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Cteerrer OSeo, 21. Barna* Br*»*T. SocrHUffrp*.
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r .tu . ..
"TbVfioii ti be.nclo^d In a wrapper. also in Colour*.
The Literature of the dumber will oomprieea bumni ""ill vrritteo account of - various Holiday Pleoe* aw. stimes hy & D. Caldeoott. end tato* by Julian iwthorne.Arthur Locker, T. W, Speight, the Author*
STREET. __. -

with w*D-*toch*d garden*; c •hop, wRb two good Ovens,
all convenient* for carrying ---------- -
and Baker.—Koe particulars, apply to H. SANDY, 1, Wee* Marlawtt, Southampton.
N.B—A part of the porcbaee money can remain on
X CLASSES for.Ladle* aid Gentlemen are now
hundred words—which can esiily be committed to — s need be afield lo ««hi» abroad.—
of Lao go* gee. Hartley
their Sommi
Ordert for tha above can now be booked at C RAYNSR'S Newspaper and Stationery Wemhotue, 21, Bridge-street, Southampton.-''"'
JlN Medictl Work showing rofferers how they may be cured without the aid of Quscks. Free on receipt of postage stamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Blrml"gh«ri. __
The Trial Stak** or 100 Sov*a*io*s. — J*y
allowed51be;if for £50, lOlbe. Ommile. .To do 7ft and S only to the fond if declared bv the first Tues-
of lOSovs sach fersurtersr*ith 100 added. 'Winner of any Handicap after tb^ publication of the weigbte to earr/71ba estre. -li mile- Entrance 8 Bors each to the fund. , Clo el. '
The Sctntkr HiSDica? Plat* or 300 for Three years old and upwards. Gentlemen riders fas qualified under Grand National Hoot Rules). Professionals 6lbe extra. Winners after the declaration of weigbte 71be extr*. T.Y.C. Straight.
A E%AD MtStBESS "for lha ibew wID W WODIAED B*I*r*. 190 to flOO-formr
g#afSa*eed. —Apply, with testimonials, At. W*# July 9th, to Rev. Cress^*l].8uange, Southampton.
HIGHLANDS.-Royal Route. ________ Crlnaa and Caledonian Oinsli, by
i in-Herf* « COLD MBA'(new steamer) or* 10KA,
from Glasgow daily, at 7 am., and fr<
street Glasgow.

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TO CONSUMPTIVES.—Wool* yon like
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HE CROSS OF OSIRIS, or THE OaOSBOTlIFE. B, BUSTAOEEINTON JONES. Joint Author (with the Rev. Sir Geo. W. Cox, Bart.. M.A.), of " Popular Romances of the Middle Ages." and " Tales of the Tentenlo Lands."—Publithed by Thomas Scott. 11, The Terrace, Farquhar Road. Upper Norwood, 8.E.—Price Sixpence, to be bad of all
ill and GOOD BBOOGEAMS, FOB BALE, wry ck«p. ipjlri. H HIQQS
RESPECTFULLY molicit order, :o th«
With several I*ro*TAitr Imfkovxmexti. Th* "CLIMAI," -ANULO AMBBICAN." fQBBEN'B SILB&8 MBBSOB.? and thee* h; Sua.vks, Bailvahd and BiflH0r.B0i.T0M and PauL.&c.
20aM &
IB* 16 80*
20* 18 50e
22*20 70s
24*22 80*
jM wKe. 0*; aniw. 8et 12IW. 3k. Wi sold by auction fcr i.1501 if foe £100. allowed Gibs; £50,101 be. To clote and name to the Clerk of the s the evening before running.' Half a mile. t Orss Hc*t*aa* Plat* or 100 8ovia*iffire. subscription of 5 Sovs. each for Btsrtere,
___smainder from the fund, for bona/Wejhunlers quail-
gel under O. N. Hunt Rules. Pour years old. list; Five, list lOlbs; 81x and aged. 12st; Winners of 60 so»». in 1877 or 1873, once, 5lbs; twice, lOlbs; thrice, 6r of
100 Sovs. at any one time, ldlbs extra ; of of any r*re value 200 Sovs., 281b* extra; maiden five years old allowed Gibs; tix and aged, lOlbs. Entrance. Three Sovs. to the fund. Two mile* on the flat. Cloied.
Th* FrnriW Pum, or 100 SormmMM. foi
yetr* old colts, 9s^; fillies and geldings, 8et lllh«. The winner to be sold by suction for £200; if for £100, allowed Gibs; if for £50. 101b.; Entrance. Three Sov». to the fund. Last half mile.. To cloee the evening before running.
The 8TO!«nAM ?x%x SnKCS, of 10 Sow. each, 5ft., with 60 added if three horses start; for two years old celts *st; fillies. 8st IZlbe. Winners once, llbe; twiee, 7lbe extra; and of the Cranbory Park Stakes,
101 be extra, but no other penslty, T.Y.O. Straight.
The STAND Plats, a HAsmoir or 100 8or**i _ for three years old and upwards. Any number of horses the property of the same owner may run for this plate. Winners after tbe publication of the weights to carry Tib* #*W^ T.Y.C. Straight. Clowd.
The AIL Aoro S*LL!so Plat*, or 100 8ov*
Three years old. Sit; four, Bet; hve. and upwards, ffst 21bs. Mares and geldings allowed 31b*. The WI to be sold by auction for £150 ; if for £100, alii 51be ; if for £50, lOlbe. Entrance, 5 Sovs. to the fund. To close tbe evening before tunning. One mile.
The WiLT*a Stakss. a Handicap of 10 Sovs. each. 5ft„ with 50 added, for three years old and upward*. Gentlemen riders (as qualified Hunt Rules). Professionals 61b tbe puliicatii *'
A Hcstsrs* S*luso Racb added, for duly qualified Hunt
{ Passengers for tbe North' and West
---------1 Biile, with map and tourist fare*.
i* by poet, from David HatchSKMi and Oo.,119, Hope
. IMPORTANT NUTioE. ~ "]\/f ONEY is ocmtinae9 to be adr*noed at the
Od the same advantagedne term* asj heretofore
LOANS granted from £6 tp £500.
Strictest secrecv and promptitud* obeerved.
L10 p.m., Goeport 65 p.m., Fareham 6.23 p-m.. Bailey
imtn farther motk*. retaralag (rem W*UHw Bndg* 1.15 p.m„ on Tuesday following the date of
Issue of the Tit ^Pares fram all
__________itations. (except the Isle of
London and back:—
Clast. Second Clasa Third CTaaa.
*a*h, with 30 . ears old. list
. 12st 61 be; six snd aged. 12st lOlbs. The Winner to be sold by auction for 100 Sevs.; if for 6". allowed lOlbs; to be ridden by persons who have never riddtn for bite. Two miles .on the flat. To close the night before running.
The Trial 8UkM, the Stewards' Plate, the Licensed Victuallers'Plate, the Selling Plate, and Hunters' Selling Race, to enter to the Clerk of the Coarse, at the Royal Hotel, Southampton, ty
Sbt gwiitbampton (Mrserbtr
Offers unequalled facilities to Advertisers.
Edition; and Tma** o'clock on Satarday A(t**aoo% for the Second Edition.
Advertisements should be addressed to the Publish; and Correspondence to the Editor.
Tbe Southampton Observer can be obtained at Mes#i
Th* P:m*T Bomo* of tho SoW&aMffoa GWroer I* published every FaiOAT AfTsaaoos at FOUR o'clock, and the 8:co;D edition on SatuedaT ArT*K30o.t at FOUR o'clock. Each Edition contains the latest Loca and General News up to the hour of going to press. Dombtic servants WANTING Situations,
Ttta** linee and under ... ... SIXPENCE situation and employment wantkd, Hot and Apaetmbnto to l*t i in the Southampton Obterit
contcience. ' *W4'own' it ifew.. We very rrry ■tHom read tbe debate* As th* Clergy, a* a rule, keep early boura.^rtfl are not (we presume) in the habit; of loitering about'the Parks after dark themselves, tbe information on which they based a recent memorial, musl have been got at second band—and was as trustworthy as such information generally i;. That our rark* may sometimes be abused is very probably the case; but that such abuse is so constant and so gross as to jcwtify.tbe action rent ly taken, we very emphatically doubt. As to cloaing the Parks at night," how is that to be done ? All of them are thoroughfares, and the entire set are intersected by public roads. Tbe Commercial-road, the New-road, " Across As latt's," tbe Victoria-road, besides numberlt minor paths, are all very much frequented. At considerable expense, no doubt, tbe Watts' a the Andrews' Paiks might be isolated, but what purpose? Some convenient gap, or easily climbable place would soon be lound by evil doers (and the public being excluded) the resul 6f this sagacious proceedure would be to form «t open *ir seraglio for all the scamps of the Town the evil—if. any evil there be—would be much better met, we think, by placing a few-additional lamps at dark corners, and by quietly sending plain clothes policeman or two to look round, and " rujt in Tiny offenders against decorum—if any sucb came under tfyeir inspection. We fancy tbe cats are the only people whose vagrant amours are likely to be often interrupted.
urro iTxm -o-Mtjcl*'of oommere*',
the roads of tho Ko»tfBU 'lnd Venetians, bar long *>ne* oNlWrttod, tbe bridge* h*v* f«U4n and goods are ooo»»yecT ia miserable carts, and wer almost impracticahla tracks. To GreatBntaie it woold be an inralnable aoqniiilion, and it* transfer , to tbe Britiah Crown wonld bo an advantage to this country, and a., immense boon to the island UselL ,

A telegram dated this (Friday) morning from Constantm >ple, states that Mr. Baring has taken possession ol the island of Cyprus on behalf of Great Britain.
The question of Cyprus h« excited gv#*& attention on the Continent. In Fruoe all the journals show great irritation, thoogh none of tbem nee language »o strong as that of tbe RepabSque frmsMw*. which thinks that if the PianipOtenUariee hod known ten dars before they met at Berlin of 'the exiatence of the Treaty eome of them Aiebt have preferred (o stay at noma. As regsrda ttnssia. the St. Ptitrtbury Journal says that Lord Bea-xnsffeld has simply acquired Cyprus ia order that he might not return empty banded Jrom the Congress. Tbe North Ger-nan Gastctt, however, renjarVs tint this sti osnnot fail to be greeted with approval when view, the euodpoint of general riviiisatioa and progre aia Minor. It hints that the German Govern mo was informed of «lo matter before the meeting of tl
Tbe seventeenth sitting of the Congrees w«s held ( Wednesday, and lasted four hoars. I& wae not attended by Lord BeaoooafielJ. who ia suffering from a bronchial attack, though no* of a serious nature. The report ol the Boundary Commission wae laid before the Pfenipo-tentiariee and aooepted It rescuee nearly tno-thirds of tbe Lazi population from the dominion of Russia. T* lading of the final Treaty was commenced. The G. ian Provincial Corrztpondence says fiat peace will be igned, on Saturday, aod the crest will be joyfully greeted by Europe as the starting point of a' new
development and revival. In view ol the appro* -__
march into Bosnia, a Commercial and Railway Treaty has been signed between Austria and Bervim.
On Thursday, P and O. Shares were quoted O* Thursday, Royal Mail shares we're quoted at
Aw asnursion train will leave Southampton for thi Crystal Palace and Loodon oh Tuesday next.
i'Ht L. and S. VI. Railway traihu returns for thi week ending the 7th Inst, show an incresse of £2811, as compared with the corresponding week of last Southampton Ho*ficufro**L Spcirrr General Lacy has received a letter from Sir Eliot Yorke. the president of the awociaiion, which i that H.R.H. Prince Leopold will be his gnest at N Castle, and that the Prince will visit the Shot Ssturdsy, August Srd, snd will also give a cup value i ten guineas. There is no doubt that the announcement I ou of Prince Leopold's intended visit will materially add I and "T" AwL. -(.....WhlHx.1 supply th
___ _____________South Afr
T^i* Pone* . .
past, on all state ooca'ions connect-d with the Corporation. the Press of Souths,
take part, and a carriage pn aot departed from by o*
yc-* _____________

Md "f*bo oapesln md omow* of the du,
domeetic architector
FoatJATnta*.—The history 0
r the rise of civilisation an! tb. n. We have not to travel hack more than a few hundred years to And domestic emmfnr s thlrr* entirely unknown, snd the abodes of prince, en thsly destitute of conveniences which are now eomWdsred
nlesseeryjq tb* homo ----- - -
forefathers lived In the I even of kings snd lordi
every peasant. Our Si hKpomWotyk. TboLomss simply of one lar*e h*ch all the details of domsatic life were earned on by themeelves and their immediate attendants. Privacy w-s a thh.g entirely unknown. After the pursuits of the day—the chase or the fight— they assembled round one common board, taking place according to their rank In tbe household; snd In the self-same apartment all members ef tbe household after-wards diipoeed tl, for sleep. It waa only occasionally that one end of th" common hall wa> separate from the Hit by a screen, affording a rod* retiring chamber for the lord aod lady of the house, with a few privileged attendants. Almost tbe only eut oftcei at. tached to the ball were the sheds or pens for tbe cattle and the swine. The dogs, more clien.bed. were allowed a place In a corner of the hall itself; and another corner w.a freqeently occupied by the store of provision,. Sometimes, howsver, the latter woold he placed in re-csptaclee or cellars dugout under the hall. Tbe flooring of this was of earth, its wall, wood and clsy, and its raof of ""*~v ** *u* •*—' of light, opening, were left
In the sides snd closed by wicker work wb«
on ; for warmth, a Jog Ore wss lighted in ^be oen

under for


Perfectly Proof agslni
Babbits}™l_ ^ id Sold In Rolls of 60 ysr
:il xi
■sch. In widths
TYING WIRE. Sd pe, Ik r large quantities a further:reduction s off:
. .. * SPECIAL BATE8:-
I'er \ Per | Per 6«0 yards. ;iooo yards 3000 yards
iTl II :,:ai IT 10 0 j 34 1* 0
outed on the basi
i above Special Prices being e______
pectfully intimate that they are com ">f Prompt payment, without an 10o yards delivered carriage fret

^Boodal P*WJgjmt fcr for Wrought and Cut
All entrance money under five pounds to bs sen tbe entry, or U will not be received.
All diiputei to be settled by tbe Steward', or they eball appoint, and such decision to be £nsl. Three horses, tbe property of different own* the public money wdl t
The flrst race punctually at twe All stakes to be paid at the tim Each Entry to pay 10s, which wi

In all Ane lor divided between t Tbe colours of t entry, and any ti
i the Surplus (If any) to nd horse and funt*.
rs to be nemed at the time it declaring colours, or ohang
J. D. BARFORD. Southampton.
Clerk of the Oours
Fares to CJapham Jane orL-n4on Aback.

Returning fro Junction at 8.0.

ind Claphan
poBTSMoora Dnrarcr. .
Persons desirous of CONTRACTING for the execution of such Artificers' Work as may be required in the Netley Division—Including the Royal Victoria Hospital; Pensioners' Betabllihment and Offices at Southampton ; Magazine Establishment, March wood; and the War Department Property adjacent, during the period between tbe 3rd of September, 1878, and the 81st of March, 1880, may: receive tbe Schedules of Contract, Form of Tender, and every necessary information, on application at thi* Office, up to the 24th day of July next (Sunday, excepted), between tbe hours of 11 a.m. and 8 pjn.
Th* following trade* are to bo Included In one Contract, vi*.Bricklayers. Masons, Pavors, Carpenters, Plasterers, Slaters, Plumbers, Smiths, Iron Foanders, Olasiers, Paper-hangers, and Gas-fitters, and the Supply Of Ironmoogerv Articles. Ac.
Each Candidate will have to pay a Bum of 18* Od ft the Schedules iawied to him.
The Secretary of State for War reserves to himself th* right of rejecting the whole or any of tho Tender*.
B. BUBNABY, Colonel,
Commanding^ Royal Engineer.
■piIBBOT "sTb UBS IONS u to

Ti.9 Southampton Observer
SATDRDAY, JULY 13. 1878.
1103b cold-hearted philosopher* who delight in ic contentemplation of human folly and wicked-:ss must have been gratified to their heart's intent by the spectacle the East of Europe has presented during the last three years. First, we had the revolt in the Herzegovina. Tbe little smouldering flame that was so carefully fed *ud fanned, and nourished into a mighty conflagration by the Christian Princes whose" Ministers drew up the memorandum of Berlin. Princes whose zeal for good and just government is patent to every student of the history of these States. Tbe lierzegovinans—those useful tools of the cunning workmen who planned Turkey'i ruin—have now, as the reward of three years' miserable anarchy, the privilege—which Italy loved so well—of becoming Austrian subjects. Doubtles* this is an improvement on the past— especially the recent past—but why did Austfia allow such mi*ery to happen ? Why did not her battalions push southwards and eastwards three years ago ? Then we had the Servian raid, which they thought was to convert all Turkey into one vast Servia, and give them the rule ol the Sultan's heritage. The result to them being *omo petty slip of territory—the almost absolute certainty that they will never get any more — and a very strong probability that they will share, with Bosnia, the honour of becoming a province of the Austrian Empire. Russia and the Turkish government have, however, afforded the most sublime instances of human perversity. Russia has spent the blood of her boldest sons like water—ha* loaded herself with debt—*nd for wh*t P To erect, we hope, a more effectual barrier between herself and the Mediterranean than decaying Turkey afforded. As for supposing that she has the satisfaction (if she desired it) of having lessened the sum of human misery, that is absurd. The war ha* caused more wretchedness in a year than Turkiah rule would have inflicted In a century. ^Turkey — that » to *ay the governing diss (a different thing to either the country or the people) has not been behindhand in the competition of folly. Had the term* offered by the Congress of Constantinople been accepted, the war that has sealed the ruin of the Ottoman power might have been averted, and that ruin, perhaps, avoided. Had the golden chances the incompetence of the Russian Gene-rala been availed of last summer, victory might have given their rule a new leaae of life. Treachery—or something very like it—sealed their mm, and Turkey exist* only as the •hadow of a power in Europe.
Will the British Constitution survive the evi* dense given by Mr. Charle* Boa* before the Select Committee of the House of Common* on parliamentary reporting f We doubt iL The * Howe " desire* to aee its way to place fhller report* of the speeches of the members before the world. Mr. Roe* (who ought to KSnV) say, the public don'j car* to read those they get now 8*y* 44 He never met any persons who read those
It the British Constitution hat a leg upon U la tbe firm aod solid ftith of the world in tbe Act that the Reporters'
Foa some weeks past there have been rumours circulating that her Majesty's Government would not confine their sction in the Turkish embroglio to endorsing the modified treaty of San Stefano. Hints and surmises have abounded, but all doubt was set *t rest ou Monday by the publication of a treaty between England and the Porte, which gives England very ample powers snd opportunities for improving the administration of the Turkish Empire—what is left of it. In return fur accepting our advice, we guarantee the integrity ol tne Turkish Empire in Asia. The responsibility is a serious one, but we do not see that any other course was open to the government. They had to choosf between ruling Turkey themselves, or seeing Ruaaia settling down upon it, ami establiahing herself half way between ourselves *nd our possessions in the East.
We believe the country will heartily endorse the policy Lord Beaconsfield has wisely followed. The majority of Englishmen do not dread work or trouble, and have no sort of sympathy with the mean, shabby, shuffling theory of the national life Messrs. Gladstone and Lowe have so often set before us. Had their views prevailed in the past, Britain would still be a miserable chaos of petty quarreling states. For tbe arguments they will use against the protectorate ol Ariia and the occupation of Cyprus would have had equal cogency and value against the union with Scotland, or the conquest of Wales and
Oom position in Cyprus is apparently anomalous, but it must be remembered that although Cyprus remains—at present—Turkish in name, it at once becomes Englisb^in (act. Peace and decent government being guaranteed by our occupation, we may expect to see Englishmen flocking to this beautiful island. English capital developing its resources, will soon restore something ol the prosperity that has been decaying now for centuries. No doubt, as a lanatarium, Cyprus will soon bold a high pjaee in Engliih estimation, and as a place of health resort during the winter months be a dangerou* rival to the South of France, Madeira, and Egypt. It offers all the attractions of novelty—a remarkable history— and * climate *o charming, that, as our readers will remember, the ancients fabled Cyprus to hi tbe chosen home of theGoddew of Pleasure. We believe Cyprus has * great future before it, by which England and itself will be alike advan-
la connection with the question ol the acquisition of Cyprus, we beg to call our readers' attention to the following thoughtful article from The Colonies and India, a journal to whose merits we have called attention elsewhere. The article, we should add, appeared in their issue of July 6.
A very important question, incidentally raised by General Sir F. J. Goldsand s paper on Railway Communication wito India, and closely bound up with our relaiioas with our Eastern dependenciee, ia involved in the future of Cyprus. So far aa our present knowledge goes, the Government of this country has bound itself to the defence, if not to the internal administration of Asiatic Turkey; and, in the arrangements that must be made for performing this duty, the aoquiaitioa of the island of Cyprue may probably become a subject of negotiation. the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean, it woold form an invaluable link in th* chain of noeeeseioo* guarding our route to Indl% The :*#en Ad«n and Malta, with th* Snea Canal
lying half way between tbem, la too great for the abeo. Into security of our vessels in time of war ; *s harbours, with its splendid eli
Md Cyprus,
rioh natural wealth, would afford coaling or refitting station. It would be a source of wealth ia a commercial senee, while It* large area of 7,M4 square mUee would give camping room for any number of troop* in case cZ war. Malta and Gibraltar are too restrict*! to accommodate mora than a limited number of extra troop*, having barely more than sufficient area far their own garrisons. Th* Wand would
mora than make up for the surrender of Corfu. The =####
she had, interests in tho Baat much Ion prseeing than
ibrw—k,* *!, tohtfeai,
ided for them Thi* ruls
----------------_ „ __ r**p*etod Mayor (A. I*
McCalmont, Esq.) on the occasion of the opening of the Royal Counties (Hants and Berks) Agricultural Show on the Common the wrek beiora last, snd accordingly, by his Worship's kind invitation, the representatives of three out of the four newspapers assembled at the Audit, house in due form, and there partook of his Worship's hoepitality. The procession being formed, tbe members of the Press followed behind, as has been their custom, and took their seata in the laat carriage; but to their utter astonishment, and in the midst of some 300 people, were ordered by Sergeant South tola in, to eay the least of it. a moat unui manner. Not wishing to create any oisturoanoe tne three gentlemen got out, and reeorted to a oeb on the stand, and repaired to the show gronnl, the policemen driving off with their carriage, amidst the laughter of tbo large crowd assembled. On the Mayor taking his seat on the bench on Toeeday morming, Mr. Cheeler, the reporter for this joarmal, asked permission of his Worship to make a fow observation!, which feeing granted, be related what is stated above. The Mayor expressed his regret at whet bad taken place, and enquired of Inspector Harris if be knew anything of the circumstances ? Inspector Harris replied that ho believed 'something ol the sort did take place. The Mayor said he oom Id only repeat that he wss extremely sorry for what had occurred, and thought tho polioe should have taken, a cab from the etand, instead of taking tbe carriage provided for the Press. Mr. II. J. Buchan remarked that the member* of the Press should have retained their seata Had it been himself ho woold not have got out. Mr. Chester observed that he thought it much better not to canss any disturbance by resisting, and by his advice they all left tbe vehicle. Beside*, when he told the driver to go on a policeman took hold of the horse's head, with a ri*w, no doah*, of preventing hi* dMne *o. H* considered the Insult spnlied to the Maror ofe th town equallv or pi ore than it did to the members of the Prow. The subject then dropped.—(Civility costs nothing, ana is at all times much more effective than hard or offensive words, and if a little more brain* and culture were introduced into our polioe force it would not only be a blessing to this town, but to the country at jarge ) Sunday School Taaav —Oa Tuesday the children attending the Melbourne street Bible Chsistian Sunday school had their annual treat in the Southampton Cricket Ground. The scholars having assembled at their *jbool-roora, searched, under the direction of the psstor ct the chapel (the Itev. Mr. Tremmelling), the suprriniendeol (Mr. Jenkins), aod the teachers, to the grounds. The proocaeion was headed by the " Dawn of Hope" drum and file band, and waa enlivened by a large number of banners and dags. Arrived at the grounds the children entered heartily into the various amusements provided for tbem until tbe sues men* was given for tea, to which it is needless to say they did foil jastice. Tuis important Item in tbe programme over, tbe sports r»-commenced with renewed vigour, including contests for a number of prises, the band

.............. ,—,.....than was anticipated,
where the National Anthem was sang, and the chddren dispersed to their homes.
PSCULIAB ILLUMINATED CLOCK.—Mr. W. J. Kcnvin, watch maker and jeweller, of Bridge street, ha*thi* week received from Paris a consignment of some of the nlost remarkable illuminated clocks ever introduced ii The peculiarity of I be clock is that the di perfectly lom:
ng black the tir thus doing awav burning during
i, while the hours and bands rvraain-9 is visible at any ordinary distance, with the necessity of keeping a light he night. Such a clock cannot but
^________ _ .. to medical men and others whose
duties frequently call them up at all hour* of the nighL Good TEurLaay.—Ou Toeeday evening a goodly number of the member* of the " Dawn of Peace " lodge paid a fraternal tisit to the "William of Wykeliam" lodge, Winchester, where they met with a hearty re oept'on from their fellow workers in the temperance cause A very pleasant evening was spent, and mutual congratulations passed, the Southampton brethren returning heme by the mail train.—On Wednesday evening an open meeting was held in connection with tl e "Calshot Light" lodge, in the East-street Baptist school-room. There was a large attendance, presided over by Bro G. Parker. Speeches, songs, recitations. Ac, were given by various friends, including Sister Parker. Bros-Glover, Brpadbere, Winsar, and others, the whole making up a very capital programme.
The Portswood Workmen's Hall Christmas Club is announced to commence on Toeeday evening next, and those wishing In provide a capital Christmas dinner for the small weekly outlay of Gd can secure thenW*s*ary materials for that purpose by such subscriptions PouLtar.—At the Wevmootb petty sessions oo Tueedsy laat, a poulterer ol Dorchester, named John Force, was summoned at the iaatsnce of Inspector Temperley, the officer appointed for the prevention of cruelty to animals. The charge was for allowing a large number of fowls overcrowded while in tramit by rail, and defendant we* fined including cost*.
Thi Police BaoaTTA.—The borough police who take a delight in rowing will hold their annual regatta at West-quay, on Wedneedav, Aoguat 21st.
SOUTHAMPTON RaC**.—These annual racee will tak< place, aa usual, oa the Common, am Thursday anc Friday next. The steward* are the Duke of Moutroee. Viacount Folkestone, M P.. snd Mr. K. Wvndfaam. The entries are very numerqua. and there is littf* doubt thws will be two gcod d*y*' racing.
1 Thi Gaatuui Iitnan*.—Hodel, the first shot at the German Emperor, was tried oo Wednesday for that crime. H* pleaded not guilty, end **id he ' attempted to commit suicide Thirty witnesses. 1 ev*r, *wora that he fired at the Emperor, and on jurt convicting him he waa sentenced to death.
&JUTH AraiCA.—Sir M. Hick-Beach ou Wsdeesday recebed the two delegates who bad pome from the Transvaal in support of tha proteet which President Burgers ha* made against the animation of that tern
tor?. Th* rightheo. gentleman told &e delegate* that
memorandum contained the sams arguments wl a been brought forward and aoewered long *go, , would consider tbe papers laid b*fose him, and eead
i' C***sfr* ApWa,
k"*** on the W >w do the British Possessions stand. India itam poeseeewa* sapport th#ir own people, i large surplus j tb* Australian Colonies ir own people, and have a surplus; the an Colonies supply themselves, and have a irplna, e*o*pt ** to one or two artkl** which the? might easily grow for themeelves, end which they will

dominions^ of. the Qt

riding fur all thei;
oftbalargea* of thwe Colodfea
[ seed. 160.000 tons at South An»tralia ha o feed 600 000 people r
i 120,0-0 small ho*
of bread-stuff* This
round. Suppose the* hey would require an to-be built for them
jommodaiion alone- I believe tbe emeu r. family, counting five persons to the fan
end of 1875 iuclu in, I find that So ish piodui

2,120,£000 ; the population of Srftfth Aust nnt at that time more than 230.000 men. wo children all counted; 10 that in 1875 *v woman, and child in South Australia purclw England goods to the value of of mere 600,000 | eraons (by persor

•y would then . ._ from England goods to the value < f in £5,4030, 000. To that extent they would be customers to England, and to that extent tl find further iipployment for the people thei behind them in England ; they would be da*

would be brio; would be raisi) be preparing t
try to which they had mo*

-jli they «ould the count rv to receives till larger additions it'on; and they would create COO.Ono this crowded ooo*try -^T%« Cekews s./ J A.*iT*CR RxOATTA Clcu — The regatta
nd dinner of this Club Is II xi ______.___ .. .
ey. Awust 8th. under the pre*id*acy of tbe May i (A. L. McCalmont, Eeq.)
Ctpics,—Sudden orders were received at A Id* she i Thursday, for the immediate despatch of thr. Kcers and fifty three men of tho Supply Branch Arm; _ irvice Corps for ihe performance of duty in (lie Islao ofCyprua. Th»y will embaik at Southamptuu to-dav
COLLISION bbtwken STBA M ESS"—The goul.'i Western Company s Mail Packet Despatch, which ru between St Malo and Jersey, whilst leaving the form-: portonTboMdayafieraooo. ran into a well p*wew steamer, cutting it down to the water'a edgh and , it to fill immediately. Tbe pasa.mgers and crew wer saved. The Despatch wae so much damaged that #1 kWae obliged to put back into harbour. Tho Mail Pad ■ cewarra was despatched from Jersey to bring over lb passengers snd live cargo.

by the kind ;
Temple, M.P. All the scholar*, the younger ones, who were con ceeded by train, and were r/galec provided by Mr. Mil<»n. in the Broad lands. After this various.!
Rev. H. O. Mackey

Right Hon. Cowpt
•ent, end with thi their power to provide fui who safely arrived at $ o'clock, having had|a mo A Bor*» Lao Buoke.* boy 8 year* of age. nan i -hapel.road, wr '
assisted in doing i imfortof thejoung mpton between 9 x uable day'* pleaaui k Oam.—On Thnr*
:hild was taker
. In Albert-rn
iLoaa Afloat and Asnon*.—Mi«i W, vetiing (Fridav), at the Philharmonic address on the Devonport Hailoi's Real and of work done afloat and ashore am« of the Royal Navy. The
Canon W liberie
Barm Passaob—Tbe German, which left <''' Town at five pn. on the ult, with tbe horoe-^-C*pe of Good Hope and Natal mail* arrived at Madeira at six p m. on Thursday, and left again at 10 ara ' ' Plymouth. The Viceroy arrived at 8 a.m. left »sJ-a >; i p-m. for Plymouth.
swockino Occo**bwcb. — At the village Henley, Hants, on Thursday morning, a father and named Moore, was engaged ia cleening out a »> ■ seventy feet deep, when, they were overcome by I-* aoxiooa gas, and made signs to bo pullet up.
other cone immediately went down, bnt they alio combed and died shortly afterwards.
Sal* of PaoraaTr in Bmdo* St*eet.-T!^» Friday afternoon Meeer*. King and King, auctionee r «( *"th*ea, submitted for sale by poblic auction at t-Dolphin Hotel, all that valuable property in Hnd(#-
MM. fc, Ct.OK.
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