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i. with corom'.«il"», Green, Esq., 54,
(fey, ietief)%J^2 office of tM« paper.
Ah AMBKNTIOK WANTED W th# BUBiHRB&-Awip u *w om*
oftMm Pa##i :
6UMMBR8, Grocer, Bernard-street,
\ YOUNG MAN Accustomed to collect J3L rentedeelree forth* EMPLOYMENT as onlleo-
• Ofict Southampton.
TPOB BAL&^.BARME8"S '* COMMEN-JL? JTAtlBhr CEUDBM-S "CONCOBD-AKOR," bed other Theobgicer books. — Addrees, X. Y. Z~ ObttTK* Office. ;.'...
J-'l ' MMIeel tfork showing ralerm bow they may b# Cared without the eld of Quacks. Pre* on reosipt of g>stage stamp. Addrons, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy
JJV DEBILITY.—A gentleman, having tried in vsin every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple boms Of self-cure. II* will be happy to .forward the particuisrs to eny sufferer on receipt of a stamped end directed, envelope.—Address J. T. Stwn.1, Esq. Lisburn House, Fulbam. London.
rrio CONBUMPTIVEa.—Would yonliko
A to know bow to stop the Cough end cause ee»y expectoration, thereby relieving the lungs
good health, by e'few Hfe-glvlng herbal remedies ? If ee, send for my 82 pen Treetieeon " Herb*! Betoediee for Lane Complaints." Sect to ell applicants, free of charge, nrcnald by maH. Address—Pros. O. Phblts BaoWff, 2, King-street, Covent-garden, London.
7 M»ka,*» ** Bbermton, Hspplewhite, Ince end ASeyhew, or Chippendale. Yi iU glee £2 2s. for either of them. Shell be glad to hear of any old Books Ion Or-namen'. Ac.— Designer, 11, Porcbester-road, London. W.
yy GROCER'S ASSISTANT, as sscosd kesd.
street, Southampton.
AllfL 6m. PDNT for SALE, with Balk,
Ballast, Anchor, Galvanised Cratches, end Ash Oars.—Apply, by letter, to F. Homoa.tle, 23, Bich-
~D ESPECTFULLY solicit orders in the
JLtJ ensuing season for
With several Important Ihprovkmbvtji.
fiaAMJte.BAEKABDand Bishop, Boltos and Pact,ac.
20xM 6ds
a a aa o«e ZflaM 7&
IS a 16 AOs 20m I* 5*e

The follow lej ere »old on (he Strife, ttndarsiaaif & \ tliaV Now Rbadt.—Price 3*nett, on personal application,

Parley Newman.
*e* The published Price of eech Is P(
T)DECHASEBslflkh#r of the above JT wfll be PBBSBNTKD GBATIS with e PB1ZB TICKET, entitling the Owner to a Chance In the
PREB MUSICAL GIFTS I I or **A*L* zao za VAium.
The MMT^EHUr^ KM^GUIMA" (f*3)
80th, and
A 40-Gu. lostr

In addition
ISV^GuTnee Prtics
AsflOOM "HMf I " hilling Prises.
£) commission will be charged oi
winning Nombere will be published ... . forwarded to ell who send stamped addressed
sny persons (not repairing Pongs) wish J f Pri*ee, we here
mte by which we
tlclpete la this Distribute expense, concluded errsngen instead of Songs,
(Magnificent Copiee of Oil Paintings, each primed in Kourteen Colours). The price of each picture will be 8s per P.O.O. or registered letter, or 3* 3d stamps. One ket presented with each picture.
.. Extract from a purch.ser's letter The picture Is safely to hand.
2 Tickets girt
••11 woithy with 2* Pictures, price 5< fid
Ul buttons:
The following ere selected from t ilred from Prixe Winners In pre vie Heard's Terrace, Norristhorpe Lai
March, 1971. Is venr good In appc«rsnte ; tho •ery good; and so far It exctvds my capcctat-
Watergate. Kmsworth.
c«. and equally good In quality.
""lellghteC wltb It that
j uly etb, I sis. c. 'lci.n Organ, whlcli antvedqeltTsaf^* ?begtoCt od i must say that It Is handsome I sally good In quality. Both myse

Galvanised after made. Ko™?
For Training Plants. Ac. ... ;; :a
Bold In Bolls of 60 ysrds eech. I i to 6 feet, etpricee proportioned tc
TYING W1BE, 8d pei lb.
ll^ch 1|Inch J'i'i :i::
NOTICE.—Tbe above Spt _
low, we must respectfully Intimate that they i puled on the baaii * —' —' ~
deduction whatever
d Prices being ej iate thai the- -•aais of prompt navment, i sver. 100 yards delivered o
Daisy bbquisites.

wosMer U wry hooo ich a valuable Instrum
In tho Drawing of M»j 24th, 1878, tho FIHST PRtZE (a Walnnt Piano)
iron by MItS. E. BLATCU, Heathfield, Shirley, South ampton.
W.TMlo, Tcrrmc, VUU I'llf. HcmIo Itwd.
>ne. Uhe is pertectly satlsflod sod delighted with IL Low Moor Station, near Bradford. Yorks.
__JOHN J. nKRIUNO. C«rtlfled Tea
. r / n;
TWTONEY! MONEY 11 MVNEYN! important to bobbowebs.
men. I^dURthoose Keepers. Cab and Cart Owners, or. heir own Security and in strict confidence, by Mr. M. MORRIS, et his private offices, 14, Portland-street,
The advances can bf repaid as msy he agreed upon weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Application\by letter Please stale atnoont required.
Genuine transactions Immediately attended to.
I I I • I
i i 1 !

B | k i
j 1 g s 1
1M and GOOD BROUGHAMS, FOB SALE, very d>«r. apMri» H H1(jos
CLASSES for Ladies and Gentlemen are now in full operation. To speak any Language so as to be understood is not so difficult as would at first sight be supposed. The necessary rules are generally few and simple, and sritb the knowledge of tbeee and a few hundred words—which can easily be committed to memory—no one need be afraid to venture abroad.— Terms, moderate.—Apply to Dr. DECKER, Professor of Languages. Hartley Institution.
HAYNEB-B COMPASS OAEDglmmthe of Terms, Angle* of the Points of the Compass, besides a clearly-printed face of the same. Price Oil Purr.
13, SEEXAHD SrWET. SOUTHAMPTON. JgEGS to inform his Customers and Friends

o! H s%
s baa just now ready a large stock of very carefully-tempered Ratora of the following,
lebrated Elastic-edge Bai
l Hollow Baxor.
i very hollow ground Bsxc
I street R.xor. Is 6d.
. lass Polder* from 3« 6d and Spectacles. 9J, Is, Is 3d, Is «d. 2s, 2s 6d.
Scissors of all si Surgical Instruments, snc and repaired on the premise A large stock of Butcher
A great quantity of Hair, Cloth, and Tooth Brus Comb*. Ao., Ac.
O. H. 8. beg* to call the attention of Butcher inspect his extra strong Choppers, Saws, and Steels.
i of Cutlery gr s Knives, Steels, Chop
Public Notices.
HIGHLANDS. — Royal Route, J, via Crlnan and Caledonian Canals, by
« COLUMBA' (new stesmer) or' IONA. from Glasgow daily, at 7 a.m., and from Greencck at ring Passengers for tbe North and West with msp and tourist fares. Hutchoson and Co., 119, Hope'
9, conveying Passe, Highlands. Time Bills.

Anyone not wishing to cut this paper, can send their orders by Utter merely adding as per advertisement In the SoutiampUm 04«rrsr or August 23rd, 1878.
As the Intention of the promoters (Messrs. Powell and Co., Hexham) In this gigantic drawing is to advance the taste for mualo ; and, as ws believe the affair to be a thoroughly genuine transaction, we hope that our readers will patronlxe It accordingly. *od thus perhape become tbe poeeeeeor of some valuable musical inetru-menijfor nothing, es the musit|wblch Is sent In return for the 2s Qd U the value for the money. The drawing will take place on September 18th, and an early application la requested.—T*« JPeeUy JITess*, Btgtk.
The elevating influences of mom are to well known to be expatiated upon here; and for so laudable a desire to raise the popular taste Messrs. B. A. Powxu. ft Co. ought to be encouraged bv all who lore the • ooooord of •wee* sounds.'SXifitld PoM.
Anyone wishing to secure one or more of the above
gather with Caah, per registered letter.
a. j
«T Lac shui It, 1 •"* I
lyfONEY is continued to be advanced at the 111 SOUTH of ENGLAND LOAN Co/S OFFICES, Z. ALBION PLACE. HIGH -STREET, WOOTHAMPTON.
On the same advantageous terms ss heretofore.
LOANS panted from to fSOO.
Strictest secrecy and promptitude observed.
Bills discounted.
C. E. BEMISTP.R. Manager.
A CHEAP EXCURSION TkAlN will leave Coakam 6.10 p.m., Goeport 0 5 p.m., Fareham 0 23 p. in.. Bet ley A3* p.m.. Sonlhampton AMp^n.. Blshonetoke W5 p^n., mod Wlnebeewr 7.12 p.=.. o« EVERY SATURDAY, until further notice, returning from Waterloo' Bridge Station at 1 15 p.m. on Tuesday following tho date of issue of the Tickets.
Peres from ell the above stations (except tbe Isle of Wight) to London and back
Every Saturday, until further notice, as under
n Train leaves Waterloo Station at ! lay following. It rune via the Din Portsmouth about 3.35 p.m. ion with this Excursion to Londor jor at 4.15, Sbaokliu 4.23, and 1

BOARD are prepared to receive TENDERS fur the supply of MATERIALS. Ac., as msy be required by them, for six months from the 30th dsy of Scptemb er 1M.
Schedulee, and forms of Tender, may be obtained of Mr. Qeddes, Surveyor, Town Quay.
Tenders (marked as such) to be delivered at tbeoffii of the Clerk to tbe Board, 2. Portlsnd-stree.t Southern, ton. not later than the 7th day of September, 1878.
The lowest or any Tsnder not necessarily ai cepted. By order,
A*W OH. 1*7*. ^ ^ SKELTON, Clerk.
. MONDAY NE1T, September, 2nd. at 2 o'clock precisely, a Valuable Assemblage of PURNITUBB, removed to tbe large
room of the aboi .....*
It comprises sev .
and Cbetta of Drawers, Dressing Gb.---------r
tions, an Inlaid Black and Gold Cabinet, Gilt Chimney Glasses of the best manufacturer. Bed Room Suites, a full compass Pianoforte, a Cbeffioneer (by Gillow), s good-toned Harmonium, a few Paintings, some Ornamental Items, Clocks, Candslabras, Glass and China, and some few articles of Plate, and some Brussels Carpet, also numerous other items which will be deecribed In the Catalogue, obtainable et the Antel, Hotel, and of the Auctioneer,
street, London.
Goods will be on vie* on Saturday.
, 124, Shoredltcb, Higb-
to be delivered at the Corporation Wharf, Southampton, A Specification and all necessary information can be obtained upon application to Mr. W. B. G. Bennett,
°s3U S. ..donW " Tmdn for Bnk.a Teoderor 'Pendent**0 lh*lowMt * other
Southampton, 37th August, 1578.
Between Oowee and Byde, or vi^ verse
HPHE 8 KX KER S.—The 171 tut rated Bar*mm. 21. Bridge-street.
The patent telephone
COMPANY (Inurm,*.
9, CANUTE-BOAD^and 68. HIGH-STREET, The appointed Agent to tbe Company tc now pre-pered to giveestitnatee. supply Instruments and materials and to contract for fixing lines, poets, and wires required for tbe purpose, end for keeping end maintaining tbe same In proper working order. The above bouses of bo«inese being in telephonic connection with eech other, a practical illustration of the working of tlii\ method of —— -nunication is afforded at either place
satisfy themselves as tolls efficiency

to all who deeii
distant points is I inspection is invited.
Offers unequalled facilitlee to Advertisers.
osnted in both Edition
r th* Seooed Edition. Advertisement* should he add: nd Correspondence to the Edltoi
Saturday Afternoon, led to the Publieber
Tho EaWkmpMn Oterr-rer
smith and "" '------"
Dock) Statios.
The PiasT Editi published every Fm and the scoosd Kbinoa on , POUR o'clock. Beck EdWom

t FOUR o'clock. wdat Arrmasoon at tains the l>teet Local
The Southampton Observer
3knd .*9iqdK*%fr gewg.
Tub Standard enjoys a capital reputation for the excellence of its foreign correspondence, which n not only extremely well writt«i,-but remarkable for its outspoken criticism\orofficial misdoings. This was well exhibited lately in tbe way in which they directed attention to certain blunders in Cyprus by which unnecessary exposure was en-dured by both officers and men. At the same time that we thank tbe Standard for the good service it did in this direction, we cannot help thinking that many of tbe slips of officials there and elsewhere in our Army and Navy arise from causes that could hardly be foreseen in the burr] of events. We have no with that the Pres.-should relax its vigilance, or that the actual faults ol the official world should be condoned, bui no good can come from treating errors of judgment as crimes, or fancying that our nations service is worse conducted than that of othei nations. Since the Crimesn war, when tht British system was so cruelly tried, and jta conductors so fiercely assailed, the world (lias seer many and terrible contests. All the great nstioni have been engaged in war, and—save by Germany—it is no exaggeration to say that in thes< various wars blunders have been committed tc which the faults of the Crime"n administration were trifles —inconceivably stupid m# some of our blunders were. It is worth while remembering how thoroughly the Austrian military system collapsed in its two great wars—first with France in lf58, and afterwards with Germany, in 1866. Yet, reading the Setters from Vienna during the winter 1854-'55, one would have imagined that Austrian military men were incapab.'oot mistakes, and models ol forethought and capacity. As to France, all the world believed that her " system " was perfection. What it re .illy was, the world now knows well. Russia, too, has been supposed to have organised the study of the science of war. if she was behind Europe ia'other matters ; and yet Iriend and foe are pretty well agreed that last year's campaign was but a succession of blunders and mismanagement, and that final success was due to other causes than the military capacity of her Generals. The citizens of the United States are probably thfc most cunning of mankind, and yet the conduct of the war against the South was but one long record pf incapacity in the field, and of corruption in the supply and administration of their armies. The lesson we draw* lrom all this is—not that we should abate in vigilance, or be content to take tbe official class at their own valuation ; but that, as tbe Duke of Wellington said, that war is a succession of That is to say that no war runs ex-
Iree trade inland, and the,customs collected the aeahoArd divided on the twek of population and estimated consumption. This would practically mean In tbe present cms, an extension u Canada of th4 intensely protective system of th< United States. The result being, we should apprehend that while a few persons in Canada might gain by some branches of their inland commerce being freed, the majority of tbe Canadians would find themselves much worse off by accepting such an alliance. .We write thii from a dispassionate view of the fiscal aspect of the question. Politically, we think a good many persons, both in Canada and at home, would hesitate before they accepted so significant change. For the result of such a customs' uni in America would probably be the same as t outcome of the famed ZoUverein in Germsn which has ended in making its formerly ind pendent members a portion of tbe Prussian
Tnsai is something shocking in the irony fate. The dream of Germany was unity—it has come—and power with if, beyond her wildest hopes. Her ancient foe has been stricken to her feet, and France's place in the estimation of the world is now filled by Germany. She is tht guiding spirit of European politics, snd men ask as anxiously after her wishes and intentions at they once did after those of her mighty rival She has power, but certainly not peace. To retain tbe provinces and the prestige she has torn from France, she must be ever on guard, and the constant weight of arms makes even her wi riors grow weary. Nor have the bold prim and wise councillors who led hex to victory gained much by Serving her so well. The aged Emperor is attacked as if he were some tyrant, and Bismarck can hardly venture the streets of the city his astnumcss has m» famous I So Germany, united and powerful, curses the men who guided her to victory ; and France, beaten and plundered, prospers and smiles at her conquerors 1
Ihiha Mail Contbj apton will Wear wi
Tnm ISDIA AND C public of Southan pleasure that Her . „
accepted a tender from the reninsuiar am Oriental Steam Navigation Company for the con veyance of the India and China Mails for i period of eight years from February, 1880, whei the present contract expires. A few years since of course, the importance of this announcemen would have been felt to be of very material con sequence. Now. the great development of th< steam traffic of the port lessens its impoitance ti us, although we all rejoice in the prosperity of the great Company, so long i '
connected with Southampton.

ol danger >o much of other people's experie little the fault of us English—we i that tbe next war must inevitably n stances of tbe last, and so mimic ts of the victors as far as we cai

i. — It is now forty years and a nee English attention was seriously concerned in the politics ol this border State. We fancy that during the next year or so its name will again hold a prominent place in our political disquisitions, or the signs of the times deceive us. Russian intrigue is, and has been, busy there—the Afghan Princes are taught to believe that England is a more dangerous neighbour than she really is, and much less able to take care of her own possessions than they will some day find is the ease. A nation of warrior mountaineers, the Afghans regard the people of the plains of Hindostan as their natural prey, and regard tbe English with as much affection as a wolf feels lor the mastiff, whose strong jaws keep him (the wolf) away from the succulent mutton he loves so well. It should be remembered, in considering the political situation, tbi when we interfered in the dynastic squabbles of these turbulent people, the Sikh State was an independent and a powerful one, and It was by the grace of the then ruler of the Tunjaub—the famous Runjeet Singh—that we were able march across the Indus, and assail the Afgbi empire. Now the Sikh Sta.'e is as much under our " Raj " as Bengal itself and the Sikhs are among the most loyal of our soldiery. Very probably Russia does not propose or expect any serious mischief to England from the efforts of Sbere All and his slack-drilled, half-armed forces. With her usual cool cunning, she will counsel mfcTadeo to him and his, but what she will certainly do will be to keep the Albans in that stale ol constant menace towards ourselves that we shall have to endure a perpetual and dangerous irritation, or else have to take the initiative, and attack them ampng their hills. No doubt, in some shape or other, Russian agent* will be busy on tbe plains, but it is in the power of tbe Indian government—or should be—to make this line of business extremely uncomfortable for the persons who un-
T*b Uarran Sraras abb C a* ad a.—Canada— as we may, perhaps, not improperly remind our readers—now includes, politically, if not geographically, all the British dominions en the mainland of America lying northward' of the United States. Therefore any commercial
procity treaty OQ the basis ol atoll unioo, that is
Ar. interesting paragraph In the Timet, latel rom a South African journal, gave tome very Lble hints ss to the struggle civilisation Is h»v he Kaffira. Also, we leirn from it how thi he English Government endeavours to t ea iubjects—or citiiena—alike. One of these Kaff ve read, had had an English education, snc n* commisaion of the peace! when he aband, •hites to share the fortes ng more chivalrous th tear of the condition of lb
his people—a proceed-wise. Much that w*
portable property had much in corarac the same reputation for high couragi system of warfare appropriate to thei Rome sixty years earlier than the li Stuarta the Highlands of Scotland * ject to ordinary law and rule aa tl Cetewayo to-day. The picture draw: the relationjybetweeu the Central uoi Highland chiefs have much Is com: acription of the relations between t ment and the Kaffir chiefs of our I
otland or Scotsmen—
lotice that the Pre
seems always requited to generate the electricity, and so Its use in private houses seems still a very long way off. In our streets and public buildings we expect it
seded. What with all the d
iuU like to
and we fear from what little we that under present conditiona it li
and give us electricity—if not qui oil—at leaat at a price that may persons of moderate means.
a castaway japan* The following (lor which mm ari fbascsee* Bsusdo* CL esich of Ju genuine tale of the aca The v seems to have keen the acene of s piobably perpetrated by Chinese p happv wretches to certain starvation is just tne the sea-going ruffians of the flowery land are of. One thing seems curious—why too capti boarded the junk did not burn her; as it ia sh a constant danger to un«ary mariners We tho "par" as we Snd it in the S. V.:—
Further particulars of tlio Floating Japaoeae C< Opt. Nelson.of the achoonrr Parallel, arrived In t yesterday, and a "Chronicle" reporter callwl upon same additional particulars ronccrnlng. tho myaler verted vraael which la floating about the Pacific Oee aald thai on July Jth, which In latitude ss dcg. In 1*2 deg . he alibied a dismantled Japanese Juuk. apj

Utawp and Dnwrna/'-Georg, Sextea,

&"***--The Mvse WsMm*
sooond edition polio,
melodic* of U* different« A Cobbcctiom — Ta , last Saturday, in tl
tne names of compliant and defendant w„ P?**d—J"® Bead being tbe party summoned.
t meeting In the 157th 9
iog, September 11th
Tmz Anenaa Rioatta of tbe Wset-quay " Boyd Standard Regatta and Rowing Club is fited for We*, needay next. A capital programme has been provide. ^ * **dday a sport may be anticipated. An efficient band will be in attendance, and duok hunts and other amusement* will take place during tbe day.
Rotal Enoikbsss. — The following non-oomir.ii. iioeed officers sod men were presented with a sslvsr medal and gratuity of A* by Col Clarke. C.B , RE ,
day. the 16th of September. We take the opportunity of this announcement for staling that the special local secretary for science examinations desires to state that be holds several, oertidcatee whose owners be cannot

*wmed he Mssday mAeenoos. at the attended, but
this board wi ___________
Psartree Remdisg Roous. wkem the __
L O. Levies) and Mr. W. II Chapm
after waiting half an hour, and no othei_______
in as sppearanoe, the meeting for lack of a quorum was not held.
_ Good TBurtASjr.—'The members of the " Dawn of ing on Monday
Leaving their lodg«
shortly sftsv
o'clock, spwmsds of 51 proceeded meroem Is the Pka . brsdge to PsmMrse-gress. where they Wslgwl im a number of games, racing for toys given by Bra Mae-donald, all spending a very happy hour together Tbe temple is in a very healthy condition, and reflects great credit epos tie euperlelessemt (Rro. W. H. While), who devotee much time to the dutiee dev Iving upon him —The " Daws of Peaoe" lodge intend celebrating tho introduction of the Order into this coontrv by a tern.
** Basday aliersoos, the Sth In*, at 3 o clock, and a public tea and meeting OS the following
Tub Eusrnicst.—Captain John Weetley Bastard, of tho steam-ship Blanche, reports that, on the morning of the 21st iqst, at 7 30, when about five milee north of i, being on a voyajre from Rotterdam to South-
right hand was apparently n ______________
h an gin i.' loose.
Pailubks is tub Publishi.xo Tbaob. —Three failures .in. tho publishing trade are announced A me ting of tbe c;editors of Virtue snd Co.' (Limited), printers snd publnhsrs, Chy road, has been held, when a statement of the Arm's affairs was presented. Accord this the liabilities ere over £171,000, but tho
ely to realise double that sum. The publishing' fin " " I Co , is involved in this stop pa g
Daldy, Isbisti
The msslis, of eredik.. was adjourned. 1 lie bills of Messrs. Tinsley Brother., publishers. Catherine-street. Strand, have also been returned. It bss been pointed out that the failures of < Mcssr».7insley Brothers, snd the other puWishers above referred to. in no wsy effect tbs busine-s of Messrs Samuel Tinsley and Co , of Southamplon-street. Strand,

i midnight snd fire o'ffock this morn-s of the wind, which blew a perfect e are pleised to ks iw that little or S done to property. It was high tide ock on Thursday night. The wind
- -------th east, snd brought up the highest
Ude knows here Aw several years pesL Tbe ebb that ihould have left at 2 O'clock did not leave until -io'clock. was exceptionally high, being within 4 inches >p masonry of the Towu-ouay wall. Several 'coved on Cross house hard, and other places
of the top gat adrift, but, wi
This storm was predicted by Captain from America. We learn from a at should the wind remain in its predly high tides msy be expected
rid cruelty.

, two were tying amidships wltli • with cords upon their brea.l».
completely kudosed Ir

Tho sunken
stripped to the waist, snd gsvs Indk sufferings thai the man must bsve et death. All tbe bodies w»e In an ad, position- Frem the numerous flrepli of nun found between decks It was <

IS—Played in
Jrounda on Wednesday, whs easy victory, beating their opponents by 24 n innings. The Wan4er«ra could do but very the destructive bowling of Messrs. Ooedall -igshaw. Betteridge. for the Deanery, played is 12. B. Beads and Old for the Wanderers pitably. Scute,—
mbsji.-ntt. b Geodall 0. b Goodall I; James, r shaw 0. b BagaHaw i ; ilarri*. b Goodall 0. b
a splendid land-locked hi s for nisnv s e fury of thi
beaten mariner; not ite. but also because ted there, and indeed.
ptr pound, pounds of t
•Id. In tbe cabin

On Thursday, Bouthsmpton Street Tramway shares sere quoted at per J prera.
^Gff Thuredey. Union Steam Ship shares were quoted Thsreday, Royal Mail shares were quoted at ^Oe Thursday, P sad O. Shares were quoted et

?*njrJSS,.of i,,e two When tho
here. 1W2. beef was retailed at fourpsncs ind Port Stanley being a free port, every-ery cheap. How many boxes of cigars, becco, cases of hoi lands, and demijohns of i consequence, taken on board by bis 300 igers would bo a serious calculation. Tbe tnd it. It has, of rch, and barracks
----irinee stationed there. It Is. ,u.
head quarters of_the Falkland Islands Company a Cor-
The three great characteristics of Port Stanley a s the penguins, which abeund, snd sre to be seen waddling in troops in Its Immediate vicinity, snd stumbling over the
if pursued ; the kelp which is at____________
- - • - - ths edge of the bay In places.^ that
strong boa las craw can hardly „„ __
rsach the shore ; and lbs peat-bogs, which would an Irishman of bis bslovsd Erin. ~

an Irishman of bis beloved Erin. Peat Is the prli feel of ths place ; end what glorious fires It makes least, so thought a good many of the passengers who took the opportunity of living on shore during ths fortnight of the vsteel's stay. For about three shillings and sixpence a day ons could obtain a bed, meals of beef-"'iksand joints with fresh vegetables-very welcome

after the everlasting sslt junk sod pr
of the ship, with the addlUon efh..------...
nearly ed Uilmm. Than the privilege of stretching or legs is something after five or six weeks' coaAoeine There is deck and looo-s hoot ing to be bed, or an excu
glutinous, marine vegetation, uprooted fi— Berne of them would create e
s^Bspsaks wall for ths assiduity of
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