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fore, *y whet hot or not it «u oorroot; but ha was cciUin that it had not been Communicated to the paper by her Majesty's Government. la moving that the'
nailing it had bam fully coosidered by the local sutho-rities, and it vu mw in such a shape U ironld ccm-rtitutei an effective reform. Mr. C. 8. Read moved that no \ nitration Act -would bo satisfactory unless It pro-tided a common moaauro of assessment. The debato
_ r° House of Lords on Monday, In answer to barl Granville, tho Dolce of Richmond stalled that the
and that ita publication_______________
planation of the Oovarnmcnt policy it Warn Incomplete, and therefore inaorurato.' Lord Houghton complained
ve to the Marquis of Hartingtocr a similar answer in
iprf t> "»• 3jjg

by tha Ix>rd ■ President - in' the' Uppet House. Mr. llsnhury replied to 8H- W. Baittctot thitha, had regretfully come to the conclusion that hJmuit with, draw hit motion with regard to Mr. Gladstone's article in the IfixrtmlA Cnifury. .Mr. 0lad*tone aaid aa the notice waa virtually for tha expulsion of a member it ahoold not have been given unless there had been the
howevur, a matter entirely between the hon. memb.
House went into ComtmtWfra/Less, and immediately
and the forwarding a atage of several other measures of a similar kind.
The Houso of Camujtras had aborning aitting for
being reached, tho ChanqpUor tof the Exchequer stated, in snswer ton W«*bn pot by Mr. 8erjeant8imoa with regard to tho alleged acarcity of tha.smaller Silver currency, that having made inquiries at tho Mint, he had been assured that if there waa a dearth it did not arise from any failure on their part to provide a proper supply of cdin. All silver coin, tbrwnsnmy News, was lenird through ths Bank of England, trhich had no difficulty in meeting all demands. The fact was that the smaller currency entailed a good dcnl of trouble on bankers; and to avoid it they gave their customers the larger coin. Notice wss given by Sir G. Campbell that at tho Earliest opportunity ho should submit a resolution to tb* effect that, while recognising ths injustice to tho pooplo of this country of engaging single-handed in a
W '
w*. s&.,^-- ----,W efboys, '
'nlrVWiWa,1 that they woifd' no longer be pmftiiw to ! s
use yta ef Tiolpnw against subipctoof her Majesty, j and ontaido ihei ohnreh by »
On the other hand, It was squally desirable that tho J that the defendants had been summoned before the Innocent ahonld mot sn&r with or for the gmlty; Comtuanemmpletoothera. Th#B*r.M.MacCWl and that the courso sometimes sdopted of pr6- said that ht War Vicar Designate of St. James's wadmrn to homUllU*, and attaekng and destroy. Chufch, Bakham, mod that on tha ofenlng of Tese-
avoided. Under these considerations my fords are of ' ——* " ' •'
pinion that you adopted the most hun
giving Lieutenant Caflin the instructions which you. addteaeed to him on 24th July, 187f, and they desirs U record their approval thereof. U appears to their lord
shed. . . Mylords, in otmclasion, dssiro they cannot impress upeniyou too strongly the neces-sity of exercising the greatest caution In dealing with the natives. Ths officers employed on such service should strictly observe tlrt specisl directions contained
alike to protect British subjects from the unprovoked attack of savage*, and ths natives from tho lawless acta
and to the Order in Oodndl under it, my lords feel assured that whenever it ispoesiblo to do so, you will leave any o(fences which am be dealt with by the High Commissioner or his dupoty to he adjudicated by their
» ,yr fW*----—......mi«
of whi6h was open, ho heard a great howl and hiss outside tho vestry;room door, which is Co f,, t from the general entrance into the church. He suddenly r»n out, being very muck annoyed, and laid hold of ----ingsr defendant, there being four other boy,
tside. On taking him
tho vt»try*r wled, but that It

• his brother aked him for

and gave him in charge. Tho constable declined taking" tho charge, "but left it for a summons to be applied for, tho nam* and address being given. For tho defence two youth* were called, who denied that thero had been any howling, only on egression with regard to the cross. Mr. blade said hefld no doubt that the defendant had committed an offencc under the wording of the Act, of rioting, violently and indercntly, in a churchyard, the penalty for which waa a Una of £6. That penalty would not be Imposed, v_. ' •- ' ' and a protection to the
ngrcgation, there would
Kev. Mr. MacColl a
8U8PECTED MDBDER OX BOARD 8UIP. A Lloyd's telegram states (hat t
the fishing vessel Milo, of OH-
he loft Gums by on 20th April last for
•aster (Aahwell)
r isheryi but was forced to put Into Geestemunde for it, tho old one having been broken in the night of the board. Deponent
|>layed int
Tutono EirtOkATfOX. .
A derman nautical magisinS ,gi>ta an amount of several attempts made of Tate year's to reach Central Asia from Europe, by crossing tho Atlantic Ocean fiom the North Capo, and ascending tho rivers which flow into the tea eastward of Nova Zombis. On the 2Uh July, last year, thd Eraser, a small steamer of 166 tons, left llreincrhaven laden with tobacco and sugar, sud, after calling st Ilammerfest, the most *oAhetly«to#m In tho (laL IDdeg. 40m. N.),
reached on the 21st of August Golsscbika, on tho banks'of the Tenissel, a Russia river which fslls into tho Frozen Ocean. On tho Ihth of July the Louisa, a am^U aalllpg aehooswr. manae* by a Russian carrying a cargo of oil, left Hull, and, after the North Cape, entered the Gulf of Obi, i the river of tho samo name, and, finally, on too XOtO September, arrivod at Tobolsk, the capital of Siberia,
situated in lat. 68dcg. 12m. N., at tho junction of the
ToM with Wwlrtlah. a thbntwy .of the OM. which decls and Umbers daosagrd. WOHsm QUIw, uoss, M*" ita nae u Lake Akin (IsL &2de*. ?f.), and ( the mat*, and who Is brother-in-law to Perfect, states la unngabla throughout ntarly ila whole COM se. The lu his deposition, that he was abernt from tha ship at distance attilned was 1,M0 mibs from lha sea. In tha time Urn Uv* hmh* «*H_ mm ki. .»
the preceding year a ,
llisincs, nsd succeeded ii
collision. While in dock thi 2Pth of May a fire broke oi
was on shore at tho tl#e. b_----
at midnight, when water waa being cabin in order to extinguish the fire. Two apprentices wcro on deck, and one of them, George nailey by name, stated that another, John Perfect, was in the cabin. The fire wax extinguished at 2.30 s.m. on tho following day, when tho dead body of Perfect was " und at the back of
it out, and a large e head, which the it feared th&t tho 1 ship fired. The vessel's decks snd timbers damag
ending tho Tmlmii, but iras lost on the return voyage. The great rivers of
Siberia are already navigated by steamers, snd, con-lequeutly, If a #afo route oomld be discovered frow
nidnight he found the
ted* h? ' 'h* asleep in tho

• illiam, your brother, is asleep i as immediately rushed below and see ir the boy, but was so much burnt ti
ricts of Central Asia would be placed in direct water ommunication with Edtope. In order to determine vhtthcr such navigation of the seas bounding Russia
thrown into the cabin, the fire wai burning for about two hours, am n Perfect was ouL The body w
bead, into.whi
bevng Utkd

line spihe.
FUKTUXEJTELLIXQ. the Chesterfield Comity Poll
Majesty s 0

plied, "Oh, yea, I
On Monday a shocking occurrence was made known to the Edmonton bench of magistrates. In the list of persons charged were the nemos of John Friend, aged . *».» „ •» .. . « « ithgato, and Jan
---- . ng that on hatur' ' *
in the unlawful poeeessior---------.
bundle of firewood, snd that they assaulted Caleb Hkoata, police-constable 163 Y, in the execution of his duty. John Friend alone appeared, the other man being deed, and his end seems to have been surrounded by quite tragic circumstances. The parties arou»ed the suspicions of Stents about II o'clock on Sntuidiy night. Ho was accompanied by Constable Jeffreys, and they watched the two Friends for some time, afterwards following them, and when they reached tho railway bridge at New Bouthgato the officers were per. ceived. Tho deceased man was then carrying a pail, and he threw it over on to the railway. While Jeffreys had gone to recover the pail,-Skeats took Jamos Friend into custody, snd in the course of tho evidence he gave sgainst the other accused, Skcats aaid, "A struggle took placo between James Friend and ray-a»lf, apd I stiuck him with my fist and knocked him down; snd I believe his head went against the wall, lie, however, jumped round and rushed at me very
Eventually 'Jeffreys

en leriibA
took charge of the u towards the Sonthgal about two miles, and from what has sine his sufferings on tho way must have b He seemed suddenly to,become intoxicated (the officer thought ho was only shamming); be fell two or three tipi s, and had to be supported all the while ho was on his iwt,; At length a stretcher was procured, and the poor fellow was hy that mains carried to the polife-station, where he arrived about one on Sunday morning, and was seen at intcrvsls tip lo between four and five, but as no alteration in his condition wss apparent, a medical mart was sent for. jfemade an examination
of the brain. Ho could not understand how a per*on so seriously injured could hsve remained alive during the extraordinary journey from Now Sontbgate to the police-station, l'ho surgeon advised his immediate removal to a hospital, and ho was taken in a cab to the Tottenham Hospital, where ho died a few hours after admission. A man named Harris, who was charged with attempting to feecue Ih* deceased bom custody, nfonwd tho magistrates that he suw tho polioeman •trike James Pnend on tho head with a stick, and l.e-causo he said, " Don't hit him any more—he has had enough," the cometaWe thnateced to kuock hia (Harris's) brains out. and at once felled him to the ground with a stick he wss carrying. The district eesuuer hae received Information uf the *d occurrence, and a full investigation will take place.
the Edmonton Petty Beaai
rnxoDLim ponrr of LAW. ■
Wemam hanng recororud, au enp„.meo* W Uw dnromeut aaeioled waa aaeeutedhyhik IkpxwtWy the samo tonua, but with diffrrent wRnrsses, oc the 2tth of February following. Ho diod on Uie ensuing 7th April, and under the testamentary inst
ail, he loft h-gac

ubinitting that the last
The residue of his property bo divided pro rata among the legatees, the decree of the court below u at to Ux nuary, 1877, ss the dsto of the will, by Oeete would be charged against his leul """* UJ- appealed against this decree, will was substituted for the
"tutor dying within thrve months after i lo charitable bequests would be chaij pereonal estate. *
against his rsal, 1
would be inadeqi--------
huviug reueluded, judgmsct
A. Board of Trade inquiry hae betn held in Plymouth to investigate certain chargee which had been brought aguinst Mr. James Staines, master of the barque Coaiud, of Sunderland, against *bom It was alleged that dannr m voyage fiom Plymouth to MvnUtssl and bach to Whitehaven ho was laccsmaally diunb, so much eo that the command of the ship had to d*v%|vo upon the chief njate, and that on one ucuirlon, when au appieutico named Lhrfrao feU from tho yuid to the doek, and sustained injurice which, two days After-wiuds, proved fatal, the captain was so drunk that he dd no attention whatever to tho boy, and supplied
wiT Aim Rtkotm.
(From Puieh.)
Lira or Linrarv.—Saxon Angler: Oh, butlcau't
try for a Salmon. I haven't got a Licence-
Native: ft It a Licence ye wknt to kill a Fish ? Shore ye might kill a Man or two about here in! nobody'd may .WW fy.1 !.
IJr Tiia AmumaLTT.—Wmmtfd, an Orpheus to gu down and l;y to raise the Eurydico.
Orrosmo* JtdT Oarrarcno.^.—The Speaker judiciously distinguishes between the opposition of small minorities to certain Bills, as iq the caso.of tho Irish Sunday Closing Rill, and mere obsUactkn for obstruction's sake to aespetch of business. The uilo by whith fair may be distinguished from vexatious opposition »• «na simple enough. The opposition ia fair when tho BNma-rtva Paoor.—Old Gent (who firmly believ* in tho School-Board, to Cow-boy) : 'Oh, you go to eihooT, do you P Now, I daresay yow can tell me who it was thst wss saved when tho World wa# drowned, can't you?—Cow-boy (all abroad): No-a, «nr-r! ^ [Old gent goes his way, & gimsr believer than
TiTtas ro Disrracaox. — Passenger (from (ho
Ek53 s.rsrri-Kfs
toon, sir! Ilerrth-place o' th' Poat Tannahul, sir I And—hemf—ah'm a Paisley man myscV, sir! Ah
was born (' Paisley-ah was-[Luckily the train had
new run into the station, and stopped.]
. - (ApmVWf.)

I turned and wea

the mefning. but that ho
mud:thu» eJy u little aagu,______
day/foUuwlng his death. Another ebuxgm a

:vtit*Ai—Something to bear in mind when '»"» ^ »-"a
^Paov^-A rule without an exception—a ca*.
Turn PoMum An.-" I'm 1 gla* you're eo^% Charley ; we wdnt to hear one of you*songs." " AB
that twice already, and all tho other gentlemen hit* brought it I " J
"Oy a-io o*;" o* "Oct or 8oafs."-Outside»s lour^oreea seem ruther overworked, merhewn.— Coachmuu: No, sir, it ain't #er*, h e Wk. They'd flmg out at the Darby and Urn
captain was that although it was only ei#lit o'clock in j Do You Parsbk-vs The visit ol
' " - - so drunk thai hocoulj not pro- ; cricketers has been postponed till next season
service. Tneee- fecte were do- 1 sequence of the leading members of the tent
te crew, but were dnsied by Hie , been unable to obtain leave of "
' and two. others, who mswwm »l.»l t».« P*nfcvi-Bai«L n« the ""
fWu paid every attention to the d g hie tanked
ld'nt let 'em go, thai's wot Funny Folks.)
Weighing (ho visit of the Pareco

On Monday, at ...» ^••■•vutuu f mty Mmsions,
Thomas Whitfield, no home, and James Rogers, of .
Woodville-grove, ML Anu'e road, Tottenham, were! kg hie brokeA arm, and giving him medicine, but charged with being concerned In stealing a pony, raft,! ***** Internal Injuries weie tho can* of death, aad harness, of th4 value of tho property of 1 hey admitted, bowavor. that they had ewn thoraU-Jsmea Moorfkld. Mr. Pdneiome, solicitor, appeared I Y** .occaasooally tha worse lor liqunr. hut never so 6* the proeecution. Prosecutor stated that em 4h* that he waa unable to take vhaige of hie ship.
Oth of May he was employed on some new buildings ) "he Court found the charge of drunkenness provt-d, ia the St. Anna's-roa 1, *md need hia pony dnd eart to *"d empanded the cm plain's certltkats for six fetch mortar fiom the mill. Between 12 and one months. They acquitted him on tho charge of ueg-o'slock he went to dinner, leaving the pony and rurt! k«ti=g the buy.'
in the field, and on his return he found they h id be- n , ——
"om rfou A RA,LWAT €*,in,Ao,;-
day following
go Wood, Old Caa to him, and
At Godaleiing, Job
a jard near^Slioredileli j
tho way to placed^ hiin in a black travelling bag. The money,
wwgw """Oil. Oi, m nc
Tuemlay at tho alarylebon, dulently obtaining frci *' Southwark-straet. Cam
e-court, witlf frau-
. Sidney Locock, of 13,
The defenc toll you. You will be mairied ee. You will hnvs Uirso hiind-e sandy one will bo other young men will
us table Robinson, 403, stated that the prleoner Whlt&ald Into cuetody, on
final destination. Ho at once hired a dy Godalming, -which he roach,-d at Id gain no tiding of his b ig. In
day in H street was found to be telescoped to any putt of tho mbndy from tho sale of the pony, as , whith waa lied afuot, andhad moreoverInltagroat hehadkpMgo hia Irbwe* to get bouie. Both pri-i and pracmedad ....................... - *l— «<.nr>rs were committed for trial at the Middlesex . midnight, v~*
length. At
, I thought th

k- 1 he first nanted bought a copy, giving the nor Id., and ho asked for more, but it was pointed him that a Id. was tho proper price, and shortly

I'arsoo-llage, as tho French say, spnr(,,tho cri.-k. tera hsve every right to appeal against (his unworthy ramee-c^en by Phraee-monkus ^ployere. If lb* appeal is disrogsrded, they must try again; for Parsco-veranca eomqusra digcmlties. ^
A Ua*M "Inonr or Fat»."—Tb(llu,I)lifihU'r * * m*n> *bo"*b somctimca
The fhreo Gaugem of Railway*—Kanum gang* bruid gauge, and mortgage.
If speech is silver and silence is gold, how much b k Lsdlea who light up well at night—Thjse who havu
They lung a negro lately in Cairo, and this leads the St. Louie to aay that ^lt waa m eoveru
d«mth,bm whatarellaftogetontof Cabor
A Maine genUman owns a horse that refuses to g* church on Sunday without stopping. Ho fiudj

i feet high, thro
Mrs. Grundy »ay» that if you wish to see a line di play of dwmouda upon tho human fomn you me acvure an introduction to the ugliest woman to bo fou. at a fashionable watcring-place.
didn t behave like an overgrown baby, 6
her for his ipeody recovery

afterwards the prisoner was given In custody. Thi peoeeoutora did not not wish to preee the c&ur; heavily against him. They only brought hi
Miirt onKlin Tl,„ ^.iJ 1
n public grounds, fho pi the papers from a man who told h thaaa. Polieo.eonstohlo, 0* X,
along to the station the prisoner said tin ought to haro known better than to buy 6o gaper. Mr. Cook* oheerred that it wma a very Importankeaao* and wue very propedy brought before him, f«* R $aa a lamentable thing that these announcements should bo made and people induced to buy copies on the belief that tho statements wuio true. Ho should remand the prisoner to consider what course ho should take. He would accept baiL
to tho ^cajjUiin directing stoppages charge charge of mnrd rin. hia wife the p,Isomer said- " Now Lun : and% thnT oth^^ha^eL^ W ^.U^Joc k yen haveeonwi to Ihrm,Ural pant; I don't diso.n refcimc* to oCcia] documents which ha] been re-
i Ford, solicitor, of P

a tha sternum, | The opening of tha letter addrceeed
en, based his defi it Vico Admiral Lord John inquiry, in consequence of which n be reported upon onco Ii nltod that ha could not ha tried fc ha had been already pi
*ol and sending the rrisoneratoCardlgauahi irom employing any man who wwa nut Inauredaguius* nnsona of asn WeL.i countiea being closed-via., aeodsmta ton certam amount, the employw paying a i Cardiganshlm, Montgomemhlre, Mfrianetk^lM,
P" *agcs. sub- mom that Oorammant contemplated the summer an.
ky 10 per cout. of_that amount by the j from PmnbvokeAira and tha other eii

was not proved, and the Court acquitted him of that pait of tho charge. Tho Court found him guilty of tho other charges, and sentenced him to ' eighteen months seniority and to be dismi
At the Sittingbonrno Petty Sessions on Monday, Charles Moore, a milk seller, of Milton-next-Sitting-bourno, was summoned for selling adulterated milk. Superintendent Mayne proved ashing defendant foe a quart of milk, and defendant served him with it and charged SJd. Witness had a portion of the "milk" analysed by the county analyst, whoso certificate he now produced, to the effect that it wa adulterated with one-fifth of water. Defendant Superintendent Xfayne took me all unawares, never did adulterate the milk, but my wife did, though I do not know how much water she put In. Tho Chairman (Roil O. B. Moore) mid tho Bench were determined to stop this practice of adul-torutlng food, and thay should, thcrefoco, 6ne Ik defendant £7 10s. and Os. coats, lie was liable to I penalty of £20. Defendant: There is a man u ""/locally who has got a card in his window
Milk-and-water sold here." How about him? Thi Chairman : You sold yours ss milk. Defendant then paid the money.
e the nght enr. I be windpipe was cut righl He had no doubt the wounds had been mads by some sharp instrument like a knife or razor, and could not have been inflicted by herself. After some hnical evidence as to blood spots
i». Uie witnes
i attend thei
was fully committed for 1
Justices I'.ramwell, ftaggallay, and Tin „ ,
minster on Tuesday afternoon, a point was raised oi oome interest to kllganta In tho Mayof* Com* of ,
Ixmdon. This was an action of ejectment tried in Isi-axtici the Mayor's Court, whore the plaintiff got a verdict, | ""I1
leave to move tho superior court being reserved to the tho ^
defendant. The defendant moved for and obtained * "
rule mm in tin " "
order staying
nt to take the case to the Court of , or perse
Appeal, but did not give, nor wss the court asked to . . .
"rial leave to the dafsndant to appeal from ! wrecks were reported dunng tho past wew, maaing
Idonal Court. Whenthocnaocamoon,Mr. the total fbrlhopreeent year***, or adecraaaeol 273
Attenbofough, on behalf of tho plaintiff, took (ho " compared with tha rorraaponding penod of 1877.
" ' ' -**— *' • A -■ 1 ^----------ipproxiroatoly valued at £76,000,
of Norway, two off New-e In the West Indies, one missing, one Jost by colli-
jl, Paddington, upon ddld. Thaevh'
_____ __ _ , ihowod that tho deceased ** foowd In tha
Pleas Division, which rule, ' g«'den of 47, Westboume-pork-vilUs, arid the discharged. Lord OoWdge, ** death was aacmtamed to ha suffocation from dr staying execution in order to A verdict of \Y ilful Murder against some p
lassdamt to tmhe th. ease to tho Oomt of | '45™?' «... , .
Untish and foi
45 of the Judicative Act, 1873, the determination of British Isles, two off the coast,
the defendant's appeal from the Mayor's Court by thi. Divisional Court oi the Common Pleas was final in the absence of special leave to appeal. Their lord-ships after hearing Mr. Lamaieon for ths defendant, held the objection fatal, and on that ground dismissed ths appeal with costs.
Bcurr to Dsat*.—A servant girl has been burnt to death at Whitby. 8hs accidentally rata rated her dress with paraffin oil, and then imprudently went too near the fire. She waa at onoe enveloped in flames.
Euioramts.—'The,shin Glamis, which sailed from Tendon for Maryborough on the 1st March, having 354 emigrants on board, la rop&tad by telegram from tb% thT"^ *' Bt"l*ae 40 'Ukr* *nr>T®^ out about or SN Enousb 8nr.—A telegram from

one abandoned i or DanaoiMo A Cw«e&— aton Petty Sessions, before Mr. 1L Nash and . Doe, Samuel C. Ridley, contractor, and
. id William Parrott were sui -at ths instance of John W. Coachman, agent 1 Lord of the Manor of Tottenham, for having dog up and damaged the Common at Wood-green. Jt appeared that the defendant Ridley is the contractor for making a nsw road across the common in question, for the purpose of forming a better access from the village to the railway station, and entrance to the Alexandra directkm of the Local Boyd. wiUyut having first obtained the consent of the Lord of the Manor
Toktcbwo a BctLoau-At MisUoy, near Man-
through the nostrils in two places, cutting and
> his own statement to-----
was ready to drop off." The

Rmioluion o> iloBMo.vs.—A party of Mormons' numbering 222 persona, left Liverpool on Saturday last for Salt Lake Oity. They wefe accompanied by four returning elders.
New Roman Catholic CnoacB.—The new Roman Catholic Church at Walton, erected at a cost of £9,000, was opened for service on Sunday morning. The sermon was preached by Dr. Eyre, the newly-appointed Archbishop of Glasgow.
iHsrscrio.f or tub Mctropolitah VpLu*Tsaas.—
lsry, and tho 19th Middlesex Rillee-undsrwent their annual inspection on Saturday laat. Jshd Kapler of
orfoers, but to lhoo« of the .regular army the largo foroe assembled on such an occasion.
Rarvax or Foubjon Masons.—In consequence of the end of the masons' strike the number of fowigd
time all the foreigner* will lsave ftlioom^
stated to be pending with reference to the Hall Estate, nesr Wymondham* Norfolk, th.
againK the present oww, end ia oapectedto be k
rnUee, and thesulsctw
th« prisoners of the counties | P^ce8 *r0
......— omhrstoodthatherMaje^y'e' mthrm.
| judges have reported against this proceeding, and the I . ^ paper I summer and spring assize* will be held in those countiei ^ litigation Is " b*stofdre, avmding the troubleamd espww of th,
his early translstioo
wko rouged very highly Inquired, wndsr the liqicartKm, how be thoughts!* looked. "I A#Uy cannm teU. madam," he replied, f mmkee yon
" What makes your cows eo ero#»r asked an o* lady of her milkman.—"My cows crosel Whttd* ""^1™ I"—'" Why, ss your milk is always
pulled out a revolver and announced, " If any man goee frolicking mbout while Una sals Mgmngon, I shall mtorrupt hie career. Put over by the fence, an" leave em thar."
etious young lady wickedly remarks that (k «... wcuhar e^uipagee eeen at wstoHng-bf dog-carta m that puppies always ride
ad.deeeribee ^the eUe

>yago of the Jxnitlt the blubber nale blubber
TheLiveryool people hare their little peculiarity o. llie local print of Saturday gives two conseeu leiut, one of, which explains the dodge of playing
fho Nioolaieff Depositing Dock is now bcin
literally washed away. Walls were thrown di _______ ____
and Aonee weighing several hundredweight wme ' the em pa bill tie, and esUaoedhssry power of the dock earned a long distance. A woman and child Acre that the constructors have received the personal axypstalatloas of ths Grand Deke
so thoroughly satisfied
..... . the morn-I and (he Imperial Minister of Marine^ Admiral
bridge she got on to the parapet and leaped Into the •»-- -»•«--» • ■ • .......
Thames. She wes seen by Acting. Inspector Johr Abnett, of the Thames Police, struggling in the watei
&&= $&. ^
and managed to rescue her as she was being-------
bonosth a barge moored off the Surrey side. Shs is supposed to be Annie Middleton, aged 28 years, of Lmmereon-strset, Umbeth.
Em a esxlsmknt.—Willism Henry Giles, a porter,
was charged at the Clerkenweil Police-court on the
Thursday evening, the 13th insfc; Mrs. Newman was outside a public-house, the defendant and his
after laying the first plate of the dock at the Mill wall
Kiwto *r t Binrn*! Aukktn
tonwd n rerdict ot AeddenUl Death.
rest ol the evsoing. 7
how to ones. They appealed to' a boy, who was
a taw
- Snakes P* The ytung ladies crossed tha ditch at a
year-old hopeful an outfll

the troubled look
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