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o5 Tb«™).T, Sin* Tim.t, dun.
**()* ^Thntaday, Roj»l Mail ahama »w quoUd at n«. Tbmraday. P p- were .qudtod at
39/nr L. and S W. Railway traffic return* Thf the weak ending tb* 2ad inal. *how an ioerees* of £3028. tf com p« red with the ootreepoodiogweek of
Tits of it appropriation meeting in the 167ib Starr-BoirkaU Building Social/ la fixed lor Wodneaday wan. idc, September 11th
Local LiqoiDATio* CaaiM—(From Tuoeday *
" '
____C-,____. __________JLlw-Waoh ioM
Herbert Barton, cant, to be Seooed Lieutenant.
Lieut -Oot.. Oswald Augnitua Gnmaton, lat Warwick Militia, ia granted the honorary rank of Colonel.
Hamelb Ritbk Beoatta takaa place on Wednee. day. tha 18th inat , ,
.Sueoeon Ausustu* Ha*att rotign* hi* oomraistion in th* Medioel DrpeHment of the Army. . _
SouTHaMProx Starar T*ahwat«.—Vesaela fram Carnarvon atill unload at tha Town-quay ,'one to ba uaad in the ooaatraation of the afreet tramway*, and wa notice that material to be need in connection therewith ia being deposited in the neighbourhood of the

BocTiuxrtbrf. .Povrrgciiinc lecture eeeaion will c grand rooal and li
lence on the 18th in*L, mental concert, to be

ubbanl,k*q. (be**), day next for beerhouse*, and on the following Tncaday
for aelling during prohibited nour*. Ac , aa agalnat 11 laat year | and 8 like oonvictions e gainst be*rhcu»o*.
Anna, RaChannel awimmer, wilh hia aou and jJ*UBhter. gavean aquatic exhibition at the Weetem Shore Hatha. The boy performed eome good faata in the water, audi aa un-
Ifirl pare a fair exhibition of her power* of awimmmg and floating, poaaing a number of time* thfjogh a hoop. The performanoe of the two waa very good. but not better tnan we hare wilneated at thee* hatha before by eome youngaler* of Southampton. Thie waa followed by Mr. Fred Cavill, who gave an exhibition of In* aide atr<>ke, which be need in awimming from Southampton to Foriam oath. and al*o gare specimen* of ectentifio and uaeful awircming, going through a varied performance in the water. The attendance, howercr. wa* bat ecanty. Annual Tbeat to EmVIote*.—Mee«r* Aalattand
deatination being Brook, a rery faroorite *pot for plea-aura partiea. The company arrived I 11 o'clock, .harms enjoyed a moat pie eoroe charming acenery. After reft cricket, quoit*, and other gamea wi»ed there abortly befor
of the Bell Inn. c*iding. The good thing* pro-ample ju*tice to, the health of

mploye*. Mr. Ailatt. in returning thanks for the manner in which hi* health had been drank, made special allusion to Mr Harris. hi* olde*t hand, who had weed himself and hia father for orer 40 yeara moat faithfully, aultably re*ponded to by Mr Harm Other toesta of a complimentary character followed, and then the com-
> the open, th

.—The preacher at tha Her Majesty'e Chapel e month of Saptambei
itoyal, Whitehall, throng it the Her. William Hultoo.
The New WATKKLom Statio*.—Tl elation of the London and South. We,
faat verging tow*rl* completion, althoo
roof which I* to •belter the terminn*.
Jcmr Li*t*.—On Sunday next (Sept. 8th) tbeliaj
to make their claim both aa to
•rn Railway ii il a frw niTOthi
Scial poaiti

n the li>t* the pai J. W. MT««*' Ouand CI:
the form of antertainment pr popular in Southampton ia r alway* to be found
zZ'.mZT—... _
____________»nd Hippodi
a land*, cooautiog, a* it doee, of 200 be herd of trained^ '
ed by the large number
_ _______ ever a rea pec table com-
_ — _wm. At the heed ofmll oompem*MOf ^la kW W Mr. J * bw,

Len patronised
lure m finding that an Invtl b*en ennaactcd for aa many
bu.lnaa* being tranaacted, a rote of th: an clnaed Oie met tin/.
Sr..John'* Pat* Chuich or E baxaar tor the aale useful and
He had much pli
Z2S& wf»MJw%^t^l7w35eAg% |"hadbJw'« »ateUrfat.-rTMf^en the wew echoolt adiou£w.St Joha'a Free' Chu ch. <* ilbctioh or MUMM to %#* England, aitoaad in CliQbrd.*Page The other alalia were preeideJ oyer by Mr B ss;
Lorn, Mra Buffel, Mr*. Gardner, Mra. Badock, and Mr* Kemp; and Mia* P.«r preeid*I over the refreabmeut •tall ' Mr. 9 Lavington had charganf heart galleir, and Mr. Uuukle, of Berni* volley, eupplied 'he refreah-mebte. Among the taioUtw* prevent at the op'nmg were the paatnr of the church, the Rev. E J. Boon ; the Reve U H. Carliale, M. U Mackey. E 0*botne. G. W. F. Grmot. W. Wlllmme. S. B BtrlhUmg. k the abaenoe of Alderman Lamb, whom it wa* announced would formally open the b*x*ar. that ceremony waa performed by the He*. E, J. Boon, who in the cour*e of hi* letverka aaid they wgnld remember that, when the •Ciiool* were opeded on the 28th July, they were ov« £"00 in debt. Toward* that *um a friend had given 114, and In all they had received about 20 gnineaa, and if they (ubceeded in getting : 0 more thev would eecure the
fiv»j{uineM promised conditionally. Still thep w«nt«d
---y large aura from that baxaar. and he hoped ther
i get it before the baxaar doeod. The Rev T.
___ett, chaplain at the tloyal Seuth Uanta Infirmary.
had #htwn aJeUer exgre«ina M* regret at bring
who had abown auch great Intere*t in the church during the laat eix year*, and bad done so much for it, Mr* Parne. having taken a moat active part in getting up the bazaar. They aa a congregation wanted to he able to may they were oat oJ d*bt#nd ther would d beet to keep oot of debt, rfn
i nee of the great
occurred here on Friday len^eath o(

-------------. ,---------good health up to a few
minute* before ehe waa aaized with the attack which resulted in brt death She waa very much respected, andhrrauddendemiae ia deeply lamented, and much
sympathy is felt f«r her —.........
inquiry into the cireum*Um of Miaa Longman waa held evening by .Mr. R bert liar the following evideece waa
the Jeceeaed wa* hi* *iatcr in-1 year* of age. Hen-tnrned hcm«
after 7 o'clock oo Friday

hyaterical fit, ar

ten a laying at hi* houfe fc n good lieeUa we wl iho waa emgagud to be
isrried. The engage ighlit had prey#l on
getting Mr. Legg'i
r good indeed.—Ellen Herri* a will, Mr, Legg. Shortly bcf<

did the kno
------jsible, and did not answer her
ise came ; they applied a sails bfttle ibout that time Mr. Legg came in. beertv lea at 0 o'clock. Witness did ng being the matter with her, neither ijthing that occuied to ann
the deceaAd beta

ry returned a verdict in acco dance with the kl evidence.
FKIMCm or Walm—who—as we noticed in our I edition of Saturday last—passed through tfoulli-ii on Friday afternoon, returned from Oritchell, at of Lord and I*dy Allin ' - ~ -------
by the K-rl of Hi
Bee them pte
_____... ... End elation
Hi* Royal Highneat, who was
launch for hia '
dlstancf.down tl
boone'r. Hildegarde, lying river, which at unco set aail ft
Boo*.—Mr F Ekles* wa* lat iscovery of a sr.ako in a tray laye previously I rum the gar It is one o» the *ma|ie*l specie* of *nakes—ni long, dark, thta body, with yellow mar the head. How It came in the roo understand. It ii supposed from ita
r du»k on Wcdiiesdsy
EwL The Beyal Pier #oem quirer* aa to the fate of i board. Fortunately all wer
h ire on Cliff

___—_ —--Imnreselee. e«

,w ------------otlfully rtnt. a
mere excursionbU had prv*enteturn journey waa commenced shortly before dock, the frlnco Leopold being the tirat to start.
,ered. When oil Cliff End Captain Bea*ley ga»

all on tx-ard. The rapid a
diately took i (lightly to ti e

The next busineas uu the aganaa wa* tue election oi three O.rporation Councillor* being member* of the 1-own Council to be member* of the Hartley Coencil, In the room of Aldermen Lotner'and MeCalmoot »ed
.jncillor AhtaLSTwho retire hut •were eHgifale f« ...election.—Mr. 8. 9. P.eanee; ha soon a* the rotimg paper* had been banded round, roaa end aaid he tbeeght it would be k waste of time te do other than elect the.
be propoeed, as it was well the place of Mr
______the Hartley Council.—Mr. Le Fsavre said
he matt differ from the remark* of Mr Peart*, and trusted there woeld be no alteration In tr>a member* of tie Hartlaf Council.—Mr. H. Dunlop then and Mr. Wbitchproh * " "
ended, that Ald*r
I'lTtaka'l"'l»T«MlUer*Uon tl.« proprirt*Ol t idl0*arral leeerdlme
Committee harter rrfrrrvf U< the
* Bw-Jamia Llvle . via

f witairie rreplaym^et
r naving aubaaltted-----
shnwiag also that I
be elected member* of the Hartley Council.—Alderman Pasaenger, In proposing Mr. Abraham In the room of Mr. Harford. *aid he had the highest respect for Mr.
doing, and

if Mr. Abrahai were pot on o*a aide after the raRiabla e rendered te the Hartley schema. Therefi gentlemen would consider whet they we
set Mr. Abraham — Mr. Linfnrd *a=uw#w ' Passenger** amendment, on th* ground the Abraham bad done much good for the Institution.
rren pointed oat that a f*w year, agi a g turned out of the Hartley Council, hi order of the Liberal party, and he saw^ao re.
aSsSSoTis ! Mr' u'rp-r.
La Feuvre. We«ton, and Cleveland —The vote gWen by man Paaeeeger wa* In the Mayor** naihe in«taad of th.t of hi* brother, and waa therefore recorded in favour of hU Worship—Mr. Q. P. P*rkin*. remained neuter. *LKCT*«N or A *ON OOltroUATtJB AWerm&e McOeWmt. hmnm, th&ekrd Cwnnl for electing him on the Hartley Council, said he had to propose a gentleman to fillithe office of non.corporator or. the Hartiep Council for the next three years. He believed thfy could not have too many gentlemen of education on the Hartley Cocrfcil. The gentlemin he was about to propose bad received a unlveraity education. He had therefore gro«t pleasure In proposing Dr. Lake to fill that office for the next three years.-Mr. Warren seconded the proposition. —Mr Abraham in proposing Mr. Falj
ails beiag broki

led Mr. Abraham tliai
meed his willingnem to pay anything that was due ohim olhe Corporation —Mr. Barforl s«»nd»d 'he adoption of the report, and a '
":' sa
and cattle allowed to graze there, much of the inhabi'ante Mr Egertom was also urgel to see that thie did not ncAcr ia the future, eventually the
j. a rnoMAe t*li- kok«-The Town 3l*rk read latter* from Me*by the Council, subject to the consent of the Hartley Council which it wa* und*r*tood bad been
*/ i»ca*A*B or waors. »
A letter was read from Mr H J. W mi ton. a«kiag tor n increase of wag-e. and the CommiUe* r«commend«l that hi* wage* be increaaed from IS* to £1 1* per week, he lie vine been n the S'irveror * office five rear*. On 'he proposition of Mr. G. Perkin*. seconded by Mr. J. " or. the report wa* adopted
_ ^ he had no
Dr. Lake. He thought Mr. Falvry still, < confidence of the Council, and begged to I
—Alderman Junes
Falvey. He had no objection to Dr. Lake, but should like to know why Mr. Falvey was to be s^nt about hi*
the Hartley Cot had no objection qualified byhei"
—M:. A. 8. Pearce aaid he would rhi Warren to name the person, if he could when tie elections to the Hartley Council t political question by the Liberal* ; Hut it hs,
cted and Dr. Lake elai.
r turned out Mr. a party question (h
Lake. — Mr. Purber *aid Dr. Lake kne was quite prepared to carry them out the dutiea he might be called upon
order.—Mr O. Per
e Hartley Council, t waa ruled out of rpjeely stayed awav known it he would
and it w«s theii
; If they did not do *o they »
Council and that it was servalive cause. That wi speaker) should
speaker) had no■
educated man. bui ne iuou«u,~ ..... Falvey. and muat record hi* vote In that gen favour. —Mr. Weston thought it ought not to i to the public that the liberals turned out l ■rrvatives, «e«iog that that body elected a con« Town Clerk, Qerk of the Peace. Borough (%rn The Council then divided, and there voted for C 16: Mesern. WMtchmroh. Panmenter, AUaM. Miller, Davi*. Harford. H. Dunlop. Furher. Me( Cooper. DaMnalL K Newmam. Harper. Vnrree, Mayor. For Mr. Palvey. 8; Messrs W. H. > Pearoe. Ueford. Clereland. Woato=, PsMeeg*i and Abraham; Mr O. Perkins and Mr. Ls remaining nauiraL The Mayor then declared
On the proposition of Mr. Le K<
Davi*. an order was made to seal Public Work* Loan Commissi'
ninkadmiasion. He (tl
_____ the liberals never turni
the Hartley Council. He (tl i to Dr. Lake, who wa* a w<
seconded hr Mr.
the Town Clerk apply te wrajrweedleg* be taken for ti wo of the l«w f'
inslttee also edrtard _ . . two of tbeWawa for non-payment or ariwara. «-u that In other rMM^mmedlate paymeet of the respective
Aldennan Psa#eng*r moved the edoptjon of the re prrt, ng out that Mr Eger'on having been twelve
ploy of tlie Corporation^ they
and^that a
ided that hi* salary be raised from 30i week. He alao alluded to the oomplaint tha iade of the gymnaaium in the Hound well, ian had been placed there o keep order, they should have ' " " " " *
Be fell forward, a,

________555T5* sp
I not have benefltted hhn. Ills e -The Uaroeer h

diet of - Death from natural
Inqoeat at the earn* place coecemlng the death ot Elisabeth
*ereased perfectly well. •

the g*a be turne-1 .«#. iod^ so. as ulthouih it could h&t

otter's) ftW, and Mr P. Cburton (d £-15* delivered in Southampton, '■leeira. >rter having agreed to deliver the rol i pi on at the price, of their tender, pled by the committee, certain e g up the amount to £IG2 la Gd, commended that the sancton of the L rat B*rj be applied for to the is snm of the Publ o Worka Loan C< Mr G. I'erkins moved, and Mr. Miller option of the report, which, alter a bri
The Special a
rertiae for tenders for di
•quently. upoi
idea of the to'
rti«ed for. and the committee * work. An amendment, me* d seconded by Mr. Driver, to
A meeting of the Governors of these Schools was bel*
. D. Elliott
hsir), J E. Le Feuvre, W >. M. Passenger. C. Cox. li ?be reports of tie Finance Uon everal bUls for payment, -vere ihi
ire him, but so far ss his memorv went it )e point. The Oiammsr School hoys were try f r tlie Elem .utary Sciiolar.h>p< ' "
tboy were able to
followed, during n
gdsool* to comp* opinion if a boy su Schojl boy It woul roan thoughtibat report, which was,
bad been in existe scholarships were
ary School*.—A di-cuaion t..e dr. Patsangsr aaid he did no exclude hoys from Eletnentar
nd authority to the Mayor to sign the aame d the authority to the treasurer to receive

done to bar bottom. This w*< car*fully axamlnad tbU
A special meeting of th* Town Council wa* h*W at the
Air. H.8. rearce saia ne wtsneu *'
brother had nominated another gentleman to take hi*
00,„ ro CHOBCH.
a* could make It convsnient would attend.
Town CleTk rJd"a communliatsoo from Msesrs
the Special and General Work* Committee.
each member and a considerable turn waa subscribed. TUB XABIH ESTATE.—INC*«A*I Of *ALA*T.
This eoamluee reeomended the Corporation U> teereaae
kewar be gmM
lubjsct would u The Secretary (Mr. A. I

eaf and blind.
rs having gene to eaurci
.rnexubot eould ma* get I
a pool ot blood. They g i a bed until she recovci
of the stairs and fi
t»n. The other old {ady
wed. who was a perfect stranger to shortly after nine, and found dem He found that she had a severe las* alp. exposing a large portion of the boo.
t her hands when he was took giddy, and fell. She die i Wsmlnreday ri*nlng. about Ive o'clock. Death resalu om Use Injuries sustained by the fajl. but waa. no douh ■derated by th- sboek she received. Decraaed did a lama anyone—The Coroner summed up. and the Jul rturned a verdict of -Accidental DoaUi."
The Porough Coroner (K. Coxwell. KsqA held an lnqne l Hie Klsh and Kettle. Krenel>-etreet,on Thursday afte VM1. touching the death of Charles Cangblln. Maiding < llkshop-yard. Blmnel-street.—The Coroner, before U try proceeded to view the body, explained that thi* wi ot an Inquest of ordinary character. Inasmuch that II actor's eertlflenle had already bean given. In conacqneor swever. of reports Mr. Breary bad heard respecting tl death of deceased, and wblrb lie communicated to him (tl coroner), be deemed It advisable to hold an Inquest. I would not a y anything with regard to the evidence the but In all probability he would cause the Inquiry to be a, jarv having viewed the body, the Brat wltnesa called w
ipeered nothing the malt,
> c child. Dr. Oliver e

e —The mother, on be'n
and thatit wa* a sickly one from Its birth. Laat Krtdav evening, between » and I * o'clock, witness heart a fall and
r rendition. The

ie evidence of prev).
Geo**# Areber. aaid
saw the deceased at the pariah August. It was emacisted. and It appeared very weakly, and not well formed It had an opening In ti e abdomen, through which tho lutcatlnea protuded. cauaed by the
It Justlfled In giving
Of the eleven boys one wss withdrawn fro and five obtained certificates. Of these W. H. from the Chorister's School. Winehreirr. * pk< Pint General Division, and also In th* Firsi
School. Southaea. Is in the Second General Divi also in the Second Special Div '
Th* other candidstee are placed Oivislon—T. H. Harret ampton. who is placed
Third Oeo*ral Hand*! College. South-Second Special Division

.twf*TUl*4d. d bo til 10s. He
ropoaed alteratione and improvsro i 1W M. amd for m.kkg bl laking a total of £49 V* lid.
imb. &&, f3 10s
ixamined.—Mr. Le Psu slier* th* msater omllt
a the boys of the recent t limited number were

that committee inspected the play ground and csllara under th* achool buildinga. Ther u*olred to recommend that tho play ground ba levelled, drained, and gravelled, and that the cellar* be cleaned, Isrsllsd, and whitened. Estimate* for th* work ware ordered to he
the cellar. It waa further roLmmended thai a new
ssSs: "r.
th* coat of the door, so that they ihonld know wbe
ideates. In the »— «r
n West gate Schoc

e Third Dirisic

d HandeK.'ollegs
i, from the Diocesan School, om the Grammar School. H. . Hill School; 0. A. Young,
,r School. Newport.
OTrla. two were absent from 111.
__________SS, all being planed In the
A. M. Graham, fi "
School, Boi
slUSrtSr0* *° whm* *"* " **
Ths UXLWX — Ckpt. P. S. Tosalla. wHk the outward ssalta. a>T-rw< CalnatU oa the SOU alt.
The XHXDXTB—Ospt. 3. & Stewart, with. *, cut wart ■sol-, arrivad as dhsmghal s# the tod laat.
The gmunu-ca*. C. AaSetaoa. with ths eut#*#
• Cape, Ac- arrived at aj. wiu> passengers, and a fall gwn-rm, w- «
**0 fnnthsiapton oo Thursdav. the 12th Inst, and ri,m*ath
% apusf B. FX&Zj3*at*5S%m*hw
Ae OUofAugust.
East Lawinn^in ths 10th "f August.
Th- OSSKRAL WKEDJfR—Cspt. C. Pohls. W- "••olhamp-

ttiaaptoo on Wstfnasday, o
Tte kTmdWC*0-Ca^ n*hmhreck irrived at Southampton on Thursday, h-ep, and proceed ad on her voyaee to F The DOjfdP-Cao*. m. m-rnea. f, inivad oat at Asw Tork on the 31st as BolHiaovs Lias. Tbs SVRSBERO—Capt. I
Y>—Cao'.^Bristc '
a fgfwa E%*DjUJr-Oae«. M &eal. win Ware! n Tuesday, ths 17th September, with maUs. pass® uiwn for Ratavia. Ao
« *gnMf.dlHM3f-Ca«t
TMK CORK STKAMSH'.P C0«PA5^-The DODO-Che*. OToote. w,ia pa*a*ag*ra h#d targa. Isft Uoutuampton on Saturday tor Oirk. \
F. H. Hawksford from Westgate &'i:
H Walrand, frot
Of the thirteen ne*s, and si* obtained
SU''msrgaret"s Scliool, ~ Bourn'smouth ; A. M. H. du Third General DM&om. F. M. Cochrane, from the worth School._v
Provider* Members admitted k
1 RaV.'U H. CaibsU.
SOUTHAMPTON 8AJL0RU" HOME of beds oocspiad for tha weak ending Aa unary 1 to August T9.1878 ...
aatbeatteaUd kt tha sans end addxses of tha ssodas. •


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