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j v.iit. .YAQfiiTrAS-H7/ay mT^SQYSH a/ aavaaggo goi'iMAtmioa ahT .
-A fi}till fight ha* occurred at TTux! fmVjcnAt. OF EABL BUS8KLL. KXTKNRIVE RflttRPRV n* iFXtrvtTV-air
8 WR.
PiAnrri, Tobxado.—a tornado ha* *wcpt orer Richmond, MWmn. dcatroylng 100 house* and causing damage and lost of property to the extent of 250,000 dou. Ten person* axr* killed and over WhjurwL
f«tal fight hu occurred at key, anVldetly man, wae f.Uow-' ropomjikwr, tn iho workshop
n, 'whcn' i
;.:- Klvoy entered. A quarrel crisaAl bet'...„.. _
Aout two miuuUn
^ i lasyeaas
_ „----J, fa the : would be sent to Ikimuda oi homo for repair* was
14 suspended »omo year* not knowni „
ofgoodemduct #a*«ow | Eawcrmni *T EemMmmk4Eu#em# Maria (Aan-bill* vm» *recnl*d |# Oaltw Priwn, Edlaburgk.
L H air nmx TM Bm*,—A botO#.w*mi@4»d up | P*' M*&*1L, *& l*n minntea pari eight, for prisoning r K.Ikmtona mm Sunday conlalning a pap*r„ on *»fa. Tka culpA aim* aoundly daring the night. _kk wa* written th* following:—''The echmomor I *te * hearty brrakfa*t, and wrik*d grmlftb the icalfold Vmprr mnhlog fa^. No hope. Eight haad* on j cahiUting mat* t^mpoaurei Marwood va# the ex*-* ' - lain L. Montugall. May Iglk, 137#.'%.Tha *uU«m#. ^X*WM* g alaWment prfvatriy to tba Eer.
' ' ' " * ' " ' ' Mr. WBao*, mpkaclng the ChrUtlan reBgkn, and cntruating to bitp tho card of hia children, but said nothing raq*ect*hgkfecnma ,
j were taken to the Coastguard j
action haa bechrmlaed (a Faialey GkcriOa' Go*r £1,168 by a servant girl, the daughter of a lai against Sir Hugh Pollok of Pollock, Bart., Renl shire, for seduction and aliment. It is alleged tht
o the resident inhabitant

riaed and active meaanrea to get n*M th# incrcaring iwcf. and a public meeting n to tak* place to day Dulwich, With a view to forw a .commiltve, and
adopt mean* to *apal th* gtpey tribe* &
ther at prcsentoccopy at lJuiwich.
ArrtMrran Mctcma" a A Poucm CmiL—Catherine D*tu, 17, rulor'a-lane, 8L 8epalchra, tnilkwoionn, was charged at'darken veil Police-eoinrt on Tuesday with Using drank and disorderly at CoV-crow-street, St. Sepulchre ; alto with attempting ta commit »uicide at King'g-ero«-road station. It s^ean that prisoner, while she waa drunk, tied a piece of lace round he* throat mo Ughll/ that when lh# polka Waited he* •he was black in the face. Mr. Bart tow ordered her to pay a fine of fOa., and in default to undergo a

exjiloaion has taken place at the Foraygo pil o \V«dmln*t*r Collirfy, Wrwiham. IfhMteec mm do*n to work at th* maual Urn*, hot sweetly mfu expWon of gas took place, and all the u m-** or law, Joacph Mlllimgtdn and Tahwm* Mngfoooddead. FnoHoehothew ww# kooght up and con rayed to thdr homem In carta and other mhicla* tho ron^Inmg threa being a We to walk home. At hast three of the injured men are not expected

Mail Company's
urred on board the Royal amcr Tarn. Fortunately little or to the ship, but one man seriously, and it is believed fatally injured. Ho has been removed to the infirmary. When the exploeion oc-twrred th* man Injured warn going down the pwesg* way leading to the coal bunkur uadej tho km saloon, arid it it supposed that he either hadu light with him. or struck a match which must have espladed the coal aa accumulated in the passage way.
Turn Hnun* nr Turn Oorkv Tmm*.—A ipfcial delegate me$dug hae hwm heW at AccHqgton, wlwa it waa mtolred that Mr. Alderman Pickop e .proposi-_ , tion could not be accepted under any circumstancoa. | After considerable di#cus«ion, it was rceolved that tho re men. na#ed ! popoeition of Mr. AlderAmn Robiuaen #he*ld he em. ret Eastbury, ' ccpted for a reduction of 5 per cent, at present, and 6 jpa&t of a mob \ J"" *'---*u-----^ ' '

a o.v a Police Station.—Pi-Smith, Ilcnrj- Clarke, Oli'
Carter, And George Matthews,
'ho, on the 18th ulL, attacked Poll t Bloc Hay Polk*, station, mud n« _
hen tho doors and windows of the >n Tuesday examined, before Lord & bench of magWratea, on th* charge.
Drnry, who lad be*n knocked down . — -
aa, and jumped upon until he waa in- | Humphreys held tied into the court on a litter, and gave of Peter McKoozi*, aged ** ;
.......1 the the brigantine Fynite, lying
]bd ! np the oneaUoc of the etHW, end that fonda of »un*ut chmmeter alight be exnected. A reduo-if 10 per cant, was ri------ed from the famfly
Lodge, Richmond, for interment beside' hia aoo and anoeators in the manaolenra at Cheniea, in Hertfordshire, the ceremorty, fn conformity with thfl departed nobleman's frequently expressed wish, being eharmffterifod by the utmost simplicity. The; efirt* *m»ed outside the Lodge gates at a quarter before five o clock, and K fewt mioulea later the remains of thenbble Earl were reverentborne la the hearse^evetal choice wreaths of immortellaa and exotica ha«K{ previously been placed upon the toffin by Mr. BaZbrEmaeaD, one of them, and no* the least handsome, being a tribute from the- neighbouring
lanneome, oasng a inmu* xmm tn* neignuonn: chool children. The coffin waa of oak, eontainii n saner oaasng of lead and a cover Of rit&'crtmsoi atted with oorree^idln* furniture, **
isasfic-r-"'' ' "
, s*a " wid h^fill
18 ft V'rf*0 M kUowa!-i
- — .-rrpr-" rr—r------ - -r^u Earl Ruasell, Ed, barn
Mgb.idgA. 1 w, died Mth May. 1#78, agW W yeeae." -Tfie Ample procession moved from the Lodge a few minutes aft** five, the hearse being followed onlyT>y *' mourning coach and two of the Earl's private carriage*, the first containing the chief mourners, Lord Amberley, the grandson of Earl Russell, who suc^eeda (o the title
^ wwud surviving eon, *h( Franks IUillo 'Russell. The second carriage wa»occupied b y the principal men servants—most of whom havo seen a lengthened service in the family. • Passing alowly through the park gates, the ctrUcr mad* ita way at a walking pace down Richmond Hill and through the quiet town, where it was joined and accompanied for aomo distance along the Kow'^road by n dapi#at*m: of the kmdlng tmdeemen. ' Tkklh* the wed peat Eaw Gmnkna, th*pnN*wdon went on at aaHmhdy^ufekened pec* ovar the green ani amoae the bHdgat taking the direct roed thano#, *s* Dx^ bridgi and Pinner to Rickmans worth and Chansae. A stoppage of nearly an hour was made at Oxbridge ,frr,ty^m
without bail.

the Railway Ti Town, before Mr. C. O. L#wia, jon., depoty ( on the body of Walter Regglaa, egad **,

, lat* of 9, Broed'ibaet, StraTford, who killed on the line near Stratford Main Station o Thursday, the 30th ult. It appeared that deceased wi oiling hia engine on the clock line, near tho roun shod, whin live other engines were shunted togetht on the as me linp, causing the first engine to movi __a yp mgminat the grehmt.
I dirtricta attended _*.
A BzAXAX Daowyxn. — On Saturday l*«t Mr.
" inquest at Limehouao on the body rs, a seaman on board , . *ke Heganl's Canal at At 11 o clock on Wednesday night, the
rased was return! .......
lato, and whilst walking s lanced and fell into the water.
r*red_by^eena of drags thn

dental Dea
it death. The
jury returned a
, Soho. The
Zmdlay, the lock foreman, end placed L _ warm bath, but life waa extinct. The jury returned* vmdlct of ^cddeolel Death.
Tub Baoot Will Case.—A Dublin correspondent telcjjraphr that the verdict in favour of Mm. llagot's o, eon is not to he easily overthrown. It waa assumed g that Judge Warren would at once reject tho motion if Acci- , lor a new trial, eo aa to enable the parties defeated itage of the new procedi * "
uatad at Dca
ivailod in the neighbourhood,___
s done to the adjoining premises I plosijn was caused by U light ci
under the Judl-) the Court of Appeal, i Saturday last, however, that tain the application iter's report of bis

„ in contact
_ __ _ id partitioma were Wown
and about 19ft. of flooring and joisting blown the front room on first floor. The fire brigade, Jhe superintendence of Mr. Palmer, succeeded in j Uospilal aa pishing the flames. The premises are insured j spal one yi
Ard, belonsnni
boon wrecked at Curdie lnli Australia, and that only two persona had bean saved. I Mi The telegram leaves in uncertain as to which vease tho two survivors belonged to. As the crew of th<
lach Ard alone numbered #7 peteona, at least 40 Uvei must have been lost in the wrecks. The Loch Ard was a ship of over 1,600 tons, constructed of classed 100 Al, built at Glasgow in 1873, and wa property of the General Shipping Company. The aame telegram repeat* the wrack at Port Albert c* the Sydney, owned ataamer Blackbird, 666 tona. while on royago from Newcastle, New South Wales, foi
r repair, ; Judge Warren would not it alarm i until a complete abort ha
damage charge waa fumiahed, the conaequence of which _
is now no chance of a decision even on this ry until November.
XT A Bnxwxx'a Va*.—Mr. Humphreya Inquiry on Saturday last at the London the death of Walter John Harding, ind 10 months, the son of a cabinet ker, living at 31, Wellington-row, Bethnal-green. On Thursday afternoon, the 30th ult., deceased, un-' ...... '" * f the front door, and
Wkecx and Lorb or Forty Lives.—Information
ived from Melbourne that the ship Loch known to hi
Glasgow, and the Melbourne had was about crossing the road
knocked down and run over by one of Messrs. n and Grossman's vans, and was killed at once, liie driver, who had been 18 years in his masters' employ, and never had an accident before, having been proved to be tee from blame, the jury returned s verdict of Accidental Death.
An IxrAxr Starved to Death.—On Saturday last Mr. Pavne held an Inqueat at the Csty Uoroner"a Court, Golden-lane, concerning the death of an infant found in the Thames. Tho piermaster at the Temple, depoeed to doding the body^ef d#

-n; -d i

f North Troy, d departed. They
„ . , -------- - -— business and pur-
j---During tho past few days there has been a
large number of aUxmgan In town. That there la a movement on foot for an fnmaion of Canada la not questioned. The moat intense excitement' prevails across the border. The Canadian Militia have been aopphed with anna and ammunition and WD go Into camp. Representative Irishman in this vicinity rcfuie to be interviewed upon the Fenian queatkm. It la generally believed here that membera of Fenian organisations are working their way into tho Domi-wom. preparing to move on eom* principal pokf t of
mod Cox, age ##, of II, Mar

ecc&scd went
-------, —-a, .he 30th nit.,
md during the m*ht waa heard about th* room, being anahla to akep. In the morning he waa found lo be dwog, and on being anmeed ha aald ha bad been Uking laudanum, and on a eearch being mad* two h"", wwe fonnd, on* of which waa labeled pdaon. !. ,kday, x«d expired at nine in the evening. Dr. Murphy, Brunswick-square, who was called in as the man waa dying, said that death waa fmm ornnm polaowng. The j*ry cnaa* to th*. coocluawc that deceaaed had taken mn overdoa* of laudanum, and ratnmwl a verdict of Death fmm IHa-
Tna Rwra av Knnrmanno*— Bemry tfhlta, miliuaman, oca W asmult on the poHc* pioAeded with. Ha waa

blow on the forehead, t. On Monday night Iho
i il" ' Skw • do— .mau wit.
»oJd.Z£,n°™ ta"
ien, to recover compen;
^werl^vdyladmAnoka, Onth*iWh*«Jam^,
the plaintiff, whilst cngagod witb.plhir* in unloading * cargo of pane, km* big broken, and waa otherwise injured, an* the :bl*me o( the. accident
--*- ^ «of atmum^hamw
knercame to the can.
„d 4***
damages. strM Tub Fatal Fixa ur____
who expired on Bunday in-* fliw'at N*fd7#(o6f4-"tM*t, m*rylehone. Shortly after'tro VhtfPolW-conaUbl* Hope, 1M D, aaw ai«H 6f * fir* *t th* pre-
C^rden, 206 D, and '-OZm/ U
"■no*- Ijrvitud* for Ave years
flouting in the river on Wednesday. It waa quite dead and naked. Dr. W. S. Saunders spoke to having examined the body. He found It bow mark* on th* exterior aa though it had been treated with violence, iDy he diawvered very deciilad evidanc* of ig lived and been starved, and when
^dic^'wilful Munh Twx Lonno* Aoxn Cwu

: Aoxn Christian Society.—^The fifty -wonn anmverraay meeting of Oila wciety has been held at WiUls's Rooms, under the presidency of the Roy. Prebendary Auriol. The leading object* of this society is to afford permanent relief to Christian poor of both aexe* who have attained the age of 63 year*, and who »afde within Ave mllaa *f 8L Puol'e Usthedral. Thor* are at present 12* penaicnam on the funda, aom* of whom h*v^ rvacbed the great age of W, and been iifi(denta over24 yearn. The report stated that th* receipt* for the paat year had barn 41,03*, and that there wna a balance of £225 in hand, and appealed for Increnaed anpport. On th* motion of 4h* K*v. F. F. Quo, aeooodtd by the Hon. H. M. Beat, th* report «« adopted and the meeting separated.
Uxunxnar* Bagmnn.—On batnrday Mr. 8L Oar*

s. Tho butler i lie saw deceased alive nd as he did n

A mmdbmlal ootraga took place on Sunday even-ing at Litherland, which it is feared will terminate fatally. It appaap that about tan o'ebek on Sunday night n man named Robert Bmdahaw, a labourer, twantyywa of age, reelding at th* Owen, Llther-land, waa pnoeading home along the Sefton-ruad, when he waa met by a number of Irish farm labourers. On* of them ahoulad to him several timea, and ha made no reply, when several of them came and knocked him down. He managed to get up and went into School-lane, followed by his assailants, who there "knocked him down again, and pulled the pailings down from the side of the lane and commenced to beat him in, & most brutal manner, leaving him nn-oomac&me on the ground. They then mn at a man named Oeorg* laveday, and beat him in a almilar manner, breaking hia wrirt, and Indicting aerioua injmriea t@ hia huad. The ru#ana then decamped. Bradahaw w*a conveyed In xn Inacnaibla slat* to hia raaldenca, when Dra. FItmatrick and Evana ware called in to attend him. It was then found that his head waa seriously fractured. On Loveday being ex. umined, it was found he had also received serious mjuriea. Infwmation waa conveyed to th* S«*fbrth, Waterloo, and Bootle Police-stations, and it was ascertained that the whole of the men who wore auppoaed lo have committed th* asaanlta were sleep. Ing at a farm In OrrelL Inspector Walsh *t one* deepatched Serjeant Price and a kdy of oon#tahlea in aba to the farm, whom they anccceded in appre-bqndm* (^e whol* of the aix men believed to have been concerned fn the outrage. The injured man Bradahaw being in such a dangerous condition, In-apectn* Walah mnoeeded with Mr. Femm, a county magistrate, to his residence, whore the depositions were taken In the preeenc* of fhe alx priaonera. Bradahaw and Ixweday wer* both aober at the time, and ware entire atrungem to th* nrlaonera, and no reason can b* assigned for the assault.
On the 30th ult. tho
n Oaldar, In which
i In India, sought * , e ground of her huahand'a y with Madame BoUo, */French^
Intimacy with Madame BoOo, »/FMnck^ctr*ea at th* Opera Comique in the Strand, was heard before Sir Robert Phillimore, in the Divorce and Probate Divi-sion. without * jury. Mr. Searl* appeared for th* pMitiooar, and the respondent, a profiasor of muak, was not repreaented by oounaeL The wepondant, alao a Portugpeae, waa married to the petitioner at Calcutta In India in I#t9, and they cohah:ted,thcr* "unhappDy. lie exrit*d h*r jealousy and quarrela enaued, ana on an allegallcn of Insanity ha canaed her to b* confined in a lunatic asylum at Bombay. In 1874 she returned to England and was residing under the same roof with her husterid, though apart from him, at an hotel in Surrey-ktrect, Strand. Madame Rollo also lodged at this hotel. An intimacy took place between her and the respondent, and ah* was desired to leave. She did ao, hut waa riaited by him at h* next apartment*. Evidence leaving no doubt of tho nature of the Intimacy betw**: them having been given, Sir Robert Phillimore pronounced a decree nut with costs.
i Cdsfw CaasM* la Informed that case* of wrong, quittal of criminals by friendly juries in direct ition to both evidence and law are of daily -ence in Russia. The acquittal of Vera Sassou-waa only th* moat conapkuou* of such caaea. 1 ha othe* day a man waa acquittad, tht
i b* othe* day a man waa acquittad, though ft waa proved that h j had eold copper pipe* gilt, an3 bmudu. wntly marked as gold, for pure gold. O® another occasion a man was leoosnmendadto mercy aft*
another from revenge. Thefts are alao repor alarming on th* imreaao, and thiavm are bold*r from day t* day. Chumhe* and corn being freely rifled, and saints' images atri
. ^f 7, Noith-row, Park.
if Lord Auckland, of ]2, Belgrave-1—(ship's employ said that notes to five on Friday for hia duly ^y eight imu onsets w ,fij:d him. lie enteied and fo#nd him hanging bynaMp kn*L »y, M, Chat#l-rtrcet, mrgcon, #aid L*
x-aied, who had been dead somo houia,
the death ariaing from strangulation. Th* arrange*
its for the suicide were deliberately mad* from tho mmnwof theroom and fumltne. Tb* jhry ro-leda verdict ofjguMd* *h3atf(TJn#oohd Mind.
me Vera SasiT^Iitcii Cakc.—Tho case of Vara Susaulitch, who W*a tried In March for attempting to munler Gcncial Tnrnog and aequlltcd, baa b*«n biought by the Pnbbf riw^utar, M. Koaml, before "o notice of that section''of the Imperial Senate Mek aha upon criminal raaet He drmandod m now .
ml because th* cy *, ctAductcd jn th* dlatrid 6urr*sxn Tuanxa Dnw Ocmanu.—In a brick u:t ah,wad *n.infnng*ment of cmtain fonua and yard*t Woodsatta. nmr ShaOald. 18^)00bricka war, pwc*dur*a. which mfnngementjIaprivW th* verdict | deatroyadon Saturday mighL The ontrag* lanttri but*d to trades unionism, though th,
t* the hrfkyald - —'---"
ided to mercy after killing growing
g - - ----—«fripp*d of
jewel*. 6Uch caaea have occurred even in the Oalhsdral of SL, Isaac In St. Petemburg, and In well-jW ln Odceaa.' A abort Uma ago a man was discovered in the act of removing a valuable ge bodily from ita place, it is presumed, as an easier way of getting hold of tho gems and jewels with which it yaa embellished.
Tux Tasmania* Stxaver.—a IJoyd'a telegram from Ponce, P.R., received by cable, atatea that th lasmanianis ashore In a bad position with a list b starboard, and making water badly. She ha
EXTENSIVE BOBBERY Of J^W%LLEBT. dealer, waa charged with dealing hum W«t
knrd*.paA^ond.raddingtoa, two gold boaceWa, fin
banxle. eight gol,! ringa, fiv, *o*d lockat*i *n* gold uud other
Ortido* of jewellery, the property of Jkmea Endpton AW, and valnad ** ab*#t flio. Tk* proaeeute* stated that he waa a wine merchant, and in eonse-quenc* of a telegram he received from one iif hia m^vnnta, em'theafWmoon of Tuaedny, fhk 5Ah nK., iwhaatened keade, anWng there *t#1NU# after three O t lock. On going upeWirs he found eridencoa of some mmkavmg entered by the nttlo #*nd*w, whkk had
fouhd that th* drawer* baa been opened, and the jewel, case and a large quantity of jewellery stolen. The polioe arrived shortly after. On Saturday ■afternoon last he waa taken to k shop-in Wardour-stwet Oxford-street, and ■thexm Identirind the tan* of one of the stolen watchesf J>etoctiw William RAW, of th* X Division, deposed that he m*dd an examination of th pwaalaea In' Weatboume.park.pied o* 1*e %sed*i aAMn&n, *nf WimAd footmark* on tk* roof of No fif, ahd jmccf ahowb^ that the Odef,' or thieve*, W entewd &o. % ^mrq good* w**'on view jor a aale* nnd gone over the roof and into N*.'3? by tbeattlc window, and returned th* same way. From information he received ho watched 74, Park-walk. Chelsea, on Saturday morning last, and aaw th* prisoner and two other men leave. Ho followed them to Wardour-ttnmt, Oxford-etrnet, wher* the prisoner eokred th* shop of a Mr. BlnnUell, a gold and silver dader, and remaining ther* * few minutd* k* rejoined
tlie two other men, who had gone into Oxford-stre
On Inquiring witnc** found tk*priaanm-k*daold*or
gtilcl at tho shop, and afterwards" ~ 'aesa, on lookii tor tkn men. knnd'they had gone. LaUr lnlheday he went to I'ark-WslV with an inspector, and arrested the prisoner, who said witness was joking, and wai niaking one of the greatest mistakes he had ever niadt i" his life. The prisoner was remanded. .
At the Judicial Committee on the 31st nit lodgment waa given in the case, " The Maharajah Pertab Naiain Sing r. The Maharani Sukhao Koer and uppBcadcc waa mad* ed tke part of one Triloginatb, who claimed to be heir-at-law to vast estates in Oode, amounting in value to about miDlou and a half tedlng, wLch had bem left Sir Menu Sing, who had boon knighted for his great assistance to the Government on the occasion of the
e Judicial Committee ha . ww—w ^ appelant had, as nephew «* w. Menu Bng. eeeceeded to tke huge property. Th* prment application by the petitioner Triloginath waa to set aside the judgment and for a rehearsing before 'heir lordship*, on the ground that he waa not repre-ented m: the hearing of the appeal, and that b# wa* a infant and did not know of tke proceeding*. In dneeqoenoe of the magnitude of the property involved mdthe baportanceof the point, the quesrioncreated «ae Intai eat. Si* Jamea Wtepbem, Q.O., Mr. Doyne, md Mr. Roes appeared in aupport of th* application or a rehearing: Mr. laath, Q.C., M P., and Mr. J. Graham were foe tb* Maharajah f*tab Naraln Sing, who had aucceeded tn the ptopcriy. Thrir lm*hlpe dy heard the learned conns4, for the petitioner, and :w gave judgment by Jamea ColvfUe, who dnctly narrated th* pcaltlon of the partlca, and la ' ' ' held that only ' ' '
tero decialon* held that" only on rar* "occaab the Judicial Committee after an Order In Council ad-viaed her Majesty to permit a caae to be reopened, and therefor* on that enmnd the application aanat fail. Hia lordship (Sir J. Colvill*) &en *llnded to th* proceeding* in India, and th* crucial queetion then said if an application wi
shljis dul not pre]

On Tuesday the caae of I ax by r. Laxby, which is the petition of a well-known comet player In Herr Meyer Lnta'a band of th* Oalety Theatr*, and In tk* Bcarbonmgb promenade band, came on before the Freeident of the Probate and Divorce Division. The partiea were married at Salisbury In 1970. In 1873, while the petitioner was fulfilling an engagement in the orchestra of the Bradford Theatre, ha discovered 'he reopondent out 1*1* at night with a gmillenmn who aa aatrangerlnhlm. Further evidsooa being forth-amrng lat* proceeding* were rnrrnnraced, and the
court pronouncedadeoreenW In Nnvemberlaat, which
.waeon Tueeday duly made aheolnte. Mr. Dunlop. mill appeared fm the petitioner, and th* reapondent, 'as on Ui* nreriou* oeraaion. was not represented by counsel.—Ibo case of Macklin r. Macklin and Walters, the petition of a well-known actor at one of the lead-Ing Waal-end theatre*, alao cam* before thacotrt In th* form of a moUon. Mr. B. A. Sayford appeared for the petitioner, and the reapoodent and co-reapon-dent wer* not reprteented by counsel. Th* petitioner waa married In the reepondant at Sonthwark In 1872, aad the partiee lived together till 1877. Th* re*pcn. dent during that time gradually became addicted to npcrance, and would call at tho theatre where her and was engaved and create a disturbance till ved by the police. It was proved that she had passed a night at an.......
President duly pi
ght at an hotel with a stranger whom ahe the King's-road, Chelsea, and a deep* mn meed In December last. On Tumday the
the Hull steam
the Merchant Ith having *hipp«l
fk*HuII aflpendlary, ha* given judg-iso in which John Broadhead, master of SLPitaraburg, ' - -
f, *aa charged by the of the And aechon of

mt Act, 1878,
„ --------go of grain froi-----
Hull In December last without properly aecuring the *o from shifting by boards, bulkhrads, or etnerwi**, in accordance with the AcL Th* defence was that tho vessel wis fitted with shifting boards *ufiki*nt for th* pnmo** according to th* meaning of the Act, but that tne ahiBlng of the cargo which actually took place waa owing to an unpracedentedly &------s.—T*abk tk**hlp ' « .

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-----—P**, 13*.
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~\T0. 3—extra strong, consists of large Ore* end Boiler, Hot Flats, Brass Tap, open tire
1, Boiler, Het flats, Brass Tap. open fir* i Skirting, which prevents eagad, *kk mreeght bright
T\TU. 5—extra alroog. conaiala of lanrn 0,en Md Boiler. Hot Plats, Brass Tap, open fire
. Pjlijhc 1 Plate Hack,
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tho aftor compartment. A steamer, with lighten and stoam pumps, ha* .been scot to her assistance. Part of I ha cargo has been discharged, and a
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dtcr wnauklng for two and * half kqui*. jaiased th* owning, resolution:—"! the nolatmn r' Cliuios o"5 and 676 of the criminal law, thp vcrdii if the jury on the 3l*t Mareh, 1373, anj lhe"e*nten< lied, and the case of Vci cw In the Novgorod Dlstric
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| ,XiU D-u.ixLtTEs.-Tho Daniel,to* appear lo reoog : nlae the " Rights of Women," though their principal I obiect is to spraid vegetarianism, for the '• Garden of lulen " has lately.elecud a yoong ladv, Miss S. Uncle,: as their chief gardener. At their Lu*' aeaslon they revived to request all vegetarians attending the Qkat

d jra* flUed1 with, grief-that hia conduct ehoald, base roWed the ruin of hulfather and brother. TtWb
wa* committed for trial;
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all the lark* to wna in th* north anYmldland co untie* ngland and the whole of Scotland.
the shifting. Mr. Travis, in giving judgment, arid he bad derided that th* shifting boards had been in-saf3rl*nt Any com hi nation of board* or bulkk*ad*, whefher euppoeed at th* time to *8ectiv*ly eecure a grain cargo from shifting, may be used, but if they prove Id W ImanMrient to eecure the grain from *hlf& ing, the party who ha* sanctioned their use would, in his opinion, bo liable to be prosecuted for having allowed a grain cargo to be shipped contrary to tho provisions of section i'l. and would thereby bo liable to a fine of £300. lie should only inflict the nominal penary of 30a and costs.
On Tuesday the new statute to amend the Matrimonial Causes Acta was issued. It contains an important provisiod as to wife-beating, and police courts will now become subsidiary divorce court si Tho clause was added by Lord Penzance, and, as amended', recites that " If a husband ahall be convicted ^nrnmarily. or otherwise <"
assault within the meaning of th upon hi* wife, thi Irate, before whom he shall be ad cotiricted, may, if ialisned that the future safety of the wife Is in peril order that th* wife stall be no longer bound tb conabi pith' he|\ husband, pad such ori|er shall have the force and effect in all resjj6ctJ of a decree of juilioial aepara

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.. . 4d* 0d 40* Od
*=d Fork% 7.&1 to 13, half^ea*
St*g handled Oarvera from 2*3d t* Ige &-d K^vea 6d m 13e*d. Huller K Pen, Pocket, Sportman's Knives, Rsxq
frOm the various manufacturer* >11 that Is new and ehoke I* Bracket*. P*odaata. and Ch*nd*Were.
GUss Oa* Chandelier
plated mounting Glass WALTER S. IRELAND.
ip*r Bath*. jQ 3* W f3 loC re in great variety, from 10* fld to 43* si
|)._10.M to£5 10,.
BUck Ragb .............
Iron Chimney Pisces, lOsdd t*36* Knsintlled dble ditto. 13s lo £J 10«
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aallr«*j^cUp(a4 —
0 ground
'farther provide aa to.hor support," Th* _ may order a weekly allowance for her aupport, which may be altered, and for non-payment inch orders may be'enforced'as order* of affiliation. The wife I* In "fW discretion of the c«4rt or magistrate to have the
%#:#### to the probata and Admiralty Di virion, of. the Jauii.of JuatJe*-'! Th* Act cam* into operation hft*ath*aoyal assent, on the 27th ultimo.
!" 1*'* |>utt*rty Uke!a kit* f—When It alight*
lip*).n. u'l ni d**w,l iM ->1ci whonan't Ulk lik< his dominions fU:■

that ha has •• Uft-off clothing of *vwy dmcrip-
Petroleum Oil Table Lamps. 2s 6d to Patent Dople* Limps. 12s 6d to £3 10a Suspending Lamps. 4,6d to 4210s.
PUKB C0L5!A OIL, 3.Gd . GALLON. WALTER &' 1BEH5D WI, til. .11 .1

Ww%k aoUritod lo Iwpac* hi* »!**.
Pf. 3* 3d t* 13* &L
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i, boll*r, and brass tap, ho

Oarden Arebsa 12* fld to 21a,
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