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Southampton West.
ths un of ths Ointment and Puilfying PiIIa

Mr. PAitKM, of Boraere Heath, 8hreivebury,esy» . .raa afflicted for ten wonthe with Erysipelas, and ef tsr having tried other mesne, bat ell *
i the SKrticiiurj /ree
In the cure of Bow Heads. from wbleb children art the grveteeteolferere. Bsglsy's Ointment will U found • ear* end safa remedy t and from ita great s----'•
al2 20m (Dorchester 3 0)
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Sundays. 9 30r 10 16
10 0 10 47 10 41, 11 21 12 0
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' This train will run on the 2nd, lGth, and 30th only of thla month. ■
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Leave Netley Ar.Botilh'lon
,% All trains on the Andorer and Kedbrldge and tin Southampton and Neiley line* are third clai
terbible gollisioit
A terriblo disaster, almost without a precedent in river traffic, occurred on the Thames on Tuesday night The Princess Alice, an excursion steamer, returning from Sheerness, was run into br n large steamship, supposed to be the By well Omlle—about the name there is a degree of doubt, owing to the excitin* eon-funion that followed—and was sunk in a few minutes. Some 600 passengers were on board, and of this large number few we** saved. The dreadful occurrence took plac^ about the point of the river which is known as Barking Creek, in close proximity .to Woolwich. The ill-fated steamer belongs to the London Steamboat Company, who at this period of the par, according to the usual custom, hare a large excursion traffic. The Vrincess Alios, a large saloon steamer, specially
it is stated, being soms 900—left Shecrncas, baring on board a heavy freight of passengers. In round numbers calculated as already stated. Graveeend was left behind shortly after aik o'clock In the evening. In something over an hour's steaming Woolwich was in , with here and there a barge lazily drifting along it^oing vessel or steamer going by c- ' *
_t the nnf____________
the time that the watch of Mr. Talbot, the w
"these PILLS are one of the best Purifying Medicine* ,/er brought before Mis public. They not only purify the blood, but, as they contain the extracts of two of (lis most powerful Stomachic and Antlbillous Herbs found In the Held of botany, they give a tone to the stomach and liver. TUey a s prepared from purely vegetable extracts, and contain no mercurial or mineral preparations of any kind, therfore tbsy may bo taken by persons of all ages.
ULCERS, LUMBAGO, And all disorders arising Irom an Impurs elate of the blood, should at once try this famous Purifying Medicine, as it Is the very best they cin possibly taks for their removal. In cases of Worms of every description, and alio for Rhumatism, Oout. and Piles, liunderds can and do bear testimony to the benefit to be derived from the u*e of these Pills.
outgoing tide. It was at twenty-two minutes to eight o'clock that the unfortunate steamer ssnk, to judge by the time that the watch of Mr. Talbot, the well-known
apfroa-lies lo West-quay wemgaflr decorated with buut-Ing. and during Uie .f lornoon a large number of People
Wcst-quty Ama'eur Itegatia Club, and delight
KK .i!"irf?s:sara,r."JiS".!'
being much admired. as yenugatcre especially
r__________ which ill polled.
pretty aatllui; matches.
yf-----—«... .1—1.-*
by comptltors climbing
roTeon*ie what de^elv'ed. there were no iVea'thau seven row-
very One kg of mutton. This poll
It defied all attempts^ llneto imported the
ipted to take It from lilm.
[Mr. James Uuke) and tne nun. treasurer (Mr. Alfred Hussey) deaervegreatevedlt for the admirable arrangemente tbat were maile end carried out by ibem. am everything
passed off In a roo»t quiet, orderly, and eucceeeful---—*
The following le the reeult ef the afternoon ■ spur balling Hatch for centre keel boats.—let prlxe. Sad, 41; 3nl. lee , 4th. is. Time allowance, on
"•"■"'■•""Ssi „;„a
Ant Lion. lift. K Btone
HevMSf'1^. l'leke
Xl i 2nd. loei 3rd. 9 lo ealls. The following competed: -
TLs Poet Offlee, nigh etraet, opens for official Innnlilae a (Or the teecp'loB of nai l letUre at 7 am., and cloeee at p.m. The town dellveclee oommenoe at 7 a.m.. 11.3J a.n and a n p.m. No poetaga stamps are ewe.1 alter 10 p.m.
On Bunleyi there la oil/ One delivery by letter oarrlere oommendn* at 7 a.m., aod letteri are delivered at the aonnter from 7." a m. until 10.0 a.m. only.
Bamleye the ofBe< clueae at 10 a.m. for all public bu«ineee and lap,dries.
IUr*ciotlne of the letter-box or office.
Northern road
Blrcfcyndca (box)... 11.1ft am
Onmlow-road. New
Railway Termlnoe 10.10 an
(pillar).. 9M pe
•On Sunday• only.
A eklfT reee, for amateure. In eklffe not excoodlng
NelKe.c'Wl' '.fi® Arrow. C Wayward Quicketep J Kounson........
A four-oared galley race. Kor members of the club only.
(co«) ........ •• * •• ••
Kor boys not exceeding 18 years. —Ist prlxe, »e Sd i In HushlDe'jNedli .. .. 1 I Unknown. J Northoote .. Bhark. C Short .. .. 1 \ Blonde. J aturdy .. .. * A double-handed ekllT race, to be rowed by members.-
Kiiju"*' .....
The Princcss Alice had bor lights np; all was going well. There came the bargea, with an odd oar-boat about, and a stray passing steamer. Presently on came what an eye-witness sot down as a large •tcamer, apparently light and standing high out of the water. Ilcr lights wore up; three in number. But—owing to some cause that has yet to bo explained—in consequence of eome miscalculation crash sh* came against the Princess Alice, almost without a minute's warning. It was a tarrihla mash through th* Wg, light-looking steamer. 8omo who were below state that tie shock felt rather insignificant compared with what it caused, but those on the deck—the greater part of the passengers who were enjoying the trip, felt it ss something tremendous, riobably to the lightness of the larger steamer is to be ascribed the fact that those below were hardly aware for the moment of what followed. But in loss than a second all was apparent. Th* Prime** AHc* warn llknlly cot Im two amldship#: even- one was struck with awe. And then gave vent human terror. There wont up a loud confusion of for help; women clung to men, and children hung oo to woman, while all ]wn*d m Wrw #nckm .hoau till nrn.. It 1. «U. ''Utter con-
fusion" may bo used to beat describe the next few minutes. Thoee from below wero soon on deck to add to the scene of bewilderment. What could the officers on board do with suth a fright-stited multi-tnd«f The steam whistle W signal ths dange: screeched out loud above all; orders wcro given to lower the bqmtm. Men mod women and children looked in dismay—stricken speechless almost, except to utter wild, frenzied appeals—at the peering shore so closoon each side; at the sight of the barges near casting o* their boats to the rsecme, and at the big steamer lying by after the damage was done, and yot feeling the sundered steamer beginning to beneath them. Of course this Was ahnost all
a minute; it was a flash of horror. Tho > sought to be lowered, but those who felt
shoute«f Mr. Talbot to one qf the cr#w. "Jnmp foe your life 1" warn the reply. This was, indeed, the course pursued by those who could bravo the water and swim. But alas ! for the majority it was a choice between two evils, though there seemed littl* chaaee of rescue by-beata even from these lying about or from those that could be- lowered, for ths I nnceea Alice was sinking. The dreadful vortex that would be created would swallow up any craft. So it is said, at this supremo moment of danger no small boat could approach; while from tho.panic-stricken vessel numbers jumped off and swam to cscnpo being euclted beneath. Dot It wma soon plover. In about throe minutes—some, indeed, say five, it is so hard to calculate at such a period, when a second seems a lifetime, with a ghastly swirl, down went the remains of the Prince* Alke. A ghadly Boating cargo mmalned. The mhouta of the living, amid the gurgling waters, mingled with the gasps Wie drowning. There was a moving mass of life and moveables. Forward came what boats there could, and picked up all that was possible. How many more there werenoone knows, reports are vague as to 100 and 160. Most were landed at Woolwich, where they were attended to if necessary, while a few others travelled on to London. TheDakeofTeckandtheDukeofCon. caught, two passing steamers, came to the aid of those struggling in the water, and took on board some sur. vivors. Some time, though, was occupied in the work of seeking out the swimming living, and afterwards there remained the scene of desolation whom the dead had gone down.
of the people around us were straining their eye* and looking ahead in the san* direction as the captain, My wife and t turned to look 4a ths others did; we were then standing at lb* extrrms point f the deck, looking up thr Tham«. I saw a large Vessel, a scrsw stesmer. several lengths ahead, aud coming directly lovards us.. It sppesred to me tbst our vcs»el had af. ready stopped, an< was standing still In the water. Rvery one around us was anxi«ue, and inquired ons from the other whst waa the matter; but two are three nf the meft belonging to the Prineea, Alice who were od the deck looking out told us not to fsar, for we would go by all rlsht. and that there was no dsnger. My wife expressed a fear that the great vessel, fowsrkg so much shoes us, wnuld come fpto collision. She was soms lengths oK, but oorolng ntsrer la a direct line. I am quits sure shs was coming atralgbt on. I looked, but coald sse no lights on the large vessel, nor could I see sny men In the fore part of he*, (aelng towards us. ljumpsd up on ths seat, still looking towsrds the vessel approsehing j but one of the hsnds cslled upon me to come down, br the ctptaln's order. I nb*erved thst the captsN af the Prineesi Alice a, alill on the piddle-box, and thst our lights were hung out. As the Urge vesael exrtis nearer to us, whlls I believe we were standing still, I distini
snowing to her In a loud voice, ------- .
lag to?" I esmedown from the sett ae ordered,when I found my wife aud I were the only pa stagers qu the upper fore deck. The large v®»«el wee than doss upon us. My wife, who had not loet her self.poeseeslon esid • Do not leave me,'and X took her hands —
hsr by me. 1 looked up st the vests! close i . but could see no persons In her fo'e pert, nor nesr any aria* from hsr; but her great height above us would probsbly prevent our doing .so. The collision muet htvs occurred at thst moment, (of. although there *e, no crath, we felt the Princess Alice tremble under ,ui —a kind of strong shivering motion. We turned, look ing sft, seeking for mesne of safety, and I obeerved Ike captain wae no longer on the 1 never eaw him again. Screaming had then begun, and I lot of people—quite a thick and excited crowd-as I believe, across the gsngwsy. I fsncled there might have been a ladder there, for I saw several persons, woman with children, and men yviih women, drop over the side, but whether on a ladder or not I do not know; but peroeiring that there wast fierce »«ih-
-----int shock we found oursklves, my wife and I
..........g legether, In the water, and rose again.
Weeank again, I believe drawn down by the sustlon of the Princess Alice. When we ruse my wife waa black In the face and nesrly Insensible. I oould not swim, and could scsrcely hold ray wife up. She tn.d me to
carried us right behind the veteel which hid come into collitlon with us. The Princes* Alice must hav# been behind. All sround were people struggling In the water, screaming, and celling to the men whom we esw looking over the bulwarks of the other vessel. M y wife and 1 alao shouted, and ropes,. I believe ssvetsl,
There was a scene of the gteawt -anxiety aad

there efforts were aa fruitless as st the former place.
la being marked and tho property found upon them duly docketed. The thorough far ea at Wijolwich were on Wednesday full of people, and a wretched doggerel relating to the disaster was being sung and hawked by the street musicism
The Thames Conservancy have undertaken the task of raising tho wrsck, and will met about it immediately, as the vessel lies exaotly in the waterway, and greatly impsdes nsvigstion.
reooivors to oolleot statements.
with the identification of bodies.
The excitement at Woolwleh still peopls continue to flock to the pleoe, in the hope of discovering the remains of lost friends. Her Msjssty htu made
express wish the reeouroee of the garrison ate placed at the diepossl of the town. The Grand Dnkeand Duchess ol Hesse hsve sleoexpreesed their deep sympathy with the survivors snd frisnds of the dead. The Princess Alice has been HIM. The latest estimste is that the number lost will reach 700.
Agent fot thb Scottish Imperial Insurance Company.
3, Sasaex Road, two-doors Tree baae- Beuthampton.
utrekt, UfTg* C*s*l Waut, SoctnaarTo* Dsalsr In Pipe CUy, Whiting, Hearth Btonss, *e. Wholesale and Retail. Shipping Supplied.
Poaa yatisaom, Rut QnauTY. PRIMB HOME-CURED H A SJ 3.
the river along with her, one of thoss citiigii woman, acreamlng all the while I believe she hai a child. We muet hsve flosted in this way for than half an hour, going dawn the river with the We were shouting to the men ibove, and could hear them shouting, but could no hesr what they said. Many vessels pstied us at a distance, and we could see a great many boats moving about us; but none of them approached us. We could see ths lights of Greenwich, when a small host hailed u« and took us on board. It was a two-oared boat with three men in It. We were taken on board with all those hanging on to our rope ; aome of tho«e clinging to the other ropee muet alao have been taken un board, aa there were twelve or thirteen ofua altogether. I do not know the names of our rescuers, but from the fact that they were hailed by a pacing vesael I believe they belong to her. They rowed us to Grsenwlch, where we landed. My wife and I, after procuring refreshments, ^ i_ ._ j arriving home a few '
In the boet told ut w. .-------.
the scene of collision. We neither of us lost nesa during the wholf time."
Mr. Brown, of Mortimer-road,describes hie experience of the early part of tho disaster as that of a very unpleasant dream. He was sitting in the saloon, when he heard a crash, snd he then said to his wife. " Sit per-foctly still, and It will be all right." Immediately afterwards the steward rushed into the saloon, and said. "Ost on to ths deck for your lives; the heel le eir.king. He rushed out of the saloon, but could not get f.r owing to the crush of persons, men. women, and children, all ecreaming together. He turned to hie wife and said. •• My dear, this Is ths directly after they
The usual fortnightly meeting of the Guardians was held on Thursday afternoon The Deputy. President, Mr. W. Borne, presided, and there were prssent-Mswrs. W. H.Purkls. a Perreee, J. Robeon. II. Laver. VVm. Water,. J. Whitchurch, and J. James; andJ.T. Tucker, ex officio.
The number of paupers in the house at the present is 408. sgalnst 437 the corresponuing week of last year, showing a decrease of 28.
e picked up two miles from
The Clerk read letters from the Local Government Board, in reply to letters received from the Clark, approving of their action In regard to the drying c oast about to be erected, and aleo the action the Guardians had taken in regard to the childrens' echool.
Hoard, to have painted free of cost, in the chapel of house, tho Apostles' Creed and the Lord's Prayer. On the propoeition ot tho Deputy-Preeident, seconded by Mr. Waters, this waa agreed to. the Deputy-Prssidsnt being requeeted
____jperintendence —This w
owe botoro the U»rd.
n snd A Uarton, Dsvls (cox)

n he Induced to rsmaln. The sole method of keeping
s grown,_and sometimes at moulting I

ifa.a the lamer eeglsltss.

a (Jem—A llueeey and J

Lamout (earn) ^
A skip race, for members.
Tlchborno—J J'isher and \V Braxler.
I, service of plaiei 3rd. pair of
—A double baoded n
—Hay ward ami Uoonsou ..
six allver-mounted tea epoooa. Heaee.
At the ooneloelon Of the mstehe* the members and nome-
the proceed!oge of the day.
e splesaad head.


being exaggerated, rathor under than over-eatimated the extent of the most awful calsmlty that hss occurred in Kngland wlihin the memory of the present
------ion. About 7.40 p.m. on Tussdsy the steamer
a Alice, Captain Orinstead, waa returning (torn
spot where the Metis, belonging to the same company, waa run down som» ten years since, she was run into by an iron screw collier named the Uywell Caatle. CapL Harrison, bound in ballast from Millwall Docke to ne, .he being at the tl * fi
_______ Christopher Dicks, o
easel appears to have * '
Alice, striking her on th- .... - . - - . . • aud almost literslly coitfng h»r in half, and causing her to sink in shout 18 feet of water In eomrtblhg like five minutes. The acene thst enaued la stated by those who witnessed it ss being simply indescribable. The steamer appears to have at onee slopped, and thrown over her life bioya and lines, afterward, lowering some hosts. In which some of the survivors snd a number of dead bodies ware picked up There happened, fortunately, to be a few shore toata la the victi.lty, and they rendered all the aaalalanc they could, which waa, how. ever, but Utile comparatively, so many of the uofor tun ate travellers bstng Imprisoned in a^ similar manner
brought with him a letter from his father, but the poor
would not satisfy her. as she Inailnctlvelv felt thst they were subterfuges to hide the horrid truth fro-n her a little time longer. A Mrs Child, who succeeded In saving a little baby ssveu weeks old, bst had her husbsnd and two other children miselag, acted with exemplary patience throughout the ujuhi, and did not glee way at all until Wednesday morning, when her bus-band was found lo be alive. In the Infirmary there was a splendid little lad, apparently a foreigner, about lour yesil of age who hsd not spoken since bis admission. A lady had ohsrgs of a pretty llltle glil, teemingly between two aad three yeare of age, who ws^plcked up ou Tuesday night, and whose only aecwuin of,hsrself was* that she waa coming In the boat with Aunt Ll|slt Sabsequsntly, however, the child said her nstne was Mabel Hepburn, and her mother kt^t a sweet shop In London. . •
Mr. Henry Heed, eUtionsy, of 69. Oxford street, eaysi—**My wife and I> bad b.«n duw.i at Gravesend
aad the ropoeUon of women on beard aeemad »o be very Urge, but throughout the paasags from Orav«aeod
aatil abaut twsnty-ftv~, . -__, -----washed off their feet, and amid
.... most heartrending criee for help, and shrieks ho nae plunged feet foremost twenty feet below the surface. The sensation of bodies, legs, and anas beneath the aur-faceof the water Mr. Brown remembers to have thought of his chtldrsn and bis will. Using a good swimmer he Instinciivsly struck out for the surface and It then seemed like sn age before he could reach the top of the water. In his Journey upward, he appeared to harassed through a denss mass of coal and clnderp as w.a almost smothered with the debrit. Having arriv at the surface of the water ho struck out. and In a l< strokes found himeslf alongalde of what he described an l-nmenss wall of stssl, and which proved to be the Bywell Castle. Fearing thst ho might be sucked under
.. -----1 L. .•nM.d k.r ,nd got out of the way. He
tae. -----distance a life buoy to which
several persons wS(e clinging. He made for this, and attempted to make blmselfsecure by tile means, but the additional weight appears to have overturned the buoy.
for the shore, and w-------
«. the boatmen were buey picking up others,
time clung to the sftpart unobeerv^.but wae eventually
____^ „ named Ben
,m.u, — — the following effectThey
the journey home when the calamity occurred.
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.ales. and. Uwklng vnry bulky, witness aakrd him what ho had. lo which he rrplled nothing i but on searrhing him he found Dilbs of Cavendish tobacco, and S quarter of a pouu.l
*-----ifaetared tobacco—Mr. Knowler. oxamlnlog iifflw
>nie, aald the whole of the tobacco wdgh^3|Uie,
fined ?ho°efngfe duty Iod°value!
with a baby In her armi
t Cl 3s 7d.—Prlaoner •
______________...._____ - , famished tod-
years of age. said she ' * " ' *
(widow or thomas BUXST).
WINK AMD DRY COOPER. 1, Vkbakdah TxauAoa, Lowxn Canal Walk,
Die liberal patronage bestowed upon liar late husband,
_ having mads ArrangsmsnU with one of ; he
SrJk.STwT.I'lSWVdS" '
Light Clarets, pure Bordsaux Wins, which will keep id improve in bottle, from 15s to 30s per dox.
W. HIGH^TBRgT^gxt^mthe Pmw&a), AGENTB FOB BABB A Oo.1» PALB ALB.
Driver, Jennings, and Capper,
Bcantllng cut to length and site Mahogany and hard woods.
Blate, Laths, Csment, Drsin Pipes, Hair snd til Bulldsrs' requirements.
Establish kd 1840.
HAS now a choice stock of DEVON Sill KB CIDBK, both for drsught and bottling sea. direct frim bis stores. BRIDGETOWN, tutMBS, DBVON.
To be had wholesale, In casks and bottles, dirsct fron him. 84. High-strset, and Winkle-street, Southampton. Orders by Poet punctually attended to.
executed with economy and despatch, at the Obicrver OOico, 21, Bridob StnagT. SooTnaMrrov.
.nnoyirig, and (when upon the face) unsightly eruption: every night, will remove them. In fresh cases one or two dressings will be sufltcient, but in keg standing cases we strongly recommend the use of the Purifying Pills at the aatne time.
i O M P L A I NT
tbsy should have proper treatment. The symptoms ef
f N D I G Is 8 T I O N

Sallowneas of Complexion, Depreseion of Spirits. Nsr
rear. OA »ko. — —_________— r----------. vousness. Disturbed Sleep, Cold Llmbe. Feverish Heat.
months, looking aftar her child. On Monday last prisoner Flushing of the Face, Dryness of the Mouth, Weakness gave her the blanket produced to pledge. " 1 - • r' ~-------■ -------
> prisoner three
_ jlti'i'JSSSTVr™ D..OO..O . r,t,ow.
CoUMTBrilAH.—Berthold Ulueberg. a German tailor, uf M, - ------------------ _i.i. -.-sllnir a jjoeWet
pice*, from the"peraouof Kllar llalpom^—CumpUlnajit
met the prlaooer. i

Saya the eldeit: " I con.ldsr lunate people on that sleam .. ~
tlut there are any three persons together lost a friend. As soon as ths vesiel was st
lbs frantic people jumped In, overfilled her. and she . . _ under the steamer. .My
........-U not. and seeing a ro
________vessel which struck us. I managed
wcure It, and was ultimately lodged in one of their boats and landsd Nest was picked up by their boat, but Ilsatlv
boats and throwing ropes, lo rescue lbs unfortunate passengers. It was the general conversation on board the
Among other distressing instances of a whole family
was about forty years of age, left London on Saturday for the purpoee of joining his wife and family, who,
boy—their gee vaiying from ssven months to ten
us: aa
,signed there. . ___
Ths folic wing Is a copy of the log of the Bywell Castle: —yjueeday. Sept. 3. Commenting with light variable t^esee. and calm, clear sky. At 6.45 p.m.
ceeded slowly, the master and pilot being vn the upper William Brankstons (sscond mste), at the wheel.
they adjourned to a publlo glasses of'slc. andleforo he tastad the aecond glass lie had oewlon to go lem thejj
nothing more until he awoke lu the tor past 3 o'clock, sitting on a bene bean lu tho house about I'— '—
i the prisoner id. wltne.a a beluit on
proceeded at half-,peed do.
ale. and from thaS tlme__^ ^ ^ ^ ^
and aloue. He had .... . he had a Russia leather pocket book lu his pocket, with 300 marke in paper, and ten marks In gold. Ho left the house aud went direct to the Docks, where he
blacksmith, of Bambrtdge. was summoned by Mr. O.J.
" •' • ------------—roouh. for removing
tared that defendsnt
Oould, veterinary Inspector a horse suffering from farcey.
offence to remove any horse _
Mr Kite. J on. deposed to offering defen.lant ». a=v w horse, but after examining the animal be found It In a very
're being a large amount - —------- -
teskln. lis detained the h,
Defendant aald be only bo i>. and did not know there »
.?S£ .........
the horse waa In a bad and poor condition, and died that mora Ing.—The Beach fined defendant 10a and coata. and ordered to pay him the costa of the burial ol the snliasl,«,
as It would have to t- *— •« 1
lime, and tke place
Before the Mayor fA. I.. MeC.lmoot, Esq). Aldsrman Lamb. J. T. Tucker. O. P. Perkins, aad J. E. Le Venvre. Kaqre.
Ciiabuc or DAMAOiaa A Dooa. — Ellen Lambert, of Na 3. Castle gardens, wae anmmoned for damaging a door to the amount of aa. the property ot Tnomas fuller, of the same neighbourhood. —Tbe scene between the parUea In Court was most excitable i the Mayor having some dim-cully In obtaining enter, and did not succeed until he bad ordered the«*iApfalnaol out el Court -After hearing evidence In falharuf the defendant, Uie Wench dlsmltaed the
J six feet deep, covered e according to law.—The
Pains in the Sides, Pains in the Shoulder Blades, Dim-cully in Breathing, Dry Cough,Thirst, Ysllowneee of the Eyes and Skin, Sickncs and Vomiting, Difficulty of lying on the Left Side. Ac. .
In the treatment of there diseases the object to be sought Is to restore the stomach and iho eyatain at large to the proper tone and strength. These ends can be obtained by the use of___
These Pills are apecially propared for tho cure of disorders of the Stomach, Liver, and Head, and being frss from any poisonous drug, may be taken with ssfetj by the youngest child, or by persons of advanced years. For ladies and gentlemen of delicate constitutions, amd subject to nervousnsss, they are one of the beat medicmei ever prepared. By their uae the Irritability, despon-denoy, and nervousness which accompany Indigestion give way to a cheerful flow of spirits, and that inorbi. melancholy eo deplorable In ell, le entirely destroyed Tbsy promote digestion, increase the appetite; and b; Imparting to the stomach that strength required t. properly digest the food, the whole system is strengthens and health ones more bsams In the countsnanco.
The following Testimonials will show the efficacy of
for which I am thankful, as they soon restored m to health and strength. 1 have recommended them I my acquaintances, and now always use them as family medicine."
K return of post; Ihsy are the only Pills from which i e received any ben ' "
Mr. Downtoo, Hayto-------- .
very much from Indigestion, Weakness, and Dspresii
ivton's Bant, says : " I was eufler.r.'
HoaatMAa'e Taa.—Choice teas at vary raamable prices
Ua teat to Kaglaail la palaW or (seed with mineral powder, rrateiaa blue. Aa., to hide worthUes brown leaven the Chlaeae thaa_pasa off the lef'-rto- Autumn crop as best ten.
Sfe. .....
of Spirits, which rendered mslacspable of attending to u work for some montie. After having bad medical adr:. ■ and receiving no bene at therefrom, t was Induced to Bsglsy's Herbsceous Stomach Pills, which have done eo much good that 1 can now follow mv employe.'
health In my life than I have since taking four it •
under a severs Stomach Complaint, faye I I found she' from your Pills as soon es I bad taken them ; they e*s n'onod no Inconvenience whatever."
Sold In boxes. Is lid and 2s,M each.
we were slackealag peed aadgelag very slowly. Soma -(Wgued) TmoMag Hsaauos, Comaaaadsr,
_ Galleons IIeach Being
■wm. ... _______ Resch Cosetved an excursion
steamer coming up Bsrklng Rssch showing her red and ms.thead lights, when we ported our helm to keep over towards Tripeock Point. As the veesele mealed observed that the other veesel had ported, and imme-dletely afmrwarde • saw that aha bad starbowdsd, and
culling |ato tha cthsr suamsr, which wis etowded with'

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