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.rrjrerSouthampton ouskrvkh and Winchester
Au4ds+ b, tars.
, epitome of kbwb-'T^wSKS*. will':
rebbits in th* London market* baa (Wirf tb* warren •wners to Inert** their demand for the om of rabbit werrena, and for tbapho* ofrabbita killed during ah* approaching aaaaom, and a park iaKent haa been W for the privilege of lulling rabbit* at- 12a. per ioamthKwaaoe.
I>**rttcc«T« Tim xx Oiiaoow.—Early on Saturday morning lut t fire occurred In the extensive tannery of Martin and Miller, Duke-street, Glasgow. A bark-grinding mill. 114 feet long, was destroyed. The flame* were extinguished in in hour, though men continued for noma time pumping water upon the
F.M10JUT10* ro 8otr* Armum.—-*Tb6 HwperWf, J,777 tons, Captain O. It. Harry, chartered by Sir Arthur Blyth, K.O., M.G., agent general for South Australia, left Plymouth on the 9th inst. for Port Adelaide, with 603 emigrants under the chargo of Dr. W. J. ilorior, surgeon. AmouRat them were 120 single female domestic aerranta under the care of Mrs. S. Deere, matron.
Tub Octmuux or Favg* *t Buinciiriw.—Tho epidemic fever increases at Blackburn. Three baud cases from the west end of the town hare been eect-to the workhouse. At the eastern extremity of the town there h«u been an outbrwk offerer, Which in greases ended fatally. The sanitary committee propose a house-to-house visitation in fever districts. The fever is accounted for by the poor diet of the factory workers during the nine weeks lock-out.
Killbd bt a Bictcle.—Wb. Banter. 60 years old, who has been postman for many rears at AlimmdsUiry, near Bristol, has been knpckea down by a bicycle and killed. The bievdist, a young gentleman living at Freehford, near path, way coming through AlmvnJa-hury, and shoU#d to Banier to get out of the way. Banier being deaf did not hear, and he was knocked down violently, and died from concussion of the brain. An inquest was held on Saturday last, and a verdict of Accidental Death was returned.
Dmowamn wrtii.* Bathing.—Mr. Bedford held an inquiry on Saturday last at the Sessions House, Westminster, touching the death of Alfred Carpenter, aged 11, who was drawned in the Thames while bathing at Nine Elms on the previous Tueaday afternoon. Deceased was in tlio itrcom with other hoys, and, getting out of liis depth, was sucked into an eddy and drowned. His body was recovered on Thursday. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.
I.raviso a Tnsix whilst %* Mono*.—A farmer named Price was summoned before the Hertford county magistrates on Saturday last for leaving a Midland Railway train whilst in motion. He had hooked to Moor nam ptem station, on the Brecon and Swansea line; but, as the train was leaving Croiidan-hill, be determined to get out there. Accordingly, he opened the door, and precipitately jumped oat. He fell as be alighted, and, but that the station-master promptly ran to his assistance, he would, in all probability, have got under the wheels. -The Bench fined him £2 and costs.
Killed at a Level Cuoimixo.—Dr. Danfonl Thomas opened an inquiry on Saturday last at the Red Lion Inn, Hog's Market, Finch ley, into the circumstances attending the death of William BoWman, aged nine years, the eon of a labourer living at 16. Manor-cottages. On the previous Wednesday afternoon the deceased left the Park Farm to fetch Lis father's tea. In doing so ho crossed the Great Northern Railway on what is called the Trinity-road (Finchley) level path, and was knocked down by the engino of the 4.31 down High Baroet train. The jury having partially returned a verdict that the death was accidental, stopped the proceedings, and elected to adjourn witH a view to obtain further evidence.
CnirsiiED iit a Coal Wao'oox.—On Saturday last the coroner for East Middlesex held nn inquiry at the Three Cianos Tavern. Mare-street, Hacklie^ as to the «!eath of Harry S. il. Roberta, aged six years. Deceased was the son of a machinist living at '2, Ann's-place. Hackney-road, and on the previous Wednesday morning, while attempting to climb oo to the back of a coal-waggon, that was proceeding along Wilton-jottd. Dais ton. he was caught between the spokes of the wheel, and was completely crushed to death. Dr. II. P. Lyle said the skull and all the limbs were crushed like an egj;. The driver, John Wilcox, having been exonerated from any blame, the jury returned a> vcidict of Accidental Death.
A Lunatic D'aowjcr-n whilst Bathixo.—While a party of pauper lunatics from the Cornwall County Asylum at Bodmin were going for a days' outing to St. Colomb, Perth, in charge of an attendant and a proper staff, twere both good swimmers, but fc__, _____
bathed enough, that there was nowhere to land hich the sea was beating
hut on the
hiavily. One of them, named Duckhi.______„ ...
on a high wave, was dashed against the rocks, carried under, and ultimately drowned, although his companion tried hard to save him.
Bi as ed to Death.—Mr. Bedford held an inquest en Saturday last at King's College Hospital on the body of William Morgan Lloyd, aged 36, lately a school-msster and organist, who lost his life under the following shocking circumstance* : The deceased lived in Maclean-street, Newman-street, and was in the habit Of trading in bed with a composite caddie, which he lixed in a niche in the bedpost behind him. Three weeks ago his wifo wakfffg suddenly found him in flames, and ho went into a fit. Ho was quickly removed to King's College Hospital, where his injuries were found to be of so serious a character that ho a day or two since. Witnesses his wife were drunk on the night jarr mscmcnting wn the lament, i verdict of Accidental Death by
depoS'd that he i able fact, returni
Rewnro U» A**M«Ay —The wofeesiooal single •culling jaea^wa*'rowed hi Ntw York, oo Moo day, with the following result-—Hankm Won by six lengths; Bom was seconfl, and Phnsted third.
TsmrL* Bah—The Court of Common Oon-icil bt*
= *# Xi&Sl^fSSffSS&S
from the laad of the roof of the structure. W
A Mmova Cerw.—A. Lloyd's telegram from Yarmouth, DA, states that the Van Dicssan, from St. John to Liverpool, pnt in at that port on the 12th with the crew^Mfcsing lo pweeed, alleging that the vessel is mm worthy. The master -shipped »' fresh
Th* President or Eccadob.—The steamship Par*, which arrived at Plymouth on Monday, kings ad-rices from Paaafaa to the 22nd uR. According to the Panama Star and Birald it has just been announced that General Veintemille, Prestdeol oflEcumder, has been poisoned.
Omaha* or Plbcbo-Pnbokoscia.—It was re-portmd * a meeting of the Wsat Bromwwh Rarei
and the district. , , .
Ear Low ea a*n Loaa or Lira.—The erplnaon of * kedsc hms oocmirad om hoard the twpedd ZpUm Sullna. which had proceeded to Nicolaitff for Uie ap-promblmg rormw W b# held Ibcro. Fiea enpnecA and two anbordinates lost their live* and tlimrbouio* cannot be recovered; of the crew twenty-seven were
ForxiiShotovStebathi*-co*jso*.^— A man, whose name, is at present unknown, expiied in HL Thomas's Hospital on Tuesday from the effects of a pistol Shot which had lodged near the hmrt. He waa discovered by a constable lying on SJtreathsm-common at four

ondnctor of an Old Ford i Saturday last with a handsel ley for servii

parse of money for servicee rendered funeral of a deceased coachman who had no relatives. Sir. Biers, road director to the London General Omnibns Com pan v, made the presentation at the Corn-wmllia HaW. OW Focd.
The Fakixb ix Cmwa.—The Clothworkers" Com; psny has given a donation of £105 to the China Famine Belief Fund. The total amount contributed to this fund in Great Britain up to ths present time is £20,600. This total does not include a further sum of £10,000, which has been sent direct to China for the relief of the sufferers through four of the principsl missionary societies in England.
OiuxoE Riots n Caxada.—An Orange procession was held in Ottawa on August 13, and several- fights occurred. The Union men scoured .the streets in the evening, insulting the Orangemen, and the latter attack** them with pistols. At midnight the Orange-meii marched through the principal street*, firing in all directions. They attacked the Priest*' House and demolished an hotel. The police dispersed the rioters, many of jvliom were wounded. Six arrest* were
Death or a Russian Vetkbax.—The .Voteoic Oauttt announces the death on the lfith ult., of Major-Oencral Vargenovski, a survivor of the battle of Borodino, at the ago of 92. He began his military caieer mt the ago o* 17, In 1W3. Im the regiment of Orenadicm of the Guard, and, besides fighting againat Napoleon; he took pwt in the Balkan oampmign IniXM*. Him ' was largely attended by ---------' ""
» Pollce-couit, At Marlhorough-street Pellce-wurt on Monday, Petes lh Town-road, Irishman, described as of nohmm# or oocn auel Babey, on pation, was charged before Mr. Newton with being of
i the Duke of
www ------------year, for ths porpoesof . n laced at the bar, he said his title' — — _____
nursing or maintaining such infante apart from their lork and Killarney. Police-constable William Hill, parents, p«iod than 24 koura, contrary A division, sfitted that seeing the prisoner lying in
to the Infaut Life Protection Act. The inspector of . Hrde Park, about eleven o'clock on Sunday morning, the Metropolitan Board stated that ha rated ihe j hJKwed him, when he said the Park belonged to him. defendant on the 14 th of last month, and found that ■ end that he should do as he like. Ths prisoner then she had had two iafanta to take euro of. One waft knocked his (Hill's) hat off, saying that he had a law named Jane Syrigg, and was aged 13 months, and on I suit to recover, that he was related *» the Dmke of ths 19th it was removed to the SL faucras Work- » York, and that when he recovered the park be meant house, where it died ofl the 21st. At the inquest* , to pArify H, and that he was dtake himself.' The verdict was returned to the effect that the child died I prisoner: Are you going to try me' Mr Newton: from exhaustion, caused by starvation and want of Npi tam going to send you to the workhouse. Th» proper nourishment while out at nurse. The defen- prisoner: 1 want tq write to the Home Offlce. Mr. dant was paid 6s. A "week for .nursing the child, and . Newton: You will go now to ths workhouse, and you whea it died it weighed *ir pounds and a half. The will Urao have an opportunity of writing.
other Case was that Of Mary Ann Andrews, aged four i:
months, for which the defendant received Cs. a week. ALLEGED HORSE STEALING.
Soon after it was taken from her and placed in the -- . ., __
ought to be registered. She could not get her money , Portland-place, and Jar from one of the mothers. Mr. New too: But you were , traf starving these wretched children all this time. Yon hou have killed these poor children, and I think it is a very bad case, flo the Inspector): Does this thing occur often? The Inspector: There are a great many case*, but they are rather difficult to find out. Ths defendant: J wfll.ncver take any more. Mr. Newton:
No, I don't think you ever will. It is a very bad case, and I can send you to prisor" * ^ '
oat pay 50s., or go to prison for two
district of Mojai
n which ho had resided for
Fiiib at BKADroitn.—On Monday night a destine -tlv# Ore broke out in the block of promisee at Brod-ford occupied by Messrs. Borrisow Brothers, stuff ---» - Messrs. Firth, Booth, and Co., Xr—~—

Ths Steamer Neers, which has arrived in the Mersey from Gibraltar, had on board the Captain and crew, to the number of 13 hands, of the Newcastle steamer Mercury. It appears that while on a voyage from Ishmail to Sligo, with a cargo of maixe, the steamer sprang a leak in the engine-room. Mo sudden and serious was the fracture that when it was discovered, at two o'clock on the morning of the 27th ult., the water covered the stoke-hole plates, and, notwithstanding the operations of the main pump, had put oat the furnace* in a short time afterwards. It was thought the vessel would soon sink, and two boats were lowered, which could only be effected at one side of the vessel, owing to the heavy weather. The smaller of the boap contained the cook and a socman, the four passengers and about six of the crew being in the other. Captain Boyd decided to run for Capo Bon, a distance of eight miles, and for that purpose set aiil. Oue of th* boat* rigged np a Sail out of a blanket, and was able to follow the steamer; the other, however, with two two men in, was lost sight of, and never afterwards seen. It also contained several of the ship's papers. The steamer i course, and rounded Cape Boo aboi by which time her main deck waa I,
Fortunately the Newcastle steal at anchor near the spot, and all or me men war* received on board, as the Mercury was rapidly settling ,down. The John Dixon also took the disabled vessel in tow, but a few minutes afterwards she foundered, j The ship's compasses, and most of her passenger*', as well a* the majority of the seamen's, effects were lost. It appears from subsequent information that one of the men of lh# miaaing boat haa bean fennd. and states that bis companion, the cook, while attempting to swim ashore, was drowned. The men, on arrival at Liverpool, were received at tho Sailors' Home. The Mercury was owned in Newcastle by Mr. John
r John Dixon was

—'liie Russian Minister
through the coal fields of the R? company ia therefore batieuing lo coi th# stipulated pariod of September,
Lf\ 44, of 48, Dcvonshire-sl grove, a laboultr, has been charged a r branch "line Mica-court with\assaulting Hester, hi Donet*. Th* prosecutrix,, whoa* faca bora th* trai Jeta ita line by severe Injarica, stated that tba dafenda d the Russian violent yan. "Whad been months tog
— th^ be able to drowsome of doing any work/and when h* did cart
d supnliaa from tha Crown ooal minca, thua #?*it at on himself On Jbly 29th, at eleven o dock al * the poamhillty of another dearth a* fuel night, he atrnok bar threa Umea. and knocked h, to that which crippled the movements of the.. tke chair. hile aha waa dpwn he struck h.
tractor, aurylug .
house, was charged with receiving the same well knowing it to. hare been stolen. It appear* that on Saturday evering list Serjeant Smith of the Criminal Investigation T) pariment, attached th the K division,
Smith, faneyln^ that tb# home anewseed tha deaerip. tion of one that had been stolen, communicated with Inspector Wlldey, and then, after looking thrmgh the
pohce Informationa, ba and tha bapectoa wmt ta look Er Bayaro. They saw Mm In Bloont-strmt, andmaked bim what be had done with the horse he had had shmfly before. H* at Aat denied havmg bad one, but afterwards said it was in Prior's stable*. Sayere was then taken to the stablea belonging to the other prisoner, where in the yard was found tne horse Smith bad seen in the possession of Sayere. Tha animal waa afterwarda identified bpa eervant of Mr. Shaath** as having been stolen from a field at Kingsbury, near Hendon, on tha 9th Inst When asked haw tha animal came Into hi* pu*****ion, Mayers said b* had bought it at Bristol for £40. Inspector Wildey aaked for a remand,.which waa granted.
Acceding the hurrican day of May despatch do—

I intelligence just received at Liverpool,
. , .. . .. . o. *e hast
n equalled. The le extent of the damage but th* shipping in th*

rerely. Involving a
i Marylebone
the gale the barque Sarah and Julia was unven asaore, and the captain and throe of tlie crew saved themselves with the greatest possible difficulty. Seven others of the crew, however, remained on board, and, notwithstanding tho many effurta made to save them, six of them perished, whilst the seventh was rescued in an insensible state. The German barque Elea was tossed about at the mercy of the waves, and the captain, considering there was no hope of saving her, loft, with seven of the crew, in a small boat. The mate and three hands remained on board, and were saved whan th# vcescl drack. Up to the time the despatch was sent off nothing further had been heard of cither the eight men or the boat, and it was supposed they had perished. Two men belonging to the Nioaragnan brig Adcla left their vessel and were lost. A sailor of the ship Kent also lost his life. He waa either killed or stunned by the foremast of the vessel striking hAn, and before any of his comrades could he!^> him he was carried overboard by a sea. During the height of tho gale the captain of the ship Perseverance was washed overboard by a large wave, while a receding one carried him back again on tho ship, scarcely any the worse.
Black Sea Fleet dui
ed two black

beneath the joining Chester Castle. The ment turned out and manned in the carpenter"* atoro-rooc
—On Mono

of the 90th Rcgi-engine. A window , . , , . which the fire was 1 wished to be
...» _________,__________water were poured I Mr. Cooke n
in. The excitement was very great because_on the ' w longer boi one side is the coUnty gaol and on the othei Tower, in which ia stored an Immense (.
ammunition. In a short time the men mastered the Hsmea, though the fire continued to bum for some time afterwarda.
SUX8TU0BX AT Crrncs. — A correspondent, in a privato letter from the Channel Fleet at Cyprus.
writes, under date July 30, as follows:—The island on shore is very sickly, and tha intense heat also is telling upon our men and filling our sick lists. Six British soldiers have died from sunstroke, and one young man, a signalman, of the Minotaur, belonging to Portsmouth, was found on the beach and sent on board. He was supposed at first to have been drink-
blows, tho effect being that shi ning a I eyes, and her body waa one maas ot Druisa August last ho. was suntencod to six months'imp ment for assaulting her. She had forgiven him d did not now wish him puniaho^, bi

nrdirod't to live with tho

The 2nd battalion of the 21st Royal Scots Fusilier* / List with new colours, by of Marlborough, in tho Phoenix Park, Dublin. The battalion mustered about 550, and was drawn np in lino facing the Viceregal Lodge, under the command of General Sir F. W. Ilouenton, K.C.B., Brevet Colonel W. P. Collingwood, Major G. F. Gcldea, Major R. W. C. Winaloe, Brevet Major E. T. " * " Captain W. Thornton, and Captain J.
Whitton. The Lord Lieutenant, tho Du Marlborough, Lady Geocgina ^nd Lady Bpen
Speculation ix Cri-ar*;—From the list of new companies registered, fho particulars of which are given weekly in the Lutitor't Uuardtan newspaper, it ap[>ears that within the past fortnight six companies, with an aggrcgaW capital of £1,14*,000, have been registered for the purpose of carrying out operations in connection with our recently acquired possession of Cyprus. The companies are as follows:—-Cyprus and Asiatic Turkey Investment and Land Xlortgnge— capital £2,COO,000, in £10 shares; Island of Cyprus Ij«nd and Trading—capital £100,000, in £i shares:
capital £.0,000 in £5 shares; Cyprus Investment aSj lmprovcm*nl capital 11,000.00V. in £10 mharo*: Lahd Moitgage Investment and Trust Company of Cyprus —capital €1.000,000, lm £10 sharea. -
Railway Facilities at Victouu Statioh.—A new •ubway or underground passage connecting tho rail-way daUona of tha London, Bdgbtoa, and Santk Const,-London, Chatham, and Dover, and Metropo-liUn District Railway Coinpanlea at Victoria, wa* eonipleted on Satuitlay last, and was opened on Monday for tha convenience of passengers by the above-mentioned line*. The subway haa been constructed at the joint expense of tho three companies. It is about 170 fuot long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet
huh, anil hn« n « . -U-I.4 » .-III
..An official
a. maaa out on Saturday by.tbo.prin-ci;wl oQicors of tho three milv*ay companies at
i scmlng. - . u
ing, but soon after reaching the ship ho died. It was then found to be a case of sunstroke, and deceased was buried ashore with frill naval honours.
Ill-tubathixt or a Lbxattc.—An adjourned inquest was resumed at the King'* Head Tavern, Broad-street, Bloomsburv, on Tuesday, on the body of Irena Fulrweather, a lunatic, of 8, Portugal-street, Strand, whose death was said to havo been accelerated by the ill-treatment and neglect of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Fafrwcalber. Soma further avidanca having bean
L pay his wife 7s. 6d. per week.

of the keep
Churchill, Lord Portnrlington, Lord Doi the Misses Baillie Cochrane (two), arrived In two open carriages and were received with a Royal salute, the colours being dropped in honour of the Viceregal party. The Duchess of Marlborough handed the new colours to the two senior lieutenants (Auchenbach and pressed th^pleasure she had in present-

mcer than the pnh-
i aared. Tho
I all the partitions, ic., havo disap- j


heart and lung di _ .
that aha had not received that car* and attention which bar ci*a required, that her treatment by her sister-in-Imw had been harah, and that tha duceasod should have been placed at a-much earlier period under skilled
It Gwydyr it was held
House, Whitehall, on Monday,
on tho body of Mr. Cbarlee Toll clerk* U» th* Ecclcsiaitical Commiarioncro, by Mr. 8L Claro Bedford. Tha evidence of Mr, Frederick Tribe. Mi\ Smith, and other witnesses was that the deceased had for some time been in a depressod state of mind. It wa* not, however, thought that he contemplated suicide. On Saturday last, shortly after twelve o'clock, a'loud report, followed by a heavy fall, was heard, and upon aoma of tha dark* nishiag ta tha d*o*a**d'a room they found him lying on the floor *hot through the head. A roccntly-discliarged 'pistol was found by lis side. A vcrdict of Suicide whilst of TJnsound Mind

iround which the steps wind is terminated in j I of a block of stone, from which issues a ,
Imtion of an oak tree. In tha aame material, | %%2t*v« chce of which, covered with leave* very deli- | * rved, constitute tha arohe* of a vaulted roof. ! ^ A, 'g to tradition, John had the tower built after | ways au
T«_U j j
^ brutal murder was com- ! says an old c ; of tbo 9th inst. in Salford. ! of James I. ; ho had been drinking for : nets, besides r thodclu- ' embroider
speak. Tarn .your speech i
XBULB —With all their conti lb ion, the Puritans held eml They even went to bed in a "She work* religion* petti >uicier, towards th" end of tl *r needle doth sosauctify my
iked his wifo to ai . ... ____ „
e notice, ha knocked her down, and than h*ck#d s er throat with a knife uutil bo killed her.
Exi-okt or Coal.—Appended ii sal shipped at Grimsby Docks dm

statement of the
latcd in th*
t phra

t probably origi-havo been
ot » a railway Tbajs.—At a 1 lay night a disturbance arose bctwi _ _
Catholics and Protestants travelling in a I by train from Mai-a from Newry. In tho tiuUi whi^ ensued, ; on di
la his notes to Sbaki month of I common among low people." So in the " Two da, 0,797 ton*; 8wad*n,r*,I09; Norway, Angry Women of Abington." 1*0#:—"Fill thapot 4,418; Denmark, 1,723; Gormany, 7,606; France, , hostess, and we'll crush it." Again, in Ifotfman a 4,4*0; Holland, #38; Bclgulm, ***; Egypt, 1,**0; | "Tragedy." 1WI:—"Wall craah a cup af thine Spain, ?,323; India, 1.273—total, 47,^4 Mna; coast- , own country wiae." Agaia, im " Oearga ^ Oroen," wise, 2,^05 tons, making together a fotal of 49,489 ; Old Plays, ML *1"Come, Oeore^ well crush a tons. This show* an increaao of 7,162 tons as com- j pot before we part. from the following reliable pared with July, 1877. anecdote, recorded by Llnacbotee, th* naval historian,
Aa EscArmn l"Bi*oxn.-^An ndting arena haa! of Sir Richard would appear that-cruah-been witnessed at Worcester. Three prisoners arrived ing the cup" was literally practised by that fi< charge of two polic , . - ^
men, and ; of'all Elizabeth's admirals:— -------------
' ' i that often, when he had other captain*
railway train from Newry. In tho vulte which ensued, | on descending the sWps one of the prisoners, a . complexion that often, when he had other captains a Protestant namod Gough was shot dead.- The train Birmingham man named Loveay, suddenly slipped his I for his guests, be would carouse three or four glasses
.yes detained on ita arrival at Portadown by the police, i bisndcuffs and bolted. Police-constable Hyde ran after of wine, and then in a bravery take the glass between
who aearched every iwwenger, arresting two with re- i him, and an eager redo, followed. .The policeman his teeth, crush them in pieces,and swallow them, ao
ing two with re- ! him, and an eager retJe, follpwodi "Hie poli. udttable excitement; threw off hi* helmet and coat into tho street in better, and followed Lotrosya mill
_____upon them. *Tbere i
'in tho.district.
xaccriox • «at Xoitwoiub.—Thorns executed at Nottingham at B o'clock ning for the munJor of Jane Smith,
th whom he had been livings ,iTh* condemned
—id preserved a sullen demeanour during hi*---- -------- -------
-flaomtai'in gaol. He took a cup of ten shortly after ! and who has been for * sik o'clock, having alont toleraolv Well during tho ' Andover Union Workhou
a Cholcrton | aipturiug him at lastjus^M ho waa about to jump into on Monday a canaL i Many .hundred* of pemons assembled in tho man street, and tho affair caused great exritamqiL
clock, having slept tolerably well during tho ' Andover Union Workboua«, bitis JUsi confessed that,-. Ho ascended th* scaffold with a firm step, and years ago, he and a brother wayWdjapd'^ma&&i *' the drop fell he died after a few coqv * ' " —---
hi* taatb, aaah thai .
that lha blood aometime* raa out of. ka " This was told me," adds Linschotcn, " by diver* credible persons, who had many times seen him do it." This brutal exhibition of drunken bravery was not quite obsolete in the last century. -
Won ax Aoaisst Womes—Talo-beanng and idla gossiping is, under all circumslanccs,and bv whomsoever indulged in. a most unprofitable and disputable busiiW**; but when it assumes the farm of malicious

leading out of Garrick-streat, and cot

I fhaflro^BaeaiSSSSS/Sei----- .« ,----
his face in trying to extinguish tho fUmea. The cauaa of th* fire is unknown.
vented or circulated T»y one woman against another. A woman writer of the great wrong a* follows. Itia appropriate to the present time, and may be read with profit by allWomen against women i* a problem
General Furnishiiig Ironmonger,
27 and 28- BERNARD STREET, 1, 2, and 3, GEORGE STREET,
WALTER 8. IRELAND, General Furnishing Ironmonger,
Sends . catalog de oaATrs „»,i
POST J'AII). I. ma, HAM .! hi. unrivalled slock, with LIST of CHICKS, and plans of
the sight lar%* show rooms at 27 * 93. BBKMAKD BT.: X, & OKOBOB BT., and 5, LOWBR CANAL *ALK. BOUTHAMPTU%.
The pekfkct substitijtk for
SILVER, introduced more than eighteen vear* »go b, WALTER 8. IBBLAXD. when Mated by **
process of Messrs. Elkington snd Co., is beyond a comparison th* very be*t article next to Stsrlirg Silver
li Drreert Spoont *'. 'A % !,SS! 5? las, U^.STtS'i
*#eo#ai##o u < 5 0 7 i| 0 7 «
1 i^'tardS** 1 Pair Sugar 1 Butter Knife... 1 fiogar fiifier... i IIS li 0iu03 61i0 0X0010, 030 04603 6' 040 0 4 603 *0 4 6 a H * * ** a * i: *

rpHE rery high prices charged for Kitchen X Rsncw. onder tha pretence of having mad* improvement* m these, but which, in m-smnk* chiineers. from 30s lo £25. Tb#a# Kitchener, will be found Co eurpass any that are now in u»e (or cookie*.of every de^ on*6re. Tho top forme a hot plats, aid tbs op*n 6re can be used for roaatin*. which remorse th* great objection geaerally
|TO. 1—consists of Oren only, op#a lire i for roasting. Ash Psn, and Hot Plat*.
JX). 2—cniisisla of Ofrn ami Boiler. Hi t
* Plate, Bras* Tap, open Are for roasting, and A«h
jft-SIn wide... ._ _ ... ._ ja IS o
"\JO. 3—extra strong, consists of large i-T Ovrn and Hoiler. Hot Mate, IIram Tap. open Bre for roieting. A«t> Pan. Iroo Coverings, which prevent*
eciro 8lfve
trvicee, 30e, £2 10* se), 8» 6J to 45* per
» Silver Tea Pot. 15*. :0*.
k». 5« 6d. 7*6d, lOs&l to 12*6<1. item, 1&, M*. Sh. 40, u, W*. * (richly cliaaed;, 46 10* to
**bl. f7 lOeteflOlOK
3 Silver Fruit Ues
S f ] l(K f 3 10* f * 10a W 10*
JL of TAliLB CUTLERY in tbecountry, all warranted, ie on eale at WALTER S. 1 RELAX I'"^7 at prices that are rcmunerstive only because of the largenca* of *aic. Tbe blade* are all of tho Oneit eleel.
31 in Ivory Handles ... 15« 1

ferules.........55* 0J ___
Black-band led Knives and Pork*. 2a9d to T»(xl bslf-del White Hone Knives snd Porks, 7»6i to 15» half dm black handled Carvers, from 2*6d per pair., Bts
Slag handled Carvers, from 2s6d to 18s per pair Broad Knives, 6d W 18a Cd. Mutter Knires, 1« to £i Pen. Pocket, Sportman'a Knirei, Razors, and Wei**,
Buyers ef th* abov* a s requested, before. finally drcWiag, le viWt W. B. IBBLAaiO* BIIO* BOVllB Black Regiiter Stove*. 7s &l to Ci lOi Bright Register Moves, £3 10* la £10 10s Bronxed Kendere. ie M to £1 10« Bweiy*ndm.,fll0*iaf7X0s. MreHnw.aiaAM, Marble Chimney Piece*. 21* to £2$
boo Chlmnsy Pieces, 10, Gd to 35*
Enamelled Slate dittn. J5e to £7 10«
WALTER H. IRELAND invite* maptcUoo of tbi* eeaaon'a .bow of LAMPS.
Petroleum Oil Tsble Lamps. 2s Od U» 2&S.
Patent Duplex Lamp*. 12*fid to £3 10a.
Uuspeodtng Lamps. 4*fid to ^210a.
" "u
' Mick*. 3d per dozen.
FDKK COLZA OIL, 3b 06 a GALLON. Walter a. irbund **ii*tb;* o» at wboi*.
sale price to etuars the proper action of the Moderator
pKTKOUiUll Oll^ vfeux UEST for
A the.Patent Duplex.Silher, f«Uel**m, and Pereffia Leap*. 1* fti per gallon_____j___ _________

"VT"0. 4—extra strong, consists of large X1 Oveo and Boiler, Hot Plate. Bra** 'lap, open Br* f..f roaatmg. Ash ' '
brickwork ever bet hinges an"VTO. 5—extra strong, consists of large
for roasting. A«b Pan, Cove^Platcs with turnrd edger, sheet-Iron Smoke Plate. Polished Plate Rack, wrought bright bingo*, and bright m one lings.
The Increased aad increasing as* of Oss in private bouses has induced WALTB11 8. IRELAND loeelrct
3* fid *o 10* fij. Gas Chandeliers, »ilh Ele
pWed MlaiiN - — Glaas Oas Bracket* „.
Experienced 0«»6ttir«. Copper I _Smith* employed on i
« lh W la 10a
... 37* fid to
10* fid to 21s. miths, Bellhanger and
WALTER S.; IRELAND has on* lsrge (how room - "" *■*" " BiTUS
"* Cthe,fTfid.
;oilst Ware in great variety, from 10* fid to 45s set of 3.
'EA URNS mod KETTLES, of London
i v^'stock furoi,hiD* **• *olicited to inspect his e: Improved Cosl Box**. 3e fid to 60s.
Copper Tea Kettles. 5* 0d to 12* fid.
Metal Tea Pots. 3e CJ to 12a (Id.
M*mt Bofw. 1& &L ih. 13* &l. 21* la 37* &L
la "•101
Open Mre Range*, wrought here, £3 10s lo £5 10s ^Cottage Range*, with oven, boU*r, and brass tap,
pHiieiBr'pieoS" »r »ii S5Sp0„-
Lawn Mower* 22* fid |o £7 10*.
Garden Roller*, 80* to «4. Garden Chairs. lOsfid to
Garden Archer. 12* W to 21a. '
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