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C I^A WMfMCa: & Go* 80, %k.
• strsst. for FLAGS for DECORATING for #he
____c* ot Wsles.' • ■••■'• m erm " "tl *"■ "i: .'
TTTANTBP, »' RwpeeUbW (HRL, «g»
W ' about 18 or'ie.—Apfli to the office of thl* BUMMBB8, ;Groeer, Benlard-atreet,

TTIOBSAIIE.—BABHES'S " COMMBN-X1 Ti»IK6." CRUDEN'8 "QQKOOSD-ANOB." ud otber Theological book*.— Addr**i.
BOX WOOD EOLim, W.-9L Brldge^treet
Tam OR088 OP D8HK8, or TEA
0R088 or MP*.? rfy'BOSTAOR HINTOJf JuMEB. A#*k* (#WB Qee. #. Oem,
Btri.. >U.); of "RwflM Romanoes of the MUdi; Age«, tad " Tale* of ttt* Teutonic Land*.'*--Puh|Ub*d
0LA88BB for LatHe* and Gentlemen ara no* In full operation. To apaak any Language ao a* to be understand (a not Bo difficult U would at Arat eight be
hundred words—which can *ssily be oommiltsd to Memory—ire on. M]> .fc.,d » .*«£-
r Institution.
Terme, moderate.—Appl/ to I of Languages, Uartl*y Inslllutl
Medical Work showing luderers how they may be cured without the aid of Quacks. Free on receipt of postage a tamp. Addreaa, Secretary, lostltute of Anatomy Birmingham.
_1_1 DEBILITY—A gentlemen, hating tried in Tain every advertised remedy, hat discovered a eimple mean, of self cure. lie will be happy to forward the partlculara to any aufferer on receipt of* a tamped and directed envelope.—Add,eaa J. T. Sbwbll, Eeq. Li burn llouic, Fulham. London.
TO CONSDMPT1YE3.—Would you liko
to' know how to atop the Cough aad oeuee aaay expectoration, thereby relieving the lu----k _
know bow to itrengthen the eyetem up a atandurd of good health, by a few life-giving herbal remedie*? If ■», eend for my 32 page Treetise on " Uerbal Remedies for Lung Complaints." Bent to all applicant*, free of charge, prepaid by mail. Addreea— Prop. 0. Phelps Brows, 2, King street, London.
w XM " aY *uo o'p E a.
1, V«basd*n Terhacb, Lowmm Canal Walk, boothamptob,
BEG8 to return her sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public generally for the liberal patronage beitowed upon her late hue band, and alto to itate that, with the aaaistance of experienced workmen, It i* her intention tc tarry on the above buiinea, and hopea to bo favou.-*-! rltb a continuance of their kind eupport.
RESPECTFULLY mollcit onlerm ia the
ensuing eeaaon for LAWM MOWIMO MACHINES,
With aeveral Important Improvement*. " ^CLIMA^2 "ANULO AMERIOAN."
balance handle. I balance handle.
18 x 16 36a | 18 x 16 60a
18x 18 43* | 20*18 Me
a0m*0 W* Mm20 70*
Me 2#*2Z BOe
STEEL BPAhEB. DIGGING FORK8, end e^y deacrlptlon of GARDEN TOOLS, in considerable
inches wide
Galvanised after made. Mesh. a
Ver Training Hants. Ae. ... Perfectly I'roof against) the emalleet Babbits j " ;; in
from 1 to 6 feet,
Rolla of 60 yarda each. In width*
t pricee proportioned to the bove scale. a
the following SPECIAL RATES
ISO yarda. 100*ysrds 100* yards
St"; s ::L
NOTlCM.—Tbe above Special Prices being extremely low, we null respectfully Intimate that they are com.

Public W&ftie.OI TB'jpUA
w /~1 LASO'iS^^^ THE
Itrtet. QlaegoW. I.--;, ■ .. .
|/| UNiSX i@ continued to bo advanced at the
IWl ' moOTHAXFTUM. , ,,
°° .""iSKS'SSSr "« « «£' J'
Strictort aecrecv and promptitude obterved.
!%^&°B'lyi8TRR. Manage,.
PlYdmlaaion-from 1 till 3, la., after that hoar, 4A ChUdBnOIBrB^Ho«. See.. Red thorn, 8L Denye.
It la particularly requreted that all.YeaieU and imall Craft anchor and remain to the eouth-w—
anchorage marking bttova. and alao not to anchor 10 the .eth.eaet of two marking buoye off the Royal Pier. No Veafel or Craft will be allowed to croaa the River ring the panaaget'
the Royal Yacht. ^ ^
WILLIAM ifcRBlDGE, Harbour Matter. Augnit 9th, 1878.
A H. BKELTON, Cler/to the Harbour Board, Aognat 9tb, 1878.
COPIES of tbla publication containing a MAP HAMPSHIRE NO* ON BALE a* C. RAY-NBR y. 21, Uridge itreet.
mmd GOOD BRODOBAMB, PGR BALE, ,ny otop. Appljlo H HIQGSi
Butchera' Knivea, Choppere, and 3teel*. of all *ort* STREET. _
Messrs. aaees & son (having
Bold the Keiidenoe) are inatructed to BELL by ____fION, on the Premteeee, a, above on Thuraday,
ImeWb* W— "d Iron bedaead*. "prim* mud wool
room appointment*. The Drawing-room Furniture com-pritea two 7ft. ottomana. eeay chalre pedeetal writing
the Premlaee ;of Meaara.
________________________ Chancery laoe, London.
at the Principal Inna at Boothampton. Lymington. and
Uoxall and Boxall. eoMcitore.
SUMMER NUMBER, and intended aa a companion to
'kIt°wtlH»e VrAngeThe whole to be encloeed In a wrapper, alao la Colour*. The Literature of the Number will compriee a humor.
aj-sr rr&ssr&is.
altogether *o full of interact that a large demand 1* certain from the many thouaand* who are now planning their Summer travela.
Order* for the above can now be booktJ al 0 R AYNRR'8 Newepaper and Stationery Warehouae, 21, Bridge atreet. Bouthampton.


0^ ll. Mdg, Sfa
BtUgt Stmt, Suathamjtra.
sua..., x m. T,r - ^

n RW3* *ie w * % * : *
Heturnlng from Portemontbat8.40 and 1CL30 p.m. the
tf.10 p.m., Ootport 8 5 p.m.; Farebmd 8.28';. Botley
until further notice, returning from' Waterloo Bridge Station at 1.15 p.pi. on Tue*d*y following the date of !««# af Ik, TlekWk Faree from all the above *t*t!ohi (except the 1*1* of
"*%s asf nasw • ™««.
Every Saturday, until further notice, aa under
Faree *e Londoa and baqk. lit elan lad okaa Srd elaa
Arrive Waterloo
and reachea Portamouth about 3.3ft p.m.
In connection with thle Excurrion Mi London a train Uavee Ventnor at 4.15, Sbanklin 4 23, and Sandown
Prom Sanger'e Grand National Amphitheatre an Royal Agricultural (Great) Hall,. London. rpHlS Well known large and excellent
AUOUST mud and 23ed,
When the Momtre Entertainment will be of that varied, novel, and high-elan character which ha* gained for the
(0 In number, late the property of tl.R.11. the Prince
(a* gven ennually in London on Lord Mavor'* Day), Are legitimate epeoial attraction! which no other Ettablietiinent In the world can lay claim to. Two Performance* each day. Afternoon at Two | Evening at Seven.
Price* of Admieaion n8e. 2e, la, and 6d.
Agent in Advance : Mr. SlDSFt Coopxa. Acting Manager: Mr. uisbt IlaaTaAHD.
The appointed Agent to the Company te now pr». pared to giveeatimalei, lupply in*truraenie and materiala and to contract for fixing linee, poate, and wiree required for the purpoee, and for keeping and maintaining the nme in proper working order. The above bouaee of buaineta being in telephonic cooneotlon with each other, a practical illuitration of the working of thle method of Initantaneona communication I* afforded at either place to all who deairo to eatlify tbemielve* a* to it* efflciency aa well ae Ite utility in connecting manelon*. etablee, lodgea, reaidencea, officee, Ac., or wherever eaey ar " rapid eorreapondence between two dletant point* I* dealdaratum.
Pereonal inepoction I* Invited.
Pntccs Forwabdko on Application TUB COMPANY CAUTIONS all Peraon* infringing the Patent that Immediate proceeding* will be taken againet them.
Offere unequalled facilitiee to Advertieer*. i------------ ------ both Edition* wllbou
Edition; and Thhbb o'clock on Saturday Afternoon, or the Second Edition. »
Adverlleementa thould be addreeaed to the Pablieber and Correapondeoce to the Editor.
The Southamflon Ohttrver can be obtained at Metare snitii and Sob's Railway Bookstall, 8odtha*ptom Book) Btatiob.
The Fibst Edition of the Southampton Observer i publuhed every Fbidat artkbboon at FOUR o'clock and the SiooBD Editios on 8atcbdat aftbrboos a FOUR o'clock. Each Edition contain* the lateat Loca " " " the hour of going to prea*.
under for .
For every additional line Business and Tbadb Adybbtisbmbbts ai contract rate*. T*rm* may be known o
Lost and Foobd Not Advertiaement* of i Inserted for
i, and other tiullar line* and under are
The Southampton. Observer gtud Winrlirster yews.
Lbriibt Sbbtbncb*. — That Justice should be tempered with mercy is an aphoriam aa wise as it is kindly. Still the work of the law is to give justice, and not merely to let offenders off with as little discomfort to themselves as pouible. Indeed leniency ia very often as cruel to the criminal aa it ia injurious to the community, for it encourages evil-doers in misdoing. Take, for instance, all that class of offences that are the work «( mischievous louta of boys. Aa a rule, when theae pests of the street* get before the Bench, here, or elsewhere, they escape with a reprimand, and take away with them the conviction that they cannot be punished, and so indulge in some fresh excess. If the case is clear the defence is always that dWr blackguardism is merely the exuberance IP youthful ipirita, that no h#m waa intended, and that the victim b a very ill-conditioned person to trouble the Bfneb about such a trifle aa having been brutally aaeaulted, or havng had Ms or her property destroyed To dpfml #* protection from gross abuse, or filthy language is almost usslees. The offender ia certain to appear in his
and relatives ready to swear to any/orf that may bi phrieeable. Under '
sp ' Wr "°°°" °r
Passitta along the Western-sliore one mornW lauly. wheh Wflde Waa,at its lowest we could not Relp lamenting pVee wthe'ftct 'that ao ranch mud should be spread out beneath tbc-aweltering July suQ.Md th*t so much ralbmble *pace should be wasted. Were It always high water no one would, wish the river other than it is. But seeing how msny hours oqt of the twenty four th»t dreary expanse of dull green weed or ugly mud, meets the eye—and offends the 'nose— we, certainly wish the improvers would take it in band. Fdr any enterprising society of capitalists who wish td establish a new act of docks thert' U' Mi Admirable opening ; but as we have a very entcjpriaiag company doing > good business td'the eastward, we .bad perhaps better (and more fairly) devote the western'-My to other functions. There must be a good msny hills along the line of the London and-South-Western Kail way very much in peoples' way. One or two of these deposited between the Royal Pier and Millbrook would recover a Very considerable and valuable Wet ol land* and wo should fancy do somewhat to Jut prove the health ol neighbouring resident*. Certainly we in the town would not object to losing the maledourouineas that drifts towards u* qn iuinmer evenings fVom the westward. The sincll, however, is the least part of lL We cannot help thinking that if we had land or water for neighbours, and not mud, Southampton Might lose something of that laasitudq which— common to the wlfole south cout — is awfully prevalent here.
M Tub Friendd oi the Foreigner, Seventy Yesrs Ago."—Under this heading sn able writer has penned a very severe indictment of the so-called LiMral party, both past and present. He give* (In The Nineteenth Century for August) * capital resume of their course of action during the terrible struggle with Napoleon, and shows how devoid of both patriotism and political foresight the Whig counsels were. Instance alter instance is given, in the very words of the men whom the Radicals of to-day delight lo honour, of a tone and temper towards the then government, which far exceeded anything that fair party warfare would demand. Indeed it was little, if anything, short of treason. We may say, at oncc, that the writer evidently believes tnat Whigs in office went beyond this line, and positively gave useful information to the French, hoping to discredit the Tory Government by bringing about di*a*. oilers to the British armies. Considering the action of the Radical party of to-day, during the troubles of the last three yesrs, we have little difficulty in believing him. It has been miserably
Elain that many of their chiefs would have ailed any national misfortune with delight (and indeed would have aided to bring it about) il by so doing they could have discredited Lord Beaconsfield's ministry, and opened the road to office for themselves. To read the quotations Mr. Wilson gives from Brougham, Grey, Horner, Whitbread, and other lighta of Whiggery, is to read a sad and sorry page of national history. It deserves to be read, however, for the past throws an useful light on the present. From the failure of thcreally able, il thoroughly unprincipled men, who led the Whigs from one disaster to another seventy years ago, we may learn bow little power has mere cleverness against the *olid armour of common sense nod common honetly. We commend the article to our render* of both »ide» in politics. Tories may learn from It fiOw high their predecessors rose, and Radicals bow low their forefathers des-
" Parliamr*tabt, Turkey, 42."—The Times of Thursday week contained a column of details on the doings of Russians and Bulgarians under the above heading. We commend it to the attention of the gentlemen who had so much ty say about Batak. As, however, they only fussed about the suppression of the Bulgarian insurrection because they wanted some little political capital, they will hardly care to trouble themselves aooul the proved atrocitica of their allies in the East. We say proved, because these storie* came from Engliili official gentlemen, and are not derived from the polluted source of the pen of some newspsper correspondent in search of a sensation for a journal in waut of a circulation. Wc will not trouble our readers with details. Suffice it to *ay that murder, outrage, robbery without restraint and without excuie, have been the lot of thousands •ince Russia has worked her wicked will in Bulgaria and Roumefa. This ha* been done in no frenzy ol terror, but coolly, openly, coldbloodedly, and done with intent and purpose to drive Jews and Turks out of a land where they have as good a right to abide as their oppressors.
Tub regeneration of Turkey is not so much an affair ol fsith or creed, as of those very bumble letters £ s d. She wants both credit and capital. The West could lend her both, but the West has already lent and losr. Confidence is a plant of alow growth in financial bosoms, when the wintry wind of repudiation has once blighted it. And yet Turkey—even the reduced and limited Turkey left at Berlin—could meet all her engagements had ehe but fair play. That fair play we hope the English right of interference will, in some rough and ready fashion, ensure ; and the end be a more prosperous state and a happier people.
Tu* division on Friday week as a matter of news has almost passed out of our consideration, but it is worth no'iog that in *pite of—or possibly because of—Mr. Gladstone's outrageous denunciation, the government majority was no less than 143! This is an astounding comment on Radical claim* and pretension*, and the very best answer possible to all the nonsense they have talked and written. Of course they will abuse the majority individually, and deny the significance of the division a* a totality—but if they had mustered such a following they would have screeched themselves hoarse with exultation 1 We presume this most unnecessary contest will close the political battlea of this waited session. That the necesssry work will now be completed by yawning official*, and honourable gentlemen go to take their pleaaure. Will this House meet again f We think it doubtful.
Tu* address Lord Beaconsficld delivered in the City deserves to bold high rank as a statesman's utterance. His glance at the history of the put three year* remind* the world of how vevere a task he bu had to guide the vessel of the state through such a stormy sea, and bring her safe to haven at last. That be b*# done this is due to hi* confidence in himself and hi* country, mod to those worthy colleagues who have shared the danger and the toil, and now also reap their share of the glory. Lord Beasoosfield'a estimate of the gain to the world by the substitution of the Treaty of Berlin for that of San Btefano will M agreed to by all reasonable men, and an equal acceptance will be accorded to hie hopeful ant), eipations for the future. That be will M hindered and impeded to the best of their mean ability, tar hie opponents, it certain. But with the people of England behind him, he can afford to dceptM a crippled (action In front.
T*m Nbw Foost.—We take the following from
and.cordially endoree theeen-

et the district)

duties, to exi
fsssill*s,>nd 'if soeh .ait nttwefooAs task bein reelity imposed upon the Verderers, Parllstoent should Inter-fep (p relieve them from I* .' '
M I N O iT. N O f 2 8 .
I In oar literary • history the Kdinlmryk Repim* hoi,la .aiuti a> veiy diatln^uUhei po'iUon tti»t an attack upon la early reputation will; seem V» most people" only another eMof of the iomoolaaUa tendency pf the «g. Yet we think th&t raoU people >»ho read the srocl* ni the " K linburuK Kevie«ect ' in thia mouih'a CornAU
hat made out hia oaae. The faetis that, white Uroun and M« eolleaxuea were certainly over-rated aa literary men, periodical literature waa *o liopeleaaly atupid wheu the B. X appea-ed that iv *hnne like a great meteor on a:dark nivht ameo^ the dullnesses that then ruled as entice. The very early volume*, we can sey of oar 6wa knowledge, resit" stow" enough now, whatever thjy did in 1802. Very ao »n, ho -. ever, the arti. clfs *row less numerous and botl broader and deeper. We questisn whether any investment would reward the •• poor scholar" better than the firat forty or fifty volumes of the Edinburgh Iltrirw -seeing too that Uiey are oftea to be bought at w* puce of waste paper. ' Thb tramp is a .wfU-kuOwm nuisance In England, but thanks to the police and some other "despotic' institutions that Europe silll posse sss is only a nuisance. In the United is fast rising into the respect-abls dimensions of a social danger. Here he seldi travels in stronger to res of nurabsrs than two or th peraon*. In hi* convivial moments, with his ftisnds about him. be sometimes musters a doxen or rao But this i* la the comfortable seclusion of the '• Ti sellers' Rest." En routs be doee not affsct to be gi garious. His good lady and. his interesting family, perhap*. accompany him on his excursions: but the family seldom grows into the clan, and tbs clan never becomes a tribe Ue prefers the oharma (and advantage) of {eolation. Indeed, did be and hi* friend* journey together the lie would be practic "
tasny of the charming little narratives bv deavours to induce the unwary to accept the preposte-rous assertion that be went* to work. By the wsjr, ' be deceive himself in these little figments? lit asserted very often and very confidently the sin invention that all be seek, is the liberty to tel.. . thst it I* just possible that he Is self deceived, and really does bslisve that be ia going Jo that exe " situation to-morrow to obtain what be only requi an old pair of boots or a coat. It shows the go..d and high breeding of your thorough-bred tramp that he generally affects to be either a compositor or a gentlenian'a gardener—an assertion or pair of assertions that lesif tosome carious results if he Is introduced into either the printing-office or the greenhouie. A connection *ith the printing business is generally affected by the gentlemen who have not the price of half a piut of beer about ibem, a* that fiction requirea no capital to support it. Tnose who have atolen a baiket and robbeu aome hedge of its ferns generally affect the floricultural proleasion, and for someiuscrutable re*a..n and by aome aatounding mnemonic process they hsve generally mastered a dosen or so of t^e very hsrd and
honiblv ugly names It has pleated the botanist to be. stow on the fern tribe. These they use wilh happy boldness over thi'r wsres. We have bad the common Polypody introduced to us aa " that beautiful thing, yer
lay *e met one of these gentlemen at the entrance of i certain square in th* upper part of the town, with 1» usual baiket under his arm. (It contained
ial indignity, and addressing u tu. w.M", v—y Jte instincuve Bohemianiam nature inspired, he enquired what we thouuht of dogs being retained in court* and area* to hinder hone*t and hard-working men from getting their livelihood ? In the courts of conversation it appeared that a vigilaat Newfoundland dog bad hurried him out of the iront garden of a handsome man*ion In the vicinity wit scant ceremony. Not wishing to nurt his feelings, w "greed in general terras aa to the inexpediency of pel sons hindering the visits of commercial gentlemen. Li hinted that there was a foolish prejudice in sora animal* against visitors of hi a description; also th: possibly the dog had somewhat exceeded his lu.trui tiona. Mr. O Flaherty (for he bailed from the tist«. kingdom) muttered a few reinsrks (mostly censUtiog of extra strong interjections)—and ao we parted.

The L. and 8. ------,
week ending the 4th in»t. *how a
On Thntaday, Royal Mail (hares i
Ob Thar*d»v, Southampton Street Tramway share* weMfmWdat/lll.M. _
S.ikobr's Circus. — This celobratod equeitrian establishment will shortly pay a visit to th'e town, the particulars of which will bo found in our advertising oolnmos. We hare no doubt Messrs. Sanger will again receive what their merita dererve—crowded attendances.
Mis* Eva Hcoag* —It at all time* affords ns much pleasure to record the success of our townsfolk in any publio undertaking in which they may engage, as ia the osso ol the above young lady, who is well known to many of our reader* aa a rising vocalist of great promise. MissScorey. who i*, we believe, a native of Southampton, and has already given several highly, successful concerts in the town, has for some time past been completing her musical itudiee at the Conservatoire, Brussels, whence she has lately returned, with a diploma of merit from that ctleVrated institution, and about a fortnight ago made wlW may be fairly called her tltbut in publin at the Cry»t*l Palace, with great success, which success, we trust, may alway* attend her in her
Bank lloi.inar.—On Monday we had the last sum. mor bank holiday of this season. In spite of the evil omoas the showers of Saturday and Sunday had given— and a somewhat overcaat morning—the day was a very fino one in the evening, however, a succession of thunder showers marred the enjoyment of thousands, and wo should fear ruined many charming costumes and inflicttd plenty of bed elds The day wai do»otod to pleisure by ao iocreaaingly large proportion of our community, and the ample accommodation offered by the L. and S. W Railway and the Isle of Wight Com-pany carried thousands in every direction, the exodus from Souibsmptoo being amply made up by the nuirerous visitors to our town Irom neighbouring and even distant plaoes where Bank Holiday was being also observed. These made our streets tolerably full all day, and no doubt vastly increased the receipts at all places of refreshment 9229 persons passed through th« turrt. stiles on the Royal Pier during the day, which indicates1 a fraffio of upwards of ten thousand persons. It is es timaied that the South-Western Railway Company conveyed 50.0 0 passengers throughout the holiday. On Saturday they despatched from Waterloo liea»ily laden excursions to variou* places on their line, and also on
St. &«bt Extba School House Competition — This competition wss decided at the meeting of the
their entrances ' being o

former is by Mr W. H. Mitchell, of Portland street, and the latter by Mr. Arthur Msrtin, also of Portliuid-stieet, our youngest local architect.
Sr. D«NV'* COTTAOB** ^loKTICULTUBAL SoCIETT. —This society holds its annual ahow in the grounds of The Priory, St. Dwiy a, on Saturday. Augu*t 17th. The band of the 2nd Hants Volunteer* will attend, the entries are numerous, and a successful show i* expected.
Oaoa* Cbubltt to a Uobse. — At Botley Petty Sessions, on Thursday, a horse breaker, named George Ford, was, at the mataooe of Mr. Inspector T*mperley, sent to jail for two month* for over-riding and illtreating
I'lbubo - Pneumonia. — Thi* troublesome cattle disease baa shown itself in Dorset.
Tbaib Altbkatio.v*.—The following are *nnounc*d for AugustThe 8 45 a.m. train from Southampton ' 'U1 be slightly
Oosport road, and will be earlier al Qosport. A Havre boat-train will leave Southampton for Waterloo at 7.15 a.m. on ttandsys, stopping »t B|abopstoks, Basingstoke, Woking, W*ybridge. Walton. Bshsr, Sarblton, Clapham Junction, and Vauxhall. but not at Wineheater, unlet* there should be a paeaengtr travelling by th* Havre rout* to that cltv.
T»e SntrpiBo Tbadb Brrwaa« Sournmpvoa abd thb SriTSB —Tbe shipping trade between AnUHoa and thle po'» •••»• *e be Improving to judge, from th* Increased number of ship* whleh now call here to land cattle, provWons, Jtc. In addition to thU we notioe thai en Saturday th* North German Lloyd sent an extra steemsr out to New York, and they sre about to resume a eervlce which ha* been'dleoootlnaed for some time, vl*., between Bremee. Sonihampton, sad[Baltimore, the
zzpsrss-sj'j; a
Manehseter Unity of Oddfsllows wee kl*l» opened at

been appointed Director of Ordoao^'survey.'' "h° h"
mwely hetweo two eA gf Ave eiMM, Fereham beeie eteMed. a#d the raee lay between Symcod* (Seetk.
eecoud, and the Hornet (Hastings) third.
An Excitbo Ox.—On Monday morning a fine herd of oxen WAS landed in the Do ke, from Month A memo. Oeeof the nomber. e epleodld beaat, became nnmaaage. aMe. med mth tail erect holledofflhroa#htbeIW getee. eleano* every thing hefoee him The animal <*#. tinuod it* mad career through the street* inly the Park where :t eh*med m Bailee, who^ *e*ing the dear*, quickly took refuge in a tree close by. The ox, pro. eeedie* on Ke wtld career, cleared the Park railing* liko a hunter, and on at riving at Andrew*' monument, it charged the iron railings with its head, smashing them to pieces, and got inside where it remained for »cm* time. Mr Cripp*, of Eaat * reet. had by this tims arrived and attempted to shoot the infuriated animal; hut. In cocssqueaoe of It* mot keeping ateady, hi* Usk was a difficult one. However, the leurth shot brought the ox down, and a butcher being at hand with a kaile, he vn atruck in the usual manner and all further danger prevented.
second Rants Riple Voiunteebs v. Ror.t. EnoInebb». — Snider v. Martini Utnry. — K match hetweeu twelve of the Koyal Engincera and I be III, number of the Jnd Hants Rifle Volunteers took place n Wednesday, the Met ult,, which resol'ed in am easy victory fot the latter corps by Ci points—QuarUr. master sergeant Bennett, alter announcing the result, proposed three cheers for the Royals, which was readily responded to. Sergt Goodwin. K.E., in acknowledging Ibe oomplimsnt hoped that in the return match the result, would be on their side. The distances were *u0 mod • 00 yards, 4 shots at each range, Wimbledon target aad re^nlution*. Subjoined are the score*
yard* yards
Sentt.OiaJorJIiUTiard l.mict-Curporiil Lewis
1'rlvnte Xe* man
Corporal Jon lea Sergeant Waller
Eotal KsniMttns.
SappiT Wright
Corpersl Uortlock _
through the kindness of Mr J/P. lUnwell, who 3 weeks ago gave a similar days enjoyment to 8. Lake's Church choir. The generous invitation was readily responds! to by a large number of teacher* of both sexes Alter a delightful sail the company arrived at Stokes Bay, and sat dowu to a cold collation on the beach, generously supplied by Mr Ban well, wlich it is need lea* to say was mightily appreciated. Excursions were afterwards ma Jo to Portsmouth, Gosport. and Haslar Hospital, after ihi* all wfely returned to the Town Quay, highly gratified with the expedition, and heartily appreciating the^kindnese and courtesy extended to them by Mr.
school or Abt, Pii t Lit a tim on ic HaU,—The award, of prixes anil certificate, made by the Department of Science and Art, South Ksntington, to the students of the above School of Art has been a» follow,:—Full third grade certineate-Mlae M. S. Ulackman. Third grade prixss—Mi***s A^Oolsoo end H. liarapr, and Me„r«. it.
E. Hartry, and five by .Mr. R. McFaddon.
for advanced work-Mlsasa A. Colson. K. C. Fuwkr. Hartry, and A. Howell, Messrs. J. Kelly, and K. t.. Short. Commended for elementary work-Mines f. Walton, and U. Riley, Messrs. '!'. Edward. F. Iluraby, E. Boberts, and C. Stiles. Free studentahip-Mi»« K. Hartry. Fuil second grade certificates—Mitsea IL Booth and A Howell, Mea.r«. II. C..Clmrton and D. Youi.g. Second grade prixea—Freehand, Mr J. Arnold ; geometry Mrs. Aldan*. Mixes J. Heatuod E. Weston. Me»sr,. F. G. Short end O. II.Thompson ; perspective, Mrs. Aldaiia and Mra^M. & Mertoe,, Mlseee K Bueth, A. Ilo.ell. and J. Moat. Messrs H. C. Churton and U. Young. Second grade certificate—Freehand. Mi»cs A. Alp*. J. Barnes, A. J. Hall, J. Hare, H. Waller, and M. West, and Mr. L. U. AI ford ; modsl. Mis see H. Alpiu. I,. Greenwood. M. Hoekyn K. Thomas, ai.d J. Tyrrell . ......! perspective. Miss F. M.
geometry, Mrs. 8. E. t
Toe debate on following Hampshire members voted i._ ...
which took place In the House of Commons, on Friday night, on the Marquis of H numbers being—.yes. 195. ni
Government, 143. Among t _____ ....
*We*W, wee*: Mr.4. B. Cracbrane, Mr. W. W. B. Beach, Horn T. Bruce, Sir J. D. Klphinstone. Mr. A. Ollee, Hon. B. Jolhffe, Colonel Kennard, I.ieutenant-—-^ w,Rlgh*Hen. Water Beoth. Lerd II.
_• -.....B. bimonds. Colonel Wellealey. and Sir II.
D. Wolffi Among llioee who voted with the minority were Mr. 0. C. Clifford, Right Hon. W. F. Cowper Temple and Sir F. Perkln*.
Tan Rev. Cabob Bbadon.—The nsmeof the Rev. Canon Beadon again* appears as being that of the only freeman of Ibi* borough, end entitled, a* ,uch. to vole the elections of Msmbers of Parliament for South-
Tton. Tb* venerable gentlemen Is much respected.
. •"•fF *B1 wl*h that he may long he spar.d M enjoy the distinction, of being the only freemsn of ttie town now remelnlng.
Tub l*r IIabt* Abtillbbt Vowm?geBi at Bhobbiibtne**.—Tbe two detaohmenta of this Corps, under Captain Commandant Banco (accompanied by Captain Peerce) arrived in camn on Saturday last, where there are about 000 men and 100 officers under oanva*. Both Saturday and Sunday the camp *as deluged with rain from heavy thunderstorms, but on Mtmday the *un shone brilllanUj. On Sunday the men and officer* in camp attended divine service in the large mess tent of the of I he oamp, and afterwards the Colonel Commmandaat of the Shoehuryneea School of Gunn.ry •"*—"*d minutely the tanta and men, and particularly that portion of the detachment of the let Uaal*
hour eomew hat disturbed the nerves of th*novic«s. lbs
_ - captaine and two subalterns aa asiistant ers fOTthf various camp .mlbatt.ry duties. Captleaice detailed tor signal doty.
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