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Warns.—1Thew were 24 British end foreign TOch nutted during the past week, nuking a total of 848
Company hare elso voted £28 ge., being the meoond giant of that amount during this year.
Tivicms re Paisoif.—A fanner named Jamom Scott, wijo **# o Saturday last committed to Carliale Gaol ta two months for sssnulting hia wife, hanged him-•Hf on Sunday afternoon In his cell. Tho aulcido wsm committed with hia hammock atrap, which he fastened to the corner of hia cell door.
Ktbaxdiko or a Stbamib. — Lloyd's agent at Brimlisi report* under date of the 30th nit.,. 7.30 a.m., that the Peninsular and Oriental steamer Sumatra, with the homo ward mails from Bombay, had gone »«bpre sis miles south of Brindisi, and that assistance' ImjjI Wn^sent to her. The passengers and mails had
Boattno Accidsxt.—A gentleman named Poarce, who was spending a holiday in Guildford, was drowned ui the Itivcr Woy on Monday afternoon, under very ck he was struck by the winch, hurled into tho wtitcr, and drowned in sight of his family.
SAo Death arrzu an Excvnsiox.—On Monday, Mr. Carter, coroner, received infonnation of the denth of Mr. Itnac King, residing ut 73, B.amley-hill, Nolting-hill West, who was found dying in a ruilway «rrm::.- at the Waterloo Railway.station, on tho emritl of the metropolitan railway officials' excursion faffm Ha "tings. Tho decuiscd died in the nrosenco of WsVife, sirtcr, and several friends.
Fatal ACuuext.—On Tue*day Mr. Humphreys fciflil an lunuest at the Ixwidon HyspiLil on the body of
ill lain 1'i.hor, 43, of 20, Ka*t wood-street, Bromley-&y#Ww. Deceased was a labourer at a gits factory, stid whilst sweeping out on* of the coke trucks fell oyer the side on to the metals, and received such shock-"infinjuric* that ho died shortly after admission to the ho»jiit:il. Verdict, Accidental Death.
TusCakto* Cci.c)iuation.—A filial meeting of the •Xtrutive committeo#f the Caxton Celebration was hr.J on Tu«*lny in the library of tho Rink of Eng-fcuid, Sir Chailes Itccd pmiding, nt which Mr. Hydaon, tho hen. secretary, announced that thn dear kalaneo amounted to £1,110 3s. 2d., which was directed to be handed over to tho Printers' Pension Corporation.
r Witt Cash.—Mr. Judgo Warren has, with
ofjbe Comt; tho pbito and books a
United Mates again qhotved a falling off, while tho hvn stock arrived in large numbers. Six steamers brought •.',071 quarters of beef, 12a cumimes of mutton, "Qd 400 paclmgcs of fresh butter. The live stock was conveyed in eight steamers, and comprised 2,070 hfad of cattle, 331 sheep and 102 horse?. The trade in hots- * from Canada and the United States has been gradually inenosing, and now tho weekly arrivals
• UUlULUSJl lsvmahi CaVALUT.— 1UO .v.,.
WI» Of this regiment havo been removed frwn ..Abridge to Marlborough-gats, Hyde-park, and it iam been decided that the training this year shall
MBTuoroLiTAs Irish and Tim Comixo Ki.rcno4ha On conclusion of all the services in tho mctiopolit^ Roman Ostholio churches on Sunday morning, bills *ewdletnbnted oelHnn open mil frisbmen and Cbth*. lice to organise thsinaoFvoe for tho puipose of securing the advantage, which would result to all lodgers a/id Un*nti by insisting upon their votes at tho foithconi-elcctions. A list of committee rooms for all di.tricts in the metropolis was appended.
Siiockiko Accidcxt ox a Stbameb.—On Saturday evening last, whilst the sttnmor HumWdt, outlaid bound for Buhia, was proceeding do«ui tho- Hirer /alursoy, an explosion took placo in connection with her boilers, by which four men were dreadfully Sciildud. They, woio taken to the hospital, where thico have sinco died, and the fourth is not expected to recover. Tho HumWdt, which is owned by the Liverpool, Rtiuil, and Itiver l'lnte Steam Navigation Company, h id uftorwnida to lie disked.
Scmikx Dkath ix the Stiieet.—On Sunday evening an aged man, named Smith, of St. John'*.place, biUney-rtirct, \Vhitechw|»tl, proprietor of a weighing" mac hi no stationed in tho Lta-hri.lgo-roud, was ob-iieived to make an Ineffectual attempt to grmsn the irons of his machine, and then fell backwards in tho ncid. He wormed to have had a tit, blood camo from h.a mouth mid luao, aa if he|iad broken n blood-voaiM-i. ''" T f ||* ho died a few
CIas Kxi'Losmx.—On Sunday morning an explosion mf gas aewncU In the prenilaae of Mr. Jones, www* machine dealer, corner of Deacon-street, Walworth-mad. Jt npjMXired that through some mishap pis
make of Uw honse ^sn, to light _ ... _ morning the exphsswrn touk place, Wowing tho wyper " ' " ' tlio a|witmeiit violently
ono was injured by tho
Sellna Wadge, a domeatlo servant, 27 yearn of age. was, late on Saturday night last, at the Cornwall Aasicca, found guilty of the munler of her child, two years of age. Sho had two illegitimate children, respectively five and two years of ago. A sailor named Westward had promised to marry her, as she alleges. If sho got rid of ono of them. She travelled from Stratton to launccston, and when near the latter town went inside n field where there waa a wall, and, in the presence of tho elder child, a bright intelligent boy, throw her younger child down. Sho then proceeded into Ixiunceeton and informed her sister and others that her younger child bad died of throat disease at
feased, and declared tliat Westward incited her to Mmmil th« enmo. Tho Im^r mccompamW thHr wr. dwt with a nxMrnmaodatloo *o mwmr on the ground that pn*o# had mlwaym hem vwy to h*ehU.
proml,mg to forward the focommondation to the
mission of tho death sentence.

On Saturday morning last a continued dishandment of the Reserves stationed in Portsmouth garrison took placo, and about a thousand morumon were dwpatchcd to their homes. Some 300 men from the outlying forts at Oosport wore marched to tho dockyard to tak< piAsacu in tho Cymra for Dublin. The men on th( miirch had behaved in a very riotous manner, and Just bffonamHm* a* UwdmckyaM thoy kok# thromgh all restraint and swarmed into tho public-honses. Iho oQicera and a number of bicquct3 did their utmost to get the mw Into tho dodiywd, hut It wmm mom than mnlwmrhoforo they weeoedrd. Thmnom^Wnr.. anro of dwephmo oa tho of th# mm w Mmmod lit tho ship, on board which large numbers, many of whom were drunk, refused to go. Eventually, after n deal of j>ersuusion, all were got on board, and tho ship sailed for her destination. One of the sol-diers, after having been taken on board, fell down the hatchway. Ho sustained snch serious injnrii that it was considered undmirable to take him o._ b"*nl tho vtasel, and he was removed to tho military
" distance of flro feet, and his '
N'Oarrmway, governor of and Mr. Cboke,
the execution.
An extraordinary scone occurred at Bandon, A"" At length the Tny has been °n Friday, tho 20th, oil tho occasion of
visited by a little mm, which has. however, profiled ? urmI of a Mrs. Loane, tho wife of a Protestant trader alone tho haul fishermen, whose takes have been »n the town. It was alleged this woman had become slightly improved thereby; their captures, however, * Roman Catholic before her death. Tho husband L------denied it, and invited t '
Death.—On Tuesday Mr.

, wing the rcullery, slipped and fell to the
gt^Xir.d, breaking a cup which she held in her hand, wko of which cut her thumb. Sho at once went to •tie hospital and had the wound dressed, but mortification set in, and sho died five day* afterwards. Vcr-dirt, Accidental Death.
The I'Uiminohau Loxo Fiiim Fiuvns. — George Hunn. I rifdwaro merchant, and James Thomas Grey, gcneia! ugtnt, were again brought beforo the Bir-n inngistnites on Tuesday upon various charges

lespcop.u in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle-nuon--, Aberdeen, &c.,, complaining that they had been sonors. Prisoners wore further dfconduct the proaecution.
KaTAL BaTmre, shocking bathing wualty occurred at Shore ham on Tuesday morning. **tly after nine o'clock throe boym wmt to hmtho at t\s Crrek. 1 he bottom of the placo slopes gradually,
ebren sone of a mdor, got reto thu hole, and tho otfier boy, agod nine, being unable to swim, could not teach them, and, no other assistance being at hand, they were drowned. Iho bodies were recovered about Vminutes after tho alarm was given.
ins Ciiixesb ik Cauioiixia.—A San Francisco »;ralch in the Am, of tho 30th InaL
snjs:—Colonel F A. Bee, attorney for tho Chinese arc enmjKinies, it preparing a letter to President Hayes Z
dk# not exceed M.000.
Conrcnnya ExanreaTMxs re DocxTamn.—An
.i ll m raUblUhM wotk-n will he allowed to compete for appointments as 1 J" tbo particular trade of tho engineer

the ihrw hwda of "odncmtlonal,'
ail?'wHghtn*^'" W'U *" th° Mmo " ,or leading men of ^xicvtiox at Dubiiam.—Robert Vest, a sailor,
the hnnderbnd ban;## William. Leckl*. Bofbro ho was asked to ho allow*! to shako
kvin* iho pmkmmg room. Whllo on tbo drop TO.-.1.v nmi,",.
-gainst aucn a waste of tlm«^, sod suggest^ t
"}{ht of the parties, and he waa bound to comply with the request. Tho foreman thought that a journey to Poplar for such a purpose would occasion •njt her day's attendance, and still demurred to the He was Wld there was no remedy, and the case was adjourned. J.
Act. and wlj^rsSt
asseiting that nt her own rcqi deceased beforo her death in
to trout through tho town to tW churchyard, the Protestant dewymon walking In 6mt. Urn churchyard bdng
--------- ----- ConobkoatIox. — This locked the crowd hooted and shouted to break in tho
being tho twmty.llRhyearof tho Ror.Mr.Spmrgeoo'a Pka,^=d a poker waa prodoood for that pnrpoao. " ministry, some of tho leading members of his congre- *bo advice, however, of tho magistrates ]
previous work ono was ca^Anrnd "of" W&. ""%o decoaaed beforo her dosth Into tho CathonTcharcb?
era tinoughout Great Britain aio almost uni- Ib« pnesU wcro u«»mi>aniod by a biree crowd of co-
snlly ni.mod to tho character of burns, and tho religionists, who seized tho coffin and carried it off
"l^'onof tho rod is thoniforo confined ' ......
Mrt. SrruoBox
with a tostiinonial in celebration of the occasion. It *hecminto tho churchyard, and In tho midst of u scono u pmpcemX to eolket £8,000 for tho purpose, k aid oadtement tho Roman OsthoUo burial mi
of this fund a bazaar will bo held towards tho close of Wa* performed over the remains.
tho year. Mr. Spurgcon himself has expressed his •
dosiro that tho wSole amount realised should bo do- , voted to Church porpoeee, and especially to tho pro- j
timo not much less than £1,000,000.
comjmrativcly small quantity of land has been offered and has accepted tho sum of £300 to giro up possess-sion thereof only six months before Lis occupation teiminates, or as by agreement.
RaaMLMxo ma EwnAxr Axn CAsnc TnaiTnm. — Iho woiks in connection with the rebuilding of the
' ,uw monuis ago, wcro commenced last week, Irom designs furnished by tho Is to Mr. RoWnton, architect to tho Loid Chamberlain, who died so suddenly week. Tho building is to bn of a much more subs!
tuil character than that which it will replace, and it will also ho provided with greatly improved facilities for entrance and exit. The estimated cost of the now klldln* la about £8.000. It la being built for Mr.
Hosfort, tho owner, tho leseoe being Mr. ARmry, who also was tho lessee of the building which was destroyed.
Tim Chauob or CoxsrtuAcr to Mcrder ox Boaui> Smr.—At the Thames Police-court on Satur-day h*, WiUlam Ryan, Thomarn CUSord, and Henry Ilishod, the charge of conspiracy to murder was'withdrawn against Clifford, but Leverson and Ryan were committed for trial on that charge, Ryan for a mutinous assault on tho Captain, and all for a mutinous assault on the uiato and misconduct, thereby ondanger-
I'iiii New Street to Piccadilly.—On Saturday wmmonod beforo Mr. Under. Sheriff, at the Middlesex Sheriff's Court, to N*.«ctt tho compensation to ho given in tho case of Mtovms r. tho Metropolitan Board of Work*, for tho freehold public-house, tho Geneva Arms, in Hay's-court, Solio, the sito of which was required for tho now street now being made from Piccadilly to Oxford-otrecL Ihoclannexcoaded £4,000,and avldmco now
"3. f'" U""lh«d, and Mr. 1 in ner were for tho claimants, two gentlemen named Stephens; Mr. Phiilbrick, Q.C., and Mr. 1- ivetnan represented the Board of Works. Tho jury cvrmtaally aasesaad tho oompmsation at £1,000.
Wiieckaok. — llio Nellie S. (bar km tine), arrived at tulmouUi July 26, reports having named ..t II a.m^. on tho IMh In,*.. In laL M.l# K., long ■41.32 W., tho wreck of a largo vessel of American build, about 400 or 500 tons register, with topgallant f.*wadlo quite out of wator and bowsprit standing, j hero were two anchors lashed on topgallant fore-castle to Ijawl bitts, and .sho had a foro capstan painted red. windlass, and bitts standing, deck all K-go. and tho after part ot hull breaking up. Very ll'Wloorod vessel; jib guys weio hanging to cathead ; had appurmtly hem In tho water two or throo months,
iglish Channel; no
he-quo for £0. drawn on tho Bank of"knglnnd by Mr. U.S. Wilkinson in favour of Mr. George Caw del I, or order and crossed. It was endorsed O. P. Cawdell. He gave tho prisoner £•» 6s. Cd., being the change out of tho cheque, who directed tho goods to bo sent to Messrs. Maw and Co., in Aldcr»gate-street, to be forwarded to Shellicld. Immediately after ho took the cheque ho had to go to another establishment of his in Wormwood-street, and there he asked tho manager if ho knew a Mr. Cawdell, of King s-street, Sliellield. He said ho did not, lull tho man liad boon to him and oiderod soino goods, an«| wanted him to Like a £0 cheque in piyuientior them, which ho refused. Witness showed liiiu tho cliequo, and ho said that was tlio identical cheque. Witness then hurried buck to Rishopsgato-strcet and stopped tho goods being About sovon o'clock tho p#ir— ".....
led for the goods, said he was not satisfied with the ipio and ho must have his money back. Tho pri-ill right; it was good
add th* cheque
enough. .. Witness asked him for tho -------, -----,
he said ho had spent it all. A police-constable rent for, when tho prisoner took £l from his pocket, and gavo it to him. At tho station-houso 10s. 3d. inoie wss found on him. Mr. R. S. Wilkinson, n stockbroker, of 42, Alfred-square, l'addington, said on the 22nd Inst, ho handed tho prisoner a cheque for £0, drawn in favour of Mr. George Cawdell, for his quarterly account. Tho account was sent to him receipted. Mr. G. Cawdell, 12, London-strcet, I'ad-dington, maid that the prisoner had been his assistant f ji four days. Ho had not handed over to him the £0 for the cheque, nor any portion of it, nor had ho accounted for it in any way. Tho endorsement on tho cheque was in tho prisoner's handwriting, as was also tho leccipt sent to Mr. Wilkinson. Mr. Alderman Fowler committed him for trial.
.idtd .t « moling ot Iko Council, «l tU°Ch.«orr,
? ^44* Fblioa.conatohlo Stephen LlUle, of tho C dtnmon, warn conUdwed, for tho bronmo medal of tho order bestowed for deeds of gallantry in saving lifo on land, voted him for his courageous conduct under the following dpoMtoncaa:—On thofomth of last month, whilrt Police-constable Little was on duly in Gray's-inn.sqnare, ho obaervod an unfortumlte lunatio lady, who had escaped from her nurse, and who, having made her way through a garret window to the apex of the roof, was then i landing In a most perilous position., The poor creature seemed quite unconscious of her danger and from tho reckless manner in whiph she behaved, the spectators momentarily expected to sco her loso her footing, when mho mu»t have bean dashed to nieces. Little, perceiving how matters stood, entered an adjoining house and, at immense personal risk, succeeded in climbing to tho top of a very steep roof, from which position ho was enabled to romooo tho woman. Tho conduct of the constablo warn warmly commanded by tho gallant Chancellor and the Council, and tho modal was voted Unanimously.
ROSECUTION OF A TRAMWAY COMPANY. „ Tb* I/ondon Streets T.amwaym Company, of 7,
or abuut April ** la*, did fail, and bad mlnco that date, from day to day to tho dale of the aummow. tailed to maintain and kerp in good condition and repair, and so as not to bo a damage or annoyance to ' the ordinary tmlbc. the nsila of the Uamwaya belong.
structure on which the same rested, contrary to the pmnaimsbf the%aluto40amHl Vlo.cap,%IO,amc. 24. Mr. Grain (for Mr. Besley) appeared for tho complainant, and Mr. Douglaa Straight defended tho ™ originally befom tho Court «m toe iLth insL, wbm evidence warn glvm showing that in many porta of tho lino tho rails were loose, and bolow tho surface of tho roadway, and in other res-pecta out of repair. Another witness wsa called to speak to tho defective state of the linsa, but Mr. Straight admitted that parte of tho lino were ill tho conditom alatod. He cwutmdcd, however, that Mr. Mansfield could not convict under the statute men-tivned, Uiat mtatato only rolitlng to tho Colcdmlan-road extension line. Tho lines in tho roads mentioned wore constructed under an earlier Act, and by that Act tho Vestries, as the road authorities, wore the Mrties to mwva against the Tramway Company. Mr. Mansfield further adjourned tho ease for him to consider his decision.
General Furnishing Ironmonger,
27 and 28, BERNARD STREET,
1, 2, and 3, GEORGE STREET,
Vtwscls bound
The Walkixo Match at tub Aoiwcultcmal Mall. fhe walking match that commenced on t riday evening, the Wth, at the Agricultuial Hall for Urn t"Mty..x hour.' rhamplm belt, preemted by 3Ii. II. Lewis, was brought to a conclusion on Sutur-day evening, the winner being H. Vaughai:. of Chester, who, in addition to tho belt, takes the £130 that has boon staked. Howes and Hancock, tho two fiber competitor*, both hruko down In tho eonise of the day, and \ auglian was declared tho winner at tho rnil of the twenty-four hours, instead of tho twenty-«!* The distance w*lLod by Vauglun in tho twenty-
hdlln vii.. ill itillnj f! 1...u ii...... f.a__'1__.1
Orxxixo or a Schway at tiih West Exn.-^An important accommodation to tho public waa opened on Saturday last at tho Victoria Station,.boing a subway
1,11 cc»t opo. There me two —----*- *»-
Railway (Math------
A, Cmxm&aiAX. —
ruviLATiox A%D imxon.—If wo ndmit tho agree, mmt of revelation with conscience to be an evWsmco of divimlty In the Biblo, do wo thereby make con-eomcothocritorimof what la divine in it? Some say so, and make this the door to rationalism. But it la surely pomiWo to makocoumdciKeawilncme,with. out exalting it into a judge. There are two safeguards against rationaliam. First, there are other wltnewee. Second, tho conscience in tho heightening, purifying poccss which It undergoes, through contact with the Bible, feols its own incompetency to bo a judge. In other words, it becomes awam that sin has darkened it, not so much as to unfit it for tho recognition of tho teacher, bnttnongh to un*t it fordktatmg to lllm.—
Sithdat/ ilai/aziul.
Pxiisoxatixo Madame Ilare assisted in playing
Admimatiative Battahm \ork Rik Volaateem, Dm-tader, pleaded guilty to embisallng Ibo mam of f 14% do. I0d., the moneys of the War OGce. Mr. CMI Hodd warn for tho prcsce-utinn, and Mr. Leek wood for the defence. Tho prisoner had bom adjutant of tho above-named corps for the last four years, and the money he was diarged with emboraling had hem mmt down by tho War UHIce to bo divided ammgmt the oCicms, but the psLoner, whose duty it wmm to divide it, had approprmted It to his ewn uao, he being at tho time in pecuniary diUieiiltics. For nearly 30 vcars ho had served tbo Queen In tho aimy, having entered as cadet in 1844. II. msrved throughmt tho KdBr War, and during that time fur tbueo servlrcm ho obtained a commission at a very early age. IIo returned to this country to volunteer to serve In tha Criaiean War, but his application tame too late. Shortly alterwardm ho obtained an adjutancy In aScotoh rnllith regiment, afterwards he obtained tho adjutancy at Doncaster. Iho Judge, in passing sentence, maid he warn not surprised the prisoner had pleaded guilty, because tho evidence was overwhelming. The pri,
rcntciiced to Ave yours* penal servitude.
a prisoner v
The subscription* to the Momcco Fhmiiio ReUmf Fund now amount to £l,C8"i, and thn committee is making a third shipment of her Majesty's Consuls at Mogador and Salh, In the mt,;*, of dour and hurley. Her Majesty's Consul, Mr. 1;. Duunmond Hay, has in formed tho secrctaiy of the relief fund that ho has organised a committee, eomnosed of influential Europeans, native Jews, and Mahoinedans, and was to hitvo commented distributing tlio relief, on tho 8th iust. Tho JtictiA /Koil,I mays tho famine is itally only commencing, and as there ara already nearly Mogador, it is a^nlling to
walter r. ireland, General Furnishing: Ironmonger,
POST PAID. Tl contains Illustrations of his unrivalled stock, with LIST of PRICK*, and plans of __ . 'be sight Urue show rooms ml
proce#mof Messrs. Elkinuton jind On., U beyond a com-parison the very best mrticle next to Kterlmir Nllssr tb»t cmn lie emnloyed as such, either usefully or ornamentally, as b, no possible test can it be dUtln-guiahed from real alleer.
walter's. Ireland.
1] Tml I* Hpooiia
Any arllde to l>o Imd •ihkIv »l llie u Electro Silver Tern a
CoQee Services, HOa, £2 10s Cruet Frames, 12, «JJ, lis 0J, 25s to
Electro Silver Rlscnlt Bo,-. 12. (M. 21.. fO, to £3 ]0e. Electro Wiser Toast lUck.Ssitd. 7aiM ID.thl toa5». Klcctro Mirer To, P..t, 10,. :0s. 2-,s. SO. to £i 2s.
"" " i. & m f. 10s.
Electro miser Kish Cmrvers (in esse), fisfld t
Electro Mirer Coffee I'ote. 21«.
Electro Silrer Kit* Frames. SU, Ma. ao.. 35a to £2 15s Electro Nil,or i.iyuer Ermine.. Ms. 70a to f* 10. ' ...... " ' ik^oa, 25a. ma l» jc4 ih.
Electro Silver fake B.t.............
UectreMUsar Pkkle Kramw. !*.&!.«k.%w.Wsw;0s. Electro Silrer Claret Juirs, 21s. »*, 35a to 45a.
Beeiro Hilwr Osadlemikbs. h&L T.W. ll»*li.l&&L
BltCiTo8io" Duu CoYt"' fur ,et of 'Qur- £a 10* to Electro fillrer Fish Kmtlne h'nirts and Porka. in cases °'12 p-irsr £4 10,. £5 10,. £0 10, to £10 10.
Knives aiid Fork., in cmses

» pw at least 3,WO

walter S. ireland.
■ermtiro only h«cause of ihe largeness of a»le.
23s 0d 10. &| KmOd 12m 6d
3|in Ivory Handles
Ijm Fine Ural Irory
Handles . ......30s Od
4 ni Fine Oval Ivory
Handles ......35s Od
4 in f neat African Irory
. »7s &1 33m 6d I* 0d
.-..Jews. Arrpmtfitwlf*. Vk*-Conm*lIIanl,ei
I ^ =?&
Staol was nt tho height of her colebrity. It was _
announced tliat sho waa in England, anil was about " ' ' ' - -
to visit Oxford, whore sho had an undergraduate OovawnmiT Itosmn.—Mr. Edward Bolton,
friend. For a fow weeks tho undergraduate who Chief Clcik in the otlico of Local Government Hoard, was to bo so highly honoured becamo an object o* h?" appointed Amdmtant Mecirtary, hi nlaco of general interest. At length it was noised abroad that I ilr- ^nincis Hotchor resigned; and Mr. John He!-tho great lady had arrived, and under tha extraordinary I 'miy, principal clerk in that department, has been circumstances, andof houses, and even tho Vico-Chancellor himself, to A Ohild Started to Death.—5Ir. Humphreys moot her at breakfamL Tho party assembled, Madamo ] has hold an inquest, at a public-houso in Whitechapel,
"—-• —— -- ^ UM11I1UITO, uiaumuu
do btael was there, and so charmed everybody by hor i "" """y ul" grace, wit, and brllllsnsy that thoy all wont away eight years, who foe ling that thoy had found her
was discovered tliat sho had never been in Oxford at all, ai,d that sho had been io).rescutod by a clover undergraduate, who had resided for many years in France.—JlcvioriaU of « Q^itl Life.
Holtxb's Kauly Ltrr.—That a happy youth is tho best preparation for an active and vigorous maturity seems natural, yet a largo proportion of the best workers inavmmy ago lmve been thoem whoaompdng-
(iennan paper, and shows that his training for his future (truer warn of this character, llo was bom in 1800, and was with h|s parents at Lubeck in 1808,
when their house i
• maanttmo, says Urn general, "my father had bought the property of Augumtonhof. in Uolstoin. A year after it was burned down with tha whole harvamL boon after ray grandfather, who disposed of a largo fortune, died. His will eantaiaftd nnmeroos and largo legacies. He had not considered the very numerous, loss* which the war had eausod to him. My mother, as universal legatee, hod to bear them, and therefore m. the inheritance warn reduced to almost nothing. The property had to be oold. In the moantime I had been scut with my elder brother ti the Land Cadets' Auademy in Lopeidimgen. _ As •Itmni we PMmtd there
in ill lary service offered made mo desire to outer into
of October,

■."—Qtrwun Jmmil.
- . . proved- to have died fiom
duirrheoa and exhaustion caused by want of food and neglect. A verdict of Manslaughter against tho parents of the child was returned, and warrants lor their arrest were issued.
Tim Cuauoi or Manslaughter aoaixxt a Tost-jiahteu.—Mr. Carter resumed and concluded an inquiry on the 26th inst. at the Castle Mnslo Hall, Cainbcrwell-road, relative to tho death of William l'ikc, a provision moi chant, residing in the Camber well-road, who, it was said, had met his death through tho violence of William Henry C'atherwood, a postmaster. Carrying on business in tho same road. A verdict of Manslaughter was returned.
Tub Russian Cbuweu Fran.—'The JVnw Frmvm •bites, on good authority, lliat tho donations to the
recently purchased by tho Moscow Comrtittco exceed . this amount by several hundred roubles, but the ■i members how to meet tho deBcit with tho large sub-• '."liiptions which still continue to flow in from every ' purl of tho Empire.
the prisoner. In «pnaeqneneo eftW%^Tm5l^! utement exists at Kharkoff which hit hbtWenallavId
4 in ditlo.Miihaleei ferules 50e Od 4 in ditto, with silver
». ......65a 0d ___... ^
WM,' i Kn,rc' ""d furka. 2.9.1 io7.6d half-dozen
50, Od 21s 01
Ulavk handled 1
I^hNUbUb, bToVh'rt, F1 HE-IRONS,
Blmck KeKii ------ .
Brlithl He a is tor Moses. £J

walter 3. xreland.
H^ITE very higli prices chargeil for Kitchen
smoky chimneys, from 80s to 425. These Kitcheners will be found to surp«a* any limt are now in use for
felttoelM* "nlei remuf" t,,B objection generally
NO. 1—consists of Oven only, open fire f«r roesilng. Ash Pan. and Hot Plate.
i. Brass Tap, open lire for roasting, and Ash
brickwork ever becoming damaged.
Ovea sod Bdler. Ho* rial.. Hrasm Tap. eyesi are wasting. Ash r«n. Iron work r*er liecominr dams,
hioires an I briaht mountings.
I manufacturer* ~ll tliml I, i
booses ^li_
choice In Brackets, Fsndmnls^mod CUandelien."
Is<olh&L %#*d to 10s dd.
U'aa llrackoia .
Oms I'eiiilmn's........
Gas ChandsUers, hydraulic. 2. 3. 4
and 5-liKht. (or Di'niog and Drawing
oi-~o« Chi, to. 13,6J
_Mmitlis employed on the p»emiaca.
walter s. ireland.
Hip gwh'.ZIm.Mm.Mm.a^.
Toilet Umre in ureal variety, from 10s 8d to 45s set of 3.
''PEA DUNS „„! KETTLES, of D,nJ0„
make only. ^
-•(lne£ft *n 11,0
thla seasons show of hAMPd. Petroleum Oil Table Lamp..&*d to25s. Patent Duple* l„mps. 12s fld io £3 10m.
UUaKOUUiAOlL, 3a6d m GALLON I WALTER & IRELAND sells this oil at whole-"* * " " * the proper action of the Modsrmtor
pKlHOLKUll OIL, VKUi- litST for
u»^'nw^P"A~6"b"' e'"en
riisa covers m block tin—
t)luok tui hot watkr di8hb8, - #s«d. i&ed. mkto a
^faml&|mfnralmblegmm molWled to Immpec* hie eaten Im^wed Coal Boxes, *. &: to 00m.
Copper Pea Kettles, ts ftl to 12s 8.1.
la "■"
Matal Tea I'ote. 3a Od to 12s tW.
q.ardbn rbqdisitat;
Lawn Mowere, 22s fld to £7 10a.
a ?S.7: S« fo'iP."0" ltwJ "»■
"»'■ Tm.ln, Oalssnusd Wive Netting, 2ft wldm. 3d per yard.
* strut, y,. wa.,*.
rnioiw Ijffgug. jiB^-syjg^ss "
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