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. .8T8i ss amir, taciiji
th* M» Sovereign on th* moraine of th* 80th of Juns,

~Th» irisHO4 K-Oapt. b' /

,'pecsll, SSBlngst ih« working claMS*. Mi I
in "hich *h* ».I4 thai people Uv*d bol for th* prw Btfiotnl. working hard but ipMdlnc hard at th* ta time. ami leaving nothing behind them for ll families- I» had been htr pilnful duly to witness mi in,lancet of thlt condition of things,'aod tt wet ow lo bar knowledge of til* tublect ibel the cueghl dwa .wmAw w prnwAlw^mtW th.« ww. 1 pr»Jit!»l dieplay of dree*. ttumpl women eipeclally. wa, bul an outward sign of what waa pine — throughout th* wliol* *oclalty*tem. instead of ahatli Ik* evil "*»«n th* incr*aa*v up and ihi
liih character, comma as mn mi
sncestore. Thar* waa no pees.*.. .—— . -----
of gold, enlprosperity waa It* foetsr-mother. In no country w-«* |t ao deeply rooted M In England. One indirect promoter of extravagance waa the modem fusion of cIMh, ,prmging op from Internal prosperity. Thooeaade who la the laat century would hare prospered .t mechanic* or Iradstmeu, now found Utr " '*
making an appearance foT which their altogether Inadequate. Th* upper rank* o. «u.
urged, -hather they would or not, led th* l*w*y, and lb* charge eke brought Win* the eftrevng*»tM of the day ww MM ao much that they eeM money ee -the t

ttaS th* ttendard c great**: evil, of th*
anything," said 8t Pool, and ah* would Ilk* t_ —
is ttt
magical panacea bat thought much might be don*'by ouup.^auaats!is&-ssta-.
I preventing extravagance the adoption of the ready-
=w&t lis? r;.£
rrra'ice. and he bellered that uilcw the nation could he ma le llrifty and. Itmpertt*. it would auon becom*
wanting to Improve the condition of our working clw. Mr. riughrt at ,orpe length explained th* working of the expenditure of Wturanee socie-iw. and exp • belief that they. If now generally need, woa much toward* aboil,hlng the credit ,y«tem.-A of thank* waa accorded to th* nob e Earl fur preelding, end th* proceeding! ahead.
llarncke. Portsmouth, ale* that when lie left bii ment to join th* Fir*t Claaa Army Keaerre ha waa that if ever he waa eallfd up for permanent soiv ..... ... the pay of lb* rank that h* wi
pay, an importan
ceiving when b* Joint orporal when l.e joined
mean* tlire.peoco a d-......._
addition to the pay of a eoldier. li* doe* who U to blame ; but ha,
be tbouid bare to refund the mnoey he had received
it would be itopped In future, and that being a auper-
deprived of hie pay. ft would no'
in the Budget, but that makee
.nee corpora la, who hare lhaeain* complaint to make »• hehaa. He coneidere that he le only a,king for what the lance corporal* are juetly entitled to. and no raor*. if the power* aboe* them will not give them :beir pay they cannot Mummen ib*m aa they onald a i»il empl.,*r, bul If one party to an engagement fulfill their ehare of the contract it oannot b* cu.nidcred honeet for the other aide to ehiik tbeira becane* they hare ,11 th* power In their own band*. He !iopre that hi* latter to u* will meet th* ey* of eotne gentlemen who will aak Colonel Hlanlcy th* r*a»on nf lance corporal* being treated In "audi a thabby
A Cuiormx AccrniKTALLT Poi*oi*«« — Mr. W. Codd, oorunrr for .North E*a*x, held an inoue«t on uoaday on t'.o tWy of th* Il*». W. Bollock, at ' aulkbourn Hall, near Witham, where h* met hia death rom poiaomng. It appear* that decoaaei, who wa* a ■nice of ih* Mace for the ocunty, and patron of the • ing ol Faulk bourn, waa bu«y auperintendi ,g *ome ackiny and other preparation! for a viait. to Loodoft, • hen ho felt fatigued and unwell, and ..went to a ipboard where he bad medicine*, intending to tak* u •°*® lo r**i»* him. In tb* cupboard, * lauding beaid*
■ □fortunately be miatook Ju'ckly aft«rwi
» label turned Uwarda
1 immediately dia patched
*d Mr. Bullock died.

ental Death wa* returned.
AN INDIAN HAILBT..«*.-Th* hail.torm nf April 13. »t hutuhgurb wa, probably on* of tb* mo*t violent on record, Judging from the amount of damage ,u«*f«d hy the lariou, public building. In the atatlon and fort. 1 ho rofiT, of the buildldg* throughout th* European Infantry line, were a perfect wrack, and tbo,* in the fort were very little betttr. The bail,tone* are reported to have betn at lea*t 4) Inch** In diameter, and to have been over one pound In weight, and in one of the
and relaid. Th* .

,. ana latrma, have been *o J have had almoat *very aingl* them In tb* verandah, of the bartick* h of th* old tile* will b* able to b* In the aubeidiary building, ther* i.
tb* building*, are partially protected b wheelwright a abop, which had juat b*
a1 -abahad-patUxn Ulea, bad at laaat
mroical Kdocatio* pom Won meot b hvoar of providing a complete lor women ha* received ponaiderabL proparty, amounting in rala* to nearly £70(>0, h*vmg l ean left to the London School of Medicine for Women, ■T", llenrie«a-*treet,.Bruawiek aquare, by the late Mr*. *i«Tub Mayor's Banqckt. — Th* M*yor (A. L. M Calmont, E,q) will glv* a grand banqu*t at tb* Eoyal Victoria Booma, on Wedoeeday evnlng aejt, in honor of th* aitit of th* Royal CoubU**' (Hani, and Berk*) Bkow ta thia town. Lord Henry •*ott, MP, President of the Show, and other dl*ting*iehed prracn* will be creaaat. The batqu*t bring under th* car* of Mr. T. Dartnall, aucetaa la certain.
Tri'Ansa lea* Mgar ahd Pgon«6> TiAD»^:
cell en t order. Thi* i* a reeamption of the *
followed by (Khar v

either fellor jumpedfrom atlird etorey window of a
fee the man that be eeoaped wiUtMt aeriou* Injury, a* Le fell a ooanderabl* duUso* on to the at«M pavement
Cam OobhooM, Lord II

low left in that aaeembly-Mr. Cnw^r.
Mr. Chriitoplier Talbot, and Mr..Bo4k*jr
SoffTHavrroa PBRMtutvg'Biu. El_ . ciatio!'.—A meeting of thi* aaecoietion wa* held at the De.nerv *cbooi room, on Wedneeday evening. Canon Wilberforro preeided, and tb*r* wa* a large attendance, •7*7 eectiou of religion and politkse being repreeented The oh airman eeid that though th*y had been defeated in th* reoent election thev were not diegraoed, but that on the contrary they had moch to encourage them to pereevere in the oouree of action they aa an aseooiation nad adopted. The object of the preeent meeting wa* toJnooMdw whether they ware to lay down their weapon*, or A oo with Ihelr work. • II* had doubt bol that at aodttUnl date both politioel partita would eee it lo their interest to adopt their platform. Ia tb* meantime they mn*t all alrit* to laoreaee their number, and eo make thaaaolv** fell Vaiiou* *ngg*etlon* were made and addreeae* Hallvtred by diffarant cpoaker*. all taking a moet hopeful view of the •itua-ion, an I eventually the following raeoluilon wa* ananlauMialy adopted " That thl* meeting regret* moat *ino*rely the reenlt of the re-oant Parliamentary Election for lb* borough, Southampton baa loot a worthy man** reprei
and the temparaace cante a nobto advocaU, but wnil* *m*rtin* nndee the defeat tUll. MM *ign, of procre**, and i* itimulated thereby to renewed energy and per eevaranoe. And tbie meetioz hereby autboriae* tb Executiv* of the Southampton Permianve Will Eloctora Aaaooiation to continue the work it ha* ia hand, feelin, arnured that In doe time right and jtwtioe will overoom wrong and tyranny " A cordial vote of thank* to thi
I reading of the Women * Di»abilitiee Bill, but it fjected by 210 to 110 Laat year nodiviiion wa* , but in 1370 the raeaiuns wa, d*feai*d by 039 to 162. In 1875 ti e *upporter, of the Bill numbered 152 «nd it* oppoaeoU lw. Thi* i* the third time upon ■Which A formal deoifion upon th* maware lu» been
raw a
that in 1ST0 the Bill wa* carried on II* MCQod reading
thrown out on th* aeoond reading by 220 to 161 j in 1878
menl ,ommonod in 1BO8, it wa* defeated on tbo eecond reading by 223 to 165.
O* We-Jneeday, June lllh, Mr. C. ll.Calvert, pub. li'hor. of 19, Bellevue roa.1, gave Me annual dinner to hi* clerk, and Southampton *g*at*, to which 32 ,at down. J. Milee, Eeq., preaided. and after dinner the u,ual to**:* wore propowd and reiponded to. During the evening variou* imnrtmrU wore provided, Inelufl; log vocal and instrumental ramie, Ihoatrioal performance, I Chriity Mlnttrel performance, the company eepa: log at 3 o'c'oclc a>a Tbur*d*y morning, having tho-ighly enjoyed tb«i,"lve*. '
JDnriLLowsmr. M.D —" Loy*l Fidelity Lodge.— Wedneaday evening the officer* for the emuing term r* appointed aa follow,: — Grand Marnier. Jlr. J. Stone, Noble Grand. Br. W. H. Early , Vice Grand, Br. A W. Spencer 1 Minute Secretary, Br. U Smith.
So' TiiawrroN llaiBuua Boaan.—A tpecial meet, ing of the board will be bold to-morrow (Saturday), to deration the aubject of the repair* to the
Hr. Chumeley'* r the laat. The
ince copy of thi*
etcbea, we almo*t think we le children on page 33 arc admirably drawn, and babjdom waanarir more prettily or more naturally depicted. The lilerary portian ia of
ng our lighter lUtraleuri.
I —The annual match took place on iween eight member* aeUcted frura . . iv lit Wimbleoon repreaentativra, the
diitanae, bring 200. 600, and 600 vard,, Wimbwdon ,nd re»ulationa. 1878. The enrp, came off by 27 point,, acd made ' thiid victory In 1. The following are the ..ire* : —
(erred at Wind tor.
,v* decided that bit remain* alia 11
if PiiMD.—A, meeting'of th,
ooouder the report, 4c. The &ev A. Bradley wa* voted to Uie chair, and there wer* al*o preeent
M. A.—A letter of (pology fw ooa-attendanm wa* read from Mr 0. Grew.—A letter wa* read from Mr 0. W. A Jellieoe, th* auditor of the fund. Mating that be bad audited the aooounl*, and found them quite oorrocL Thefe wa* a oheqoe lor the amount of £2 4* not y*t preaented at the bank.—The eecretary (Mr. A J. Dyer) then read a report, allowing the noticeable feature* in tb* proceeding* in connection with the collection of the fund for the pa*t year. Special mention wa« made of the kiodnea* of Mr. Copni, *nperintend«nt at the Railway Terminn*, who haf kindly placed a van an J driver at the diipo-al of the **crel*rlM for Ave day*, to aaist in the dirtribntion end oollection of the collecting box**. The report in it* entirety wa* an exceedingly favourable ona.—The B4v. E; J. Boon proposed that the report be received by the oommibM —Dr. Laki in aaoooding the propoeilioo (poke in (trong term* 000 cerning tb* report having b-en made poblio befoie Uu committee had Men or pawed it, and he conaidered th< eociety had become a permanent one, and that at Executive Committee abonldbeappointed iogointotbe*< matter* before they were poblUbed. He poke of thi growing (oaleof Lxpenw* from £21 th* flr,t year, t( t:0 odd, the Iwtyear, and be partreulamed the amopnt orjca l.'a for material alone, for the oolleoung b xe*, After a diecuwion on* propoalHon and amendment after the other being propoeel, it wa, carried "TbM| the meeting in Deoembcrau Executive OommiUeeahtWa be formed/'—Mr. llandall moved a vote of thanka to Mr. Copu*. for hi* w,i*uno*
Bev. F. L Wigram, and Mr. L. Powell Mated that 1 Svuikampto* Warrerr damn municate to , the committee _—___
r tribute to the Chairman terminated the proceeding*. Sr. JiicH — It.'ie ifoW nearly aeveo your* 100 the Bev. 0. D. Kebbol wa* appointed vicar of me*' Cburcb, *ince which time the interior of the :red edifice ha, been thoroughly metered, the o.gan a been renovoted from time to t me, and by mean, of n aurplioed choir the chureh muaio baa boeo greatly improved, while the rev. gentleman hw laboured mJefatigahly. amoeg hi* pariahiuner*, and many ex callent matitutiona hato boon deaignel and carried out lor the benefit of the poor in the p;ifi,h. under the *Vpenut«nJence of liioiaclf and Mr* Kebbel. The congregation, however, at 8t Jam*,'Church Sunday* bw aftaoty. Tlie pariOiioner* have failed to appreciate rlcar * minutration,. and thi, the rev gentlemen h«* vet-y much felt, and ha, not omitted from time to to remind tSeru. both from the pulpit and by g them in their home*, of their negleot of duly attending th* public wor,liip of Almightv God ir own pamali church. Laat Sunday being Trinity y, the viear took the opportuui y of again
Id apbold.ibf
me nation at large.—Mr, Murna^han having borne hi, twtimon* to the great worth of Mr. Ourney, and the loUau,Ulned by hit de*th, the propoaltlon wa, adopted. — V«t^ if Ihanh to thi Freti&M — Capt. Ha,field,' in propoaing that a hearty vote ef thank* be accorded to their reapeeted Pre,Went, Mr. G. Dunlop, arid their Viee-Prtaldoit, Mr. H. Dnnlo^,
> necewity of public worehip, lb 3i*hip being in God * .own con « (trongly deprecated the praclic, out to different place, 01 worahip
denrubility of I
*d bouee, an i I ton* running al
Ir own pjriah Ahtrch. U# pclmtod cot wbnt had b *n done In the choroh during hi* mini,try. and while again earnestly recommending to hi, parlihironer* a , Regular attendance and in greaier number* at their •ch, announced hi* attention of (till further imprei*. Ibl* duty on them by another viait among them.
itW.#W «£!'
ther director* bein)
MrWor*th*pabUo Tb* e*plul re*. Tbo chairman i* Mr. G. T.
peeled Sheriff, Ih*
»ry atroog mu»t*r of office
" ' j at pew-quarter*,
wwy m— a.wwa —. —a«^4 to lb* Owaor
by the band, under Bandmaaler Herbert. 11 »nt through a variety of battalion movemi und* of cartridge* having been aervod t

bri,k firing in *kirmiahini ord*r ivw kept uj ward, they marched djwn AUove Bar and tlie il and were diamiaaed opposite the Dolp wore under t'je c unmand of LieuUni
D Ba'aile, Captain Commandant iia id Adjutant Cooke being among the omoera pry 1st Hast* AtTittear VoL0nr*«m. Bel _rd*r* for week ending Jon* 29, 1878—Monday, Corp* will parade 00 the Plalform-batlery, for

mencing in the Aienue on. the main road from ibampton to Wincheater, tliey will tnverd Slur ev. The entire

General Work, Company,. Limited, and ii pletod by the ilat of December next.
HaaverT Puotrior*.—Where the graw and c have been mown conaiderable damage i, likely t cauaed to tho crop io coneeqnence of the continued heavy raiufall,,

cawed by the broken and chilly weather in all part* of Ireland. The Spring wa* an exceedingly favourable one.

Mackay, which ami New \ork. broncht a. r__ au, H. Duroll, J. Nadeau.S. Di E D. Price, of Monroe, Michigan, »o are member* of the Kho-Woo Cm Alette Club, and American champion,, anJ who will? row at Henley Iloyal regatta the w*ek uexL Thoy brought with them one four-oared boat, 12 feet long, auJ two akiffa. I hey are all outrigger*. And made of P*PM, bain* bewiifcUy emcotb co tb*,CQi*We. Tb* four oared boat wei^h* t-H.b*, and tlio ,ki(T, 301b* each, end the crew are deacribed a, I '

e Gymnaiium will b* opened for by 1 o'clock on (Tue*day) bacribing member, only, from 7 p m , to 10 p_m. Par minute* h* expired, tbl
ified. The crow and boat* left for London imoon, and bo b eXeclUd much attention remained here. We learn that, w laat year, the 1*1 Hani* Volunteer hugiueer* hw been
Say at Henley regatta.
IATH —A man named John Taylor, aged

tieulam of lb* StrrtmrtM. — WWmeWmy *md fridey. bwil,
gun, repoiitory. and *quad dmll at 7 30 p.m.—Saturday, 1 „u called in. hot lif*
Ih tt. f.vt, .
irnoon, and In about fifteen mi**to* b* *»pk*d, tbroogh, *ccc*dieg to th* m*diMl
......^l*gcf * Mood v**Ml D,. OHv**
itincl when he arrived. Bat xs —Tb u^ban k -
—E Bancc, Captain Com.
m l*t# Fib* a» tdb Abbow
report bw cauwd Mr. Pay** vary wrlotu toconv*ni*nc*. and h* wiihe* th* prew to nj that no fire occurred at *llb*r of hi, yard,. The fir* on Whit Monday wa* at Mr. Tankervill* Chamb*rUyn*'» yard. Northern, where th* Arrow winter,, and where (he bw lately undergone •xtanaiv* alteration,. It ww feared that tb* Ore would
% filled out thl* ****oq, I
fortnightly meeting of - en* on Tbunday weak, tb* following tender* for the(upply of provUtoo*, Aa, for th* inniu quarter were aeceptadi-Bread. Mr. J. Oliver, 62, Orchard lane, 4|d tb* 41b. Icef. and floor at tl 11, per *ack. Meat, Mr. A. DavU, M, Ht. Mary'*-•treet, beef. 0d; able* ef ditto, 8i< ; mutton. M; euet.

1 Official Aaaignee announced that the ad would yield a final divideod of about b*JL' 1 hot eoveral week* would oeoocwarily the diatribution lake* place—Th* mail
The atual monthly meeting of the St. Mary * Working M*n'« Conwrvatly* and Con*tU*tlooil took place at tb* Kinglaad Tavern on Thu»day evening. Mr Councillor IL Dunlop, J.P., Ib the abwnc* t:J the Prwldrnt, pretlded, the large room being filled, and amongat the large nnmber preeent ware Colonel Bond, Captain Hatfield. Alderman McCalmont, Councillor W. Peikic, and Mewr*. Appleford, R. Bell, Mulford, J.Bernard, Murnlngham, Dible, C. Iiay*«, L. Powell, Moor, ftanaom, Ac.—//cr M'jttij'i Cover*-•Mel.—A letter ww read from Mr. J. P. Daley, eecretary to Lord B,won,field, thanking the Awoda-tion for tb* vol* ooafidenc* pwaed to Her M*ie*ty * Government at their Iwt meeting.-Vol* V--------------
•he bad (uatalntd In tb* *Md*9' ^____ _ . _
of BuweU Qnrney. Mr. Dnnlop Mid all oT'tbe» war* well a war* of th* nubile worth of Mr, Onnwy. Be ww not only.* great low to Soathampto*. but te m* country at large. H* Uv*d In tb* heart* ef tb* people, end thuted and ww *nr* be would reap
' ^xpMted TXth
Garney ww a right g**d and noble-hearted JuU
--------------recently ilgned an bddf*k to tb* '
Bight Hon. gentleman, that practlwd at hi* court*—
« the recent election, *r ait to Mr. O. Duulop, for foihtr had made during ih*
Comiitullonal cau,e (cheer,).— tt'u Mr. B Bell, who edloaUed
)al»ed the great exertion, lb/ ade by their l'reildeiit and Mr.H Q Dunlo|
I)-—Mr. Uouike, Alder
Vnd Mr. Appleford, all
thai bad attended their exertion,, wa, then put and carried amidtt loud < time* three (or their Preeident. and dil Duulop.—Th* Chairman in returning
1a for Mr. U. O. thank, for tb
a, wen aa oiaer part* 01 iae towu nan nobly done thel cuty in retiirillng Mr. Gilet, a aupporter of H« Majeety'a Government (cheer*). He wa* preimit In the Home of Common, whttT Mr. Gllei tc-lThi, aeal, •nd he received luch an'Ovation w he (the ipeabrr) had'rarely wltneoed, not only from the Coottrvatire member, bul alio (rom Independiut member,. After a few Other observation, on the aneoeie they had attained in returning a gentle mm* at a mpporter of Her Majetty't.Governmeni, one of the greateal and Uronge*! thia country ev»r knew, a Gowmment that would up. hold tn* honor and dignity of ihi* great apd mighty Emplte (loud cheer,). He again thanked them for the
ST. LAWBBNCli A meeting of the 8t. Lawrence Conservative A,«v ciatlon Mm held at the Brewery Bar, Ewl-,ireet. on Tburaday *v«ui»g. Tb* chair ww taken by Mr. 0. Horseman, and there ww a good attendance. Mr Michael btnaoual (the lion.
of the pretlou* meeting,
firmed, ten new member, w number of member* in ih

Queatloni it, proxr
they were m> doubt ui inter-,tea in ttit* great que,.too of the day. and although the *ubject had been pretty well ventilated, he tbould endeavour to lay it befor* them in the plain*,I lerma He mentioned that he ww Indebted for much of hi, Information to the " Royal kh had been recently pabliabed, Kaatera journey,
of Kngland," w ,lch brought it*

. mcreating tha loyalty----------
lul ject*. He .hen traced the origin of thl. Extern ^ueation. and read extract, from the "Royal lliltory." anion elated that it had ari„n from dUpute* w to die i" »w«eion of certxin place, in the Holy Land Prom ihl* h,d arisen all the recent ditpuiel between Kunela axd itiraey. and which wa, tbo aol* c«u,e of the Crimean War. In referring lo Comtantinople, the lecturer Wked
tin, key had nut tcrepteJ to try and obtain it by sacrificing thousand, of Uvea and million* of money. He next • liuded to the bribe offrfed to Kngland by the Cx\r In
ally refuaed. Beam* had

of yontuntlnople. Ruwia take, poeeMalen of the Mediterraoeau, Egypt, and India, and God knows what will follow." To this Xapoleon bad (ought to make a harrier, bve*labli,hing Poland w a kingdom, but had
ity of the Ottoman Empire. Russia took offence and in 1871, just after the Franco-German war, Ruetia objected to It, and a proticol, knowu as the proticol of London ww iMued. By it no power could ' - o itself froui the engagements of the treaty, or
promoted by Russian Intrigue. As for Rustla talking about benefitting Ibe ChiUtiaot, had she not devastated the kingdom of t'olsn I, and commuted horrors ten times
. leoe of treachery, w worse than all. If it had not been for tbo bravery of Roumania, be doubted very much if Turkey would have been in her proeent plight. Let them remember the dispatch which the Cxar sent to Pnoce Charlw, aod which *aid -In tbo name of God, come, and come quickly I" 000 tbe beginning of the eighteenth century, Russia ' waged eight war* again,t Turkey, and each time ac-

Field, Ike Judge eppoinledlO try the Bel,Ik -------
to the double return for South Northumberland. Indexing a notice from Mr. Grey, withdrawing hie claim to th* wat—Mr. Courtney, in moving the wound reading of the Bill for tbe removal of the Political' Ditahiliti** of Weaen. expreeeed regret at the lose susuined through the retirement of Mr. Ilan|ey, and the death of Mr. Ruwell Ourney. whore name w*e on th* back of th* Bill. II* then adduced argument* In favour of tbe mewure, and of making the Honte of. Common* as widely representative as possible by con-ceding to women otherwise quailed tb* privilege Of exerciilng the elactlv* franchise. He contended that women were no lee* fit than men far lie powatsioo. that they were no m^re liable le priestly Influence than tb* oppoeite *ex, and were qaile w likely tc differ among them,elves upon political subject*.—Mr. Hanbery moved ...... Bill, partly upon the ground that it
calculated t(
He objeryftd that th* Bill ww dl,Ingenuous, mwmuch as wbti* tra promoter* declared that their object ww to
frauebited only a certain number of well-to-do women, ladiee possessing property Who had never yet been able lo "enter a pee the profeseion ef marriage." Therefore, h* " it alto w a piece Of class legislation.-Mr.
Illon j>t fresh namet
ipeecli against it. well ,
occwlon, he had been accused of lr<
with levity and ooar,cneas. If worn,
to th* ^frtncblie io countiee
Reform Bill, which ought anly la be dealt with on 1 possibility of a Ministry having a large maj-

Mr. Beresford-Hope that Mr. (Joret hi

of voting for the election of members of I Mr. Greene w,w prepared to ere, the House the Oppotition beochea until the Day of Judgi than give hi, voice for eucb a Bill. Sir 11. J
by, the speeches of hi, lupport of the
men to the privilege
irtney iu reply, the House ecood reeling by 21S to 110.
for the oewly-create
Jr. Andera«n that h i«e for tender, for

a tbe goal of her

lid ww icouled by til true itting, w it did, Turkey In two ; bul not lis, by a large war Indemnity Russia hoi ed more territory In tbe future, knowing that Turkey never be abl* to pay so larye a turn. They could it admire the patience of Lord Bwconsfiel l, aud Id stand h* had taken, in epile of th* clamouring e and diwppointed place-bun tare he ww perfectly content te wait to tbe *nd, when be would reive hi* reward in the warm approbation of lbs people Kngland. aod the wooder would ho why be ww ever ubted. People bad talked about Bogland", pjwer caymg, but when Russia tried to obtain a Congrees tbout England, the other Power* replied " There can no Congrew wllbocl England." England ww abiding by (be Treatiee ebe had made, and the meant to uphold " lain tain those treaties. In preparing for ww they doing so thai In th* cu, of war they might b* able rt that terrible calamity which befall our wmy In th* Crimean War under Liberal legislation, when more our brave troop* succumbed lo privation rather than th* peril* of ww. Ww It ool better then, be wked em, to be prepared f AH tb* oth*r Power* were mlng, and why not England t Much had been »aid about trestiog lo lb* honour of Russia. Had tbe ever given proof that the ww to b* trusted 1 (no, no). In IS53 she bad shown ebe preferred the acquisition of * few poor terriioriM to the welfare of her great empire. " ing the recent war the Caw had Mid be required no eslon of territory, but would onjy require a ww molly. The way in which ah* bad served Poland Khlve wonldb* enough. Bpt more. Russia had
first to break U, for th* ww now known to b* flitting ool armed cruiser, to prey upon th* commerce of thje country, ebould ww occur, aod this ww oouolsntnMd
IS4 Si&V Tii' ^JfT 3* 1?^ k
'' (Continued from pagt'i).
DnoaKM Vaooxhre —William Uarrla aud Will Harris, father aud son. were charged by f.C. t'oynier , Wldg drunk and be.-uln? lo t'anuto-road the prev' ivcntng.—The eon ww ecet to bard labour for 10 day,, :ho father to T days.
orrace. at half-paar li o'clock that morning. The n defundant used very bad language and '-hreaiened to ku tb«t woaiau-a^he»cl off. Ujih were sent to jtll for 7 d ItoBBEBV nr a Bo v.—a poor afflicted lad. named Gee !. Ilrowo, of So. 1, 8euudere'.court, waa charged » waling a tea-cup eontalulng Us. from tbe shop of lie beppard. of Jlellevuo road —Mr Kldrldge said tbo boy

hi, school, w-suted by Mr Kid---
•d to this, and deleodaot waa accordingly 1
hlncr. waa tummoncd for aasaultlng Ellen Lambert, on loudaylwl. It appeared that several women wee* In a


is Lkeal M A lea.
a.'S^ «o o»
The HTDASPBS-Oapt. Ren.oMaon, with the outward ■nails, arvlvwl W Madras on tha 17th lost.
The KUIFA — Captain O. Lea. with the outward India malls of Mar 33th-Joae 7ih. loft Has, on the JUh insk.
malU, arrived at Bombay on the Uth Ins I.
We*t India*. Is aip.eted at (tooth 1
Brsiil aad W»w flats Zee*.
■tails. Letters. Ac., can be potted at Bouthemptoa ue to It s clock at nnun on Ui* day ofealllmr. .
Tbe J. Bme^ wOl Weve kthsmptae
'ixSo&hasajr «ir5sf^,
Brasil and Rlvar Plate mails. I, expected at Southampton w. *. Bwbs^ wUb Ibe *a*a
a^River Plate mails, la expected at Southampton on tha
,.. arrived at Lisbon on tha 111

The STASZA- Oapt. I
Ballard, laft Booth ampU

Saat London on the 27th of May. The rKlTTO.V—Cao'. A. Clark, ww di.charging 1
Tke ODM -CaeWm O. LsM. &om Mew Tork. w. rived al Houthamptoo on Wednesday, on her way to Bremen, with a large number of pemengara and a foil cargo, having landed tbo Southampton portion of which ah* preceded
Tha MAfX-Chptele J. Barre, eaTed «ceth.
ampton we Tuesday, for New Tork, with mail', a full
The UO&BL -Capt. UJ A. P. Neynaber. will Wvs Scuih-amp'on on Tuesday next, with passenger, aud freight for ' The DOHA O—Capt. R. Boaahis, from Nsw Tork. 1* da* at Southampton nn Tuesday nexi, wills pas sectors ana "Re ?fW%2M*le Merer, from foethem***.
Thel PMXSB8 AMALIA-Oapt. B. W. PWMllaa leave Southampton en fuesday. the 25th of Juno. w,th '

ill leave Son lb.
"wyVitRTON—CaBtTR. BltcUln, from Bonthamptoe.
>. pecsad Gibraltar on tl
r-Cspu Robertson, left Poothamptoa for Waterfbrd. Belfast. Glasgow, sad
n Saturday for Cork.
uvmmfook B
on Sunday, and s
rerp and Liverpool. The A LSA TIA—Ca'pt. »
Ming vtry bad langaage—Ki
tl Soulbaaptoa oa 1 oieo?ar%s portend

as a disgrace to tbe town, and fined snt 3,9 and costs, or M days, bard labour—The again,t Hevol, for assaulting Lambert was dlsmlai

asilog thatltmlghl , .
message, bowsvsr. ww despatched foe tbe Relieving
then paid tbe money and waa liberated.

at eala admitted iluilot the week. 49 j ditto, dlaehaiged 31

riLAMPTON BAILORS' HOME, .ocapled lee lh* weak eedia, Jen
it*j3*it:Z# Z Z
Nonca.-I* order to ensure Insertion of Births. Marriages aad Death,. It Is necasawy that they should be property autheeltoated bv the agme and addrjssa of the sender.
Beach.—J una U, at 40. Portm---^—
Lady Lucy Ilicka Beach of a daughter.
Loudon, W., th* ■place, Southampton, the
wifa of Christopher Horse man, *f a daughter.
Baracs-Long.—May 6. at East Wndon. South Africa, by
U%A3bLm4 «Ewy."eethA^ton

, Boothaopton, Mr.
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