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:#### .nd J. E. L<- fcuvr**. K«ir«.
bv^e.—lie wis flneJ.M.e •Inj-le dnly and value, £31 • wBobwt Deer. *n able.w«m»n. *« mxtebane&u.' • muKBUng HtKi ol tobacco. by Cu«u.m«-.oB<*r Uric.
-..(nw llie-HUr-l^ttw* l« «hm IW bril- wu»-
N, .IMOIMWL ,„T. I-.X-M |.Q. liTr ' .
•;•■ TTrciT^r ^SfiSSES,,,,.
W. .rel'i.'KM Ult Un tolamaph ohowed 7A a I.nnhlngton, b JuJJ _ 13 b Beneraft/.....0
f -feet, I, p. ^ r l.,e W*alUk*, b Hoi- ,
" Wa*< bJ*jd ...' ... .1' e &&E b licncnft «
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.-..-. l Flsherton Lunatic -Anjldrn
• t the lueorpnraUeo of Southatoptoji.-»tr. im uig me Goonllsu, lit I rnrnln an enter <»n deXealant to pay f, a week toward, his,wife's support, but ho l,#d neulectea to 4o *o.—I)efemlaat pK<«lct poverty a, the eaosc of Mb not being In * position to subscribe towards the eopport of bis wife—Tbe Benrbm.ilc an order on doteadaal to pay «• a wc«k toward, the support of hla wife from that ilate.-The wife e©,t the Guardian, lSa.a wrck - Defend.nt aald
Md «" ordered to har» the child vt
Before Alderman Lamb (chairman), and J. T. Tucker. Eeq.
Dkusxik \ AOaA»T».-8atnuel M.-or* and John Clark, two ttronc able-bwtlod men, wore brought up by l'.C. Hall far being drunk and bnndaf lu iTuspeei-plaee, between * and 10 o clock the prevlou, olghL The othcer waa In plain cloihee and Moors, who waa very drunk, aaked him io relleTO him. and he did ao by locking them up.-1'romlslng to leave the town by 1 o'clock, they were dlacharvrd.
KoBiir.HT ur a Heuvamt UiiL-8auD Kltchcr. a you OR aerrant girl. It yeara of age. waa charged with a teal-
In a drawer. In • table In he* bedroom, a ho placed the little box (produced), containing a number of threepenny and tosrpeoay plerei. On Monday week ahe counted them and there were twelve then. On Wedi.e«t«r ahe mleaed two
In the week, and bought the hat a he waa --------
l'rlaooer pleaded guilty to taking tbo money.
oa100^.' 1' .% U
made their Orat .appearance In London on Monday a* Lord'e 0round, where they plated a match againat in Bleran picked front the beet pkyara of the Marylabon* Club. The recent rain» bad rendered the wioket & r* markably difficult one. and the. extraordinary termination of the match created (treat excitement. In their Brat'inning* the M.C.O. acored only 8?, whllitthe Au«. traliani auceaeded In putting together 41 f but in the aeeond inning* the bowlMif that bad p rale cad thU trt>-looked-for roeult waa aurpaaaed, aa the M.C.O. only •ucceedtd la m*k|ng 19 run*, and Ihe Aoitralian* won BMily by nine wlcketa. Mr. C. Booth, the hon. aec. of the Hampihir* CI oh. played fdl* the M.C.O., and *• bagged a brace." being bowed without ecoring. Mr. A. W. Ridley, of Haute, *oorod 7 and 0.
Saturday, and the reiult wet a draw. The bowling of Jolinaoo and P. Peony for the White 8Ur waa rery good. The batting of To!free and Sibley, and the bowling of Qookey for the Victoria, wa* very good ini deed. Scora:—
Victoria—Longman, b John*on,i 2 i Wareham. c Luca*, 4; Shelley. bJc..
cpaaamore. Ji Hickman, c I'aaamore. : ; nunur. J t Tolfrt*. e l'enny. It; Slight. 1 b w. l ; blbley, i 315 Cook, run out. 8 ; extraa, 3 , toutl. T«.
-home. 1 b w, e i r. I'enny, run out. 11 T. Ooff. i *l Gambled, bOookay.C; Cambrl'lge. b Gookey.31
ot out. 0; extra*, 31 total, U. Emery to bat.
onawr caoaoH. NoaTBiM v. TAU*;
Played on the Southampton Common, o
B. Om#L b K «##,. *. b E. now. «l
ttRra: ra'K,*.'■ h«>. . .vjstsw
......... xtHa. t and * t toU-». (S (and *9.
it. liiRV'3 T. KUVAI, ENOISEEBS. A match beween the** club* wa* played on the Soutlf ampton Common on Saturday afternoon, and resulted In a victory for the St. Mary'*, mainly owing to the good batting of T. Morant, W. E. 'Par*on*, J. Hodwell. and C. Tuck, and the bowling of W. D. Par*on* and H. Jordan. Score:—
MABT'a —Rodwell. Slanafleld, 1« i Jordan. OStana. I; K. Coward, b Blanafleld. 8 i Tuck. bStanaJleld. 13 ; K. I'araona.b Uaraleoat, 26 ^ W .^D. raraou^ b^B^ler, Kemp, b Stanafl.ld'0; llowyer, b StanaBold. «; extra*, 11 Uotal K7iaii>KCR*. — Klder. b Jordan. 3 , Butler, b

* then wearing.
d would never do It again —The Chair-
a barge. »aa charged wUb ateallna a half a.
banjo Sliamroek, aaJd on Krldav laat priaotwf came to him and aald lie had ooim> fn>m Captain R«sa. of the bar%* Shamrock, who wia very 111 and ounflned to hi* cabin, and . that he had aent him to wltaraa for a half acverelgn to pro-
»aw the Captain, who told him that he had not received the h ur a^verelgn and that prlaoncr had not rtturned to the barjje —Captain Iteea, ot Uio Shamrock, a aid ho eout prlaom-r to Sir Gauitaway on Pnday afxerno«m for l*a to tret pir.rl.lona, but he never retilrncd to theablp afterward* The alilp waa lying In Buraledon ltlver at the time.— Pri-*oner pKaoed guilt* to the clarso and aald lie got dmnk with ll* moni-y.-Jlr Oannaway aald prtaoner had been In hi* employ for aeveral year*, and aa he had a nlfe and family ha tro'ted the Ikuch would be a* leulent with him a* poialble —The Chairman »ald the ca>e cuuld not be looki-d over, and uuilcr tlie clrcumatance* he muat go to
Jail for oue month with hard labour. __
BtnoL^kr at rnr Oxrono X**. BtiNTore-noAD.'-Thoina* K<*per. deaerlbcd *a of Chotch-road. Ik-ll-itrret. flarkoe). London, waa brought up ou rvmaod. charged Willi burglarloualy entering the Oxford Inn, llrlolon a-road, and a waling therefrom a quantity of poatago Hamp*.»
I rulerlng the BevoU-town Hot*
i. Samwaya. and atcallng therefrom cnuciKeor proaoeutnr will be found la latt »riu«y a ywa^ —Dotecllro-oOeer Uavldge aald on Tueaday mornlnz. Jtat inatant, aa ho wa*coming down Above Bar, he met priaouer Itolng up tilt atrvat In oompamy with a corporal of marlnaa.
forced open, and In the cellar uador the window he found the lion bar I produced,, and he found that the grating had been forced open with thla bar.-Uy Uie 1'riaoncr: He waa erne he aaw prlaoncr with a marine on Tueaday morniug. —Mr» Kmma Holdaway. ^oat-mlitreaa at klupaworthy.
and aaked her to change him Bvt. aldllinza poatugu afampa, and alia did eo. rerelrlug » ,
chaugjng; tlicra.-Ul** Mary Ann Moody.»u grandfather, at the Mlcbildevrr Boat Offlce. at inlle* from Klngtwurlhy. aald about 10 o clock __ .... neartay morning l»,L prlaoner came to tbo door and aaked tier If *ba would like five abiding* worth of peony poatage atampe from htm. She did ao. receiving 'l.e 3j per eentage for changing them l'rlaooer aaked her Wbeo Mwro would be a train to Loudon, and (lie told him tbe Parliamentary
aonvr In Loudon-aUecL BaotugaMko. Wltnoaa 'topped

Gotham.c Tuck, b W. D l'araon*. o
th* Public Ground, and reeultod In a victory for Nortbam. for whom Dewey. Mitchell, J. Ru«**ll, and Crook, did well with the bat, and Mitchell and Andrew* bowled effectively. Score: —
run out. 0t Eaton."* and b Boucher, i i Smith, e Hunt. 0 ; Blaker, not out, *i Cortl*, o Dear, b Herbert. I; cxtraa.
________ nd b Mitchell. Is HxrberL
Jt xo*St a**.—>1 art I a. e
l Uoberta, C brnl^3(
Andrea*. Ji Uuaaoll. c J. Ru*a*IL J; Shearman, r, Oreonlog, not out,3;,ext.—.
MKKC»rnLB MARIKB T. UNrT»3. A match between th«*e clobe wa* played at the South--.npton Cricket Ground on Saturday, and roiuhed In a victory for tbo Mercantile, for which Tom*, Actop,
o----». i o:_».------the principal *corer*. B*n-
---------------------(ice with the ball. Por the
United, Watte howled and batted well, fowler and Jam** alio reaclring double figure*. Tbo large tcore made by the Mercantile I* in a great rueuure attributable to the ' >o»e fielding of their opponent*. Sublo|#ed n the ecore :
'tal (for'acveu wlcketa), 133**0. Kairey and M. Batchclor
UcBwaft^r^ull^r.clndb KcoreU.
lcr. e Coaen*. b Hcncraft, 1*; Abraham, c and b Bcncraft. t Cog. not out. s; cxtraa. 4; total. >9.
SPRING HILL 8CU0OL v.'TELE0UAPH. Thla match wa* played on fhe School Ground at Ipring Hill on Saturday, the School winning by tix wicket*. Score:—
TxtvonAPn.—MJell. e and b Hickman, I ain. 101 Tboma*. b Howell. " "
Hlekmau. #I U*k. b Howell. 5, h Howell. 81 Harding.
K. U. Awlwb.aMt b NMglay.
and b Mtall. 3i tl«*
(for four ,w»*k*u) 13.
I almnd, e Harding. I* ,
---------------3t H. II. Applethwalie. e
CI»**. not out, 11 extra*. 3 t total*. »I and
at Komioy, and owing to lb* good batting of II. Gaidar, II. We«ton, and P. Heath, reaultcd in an ea*y victory for the Avcnu* by ao inning* and aixtcen run*. Tbe bowling of II. We*too for the winning team wa* ex ceUoqt. Bcwo^- ^ jooeph* |b b Cheat r,
I t Weaton, run oat. U; H. Calder, c Buttanahaw, b Hatbar-
donation of a J/fctm1 v»--<
tnantlo, dpoL
The Clwiet and Lecture* CommltUe reporlod the receipt of a further lei t«T from the oclencaaadArt department, contribute the Government grant of £10, ant«ft tb« whole of the grant, a* well the local *ub*crip!ion, bW paid to the guardian* or parent* of th* •cholur, »nd 00t De expended in paying fee* for hi* ini atruction, and the comrnittoe re»olr»d toawertain clearly t* the predWWteiTjretaUon the Department put* the fogulatlona fov thefr.fchsUrtlilpa,' a oommumi.
-----m ba'tddmttd, otaOUr that Mr. PMppanl had
offered formal*year to enbecribe £5 a* a local contribution, for a »cholir*hlp to meet tbe OoYemment grant iof £10, provided the Department would allow th* »um of £16 to be expended In pay!** the erpeieee of a year* Inatructkm in the day elaaeee of the Hartley Inetitiitioa f«r tha tueoenfnl aandidate, tha.eaM oebolarehip. Mr. Phlppard being willing, ehoold be oompated for by achotar* of any public eiecaantary icbool* is Pouthamp-
pended In peevldtM tha boy with a *npertor edooation. ThajDope i turtDt w«# aakod whether they wooii approve of *och a prapoeed oobelarohlp, and the oomminos
led tiiat they wot^ldDOtapprove^
ie executive officer having Wiad tl
„T—,est,between the variou* oduc»Uo_ .. tbe town and neighbourhood, the manager* of elementary ocboolt, and other penon* intereiled in tbe prog______________________
effect coold be given to wch a ocheme Of ---------
linking the elementary *ohook, Taunton'* School, in* Grammar School, and the Hartley • InUUutlon together, the public,educational board* io tbe town would have a good locut tlandi in memoraliilng the Provoat and Fellow* of Queen* CoIUge, Oxford, to complete inch a chair of exhibition*, and to gVant one or more icholar-*hlp* to Southampton, that being a town with which (he Oollege I* jo Immediately and intimately connected: The conference, a* auggested, wa* held os Pridaj, the gjib ln*L, when the question of m*king an application, to Q-ieen'* Coll«ge wa* dlicowcd, and it wa* thought probable that aa the College derive* a large revenue from Southampton, and tbe Proroet and Pellow* were- an Educational Corporation they might badifpoead tA eon-
Le Peovre menUoned to th* meeting that there were fund* adminutered by the Charily Iriafo*. wkUh mlghl be more u**fully employed than at preionk, Xheee w*re
■r ts-J."
Mlc'iael'a. SS to Holy Rood, and £3 each to flt. 8t. John'*, and St. Lawrence. In aom*. «u<« .... very difficult to fiod recelplent* for thoo^defee, end
"• »----'Ha amnnnfc w.a r.1 „rr,KA t -
mtly In 8t. Lawrence th* amount »rt returned for thi* feaaon. Such money might b* more awfully employed for tbe benefit of poor acholar* of tba town, and in euob a caao tbe Chanty TruUoee would *tiU e ve a considerable turn* and a fl«yor each mad* a aimllar oHer. It wa* ttated that Mr. Phi opera would give the £5 be had previoualy promlaed for tbo Soionco and Art acholarahip*. and that tho Hartley Council had for aeveral year* granted £5. chargeable on member * *ub*cnption*, In aid of a aimilar icholarahlp.
Mr. Le Feuvre wbhed to kmew how It wa* tbe minute* of the conference came before tbo Couacil a* part of th* r*port of tho daoeee and Lecture Committee.
The Mayor replied that the meeting wa* held In con-tequence of what took place in that committee, and it wa* thought better to deal with tbe whole matter in one
Dr^Lang*taff In moving tl,e adoption of tho report, (aid at preaent there exiaied in Southampton, according to the *ch»m* of the Endowed School Committlon, a recommendation that elementary echool* *bould have tbe * pedal privilege of Exhibition* to Taunton'* School and the Grammar School, and that the Grammar School wa* eapeclaily directed to lay out It* fund* in giving effect to thi*. Il was mentioned in the drafjl *cb«m„ for il.. minigement of the Grariiniar School that t
______ ___________iy In*titutlon W
take the load lu every way to inereoeathe atamdard of education in the town. Be ehowed the natioral **_w*jl Ii iicJ Importance of *.ieh eff'rl* M fhm* brnp^dd,
omt .lW* "WW mH peew ,
lOtdJI* claaaaa to rt»* ro tba higher pyade* of e-jih!-1 >nj there wa* no *y*'em by which th* lower claxe* ffonijl.fl intermediate achool* could ri*e. The mWm* link by which they might do tlri* wa# ti be provided by the »ch«m* a* propoeed. Dr. Langvtaff"* propodtlon eppeared to be
ferable to certain grant* of money ye*r bf fefr, wtd idea la making hi* offer wwonl) to goarante* a certa.u amouat in fhe event of a furid not being raiaed. He a 1*0 raggetteda conference betfoen .the governing bodipe of "ie throe loetltutien*.' ^ I
General Trytw oupporUd the proportioni «UHngiliat the whole iiueetka of oeholaAipd> rfo*t name before tbe Council on a future oeoarion.
The pro pool (Ion wa* thee carried.
rat ruMifoa asd iijuu raufosB ctnunrriKV report r*comm*ndad< Mvaral bell* fo* payment., and cheque* wfrt ordered, on tharnolloi of General Try on, ewooded ,bjr Mr. Phippard.-Thfl eommiitBe. alio fe
co arm end a feduotion. The Rev J. L. Oerrick and tho Her- A. H. Ellaby, being Introduced, came before the Council a* a deputation from the local committee, and after a itatement by the Rer. Mr Carrick a* to tbo d& •irabilit* of a reduction In th* peicO to bo ch*rged, the deputation withdrew.—Evoutualh the Council decided that no abatement thould be made, and reeolvod theuf-•elvaa into committee.
##### • rfttf. X b U-veWer.

;/j[ ' dttfwSa eq'w* %.:> L rewk V*
r fur providing
iiintnn a Srhrvtl
____of an exhibition, to fit blm**lf for the Cnivemi-
tieeor for any of tbo** public appointment* which he. might g*Vi by the educatluq received th*r*. The,object of the conference on Friday wa* to determine whether private fund* (hould ,be raiaed to provide exhibition* from Taunton'i School and th* Grammar School to the Hartley Initiation. The rchernes of the Grammar School end Taunton'* School *aid that tho Governor* might, if the rtato, ol th*. tru*t fund* *boald admit, eiubliah exhibition* tenable In other pl*ce«, and, In order to *h*w that thl* higher education at mtmioned in wa* t» be provided at the Hartley Inetitullon there w * anotbtrtpccial provUion which atated thai thogoveruor* •hould endeavour to make the (eeching and other benefit* of the Hartley Institution available for tho purpo*e* of th* school, and for thl* purpose th*y were to confer and co-operate with the Council of the Hartley Initi-tu tion. Taunton'* School bad been lately re-established and the Grammar School had been put on another footing altogether, but there b*d been, bo believed, ne oon-ference between tLeie varioue echool* and the Hartley Institution/but it seemed lo blm quite advisable that •ueh a conference aboold take place to tible thai a*mall amount, say £6, #ai Id b# provided toward* a acbolaraWp, which mbrhlbr oppleuwtedi with
ftss^iss 3
burden on eltb*r Inititulloo, three or four acholarohlpe toight very well be vtahliaked; He did net, bow*w*r,
•hould b* set aside, but to provide *Chofar*Wp* for three or four year* did not **tabll*h tha principle that tberf
kdL* «,Mnt#AA; WW ^ualidddfkf th*
I iiai- ~n-j11 IwuM1 %%%tl mid ->:tn j a ({irf»o*iri».3Uf» Md foaUd |
■ Jiljhll .lii uw hiiKf* ti Hiii
[tion, aald II ____________ _
kee|.. i* all he?lA*«io0&no*!**-. cll» charged •-l.tamauand women, apeak plainly thei f.atd 'hoy would,find other* who wnuld follow
Af:.r It. .haicman had tendered his thank* &e
The auniverstry of tho Church Miwlenary Society eommvneedon Monday, May 20th, with a prayer meeu log In the Ylctorla-rooinl. During the .week raeetirg* h«vo been held atRxburf, Shirley, Hlghfield, Bittern*, Freeteantlt, and other placre. On Suodey *ermone Were preached In many df the church,* in tbe town, ■nd on Monday the xnnual meeting wa* hild in the VkWl* Room*, when a Urge number attended, IL rkinion, R*q.. occupied the chair', ev*. A. Bradley. E. Bradley, J. Bulleb, R. O. uallender, F. Darldaon, T. Garrett, J. Haigh, M. C. Proby, Cresiwell Strange. J. A«ton Whlilock, A. J. WilUon, H. C. Squire*, mlaaionary from Bombay; A. Elwln, missionary from China; K. Lomb*, lector of Swanton, Motley, East Dereham; Martlner, F. B. Wigram, cl*rieal secretary; Major-Gentral H. L*wi», lay *ecretlry, &«■
The Rev. P. B Wigfam opened the meeting with r:»yer, *ev*ral letter* of apolo;y were read by ihe Chairman, and the Rev. J. Bullen waa called upon to read the 35ih eh*pt*r of I*aiah.
Major-General Lewie then read,the financial part of the report, ahowing theewnparben* of tbe contribution* of the different ptrlahe* l**t year wiih the preceding one. Holy Rood, for the year Ju*t ended. £88 6t 3&d. preceding v»*r, £92 1* ; All Saint*. £02 14* Id and £70 7* W; TeWty. U 91 wd £30 3o #d, *L Jamw"*, £11 2* *i .nd £H 13«; 8LMmttb#w'..£aO 6s 3d and 04 lOd, Bluenw, fM M* 4i and £M I7« #d I 8L Demy f Id 5, Bd and £10 »*; Kxbufy; £4 9. 9.1 and £6 10s 61; Fawley, for year just ended, £10 10a; preemantle, £9 9« 4d and £7 6, 10d; Hlghfield. £13$ 19* #d wd £M U* W, £1118* 7d wd £11 11a, N^eUng, £30 lOi .nd 423 II* Ad, NWlng. £« 12, 7d amd £3 17* 911 «bi*ley. AM 0. 31 mmd k lid; West End. £8 for tbo year just completed, and £7 Oi 3d for laat year. The amount remitted to tho Parent Society waa £75) 9* 4d. the total receipta having been £77410* 81. Major-General Lewi* then read the .mount of the collection* on Sunday, a* far as they were known, aa Wlww £1 l6. W , Ro^ £13 14.
31; Holy TM,Hy. £U 2, lid, *L MU^ew'e £3 3s 4 I, Portswood, £10 13* 9J; no return* from St. Jam** *, "t. Deny'*, Bitterr.e, Nursling, and St. Lawrcnce. Th* report, of which the following i* an abstract, wa* 'en read by the Rev F. g. Wlgiam The local effort* of tbo put year afford encouragement both aa regard* presto! reaulu and futore prospect*. It appear; that, where** th* average annual remittance for IK* three year* ending 1«J. a mono led taiMO, and.d*dort-Ingexeeptloual gUu and legadea. fell below that aum la
mainly due to locrea*ed sub*crij)Uons from 0h4m*mN:r* of the lomewbat *udd*n removal Of thoUto Captain Ilodg-skin. R.N.. your committee have loat one of their member.* who. though much occupied lo other dull**, alwaya showed a warm awl gaalal Interest la your aOdoty. Another mem-bar who had long been a zealona aupporter »f the Oodety had been loat. through lb* removal of Miss MarthaToomer. Your committee mark with thankfulneas a gradual growth In the lutercat manlfeated In tbe quarterly devotional meeting*. The annual lawn gathering was held laat year nodes peculiarly favourable circumstance. Mrs. fcyre Crabbemost kindly placed her beautiful grounds at the die-
a Steam launch, of light draught, the poaaos.lou of _____ waaol having bocoroe eaaentlal to Ueeffleleot prosecution of hi* growing and encouraging work on the Niger. In reaponse to a challenge lueerted la the local paper*, offering to double *ny amount raiaed locally for llie Hiabop'* boat, about £130 waa aubicrlbed. The challenge attracted attention beyond the Immediate neighbourhood, and resulted In the sum of £»» U. id being aent up as th* Southampton contribution. Tbe lllahop la now provided with a steamer fitly named the Henry Venn. It l«. how-ever, dlaappolntlng to have to record that onlv half Ita coat baa aa yet beeocontribnted by
« supporters of t
mleslonery enterprlae. i anxloualy looked for by the loclety. The general reel pi*
of the society, compared with t:
o preceding year.
Making a total of ... 3OT.0S3 l;5,993
BlahopjCrowtber baa returned to his sphere of labour, and
7 pr%%J? *ndS^thnind"anihi
atriklng encouragement granted In lomo dlatricu occupied by the Society for the Propagation of the Go* pa I. where no fewer than U.000 boatliena havaexpivaaad a deal re to pl*c*
themsclve* under Chriatlan Instruction.
levout thanksgiving, may well atlmulate our prayera, quicken our expectant faith for like blessings lu our mission field. In tbo society'* report, special mention Is made of the unprecedented opening of Kan and (Antral Africa, caused by tho complete suppression of the *lav* trade, and of the Increased facilities for preaching among Mohammedans, and securing of conscience for them which may be expected to aria* from th* war In the Bast. These are mentioned but as examploa of what haa been going on from year to year In all quarters of the globe.
The Chairman then congratulated them upon the operation* of the lociety. The Southampton Auxiliary had done wall thla year, but yet he thought they ought to do better. £750 waa rather a small amount to remit to «he parent »ociety, oontidering what a large place Southampton ia, yet at Ihe »am« time he must admit that if all the aatociationa had put their ahoulder* to the "heel a* they bad done in Southampton there would*a a very considerable iiffercnc* in the re*ult-Referring to th* work of the society, he compared it with the life of a Christian, full of up* and down*, joy* and Borrow, cloud* and •unshine, yet with all that had occurred they had great reason to be encouraged with
•uppoaed not lo do, and that wa* to *pend their Incom* Thi* the Church Mirolonary had been obliged ko do. and how with the old dabt included they were (till £4000 behind. The first missionary meeting in connection with the Church of England wa* held at Cambridge, In the year, h* believed, 17*9, and the result of ihat meeting wa* the foundation of a society for a mission in Africa. The mu*t *end men out directly, and th*t he will guarantee their oafe passage, but h« said he%doe. hot w-ant «n> Iuh«WMm»,M lo God thrrr ws: every pruopect of lha* nilMion progreacing. -Ha orged upon them io exert
(heuuclve* • and do thfir beat tp proiidc ----- - —
a%3&i=t %
nut thev floff* few thousand* tot *uch a cause aa thi* f Th* Rev. H. O. Squire* wa* first called upon to addrea* the mealing,*ud qaid If iheyeouM take a bird * eye view of the operation* of tl* Church Miwlouary Society at the preeent moment In .11 part* of the world th*y Mould Be* a *ighfwhi*h could not Call to Blir them eftme^MAg like „'***!#*#, *=d <»ps*|nes»-oq
sbohed: luSPr:tlU#*'b«- -fluT present t Siena LeoOe 70 as SO yea** tga was in a wretchedi
ditlon, but now rtwkrtft W«k —
SOCIKY. /yyjj,
Ing. at the Bedford Hotel. Bedford-piece. E. E. Aldridge. presided, and there were ahaut fifty
B. Cuxner (secretary). *., J. Dean (chairman of the dinner oommltt»e).«. 8taeey„Whiuh»ru,Waurhowe. Penny, Rose, Morrie, Kkrly. Mahoney, Smith. Ed. rattndB, WhlM,.Barile!t, Tixsrd, Nolan, MeNaghten, Wood, Draper. tbe vi@e-ch.Ir bring occupied by Mr. J W D*«n—The dinner, which wa, lupplied by the'new ho.t, Mr. Fugett. gave every *«ti*faction, .nd »ft»r liOTltg been di-pr*M of, .nd the cloth* removed, Mr. Dean read letter, of apology from the Mayor (A. Lu MeCaltnom, E*q ). enelooln, 10, 61 toward* th, fund* of tb* Lodge; the Sheriff (G. T. II«rper, EsqJ, Aldetman Jouoa, J P.. Mr. Councillor Miller, and f. Falvey, Esq. -The Chairman having invited *H pre»ent
the Reserves had *n* their call, and beliired that we ahould find all three Force* »• willing to go forw.rd *hd Uphold, th« honour .nd intore*U of (hi* countrj in (he future, ** they hid'done in the past.— ML Wihonty responded for the Army; Mr/Wood for the N*v.v; andS»rgeant-M*jor Barnard "and Corporal Dean (2nd HiR V.), for the Reaerve ForcoL-Dr
and dying, a* nobly aa the **ldi*r* and aailora jdid •th*ir* (he.r, hear). Io concluding hla romarka, ho congratulated Ihe He*. G. C. White on the appoint, ment ha had recently obtained, and trusted thu.h* would follow In the atep* of hi*jired*oe*oor, Dr. Carey (hoe. hear).—Th* Rev. O C. White, in rcupoading, W** well receiyed. He maid the el*ray had a warfares wag*, and he trusted they would be re.dy to flght the battl* manfully. He dwelt on the great ad-Tantkge* of Friendly Socittle*. .nd remarked that in no age had the maxim, " Union la ttrengtb," been *o much ^predated a* in the present; and tru*t*d that all pretent would indeed prov* themselves " True Briton*,'" and do.their duty in wh*t*ver *tst* of life?to ' which they might be called, keeping In view the nam* of their Lodge, " Pemveruice," »nd he aisurnd thorn that In the end tbi * ' " '
Mayor and Corpor man, who laid tha . .
and integrity of the town more than the pre*ent M*ym .nd he wa* our* th.t every member of the Corpor.ilm did what they b*liev*d to be for the good of their c hear, hear). — The let h.v
i proposed by the Chair-r had upheld tha honour
i. inu aavureu inmr
intereat* and good than the preaent Mayor, that the Corporation fully
tuenU (hear, hear). — The to.«t h.vlng been drunk. Mr. Juoior-baillff Warren re*poad*d. *nd a*sured th. preient that no gentlemen h»d * " *
fl* also asiared .... - „ .
cognise^ the great advantagee the** Benefit Societies conferred cn ihe town; for "where, he aak*d, w*nlf the "p'xir be If It wer* not for *uch oocietie* as they were celebt.ting th.t evening. Although . member of both Odd Fellow* .nd Forester*, he *hould be pleased to give a eoutribution to th* United Briton*' Society (loud applause) —Thf Vice Chairman next gave " The t rade and Commerce of the Port." and pointed out th.t it waa . gre.t thing for Southampton to have «iieb men a* Mr. G. T. Harper and Mr. 11 Dunlop to look after it* inUreit*.—The toait wa* responded to by Mr. Cole*.—Tbe Chairman next gave the toaat of the evening, "The Pertefveranee Lodge of the Order of United Briton*." In the eour»e of hi* remarks he observed th*t he h*d been . member of the Lodge •ome few yew., .nd he had*alcbed it* career, *v*ry year .ddlng taore member*, more fundi, and, therefore, more *uc*e** *oth* *ociety. 8uch *ocieties promoted brotherly love and encour*ged men to help themielvei by puling by for *ic\ne** ; and by helping theaiielve* it wo a great thing to know th.t they were helping their brethren »l*o. There «u no *ociety which could boast of younger member* than could th* P*r*everanc* Lodge; the ticltnr** naturally being leaa, the fund, mutt lnore**e ; ft wa*. therefore, . sound .nd *ub*Un. tial society, and he hoped that ita future might be even more pruperou* than Ita p**L—Tb* to**t wa, then drunk with lodg* honour*. *fter which the Secretary responded, stating tbsj tho lodge had now.been started nineteen years, and during' that tlm* had tavedany. w*rd* of £460 (l .ud cheer,1; la*t ye.r their funds amounted to £357 4, lid ; thi* year they amounted to £30) 0s 8d ; showing an Increase of £47 15s 0 I. Their expenditure during tbe year had been £90 13, 01 "for ■icknesi, and £6 fli 01 for the death of a member's wife. They had at prctent three honorary members, trie Mayor. Mr. E. K. Aldridge, and Mr. R. Penny, and he hoped that number would «oon be augmented. In concluiion he *tat*d th.t they had made 16 new member* during the year, and the Lodge now numbered 109 member*; he tru*ted the Lodge would *till continue to pro*per.— The;remaining toast, were " Tn* Pre*ldent and Officer* of the Lodge," •• Kindred So. detle*." " Tho Pre*o," " Th* Ho., *md Hmat*a*. - Th* Chairman." "Vl**4k*lrmaa," mid "Tn* Ladlei." all of which wer* duly acknowledged. At interval* between the to**U *om* capital hwmony wa, indulged in, and tha company separated about U u'clook, having ,petit a moot enjoyable evening.—It wa, announced that Mewr,. P. W.rren, J. T. Barnard, and Jordan, had each mbaeribed lOi GJ toward, the LoJge fundi.
Winrfrrstrr firms.
Tub Quxan's BtBTUDa*.—On Friday the Cathedral bell< were rung and the city atandard hoisted in honour of thq above event. Tbe anniversary was officially observed an Saturday, .nd atmo*u the troop,i in the" Barrack,, numbering nearly 2000. marched to St. Catherine", Hill, where, on It* «lope«, i/ru dt jote wa, fired, and the accustoimd round* of hearty cheer* given. The pasatge oL *uch a large body of men through the itreet* attracted much attention from it* novelty. The pretence of the Reaerve Men ha* largely augmented the military population of the city
the borough of Helaton in the Conservative interest at tho next election. ■ ,i -
A Good drum*.—The old c»ly I* truly fortunate in the poeaeuion of *uch a large-kearted dti*en '»* Mr'. Richard Mo**, of the llyda Brewery, a gentleman poateiaing wealth', generosity, and thoughtfulnew. Mr Mot* ha* done meet good in *ecret, and hi* large, heartednin 1 baa also been «hown by *ever*l set* of * public character, tho mo*t noteworthy being hi* gift of * handtom omnibus, built exprewly for invalid*, which he has ready every Wednesday end Saturday, with man .nd %****, to take out-patient* up the lo.g hill to our .wkw.rdly lituatod ho*pit*l. Hi* provision of Public Bath* *nd President Dispensary in «£>• Lower Brook, wa* essentially . philanthropic act, .nd a great public boon; and «o much ho. it besn appreciated that be is adding .ix more bath* *« considerable expence. The attendance at the bath. show, how highly the luxury i* appreciated «t it* very .mall *xpcn*e, .nd th;se addition* will, il It were po*sible, con.ider.bly enhance JMr. Mo**'* high po*ition in the city, *nd the public eiteem .nd re.pect f*lt for him by .11 cla**e* In '-he community.
Stbxet AcctDKrr —A hone and c.rt belonging to Mr. H. Good.ll, c*u,ed . *en,.tion on Monday moen-log. Th# hor«*, being left for . *h'ort *p*ce in Hyde, •treet, wu *l*rmed, and bolted down Jewry-.treet. Reaching the George Hotel corner . *ione checked it* career, wd up*et the cart, which wa, dragged do*" njnrly to the Market, it* wheel* breaking aeveral iron •pout* attached to the pillar* of the Punt, tortu-B»tcly up injury wa, done either to the peoplcuu the eueeu, or to tho horse, but the cart ha* been knocked about eotuiderabiy.
IXoxviHis's Txa.-Cholc* tea* a* vory rewoaaY* priaai
1 *** M«W* Is sold by appoin-
Koule, which cam* before Lord* Justice* Brett, Cot-ton, and Th«iger on appeal from Ihe judgment* of the Lord Chid Julio* of Bogiand and Mr. Ja*tic* Maai*ty in tb* Qn**o'* Beooh Division. It rsiApd a question a* toth* validity of traaaaction* for1' tlm* bargain*," or dealing* for " difference*," on tho Stock Exchange, and wa* an action on behalf of a stock-WW#o reeorer.Tiearljr £5,000 paid by him in ftxpcct of "difference*" on tmn*actron* entered info, on account of tho defendant (K clerk in an o£Qco),-.who oet up a* a defence that th* transaction* wen by war
according to the rule* of the Stock Exchange: (2) That =*k* "time bargain*," and not Mm fiA pmtha*** of tharM; (3) Aat the Woker •eta* in aceonianca with hi* authority. On ihe** finding* the learned todge, following adedaion of tho Courtof Common Pfou twenty year, ago, iruthe time rA Chef Justice Jerri*, gave judgment for the defen-dantrow tb* ground that the' transaction* wer$ illegal. *nd void. The court below refused to set a*M* that judgment a* not warranted b'r the finding* of tho jury, or to *ct aside tho. finding* of the jury a* not warranted' by the evidence. The plaintiff' then W»bL Mr. H*rw*„n, Q.C., mow cootedd*d oc m* behalf that a* between the broker and the jobber

w aid*™ th* ca** to go do^ fo*Ym*w trial,ou AKOTHTR COPYRIGHT ram
stated that aom* month, ago h* aaw a amall water colour painting of hi* engraving at the *hop bf*ho defendant, and he went in and aaked if lb* knew that it waa copyright. . 8he said that her husband had
3*2 IwAt. ^itTpLl &
and look away the picture for the purpose of tho m-Mdku: ad not pnw f* any n*nally,id**mng only to haw a conviction r*co*d*d for th* jffotaction of himfolf and other* who purcha*od tk* copyrkht Of pktnn* and «ngntT*dlkma& gMat colt, and then found lhem*elre* injured by the «s5e of ^empphotopm^Uo mndodwrmnon* oo^** of th*ir work*. In tbe first instance be paid /l00 for tha copyright and £700 for the engraving, and had had tho mortification pf seeing the** photograpba • and water-colour ciplea of the Utter *elling"*t 1*. and 2*. each. Other *ummon*e* bad been taken out, but Mr. Brook* said he had withdrawn them on a satisfactory explanation being given, with a promise to diacon-tmue the aale. Vho defendant *aia that *he diif not even know what " coprrigbt." meant. Bar huiband purchased a whole lot of print*, 4c., at Bullock'* aale-rooma, and thi* one waa amongst them. Mt. Vaughan ■aid it would bo better, per hap*, to aummon the persona concerned in tho original production and tale of these thing*. The penalty waa £10, and th* complainant had acted very mercifully in the matter. He directed the defendant to pay the costs, and kdviaed her not to deal again in such works.
At th* Bittlngbo*T** Po&*-co«rt oa Monday. William Holding, a young man, who gate the addfess of Geddington, near Kettering, Northamptonshire, waa charged with attempting to commit auicide by drowning himaelf at Minater-in-Sheppy. . Police
drowning bimseit at Minater-m-bheppy. .. folic
y the ride of the road on th* bank of a ditch, had a book and pencil in hi* hand., On his
intendent found tho prisoner dripping wet from head to foot, and he admitted that what tba woman had itilted wa. correct. He had a book entitled " Father I'hin "■ .in, hi* po****sion, and in that book -was enclosed a letter, in which he gave variou* diroctiona. Ho wished to haTO a white deal colBn, and that all hla relatives should attend the funeral, and wear mounting for him for two yeara. He also desired that a " solemn funeral aennon should bo preached in " the chapel " by Mr. Oadsby, warning young men to let hi*, fate to a lesson to them, and that mourning cards ahould bo printed. Ho further gave directiona how hia clothe* and belonging* were to bo di*po*od of, and named tho person* who should act as bearers at the funeral. A l.-ttor waa alao found upon prisoner from tho Rev. O. H.' Spurgeon, containing an unfavourable reply to a begging appeal. The magistrate* directed that tho prisoner should be handed over to his friends.
A curioua deciaion relative to the right to the use of a name has been given by the Civil Court of Paris. Tho Salle Valentino, in the Rue St. Honore, now a public dancing.oaloon, was built in 1837, for classical concerts, to be given under the direction of M. Valentino, a distinguished musician, who was conductor of tho orchestra at tho Opera, and previously Chapel Master to Charle* X. The concert* did not succeed, but the name Valentino remained attached to the hall, without that gentleman, who only died at Versailles in 1866, ever making any objection. Hia tlree Bona, however, have ainco discovered that it was derogatory for the name of their father to bo uaed as the sign of a public establishment of the kind, and brought an action against tho proprietor of tho premise*, Madame do ladoucctte, and tho director of th* ball, M. Ducarre,
title to bo removed within a fortnight from the promises and all tho bills, prospectuses, advertiicmest*, £c.; also condemned M*damo do Ladoucette to pay the costs and 20,000f. damages to IL Dncarro f(* having leased to him with tho premise*a aign of which aha had no right to dispose.
Tarn Cxm. SmnTxr&—An Open Competition fw two situations a* clerk (Lower Divirion) in the India Audit OUk* will bo held in London, on Tuesday, the 16th of
Wines*.—During the past week 29 British and foreign wreck* were reported, making the total for tbo year 602, or a decrtaa* of 266, aa compared with tho in i e* ponding period of b* year. Th* mppmilmala value of property lost wa* £269,000, including British
I>AK1N0 Bcbolary.—At an early hour on Saturday morning last, the premise* of Mr. llaskett, 633, Mile-end road, watchmaker and jeweller, were broken into by burglar., who *ucc**ded in getting off with tho entire *tock of watche* and jewellery; to the value of
Fatal De*t_—A duel was fought lately with fatal rceult* by two workmen in tho Boratella *ulphur mine, near C'vsena. The ****** Wi wa*'a dgar. For wnt of other wmpon* th* romh*f*nf» with
interchange of Blab* on* of them fell mortally Th# «nwed *r*al «nl*m*nf mmoag UwpopuIaboH. _ , /
bc*ru«»i0!« or A-Canam * CaanncAT*. — A Board of Trade inqtrixy vr** concluded on Saturday last at Hartlepool into tho lo** of tho steamship Chicago on lb* Long Bind on.lhe 8th of May. It waa charged against the captain ho had failed to make allowance for. com pais deviation, and that he had not naed the loaf to'vArify hia position, and tho court ho%,4hw# oharg# Jo^* mad* out, "*"nd«d hia
,"THi Anxuuiin\—Lord* of tho Admiralty
nnad be* tcol •*'■ ••-'
%(*» lo X«-
».!> flwab | .araWlwO ",*uwa V4r*Uui .**:&(» W I

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