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.RTRi.r 3%UL :TAfmTr/%-Avrri% nx/ iKmn^nn ynm//in-. on xirr
Mamahwiar OaMf = Kiog*)*od Tat
bad been lrema*W »\

deration at the
irto be made to the Norwood 2ndof July. a tieamerlfrHnt

odifice m taetefnll/, deoora'ed, bat Um «Uwduq» wu limVted in tbe morning, owing to the very nnpleneent
Tb« NxwlLaw OouBTt —Tbe JfuiUiap Nad w[ Sgttrday, reporting a vidt to theee building*-iMIsimm
atrike bu had a great deal to do with the eery elnggiah
appear to inconrid^.e, bdKng into kooountthe.vaat nroa of"tpace corved, and the liaary ecaffblding required
impaction of the portion already farn.abed the JVkee roncludee Much beauty ie appelant in eotne of the moulded deUile of tbe'woilr,; a»d'ir toooM* I* an architectural work ia largely dependent 60 an abundant «pply of itnii and think walla, the architect of the new Law Coorta cannot compliift. But the chief feature that etrikee 00a ii the prolific rimty in the moulding,, tr"*,rrK*?d 0rT14,m*nt' Vd of foreign
drtai .Italian and SpenUh particularly. We may add that Portland »too* u cbufly need. With Mnnrileld to relief. Hoptoowood atone, l'urbeck, tad Derby-
rr^rYfc.-. TaffsOUTHAMPfON
BtXTKDMt T which oeeuirtd . ^tj-WuTjfaeially celegated Um following day (Saturday). Pl*» # Ue-|mblielrulldione and-rtimerau. e Dock* thnwing * mate $r)>ur,ting.
H#ly: Rood rung out nAvry peal. Bine. ,T«e detaehmrnta dTS the ' " Volunteer,. under the eiii/naod paraded \t the Plat to rm Baitrry •yil talute in commemcfation Qertneu of the men. ahd'thetli -j_.-_.~-r_—^eridlahl*,
•Urpaaard by the regulara
ale* that of th4 reet of the Royal PamilyJ^and the OtBeen and Men of the earpv.—Numrrouvetete ban. quota took place In London lujhe arming, In-honour of
the 69th birthday of the Qneen.
id ceuld nut have been" At the concluriOn of the I (# Mr. JJTO^WdM'e,
ted from the painter*'
rirafnk of thi
ket Company,. ----- —- Lethalr. twv kekn,lmg toMnm. k#U» of WecVquay. The courk* from the Town.quay, up round the booi

own work; at Southampton.
fkeaamtwcolngWY^mL .
-Tb* YafttstA ' G.tbiqutta Matchbs.—It waa
arid W<*Wl«y )a*\ w#ek. Vaneaaa arrirei at Dover' bn Saturday ; bur Ennqueta, being detained in the nttr getting new oroutreee. got weather- bound at Sheer-
led_ before thewind down to the Mere, whew they
B.T. Y.O a & %
T» tta *Wer if O, SMtta^cn OM#rwr. ,
wonderful dl«x>rer1»a of the age wberaa 11.waa kno a* Boothamptoa la roncerned. TWr le no afier-thonght
WooUton. JJetler. Ac. to Our already too contaminated ^tBeNdluZr* ' Tet ,aT,Ir U'U J,d«aItr '« not Ineap-
meodad by tbepOeer of Health to ahtndoa their elaui nor hare we pare water., for anlmafa Urge eoooeh to ±#
rifersa-ffi'ss? ^
With the rtew Of eeearta* wfleteaome 1

•bow thai be wae in an oneMnd atale. —After del) berating verdict t bat deceaaad coi « of temporary meanlty. .

1 tf>Ti tnhaWi*
Thareday; the Home Secretary appointed Mr. and Mr*. Slmmona, of D01 Jail, aa goremor and matron ol the Southampton Priet They enter upon their dutiee next week. Mr aqd M Simmon* have been for eight year* governor and toatr of the Dover and Cinque Porte Jail, and were prerionily twelve year* governor and matron of the Canterbury
Minn ExcuBjioite.—On Saturday afternoon thi Iile of Wight Steam paokat Oompany'e a Warner Prino Leopold made the firat afteroon exeureion to S go thiol with a large number on board, and tax landing at thai place they had the .opportunity of liatenine to th. •plejidid pi-'----------------' *" -
«icur*ion< will (weather pet Saturday (thi* day).
Lau.icit of a PaooLS 'I_______________
—On Saturday laet»0*wald, Mordaunt, and Co.
of the folli ________
l ength, 170 feet; breadth, »0feet; depth,9 feetSinohee Thi* Yeeael ha* been built by the order of the Byde and i'ortamoutb 8 team packet Company for the mail end I «*enger trade between PorUmooth and the late of 'gbL She i* built wiUi tponaon* all for* and aft, with the bulwark oarried out beyond the ahlp'e aide, thereby tiring a very large area oT deck room, which fill be Ijand of great comfort to paaaenger* during the eummer ururcuma round the I eland. The vee>al ia fitted aft a large.deek.hooee 46 feet long, cjotaininjr ealoon '* Gmt elaaa paaeeoger*; alao ladiea' oabin. Amld*bip* crer the engine and boiler, ia a large hurricane bridge 4> feet long, at the fore end of whioh Is the fleering (ear. The top of tbi* deck and the deck-bou*e are tued with eeeta, and trill form during 6ne weather a frit-rate promenade deck. At the fore end cf the «b;p >» the aeoond claee aa'oon, 86 feet jn length; also ofBcer*' fiiin and pantry. The Mgine*, 1*4 b p. nominal, built t; Onvald, Mordannt, and C., are compound oscillating » gmee, the eylinder* being 26in. and 5(Mn. diameter «d slin etroke. the boiler working et a preeiure of '"lb*. The paddlewbeel* are 17ft. diameter, and will driven « revolution*, from which a high a peed i* •ipected. The veeeel and enbinee haxebeen built under tae diAot enperintendence of H. Thteadinton Em , tlio 1 -perintendent of the Company, with the valuable ■•tiitance of Mr A*h, the wellknown naval architect; of I. adon. On leaving the wbtb ehe waa gracefully "wed " Albert Edward " by Mr*. Kimber, of Ixmdon, tl» wife of on* of the director. The vneael 'will very rhortly commence ber dallj^py***. _ . ~
Socrnmrro* 3*nxos Bi!*K -JHie auditor,. Mr, P-Pndeanm. of Lincoln'*-Inn Pield*, London, h»* made l.i« li.lf-jearlr examination of the account* of tbia in-itituiion to 20th May laat. and he report* to the Com-li-ittee of Manasement (May 27th) " 1 have pleaanre in reporting that I luve found the account* ef your bink
a eurplue fund r

'tort time *ince the above named ateai
trip at the meaaored mile in Stoke* Bay. She_____
' me reamer built and eng&ned by Meeeri. Otwald. Mordauot, and Co, for Meatr*. Olynn and Son*, of Liverpool, her aimruaion* being 233 feet long, 28 feet iMm. and 17 feet « inche* depth ef hold Th* engine* arc 130 nominal borae-power' the cylinder* are of 3» and ** inche* diameter re*pectively, with 3 feet length of uroke, worked up to an indicated boree power of 6 0, driving the veaael at an average tpeed of 11 knot*, which, for a «*nro •teamcr. waa cr-oaiderod highly «ati*£*etory. Mrsar*. Glynn, Hepburn, Ac., of Liverpool, and a eelect P>rty of friend* aat down to luncheon on board, when Mr. Mordaunt took the chair, and the uaual toaat* were Pooled and drank. The Oenoe** made ber run round t Cerdifffr^m Southampton in a UtJe o»er 80 houre, *nd tifrn the loaded for the Mediterranean.
Tm T.bmawiam Stbambb.—Lloyd'* agent at St Thoma*"* telegraphed a* follow* under date of May 2» . —'•The Royal M*il Company'* * learner Taamanian uboreat Ponce, Porto Rioo, will probably be got off after
Pima.—Shortly after « o'clock this (Friday) morning a •erioua, and it te to be feared fatal, explosion of coal gi* took place on board the Royal-Mail Company'* eteam-•hip Para. The facte are theee r—A coal porter named Michael flynn, M year* of age, end living in 8L ''forge'* place, Houndwell, went to hi* work on board the above ihip, lying b the outer doc\ at a quarter. p*at 6 o'clock, accompanied by a coal porter of the----
fearful expioaion occurred, burning nearly all tb< off poor Flynn'* body. Strange to enj, although 1 horn wae not more than a yard from Vlynn at the tlme. the only injury be received. wa* a ellght eoorthing ot the whuker*. He immediately Weed an alarm, and had the injured man conveyed in a cab to the Royal Mr-mery, where every atUation waa paid to hln*r bat hie
"t.h -Z-JZ
* " * J— the rxplaeioa. although
' "&2i
or firat veaael and #0 Tor reeded veeeeL
Ho*berville. round the Monee Light*hip,
Coryphee. 40
t».20' Kf ^ Borwick: Mynentie, 40 At 1 LuOthe fortie* tailed away, the and the weather bright
nd at the time being wi
d pleaaant The Pioni __________
iy with the lead, Vol-Bu-Vent being " ky 'way.
lightning, n*d
id heptum . ..-----
he Coralie, which bad beeu ____
---------- -ilear away, led the new Scotch boat
The Mouie wae reached in the following order:—Vol-an.
...... ~ M"" S "W| Ngm,
r*Ke, lb 89m
lb 85m 1# »eci. C, lb 4 'm ; Myoeoti*, Ik SO eece j Veneeea, lb -I carried home, and the Vol-au-Vent w the Coralie. in an equally creditable m 0. Draper, of Sot
Vent,' and R Blanchard, of Mc W. Ph- ' ' Dublin, the My<
; Chriitine, Ih 4lm
iVurra. on Wedoeadar laat. 1 wae not ootv „„. lno ######=#
astrraa: r: A-
thf^* b*ttl« for» In.eperable obataele.
I belleee U will be demonatraled bv abler pent than mine
p. leaJldAg
■ - - '
ome legal quibble bo r

a which vitally e
annual meeting of the Southampton Diitrict of
ime Meatri. Oiwald a new works at Woolaton. employing ome 1400 baud*, with their wlvea and ftmllle*. and the Irth* rrel»t*red within the aam* period, bealdo* other
,» We are obi I cad to o«r correapondcnt for hla communl-caUtra. Ufa view agrrea with our own. aa to the "M"
the •• Borough ot Sooth amp too." net (o the apace of — . gttuielr letter* here. We no if.

Biblical Knowledge ExainThition fund. ___
Ms* itm
pri»ee of Bible*

E-operly eanatltutad
~ 'nw^Uutb^i, ,

ihuuv« ef the borough In the Hi
upon me. 1 ah ______
:tlun an J with pride, not lp a merely

Oolemati.' with the
providing prlx-t for the rolerrtary examlijatfou
dren and pupil tear4-----.....
School* in Biblical

the homeward Wee*

•um.— Mr. Meldmm eeconded' the propontioi wae nnanlmtoaly adopted, tit• - • 1
TH■ TRa.tsrxK or Turn 1. hid 0. icaooie.
- Mr^ Mfldrnm moved,ax an :tor» aboyld iwraonallj-g.|«rmnt**
The Bye La'i
Ii that might ider the Edofatlon A,
iMmiaeoded that place*
nal School, at Old Alree-to be lent from 80,11b-:t. — The Rev. Creeewell
iduainal School at Purbr ero by the hoard were ge Mnge and Dr. Palk bavir tion to tbe*e *choM». WeatUke propeeed. 1
sntr.1 Board School. In
Uiloug, Uiat aacondaney which I believe le ahaoletely mcd-Ual to the liapplnea* the pro*perlty. and the true greatmea*

, -t a* well,
d file preeent, at the ex. 1 the general queation of lanimoualy reeolved .to of thank*. eogro**ed on ravering and oon*intent
. -----------------liv4 of the bdroogb, and
eepeoally of hi* vote* on the Eaetem Queetion. The of the future repreeentatton of the borough wae
low" of thblaU*,
recognition of hi* ui e .Libt-ral repreaent

the Rope Walk be called 1 iccordance with the recoi nd General Purpoae* Cor
to the le>*e of !the from the Rector of 3t. Mary , and to the duplicate thereof. Hi
rad the adoptioa of thi
1 their opinic
, that the flgnvr* c

•ent, the Hon. Be*
i. .oraiMd lb*t th. .11 !V.",b/tis
B*. Jouu'a CnrBcn.—In addiUon to the moral I'oponl) conduct., in Mnn'it^,'«Hh't "* %i«leL
Knglleb, to which all ere invited! ~
lenereoely ewpplied the deficiency.
*ati,factory character, and the chairman,' In moving lu adoption, alluded to the faetiou* oppoeition offered to
'Ould it be due to Lord Uartlngton. He believed were peace preeerved It would b« by the Importa-Uonjof the troope from India (loud cheer*). Thi* bad aught our opponent* that we have eome ol the flneit roop* in the world, and the moat loyal of eoldUrt, and rhen peace wa* **cur*d, which be believed would be hecaee. it wculd be due to the manly and •traigbt-orw*rd deepatcb of the Marquli of Bali,bury, and the ipright and conetltutlonal condnet of .Lord Beaconaflald (cbeeri). Should the country N appealed to. and be-
had no doubt the country would retain Lord Beacon.-
le. and eaid he >might-7eute that their liata
Id be able in return Lord Henry Scott mkd Mr. P. Campion by a triumphant majority. He eooeladed by moving the adoption of the report.—Thia wae ew.onded br Mr. Carpenter, and after a abort dUeuMtoo. adopted. Mr. 8enior-Bailiff Harford propoee l the re-election of r» P. H. McCalmont, a* Preaident for th* *n«uln( ■ar, and thanked him for hli paat eervicee. — Thi* waa ..cooded by Mr. J. Ililhop, and carried with acclamation —The Preaident returned them hi* hearty thank* for hi* renewal of their confidence, and propMed the redaction of their Vice-Preeidente, with eeveral additiona. fhi* waa aeconded by Mr. Meldrnm, and carried unanl-nou*ly.—The Finance Committee wa* *l«o, re-elected, on the propoiitlon of Mr. Meldrum eeeended by-Mr. Rirford—The Chairman next proponed the reflection Hon. Sec. (Mr. Meldmm), in eompllmenBarj remarking that he did not know where to tind a to take hi, place, *nd h»d great plaaiure In atkiog Mr. Meldrum to perform the dutiee of Secretary *-- tbe ensuing year (cbeere). — Mr. Atlatt bad great pleaaure in teconding the propoaiUon, whicli . —j i,d with applauae.—Mr. Meldrum having again elected him, and-wai they bad e decided majority en the at the next general election they nucb larger numbere than on the laat ")• He had much pleaMre In e
a waa awarded to the Chairman, for prwei-1 being acknuwled by tbe Chairman, amldat Ih, proceeding, terminated.
thanked them for
oepting the offii

The Home of Common, went into Committee once more on the much come,ted Bill for doting public-houtet in Ireland on Sunday, and tpent nearly three houre of the (itting In the ditcutiion of a new clatue, moved by Sir. J. M'Kenna. In the end the claute wa* rejected on a divitlon by 1M to 41. A lonx dltcuMioa f. Uow^l en a claute tubmitted by Mr. Oolfiae, limiting the duration of the Act until the Slat ef December, 1881. Thle propoeal The O"Conor Don, who had charge of the Bill, accepted In principle, ibut preferred thnt the operation ef the meaeure ehe*Id have a trial extending over five or eeven yeare In,teed of three. Rven-tually th* eecond reading of *h# elaute wat agreed to without dlvieion; hut n divition being taken on th, date the year 1881 wat ordered to be expunged br 179 to 141. Next, with the epprovtl of The O'Cenor Den, Mr, Dornrngmoved to fill up the blank no cfttled by Imerting IBM, thu* limlUng tbe BUI to four year*. Mtjor O Gorman denounced the Bill aa to bad '<■«' he wae determined to do ell he could to exae»erat« the Irith people age I net It. Hi, therefore, propoeed 'that the Chairman ahould at once leave the ehalr. Thi,, however, he did not preee to a divirion.
amended wa ordered U form part ef the Bill, and pro. .The Bone* of Cemmon, gotearUy into Committee of
foVthe expe&tee o(theMi
litan Police-nei ,'urbed the calm by! br Sir J. Ingham It
U the death of one of the » Prieeaere. The
-----the Vote of Cenelct
afterward* refuted by 206
An inqueetwat held at tbe Eagle Ino, Millbrook-roa*
the County Cor
inder the following p.lnfiil
end. Deceaeed had been a matter mar
in whoeo employ be bad foe* bed noticed nothing peculiar

eaying that a dactor eould do blm no goCd. She thought that during.the laet month he had not bed to much eucceee In telling c*al* aa h* would like to have bad, and he wrote to Sunderland to be relieved from hie'employ, ment, ae be did not feel able to carry 11 on. Duriog the lalt three week* he had appeared much depreeeed And low tpirlted, and bit appetite bad not been ee good a* uiual. He had alto made taany mi*take* in hi* corrc*-pondeuce, *o mach **, that, at hit reque.t, wltnete loeked over all hit letter* before potting them. She thought that the tut* of her he*lth, and that ef her having tn attend to beraick mother, might hi
in had been ordi under pain of I Hid waa taddled erod totally grc
illcitor Uf the opinion that nd jhat the

which wu pot the cat,. ,11 aln«ble gift which bad b»e
reaante, ana WnM Wither* gettlhg the ichool* Iran,-
»anJ bo not effllxed to tbe igned the eurrender, after >0 wa. Informed that tbe 1 had already (Igned it.

torh hie mind. 8he left home on Wedaeeday morning >ut 7 o'clock j he opened the door for her, and. ee it 1 raining bird, opened her umbrella. He did not m eo well aa utual, and (be atked him if he felt worae, en be replied that hit head wee no worto. but that it ' «ry bad. She returned at a quarter p*,t 10 ; ih, —)d at th, door and knocked leveral time,, but could get no a newer. She then went to the back part of the Somen, where there wae a gla«t doer opening into the iha could not get in, tbe door being locked, and been opened that morning. She then died her neighbour while (he ran for a doctor.—Ae the witnee, here appeared much dutree,ed the Coroner *aid he would relieve her of what ,he eew.—Witneet taid tbe knew that her butband bed the revolver (produced), which he kept loaded In a drawer, bhe bad often hinted to the deceated about unloading It, and h* taid be would do It eome dey. That morning he wat of a moil peace, ful diipoeition. He wat a rellgloue man : they read a Ptalm that morning and the previou, night, a, utual. On tbe morning he talked a great deal about the peelm they had read the night before. She did not think that he wae worried by religion, matter*. He had been to eea for about 30 year,, and teemed to f»ncy that he
(iould not be able to tettle on land. 8be knew of no (fculiar mattert to worry biia. They had enough Wive on comfortably.—Cbarltt Oreengo taid he lired in the next koute to tbe deceated About 10 o'clock on Wedneiday morning Mre. Bdom went round to hi* back id called him, and eaid that her door wa, fattened Ud not get in. She eaid that ber htuband had fafltn Into tbe water butt, and ehe wae afraid be wa* dead. The door leading to the back-yard wa* partly gtaae, through which tbe could tee Not being able to get In at the door he got a ledder and got over tbe fence, ,operated the yard*, and which wa, about eeveu
-----Ifh, and went Into tbe houee. There wa* a water
butt In the y,rd about four feet high, and full of "er, and the deceated waa hanging over Ae e of tbe butt, with hi, head and arm, In the er, and hU feet a little above the ground. He took dece**»d out of the water, and, with the aeeietanc* of n neighbour, removed blm Into tbe parlour. There we, blood mingling with the water in the butt, end hie face we, covered with blood. Dr. Morri,, who had been * came almoet ImmedieUly. Witnem bad only the deceaeed for about four month*. Ha eaw the deeeaeed almoet every dav and ,pek, to blm. bat be did not notloe anything peculiar about hie manner. He
--------edlnglv kind man, and he and hi* wife
., . . igfortably together. He knew of no eauee which ehonld have led him to commit the deed, and
About twenty minntee before deceneed'a wife enUed him
d oe, find IL He theo felt la the but*,

of children in the town oVt"o7f^i"^b"uhed'by6M^"
eoold «n«m wpLn the kwd fo, *h« " An
director, were prepared to hold the town harmleee In the mmtwbn wonld egree to K bmt nol^theMlnn. Me moved that the natter be deferred till the next board meeting.-The Chalrra,n eaid the (trueteei hed tigned
b^M eJnk.lThe aTMSm Zd STuuKT M
heerd n* the ef Mr. Meldxmm kefw,. nnd
ih eerenU gentlemen wh ae namee were men-eligible cendidatee tbould they be ready to ' » poeition.—1/anis IndrptudaU — So ranch
for Sir Frederick'* "bohteal friend*. The Uanti AHcer. wm read from Sir Frod,rick Perkins atating that it i*
not hi, iutention to dead again for the . _______
thi, borough, owing to the heavy and Increasing demi which bovine** mike*
Hie wignetion,
liamenUry dntiee, and eepecially for bie vote on th Ka*tern Qoeation. It ie well known that Sir Frederick', popularity in the town ol bie birth eecured for him a considerable amount of Coneervative eopport at the laet general election, and there can be no doubt that thie lergely oontribuUd to hi* return at tbe head of the polL He bee fully deeerved the thankeof hi* Liberal friend* by hi* vote*, and even thoen oppoeod to him will agree that be baa been aatiduou* in hi* attendanoe. and acknowledge tbe oon,i,tency of hi, condnot „ a member of the Liberal party. We do not profeee to be in the ■ecret* of oar opponent*, but under,land that they are f?r ™didatee. N°"loobt, however, the; will find it difficult to induce gentlemen to come forward, there being enob Uttle proepect* of encoeee for anyone peofeeamg Liberal pnnmplee in a town where Coneerva-•iem baa of late made eo muoh progreee. A lew month* igo eeveral, of our locnl Libernle were mentioned a, •i*bing to-offer themee vee, but on coorideration they ippear to have arrived at the oonclnrion that diecretion
irder, Mr. Meldrum warmly

The Rev. R. Mount agreed with Mr. Meldi
thle quite unneceteery, It being etated that th.
thought thl*^ulti
ment wa* thin put. an Mount and Mr. Aleldr Pbippard. Hillier, DiL..
*; neuter, tbe Her. Creatwell Strang*. Tbe amendment wa, therefore loe!, and the original propoeition carried by a reveraal of the TO ten.
a LOAN or £2,000.
Tbe Work, and General Pnrpoeee Committee reeom-mtnded that a temporary loan of £2.000 be obtained from tbe treaeurer of the board In order that the pur-ebaee of the Ea*twn Dlttrict School premieee may be Completed.—• M». Weetleke moved the adoption of tbe
eeconded the propoeiUon. — Mr. Meldrum moved no amendment that a temporary loan be not tanctioced, on the ground that he had no detire to Me £2,000 of tbe ratepayer*' money thrown away He Ibeliered if thi*
report.—Thi* wu eeooaded by the Chairman, and agreed

May, 87! Lieut Abraham.«1 Lanoi-Oorph Ame
Private Kohler, 61—[W* ehoold be glad]} the___
tary oonld Bend hla eommo&icntion earlier ia Um week thu rnday afteraoo*.]
The nenal monthly meeting of the abov* Ateociatlon w»* held at the Windtor Hotel, Windtor-Urrace, on Thurtdav evening.—Alderman Atlatt, In the abetnee of the Preaidant (Alderman Emanuel}, pretided. and there wat a Urge number pretenL The minutee of the pre-vloui1 meeting having been rignid. the lion. eeo. (Mr. D. R. Meldrum) Mid be could not allow that accaalon to paw without expretriag hi, ple,nre that the four candidate, telected for Ouardlane for the Ward of All impbantly returned at tbe bead of the menu not having the tllghtMt chance ire), and on hie own behalf be returned > thank* for the honour Conferred on him bv again Mlecting him to repretent them at tbe Board of Guardian, (xpplau*,)— Mr. J. Bitbop Mid he had ( to excrete hi, tincere thank* to them for having returned him at the head of tbe "noil (cheer,). — The Chairman eaid that ihowed the Liberal* they had not any chance in the Ward of All Saint*, and called upon Mr. ZitlwOod to addreaa the meeting. — Mri Zillwood tben gave a moet in tor eating account of a f,w Incident, In the life of tbe Duke of Wellington. Ho commenced by tracing tbe Duke'e military career In Holland, frem thence to India, and then down: to the battle of Waterloo and Um exiling of hapoleoo to the Wand of 8c Helena, after the great Penihiuiar War bad raged ee fiercely Mr. Ziliwood alto pointed out that the great Duke wu not only a great General but a true and contiatent Tory. «nd tber bad th, una In Lord Bucoo«8,ld. who,
:e more than Lord Beacon*-
-d u-
_ . trwios soRtw ootfPArr. ' ' ;
, TBlTTOJf—Cap,. A. Clark, from Eaat London, arrived at Xatal em the Jrd of May.
Th. ftO.Vjr;—E. BaHiu, from Sosth-
aapton on Tnteday, far Jtew York, with mail*, a fuH
The WBSXR—paptaln O. Merer, will tall from Booth-
The HQKBSZOLLIRX - CaeL P. Hlmbeek. from 5ew York, 1* doe at Southampton on Taaedaj nexi, with paaaea-
thamptoi en Tnmda^ tha ith ofJui iday. the #ih Jnma, with mail*, j
The wrarmruy-cepL m.
aapton oa Hundaj. th* 9th " and frelebt for Batavia, Ac. The OMmJOSML-OepL
" pt-Orawfurd. 1-------,
Watartord, BeUatt, Ulaakow,
The RAT I! LIS—Gept. Crawford. mlM from aoutbampto*

(loud cheer*) Mr. Ztlli
by reading tb« ----------.
live *xcur*ion to Wtymoulh, laat year, of Soqtbampton Liberal* jr—" ' "
tag Roe, relating
LIBERAL CONSERVATISM. Mr tltle hM often been tbole.t
That Conaervatlvea can Liberal be
In deadt. If not In name.
And ao 1 lone prove tbe men. tay we. And gain the .higher fame.
a peculiar emotion.
Long may civilian, eoldtor, and tar
To thefr *w*y true aliagianee give. Aad iboee-wbo gated on the beautiful 1
Open, and free, and kind;
WChiJp ud good combined^
Mu,t have Mid to ttieawelvee. the boat for me To a ail on the Political tide
uoooded by Mr. Councillor Miller and eapported by rjy acteowto^tl
bar, were elected and other bualneee arranged, after of thank, to the Chairman for presiding
iBthnriattlo meeting to a cloee.
The HISDOO—Capt_ Mill*, from Southampton, arrived out at New York on the 24th laat.
a s?*^
ahlp mall*, paeeengere, and ipecie, the proceeded o wero and Llver^ML ^

from the Brazil*. ,
irnlog. with oxan f Cajt. Welah^from Comnc
:=|s: 5 is;;
rater about two hour* after the time ir ia about three houii and a half
MBDIOAO IS3TITOTION. Mar 80, 197S. • ■atieola admitted daring the week, 57 j ditto, dl*ebarged 3}
Number of Provident Member*
tmittod lu* ^Monday, 18 a=d Dr. Onffln. Reiidest Ditpeaier.
y.l te May 8,1873
HUHUKIN DV M« OW« and ,<1 * ' ■'
HeaUv—Davl*.—May t4th. U Jhe OUhoUo Apeetollo

%wTLURnmeIWtr*t. looUxaiptoB, Mr.
__.-... .
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