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Apply,«. Hlgh-«tr**t, Boathamptoo.
A YOUNG MAN Aecoatoroed to eolleot mou deeiroe farther EMPLOYMENT ..oalleo-'
FOR SALE.—BARNES'S " OOMMEN-^ TimimN," omopwrs "OONCORD. ANCR." **d other Theological book*. — Address, X. Y. 7... Ob**rr*r Otic*. .
BLUBS, from £i per Ton. .« H. BROWN'S,
OKTM of muTTam&**;oos.*L rmaoa.
STHRBT, Southampton.
"TTTATCHES — English, Swiss, Waltham,
VV and Elgin Lever*. Reduced wliolrwale phe, li*^(Pr*).—Apjily C. Cartwrighl A 5on»; Birmingham.
paper i paper i i papeen i
Bwwmi BALKS ot lht> year'* l>ATtBftNS, tn .11
"mSMT^ctI "-" "J'K" "*••■ •••' Y

iffooarox*TiD v
«" giamawWs, E»q.,j|__._.
! W. A. White, B.q , Talbot Villa, Horn Park, Lee. ! The London Joint S«>ck Uank, 09, Pall MaU, S.W.
or married couple. Term* med*rate.-Apply. » particular*, to O. P.. 4, Lome-terrace, T»mpleton-ro Highbury, London. N.
at SOUTHAMPTON for a PIBE INSURANCE COMPANY. Salary, par aftoum, wilh enmmiwion.
o Invetl £^0 In tha eapltal of the.-Camp&n-,
TtiBEB PAIRS OP SKMI-DBTACHBU HOUSE^ with well-stocked garden* ; ona l, a Orocar and B«k«r'e •hop, «Uh two good Oven,, Stable, Coacb.Uoute. and all convmlence for carrying on tha bualnei* of a OroCer and Baker.—Kor particular*, apply to H BANDY, 1, Weal Mariande, Southampton.
N.B—A part of tha purtbaa* money can remain on'
CLASSES for Ladle* and Oentleenen are now in full operation. To epeak any Language to a« to be under*tood li not to difficult ai would at Qret eight be euppoaed. The necewary rul«e are generally few and aim pie, and with the knowledge of tbeie and a few hundred word*—which can eaelly be committed to memory— no one need be afraid to venter* abroad. -Term,, moderate.—Apply to Dr. (
of Language*. Hartley In.tltullon.
""""" * » ' " u»»ing u
rvery adrerti.ed remedy, baa,cred a ,. of aelf-cure. He will be happy to forward the particular* to any .ufferer on receipt of a tumped and ".....' ' T. 8bwbll, Eiq.
R Davie,, B.q , Suullampton Building*, Chauceiy
buiineue* carried on by There** and Co.^al their rupectire premlaaa hereinafter mentioned; Wj to .ell every dncriotioaof Dr.t-cl.a* Millinery. bilk.,Ac , to lb* Shareholder* and M*mb*rl of the G«*P*»y at *WaWs and to ih* gao*ral poblw
at proltable but much lower price, than as now charged at retail ahopt.
The great beneflta which co-opcatlon confer* on ssuMtshtd fact; .but)
N.U.—Particular .ttemloa i. called In tha very Important fact that a Coupon of £& will bo l«eqed with
every two fully-paid a--— '-----------u"
reeeivo two Ooapon*; ---------- --------r —
•hare*, flea Ooopoa*. and ao on in proportion; but it iboald be dlatiqctly borne In mind that tbla moel valuable privilege will be extended to Original Shi hold era only, and that In futon* laa*. of .hartf Cnopon. will be (iven^ nor^wlll Lift Ticket* be granted
The allotment of Share. the Plr.t Inue (earrrhig Bonn* Coupon*, Ufa Ticket*. Ac.) are now taking
• ub.cribed for. Fnrm. of Application for Sharea may be obtained by apnljiag ta the Secretary, at the Tem--"the Compwy, 3, Walkrook, Imdm.;

whti. no branches of builnew offer fcoch a wide' nip* full advantage* of co operative trading therein.
_ Dimmer Mfmcaimu.
however, abeolutely correct that from ro»TT TO n PIR CUIT. profit i. charged on .Ilka, mod a. much a, ,
millinery, bonn.t., trimmed hata.^rentng drwaZwi collarette., Ac., Ac., which con.iituto In their many varied qualitie. and faahiona the bu.inew of a milliner.
larmmmmnroFBiLKi aow MLD To To: rumuo.
In reference to drea. .ilk, the recent eipo»i In the public pre baa called general attention to the pre.ent unutiafactory (II not diabone.1) mode of mano-
.old, Initead of being* n
J^ESPECTFULLY solicit orders in tli
With eeveral Imfortakt iMPUOVRMKKTa. Th# "CLIMAX," "ANULO AMmKICAN.
BILIUIg MBWOK." thow b, SiiA.Nm, BAU.NABi>and Bisuor, Bolton and Paul, Ac.
balance handle. 10x10 so* | 18x 16 60a :»#IB 46. , 20, IS 5*
20,M M,20 TO,
UalranlMd after n
y*r Training Manti.Ae. _ romliry. HartAa.
Kabblu, | ferfectlv I'roof again,t j

: a
Made and Bold in BolT. of (A yard* each. In width* from 1 to 6 feet, at price, proportioned to the

great portion of the ao-called .ilk. now f being raally .ilk, coniiMa of from one-e half their weight of injunou. chemical, and
Special and very ailvantageou. arrangement, are pending with wverai of the mo*t eminent home and foreign .Ilk manufacturer*, to .upply black, coloured, and fanoy .ilk. of vanou. qualitie. and price*, In a ran
deleteriou. .ubatancee; the Shareholder* i of lhi* Company will, therefore. b< ex clutively .upplied with an article of the very . ... -",|ow*pwr"-'' '
----—----„F.vr Pknpi
Every article . ..................
purebaaed for lb* ioweat ca»h price, direct from the ro-ipcctive manufacture,, producer., or Importer,, thu* javing the .everal profit, now abwrbed by lb. variou. • middlemen who .land between the manufacturer and cuammer; and looking at the numerou. amount of bu.ineo which, under the circum.tance., the Company mu.t command, it i. believed that a profit of at iea.t from 15 to 20 per cent, will accrue to the Shareholder. un capital iqreited,
It u intended, aa «oon aa po,utile, to aaaoelale with Millinery and Silka, Dre„making, Coalumea, mud Uadica' and Children', firat-cia,. Underclothing.
FORTUKR l'KOHAUI.K PROFITS. Thi. general combination willlargeiy augment prefiti greatly incrta.ed return, at very ama.. g expeii.<«, a. the Company will purcha.e ect from the producer., and then by meana op«, workpeople, and a.ii.taH*, tupply all

Incorporated by Special Act of PafUan.__
the liability of each Bub*crib*r I* Iitail amount of hie Sharea. . , OAMTAL.W000.
In 6,000 Share, of <10 each payable aa follow* £1 per Share on Application. '8 „ oo Allotment.
3 a. „ on l»t October, 18J8.
QeorgeTboma. Harper. Eaq .Canule-road.Soothamplon. Chairman (Sheriff of Southampton, and late Pre,ident Chamber of Commerce, l&ilbampton.) Col. IV. M. Cochrane, Surbjtoo, Surrey, Depot? Chalr-
BA3Kiu.-Tbe Hampthlre and North Will* Ranking Company, 30, Threadneedle-etreet, B.C., Loodoo, mmd Wwfr Brawk. &ioth**p«##. EmwRm^L-Mwrd mhou, ^ 0. VkW*.
eWmbv. W#*uobMer.
Souaromt- Mawn. ghwp. EmnUoq, & Co,
Manaoxr —Mr. William Ooddard Lankeater, South-
The Tramway, to* be con.lructed comp.-iae a total length of over 5J Mile, of Street Tramway.; commencing In the Arenueon the Main Boed from Southampton to VVincbe.ter, they will invert* High Street, Ilndge Street, Bernard Street, and Oxford Street, pa,, the Station of the London and South-We.tern Railway, an l the entrance to the Deck., and thence along Canute Road to the Steam Perry over the Itcben ; and Branch Line* will connect tho.e place, and the Town of South-
thf,e.Tramway. I. .howi

of Tramway. I* in «
: MrmoxED j
Th# p*a*U aw pwpoeely wt to 20 per cent, per annum, ia order to oe weu wituin the margin but it la anticipated they will average, if not exceed, 24 per cent, per annum upon the amount of Capital inte.led.
In order to gire the original ohaieholdera all th* ad-vantag,, of co-operation, combined with the immediate bewOta of tb* "Coopoa fradlog It ha* beeo

Good* at the London or Country Eitakli.Omenta of the Company, ao that Sub.criber. for two or more Share, will practically obtain an immediate return in Oooda to the extent of the money they hare inreated, a. the articiea .upplied being at whole.ale pricee, will be equal to doub e th* quantity of aimiiar Good, purchased at the ordloary retail ahop,.
Shareholder, and Cuatomera aa they appear, and each Shareholder will receive every modtb, rurB or charge, an lliu.trated Ciicular containing the Newest Uesiu *----- INFORMATION In every department

NOTICE.—The above Special Price* being extremely low, we mu.t re.pectfully intimate that they are com. puled on the baaia of prompt payment, without any deduction whatever. 100 yard* delivered carnage free.

cu!s« Ki*
pattern, of the newe.t fabrica bharrbolder,free ol charge.
bo fluid up a. Beaifk......
which will be devoted entirely holder* and tb*ir friend*: and Country Shareholder., together with their friend., will bo at liberty to avail emtclrc* of the u«e of the.* Boom, aa often a* they ay wlah during their .lay In town.
QUALITY AND VALUE OF ARTICLES BOLD. Every department of the bualnea* will be conducted thoroughly .killed and experienced per*on», .o that larebolder* and Cu*tom*r* may rely with confidence that only article* of the highett claa* and fint-rwt, -ilao will be *upplied.
Bererai very valuable and excluaiv* privilege* will be accorded to original Shareholder*, via.
lit—Coupon* of the valuo of £6 each will be iaioed ith erery two fully-paid X5 Shares.
to every holder .. .. . -'hould the .har«»
..... life ticket will entitle the
holder to a full participation In all the advantage.
*• "wioSSSfc
3rd.-Holder, of two or mora lully-pald iharaa i bo entitled 10 the free carriage of all good* ov.r , in valoe to any railway atation in England.
BOMB ENTERPRISE OF BOUND CHARACTER. A* a home eoterpria* baaed on tha aoondeot c* merclal principle*, and tnlirdy fr»* from the chaa and changea which affect ordinary undertaking*, tnia Company offer* the medium of a highly proitabla li* *tment, Imdependent of the great and aobetantlal advantage* which will be enjoyed by original .hare-YEMDORS TAKK^THBWHOIJt OF THEIR PURCHASE.
.truetioo by the General Work. Company. Limited, an.The reiident population of Southampton and th. adjoining pari.he* at the ceniu. In 1671. amounted to 83.427; wnce thi* date the population ha. greatly increa.ed, aa alto building* in the outlying diatrlcla In a marked degree ; the.e combined with tbo comlant Influx of vitltur* to lb* town, and the large number of rauenger. dally p.Mlng to and from the Hallway, Dock*, and Floating Bridge, may be expected to giro a larger receipt per mile than the arerage of the exi.tiog Provincial Trac^Way*.
Tramway, are now recognised a* a remunerative and progrewive investment, and wbil.t equally »f». giro a much larger return tbm railway, on the capital tnveated, and the Director* entertain the confident belief that the Southampton Tramway, will bo found among.! the moil .uccenful line* In England.
Th* following .contract* have been entered into by the Company, vix.. on the 16th May. 1873, between P. B. Mar.hall and K. Wilton and the Company ; and on the 3rd Juoe, 1878, between the General Work* Company, Limited, and the Company.
Detailed protpectc.e. may b# obtained at the Company . Office., and from the Banker, and Broker.. If any applicant receive, no allottment, hi* will bo returned forthwith without deduction.
Application* for .hare* molt bo made on the annexed form and be forwarded, accompanied with a remittance of A per .hare on the .hare, applied for, either to the
By order of the Board,
Micuail Hurt Smith, Secretary. .0., Losdos, 6th June, 1878.
Public Notices.
(Under th* iam»di*to PmXraug, 0f Uw Majwty
The o y a'l"o''on n t i r a ■
P.mnirt.n. Ci;bi Hon. u.p 0...,Seart ir .p.
OfSmtr. Hn'ni. Cm., r,:^ i'souir, tUTLM PioroM, Ha »*ii*. ,
tm o'clock ou lb.
j JJ»«d«T#J»ta u^., _________
Hakts & BEEK8 aqbiodltdbal snow.t ■■
Together with other valuable article*. The Company 1* on* of the mo»t talented In thi*
All tbould aee knd hear the.e talented ArUite*.
Price* of Admloioo :-Pir»t Seat*, 2*. ; Secohd Seat, 1*. j Back Seat*. 6d. ^ ^
On the above day one of the Company1, eommodioua ring the Uoyal^Plar, Southawpton at 9 A 9 30 a.m.
AHer i&o arMvalof th#» l6Vm.i%Io fro^Vwia^r;
9«3a.m fromBhaoWllo, and 9.4o a.m. from Bradimr, returning In tim« f r 7 26 p.m.
CaniM a& ^
ning, and landing Pai.engei. at each place to enjoy

Fare* for the d»y from Southampl Main Saloon, 3i 011 Po
Aodfrom\aTowuik,MalmSmlooa.2**J; FowdlUo,^.
A good Band will be *a*a**W b Befroihmenta provided o
THe SouthWiBt95,"Observer - Wa,
SATURDA? JUNE 21, lija.
Tub SocrruAMrToxiTkAHWAT* Oomfant.—The fact that by the end of December next we ehall be favoured with i. gytem of tr«irtw«y» traver-ling the Town will oo beard with muoo malefaction by our cntir* ijorunjunity. Btuiuew men, to Whom time i* mflf»*y, ia more way* than one, will be especially |Iad to see thi* useful modification of the raiTjray adopted here. To the
price m^ans prosperity,
Oob Liberal CO .[temporaries of last Saturday published a ymrd and a hall of reason* why Air. Bompmm ww no: returoaL Oddly eixmgb, how-ir, they omitted one very significant f*ct, viz : that there are more Conservatives than Liberal* in the place. The Permiwive Bill, we noted, did both organs excellent service. Only, accord-ng to one light blue oracle, >Irl B. ought to have n.H I.-—,.... ___
- Spanish-o=hk# tk Vbm* of
K i N'o a N 0 T E S .
Th* Grower Knrfur.t, or Great Elector, »„ ,
a section of our p#@p*e, the Introduction of the tramway into Southampton will be a great boon. Not only will it ilrve. (hem in »avtng time in paising to and from the acene of their labours, but to many it will be an Inestimable benefit by enabling them to remove their families beyond the precinct* of thfe more densely crowded por-
country in facilitating their visit: to the Town. We write this, of ctturse,, honing *oon to see the system at work lar beyond the preieut proposed limit. Thl< must (Materially depend upon two things. Firstly, the support we are able to give to the constrniilou of the portion resolved upon; and, aecondljJj the snccen of that portion when fairly at work/ A* to the first, we should hope that there irmiioey and enterprise enough in Southampton to give the company material aid. The advantage* the trams will afford in developing ihe material prosperity of the lown and neighbourhood arc so obvious that we shoold believe our business men will tftrain every nerve to give the company solid support. The success of the tram as a> means of conveyance we would respectfully suggest, will depend very much on the amount Charged for fares. These cannot be too low to tnake the thing a success As we have said, Southampton has now a large section of her people composed of working-men, and on their support (at certain hours of the day) the success of the trams will mainly de-pend. To mem who reckon tbclr Income* In shillings, pence sre an object; and we sincerely tru.t that great faot will not be forgotten in fixing the amoun's of the fares. Nor do*s the principle of low fares need even that very strong rewon to #n&rce It. W* have ih* example shown us in many ways—notably in the cheap press—that the lowest p when a little higher reads
Sft." «
» their .object, t/.w
failure, in---------- „.„r. ,
•l»ted of history of the better so or repHmts *f stamdard wwrks,
" NIchelM'.llil^r
Issued) foi a
kw«k# that proved wlid powlar I
iw- V.,- M taSJ ":s.;!
weawapfakmgl.of a.ovyolgwot ekaraetir neat saomaatery wh*m tb* Ihk c*ul*ry sadln.-
'"" r
know a* Edmandab*r]r—tho Wwm, of " " '* .alnt— an Anglo.
son. King and Martyr. The hero "of't
For >ime. of depa
• Bailway Pier).
lure see ordinary Tim

Tus Soutuampto* Tramwats .........
jMue of 5.000 Share, of £10 each.
f the Southampton Tramway.
To the Director, o
I beg to enclose herewith the turn of pound., being a of £1 per Share on Share, of The Southampton Tramway. Company, of £10 o«ch, which I reque.t yoo to allot me. and I hereby agree the aame, or any .mailer number that may be .lotted to me, and to pay the balance In re.pect of the tame upon th* term* of lb* Pro*p*c*os. datodOth Jmoo, 1M.
Xa## (In Ml) ______.....—____
Notice is Herbdt Given—That ....--------
TION UNT for UwjAwv* Share* WILL CLOSE
\JI HIGHLANDS.-Royal Ro.^,
from Glasgow dally, at 7, and from Grecncck at » a.m.. coov*ylog Pa***mg*r« foe tk* Noeth and ?Mt lliglilandi. fltll*. wilh map and touri.t, free byjiwt, from David Hutcheion and Co., 119, IIopo'
been returned because (besides his wisdom, vir cofTee interests pledged him — or wanted ti> I ■a,ffu"y '""ugUin hi, curios, faahion. However,
..... %,h!r"Jiis »f '"'I
WKUXE8DAY NEXT for London, and DAY for the Country.
MICHAEL H^NEY Office*—7, Poultry, London, B.C.
SMITH, Secretary
■bar** of thto too*. and wOJ a**i(n over----
flxtur**, foniltur*, stock, and goodwill, asking no cash whatever for tb* *ame, and apart from preliminary arrang*m*nt* mad* for hantbotn* and commodious

.............. .. . LONDON.
A CHEAP EXCURSION TEAIN win Iww CoAam , Gosport 85 p.m., Farebam 0 23 p.m., Bolley
tafi-H.. aw Au. jj..
Llf . . . _
and Wlncbe*t*r 7.12 p.
Wight) to London and back :— Kim Cla*«. Second Claa..
LONDON and HAMPTON COUBT wtU ruo a* Farm to Hampton Court
or London ft back.
Leav* Southampton
• Returning from Waterloo at 8.45 p.m., CUpHam Jono-Uoo at 8.85 p.m., and Hampton Court at 8.So p.m. th*
iM1 S WfrLY1! rt'SSSSf'S;? 5"=
andahofo,wppl,lmgthoNawr*w" - '
with Flour, Bread, Meat, Grocery,
and Poetar, Cktlnng, Coal, Elm Cog articles from ths lit day of July day of September next.
The consumption of Bread for the Workhoo.e during .
" s,bi--"b-1
Printed form, of Tender, can bo obtained by applying at my Office*, 7. Gloucester Square; and Tradesmen are particularly reaue.ted to send In their Tender* on .uib form., a. th* Ouardians will not receive Tender* aot mad* out in accordance with this notice.
Person, are directed to forward their Tend.n, und.r •eat, addreased to the Chairman of the Hoard of Guardian. of thejNew Pore.t Union, Eling, not later than Saturday, the 29th June in.tant, accompanied with Sample, of .uch article, as admit thereof.
By order of ths Board.
N.B.—All penone having any CLAIM lbs Guardian, are reque.ted to .end the Mine not lat.r than Ika 27th June n,it. Account, not «.nt pursuant to tbl. notice cannot be paid, as th* Guardian, ar* preclude by the 22nd and 23rd Vict., cap. 19. from paying amy account* not delivered Immediately after Ihe end of th* half year In which tbey have become due.
allay everybody's third. Nowhere .......
follow our contemporary:' logic. Surely, if thi Hill were worth supporting at all it should b. | supported right through. It seems to u. simply ofhriug a premium on political hypocrisy to say to a man, "vole one for this, and then do as you please." Plenty will be found ready *u buy a seat in Parliament on these terms, hoping, ol course, that bonester men will be numerous enough to prevent mischief at future stages But, of course, there were any number of reasons to account for their defeat. The employer-of labour are all Conservatives (they siy)
there are still working men who Woo their employers as their beat friends, they vrer W BC enough to give their master's candidate .iiv. votes. Also the Liberal party was disorganised, and the registration had bf-n ncglected 1 Ol iur«e. According to them th y always are dis ganised, and the register ( .y them) always has been neglected when ti ey have to accouiit for a defeat.

from Persons willing to supply and dallrer ab>ut
%OEELE«\5LyH ln%AM COAbf
at the Works at Manabridgo, subject to certain stipulation* and condition, of contract, to bo obtained upon application to Mr. George Manwariug, Engineer to the Corporation.
Each tender null b* accompanied with a letter of aaient eigoed by iwo propoecd auretie* and £50 in Bank of England Note, encloeed therein at the rltk of the party pending the mm, »ni which amount will b* returned Immediately upon the contract and bond, being
obtained of Mr. Man waring, mu.t bo Jelieerod to by Two o'clock in the afternoon of Tueaday, tb* 9th
^ Xo pledge 1. given to accept the lowe.1 or any other
&"n*PRARCE, TowmClmk. Public Health Office. Audit House, Southampton,
21.t June, 1878.
A 83H00L I* required fov &S0 Boy., with two Cla**-rooma, small Board-room, Masters' House, and usual
Gentlemen desirous of off.ring _____--------
to oommanlcaU with th* Clerk by June 20tb, who will glv* forthvr particular*. The-----* ^
Gentlemen desirous of offering de.ign* are requ.ited
----- —-- —------------Jup*rint*odooo*
of th* work, or b* paid a sum not axceodlng £50 for tb*
The death of King George V, of Hanover, ha, at this moment little political importance. His rights and claims pass to bis son, who succccds al but shadowy regal honours. The future, however, is before him, and he, no doubt, thinks " Bismarck will not live for ever, neithei is Moltke immortal," and that the future may undo what the past has done. Unfortunately for him, hi. possible friends are the enemies of hi, country, and the aid ol the foreigner is a bad Introduction to the rule of any people. Little a» the Hanoverians may care for Prussian administration, they would like a French military regime still less. Pride is a most potential counsellor, otherwise the best thing the young king could do would be to make his peace at Berlin, take his own money, as a favour, and settle him-" ™ " The present Duke
grandchild of King
■ I. .I»piot.d Ki„« J.ha ,„.„j
n shabbily—ate up their reaourcee. and gave nothing rcrth naming in return. Queen Eleanor, ho*c«er. ad th-in In hie* eon,iderarion, and «• came down" «ry (morally. Tr.* odd thing about the hook 'is its itenae biwincaa.llke t ine. Money and gear h,«e a. W, a ab.r* wf n. *Mc* a. tk.y mlgb, haw Im th, r*. *ds wf aom, ,&,( euwrcwl Srm. Thl* h. pfrkapo,
>erle* Uifdrr S inip.on'a predeeeaaor. auj io lliV " ' pUle pawned.

Vf fiava k oqW* bn» *lao#lo AffoUovUM #*#f
Preeid.nt, the Hoa.|EUo> C. York*. M.P.
RESERVOIR PENS, specially adapted for quick
English P Cumberland is the o
George the Third who is entitled to a seat House of Lords, besides the sons of Her Msjcsty the Queen. Of all the children ol King George III only three, the Duke of Cumberland, the Duke of Kent, and the Duke ol Cambridge are now represented in the English Peerage. The present Duke of Cambridge, we believe, has contracted an alliance of the same nature as his uncle the Duke of Sussex, i.e, married without official sanction, and therefore his family are not of the blood royal. The Duke of Cumberland is. therefore, likely to be the only representative in the male line of George III, besides, of course, the descendants of her Majesty. Although the House of Hanover became Kings of England so long ago as 1714-one hundred and sixty-four years since—no families exist that have sprung from them in this country. That is, none of the Princes of the House, save George III, have living descendants here. The Princesses, we believe, are represented in various families abromd. notably the Royml Hon* of Pmwla, now the Imperial Family of Germany.
Umua, on* hw ma littlm paWotkm mm * Po«W. ####
*h«remploy*, amt#ndln* In the Motfopolb; eince we have had the cotton handa In Lanca-ahire engaged in the same cruel strife. ~ remit cf the masons' attack upon their
k*o to **. brdg. w**r to the English stock. The atrike In Lancashire was likely to have had much more serious resulU — it might have driven, the cotton trade out of the country altogether. A well organised, and ably-condacted strike has des-troyed the Iron trade In South Wales. Doubtless
r.ilmun l a body, we ahould add. it «u believed, wa* mewrrop,*!*, sad *o he wa* alway held *o bo dwoIL
ng among hia loua 1
Tna Itov.L Couxni* Stiow.-TU* impoMaot gathwia, wUI p|ao# om ow hmwWW Comma, dmrio, next wa*k (Tosaday, Jam* Wth, la Friday, Jaaa 2Stli). and if wo are favoured with fine weather will antloubedly atlraet an immenso concourse of people. A v*r, romsidesaUe spaee haa heso peepaiod fov the por.
po***oUhe "sbow.-aadtheoBhihitloqpsomiseslohe
oomplato in *v*ry direotio* AU the woek a eoostaot * pwm of wamgoos. loaded with waskma avtialeo—ofw egnwltwal implement* b, thamsslsaa havo ---H
.hsoogktheWwmlowasdatheahowgMiamd. OnW#i.
oesihy evaoiog a^ooeplo of staaw oogimao Aw a*o #iber — w.. .u _ ^ shamed thromgh the town.
— joweyod. w*
.. - proved that slaamemn to
— V—..J WW ordinary roads.
OB Thawday. P aod U. Eharoe wenr«qooW a O* Thovsday. Daloa Steam Ship shasea ^
md attracted much a_
•oted, quite, a
mostly to blame. For tbeU own purpoees tbey hav« preached so loodlv and so incessantly ta the
MP—Our mewlyalaoled Comaer.
Lommomsoe Monday, amid* load cheers from tha Oa.
MMtgo^Jwa* loUodwed b, Si, Hea^y Pwa aad ######
bea*U but a Mod number of bor*e*, which roali-ed
AiBioN CiuptL.—Tio Ber. 8. B. Driver commenced
his paetorate tiero oo buuu.y last, wh.
oongregations, both morning and ,
morning service he selected ae hia lei
' bssseck yoo, brethron, for the Lord Jeeoe Chri.t . wlte, and for the love of the e«nL that ye *tri»o together with me in your
kti"? te4To ^WA™-~The funeral of
Tub Lava Mr. Eouau. Go ax ay, M.P.—a reio-

of l»iilM otIII.ownktSofiKi'iti !"^K
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