. :i tuiua not.—air. uorauvre :/ ...
He looked veiy J take thr<« day, to make oui a summons J — Aflsr c ..J -u. i». .. . *iderable discus»ion It was arranged that tl should bo iesued snd served, at once, and th into at 12 o'clock this (Saturday) morning.
in a fit. He fell into witness's
......... snd a doctor was sent for, but h* watdead before
he cirae.—M. Chandler,of25, inthe same strretsaid ah*
Mansion Houie Fund endeavouring
i been builly engaged
- wifl'Sf m No jioataga tUopi ar* *«rved after 10 p.m. Us fkiudaja there I, only °,lU-r**™ ^wwantM from T.f a.w. ua'tiffo.d a m. only.
ImiHiaya th« offlc, cijaea at 10 a m. for all public butines, *gg*atered letters received up to half an honr before the
s (wail bos) 10. 0 a i
Northern road
Oailow road, Kcw-
Railway Terminus 10.10*
(pillar) ... 0 40 p a
•On Sunday* only.
La AoCtn«»T.—Aognst. 1879. injuring the iploe and head, .tearing oongaation *f Ibabrala. Great W*ak**M of lb* back mgow.ln; p*la from the oi
o of th, head to th* kuaa*.
«a**ii»wl of Ita w«u4,rful *«cacy as a curative power Kfcta iaduewt mi tbla evening to paroHaae a b------L aa aooa a, It Is poMlble tor m* to dp *o, to pay
ymt * rlalton Uhtlf of my wlfa, and get for her ih*

V. 'rr
' ■.! "« .Tmr7
tki.h .|.U

relieve It At the funeral* of victims in Loadon there was a remarkable manifetta. tion of public sympathy. The Re*. Styleman Herring ha, been able to relieve between 50 and 00 of the inott from the Mao,in , House Fund with small amounts, ranging between 10s and £2, and ha« tded a list of the name* of the recipients to >n. so that their esses may be farther looked Some of these wants are terrible in the extreme e case, a man connected with the boat was rescued y scalded that it must be many wocke t •billing towards
solicitor's clerk, wbn was tsking a holidsy slone, has petiihed, Usving a wife, and numerous little ones. The sufferings ol the families of th* musicians who bosrd snd drowned ate also great, aa they are left pennilen. These are nnly ismplcs of scores of similarly aad talea of destitution (hat have already been brought under the notice of the Committee.
The contrast presented on Thursday by the quietude of the Dockyard with the stirring and affecting scenos of the last eight days was remarkable. No strsngers lo bo ,een, and the gates were kept by no moru than half * dozen weary looking officers; while the reception shed-w near the river were in charge of a single
Wedneidsy night was the first since the accident in which no bodie* w*r* brought in. Ther* then remained in the Dockyard sb*d only eight bodies—thres unidentified. The total number of hadiea brought into the Dockyard it stated by the officials her* to hav* been •" re hav* b*«n receive I _I Ralnbain. 0 ; and at . total of 624. Ther*
\Ve*tmin*t*r, 2-making
_______nt, hav* be«n burled under a surgeon's cirtiflcste
without any inquest. There are yet known to b* many bolia* unr*cov*r*d, and it Is th*r*for* possible that the full tela of lo** of lif* will reach to nearly 700. Three or* bodl*« w*r* brought In *oon after noon.
An lnqu*,t was h*ld on Thursday at Woolwich, on the body of Alfred Barnes, a young man who was killed by falling into tb* tnacblnsry of ill* steam ship Cupid, at his way to Identify his inotbsr. one of the Ik* Prlnosss Alic*. Evidsno* was glv*n that th* deceased was Intoxicated tt the time, and that lie sat on the bra* bar* put up to pr*v*nt danger to children when looking at the engine*. Mr. Mayer, shipbuilder, said to aiton the** rod* was an Insane act Th* enquiry was adjourned.
M««tf!og &^ibth*b^dl',bUlt1 ingly boistoroos and blowing In lb* aatn* direction. The launch on »<*(ng pnsbed off from the Haraworthy aid* of the water to go across to tb* Pool* side presented her broadside to the wind and lid*, and although she bad
ZXS/. 222=22 SfiSVZ
on board the Royal Albert, Robert Yarrow, stated tannch had no lim*to adewer her balm befdr* *he drifted to tli* bridge Dr. V. E Vgrnede mid he Dr-H. Pbilpot*samlned th* d*o**e*d after Ibe aocldenL Tbey fonmd him drwdfqHy cr**bad rouad tb* sides and b*ak. Th*p'ob*bl* o*o** ol death waeruptnred bladder
Qugggit-IID,—The new Iron Aberdeen Wit bat^oe
board th* folldwIW* number of emigr*ntg boind for
iawsaSflBKrfw '•I0, "rr
had know deceaaed for aom* yeara. He auffered very much from a sough. She aaw him ihortly before nine o'clock on Saturday morning feeding hi* fowl*, and about twenty minute* afterward* witne** wss called in, -,nd found him Ijtng on the stone,. She sst him up, md her son bathed his face, and then be drew a deep sigh and never moved again.—Dr. Hobley said he *;d decvaied *ome time ago * ~
le wai called to see him c --------
arrival found him quite dead. From had heard and from a superficial examination he had doubt death was caused by heart diaesse, the excite. ..._nt of mind and body in which hs was in st the time accelerating a fatal result.—The jury returned a verdict of" Death ftom natural causes."
The Borough Coroner (E. Coxwell, E*q ). held an inquwt at the San Bar, Town Quay, on Thursday afternoon, on the body of Tom Taylor, aged 25 year,, a railway porter, who met his d*ath under Ih* following dl«. t resting circumitance* s-TIi* first witness called wa. William Charles Clark, a railway portar In th* employ of the L. it S. \V. R. Co., whonij deceased waa lithe same employ. About twenty minutes past 2 o'clock on the afternoon of Wednesday deceased was standing on what 1, known as No. 5 slag*. They had jpany's police : There wa* plenty of r

of good, inward, at the terminu,, said decoaied por cr recently appointed, having been there two < About half-part 2 o'clock on Wednesday deceased engaged with others untying tb* strings of the shot a waggon lie wrs about to shunt. Two other waggon*
i hi* left called to decea*ed to *tand In a fsw asconds the three waggon*
.....„--------bed the two •
tomeone call out " Oh I and of the waggon saw deceased caoght between the buffers. The wsggons rebounded, and he fell down Deceased was lifted on to tbo platform, and Dr. Welch was for; be returned In a few minute* and pronounced dead.—By the Coroner: These waggons were shu 200 yards higher up nsar the gates. Thsre was a red used on the occasion, and had been up hour. This fl.g was to show that they we out the waggon, they were unloading until he put green flag, which he had not done. He taw the wag approaching, and patted Ih* aignal on, and Called " Look out to the wall." In hi* opinion th*ro wa neglect whatever, and that the accident aroee I deceased attempting to pass between the buffers Instead of going under, or remaining where he wa*.—The Jury here expressed themselves satisfisd that It was a purs accident, and returned * verdict accordingly.—Mr. Tilbury, superintendent of goods dspartmsnt, and Detective-sergeant Woods, of the company's police, wr preterit, to watch the case on bebilf of the company.
---------------.—All tuSerlng from
Irritation of th- throat and boarwnaaa will be agrmtbly tor nnted at lie aim-,1 Immediate rsllaf afforded by tbs uae o Brown a Uroachlai Troches. Ti>**e famon, " loaaagm ar* mow *,ld by moat respactehle choanal* in thi*country, ai
soos, as similar trouble*, If allowad to progrrae. remit li Fit*.—Krutrnc Kirs oa Falmso Stcincaa.—A'ca
method ol earn ku buo ol«covar*d for thia dla r*a«lmg
earativ* preptrtlS*. H«a>wr< nf jwr«ons who hav, beau patient- In Mvenl of tb* lar«* h< Mitels aad aad r ths ear*
latter on Saturday afternoon, and resulted
for St. Mary's, for whom H. Jordan. W. German, snd W.E. Parsons made good scores, while C. Tuck and effectlvsly. W. Mitchell
! CatU-ral. c Bowy
s. 7; f.cmuin. e Slbloy,
Played on tho Southampton Common on Saturday, the Kill l>eing In f.
A friendly match was played on Saturday on the Southampton Common. betw*«n the 90, Higl --treet, Excel,lor Eleven and Northam Yacht Building Works (Pay's yard), which resulted In a victory for the k'xceltior Eleven by 10 wicket*. At the conclusion of the match the party partook of a substantial dinner kindly provided by Mr. Pay. a very pleasant evening being spent by all pressnt. The following Is the score :— *
------------—Soabom. b Bopsr. m. **t o,
tea, run out. 3 ; Vldler. r War er, b Sopor. «i Pier out, b 8o|
c and b Soathnn. I
•|-, Piston, I b w. *
Souihon. 7. b Well man. 0 i llaytcr. b
A match between these clubs was pi a at North Stoneham Park, and retultod the home team on the first Innings. He ter, fir«t inning*. 34 ; tecoad ditto, 59. N
day. and ie,ulted in a victory for lb* former by three run, on tho first innings, notwithstanding a powerful team was brought sgsinst them. Score : -Easilelgb, first innings, 76; second ditto, 45. Brokenhurst, 79
I. t^bB^^ k%rtoo^t b U*i
e*. b Darfoot, ». b Barfoot. o s Vanghao,
e Kxn — J. Bsrtoot. b Reeve,, 14 j Wlld.b Beeves,
, Boy*e. b Re*r**.#, K B
n out. 0 ; Damper r
waker. c snd b Itecves, o i Wllklns, run out. 10. not c extra,. « and o; total,, Je and 7.
Played on Satordiy, in the Deanery OrounJ,. when the Deanery won on the fir,! Inning,. The Mercanlll* scored 20 in their first innings, Ooodall and O. Bag. shew being well on lb* spot (the former performing Ih* " hat trick" in his sscond ov*r). The Usanery's total reached 29. towards which number Ooodall. by r plav, contributed 12, Ibe bowling of Scovll, Hal and Co»*ns proving very eOsctiv*, and th* two f and J. Rustsll In th* second innings of the Mercsntile batting well, the rsmslning batsmen doing very little with the capital bowling of Shrimpton *nd Morgan. W. (Jsgshaw proved vsry useful behind th* wlckete.
_____________ _______

.. ill. b llsxalton. 11 Bmltb. ... _____
Osndy. e Kslrey. b «**v*ll. 0 j llsrrlogto*. I Morgan, c Cote as. b Seoveli. 0, extras. 7 i----
at onos to * oheatst and g*t * bottle of Mae. WtasiOWs aooiaiao Siaur. It will r*ll*v* th* poor auflorar nnmell-
If persevenl with Quinine and Iron will entirely hani,h the *crofulou* taint from tb* body. Th* ulceration* and *becea*ea, frequently of a painful character, (oineume* appearing In the gl.nd, of th* neck. In other form, a, scurvy and ohetinate skin sruptious, &c., will ultimately yield lo Its purifying influence.
PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.-fc.;knil,u, «-»»».
PBPPER'8 QUININE AND IKUN " TONIC combine* the** powerful agents in thslr highest stato of efficiency, I* chemically pure, unalterable by keeping or climate, not disagreeable to take, easily ortable, always of a definite strength.
Care must be taken when asking for Pepper's Quinine nd Iron Tonic in the various chemist*'shop* thai it and o otliar i, (applied, otlierwi,* dliappointmeut will result. Boitls* 4s 6d, lis, and ston* Jar* 22s.
Depression of spirit* from any cause long continued snjures the health greatly, and many suffer in thit way for want of a proper remedy.
For the low nervous hetdache, commonly attendsn i depression, especially If from mental causes, the , tloine and Iron Tonic will be found mott nssful; it rein, igorate* the entire system, and speedily dissipates ttn-pleatant sensations of a mslsncholio character.
Taksn a few minutee before meal time the tonlo effect, on the coals of the stomach Is such itbst an immediate' desire for eating I* created. A* the earns time the digestive faculty is aroused, and perform. Its function* in elaborating the food, thus preventing th* usual d|s treseing symptoms of flatulence, pain at the cbeet, and heartburn, generally known a* indigestion.
*- TONIC is sold by chemists everywhere In bottles 4s (Jd. in bottle* 11*. *nd In *ton* jar* 22, each. For protection b* sure tli* name, address, and trade mark of the proprietor. John Pepper, 247, Tottenham Court Road. London. Is on the label. Any chemist rill procure it to order, but do not be prevailed upon to iry any other compound.
Ssnt for Stamp* or Post-Office Order.
There are many derangement* traceable to disorganisation of the nervous system far too numerous to mention in a notice of this character, but some one or two are prominent and demand attention.
Neuralgia, a name for a hundred ph**e* of luffering, and from which thousand, ara hourly complaining. I* literally nervous pain j and although external ramedie* may for a time allay, tbey cannot cure. In case* of thi* kind Quinine and Iron I* absolutely necewary ; it acts like a charm, and abundantly prove it* influence In controlling and regulating nervous action. If one is suder-ing from any malady in tho least degree tracoablo to relaxation of tVe nerves, no time should be lost in taking Quinine and Iron. The effect will be at once evident, and r-storallun to health certain.
PEPPER'S QUININE AND IEOE TONIO k mold by all chemists in bottles, 4s t$d ; next six*, 11*; stone jars, containing tlx small bottles. 22s each.
It directly Influence* the circulation of the blood In a remarkable manner by eliminating all Impuritie* and accumulations that obttruct Its free transmission through the veins to the hsart. Itgive* the proper chemical and physical characteristic*, especially the red corpusc'es eficiency of which is easily indicate! by unnatural pale, ness ok the cheek* and lip,, and other appearance,.

WILL (tide and weather permitting).rtn b*i«m, tb. EOYAL PIRB. SOUTH AMPTON. and WKST C0WB3. RYDB. 40UTII8KA, PiUtMMOOTM.aW PORMEA (NMT RAILWAY PIEKt a, follow, (Railway time observed), but iho conns " between the ,tcarupacket, and train. Is not goarautceJ
floothsmpton ^te West Cowue—KJO, 9.30, 11.10 ajn.,
P Southampton to Soolhwa—II.1(
Soutnauipton to Purtxa (Ntw Railway Pier)—I
o Southampton — iO a
HoutliMa to Weal Co we,-8.30 a.m., 11.30 S

llydo to We*t Cow**—9 0 a Kyd* I* Sowth'l," #.» *. W. Co was to Rjrdo—9-iOam..:
'. Cowc, to Nouth**a—la.'i) ai
a (Saw lUllway Pier)-'
Mere tor ltydo, I
r will only take up Pas*****r* at those
8outbamptou to Hyde—8.t#, and gj* p.m. 8outbainptou to Kouthaea, Portaiaoulh. auj Portaea (Now P*d-*f *.m^ &K p.m.
Portsw, (Now Railway Pier) to W,at Cowo* and South-asaytn* -aXJa-m^awdlOp.*,.
Portsmouth to Wwt Cowes and Southampton—8.35 and Souiliaea to West Cow** aad Southampton—8.40 a.m„ and

i Southampton—9.10 i
W«t Oowoa to Southampton— Cargo lioate for th Uoraa*, Carnages.
(Sunday, excepted).
10.0 ajn., and 10 p.«
— good* oouveyed by Pasienger Boat* will be
charged a* I, per owl. j ,peoie. glas,. Ao., at special rates.

Railway Pier—including
mETuiNTXCEEM. " South to* to W. Cow** M
Hallway l'Jar— Including
Tickata trxm Oowaa W A

OnuoTr*a CUy f°r *nd r,p,iri0« Uek of

(widow or thomas BUXgT),
WINE AND DRY COUPEE. 1, \gra»dili TKniuca, Lowxa Cahai. Wau.
B 8ourui*rms,
EOS to rotom her mocore Ihmnkm to the
Nobility, Gentry, and the Publto generally for the liberal patronage bellowed upon her late husband and al,o to state that, with ih*assistance of sxperisoced workmen, it Is her intention to carry on the above butiness. and hopes lo b* favoured with a continuance of their kind support.
Orders by poet will r*c*lve immediate attention.

■nd improve In bottle, from 15s tn 30, per dog.
M. RIOR^TEEETjM.i^or inib* Poawa*).
Driver, Jennings, and Capper,
PLOOEIEO. EEUTIEGE, mmd MOULD Scantling cut to length and *txe Mahogany and hard wood*.
Slate, Lath*. Cement, Drain Pipes, Hair and ill Builders' requirement*.
Established 1540.
HAS ww m choice mtock of DEVOX-EHIRE CIDER. Wh (*r dmoKht wl bouli*, purpote,. direct from bis stores, BHIDOETUWX, TOTEEE. DEVON.
To ho bad wholesale, in casks and bottle*, direct from him. 84. Ui«b-etrcet, and Winkle-street, Southampton. Order* by Poet punctually attended to.
executed with economy and despatch, at the Observer Offico, -1. Bridqi Stri*t, 8outiiajipto».
JL A little of llagley'* Ointment rubbed Into thew annoying, and (when upon the face) un.lghtly eruption, every night, will remove them. In fresh cases one or two dressings will be luBicient, but In longstanding case* w* strongly recommend the use of the Purifying , Pills at th* earn* time.
AD 10 EdTlON

Are the leading di,eaaee of this country, and as they Cause grent.debility sod much sulferiog It Is Important tbey should havu proper treatment. The symptoms of
Are difficult l)ige,tloii of Pood, Oppression and Uneasiness of tbo Bowels, Purred Tongue, Impaired Strength. Wind. Plstulence, Sickness. Headache, Palpitation "f the Heart, Pains in the Stomach and Side. Sallowncss of Complsxion, Depreesion of Spirits, N*r- I vousness, Disturbed Sleep, Cold Limb*. P*vori»h Heat, Flushing of the Pace, Dryne*, of the Mouth, Weakness of the Knees, Dimness of Sight, and the person is laid prostrate. The symptoms of
Pains in the t=lds*. Pain* In the Shoulder Blades, Difficulty in Breathing. Dry Cough,Third, Yellowness of the Eye, and Skin. 8ickne»* and Vomiting, Difficulty of |
These Pills
disorders of the Stomach, . _ _____,________„
free from any poiionous drug, may be taken with ,.fely by the youngest child, or by persons of advanced years. Por ladies and gentlemen of delicate constitution., and subject to nervousness, they are one of the best medic nes ever prepared. By their u*e lb* Irritability, dependency, and narvoutne,* which accompany Indigestion, givo way to » cheerful How of spirits, and that ruorbid tuelaacholy *o deplorable in all, I* entirely destroyed. They promote digeition. Increase the appetite ; and by ^ " *" " ' strength required '
.Mr. Cox. of Ludlow, say* s " I was suffering from In digestion and Liver Complaint, and was under the treat menl of leveral Doctors, but *ll failed to givo me relief Being recommended by a friend to try theie Pill, I did •o for which I am thankful, a* tbey *oou ictored me to health and *tr*ogth. I have recommended theai to my acquaintance,, and now always u,o them a, a I family medicine."
Mr, Poater, of 12, Adam strsat. Middle,borough. «*)* : "Please send me a box of Bagley's Pills, for Indigestion , par r*tum of post; tb*y ara tbe only Pill* from which I have received anv bencllu"
Mr. Downtoo, Hay ton* Bent. *ay* : " I wa, ,uflerln.' very much from Indigestion, Weakneas, and Depression of fpirils, which rendered meiacapable of attending tornr work for *jm* month*. After having had medical adrico and receiving no benefit therefrom, 1 was induced to in Bagley'* Herbaceous Stomach Pills, which have don* us so much good that 1 can now follow my employment with ease and comfort; In fact. I feel quite a new ma*
Ms. Dovey, Ludlow, says : " I never enjoyed better , health In my Ufa than I have sine* taking your Pill', and can therefore wrongly recommend lh*m. '
Mr. Pointoo, agent lor HadUsld.aay* s "I am gUl te (ay that all who hav* u,ed I hem speak highly oi"
Air. John Orilhih, of Ludlow, who wa* labuurm: under a saver* Stomach Complaint, say* j 1 found chef si hsd taken tb*m ; they occs
Mr. BIanvenu, St. Msry^trsat • Mr. ltubl*, Bernard-
•treat; Mr. Collin*, Uigb-*irs*t, Southampton ; Mewri.
b' B*aUjr'cb,mUl'WuUiM
i ttfiniM !«. I"
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