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:.k «nJ In defamls U dare Imprisonment.
1Uf»p«Wo In Uw High-street, oa Saturday.—Promising
P#. wwcU»r«o • lady.—Aftera ebarp npfi-
, ,h. Sm» M-M™ gZXltf,
tine ouutd* «kba*u^etapged^her faee.
t hart ax to pay the eoat of (be »Itness. 4a. TUESDAY.
U.IL»K A»D IHCArABLt-Jaiees Wsper, a seaman. Monlston. wuthsrwd with being drunk and Incapable nearly thai roornlnj;, and dlschsrged with
,d.i tueu puuenou ;h*t eompla uanl fl

Cwamom or Stkaluio a I'ubh - Henry Poole, a rsior grinder, and Jamea Tllljrer were chanted with »w,|. in.- a purao containing £1 3« 0<1 from the pereou of Kllra-brtb Daney. a married woman living In Vulcan-terraee, the prevlou, afterunon.-On the eaae being tailed tlie pro-sceutrlx said iM did not wltli to pre,, the charge. nor hurt the men.—The Wench, however. were of opinion that U was a bad caae. and ahonld nroeead. — Proeecntrl* then deposed to going Into the Vulc»u tavern on Tueaday after-
It, contents to a policeman. — In r&na-cxamliiatlon by I'oolJ. wltnea, aald aha want to, the. Vulcan tavern In the nornlng In a cab. and Poole waa there.- She waa not there
%%%%% jz&sara
the wa» not out of her hoaseea Monday.-Joaopb (
pool, a lamplighter, deposed to being In Albert-road,
;utso produced w.
- WIlUaraT KltzireraJd aald he went Into a yard, and
MM notlilns at present. Wltneaa asked Jilra If ho knew .ayihliu about il,e money take* from the woman, and lie r-plled that he knew nothing about It. On looking over Cwpriseper", barrow ka saw the pane prmUwIgtW up of a little box. Tlllyemald the purse did not belong » him. Wltneaa took the puree, counted the money, and avaft back to lira. Daney, the owner. There waa ZU 6i u ibe puree.—Jfre. Marti., Darl. depoeed to seeing the I ."fl on the prisoner Til Iyer, truck In Ihe yard, and some *."»ey eeatterrd about the tniek. The last wltneas picked t;. ibo money and gave It to Mra. Dancy.—Poolo aaked the • itnesslf prosecutrix did not go down to her boese on M 'iiday nlyhl with a gallon Jus of beer.—Wltmeaa replied t .»t audi wa, the ease. although tho prosecutrix had pre-iK-oaly sworn to tho contrary.—Mr. Peltier aald after that t- would not (teller* a word the proaecutrlx had ,alil.—1 he «:tiiess added that proaecutrlx p«ld for the gallon of Nvr.—Mr. Peg lor aald be ahould not go any further. The
Chapman, baile^, Owton, and W. Warner.
' **w Sfttino txoirr.
Mr. Oatet *atd tha BuOdlaft Comnaiuee had mat and oootlderad this matter. The only ayatem they Utpm#ht de«l(ab(# to recomined waa that of heatln* briteam,
to the Ooardiana and raqOMt him to advertise immediately —Captain Bach,a advocated heating by hot water. In th« at«am appara»ua'th*»« waa a certain amount of prcaaure, but with the hot water th»y woald only want a gr**nb6ha« holler to keep the *ater in moUon.—After aome dlicuPUBLICATIONS BBCBIVfitD.
flr«t-claaa axceller

The following candidates applied for the In No. ■ I Di.triet, aa rate-oollecturt— Mea ward, Botley ; Fileher, ataffaerjeant in the Feww*y, draper; Fraemantle : Burnett; I
8t Deny'a,'1"

bailiff; Benning, wal merchant and iL8outhampton; Thompw, in tM employ, or neaara. Kni*ht and Sob, Southampton; Saunder*# Kyde, late of Southampton; Pearee. gUder, in th„ employ of Meaar*. Buehan and tion j Penny, clerk I ttie eutTupr. of laxea, Southampton ; Miller, baker" orcraeer #the trthing of Pottawood; Harriet Koach. of PorUwood; Corbln, in the employ of Mr. Gaswall, Totton; Beare, collector of take* at Baraledon I Clark, recently Iwthe emptor of the PaciBe 8team Naviga. tion Company; and Parker, of Bitterne.—The ballot eventually reduced t^e. candidate, to three—Meaere. Miller, Parker, and Penny. — A queation »* to the qualification of Mr. Mnier, who li an overaeer. to hold We ofSee, wa» raieed, and the Deputy.derk (Mr. H- E. Robin,) aa id-the matter waa one which the Local Go. vernment Board ahould decice.—Captain Buchan pro-poaed the election of Mr. Miller, and Captain Martin having mid it would be a pity to elect a man who waa diaqualifled, the Deputy-clerk a aid the regulation were
' - ------------- " -Wtw of handa being
enny eeven, arid lected, aubject
d Heroin Work dtrne by -------
-nd War." The earn*Arm are aleo about to Imw a aerial
edition of" The Leopold Shakepere " dedicated by per-perr.uaaion to Leopold, which conmine a Life of 8hak,pero and critical and explanatory Intre-by Mr. P. J. PornivalL i
Miller nine.—The lat to ibe approval of the
Mr. Dubloua^had'ohan* wondered when reading ea-ravagant atatemante In the newapapera whether they
thie remark waa the fail that In a reoent paper, inkn article referring to the etonn of Auguat 24th he read
rTK'ZmwfTl'ed very for aome two or three hoora oa that day, hut he (Mr. Dablooa) eaw nothing in the town approcbing a fldod of a featta^epth. Af»ln. a certain rali*ioua pubtica-had been lately giving a ae/iea of articlee on place, Engliah coaat—among others Southampton —*

A letter from the Local Government hoard called attention to the f-ct thit «hen, in 1873, the Sanitary Authority propnaed to appoint the district medical offieera of the Union as medical officer, of health, the Board informed the authority of their objections to each an arrangement Aa, however, the Sanitary Au. thority adhered to their propoaal, the Board, in defer-ence to their wishes, as.ented in the sppointments for limited period, and they had aince, although with

ment wanted
euegeated the appointment of a medical officer for the whole district, if a aauafr.ctory suggestion, to thai effect was submitted to the Local Oov they would be ptepsred to repay a moii out of the moneys voted by Pariiamei man sa|d he supposed the Board were the Guaroiana* arrangement under ob Deputy Clerk, in reply to Captain But officer, ft prrsent revived £80 a yeai Chairman remarked that the I^cal Oovetni them to employ an officer that would have;
very conaiderahle aum compared with tl ajaiem.—The Dcpuiy-deik aald aome tli medical sffifers had t i be written to two or before they sent In their report,, and this wi what waa meant In the letter. Dr. Daymi a«nt a very fail report, and referred >o aj The other officers filled "
j titled with the pi sat Ion It waa agreed to wrii
—The Vice-Chalrm,i av that the Authont;
:e to this sub-
The following letter, having r.
ject, waa read by the \ ice.chairm«,i ; —
Mlllbrook, Southampton. 3ft Augn.t. ism. Dear Sir.—The KiremantliOctter to which your letter o
ssnce* that all dcflnlto notices Of defective ce^apoola bar

Krrae Coco >.— Obit tret . Ciorouah kuo>hdn of tho nam .^raUoes of #lgeatlo# and #i :-plication of the flss properttei
cUadles are fi»Ur
l»be'la<—" Jsmae Eppa & Co., Pavilt Matcb 8«rc for B
K adopted atones fcv allt amewW, and contains tl.r»r, u, ay's Patent gaiety Ma'chea and aw. and can bi oliUloed from i ind flttod complete, far Z>- Od. >f. and ahould he lound in ever D I mo*.—It I, not generally kc .110 In destroying the Hmease gee
fal housekeepers.
blolng It with a saltablo preparaUon of I rot.
I" whom As le»at eierUou la a trial, t " " return. Manv. not actually t easily avoid,J. and could alwavs en hiring a Botilo of Qolulae and Iron li
______ trial, will find thei
gh not actsaJIJ^y
________hand. £d appetiii
heavlnsse. lorn of sleep, n-urj
dime, andnvsn paralyaU, mayal
wats In Consumption It ia
irra is s^srpszs
pllsltMby Mr llo.-ers Fluid's plau ,
real ssfety shsfj."
sm, de,r sir. your, fa llr.MRT Uatxa
Joseph Boblu,. Ksq.
o forward this let loavd, in reply to thatrece ard day, and this tenninst
On Mondsy evening an Interesting meeting of tl members of the above Court was held at the Whi
T&U& meHio'd of taking thi
of the liquid "Florilli
I Be Sqalhb. SCR. oof 1 business of the Cou he health of the Disti k with Foresters' fire, . saying he was glad

avis bad for the pas lated with lie progrei a was first tonneclec
ndhe found that t juarier of a cent. When Brother ( iih it Is s trust! District %4W :
iveyed can hardly bo o"
England"* Ortnl SUU P«W«0e OOBg
rubltailed by Mauler and Co.. 87. Great Marlborough-

ighbourliood. fl
ith a great deal
ih he would git
mu seen In print must )f caution. The writer
ew places In Zngland si
>r seven mile, Inlai
id dellglitful neighbourhood.
a square mile of area, and h ut. West Bay and the Teet or , ew road oo the north leading t Mlllbeuk, Newtown. Wellevn
w Kerry. On the wi
long these U the rti ads a statue of (leorge
t. Icsdlug to the pier o Load. Several portion
utterance pruOw»ee gtrds.
a long day through.
Beautiful a boulders are those that bear Cartless burdens ot hoassly caiu With patient grace and dally prayer.
Saturday afternoon, and resulted again In a rKcUxjlor
Southampton on tUlardsj
when ML Lake's, as «
with the first mal
unorder, c and b Scot Haiel'ton.'b SnwTu'i Waua., o AewWL
wickets. Score: dock, c Bate he lor. t

yard, b Bencraft. i
etwldo. There are numerous phllanthroole . In-a In bouUiarapton. among which are the Military Kylum. a Free Grammar .School, a well-eonducted , a Dispensary, a Penitentiary, several sltnhouees. with school, of every description. There I, also a 3ardcu. and aome nod Baths. Shipbuilding for rasels Is extenilvely carried on In the lichen, pton has a dally market for fish, and resrksU for ilt. and vegetables on Tuesday,. Thursday,, and , The Park, formerly Southampton Common, www from the northern suburb, nearly two miles parallel with the old London coach road, and la approached
r;eslsn woll. 1300 freuleep. and which turnlihee a great irtlon of tho supply to Hie town. Prom boulbampton the rlieu may be croswal by a floating bridge from the doeks srry from tho Timber Pond, to the village of lichen. Anything more carefully erroneous than the above it scarcely posaible to conceive of.
jtWTicg a3d urn enARcns. Mr. Inqniaiuve happening to be present at I lis police-court on Saturday laat bad an opportunity of hearing the cases of two psreone cbargsd Willi drunkenness. Both
#w of rslisving the monotony of
Kovidod a drum and life band for the art ye in the house, and on various occsaior
icn sny treat i, given snd a band wanted il gaged, as wa, the case on two occasions lei i.should like to know was—Why the band lued—wbst has become of the Instru hether enjbody did receive extra psy for lo the harmony, and if so whether be is etill rec
A Prudent Memb<
__*.bBleek e.b*
individual wer

itities. Since tli 1 nothiog^to ^

and fined. Why nc.........._
earth will be washed awsv, a hole tna 'e, some horse injured, and compe.uation claimed and obtained from tho town; and all for went of some slight repalre now. But ho suppose* it was nobody'e buaineee to look after these things, sna eo the necessary repairs were not done.—Mr. Cantankerous eaid the prudent member real y Why if every little
was mended e
of their mou ae hardly dec
____ ind half our officiate woul
to do. He (the P. M.) really mui imber of worthy persons mede ecotr r this town, and not try to take bre» • In this rough and ready fashion
went on, and Br Beavis became in 1859 DaC'l, And In IM* DC R Th* mmmbw of member* had ytmw (Km
hev only had 81

Oxterd-terraax,Hr*aPark.Lo#d*m. . iiJ.j
Tsmosf ArrrcnoBS a*n lloaaasssss.—AU suSertngfrom
—'* "Letter Writers," #4.-0. mayuer, SI,Bridge-
Mr. Wicket* was sorry that tho result of the crick leason did not show v«iy favourably for Hampehife. lie trusted that the small ecorcs would etlmulat* the local talent to greater exertions in the future, so that they might regain eome of the laurele they had for the pwsenl loaL The following fignrea will ahow tho reeolt of tbf aeason s cricket in reaped to llampehire: —
p,.» *. «r"'1a {ST6.V T«...
June 10.11,13. Derbyshire „. ... JIT — ., I
WKKf'aa™.Sci'u-iiwL -, r itru. _»
July 18.19. Kent ... ......4* — — - *
July j j. 26. Derbyshire ... ... r*
Boulhsmjuon Hampshire ...
Derbyshire won by en Innings
ark. %.eGodfrey, b B'luc
h with bat and b

Mlell. b C. I'htllpote.
he Public Ground t
ogers. b Goo key. Played on the
(RETURN). _ , .
Southampton Common on Bsturd
On Saturday
t terrible accident
.. ^o mcin linethe Chatham and Dbrer"
killed, and two-eeor* seriously injured. Tho fact* of tho case lie in a nutshell, the occurrence being (ho old tale of mbunti«£ ft goods train Mreoe the track of tlx
£i 11.30 ft Ion* lino of 16 carriage*
well n'ntil mchwg Sittlngboarno, where & goods train wa* betnr rfiuntee from the np to the down tiding, in theWef thftt the "cheap fast" -wa* all behind; hut at that moment she came in view, dashed at 40 mile* an hour into the goods waggona, and sent thmu flying In innumerable splinters all over the ,djft*c& Emldft. T&* |imi XfM 9 **
the sir, fell upon it* gwfc, mnd tt« w»r c*m*rm coming on with terrible force, crushed up two third first clam carriage* Into matchwood. In five
-----the new* spread over Sittin&boorn<\ which
wa* full of market people, and willing hands were moon engaged in the dreadful,task of extricating the dead and She Injured from tho wreck of the train, all being nx.-ed xp in frightful confusion. The train itaioed a nninber of seamen jmst paid off from tho
the wtirk of mercy. I there were five a end
irtally. The fencing w,
,_____________cried into ambulance*, ami upon
these the dead and wounded wire conveyed sway, the fork or to the workhouse mortuary and the latter to the Bull Inn and the infirmary, two being sent on to EL George'a Hoepital, and one to the shop of Mr. Brown, a emddler in the town. Telegrams were sent to the London hospitals to prepare for the reception of the injured, and to Uolborn and Victoria for break• short time a special '
and V. W. Hill, tho superintendent* of the line, Mr. W. Mm*, Uw #=#!=#*, Mr. W. Cmtby, tbm keo-metive superintendent, and Dr. Greenwood Sutcliffe, under whoee ordgr*. the Grounded were cared for, the wreckage cleared, and the line restored. The under-guard of the goods train appear* to have been the cause of the fatal miacarriagn, having inadvertently— either through an imperfect acquaintance with the line here, or in the confusion of the moment—pulled over the wrong points, ▼{*., those connected with the road on the side of the on-lip*, instead of those connected with the road on the side of the down-line. Some trucks had been shunted on the up-Kne a few minutes previously, but tho driver blew the engine wliistle as a signal that the lino was clear, and the signalman ft* 6* 8iUlngtomn# BtmUom mlpftDed ftcewdmgly. But for the junior guard's lamentable mistake no accident-would have occurred, yet this nd affair illusiraW'mOst forcibly tho danger of shunting at all wLem trains are due.
LANDSLIP AT CHALK-FARM TT3WZL. An accident has juit occurred at the entrance to the tnnel at Charm Farm Station, but happily unattended f any very serious result, although the Scotch ain had a providential escape. The new , thi* *pot had led to a i
alway, and the ground, which rise* to King Henry'*-

vay, and the ground, which rise* I 1, for some distance above tho line, has been away and a wall erected abou* 10ft. thick and 40ft. high. Huge buttresses support the wing thus formed, mnd apparently no power could move them. But the ■oil hero to a very great depth—over 200ft—ia composed of clay, and the recent heavy rain* descended the slope* of Primrose-hill and King Hen and fell upon this portion of the tunnel. 1 days it appears the ground has been yieldir heavy rainfall, anil workmen have been emt trying to Mmedv th# dmmftg*. Om *h* nif accident the rails wore heard to crack mnd after another, and an alarm was raised, am the falling of this mass of earth and the portion of the wall and tunnel would lead to a most disastrous accident. The Scotch express train was also due at the moment the breakage was discovered, and there was considerable consternation among the officials as to what should be done. The station-master at Kilburn speedily came upon the scene, although it was nearly midnight, and the signalman at Kilburn put up his signals to stop the express, but the train passed the signal-box at that instant; going at the rate of 30 miles an hour, having only just slackened speed. A message was then sent to the signalman at the Alexander-road end ctf the tunnel telling him to stop the express immediately. This was done, and almoet at the asms instant, while the express was some distance back in the tunnel, the huge wall and mass of earthwork gave way, and abot 20 feet of the top of the great wall fell in. The fa carried with it at least 70ft. in length by 60 in depth and 10 in thickness of the side of tho roadway, the force of tho falling dtbrit tearing up the main-line rails; and had tho express got through the tunnel it would have been juat-at the spot, and the consequent result must have been awful indeed. There must have been several hundred V>ns of earth in tho f When it is stated that the wall, 10ft. thick, rests upon a bed of concrete, it will be seen how great must have been tho rush and force of the water. Gangs of labourers were speedily set to work to clear the dtbrit away. The express was backed out of the tunnel, and for several hours tho whole of tho traffic had to be brought into Chalk Farm Station by means of the old tunnel Instead of tho

by the death of -
Mr. It-lleueraft
c present that eventr , them; and Br Mar uld perhaps be tome iould ask Br Besvis ti


Inns. out. Buns.
sow.™ ^01 .
fnuga, Orn. W day. Bo*. Wkts. WftWckt
Wiuchesitr flcivs.
SATURDAY. SzrriJ»Bxa 7. llll.
WiscumsTiit.—The Bishop of lent from home duringthe month
_____________ ______i requiring attention should be
addretied to the caie of Mr. J. B. Lee, 2, Brosd Sauo-
'"dsObbasb IN OtT-EEiigy.—'The statUUes for the week ending August 30tn show a dec e»,s a, compared with the corre,ponding period of 1877. In the week it ftm#ap*m*.^f334s6twh#rea* In 1877 U* weekly
figmM* w*M M p**.mm.m#dfa 17* Mpemdlm,*.
M of Ootober to the 1st of February, with power
fisheey with the leiV* ofaBoard of Conservators bueh fish ma5 also be taken ia a lose tim* for bait, or for
killing fish; . ,
Death.—It is impossible thst anything so natural, o necessary, and so universal as death should ever save been designed by Providence a* an evil to man-
a Wo*n,-A good book and 'a good ixcsllent things for thos* who know just how to appreciate their value. Thar* are men, how. ever, who judge of both from the beauty of the cover-
^JsurraiciATro.-Ther* is a csrtain class of young man in the world who are eternally whining about •• not being appreciated." A person who talks thus l#di*ea**L If b*i*mally worth anything h**oe* out, facss the world, and at once finds hitnaslf appro-cisted according to capacity. If he is not, he falls to making poetrv, ' ......*


lirity of the y<
I leave peace behind psnetrsted by th. y pass, and recover L'ime * best gilt is to t
on y on their depart'
W'ulr is Pobtbt f—If a young rsadcr should ask which is the best way of knowing bad poets from good, the best poet from the next best and so on. the answer is twofold:—First, the persual of the best poets with th* greatest attention ; second, the cultivation of that lovo of truth and beauty which mad* them what they are. Every true reader of poetry partakes a more than ordinary portioc ; and no one can be completely
TONIC. - ,
[KRR it acan*l. » disonltfr of Urt bony.
___th* L-wistimiaa. guanine and Iron ia admitted to
b* the ooty.KMMdy.
If pemverd with Qotain* mnd Iron will entirely bmaista i* scrof ulou* taint from the body. The ulcerations and beeeseee. frequently of a painful character, sometime*
yleM to it* purifying Imfieeaee.
5sre muss be Sakaa when asking for Pa
result. Bottle* 4* 6d. 11*. and el

snjures the health greatly, and many suffer \» thie way
*---nt of a proper remedy. '
... the low nervous headache, commonly attendaa
en a few mioutee before meal time th* tonic eSect coats of the stomach ie soch that aa Immediata desire for eating is created. At the name time tha digestive faculty is aroused, end perform* He functions in elaborating the food, thus preventing the usual iis treeein* symptoms of flatulence, pain at th* cheat, snd heartburn, generally kr.own ae indigeetioo. -
-®- TONIC is sold by chemists everywhere in bottlee
Sent for Stamps or Poet-OBce Order.
— rreare many derangements tracsable to dlsorganlsa-f the nervous ,yetem far too numerous to mention
rominent and demand nd from which
idred phases of suffering.
lay. they cannot cure. Jn
--Don ie absolutely neoesa
like a charm, mnd abundantly provee its infli
kind Quinine mnd 1
like m charm, and mi----- ---------—--r „
trolling mnd regulating nervous action. If one is sufler-ing from any malady in the least degree traceable to rslaxatlon of the merves. no time should be Icet la tr.klng Quinine and Iron. Th* effect will beet ident. and restoration to health certain.
by all chemist*-in-bottles, 4s6d; next site, lis; stene ' mall bottles, 22s each.
TILL (tide and t
________***T COWEg. RYDE. #0_
Booths mpton to Writ Oow Southampton lo Eyde—8J0, 11.10 a.«..

Bouthsmpton to South sea—11.10 a la.. 10.145. and* 0p.m. South'ton to Por'amoulb—ll.lUa.rn.. 2.B. 3 55, and 6.0 p.m. Beelkamplna ta Pwtaea t%ew Kail way Plee}-A3\ M
'i'wtia'iSsw'lUnway fier) to Southampton —8.0 am. Poewwukw West Cows*—&D a.m.. 12.15, 12J. LIS*. ro'rSnouUi to Boa than pton—850 am.. 12.15,1.23, LIS*. fkMUseato'West Cowe^t.SOam.. II.S0, «J0, tj*»,a^d MthSL to Somthamptoa-W) lSP.mmd\
W. Cowrs to Portsm'th—li.ifla.rn.. 3.15. S.JS. mad 7.23 p. uf3.ia.US.m,

Cuwes, and fouthampUn oa sale ring it mPXDAYS.
inch who doe* rything that
to tho^daiay.

intereste the poet, from the fii
from the highest hsart of man------- ,
the law*. It is a good pi»:Lce to read with pen n hand, marking what if liked or doubted. It rivet* the attention, realise* the gfemteet amount of enjoy-ment, and facilitate* reference. It enable* th* reader also, from time to time,Jto see what progreee ha make*
marked upon them. While I prepared uio eruuuu a little boy handed the root* to me one by one, as I told him what colour I wanted. He ws* very careful to look at the tiny bod* that cave signs of lifa and fruitfolnesa. Presently ha too* hold of one root that had no bud* growing oa it, and asked me if it waa dead. I told him I did not know; hut I planted it with, the rest, and left it to tak*,iU chsncs. The boy waa *o carious about that .dahlia that he marked the place with a etiok loeeeif it would grow.
eat Cowee—8 *5 a^a.. 130 and «.0 p.m. _lyde—8.W m.SS_ and pjn. ____,__Boothia,. Ports Mouth, mad Portaea (New
Portaca (Sew Kail way Pier) to West Cowee and South-amptoo—8.3u a.m..sad 2.0 p.m.
Portsmouth U) Weil Cowee and Southampton—8^5 and
SouUisea to West Cowee and Southampton—8.W a-m., and
Hrdato WestOowea and Southampton—#.10 a.m.. and
West Cowee to Southamptoai—7.15.-10.0am., snd LOp.m.
ass s£^s"sar
daUy. at about 9.W a.m.. and Oowea at about 2.0 p.m. (duudajrs eiwpted).
N.B.—The Cou>|iany will the pier di
thTaowera/and piante-aad treiej! it majtfe .tfc, healthy and fruitful, pleasant,and useful to alL
imni'AfTi Bo*!Vi»i-tlsr.^-©n "

___jsyeJ b/ cargo hi--------__
_____ivy goods conveyed by Passenger Boats will be
eharged at la per cwt. i specie, flams, to., at special rate*.
lea to W.^Cowes. vie. sen
oooth, or PorUM* (new Wlwa, Pier)
Wwt Coww to ky&s ^ j.