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appear to wrap* th$ epidemic.
Cuoiiwo or Pitwoktm Pusox.—Tho red brick building, known a*.Petw6rth Howe of Oorrectim, which ha* for over* century done duty u.» county caoL was, according to fcrrangwnent* of the hew Prison Act, formally closed on Saturday morning
RAILWAY On.mmo*.—A-slight collision occumd it Holyhead on Batanlmy morning hut through an .agin* running into the carriage* of the 0.16 p.m. iw from Eustorv, doe at Holyhead at 1 m.m. One ■aaBca^rccei vcd $ cut above the eye, and nine other*
Tub PotLotWN or th* Wtb.—Mr. Frank Duck-ied and Mr. Walpole, Inspector* of Fisheries, hare -K*n engaged in making an inspection of the upper water* of tbo Wye, with a view to ascertaining the aonron* of tho pollution of the river, which-result* in the destruction of considerable number* of salmon, especially in the spawning season.
Tatmaste«*.—After eight year* of uncertainty, the War Office has decided that it would be inexpedient to continue to withhold from regimen ta tho service* of the pmypastcra who have hitherto formed part of the regimental staff, and step* are therefore beinWtaken for the immediate filling up of nil existing vacancics, yearly 100 in number.
ErraAoaoiKaar AaaarLT ox a Doctor jit lira Wxra.—Marr Bum, wife of Dr. Burn, of Hanky, is in-custody, charged with using violence towards licr husband.. The. doctor, who is unable at ptrscot to nppear and give evidence, states that while ill in bed. ho was attacked by hi* wife with a hammer with force as to break the handle of the weapon. It is feared that some of tho doctor'* ribs are broken.
Death Timor'on Faixiso rnox a Lirr.—The City Coroner had reported to him on Saturday last the •kath of Joseph Note*, age 43, of Uile-end-road. Tho deceaaod wa* in the employ of tho Britiah Ii Company, an^ on the day of the accident was at th i- -lrti jye jj to havo la
fractured his »pino, from which ho died.
AcctnESt to A OnAVEDionER.—On Saturday last Mr. King, tho sexton of St. Nicholas Church, Plum Head, Kent, was engaged digging a deep grave i: tho churchyard, when a *lip of earth (caused by th< recent heavy rains) occurred, and buned him up k the rek. Ho cried but in greet agony for two hour bcfoie he could attract attention, and when extricated, it waa found that he had sustained fracture ol tho thigh and other severe injuries.
Acciuext ik THE Sthand. — Early on Saturday morning last a serioui accident occurred in the Strand. It appeared that a traction-engine was passing d< the Strand when a hansom cub wa* returning fi _ Charing-cross. The animal took fright, and suddenly hacked on the pavement, and went dean thrr*l -plate-glaaa window of Mr. Greenwell. Th,
linding hifnsclf in a precarious position, jumped of! his seat, and fortunatily escaped uninjured.
The Late Fatal Accidext to a Diyxn.—Tho ■liver Thomas engaged on the witck of the sunken ' ;<>rman ironclad, the Grosser Kurfurst, who lilt week c'.iod through remaining too long under water, is th. Kimo diver who recently walked under tho water fron Greenwich l'iev to the Isle of Dog* and back, and wh< en last Bank Holiday walked under the Thame* from Greenwich Pier to North Woolwich Gardens. Hit i.'-xt proposed feat wa* |g jump off Loudon Bridge and v. ilk under the water to Gravescnd.
Tub LibUution or Cosmo*.—Th* Frtmvi's Journal r nark* that the Feaian Condon la fro* became th* O .^grem of th* UnlWd State* watchaa at hi* pdaon : •-•i, and would bo an unpleasant listener at a coroner's .. luost. Yet a few tortured wrctchc* cat out their : ut* in dungeons, from which hi* American citizen-"'••p and hi* couch have released Condon. We know
f En8,lsh philanthropy consider* them *ufli-
,_VLjWy mangled.
or Two Town* mr BTomna.-MisWa, ' 2" in Hungary, wm* completely laid wa*t bf tho 30th ult. by a serero thunderstor
■ "aaza
• lihly devastated by tho storm. Tho water* of thi u-ilet near Erlau broke through the wall* of th<
on llnd ,y mwm
mm!, i After MOnly dreijl". i<. lal , l^Lselil^
3 '&
•ae British aL i-m wm-t* . '.he past week, the total
i2, or a decree -.. i<7ascom-n^ndmg period f !»>i year. The .opwtyloet £200,000,
■ mgof nailers' d-d. .ut-a was held ■lution by

table discussion • ind the reeolutii • , eat, the bui* ol
"I'lfO.-j'Oa Mond.y morning was vi l Church, Bethuii-^nvn-road—a ' • free marriage >y»l-in, the only
icmtlAcate—. uriageofa
ly, th* bride 76, mi l the bride-■•• p.—A* one of the river steamers, • ing near tho In, ling-*tago at .Xay afternoon, * ^i^^ngee, who ■ ail of the gnuj:*.»y, lost his . * the river betwi ni iu« boat and ; per, on* nf the h*iwl* at hoard, . ,. pal In mnd en*. Weil In saving ■I- ; iminent risk ol in* own. i . V tiii-broke out lat« on Monday 'i' >ollcn Mill*, Duiiifrie*. and wu* ii. nighL About 50 ol the %anda
Mr. Frederic MeOWtauctioneer. km
in Ihe V'itf Mnrt an adverttjeni«it of a *ata <3 of children had been discovered on the premise* of Mr.
by the police last week. It appear* that late Saturday evening several females entered the shop of Mummery and inquired of him what ha had done with the bodie* of infanta they had sent to him to be buried.
xed the fire

n, axul whole i _ _____________
ny person* killed. Over 400 dead bodiea'hav
■ «ly boon recovered, and 200 person* ,
*" CsuMiro or a Crowd.—On Saturday last
WWr heU an mqneet at th* Pitt'* Head, Tltt. % Bethnal greem, a* to the death of Daniel vey, aged 50, a weaver, lato of Fox-street, uul-green. Ao# the ertdeoc* It appeawd that
severely crushed In •J in tho Whitechapel-rcad, since which time he heen an out-patient at tho London Hospital. On .uondav he was suddenly taken worse, and died
■ re a doctor could arrive. Dr. Bcrdoo said that i l;*emel tn th* stnmach had bant, ^^
' ',l *nf through the organ* having bocomi
"•ouod by the crowd pressing upon deceased, an*
" y*"* Aihford, about on* e'dock •inlay last. A number of men were engaged in a . l-mit digpng out mnd. Suddenly a heavy 6H of
. id* from th* eeneua lojurie* he #n*taln«L Th*
ppmod to har* cau*ed the earth to give way and fall ' 5"*" - all the other men had
it work, otherwise tho result might havo been more
lurda^.- la»t j'ition of pic
of ga* took place---
astle-on-Tyne, in which a * o bo held. "
■ Ml

FakAL CaaaiACE Aocmnr.—A dbt:r«*lnge*rHag* amueni Ima ccmii.h1 «t Lyme-Regis, in Dor*et. Dr. and II™. Wollaston, of that town, were, on Saturday ovvnlng but, luturmng homo In their carriage from Uplynic, when tin- bolt of one of the »hnft* got low" ami tin- in.iso suddenly started. _ Dr. Wollaaton, greatly frightened, jumped out of the'vehicle, doming in contact with the wall at Colwmy l<(xlge, and »u»-hich resulted in his death. Mr*, tamed her seat in the carriage, to-

Fatal Fiub ix Exhi*.—In Ennis, county Clare, on Tuesday, a liro broke out in a house three storey* high, tho pi amines hem* tilled with paraffin oil and other inflammable aubrtance* for *ale. The inmate* managed to reach the serond storey window*, and there being no iito eecapo in the town they jumped thence to the ground. A Alias Gabbett waa killed by the fall. A Mis* Brady had euch injuries to the *pine and leg* that *ho is not expected to survive. A woman named Roche was buried in the blazing ruins. A clerk of the National Sank, who waa in the home, and tho owner, Mr. Brady, escaped unhurt.
Kktukmno Axeiucami—The number 6f passenger* for New York from England wa* so great on Saturday last that the Cunard Steamship Company found it necessary to despatch two stmmera from Liverpool, the Scythia aqd the IVrthia, which had on boniil 313 and 177 saloon passenger* respectively. Usually at this time of the year the steamer* of the various line* at Liverpool leave with full complement* of passengers, but this year the numbers mr* considerably augmented by the returning Americans *ho have com* to Europe, principally to visit the Pari* Exhibition.
Rcmiam Exi-loratio* of Thibet.—It is stated
celebrated Mongolian traveller attempted this journey last autumn, but wa* *truck with illness while on the road and lu;d to return to Zaisang. Projevalsky will proceed through Kashgaria to Thibet, and will forward from time to time information of a political and military character respecting the country through which ho passes. It is understood that his
made purchaae*, the defendant acting a* auctioneer.
He understood that a bankrupt's stock wa* being fold,
the name of the accountant being on the catalogue,
and the name of Carlo Grass! on the premise* in Gerrard-street.- Among other lot* be booght lot 149,
ten cm*** Of brandy, at 6*. 6d. per case. Next day factory, and the result wa* that many of the peoplft he paid defendant £6 3*. «d., which included the price 1 refused to leave the shop. A great crowd assembled, of the ten rasee of brandy. A* the brandy wa* in bond I and a cry ** raised, "He i* at home ; let'* lynch d.-fcodant promised to get it cleared, and to *end him him." An effort wm* made to do** the ijiep, but a ' rash was made, stone* wer* thrown, and the plata-clas* window* were broken, some of the framework being carried away. The mob, after tearing off the handle of tho door, succeeded in gaining admission to tho place, but Mummery wa* not to be found. Stone-throning, shouting, and hissing *6U continued, and in a short time the *hop wa* a wreck. Th* rioter* afterward* wrenched off the name-platea on either side of the door, and were proceeding with morv mu-hief when a detachment of police arrived and'\ht crowd dispersed. It haa been deem ad expedient to tflias oon-stablea at the place to reetrain further violence.

. Several letter* .
of delay. He had never had the warrant*; had the brandy, nor received back his 1 the defendant he auppoaed h*
as paying an* of the firm of Farebrether ana Co., .. heir autlmri^d agent," and believed the gooda he Imujht were Carlo Grass!'*. Mr. W. Farebrother suited that he was a member of the firm of W. Fare-k »ther and Co., I^ancastcr-place. The prisoner had thing to do with the talc in Gcrrard-street, in June. " catalogii.i of tbo snlo by Messrs. Farebrother and wa* not issued by their authority, nor was the irted with their sanction. On hear-

iiu he atti «iud sii inmly; a)>out £1 n _
| not sol i Ly tho gallon. After eoroe further en-once, it w.ia ■uhmittrd that the charge in the sum-
i "is ha l ii t h*m made out. Mr W. William*, far ne plaint.If, contended that fraud was shown in
'lefemhiiit representing that he Bold on account Messrs. Farebruther and Co., when it was not the ■CL Mr. Mansfield did not think that was guflicient
ii sustain a charge of fraud. He should dismiss the uminons, the complainant possibly having his remedy i u civil action.
Five girls on Sunday escaped from th* Howard Hill Reformatory, near Sheffield. This is a Roman Catholic institution, and the Government inspector, in his last report on it, says:—"Last year I had to report that the girl* had «iven a great deal of troible, and that in August, 1870, there had been a violent outbreak. ' There does not seem to have been much improvement since then. I noticed again a want of order, and symptoms that the manager* had not sue---'~4 '—ping up proper

of tha proeeot year, (har* wa* another * serious outbreak. A number of the elder very riotous conduct, in which they induci the younger girls to join, made their es apprehended, and taken beforo'tho magist

Monday a number of wofki
driving large piles in tho Thames for the p'urpo*o of forming a foundation for the erection of warehouse* and shops, at the north-eastern approach at Black -friara-bridge. For the past two year* th* pl*c* of waste land near tho Underground Railway at Black-friars has been used by tho Corporation for loading barges with th* caith dug out from Farringdon-rpa»l, where the now vegetable and fruit mark
at Klngaland, are carrying out th* work*, whi when completed, will be an ornament to Blackfria
Fire* iw Algeria.—Some formidable fire* hi broken out at Djcdbdad, at a point between V* and the Saf-Sat, at Modjadjda*, and at a pi between the Saf-Saf and Saint-Charles, in Algeria. At tho latter place the flame* threatened the destruction of farm* and village*, but a detachment of troop* from Phillippevillo *ucceeded in mastering the flames. Tho latest report of the conflagration at Medjadjdas represents it as a terrible disaster, some thousand* of hectare* being on fire; tho village of Bordj Doumencs at, Estaya has boon completely destroyed, the inhabitant* having barely had time to escape. Much damage has been done in tho forests of cork trees on tho right bank of the Saf-Saf.
Watch ltouiar.—At the Thame* Police-court on Tuesday, James Hodsden, an omnibus conductor, was charged with stealing a watch, value £G, from Wm. Smith, dwelling at 6o, Blair-strect, Poplar. The prosecutor said that at half.paat twelve o'clock that morning bo waa going along the East India-road, Poplar, when the prisoner pressed against him, and the next moment he missed his watch. He followed the prisoner, and saw him put a watch, which he afterwards identified as his property, on a window-sill and run away. Constable 338 took up tho pursuit,
eix months' hard labour.
A Max Drowned at Oxtobd.—Mr. William Lee, aged 37, who ha* been for 20 year* in tho employment, as clerk, of Mr. W. II. Ward, coal merchant, has been drowned at Port Meadow, near Oxford. It appeam tlqat the deceaeeg, who was paying hi* addresses to a lady at Go%ow, was returning home on the rivor aide lite on Sunday evening, and by some mean* got lato the water. An inquest was held on Monday, when a verdict to tho effect that the deceased wa* Found dead in the river, without any evidence how no cam* there, was returned. It i* ■opposed that the deceased must havo bad a fainting orather fit and fallen into tho river, or that he walked into it through the intense darkness of tho night when he went'that way.
Dei-acing a "Wall.—At tho Marlborough-street Police-court on Wcdnoeduy, Edward Pickering, u lad residing at No. 104, Drummond-street, was summoned before Mr. Mansfield for unlawfully writing upon and defacin* a wall of u certain building in tho occupation of Mr. James Harvey, lodging-house keeper, of Great Titchficld-street. Mr. James Harvey said that on the 25th August ho wa* looking out of his window and heard tho defendant repeating tho letters of a word he had written in pencil about a foot in length on tho wall of his (Mr. Harvey'*) house, and when he accused him of it he mad* an uffenaive noise with his mouth. Tho defendant made an ingenious defence, which, however, did not avail him, as Mr. Mansfield fined him 10s. and coeta, or seven day*.
Fatal Accidbxt.—On Sunday evening Mr. Matthew Gould, master of a ateum launch belonging to Mr. Cavendish Bentinck, M P., of Branksem Island, Poole, expired, after much *uffering, through an accident which befel him on the previous Thursday night. He arrived at Poole with the launch, and landed some :entlomon, and when about to return to the island he ound that tho steam power at hi* command wa* in-ufficient to contend with the very strong wind and tide that prevailed. Tho vessel quickly drifted upon of the pile* of the bridge crossing the harbour at ianowe»t point, and Gould, in trying to le**en the force of th4 collision, was dreadfully crushed against tho woodwork. He was extricated a* quickly aa possible and conveyed home. At Mr. Bentinck * request three or jour medical men attended him, but from tho first the case was hopeless. Th* launch sank, but baa •ince been got up and placed under repair*, i! Food SvrrLT.—Tha arrivals of
live "stock at Liverpool last week from the United htataa and Canada were very large, and much in
On Sunday afternoon, about three o'clock, a email boat, capable of carrying not more than four persons, act out on a pleasure 'excursion from near Slimby, with a crew of *ix young men on board, who landed at Muryport, and took with them a companion, making their number seven. The boat, on turning the South Pier, was caught by the strong ebb tide and suddenly capaiaed. The poor fallow* wer* seen etmgglfng in the water by hundreds of spectator* from, the pier and promenade. The harbour boat and the stem tug wer* dm*patched immediataly to their r**cne, Sat too lnte, six.having been drowned. Th* seventh jnar was tho only one who could swim, and he Was strug-gUmg again* a strong current. atlemmling_l@_a*ch th* pier, and was picked up and landed safely. At
lade for the dead
but only two were found. One of the droi was married within the last three weeks. The two brother* Clapper ton. owner* of the boat, arm both drowned. 'Iho bmml wa* not capable of carrying *e many hand*, and the crew quite incapable of manag-
At the Marylebooe PoUc*-comrt. Ann* Connor, *ged 28, baying no home, a flower woman, has been charged with disorderly conduct and using obscene language at tho casual ward of St. Marylebono Workhouse; also with assaulting Sarah Edwards, an inmate of tho ward. The defendant wa* admitted to the ward late on Thursday night, the 29th ult., in a partly drunken state, but as she had a baby in her arms, she was allowed to stop. Soon afterward* she began tD annoy the other inmate* and to create a very great disturbance, making use of most abominable language. On her throwing her child down on tho ground " like a bundle," Edwatds remonstrated with her for her conduct, when the defendant rushed at her, and calling her very bad name*, struck
Tha defendant denied the charg*. Mr. CooZ considered that tho defendant had behaved in a most disgraceful manner, and waa un8t to have th* car* of her child. She must go to prison for on* month with
Khcd Lin ________
Lwo simmer City of Bristol, (rem Philadelphia. Sho had on board 320 head of fine livo cattle and 1,188 lie* aheep, a* well a* 53,000 bushel* of grain, In addition to other quantitiea of provialona.
A* OLD Pmratoxan.—An army pauaionar, named Barnard Mac*, ha* diad In th* BlUerlcav Workhouaa, " " - acedagedofOt HetadaVi
medal, dated 1818, with ten clasps, fc. In Portugal, Spain, and France: and hai P*ndon of la. Id. per day for W
igagement* ** h"*%ad
total of 4I.W0 v at Shrbusuikv.—A shocking murder ptod anicida wa* diecovered at Cuton Hill, * th* 30th ulL, a man ;ed 00, having atabbed in tho throat with a stabbed himself in the in wag found dead at th* bottm
bhrewebury, on th* momin* named William Humphreys, his wife, Anne Humphreys pocket knife. Ho aft left heart. Th* worn
of the. stair*, and the____
both in their night cloth*.
Suocano Discovaar.—A dli been made by the police on th* r,

*nam iniormauon, viaited tha ahop. when ha notkeS & very bad email eaanlting from tha @oor. Accord, ngly ho proceeded with a sanitary Inspector next day * make an examination of the premise*. Mr. Mummery, on learning their errand, went downstair* id brought up a boa, which, on being forced
which Imd bom aubjectad to th* action of quicklime Tho undertaker stated du* tha bodies had been loft with him for burial some month* since. They were removed to the pariah mortuary. Mr. Carter, tha
on* of the t*ket collector, at the Pari* Exhibition, on achwgaof fraud. A policeman mw him drop soma
through a WKkat, wbare it la etmnn^i and handed on 4" *b9jnU*it (* ."boa. Tha mono* iriooa wickets are changed iu regular rotation; and when Palknot was at the box he kept back a car.
and eeutenced to four month*" imprisonment.
Fatal Accfturr at Sal.—The ateam'ahfi

ived from Mr. Cartel1, th*
in which he stated that the remain* found were'raerely bones, and under those circumstances ho decline* to hold an inquest. Considerable dissatisfaction exists in tho neighbourhood in consequence of this refusal. Mr. Marsden, jun., attended at the Lambeth Police-court on Saturday last, on behalf of the parochial authorities of Camberwell to apply for a suiAmons against Charles Mummery, a builder and undertaker, at whose house the bodks of several children were found under circumstances already reported. After some discussion Mr. Ellison said it was a matter, no doubt, surrounded with difficulties as "to a prosecution, bat at the same time some steps might perhaps be taken toward* bringing the offending party within the law. Mr. Marsden said ho had taken into consideration the various points likely to bear upon the case, and thought it would" perhaps be best to place the facts before the Solicitor to the Treasuiy. The police authorities had intimated that they would give every assistance in bringing the case before the Court. Mr. Ellison said it would certainly be the beat courao for Mr. Marsden to placs the whole facta before the Treasury authorities, and if they saw fit to apply doubtless he would, upon sufll-geut ground* beipg given, grant' * gummons against
The Austrian police have handed over to^he judicial authorities of the canton of Berne, in/Switzerland, a certain adventures* of Russian extraction, calling herself a countess, who is accused of having swindled tradeapaoul*, principally at Nice, Geneva, and Pari*, of upward* of a million of franca (£40,000) by mean* of celling them false jewellery. Tho case is worth noting and remembering. Ihere is an enormous amount of *ham jewellery ,-piincipully rubies, and sapphire*—about just now; and )kcr* (usually reputed to be th
General Furnishing Ironmonger,
27 and 28, BERNARD STREET,
1. 2, and 3, GEORGE STREET,
WALTER Q. IRELAND . General Furnishing Ironmonger,
POST PAID. Ii eon tains illa>tration* of his unrivalled stock, will, LIST of PB1VE9. and plans of tbe eight larire show rooms at
27 & BERNARD MT.: 1: & * #. nROROB *T. and 5. 1.QWKK CANAL tVAhK, 8QUTHAMPTUN.

o been of lato *

ehary of landmg any money on jewellaey at all. If von win turn to u very euHoua hook, nailed "Pie*
Year*' Penal Servitude, ' you will find how the fraud k. In all probability, perpetrated. Tha hero of tho book, just before the term of his punishment expired,
had a conversation with a fellow-prisoner, a German,
rhen they left peiaon they should which ho assured ire. The precious
d ','tHpkta." th,
coloured glam i*
who proposed that plntopaMnerahin him would prora highly remun acheme was for the mannfact*
eecrct of which is that a pie©
placed between two thin layer stone. The triplet will triumphantly a save one. The coloured glass is made to snd lower strata by

wer strata by means of ;nt as Canada balsam ; triplet in a little wai
TOE EVICTED mnAKFM On Saturday last Mr*. Girling appeared before the Lymington district magistrates to answer an adjourned aummoua, at the inalanra of th* polio*, for ohetruct-lug ^e highway at iionlla. A* the Rmt haanng, Mrs. Girling was allowed a week to remove the ob-etmctiou complained of, consisting of n quantity of furnitme and Other egecta, whkh lay acaltaead on each aide of tho roadway. Sho now :
bench that she and the Shaker commit unahl* to End a habitation anywhere, but that thee had removed all tho furniture to on* side of the road, *nd eeeey precaution waa taken to guard again* any obstruction, two men walking up and down all night to conduct horses past. Superintendent White being satisfied with the defendant's deeiro not to transgrcsi th* law, the magiatmtae, oonaldeiing that Mr*. Uir. Ung wa* in the position by foree of circumstance.
in be employed "tally, as b» no
EXr. C:
rPHE very high prices charged for Kitchen
Hanues. under the pretence of having made W provemsnu in tbsm. but which. In most eases, prov*
I V* u!°*t, •hBPle in their construction, and which
***"&, dumaeyK fwm 30* le fS. Tkeae Klicbener* Will be found to surpass any that are now in use for cooking, of every de«cnptioo, with greaterea*c. by onedre.
a hot plate, and the open Ore can be uaed
charged with obtain! named Sarah King w

tho pretence of telling for-www wont into tha Leopard Inn, Weat Bromwmh, on th* Mth ulL, and whilat there I'olico-constablo Bakewell heard her promise to tell the glri'a fcetuna foe M. and a drum. 8h* pereuaded the girl to get one of her mi:trma'adree*e* for her, and on the ofdeer enteHng th* Mom th* dreea wa* found in the prisoner'* bundle, and she claimed it. The pnaoner. In anawer to the charge, aald, "Three parte of what they aay la untrue. GodAlmlghtvwHl.nwlw look down on the righteou*." The oflice th* way to th* polic*.*tation the nrieoner remar " I hope you'll not tako me before Undo Isaac." *a* eenlenced to two months' hard labour. *e*aon*, on hearing thia, aaid. " Thank yon, ge: men ; and I'll go on my bended knees to you. I sure of a bit of bread and a drop of water there."

W-J iy, and other damage was

»ry good sort of m
st-Law.—Lady Arabella ighbjunng gentle-long the English, irmed and ignorant, •nny, a coward, a
T Bwemit Bws 13s 10,. r TeaKR^k,6*W. 7*W. 10*Wn,a& r Tw Po*. 1^. 30s. «e. 30* t* a 2& r Coffee Pots. 211, 23*. 31 * to £2 10*. r Eq Fram#a.m*.as. &W.K* mf3Ma. r Uqner Pram**.30*.&0*.T0* toft 10s
i*.l«,.30,.th.30*i«All0k me*.l0sW.ak30*.5O.WTOa
I Tniy* (richly chared), 66 10s «
ectro Silver Side Dishes, Inoae bsudles, forming tl •ot of eight, ti 10s to £1010s.
,Crio8io" I>Uh Co,er*'lor "l of ,our' ^ io*1
retro Silver Pish Eating Knives and Forks. In cas,
of » f« Mk, a io*. a io* L, ao 10.
...... md Porks, in casi
f 12 p.Irs, £2 10s. £3 10s £t 1
of TABLE CUTLERY in the country, all warranted.

« all of tho

sstine. which n
m the great objection generally
Zfl-CIa wide
1—consist* of On
NO. 3—txtrn mtroog, oonmimtm of large

\sh t"an. Iron Skir
n.ged, with wrought bright
. Polished PUte Rack,
The increased and incressing use of Gas In private houses has induced WALTER 8. IRELAND to select from the various manufactuiers all that I* new and choice in Brackets, Pendant*, and Chandeliers.
and 5-light. for Dicing and Drawing
GI.m Gas Cliandelii
plated mourning Glass Gas Brackeu Experience-1 Gasfitti

s. Copper Smiths, Bsllhanger

. 16* Od 1& W
4 in Fine lvoiy Huddles... 30s Od
but who hid a brother, Sir — D«
•avage, and a fool, who eat himeelf to make her life unhappy. She knew that if *he complained, or even told her husband, it would make- an irreconcilable breach between the two brother*; and therefore ah* could not reconcile it to her principle*. She told me, however, that, finding *h* could not endure hi* brutality, and that her nerve* began to fail her, *ha had recour** to the following stratagem. She deter-mined to learn privately to fire a putoL When she had practised *ulEcisntly to become a very good ihot, ebe prevailed upon him, without letting him into the aecret, to accompany her to th* retired *pot where she had practiced, and showed him how aexterou* the had become, telling him *t the *am* time that aha ■offered so much from hi* brutality that, if he did not alter hi* behaviour, *he waa determined to apply tha akill ah* had obtained to put an end to him, hia ill-usage having made her regardleee a* to her own life. After thi* conversation he immediately changed hie manner, and never tfVwwarda gave her the least trouble.—Lift of Lord b.Miurnt.
Din hi Tuwx f—At a certain convent in France, twenty pauper* were served with a dinner at a certain hour every day. A dog belonging to the convent did dot fail to be present s t this f*a*t, to receive the ecrap* which were now and then thrown him. The guest:, however, were.poor and hungry, and, of course, not very waatefuL so that their pensioner did little more than Kent the feast of which he would fain have par. taken. The portion* were served by a person at the ringing of a bell, and deli vered out by means of what in religiooa houses i* called a to*r—* machine like the section of a cask, that, by turning round, exhibit* whatever is packed on the concave ode, without discovering the person who moves it One day thi* dog, which had only received a few acrape, waited till the
I Black-handled Kniv Whit* Bone Knives Black handled Can
...aaeOd 30s0d I2s&| .' 37s Gd 32s 6d 15a Od
65a 0d W, W ga 0 * and Forks. 2*9d to 7.6d half-dox and Fofks, 7s Cd to 15s lialf-do: ers, from 3*0d per pair, ytei
Blag handled Can
. from 2s Gd to 18* p retoam ia*6d. MuWerKa^ t, bportman's Knives, Razors
Buyer* «f th* above are reque*led. before finally
seee. C 10* lo flO 10s
T AMP8 of ALL SORTS & PA'iT&Kas.
Petroleum Oil T*bl* Lamps. 2s 6d to 25s.
WALTER & IRELAND sells this oil

' the moderator

tha patent Duplex. #hy. Petroleum, and Paraffin

Hip Bati.s, 20*, 25*, 30*. 35*.
2". SO..

Shower Baths (with e_____
T 2* to £3 10s."
1 H «,* KM.. from 10* &| w Cs ael of 3.
r_PEA "BNS and KETTLES; of London
U«*3Sr.'"°UW°" "• ' W .xton
Improved Cosl Boxe*. 3s 6a to 50s.
«J, » iu.
ahPfa***™* *»d*tb*r PRIZE KirOBKfERE.
Q. A RDBN REQUISITES. Lawn Mower*. 22* fld to £7 l(k
O^T.nLWl Wjf, 2ft2d pw jvd.
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