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the treeent raouure. Under . .. — , fomed to mpply ome minion . feeds of the dlmetmWiiWd (&*Mh th
A,d»tmnt Commmdomem, #R #d *hom ; |,Mot«i by the Imid Nsnlsswml, mod ..*ld not emoeed Al,000 * yew eaeh.
* Towd that there should b* the necessity jun; that the examinationa ehoulil be . ..r, in. tho month* of Janusiry and July; udilpm ahouM be created of 4*0, 430, mum, to ho kdd hy the MtWentm for \ltw a few word* from Lord Wmvtmdy, mlered lor oecemd medio* em Frthy, motlom of Lotd THdletom. the Momu-;>oli») Bill was passed through Com-

if the Commons, for
ni.m^httm rigorously emkrcelhy.prp. in»pettlom, or to obtain additional po*sr* rishtlem warn inmlMmt. The motion bv Mr. Dmrt, and led to a km* deWe. . ho was glad that tho debate had taken h aa It hmd mhowm thai ome commmi :*d aawmg employers and employed in nthlng being done thmt wmm pemible to mngeq to wmkem im mpmm. Urn egad ,tlv to atremathem hi* hand: mm Secrtt"^ , .nving outthm^emklm whwhtehmd for ,[ engmgod. Me had giV*A ImRrmctlomm ..r theN wmm m mm f«* prmeculiom. im.nal of cdherwim. it *ould be rained » as curious In how few eases he had been , t ate a pmeecmtlom. They mlghtrmt u long as he wem at the Home Oflico ■ .uld be done that could be done to pie* . . iden^mmd protect life and P**P«ly.
II, we of Lords on Monday, on tho motion :: ,i< the Peovlmw Amendment Ad (IM6) „t ItilL Lard Fortmmme objected to the w respect each money M pa*P** might in friendly societies, and Lord ltodes-•! I bat the provision wee contrary to every thai had hitiieito regulated the administra-rvlkL Tho Duke of Rlchmmmd ami tho took a difforen , n was whether fi
H .a the labouring clmsom or moL , It c a. I, he thought, that they had don, mi'unt of good, and he hoped their I. 1 iceornim the principle on which it the Hill to on courage the use o:
orer classes. Lord Kituberl
amd John Fullyblaqk, both polkepcmstablm of Ihe T ulvrnom, Wationed at Kcnm!*tom, snrrendeeed In dis-charge of their bail to answer an iodictment charging them with dealing a wt of jam, the propmty of Hlbbe. The proeecular koepm an rdl and ooktr #hop i* S«lver.*Umt, Kemmngtan. Un th« 10th of Jane the defendants entered his shop, aad PnllyhlAnk m^kyl for n bottle of pkklm. Tbe pkkkm wcio kept on a shelf on tho left-hand aide of Hie shop, and to get at, them the .prosecutor had. to turn his back to the dottmdanta, and there were several jx>U of jmm on the »Wf jn th* window. Hmving handed .tha bottlo of pioJiles to PullybUnk he told him that .they otifcht to be a shilling, but he would occcpt tonpemce Mr them, and i(mvm him twopence change tmt of the ahlRimg, and Mdh the prisoners left the shop. Immediately altrrwards a boy named Naslv whoW men ahmterm* going on, mmlenoommimlm. Ilrnl to thrjnmmmlo* that he bad erem TuUyblanh pot n pot of jam Into Lmyman'm pocket. The pro-socutor upon ttiis went odt'ah'd followed tho prison ere. As soon ns they saw him the ono who had the jr hie pocket began;to run away aa fast as he could tho other man walked sharply, away. Whu :**f*mer* were taken and naked to glee np the ji nay for it Leayman aaid he wonld do neWber, and rullyblank said he would smash his brains out. Tbe other thin aaid he would father have given £20 than It should have occurred. ' The iory found the pri-eoAtea OWMy, but atremgly wcemmmdrd them to o—ay em meeoont of their prwkue good character. The Amide** Judge eemtemred them to banl labour
A telegmm haa beem Nknred from Doyfe agent at St. Juan, l'orto lUco, to the affect that tho Tasmania* bmeingbMomlewmterloHed the pwr had beem fernml to ab&ode* her, and had landed at San Tomes. 1 he i Tasmanlan, eWemer, em her poote^om Jammir* to WL Thomas^ esa Ponce, Porto Ilico, struck on May 27, at 0.30 p.m., in front of the latter harbour, about 2 or 2J milea out to soa. Lloyd's agent and the captain of the port,, and the mmmsmlar of tha Spanish war sloop, went on bond immediately to render assistance. Llgntma and a admomer wer* eent to take out the cargo, and the general mpcdmteodcn* of the Boyal Mail Steam Navigation Company at St Thomas being telegraphed to, oame down with the company's steamer ......paseengemnndepreletoNLThf
me nmmui o# we late n,ng uwege o: uamore: look place oh Monday momlug at HL Qeyge'a Chapel, Windsor. The Wy waa. m|rately remowd from Paris on Saturday, amd arrived on Sunday at Windsor Btatien, whence it was caveywd* accesnpeaied by a* $Kort, to 6L George's Chapek nad thme placed near the cenotaph of Pnmoem CwrMte; Tho special train which loft Paddington at 9.&A on Monday mbrning omweyed a nmdber of dhdbgulsbbd -memomagm Wimdeer, amongst Unm being the Pnnce Imperial, the Lord ChsnrAlor, Sir ^ %4eethoo^ the Marqwle of Hertford, Lord Devon, Lord Colvillo of Cnlreee, the J)mke of Biehmoml, and the llopo Bfcr^y. These mere mamy Boyal carriage m afkndance to oomrsy vlsitemtothed*erofthec^peL Onanlvalthemore dletiamdshed were MCelewf vlQi ^ mlmto from the OnaNe etatkmed al the eoml&erm *lmce& A com. course of pereona amembled ouWda the palaoe and tko chapel. Every house exhibited signs of mourning, amd the church belle tolled at intervale. At *0 mlmmtee to 11 tho coffin was placed on a bier 1* tho nave, where wen assembled the Attaches of dIEeremt cratmasiee., The Prince ImpeHdi; tbe Mlnlsterm of State, amd high omnrnanot taking fwWn the psotm*^.were mom-dncted to eeala rwrved for them pAhtm the char. Bkmtly before 11 o'clock, the Almemere Maria amd frederica of Hanover, and the Dnchms of Teek. entered tho choir and took their places on the left of tke emmmunlom table. Pmciaaly at II o'clock th, Hon. Gpeater llomsenby Fane, OomtroUee of thi Lord CliamberIain's Department, gave the signal foi the lammislum to mqve to the choir, amd Im the ordm published the mourners followed the coffin, which wa covtred with a pull of black velvet and surmounte, with mereyal wreaths of Sowera sent by the Quse and by some of the late Kin? a former subjects. The chief bsoumer^the Duke e^Oamberlamd, K.G4
whom c&nle the following monmerai—The Pnmoe of
Priaca mf Leinlngen, O.C.B., the Duke of Teck, O.C.B., i*rinco Albrecbt Solms so Braunfels, Lieu-temamt-Oeneral Princo Edward of Saxe-Weimar, C.H., the Marquis of Lome, K.T., and Roar-Admiral the Coant Oleichen. The rear of the proceed on was broegbt up by offioya Im attendance. The moceesiom was preceded by the chorlstem alogbg "1 am the RaaurrecUou." liar Majesty the Qaee* amd Primcem Bshtrioeoocupl&deeetaln^haBoyalpew. When the " "• " Royal vault the
t arranged from
I allow bhn. a

meed to ship n
i stem oompaMmenta, but those om board to land tho cargo as fast as practicable until the nigh! of the 30th, whem the vissil Useed to starboard. "l"b« then slopped the discharge and began to thr
SOfODLAR BANKUUMXn" QUESTION. The Imporiamt question of the coune to be pursued
etiee comferred
Dr. DaHwkk^ ths Cbroner for CenW Kddleeer,
Hall, LhUeAudws.s*met,8LO(Wa. He attended her; and after It got over that, aha ww taW with measles. On Satuiday the child was taken wmim, mm hartmatabd *nt after Mr. Andrew, amd he mid that bo would come over in: a fow minute*. A gentleman, whowasthoMmferdrink, amd who eoJdemrcoly
dt dale to prescribe, amd he should
___ __ ^*d onlered him to Naff Uie house,
,hkh U# did. After Ihe death a^e *W Im Mr. Amdrewa, who gave her the oerlldcata of dimth, "hich she mw him write, and which she now produced. It was aafollowai—" AliceBeage, aged 16 montha; last mw her om the IMh June, at 3, Great Andiew.street, SL GOm-a. Primary caum of death, measles hecomdary cause, pneumonia. Duration of illueaa, two days. SigW. L. Klnptom, L.H.C.P., Kdimbwgh; of
1, ipe Andrew-street, St. Giles's.' hhe had taken it trfthe registrur. She did riot know Dr. Kingston,
medical mam aha would mover have employed h:m. Further eWdemc* having bwm given, tly jory retofped the verdict, "Thatthe deceased diodfrommdamma. tion of the lungs after measlea; and further that Uiey wsw of opinion tkal it warn bghly nnproper lhat George James Andrews, a«*ing ae a cbe '
pen to theee proeeedlnge wMh a view of their taking action to prevent such practice in future."
Til? "LONG FIRM" PROSECUTION. George Frederick White, Richard Goodey, Willis Edward Barnes, Henry Day, and Archer Wood we charged on remand at Lambeth Police-court on tl 21st in:L with being concerned with others not
ing goods of varioe
fended by Mr. Bordm'an.
to tha edcct that in December, 1875, partiee • ' ' i, Ward, and May o" 1
In tho salliee of badinage a polit* fool; but in gravity ho is most awkward.
Goo* ADTicB.-j6ay nothing about youreelf, either good, bad, or imdigerunL
Univamau. BmuTumm.—Wa do mo&_ jqdga mem by what they am in themselvsa, but by what they are i.:.,liv,lyt"ii Srerm* m UormnnM**.—Sy^m, maoaplbbm
the evening before or early in lha morning.
SacmiMmao.—Wham, *o gmdfy * pHvaW mwAile. It Im omoa resolved upom that am igmcrant amd hdpkm mature shall be aacridced. It la am easy matter to pkk up stkka cmough from any thmkat whew It baa strayed to make a tiro to offer it np with.—Sttmt.
Tke gumt chambar of a llueriam country houae la a* ' iidofbedaaaacoumlrThotel. Atmoetmforesgmm V- ________l-.-.l ...liv ... *#««—mm ^ronll with

mmodated with a


lira cry wBh
ill be sore, says a recent writer on sleep, for a "nightcap" will be gi shape of a pint bowl, full of m miati
Iks, and arak punch, enough to make him cry
dowalt, and warranted to procure him a gmua dnlghtmaraatOlmomlo*.
Bwr Earmna.-^Th« Yeomen of tha Cumd, better known ma tho Beef-eatars, wear the ancient dress assigned to tho corps by Henry VIII.—a scarlet f a peculiar mmke reaching down tm tha Imyu. ed wuh black valwt, amd Wgm on Up Roa[ id behind. TTieir breeches are also scarlet,
guarded with black velvet, and instead of hats thov wear black valWAospa, round and broad-crmwoed. with ribbons of Ike Queen's colour. Tbe corpe w, InsLlutedhy Henry VII. In HW, amarly two bar drad yaam bckra any other regiment that la now s* existence was raised ; it was, in fact, the only standing force In the kingdom, with the aioapWnn cd tba Honourable Corps of (lentlemen-at-Arms. Th are eelected for gallantry or good eomdus* fro mo# oomsalaswmed ogkera of the Army.
Woman's llmaoisn.—There aro depths to a w< too profound for the it-»e*rcH *

"Lioiit coma, Ltoiir oo.v*— Music of the Atuia, indeed," remmrked mn nneethetlo cAmcmt" monpr. to a rapt Wagneriam, tho oUier day. " Mmng
Dibbles, not much to complain of this year, I never mw the farm look so well. Things grow as in m hot-dl—Fajmcr: Sad weather for weeds, sir I . Tit* bah-»lannrt wrrir tub Gu*a«»t Powir or attuactio*.—A pretty bar maid.
WRmt ie the dmt tkmg to be dome ufkr an Emparm has been shot P—To bring out a bullet-in—if there k , and you aro able to got it on*. , -
' Ladt or .Lross:"—The lioness. ML "TmxDaas. "—Gaolers.
m.—Tbngist (doing seconilhind hrnvy); Dawg's ta, e^f Aw!—Barmaid : No, air, mot dog"* **" a great mamy puppke eat them,
at Pwowfm., net rf CA.Vf sr HnriD.-Imiy: Imy;co*dactmf—Cemdnctor: Yea,marm.— ^ady (^)pwmnim logo 1m Spurgcom'aTabmnmck): Do you go to SnurgooA Tmbermaclof—Goudlmtuh : No, marmt Iilonjt.go nowhetea. No time.
Baaum W^ooa. OaMmu,n._^m#apt tho ImUara received by Lord Salisbury, before starting for the Continent, was ono from a wife of ono of hi* old Staaifmd coasUhamta, emdoalag _thr$# small nkom dfnndonml' wad. and aakWg him to match it for her at Berlin, as they didn't keep tha tints at the local

— The Khoweheaemetto
an the United State* to i the forthcoming &ml#y
a ten-dollar lamp, upset clinjax by going

The sale of such grain w«paper. The sddroasos given by pa
w's-tields, Bormondsoy, Guildford d Brook"a-mark*t. Aocrphu led by Ward and May
aovou taai premw i mn named May, but n
was. ho waver, nothing
tho creditors' meeting ono creditor put quest! Ihe debtor which the debtor refuaed to answer, w of the meeting, which thought tho qum
ily damaged.

Bails of the debtor by
tho party who rep of May was own
uusUon, wno urged if ankrupt. The Judga greed with th
aa prnctieall
lly painted
baUirday laat, ed by Haaekiak
. which waa . .
to nrtod upom lu the administration of t The House then went into Commits mleecae sooved an amwmdmont to tho Oi —trictiag the DIH to pauper luoatka; b il whs negatived on a division by 46 to 44,
I paasod without amendment. I'he Truro
II was also paaecd through Committee.
rnmomm Kr II. Solwin-Ibbataom movod
reading of tho Cattle Diseases Bill, which
* by tho fact that tho diseisra which It wma , sump out worn Importod from mhroad,
eakumca In thim country had occaswmed
luss. and that tha preoomt matrictinna | Mtiracncr,iomua.vais. ww
the jport of ^Landing, for ins;,
At tho Croyik Miss Alice Dixoi .
Croydon Board School, was Milcholl. of *#, Qwen a roa I bis son Ilexekiah W. ilitchi

■i/rf. He. nwwAaal "»™1- I Wj}
I azAtz
. tho co't o! lo«I, and iho.JJ Ihoe«fc.. | "nick Ihe boy m tl
> compmlsorv under all drcoem"anc*e by I f wwaid. and gaio A
imamL This llfsolmtiom, tho right hom. I fnrhw. mmd m tho i
marked, might bo pawl, and yet the j the case.
lead, leaving i Dixon, whe
d that the defendant had

id, his creditor*
*aa of the court. Tho lands .........Cotton doubting) hold that tho
je registorod, motwlthstamdlmg tho want uf certain .pwty, tbero being no proof whatever of wfa/*s tno passing of the reeolotlum; but unanimously that

imptiom of Wood, fm
AW. M,. Elllsu* of his colleague.

elth some slippery and repul-
It by a powerful a@ort, aha ' jng tho tablo, "mashing hairs, and capping tha
dqep 1,1 tho momt room, waa id i nhed to her help. " What
this country to take part
R*iUa. , They my they ^ . T--
the way to tha wiunmg poat; hut wail till they've met one or two of our University teams—then we shall
ecu vikw or til a Cas«.—Master: You say Alfred (ho Groat waa a vary eaoellsmm Wug amd 6d mat*
attack amd tha palormal wmth); Pbarno, a^. ho buntt soma nasty, unwholesome cakes that *ould have mado IhoahspherdUL
Waajmo To Caaasa a** BrrranMaa.—Be mrohl how you wmn up laid* tho back mumhrm of tho
*"A%^aino^Lu!*Man.—Wo hava lust dlmwvomd that tho fair vocaliat who "wedded ' her choicest notes to appropriate words is the lady who "bus-

Monday in the theatr
aweedingly ohjeeth ago go by withomt taking tha
II. admitted that tha object At a soon _ _
"rutoctlom, hut thmt would cer- | of the Royal United krvw Im the other hand, he sympathised | praaldemry of A^mlnd Fishbor was not Im a vary proapcrvum lent, and had sulforod serious 1„ contention was Uiat this Bill i ds stamping out dlssaee, whilst Illustrated mm the Coullnomt, equal to *5 of modola amd diagrai
i the muhods of Saving Life Im O as read by Mr. E. Thompwn. J


itended that tho preair.:
________iron ships wae totally contrary
d physico, aa the weights,,
I use of Lords om Tuesday tho several Bills i IxiriUMps for legalising the use of steam i were read a second time, aa was also tM South Wales) DHL Om tha motlo* • rley the Public Health Act (1876) Amen > n read a third time. The fruro Chapter . passed the &nal stage, and Uml Abordeem table a BUI to rcmov* doubts reapocting :iom to Scotland of the Priaom AutboriUm
.----- -----outmldo of tho vcaael lusteaW
of within the frame. The plan advocated by Mr. Thompaom waa a double akin, with the Immor coll wag va^lml mmd the outer tapering therefrom mcoordmg to tho mould of tho vmrnel to a distance of about aim foqf at tho deck lino, thla Imerraalng air apace being tied d together vertically amd honmcsdally.
THE SUPPRESSION OF YIYISECT10N. The seromd annual meeting of tho Intormatioc AiwwiaUuc for tho Total Suppression of Vivisect* has been held at Willis's Booms, the Rev. Can lk%nrs in tbe chair. Amongst those pr, sent were 1 Wl Adlam, ehairma* of the committee; Mr. KhwWw,. deputy rhaiiman : the Rev. Dr. I^e. vicar
llev H. X.Uavoham, Mr. W. Gilbert. Dr. W Svti, the Rev. K. Uanatt, Mr. A. P. Astley, and ott fiiendaoftheaodety. Tho report, in recaMtulaU the elexnentary prinripbu whkh had guided the cm
vivisectiom should be reaWcd,
mwal Induemce om thow who
a s^dal juryh»d befor
_____ ____told him. " Why on earth didn't you call
to me I" he almost yelled, as ho mw tho damage dome. " I didn't want to dlaturb you," waa the berom reply. And thorn, the emergency being over, her strength deserted her and she burst into a flood of tenr*.—Vanluiy Anr*.
Lao man or tub b'roxa or Scoxa.—Tho legend of the fatal stone of Scone relates that it was the pillow on which the patriarch Jacob slept at Bethel when ho mw the vlalom of Ihe ladder reaching to heaven. From Bethel the ooma of Jmcub carried the slome imto Egypt. Thither came Oathelua, tho Greek, tho eoc of Cemope, Ow, buUder of Athens, who married Scota, the daughter of Pharmoh: but being mlarmKd mt tho judgment* pronounced mg&lnst Egypt hy Moeee, who had net then croeaed the Red Sea, he fed to Spain, where ho buIR the city of Brigmntia. With him he took tha stone of Bethel, seated upon which " ho gave laws and admlnlatered justice unto him people thereby to mem-tdne them im wemlth and qoietnease." Im after dmya there was a king in Spain named Milo, of Scottish origin: and ome of hli youmgor soma, named Simom Brek, beloved by hie father beyond mil his hrothem, was sent to conquer Ireland with am army, that he might red era it to his dominion, which he did, and rrigmed there mamy years. Him prosperity was doe Im m mhaclo, lor when his shipe Orat Imy off the coast of lieland, as ho drew in his anchors the famous stono was hauled up with the anchors into the ship. Received i m prrcioas from hemven. it was placed upon the Ktad Tarah, where it was calkd ifm^sil, the " Fatal tone," and gave tho ancient name of Innit-fail, or Island of Dytiny," to the kingdom.
(From Funny Folk'.)
Lady: And how long have
Tub Daaav or tub Mo*m.—1The June-iper. A* OwmnTAL EMCoaa.—Pronrielor: Itore, now: that's what I call something like pop.—LucuUus of Shoradikh: Well, ya 'aa—pretty fair; hut-hTm— ^n'tRatriga"em(odr _ , . „ . ^ A Qcmrnoa roa SocmrT. — Do Socmlistm touch
doctor): Slop, stop, gemtlemmi. thim worn t do! enm awma playing from m dUfertmt acme. T of thing cum only reeuR Im Mum.
" is arm Swaar Soaaow. —First (with am eye to parting kverm mt mnwmyal ' a that, my boy fSippm homey, ohf Th, sweeU!—Second ClUmsm ^ %,ar — —< mmtherraa*^
candls-oating JSsqi
Mr. Justice Dcnmat them on Monday th, plaintiff was f<
ly Imndlonl of the Rum Punchnm, . _ He was afterwards
ted at the Middl,

deceived tho purchaser hy getting un m Iktitious trade to the houae. He was now undergoing Ibis sentence. Alter his conviction he surd lha defendant as tha xeptor of m bill lor #0 given In part payment of m purcaam money for the public hoam and tho
is. The trial of tho Coleridge, when the
investigated at the l took place before
_ __*ber of calls, entirely water tight, and of smmll euWo capacity. Thomdvmnlageclaimodforthosystem wma that mny rant In thmontfr skin would be remdered
nst the^ mercHul

Sir W. Bmrttelet urged th to both breeder and con
aighbourhood side would OUawi
that many of Mr. Fur
i eo candid m spirit as t< of Dr.^riayfair, ad-
Immediately I
carry heavier plating, ma the welgl favourably dlmtribuled as to muumise ^
cn aion followed, and tho usual compliments closed the
AN EXTRAORDINARY CAREER OF CRIME. A Birmingham thieflmmod Antonio O'Lrary. aged

bester magistrates lor r an unlawful purpoeo. spoken to by Samuel a:-principal warder of the Birmingham r.«n( Hlarlnamd an extraordinary career of
M,bybkth for six months by the I ' loitering In the pabhc rtre, The prisoner's Ufa, which
Tuesday, Smmuel al dealer^, was charged
mbeoluta a rule for m new trial of the mctkm, mod case now came down for a second trial. Mr. Serji Dalian tine, with him Mr. Willis, Q.O., and Mr.
upon "U™te of th. "PProach t, the circumstancm of the case. Mr. Juadc* Denman,
howmver. said he did, mot think that ho could allow the eircumstanom to bo gone Into further than wai nacrwary to mmka out the plaintiffs right to rocovm this action. Mr Serjeant llallantinm said that mt the Orst trial of tho action the mbeence of m nemon uamad Johnson uaemad to aReet tha mind of the Lord Chiel . .
of Tarah lri.«h antique
n that the real

ed that a gent
- ... bmva to domical---
al architecture to him (tmnalmkd, I think ho smld), muso "it would ho tho Brat In tha English Ian-"Impoadble," maid the Primca. "Nevor-koe trne." Tho Prinoo waa lacrodalona, mmd ami mto to the Admdralty bogging them to send him tha beet Iroatiae on nmvml mrcnitecturo. Tho mnswei ich book exists in tho English lan

which tho ship a sailing powers depend, guided whoRy by Ihe oye and r
tho hand?" "You may well Tho Prince then placed tho pali
ng the curves on lepend, they wore hand! "How ty k «*"-* queaWon."
.........drew it cnrafuDy along, mmd
t's the way they do. Thef mctnally fed tin by passing the hand in thmt w,
**Al2mmm^ho*ha&'boom IManlng to a very dall addreea, remarked thmt ovorythlng.went of very wsR —especially the audience.
The physician* to tho Emperor of China room v, pay only for the time when their imperial master enjoys
died from congestion of th* brain, caused by ottr
'"*A*taacher. caleehWng hi* aoholarm. put tha quma. tion, " What was mmdeto give light to the world? —" Matches," cried ome of the youngsters, after a
"*A country paper remmrk* thmt Anno Dmnlo. the compooor of mo many popular but rather aolemu pwem of musk, I* not a dmcemdaut of the poet bsmnmg the
- How far ahaR thi* eacrudatlng uncertainty go.
r feat eleven inches." I would havs you wrff brought dp T—I ihly," laaid,"butyou
the planks
them according to their Idml model mmlstlng Im
gliah boast of being tlral people, but was there ever such mn example of It as this? The smfety, glory, riehem of the comntry depend om their *mc*ea In ahiphuiWiug, mmd thwr knowkdge of th* art ie wholly practical. No womder thmt they *poil mmny vcmel*."—*y Omvys (hs*k.

6i«. Mr. Justice Denmmn mmld thmt he could not ; but it* chi*f staple wm* the wlal button. When

' of tho United Kingdom.
I ro of the mu.vir* hum all partem tuo ovmg-l ny the town clerks uf nearly all the principal I ,ch mayor wore hi* scarlet robe and chain , .nd all the other guests appeared in Court I, iform. Tho company, nearly 1,000 in all, n ird tho members of the Courts of Aldermen i.juComndl of London, the chlsf ogcem of ; istlon, renreaemmtlvt* of eome of the Crty ,,amd a large number of private guomt*.
i roccivod on their arrival in tho saloon of the
H ume by the Lord Mayor, who wore hi* . .ufnglce.mmd by the Lady M*yw*se, im
r m, whmm were the baord mm# Mace ,
rated. DamHng commenced mboutwne to . . I OmWm hmnd, from Hrightom, mmd wm* ' * I till mboul midnight, when .upper wa* Mirrwardm dancing was resumed, and kept ,
ol M«.,s. culvrihonm, comtmctom. It st decwd and another hbonrer named *U, who hwl both b»em im MmgWvm-
f a dog which tho p
le *t Birmingham; in Unrtot in
onlh* fm fekny; in l»il Rw hmd mm month*
prctmice. fhe p d thmt, hmving ket m black poodle dog m , he had bill* immued offering m reward o
*Uow Jobn*on to be examined, but he could mak, mlBdmviL Evidence hmving be*m given of th* defs*. dant'* meceptmnm of the bill, m veMlct wm* given fw the plaintiff for tho amount of it.
Tn the cam of the Queoo e. Ring, Mr. F. Tamer nm* mmd* mn mpplicatlon to the Queem * Des*h Divi. sion on behalf of the defendant a rule
known am Pmlmer"# Act, to remove the Imdkt-
the mffmghled tioninK I'arliament to compel In like way the I/)ndon
I so beeieged Parliament by Ihrir ahriekin |o be saved fium ruin that a law P
imoor Amylum, and while hejew then-ome of the keeper*, from the effect* of wl i died. Tim priaoner ha* omly beem a i no out ol prison.
mpanied by a detective, *
the 'JUt.^oni
it work in the Mine held, their irutruction* being t,p the tree* down, and what they could not chop
10 or T: foot In rlrcumferemee, mnd they he ask on the Thursday afternoon. After get! und the tree/om Fridmy msorming they trim it with m rope, but found they could not. afterwards, while both men wore workin, trench, m little gust of wind sprang up, and went right over on to deceamd, who was k ,*Uy. Dr. Semior, of M, wM
'ho I .MIlLg. WitaMS, ^%
could not top any hmger, hut had gmi* auay, and I he would take him (witness) to him. boom after the , primmer objected to the servant following, and wh*m
----they bmd goo* through leveml bye roadm »ho*t
At the Mmrlkorongh-street PollwcmutomTumdM p^tiooat-lmme, primomer mid he would go amd fetch
charged with assaulting Margaret Smith. The com. , his dng while he bad a policoman with him. It was nWmant stated that th* previou* might mho met the ^nl* mnurchmmd from a dmler Im Em*t I^mdrm,
primmer, with whom *he " kept comgmmy," mmd on him ^ho remmrked, " It won't do for him to go tnlm Ihe
tailing her to go home sho rtrutk him and he struck West." The prisoner was committed for trial om
her in return, making her ear bleed. Ho did not hurt ***& charges.
her in tho least. She then gave him in charge. A ■ ■ .....-
' ■ ------------rhmmpton man, who was ceding 1O0 yards start.
fmm Cbolmsford
tme Lentrml Criminml Court w i known a* th* " Violet Powder | for the removal of the trial or judice which prevailed against Ih,
mghout the whole od Essei
of the witnesses to be examined maid*, wlant. In hi* mMdavit, a woes that foe the
vder, amd that he wa* mltog*ber Ignorant t thmt mrmnlc got mimed up with Uw violm scently manalacturod by him untR he ro-ktter from the Treasury to that egect.
/ abolished all laws that had kiimmi practically obsolete, thla Duttem Act la s ^ I fo™*" behove It to be so. About half m-
ld thmt | „,.n „ tniior named Shirley sued in the Maryle-
powder'lhey hmd Im stoc! thmt he hmd mover dmU
of clothes made for th, insel asked the tailor o *e made; mnd, on being

(%ood morning, gentlemen." smld m ticket-*ol-he thereupom mddsd. -;i withdmw the last empre*.
"short article* dilapidated, bu

re going to keep m mchool f mid m youmg imidenmunL " Well, for my part, sosnsr ! do that I would marry a widower with
tho quiet reply ; " but where* the widower?"
At m sociml party, where humoemmm dmNnlllim em*of thegamm of tbm eveming. the qoeetio

imd that ho wmm
Ho was only able to ac, arsenic in the violet powd*
________so* with which he dealt
lie in mistake for white starch granted a rule ni»i.
n by tho prisoner, who also tried Im bite him 5,u,_.nt had not -">« stnrv tha
tiiaiir* sailwo Daaom M
■ith to the became apparent that, ml though the pro vinci*! "ped irim* and; had a fair turn of speed, his method of progression _____ ___ _______e relative was certainly not of tho kind known as fair heel mnd
____ — *— -- despatched by Bob Roger*,
h*ttlmg the Ume belgg 5 tm f mmd # to I «= the champion. The reeuR of tho contest folly justified lKm« odds, as directly after the race commenced it .... ... * •*- provinci*! "pod" m ot speed, hi* metl '
certainly not of tho kind know*
' mccordingly, after he had covered a tnde diaqualifled by Mr. O. Atkinson,

dm. 37 mt., hi* time fot
At Worship-street Police-court on the 21st inst., JohmNooumn.n.dfacribedmmalahourer, wmaebmrged with having fiolently assaulted Noommm, him wife. The wosmatrim, mhoee head wa* cat open, said that she sold flower* in tho streot. The prisoner did not do any work, and lived mainly upon what she earned, lio repeatedly ill-used her if she did not give him money. At sight o'clock that morning she gave him Is. Od. to buy a shovel, as he mid he would go and get some'work. He, however, spent tho money in dnnk, and returned homo Intoxicated at two m'clock. Th* ho dsmandmd another Im. S&* gmvo him Od., and because ahe refused to give him any more, ho cqt m ay the pocket shs was wearing
her about the hmd mnd face, lie had had aim months*. tor assaulting her tm a previous occasion. The prisoner accused hi* wife of having been drunk, bat the evidence of a polios-oonstabls proved that the priaoner wa* drunk and the wife so bar. Mr. Bushby considered it a very brutal case, and sentenced the prisoner to the foil term of *1* month*' hard labour, mnd further ordered him, at the expiration of hi* Impdmmmmmt, to find two sure tire for hW rood behaviour for m second t*nn of si* months, failing to do so the prisoner wiR be kept in prison for the ' second term uader a separate commitment.
txino Coufity foumdm, th* price w s latter. Tbe defemdmmt what material the buttom* wer* mad*;
told they were of cloth or silk or ho remarked that, by the law made for the protection of the Birmingham button-maker*, not only could the tailor not recover, hot, If tho defendant chcee to *ne lor the penaRI**, He plmintlff webld hmve Im pw forty shillings for every dozen of such buttons sewed on "by ' in. The judge agreed, mnd the tailor was non-dled.—dflmenw One* Thcae.
A Tmortcai Dawn.—Im tho mormlng Ihe chmngm * perhmpe eve* more itrlklmg. Up to mhomt m quarter-past five o'clock the darkness i* complete; but mhout thmt time m lew criee of hirdm begin to break the silence of night, perhaps Indicating that stgme od ^wm mm peroeptiblo i* the mater* hormorn. A httlo Wer the mebmcholy voicee od the gomtaockeeu mro hseW, varied CToaklngm of frogs, the plaintive whistle of mountain thrmahem, mnd strange crim ef Wrde of msmraal* peculiar to each locahty. About half-past five the firm* glimmer of Umht beeoeem perceptible ;d slowly becomm Ughter, mmd them increase* so that mt mbomt m quarter to mm it e*em* fuR dmyhghL Far thn next qumrter of mm hour thlm ehamgm vmy
folmgo with glittering gmn*,*emding gimme of goldmm sit wjth fully expanded wings expose^ to^ie "
that can never be forgotten. All maDme seems re-froshsd and strengthened by Ihe coolness and moisture of the past night | n*W Imvea and bud* unfold mlmoat befor* tha oye, and frmhsh&sm$ssm
straugvr ol him. "Dot I bag you wiR make a stranger of me." said tho wily Frenchmen, who doubtlem calculated that. In tho letter capmaty, he would have tbe beet chance of a good dinmer.
A negro preacher mtm Georgia camp meeting told hi* hemrer* thmt they could never enter heaven wrth whieky bottlm I* their pocket*, mmd urged them tm " bring 'em right up to the pulpit, and he would offer em m sacrifice to do Lord.' The coo sequence warn that the good shepherd wmm In the evening ao ever-oome by the spirit mm to be unmble to premch.
A praeticml bootmaker mdvertlem that. In commequomco of him hmving emught a oold through gqlng to ohuich on a drnmp night, he b*gm mR hi* mlnist*riml &fn*md* to pmy for hi* recovery, mm humdredm of th* poor mm his native town and surrounding villages aro waiting for him to mupply them with wow chcap amd strong boot* and shoes from his *mtabli*hm*mL
A British soldier wont Imto a grocery Im buy memo trifiimg mrtlcle. mmd melng eome red herrimgm lymg om the counter, he mmked what they were.—"boldiee*,my friemd," mmld the grocer, winking mt the company.— rejoined the son of Mars. "Then deserters." mnd off ho walked with
a Palmer is the proprietor of m p*n of p i with dog*, mnd punUh*d Palmer * boy.
languishes in prison. '
Intellect is m good thing- to have, but mom*time* it
was finishing in it* place, put hi* *on inside to hold the head up. After completing the work much to his satisfaction, he wa* astonished to find hi* boy inside
the cask; and with no possibility of getting out, ■
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