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iSom.—The intelligent reader often discovert la other men'a writing* other perfection*, and inveat,
them with a letter eenre, and higher construction.
and mora quaint expreseion than the author hlmaeli
tho Wand of Bark. It it maid to have been once taken by the French, who however held it only «
short time. One morning a peamfnl.looking merchant-ship, bearing a flag of truce, appeared off the Wand, ar.d, tending oE a boat, the offioor in command told the Frenchman that one of the crew, a native of tho island, hod died on board, and expreeaed a wiah to be buried in hia native mod, and he aaked that the deceeacd'e companion* might be allowed to cai out hi* deaire. The Frenchmen politely oonaenti and accordingly the ehip'a crew goon appeared, bring-ing with them the coffin, which they carried into tho little church. They then reqneeted that they might be ^emitted to perform their----1- "
j* OonuninT ajrn hi Warn****.. ,
French Oorernment bam jut prohibited the
Workman In Pari*. A I _ Tntinrtr ZtiUt jpnbUahee eome detail* about ML ^ headed by MM. Barodet, 1 ®>« nn*uccea*fnl expedition into Bervia of the I're-lnllandier. and Tolain, ha* been appointed to wait, %nder to the Servian Crown, Peter haiageorgevi, b. U) '.n the Un(l*r-8aoretary for the Interior, M Mar- According to thia paper, he ii anpnoaed to have cruwnl ct i* k ing absent in the provlnoea, with the object of *rm inm Roumania, a* ho had been aome tiino in tndui ing himtowlthdriw theprohibition. ; Dreovm, mnder the aaaumod name of Nicola* Neiiia,
th« aeivioe could be concluded. ,ltcl» however, which was eoon known to jhetbeW-
- "«^t, ..... "
BAILWAY collision at stkpnbt.
On Monday morning, at nine o'clock, a
excureiontmln. well Oiled with nleaanre-eeekers, left the Fenchurch-etraet Station for Southend at 20 minutee fart nine o'clock. All went well until the train arrived at the BWpnay Station, when the train came into collision with a North Woolwich up train. At the tirao of the accident the Southend excursion train wfB crossing over the junction. Tho force of the collision caused the break-van to jump on to the of the tender, and tho engine fell o*or on to it*
and thia also wa* granted, a* the English were unarmed, and therefore gave rise to apprehensions. No aooner however had the Frer left the church than the coffin, whioh wa* full of ar
and amonition. wae opened; and a* the church nanded the town, tho island wa* taken almost without
, Tanon Tn« an Anxmia&l—On October
aoveral men-of-war and galleons ware taken, and mam- destroyed; whilst abundance of valuable egecla fell into tho hand* of the conqueror*. Admiral llob-aon on this oocaaion wa, the first in the attack, and broko the boom. Ilia career was a moat singula ohe. llo was bom of humble parent*, and wi
ship, and was accepted a* a volunteer in the naval H U rcktod. he returned to hi* native village full of honour* and dined off bacon and eKgs in tho cottage where ho had worked aa an
A Mohammedan Quack.—A doctor at Bombay has lately got into aerioua trouble for having given a Mohammedan quack into cuatody. The Mohammedan, it seem*, profeswd to euro a painful disease by extracting from the patient a little grub about an inch and a half long. He wa* about to perform thi* operation on • railway official, when a friend of the patient, suspecting something wrong, insisted upon examining the operator's mouth, in which he found one of the pubs which it Vas intended to palm off a* having been extracted from the sufferer. The quack before ho undcitook the case had induced the patient to sign a promise to j*y 100 repeee, which promise wa* endorsed by a friend. On his calling at the house of tlie friend after the exposure of the trick, and do-mending pavment of hia premleed fee, he wae, on the mdnce of the doctor who happened to b* pnrenl. giren into tha cuatody of a police eepoy and tab before a magistrate. The latter, however, owing t eotnu omission in the law, was unablo to do anything in tho matter, and the quack was released accordingly. He ha* now instructed his solicitors to filo a suit for damages against the doctor, unless •k , of 2,000 rupees is paid to him for
SEsrAarz =
Th. majority -------- ™-------
w.y over sne mounmina ana tnmagb the wood* In __ . Mwns nw eu: they wek moet y***aDa of Dojka axW Emit,
gwea In tha nalghhombood o* bavendhhepare. ^3,^ "P *ha Damaba, new tha wpWa of a y*" W8W »> »lp>« of them on Sunday, and the fol- Voc» ^ ®n Soman bank of the river, forming
adent, on the apot, and, with tho aid of the official*
port for flshcrmon. Here the fugitiv
W»lng morning there sngw tn«. Vi wnm.. • ,. - -.....-----
ilcanjaanoBu.cnia niu Bwavo*. ',™1 j'h ""7
■ i • 1 . •»» tnuaiiu ui huiii oevmout. s wiuow, .---- -■ .................a« wwu wir wiidis
and her daughter and grandchild. Tho former had praoeding, and arrested the Prince and suite on land,
■tranglvd tho two latter, and then kUlod bereelf in the took him to tho mayor of h • neighbour,
aamo way. The jury returned a verdict of Murder ** village of Svlnita, where tlio Puoco pave his
while ii. a state of Temporary Insanity against JHno J1!"11® "uJ ""ted to bo taken to Orsova. llo and all
Seymour, and found that she destroyed hereeli while follower* were armed to tho teeth with breech-
in Die same state. loader* and revolvers, which were taken from them,
Thb SryiiAT 8ociktt axd ma Oaosvmrox Oallsrt. ** 7 01 382 ducat* in gold and somo money in silver
—On Sunday evening the Grusvenor Gallery wa* open and I"P*' Thoy wore then conducted under escort
for the last Sunday this season, when about 2,000 V-'f!*",. U,'re * rwpectablo Servian merchant
people paused tho turnstiles, all of whom, with the ex- harageorgovich, and rtood bail for him
ception of 114, were admitted by ticket* obtained from b*,or0 tho Hungarian magirtrato, on which tho pri-
the Sunday Society by written application. Many JT"®" w*re *' liborty, but confined to the town,
influential persons were present to witneee the success 0n hatyday last Prince harngeorgovieh wma sent hy
of his piattioil attempt to carry out the object* of the , °[ ,t^° Hungarian Government to fioksteg, tho
*o«cty. "*«kofh!afathar. whewhaktobaintmnMinntll
A 0».L Pmr.-Aftar namHy hnr Taam" Wnk- ! f**har j»Ud"I lnq"'nr.
Of coal haa bean Mmahed at'


i Stamrsr God.—The Titnti of Into \y announced tho death of one of the living f Siam. The oldest ono of the white elephants,
which was born in 1770, died in its temple at Bangkok in November last. Everyone knows that this famous white eleihant, before whom a whole people bow tha knee, is the emblem of the Kingdom of Siam. It is
liove that so majestic an animal could only be animated bv tho spirit of Ilea van or of an emperor. Each white -kpbaul pueseasea ita palace, a veaeel of gold, and n harness resplendent with jewels. Several mandarins are attached to lie servioe, and feed It with cake* and .agar-cane. The King of Biam la the only personage 'oforo whom it bows the knee, and a similar salutation is recdmd It by the monareb. The deceased Idol haa arconkd a magnlOcent funeraL A hundred Haddhist pneeta oOlcialed at tha ceremony. The three """71*!?* elenhanta, proceeded by Unmprta,
*ud followed by an immense oomcoorme of people, ao-r .mpaniod the funeral car to the bank of the Menan, where the King and his noble lords received the mortal Muiams, which were traneported to the opposite bank I >r bunal. A procession of thirty vessels figured at Uiat curious ceremony. Allthe doating hooere, ranged jii double file on tho llensn to the number of over sixty : dounand, were adorntd with flags of all colours and symbolic attributes.
A Kinii-Hkaktcii Old Max.—A young pianist was Civm* concerta throngh tho nrovfncea of Germany for nor support, and to enhance her reputation she advertised herself as a pupil of Liszt. In a little town in the interior of Germany, where she had announced a •oncert, she wa* confounded, tho day before the contort was to take place, by seeing in the list of smysls, and at the very hotel where the concert was W be given, " M. 1'Abbe LleaL" Uera wne n Jjlemma, and what to do sho know not. Her fraud would be discovered; she would bo exposed; she senld never give another concert; aha warn mlntd. I.emblwgly she aonght tha preeenca of tha great mawfre, determined to make a c&anbreaat of It and met hereelfon hie mercy. Coming Into hie room with downtart eyae, aha knelt at tha old man e feet, and with many tears told her story—how sho had been left poor, with only bar one gUt of murio with which to support herself; the difficulties sho had amcoantma^, nnlil tha fmndnknt nee of hia great mama had uibd her moma and her pome. "Well, well, eaid the great man, gently raising her up, "let * e*S my child, what wa can do. Pevhape it is not eobadaayomthonghL Tharalaaplano;Ltmehear
i exprese her gralilrda

. , . - Serjeant Witham said that ho
h«d been twico fined for similar offences, once at Bow-rtreet and onca In tha Qty. Tha defen-dant. 1 ce, and that is the reason why I should know law, and not speak to three persons at ono time.
of tho Royal assent few days, to tho Bill _ poration of the City of London for
be given, In tha sting In Ae Cor-
2rSrtS few
was thronged with piuwongem, who i prmoeed to Bonthend, and. to other _
lino, and great excitement ensued when they -c.« informed that the lino we, blocked and thov could not proccrd to their destination. A breakdown gang was soon got to work, and the clearing of the Una and "Liying of the rail* was proceeded with, and at 10 minutes to 12 tho Southend lino was cleared and traffic resumed. It was rumoured that Hampshire, who wee tho guard In the front van, was dangerously injured, a* well as tho driver Georgo Iiickmore; kit on Inquiry it was ascertained that neither of the officials were seriously injured. Bickmoro was slightly injured in bis hip by coals falling on him from tho tender. Tho throe psssangers who wren Injured wera attended,by a iaiting-room at the Shadwell , and they were I d to proceed to their homos.
The Courtier dn St ah Unit relates the following adventure, the hero of which is a mulatto, a native of Pemaiqboco, named Easmanoel Oomem da SUva. and who had bean comdwoed lo 20 yeara' penal earvitude on the island of Fernando Noronhu, for theft:—At tho expiration of ten years, Emmanuel wa* seized with nn irresistible desire to see his mother and si,tor onco inoro, whom ho had left in Pernambuco. He accordingly communicated his intentions to a eonpli of other
convicts, also mulattos, and they
illy managed
accidentally fell into the water, and wa* devoured by sharks under tho very eyes of hie two cooumd**. On tha fourth day the other died of exhaustion, and Emmanuel threw the body overboard to the sharks, thinking that they would then lonvo him alone. But tho sharks ware not to bo thus put off; and, having twice tasted human food, were hungry for more. They accordingly crowded round th*little raft; they eagerly watched it* solo occupant from all sides; their long rows of teeth glistened in expectation of the sweet morrel he would make. In fact, look which way ho would, ha could see nothing but teeth and eyes. For six da vs this lasted. Unablo to eleen for fear of being devoured, nnable even to Ila down from Ihe *ama cauw. without provlalon^ without wmtar, and the hot aun beating upon hia dafencelem head, Emmanuel wa. jurt on the point of leaving tbo world of waters a raving lunatic, when his tiny craft
the poor wretch was saved, and by tha time New ^ork waa raaehod he had completely recovered. After Emmanuel has visited his mother and sister,
kg him back


f could find words

/drofer of fW,&00
yon will be aesisted by y,

time, probably ..._ ___________________
C"'TM tha Royal assent the forest is assured it ion ground to London for ever, and the Iwrporatlom cony mto ^iiWeasiou of It, and take charge of its inauagiment."
John Henley and Emma Chambers, who had passed as tho wife of tha prisoner Henley, have been charged oil remand, at Worship-street, with causing the death of their infant child, by neglecting to provide it wo|*r food and allantlon. Tha facta of tha caae , Thowmer'"j=nr"*nmeda
verdict of Jlansl.iughter against tho prisoners. Tho child wns a girl, immnd Alice, eight yea re of age, and the evident.! showed that *ho h id lived with tho pri-aoner* at QueenVpLiio, High-street, Whitochapel. Hie was found by other lodgers in tho house in a dreadful state In the room tho prisoner* lived in, a ma.-s of filth and neglect, and the piisonor*. it appeared, were in tho habit of leaving bar all day and getting drunk. The woman complained that the man kept her vary *hort of money, eo that *ho could not got tho child food. Mr. James John Ibott, JLD., surgeon at tho infirmary of tho Whitochapel Work-house, now pnreed that when tha child wa* admitted there on tho Mnl Jaly It wa, In a ahocklng rtala of emaciation, vmy fiall, and axhanrted by diarrhea, brought on by neglect and want of food. It died on the following day from exhaustion consequent upon want of nreper fn„d and attention. The dopodllon, being completed, the prisoner, were fully committed
An Inquert wa, held on Saturday lart at LlvevpooX upon the body of James Smith, a coloured man, tho atoward of the American ,hip General Sheplar, who was shot by another coloured man named Woodward, cook of the vessel, in the Clarence graving dock, on tho 31st ult. Tho evidence given was to the effect luu" ""iwrs | that a bad feeling exist,xl betWn tho two men, and quiathy thu | that tba deceaaed amaulted Woodward and threatened d went away to get his revolver, lat purpose. Ho returned with tho . iiid. and wa, railing it to flro when
Woodward fired his own revolver first and killed him. Tha Coroner Indicated to the jury that tha choke lay between a verdict of manslaughter and ono of justifiable homicide. After a brief consultation tho jury - "inder great pro-
General Furnishing Ironmonger,
27 and 28, BERNARD STREET, 1, 2, and 3, GEORGE STREET,
T'ii 1-; PEkSKCT 8UBSWTUTK for
prnce»s of .Messrs. Klkinitton and Co., is beyond a com-pariton the very Ixst articla next to Sterling Silver , ,B vmployed ss such, either usefullv or ornamentally, at by no possible test can It be U gultlieii frimt real silver.
13 D-«sort Poik«


Inr RsiLWAT Arqnor AT Cmrarmn.—Tha ad-.mimed inqmiy a* lo lha ouwa of thi. railway acd-dent ut Chostur, through which two persons lo»t their livos, has been resumed at Cheater, and concluded with a vanlKt of Mandaugbler agalnA Petar Jonea, tha aqnmlman, who waa committed for IriaL Twa PwaT Yw u, HrAU.—A naw Tafent Act SpaaWi Bmato, giWng inenwed fa. ilitlb, for tho protection of inventions in Spain and
of a patent is
rou-ideiably oxtandad, aa ana patent will bancafo^h include tho Colonies a* well as Spain. Tha term of tho patent I, also extended to twenty yeara, subject to |»ymcnt of a small annual tax; and stringent provided to protect patentee, from In-
apparently for t
Vldtlle ; Qnalil) Palterai JiJ.lle j i! } ! ; ; 'tih: pissjisst J 15 o 1 JO 0i 2 S 0
1 10 O 1 5 «| 1 10 0
x;::; 0 12 SO 10 fl! 0 12 0 0»eo»l,, 0*0 02001 e: o a o
~»rrJ 04«**l)0 4* o4floae|o48 OI J e e 12 o. o ia « 0 5 « 0 4 (, 0 0 6
returned a verdict of ManslaughU.______
vocation, adding that, in their opinion, tha_____ «.
American ships should bo made to deliver up their revolvers and other weapons to tha captain or officer* on arriving in port. Tho Coroner remarked that ho would cause tho presentment to bo forwarded to tha American Consul.
THEFT OP POOR UUNDIIED POCXDS. At the Manchester City Police-court on Monday, John Glovor and Win. Macbeth, operative confectioners, wero charged with stealing £100 in gold, a
tho temporary abscnco of Mr. Cunnlngli houso for two hours. Information was given to tno police, who up lo last Sunday morning wcia unable to obtain any information to guide them to the dis-covery of the thievea. It would accm that after the robbery they bad divided'a portion of tho money between them, the prisoner Forrest retaining a large balanco in his possession. On Sunday morning tho three prisoners quarrelled at Forrest's houso with reference to tho distribution of tho remainder of tho booty, and the row led to their apprehension. They wore remanded.
... ArLr *rl'c,° l,c l""1 singly .t Clio same prlcrs.
Cru" Pn,BM. 12s 6J, IS* 6d. 25s to Elcctnj SUvs, Pisli Carvers (in ease). 8* CJ to 45, per
Electro Silver T_______________ ,
Klcctro Silver Te. Pol. Ik. 25».
J? eC,r° P*** 31«. Ws. * , to V.I I Us.
£l2mtr y* (ricb,r ob,^» & 10* to
*i'o8io'r W,u CoTer''forof four- £3 io# to of 1-2 p.lrs, A'2 IDs. 13 10, S.K 10s to £S 10s
'pHE very liijli p„-cts chargc,l for Kitchon
felt to clot*

1\T(). 4—exlrn mlrong. conaiitm of large
"N"u- 5—couswtj of large
wrought bright hiiiftvf
Table Desiert Knives. Knives. Carvers.
No CoxruLaio.N in .iImimiaus-—l'urents cannot make a more fatal mistake than to suppose that the bappsna* of their children can poawbly be promoted bv compelllag them to m,rry agalwt their widie*.
There may »----'--*■'-*----^ ..... .
broken off.
in which a match had better be ivon though the disappointment renders parties permanently unhappy; because
A DrsonnruLY Medical 8ti-i>bxt.— At tho Marl-boi«ugh-«trect I'olice-couit, David Napier M.
medical student,, of lidgortoi
w»lore it. Negree»ea loll round, idly ■
pa«->r, bv. endhot nnfrequently ItWe ----....
tbo wheel, of tho family carnage, which aloay, stand, i"..i corridor of the wide entry, a group ol-naked 1'Ule coloured children playing pitch and to*. v " If It were po«ible for a catastrouh* similar to thai which overwhelmed romf^li to destroy I|*vana, and ita rem, were to be discovered long afterward,, the likeness between tho e|*sdcal and tno modern cities would ■t once occur Jo the antiquary. There would be Men

Hongh-kwves i ouco-couii, I'avm isapier Messenger, bribed a, a awdical ^ul#L.of Edmrton.villa. Hook, hureey, baa been rbarged before Mr. Newton wiU bang ^mpk and diamdeely. PbUce-con^ahle Win. llayoa, 75 C, maid that tho prisoner wa* refused admission to the Wmlon Pjivilion. in ooneequence of his being drunk. A friend of tbo prisoner got him awav, but shortly afterwards he came back and again tried to go reto tho London Pavilion, and a, he would not go a way, and set to .wearing he wa, taken to the station. Mr. Newton flnod the prisoner 10*. or eeven days' imprisonment.
He who studies for a good purpose, to him hi* study become* a blessing; to him who doc* not It grow* a
lie that goea too near tin to-day, may fall into it to-morrow. Prudence will not always venture to the klMofimaooencn. .
Knowledge is a comfortable and n,Misary retreat and (belter for us In an advanced age ; and if we de not plant, it while young, it will give wh«a» we. grow old.
ArruiurMsioN awn Kx-iirrr. — Whoever haVe gone through much of life must remember that he has thrown fway a great deal of nsnlee* uneaainew upon wha| wiu much worse In apprehension than in
even a laKing aorvow mav be better than to be tired for life to be a dissipated and depraved man. or to a Kheming, selfish, heart lees woman. Dot while It Iso to repote engagement,, it can
uccd^ and tho tcrntory covered ] sometimes _ ^__
never happen that a marriage ,hould°bo When we speak of compulsion we do not, of course, moan employment of physical force, or even intimidation by threats, but we mean that exercise of moral Influence and control which is not less effective, and by which many a yonug girl hue been goaded
rHlpr tnln mirri.i.. _ I.___
JfomtiTT.—Kreryon* owee obedience t» the laws,, but a still higbar obligation i* due to
U uSi'Efr."
immoral oil*. ,
I»Uir.—7Ia;who precipitate a return doee as good M •ejr« \u I am weary of being U»'« man'e-dnbt; not
I, than likely to
enter Into m.irriage utterly distasteful to her, and in which th, happiness of her whole life has been thrown *."r,*y- * case fell under our notice recently.
A beautiful country girl had been over-p» rsuaded to accept the hand of one sho respected and esteemed, but could never love. Alter one short year of wedded misery, they had ea pare tad. and are not likely ever to live together again. The father and mother now rcalixo the enormity of their mistake; but, alas, it ia too la to! Well may thoughtful aud affectionate parent* lake warning by thia example. In marriage tho choico run never be safely made by any others than the partiee Immediately concerned. No one should ever enter into matrimony from compulsion or undue influence.
Tub Dcciibss's Watch.—When Queen Victoria waa about thirty year* younger than sho is now, sho wa# inclined to be very exact in the way of business, sod more especially in tho way of promptness to appointed time, aud plsce*. Seven year* a Queen; four year* a wife; and three voara a mother, ,he felt
or royal station could ever entirely shot out her inmate goodness of heart. At tho time of which we speak the Duchess of Sutherland held the offico of Mistress of gsmsas
PteeetiL the lejtaon eonv ntd heavy Tmnreedon. f
3lln Ivory Handles
diito ......18s tJd
in ditto ......v!5s 0.1
i In Pine Ivoiy Hxddler... 30s 0J *i'" Fj"« Oval Ivory
4 i.,"lrM""Ovai"" %wy ^ Handles.........35, 0d

0d 12, &!
^ 37s tiJ 32, 0.1 15s Od . 45s Od 40s 0d 18* &|

, Pocket, Sportmsn's Knives, Rsxors. i
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01051 •"J oU"r ''"'ZE KITOHENEIW,
Uwn Jfowsrs, 2£s 8d to £7 10*.
Q.l,.n,..J W,,. K,Uto,, Wrtl., Mm,
? * iiiu.
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