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ffD WINCHESTER NEWS-SArURDAY, SEPT. 7. 1878. ?Li}k!1' <"• 11' '(WsoiiiWsoiu;i • fi(
rood reader, and clever needlewomen. de*lre* aa en«a»re-meat. No objection to a house oI bu,ln**». Excellent r*f*reocee. -- K. 0., 18. Weyland Avenue, Daliton,
may contract after thi« date.
Dated 9epL flth, 1878.

Ak APPBBNTI09 WANTED to printing business —Apply at the oa<*
Of UlU P»por.
S BUMMERS, Grocer, BernHrd-street, ^ for " 0UT-D0.0B
AyOUNQ, MAN A^nstomed to collect smkLbesfeMt* EMPLOYMENT womfhe. tor, copying if S.8., or can act u tutor —Good securtly •—"Al^ha "—Qbwer Office Southampton.
TX)B 8AL&—3AaN^8% '* OOMMBN;
an'HR " anrf n»*f TK*bIm^mI honki. — Aildrua.
rraa OROsa o? osiai8r or THE
BarL. M.A.), of f Popular Romances of the Middle Agee." and " Tales of the Teutoolo Lands."—Published b» Thomas Scott, 11, Tbe Terrace, Karauhar Road.
. Medici Work showing Mfferer* how they may be cared without the aid of Qaacks. Free on receipt of Mtage iLamp. Addreea, Secretary, Instituto of Anatomy
pottage itamp. Birmingham.
directed envelope.—Addreii J. T. BbWWX, Esq. ' Litburn Houte. Fulham. Loodon.
TO CONSUMPTIVES.—Would you ilk*
to know how to atop the Cough and cause eaaj expectoration, thereby relieving tbe lung* so that they can heal ? Would you like to know how to expel the ever and etop tbe night swats f Would you like to know how to etrengthen the system up a standard of good health, by a few life-giving herbal remediea Z If ee, eend for my S'2|page Treatiie on " Herbal Remediea for Lung Complaints." Sent to all applicant*, free of charge, prepaid by mall. Addreee—F»or. O. Publps Bbowb, 2. King-street, Corent-garden, Loodon.
W. BOOTH. Priee 2* and 1*.—0. Raynbr, SI, Bridge-* tree t.
Making, by Sheraton. Hepplewblte, Inee.end Mayhew, or Chippendale. Will giro £2 It. for either of them. Khali be glad to hear of any old Book* ion Ornament. Ac.—Designer, 4*. Porcheeter-road, London, W
Cl,"P' "j'." H. HIG G S .
RESPECTFULLY molicil order: in the
ensuing action for LAWN MOWING MACHINES,
With leveral Iupobtajtt lmpkotekx.Tr*. The "CLIMAX," -ANVLO AMERICAN." 'OEBEN'S SILKNS MESSOR." mnd thee. by 8h a.ixs, BaUfA&Dand Bishop, Bolton and Paul, Ac.
balance handle. 10% 10 Mm 20% IB 56* 23%20 70,
balance handle. 10x16 Mm
30x20 Ma
a%a w*
de,«iption of GARDEN TOOLS, in conaiderable
Inehe* wide
Publio yoUoes._
•t«r *r#ct*d In Europe, capable of accommodating 10 000 Ptrtnnii. • I i. i " i WILL AEEIVE IE BUUTBAMPTON ET SPECIAL 8TEAMSBS,
on tba Oth, 10th, lltb, and 12th of tlx preifnt month,

On THURSDAY, the 12ih ln»t,, will b* a GEAND PARADE (weather permitting) at 4 o clock In the Afternoon* The Baud Ghauot. drawn by 20 bone*, will be driwn by Mr. Bjrgie Madigan; the Rotal Lilliputian Cab-biaob, drawn by 20 ponie*. drir*n by Mr. Alfonao; and tba OlUBD Car op Jooqbmaut, containing a
C£'.»' rt.^753?8teuB°SE4A'Stfkb',0
Tba Pint Performance win Uke place at 8 o'clock *ame evening.
Second Performance Friday Afternoon, at 130, to which chlldr^i TjOder 10 year* of age end eehool* are admitted at half price to all part* except the gallery. The Third Perform.rtoa Friday Kvenlng, at 8 o'clock. The Fourth and Fifth Performance* on Saturday, at 1*0 and 8 o'clock.
Door* op*n on* boor pwiou*.
Tb* Programme I* changed at each reprf*»nUll?n. Price* of AdmUalon R—aned chair*, numbered, 6*. can be (ccured In advance at the ticket offlcoj unfe. •erred. 3< ; *econd amphlthftatro leati, cowed with ref pluth **lr*t, 2*; galltry, la. . . ' ' ' '
Afternoon Performanw Evening at half pa*t 10.
W"J mJ'• p,Uc* 11 tbe Mlllb,ook Range, on Wedne«lay and Thursday the 2nd and 3rd of October. Bubecrlp-
tlon* are retpectfully aolielted, and will be received by " "" "
Sub-Lieut., and Hon. Sao. to the Shooting Committee. Head Quarter*, 5th Sept. 1878.
CLASSES for Ladle* and Gentlemen are now In full operation. To (peak any Language »o a* to ha under*tood I* not *o difficult a* would at flr*t *ight be *uppo*ed. The necewary ruin are generally few and •Imple, and with the knowledge of tlieae and a few hundred word*—which can eatlly be committed to m*mory— no one need be afraid to venture abroad.— Term*, moderate.—Apply to Dr. D of Languigee, Hartley Inatltution.
HIGHLANDS. — Royal Route, via Crlnan and C&ledonian Canal*, by ' COLUMBA' (new *te*mer) or' 10NA, ♦ro® Gla*gow daily, at 7 a.«n., and from Greenock at 9 \.m., conveying Paaaenger* for th* North and We*t Highland*. Bill*, with map and tourltt fare*, free byjoat. from David Hutcbeton and Co., 119, Hope'
Galvanised after made. Meth il'il No!'*™
Kor Training llant*. Ac. ...I's^ Poeltiy. Uaree, Ac. ...! a Prool^gafn*t Babbit*. | J ,j Perfeetly Proof agatoit) j ,. : [i ; a ..
Made and Bold in Roll* of 60 y«rd* each. In width* from 1 to 6 feet, at price* proportioned to the abov« acale.
TYING WIRE, 8d net lb.
0 yard* leoeyardi moo yard*

NOTICE—The above Special Price* being extremely low, we mu*t retpectfully intimate that they are com.
Xorrat'Variett^j^amibioan GOOEINO * ^ITT, '
IMPORTANT NOTICE "J\/fONEY is continued to be advanced at the
On the *ame advantagenn* term* a* heretofore.
LOANS granted from £5 to £500.
Btricteat *ecrecy and promptitude observed.
Bill* di*connl*d.
MEECANTILE BANK. LWled, B5 amd 87. Yerk Road. Wa*tmin*ter Bridge Road, London, from £10 to £1.000 at a day,, notice, for ehort or long period,. In Town or Country, without publicity, upon note cf hand alone, or upon mortgage of furniture, lock plant, crope and farming Implement*, without removal. Alio upon Deed, and Life 1'ollcle* at £5 per cent, intereet No (uretle* required. Diitanco no object, th* Bank having a large amount of capital at command ; no good application I* refueed. Apply pereonally, or proapecto* forwarded, gratl*. containing uieful Information to borrower*
CHARLES H. WHEATLEY, Mamagop. N B.—The above Bank Itnd* more money annually r three (put together) of the largeat
A CHEAP EXCUIUION TRAIN will laavaCoaham 6.10 p.m., Go*port 0 5 p.m., Farcliam C 23 p.m.. Botley
until further notice. r*turniog from Waterloo Bridge Station at 1.16 p.m. on Tuwday following the date of U*ua of the Tickeu.
e above *tatlon* (except the I*le of SefondCIa**. Third CI a,
Ev*ry Saturday, until further notice, aa under
Faraa to IywiJon and back, lit clau lutl da a, 3rd da*
B::: s"?::: II::: I . Fur.'10" wj-»....
Arrive Waterloo . ... 8.30 The Return Train leavee Waterloo Station at 1.15 p.t
CURE, BELIEF, abd PE*YE#TI0E or DISEASE. I The follcwlog are tome of the m*nv_ dl*ea**e ^whloh our
SD assfc
Sprain*, Qdtuar.
PRICES, 1* 6d to 63* each.
A'o Oky /br CklLaWl^e*.
Among the *peci«l advantage: of tbe' Magnetloon Appliance* are:—
Their limpllcity and tafety.,
Their ooOetmnt generation of electricity without the aid of Batteriee, Metallic Plate*, Chain Band*, or Add*. Tb*y require no preparation, give no *hoBeing invle up In light aataridl. thgy wb>-
Whotocyttem cannot fail C be Jjgl ,bcn»fid«f to mo*t Invalid*, and to tho*e wbq au#Kfrom /tft bodiy or organic weakne**. While tbelt-direct action upon the nerve* render* them equally aeoful In many ca*a# which th* ordinary remedle* f«|l to.Hflet.
Special Magneticon Appliance* are madtf fop children, who are found to bo peculiarly eu»ce#tlble to tbe invi-goratlng influence of magnetlim, etpeclally when dihill-fated by epidemic*, or m»nlfe*ting a tendency to incipient coMumptlon.
13, Eodc«tone-lane, 3oatha«npton, Augnat 8th, 1871. TOMrZdgapWWtoo.
D ar Sir,—I kn"w not how to thank Ood and youraalf for the benefit derived from yeur magnetic appIianoM. When I pureha»*d them from your aganton the 10th of iulv 1 wm* la,
I may uy with truth, a oylag w,»k itate. am,I had bean to for ne»rly atwolTcmoMh. getUmgworea. TUe«« three monti,
paat wa, unable to walk any diaUnoa with at foaling ljfe
day had I wuru th* bolt and luug lavlgorilor. I could come Tender.
----------break faat, and got about my domaUlo
creature. I had an attack of •paarat la a "M* before wrarlna I mav *«y the i* world—Magoetlo lopUancca-to reitora and giro a* all that will make Ufa enjorable, health.
P.8.-T have had advtco and medicine from aim oat every doctor In Southampton, and loarooly ever relieved.
M0RRI8VU bu prlvato. office*, 14. PyAlaod-*tro*t,
TWo advamooa can bo repaid a« re»V bo agreed:upon weokly, »onttly. or. quarterly. AppUcatlonl by l*tUr Pleaao*ta(o amount required.; , , '
Genuine tranwotien, Immediately attended to.
I BdliberB* Knlveo. Chopper*, and Staalo, of all aixta mnd »l:e*. Surgical Imtrument* of all kind*. Cutlery
Gmemd aed Polkhod by G. H. BOTTOM, ERBNABD. ^TEEpT. r " . - 1 • .1 ■ .), .
ow To jfAPcb&P,
of Term*, Angl** of.tho Point* of tba Com
I. „l,h
-great plcawro that wo call oar Aadtrf attention
to tniziibU lect ureg W<(1 jAe Jelio^red
here *hortly in omnoc^imt, with tbe Gilcbfwt Educational TroaL M?., jil/fiBrfsl, we Ipaqi, ife-Toted bj hU will certain sum* of money partly to founding certain oehoUr»h»ps in connection with tha Uh?Ver»!ty ol London, and partly lop finding tbe loads far the#b Idctnrm which are to be delivered now ip one town, and now in an* ;olher, on certain condition*. Iheie condition* the Hartley Institntiop*here affords a ready ma. cbinery fo; complying with. In tbia place we may appropriately mention that it ia to the teal and energy of Mr. Shore that we are indebted for Southampton being favoured with an early » visit—-the foundation having only commenced its work a year or so back. We learn from the programme that a course of *ix leciurea will be delivered In the Hall of the Hartley Institution on alternate Monday evenings, commencing on Monday, September 30, by Dr. W. B. Carpenter, CB_ P.RA. PQ.S^ PJ^.; Prolwoor P. Martin, M.D.. P.R S. and Richard Proctor, Esq., B.A. ' Tbe first, on, Monday, Bepiember 30, will be by Dr. Carpenter, on /'The Voyage of the Cholltngtras will also tbe tecond. on October 14th. On Monday, October 29'tfc, Mr. Procior lectures on " The Birth ot the Solar Systemand on Monday, November 11th, the same gentleman lecturea on " The Mooo." On Monday, November 25th, we shall haye Professor Duncan on "The Energies within the Earth;" concluding his subject on Monday. December 9tb, The names ol theme gentlemen arc a sufficient guarantee that the lcctures wjll be well*"Worth listening to. Indeed, we ' anticipate that tbe Hartley Hall will be crowded on every occasion. Although it is not usual to mention luoh Oithing as price" In'an editorial note, the tttms of w&nJssion fn this ,instance are*jw,cxc«p-tional, that we: may very correctly call attention to them, for admission will coat but orb pbnmy I;
TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS Tbe Corporation at* prepared to roooivo TENDERS for diverting th* lurfaco drainag* of certain Itoada In the Blechynden DUtrict from the \Veit«rn.,hore Bawor,
according to plan, and,padflcation, which
and after Wadnooday ne*t, upon af "- "
B. O. Bennett, Borough Surveyor.
Sealed Tender*oidorwd "T*nder, Surface Drainage,' mnii bo left at my office by U o'clock in tbe afternoon of
affilr* a new bodied c
I havebeom Induced ti
SoQtha-aptOB, a*g#*a 8,197*.
Having ,aff«r«. - ^ - ■ -----------M^nelicin, from whlth I
--------------_ . _ Zmoea to any of my friend*,
or to other* that"may be almilarly aiBicted.
To Sfr Edgar Wation __M. W.
Southampton, Jnn«2lit, IR78.
Dear Sir,—I went and hoard yoa Ireture when you came to Southampton, although I waa hardly able to get out. aa I had been Differing from UheumaMam In the head for moro than a mo. th, and had merer bad one night', teat. I bought a Spine Band next day, and wore It round my bead, and I had a good night"* reit. and I am har-py to aay I h»»e not had a Rheumatic palm iince, mow over a month ago. I do* wear It aa a opine band, and I feel much better In mi geanraJ health Dear «lr. vou are at liberty to oubUih tbl*. hoping
It may Induce other* to try It and get relieved.
At the following Kate,, via.
Between Boathampton and Cowe*, or
Porscbn Mtlncbn Cowr* and PorUmouth, or vlco v*r*a 1* Od J*6d Between Southampton aod Rydo, or
vie* v*r*a... ... ... ...... la fid , 2*0.1
B*tw*ao Co*aa and Byde, or vica v«f$* 0d Od 0* fld BY ORDBK.
day of Decern bar next.
3d. Orchard-lane. Bouthamp'on, Jnne 2tth. 1878. D»ar Sir,—I have much ploaanre lu forward log you a teitl-■ onial a. to the tffloac/ of your Magnetic appliance,. I waa *uff*rlng eevrrmly irom RheumatUm In tb* right arm and knee, aad I procure! tli, ap; l.*mw* (rum your eatablUh-1—rnt. as. a*g«mwtreet. Loadwa. la Jaoaary laat. a^d •pfodily derived ,o much beneSt from their me that I oould follow my employment with oomfOrt and ooavmleaeo. Wetton and Oo ' ,lr> Joan ftUhfu^7- U0NK
TrematonCotUge, Popthwa. July IS, 1878 Margarot Ladv J'dklu Fttigerald 1« glad to add her t*ati-mony to that of ether. In favour of Mr Wetton', Magneticou Appllaao*. Five war* ago a aecklet mmuvod eatbaly a k, ,,rr I .m which ,ha had ha* for mmvo thaoa yaa*ta tbo back of her neck, and for which all other remodle, bad failed i aod recently her pago ha* beea completely cured efdeafnee,
StheuM of a Spina Hand. In each oxao lh* care waa oclod in little more than alz week*.
tO, Queen'a.terrace. Kent-road, South,ea.
I f »adly iwnpljr wltt ''
- - j? your Magnetloon belta. 1 have been a great auffcrar far manv year* paat from a tevere pain In my back, for
which I had hitherto failed to obtain any permanent relief, itwlthalandtag that I had tried many other «p«cifle*. How. rr. I wm* Induced by a friend to give your belt a trial, and the reault has fully borne out the opinion »he gave me of it, » I am now perfectly free frota the pain, and feel generally better. I am Induced to *ead you thee* few line* lu tho hope that many to whom I havo penc ally reoommeodad
1 """SSffifttOBH.a
r reqoeet that I ,hould In-I Irom wearing
^R?PEAECE. Tom, Clark. Publio Health Office, Audit Hou,*,
Southampton, flth September, 1878.

COMPANY (Likitbd).
Th* appointed Agent to tlio Company I* now pro pared to givo*«tlm*(e», *upply Instrument* and material* and to contract for fixing line*, po*t*. and wire* required for tho purpo**, and tor keeping and maintaining tba aanie in proper working order. The *bovo home* of hu«inea* being in telephonic connection with etch other, a practical illuttration of th* working of tlii* method of inatanUneon, communication i, afforded at either place to all who dr*lre to *ati*fy themaelve* a* to It* efficiency a* well a* It* utility In connecting maniion*. * table*, lodge*. te*ld«nce». office*, Ac., or wherever ea,y and rapid correapoudenco between two dliUnt point* I* d**id*ratum.
Peraonal Inipection I* Invited.
Pmieaa Poawawan on Arvucanos TUB COMPANY CAUTIONS all Perions infringing tho Patent that immediate proceeding, will be againit them.
The Southampton Observer
Smd Winchester 9*ws.

Ho 3, Sydenham te

benefit I have derived from the uMof yoar m

Mrneir, Wetton *nd Co.
Croaxtreet, Portaoa. July 9th. 18J8.
Dell* (,l*a iiln). Tho one I three rear* ago. and I have derived *o that I am roaolvod never to be without one. I harm aleu In. duoed my »oa to wear one, to that we are both ready to testify to th'lr effloacr. and ,hall be ploawd to do *o ,bould we be questioned ou the ,object
Youri vary ^jjT)-JtA3 TERREY
Mw«a ^
Oeutlemoo,-Since my laat confinement.about flv* mcntli* back. I have »uff-red flora extreme debility and weakness In the Spinal region*. I waa induced, through teeing your advertisements, to try ono of your MagneoUecn Bella, and I am pleaaed toaay that the reault I, perfectly *ari*factory, to move about without the difficulty antfpaln Ibad hitherto SVSV&JS&"a* V woufd w*kh tb i' "t®
• uffercr* may derive tbe same benrflt that I have rnyaelf.
EMLRTTIOMTB. » W«» Co."' "" -•
log 00* of your Lung and Nirva Invlgorator* the ha* been
» ... -Uh^ JOSO.
3*7. Commercial road. Landport. Gentlemen.—I onhetlutlngly add my tc*tlmooy to that which you havo already received a* to the efScaey of vour Magnet!coo appllaoooo. I hava boon for a long Um* a great

r will bo forwarded port froo.
WBTTON ft Oo.,
SOUTHAMPTON—149, BIOH^REET. LoaDoa—48, RsosaT-araatr, W. KDiBBuaan—17 aod 8a, MairiaBD-miaBT. Dosua-9, Lowaa Sacavna.a rrai*r.
%rram-4Si, Buttminur.
Tiib troubles tho Austrian: have encountered in Bosnia is the he*t possible comment Mr. Gladstone's " bag and baggage " policy could receive. It seems a rule-of-three sum,—if it has cost the Austrians all this trouble to enter one province, what might Europe have had to encounter had the new crusade of the Radicals been entered upon ? Philanthropy (so-called) is always a dangerous guide when it assumes to conttoul the action of the nation ; but it never did England, or the world, more mischief than it has done during the last three years. Russia was cunning enough to master the public opinion of Europe, and save a few cool longheaded men, like our Premier, made ^everybody believe that Turkey wa* a den of horrors, and that Russia was the Ilercales to cleanse this Augean stable. Eurouc is now ashamed of its own lolly, and perfectly sure that the remedy was much worse than the disease. Looking back, we think every dispassionate man must see now that to have sternly prohibited Russia's advance, and to have boldly stood by Turkey's side, as an ally, would have been at once the most honourable and the most humane policy we Could have adopted. We should have preserved the Turkish Umpire, and have prevented " unspeakable " misery.
Omm of the most expensive of modern luxuries i philanthropy. Of course we shall be told tha-philantbropy is a duty, and not a luxury ; we reply that it is made a luxury, and a very ex pen sive one by the way in which theorist* are allowed to abuse its requirements. No doubt, when Howard and others began to call attention to our jails in the last century, tho system—or no system—was as bad as bad could be. Jails were not only dens of thieves, but oltcn places and centres from which vice and wickedue*s were spread and propagated, instead of being checked and restrained. The misery endured within their walls was often something horrible—especially for the most harmless of their inmates, debtors and petty offenders. Disease and death-were their constant visiters, so filthy and badly managed were they. The recoil Irom this atato of things has produced the remarkable—we do n6t pretend to call it satisfactory—re*ult.tbat tho people in the prisons are nine limes healthier than the rest of us. (Bo much for regular hours and the absence of stimulants, i.e., narcotic and irritant poisons.) But when we look into tbe statistics of the cost of the new system we find that people who do not share lbs sanitary advantages of these institutions have been taxed, and are being taxed, prodigiously to secure for their inmates the advantages they enjoy.
Tubs the lunatics. Lunatic aaylums, like jaila, were no joubt something dreadful under tbe ancient Kgww, and pauper lunatics no doubt fared badly euough. Now note the difference. When it waa suggested that our emptied jail might accommodate those demented persons chargeable to the rates the proposal was instantly stopped by the reminder that the Commissioners required that every Lunatic Asylum should have at least one quarter of an acre exercising ground for every lunatic. A comfortable arrangement truly, but one that all sane and decent people cannot eniov. Then look at the education of the masses. We have passed from leaving It to private goodnature to making it * department of State—rwlth the unpleasant result that school-boards are spending money on schools as If they bad an endowment to waste, and were not drawing every halfpenny of It from the ratepayers' pockets. We do not mean to suggest anything so shocking as the neglect of education, or the Ill-treatment of lanatica and criminals, but we do esy that fair and necessary work te overloaded by
of «M* expenaive detalla. Also
Tit a correspondence recently' published by. Mr. Forster concerning hh relations with the wirepullers of the Radical party at Bradford, has naturally caused the whole subject of political " wirepulling " to be pretty thoroughly discussed. Party leaders (who like to have their men well in hand) naturally think Paradise has been reached when the " party," two or three active politicians, can controul the representation of this or that city or borough. The example of the United States, however, makes » good many people hesitate to accept the triumph of party as (an approach to the millenium. Indeed those who regard party as a means, and not as an end, dislike the notion altogether of suclr self-acting machines as the Birmingham 600. In England the great mass of people are not party men at at all; they only desire the good government of their country. They regard with hearty dislike tbe notion of the country losing the services of its ablest rons because their votes on some one subject do not satisfy some little clique of irresponsible committee men.
Tub Tmmmibui Collision O.v tub Thames.— This awful catastrophe we should hope will enforce the warning the Board of Trade recently sent through the country aa to the habitual overloading of passenger steamer*. As a rule, of course, the sea or the river are much safer roads than tbe rail, as the following extract from the Nautical Magazine demonstrates: — " Many people will be surprised to learn that not one of all the passengers who travelled between ports in the United Kingdom in steamships during the year 187G-7 lost his life by shipwreck, and that only six passengers, all of whom were the friends ol the captains, were lost in sailing vessels, lhese facts contrast favourably with the 126 passengers killed and 1,283 injured on railways, and may not be altogether without interest to passengers who havo the option of travelling by laud or by water." The statistics for 1878 we fear must tell another story ; but we trust that the warning will not be lost on those who hare the supervision of excursion steamers, not only on the Thames, but at all the watering pldccs and pleasure resorts along the coast.
1— HP
attended b- n" °---- ^ "'*
•erinudy t>
Sewe* Emmee :* am mrmmmr.-o,
Ho arrived at Southampt
h I,?'' B'ncrt',» bat "5d""not* appeif
belooglng to Chelawford. Eur, ...............
Indie*, where he had been *ufferlng from yello-r r,.„ Ho wa* ultimately rtmored to the Poorhouie in a n\ Tit* Mayor and Corporation will attend Divine „0, ■hip at St. Andrew'* church on Sunday morning,
th* Instrument.
oortillcau aa to the eanao of death, ao aa to sunder 13 imqw*„an„*,aa,,.
•eriou* accident occurred to J a At, Glover. 30 .oar* !
Z. SL5SS £
whoro It ata loat A medical man w*, quickly , maoaod. and awry bolp roadared. Olevkr wa* koogk oa to Southimpron in the Gem, and under the c attendance ol Captain Short, the Company', ,nw.„. d#«L eunvsyed ta tho Royal South Qanta Ingroan wheie ho arrived about 8 o'clock, and attended bv foir doctor*, who had previoutly a*,embled for the pur pete before hi* arrival. Or. making inqmrie* ■
learn that although the poor fellow had a reatkaa night, aa might ba expected he la progrewiar favourably.
Sr. MlCBABL'S A.vd HOLT rood cobsbrvativ* Al-* "aetlog kaM o# Eowday oetrng Wt. at the Wellington Inn. Uo^le-ftreet, Mr. Water, in t>e chair. U wa* uoanimouily raaolved to hold a pic nic, a Now Koroet. dh Saturday tho 14th ln,t. Tickeu
UavaiLiso or in* Palklasd Msmorial. Loyal Berk,hire Lodge of Hop*. Newbury, l„, tained the tanction of tho R.W. the I'rov. Grand J (Sir Daniel Oooch, hart., M P), to organite an ment* for tho attendance of tho Krethren of the t:
(hmmMwn. Bra. W. Bl^a. PX., p^s Pravmeml Grand Secretary, lia* kindly contented to act a, dirrctor f awemoalaa. Afiar the caraaMwy, m p#Wle kac ,* -ill ho prnv,d*d In tho Corn Exchange. Newburv. w 'cloek. Tho w«r,hlpful the Mayor of Newbury (C. w. Slocuck, fctq., M.A.). will pretide, lupportcd by Ur» . Carnarvon, and otlwra. Tho W.M. and Brethren of the Lodge entertain tho hope that a* many of tbe Brethren a* pciible will endeavour to attend, to do honour to th* Pro-Grand Ma*tor. The Brethren will aeeamWe in I Council Chamber at bdf pa*t eleven o'clock prcc «e Tho E.W. the Provincial Grand Master, ha* graciwo contented 10 allow the Brethren to appear in f M ..nnic clothing The attendance of Brethren Ir neighbouring prorince, I* retpectfully invited. Sr. Lawub.vob CoyseitvaTive Associtnox-Oiting of tho member* of tliio aa^ociation was hold the Brewery Bar, Kaat atrcet, oa Thursday evening,
1 confirmed.
wh*u there
Vincent, prreided, aad
the previoo* mooting having b __________
New member, were elected The aecrelary ibe* pet oooded to roada moat intending and Instraetive p»p« 00 Eire Brigadee; I^qdeo. Livenwal, amd Eonlhamp'OL. T inghoaiid ho had not token this tubjectup
under his o

carried u* right into Jui mer came. Augu*tha*beeninoi«t indeed, and Apill than the hot glowing

| of a brigade who*e •uperintepdent w«« badly paid, k
Suppote It doe* clear up—which i* ex- | and groat many too old for *uch work. When bo com-and September 1* In colloquial , p'red thi* with tho qualification of a London Gro brigade '' tb*y would i Mcnbeito* a burle*qae. He then gate
particular* o' the London and Liverpool Brigadej, tie letler of which he oooeidevod the beet crgamiaed i: England. The plan there, he itatod wa* to 1 number of tho pel lee firemen, in addition to t_. brigade, and thwe were termed fire police, these r
bright and fair a, the month opone^.
| receiving an e%lra 2t a woek for thi* duty. Ea h si
ith of Queen ChrUtina will be of little *igni-
, heuaee, thew issiilsAese, Ae., *o that In eaae of an elarc ' of Are being given there is in a few minute, e brigade tho *pot. There waa also a sufficient foroo of water to throw it over any building in tho town, and thus the Are wma geowally kept r till the arrival of the regular brigade. Tl« fire aecapo waa on every occaeion taken out. The lir, police alto know what ww ttorod on each floor of L.* > o week an in*rector ii»itt l whether any alteration hi I
will recall
and a long tale of mi,government io their eldeisi Queen ChrUtina «u a daughter cf that Queen Naplea of whoae evil deed: we have heard ,0 much, aad of whose services to England we rememb'r perhap*
the victory of the Nile-a service that might be dwelt upon a little moreand the flaw, in tleir character, a little let*. Of Queen Chri,tlna'**e-onty year, of life a greu aaamy woro pool Im exile from that Spain In whow annal* she mutt hold a contiderable, if hardly a dig-
It will have week that the High-'
been happily preserved from
r Council report of last
Holy Rood Church hi. 1 of the oddest outrage* ta ever proposed—even In an Eng. The useful edifice* our legidature had under conaideration are doubtlett in their proper iltce* both decent *nd convenient, but to place tuch a ittle e*t»bliahmtnt right in the centre of our iplendid High-street wa* (imply prepotten.ut, and we aregl.d ------------happily " burked. " We hope we shall
erected It would have been a positive obstruction, tide* invitiog the impeitinecce* of all the small « of the country.
Theie we under,land are making excellent progreas, three quarter, of a mile at the Shirley end being completed. A* aeon a* tho " tram" reach** FourpoiU. we understand carriages will commeoce running between that district and Shirley, and wa think the aocommo. dation will be accepted ao a vary great boon. Wo take this opportunity for hoping that tho fare* will he oa th* lowe.t poaaiblo baas* experience permit*—for that - , of the plan.
will guarantee tho at
Now or lately the gentlemen who pretide over thelead-ing public libraries have met. or will meet, in tnlomn con-ferenco ovei th'lr duti** and difficult!**, and the public have read (and we fesr have been a little omuaed in the reading) of the trouble* these gentlemen havo to en. counter In the control of the (tore* of knowledge—or Impediment* to knowledge—they have under their charge. We expect among the raott Interettad reader, of th*ir coaieience* are tbo,e indlvlduale who are ool. lector* on a tmall icale. Poor prl**t* of the great cultua of book*, th*y ar* not the l*a*t fanaUcal of the worshippers of the divinity. Smsll as may be their storee.tbey too have their troublee when It eomee to arranglog their collections. Subject andsiao *V* aiway*
in conflict, and a* apace with poorer hookworm, it 0*
been roada In the storage. He reaiarked tl many intfafic** the key* of warehouse* were left al tLs nearest p*lice-at*ttou. The lecturer wont int.. a great many detail* (which preeture on oar epece forbid w to give), and in concluaion of hi* review of tho Liverpool Brigade, allowed at what a amall cmt they were ahlo u
police efficient firemen. Manchettcr and Leeds were closely following in the wake of Liverpool, and eeva
borough^gaol, he euppoeed that *
orgamaod brigad* In Southampton, u follows:—A ,uir iuteodent, to reside at the staUon, following no oti c:
zar'fo^ A';
the men pumping should he paid Is per hour for the fir'"-hour, and &l for every socceeding one. the euperinten. ent giving each man a ticket at the end of each h ur. each ticket to be produced before payment, llo c* sidered that two fire polioe would be enough for the J; and eight at night. He compared these figure, wua tbe cost of patting oat fire* la Southampton ilncc Jth. amounted to £13* 13s 8d, and be thought they wuaiJ agree with him that for a small extra coat they w*H have a thoroughly efficient brigade (hear, hear). A*" writing the above, ha staled that a fire bad occurel .-Blrml.igham in which four persona were killed, tie crowd having to wait and we a poor woman lyieg the window sill gradually slip off. and then fail Joma with a terrible crash open th* pavement, all becaute it' fire etcape wa* not brought out, and each a thing ' _ ddwed, wa* a disgrace to Birmingham, and I hardly tell which were the worst, the Birmingham Southampton brigades The meet tbe latter did it * ** waa to run out with a truck and a length of hot,, if was not enough tbsy ran back for more, aod if ti e ke eecape wa* waoted to ran back for that. After * le" other obeervatioo*. he concluded by trotting thai bit f«" remark* would not be unproductive of good —Nr.
53""!.'^ wrjlrfo iMR.'SAt arts;
brigade at a much leee coil than £1,000 per annum,
tei—a narner. SI, B*td«»etree«. Bouiaampton.
Jaata," U-a Bayner, tl
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