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been carried by strew of -eather very far from the ,hurw of ihe " Floy? L*mL" the, cwuWy *wW hardly have ventured on the long stretch of ocean—the broadest sea p.,sage in a direct course on the globe-between their ports and California. It needed the ocean si earner to make this emigre without the white man's aid they found their way in any imporun

Conservative .party the plain speaking on the
___________ ___3tt>lg»ificlnt. Itshows
»ery clearly that if we go to war it may be for Turkey-it certainly will not be to Support the rule of the
' At the preeeut moment llussla Is In the position of a lurclar who has entered the houw, of a receiver of atolea :-nodt. and has made a considerable booty, whilst Log land
ie' I'aehas.' Mosli agreed upon Sy t

Whlbtsk C»a»Wi, *ahr.*TbditfrJ—The Sunday irbool aauivrrtary aarviooa hoe* were bald on Sunday,
lj«t, when the Kev. J. Dowty, 1£. A.., cf Covsntrj
j of the dead of
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of that dead, in Ofdejr to giva the Directors furthi power* In tba temporary employment or inveetment u Mah portion of theOompeny't funds aa ara not tm msdiaiaty required for the ordinary purpoeee of busi-BobTK am tom Bcsdat School, Ohio*.— The distribution ot priaee and certifiers* la tba tuooeea. fol competitor* in tb* recent scriptural examination, held la connection with the Bouthtmpteu Branch of the Loadan Sunday Sahaol Unkm, took place in the Lector* «»««.•>< sik:» rn>«i«.i .tun. ini ik...
wo a good ettesdauce, and the Chair was taken by Mr.
t.SSil %
Williams, At—The meeting hating been opened with tinging and prajer, theCbJrman called upon Mr. Tjj Cox to read the Committer s report, which stated that tb*y war* pltaaed to report that thera waa a marked im-pro rem set in the general reeulte of tb* examination this jtu, tba mnmtar of AWurat bategaootidarably lets than in
Chroalclte, from the 14th to the JOth chapters. The G, Cm (senior divisic
a if iti 001 ado 1*1 lores iasr year were aa per cent., whtlel thte year they were only M per cent (applause), lo th* senior division 0#a anta wara allotted. to the yalua of 15s, tad this was gained by Jobajke^an. Io
i laapcotfully, and tbeee
tb* middle division thr^|tiM*j
__________ . . in took th* Drat prixe to-1
of ;• Cd, aad Arthur WaW th* aaaoad, valo* k Tb,
hairmaa in p res an tin* lb* pritta ta th* junior diviai, plained the reaaon why Above Bar School* had r . entered the examination they having another matter on hand, but oast year ha hopai they would be *bl* to do tcx He congratulated-Albion Bonday School on having Ukan the great Wtk of the prime, sod wiled upon Mr. X Roberts to distribute tba prises, who addreeesd ah to-ooa raging word to each recipient —Mr. J.'T. Hamilton having distributed th* priws and certificate* to th* liddledivision, Mr. WilHamtnext*ddi*s**dth* meeting ..........if his remarks he ga'
sod of their knowledge.
of It in tie
------------ —,?\o.tboee wbojrira'-------
h* gav* a word of encouragement, aad urged them to remember the motto "Try, trv, try aruia * and h* a* an red them that in the end they wo. 11 be rewarded by success. Mr. G. Dowman in preeeating the priias and eertifieaU* to the senior division, dwr Hon theadvaaUge* that w*r* afforded to Sunday school scholars In tb*** days, to what thy were years gone by, and expressed tbs pleas ore it afforded him to 'present sod* a bandeoms pnt* to a scholar in Albion Sunday School, who bad *nJeered himself in the heart* of both scholars and Uscbers, by his high christian principle*.
crrr», oy ais oi«q c.
■■otad Mr John Sa*sto-, -tbry* volumes beautifully Iduoator.- trusting that they would of instruction to him in his bible stc ostes having been distributed,
idst loud applauML ">»h
Th* c*rtlfi-
thanks having been passed/the meeting terminated
Th* Pi an it 8am03WX.<—This i* almost completed, and, although In appesrsnce it fr'slight, th* testing which hss taksn place has hero aati-facterv. Thirty-fide tons of saad were placed on the second bay (from oae column to another), and there was n* deflection of the Iron wirk.
Dcstt WaiXlitO.—A Correspondent writes as follows:—"Sir, We deslrs to esquire through your journal the cause at the sad neglect of U»«t Park-read and paths. In wet wsslhtr weaie ancle deep in mud; in dry ditto, dust. Sursly the ustbs should either be paved, or asphalte laid down. Oa Tuesday we were nearly smsthrred with du»t The roads a s neither swept or scransd once In three menths, and! suppose no row of buildings psy a higher portion of rates in Southamptsn. Our furniture is severed with dust two or three times a day."
Own Food Paosrtcr*—It Is satisfactory to learn from so emiamt an authority as Mr. M»chl that the prospects of the harvest are satisfsctory. A rery wst Msy so fsr has rather damted the «:p*('.t,oas of a grsat wheat crop on the stiff clay soils, but " liaht Ian. d«rs" msy rejoice; and altogether there is reasoa to be

retiment of Dragoon* from among th* Ysomsnry. Thl* list hss been laid Wfsre Uie 2nd West York Ye* maary. who are now up for their annual inspsctiea at Doncaster, and of 800 men absut one^iath of thwm eiw rolled their name*. Tb* msjsrity of the officers have
PatLt* MiNTaKT DIVISION — In tht Hons* of Com. tnoas, nu 1 bursday, Lisnt*uant Colon*! Nagbt*n, the Hon. 8. Jolliffo, snd Sir F. Perkins vot*d for th* amsadmentof Mr. Downing with reference to the Sal* of Intoxicating Liquors on Puuday (Ireland) Bill, Aid which was to the effect that houses in towns with a populstion of -00 according to tlis Isst census should ha sllowed to keep open up to 2 o'clock in tL* afternoon aad after I in th* rrsning.
PiRLiautHTAKT PtTiTIOMI.—Petitioss against tb*
ggrtraarr &.^-srr i°
" tah*at*r, and by Lord Henry Scott,
Bitt*rt* i by Lord II. bow. irv. Desnsry of West Fordinhndgo, i •iaatical Buildings .Fire Insuranoo tiot.swsrepresented bv Mr. C*» nptod, Alreaford, and Lyndhui • -' aOag liqnrrt on Sanday.

raws by which It Is Inhabited. ' — [The Italics sre onrs.]
SiL^ Ot

preaohaJ m*miug aad evening to laraa congregations'
tba oollection* amounting ta about £1^' and titers was an aftortwon service for tb* child ran, conducted in tha cliap*!^ tb* H*V. J. Portray. On Monday ev-ecing^. about J00 friaad* sat down in th* aahoolnscm to W, which was providad by Mr. Kit*, of K**l-street. Tha annual msetiog »u hWd in th*, oho*L The Bar. Joseph Portray, suparintand*at of tha tarouU, preeUsd,
as- M:, Users, Cato, Aa—In tba conraa af tha s'sning, a report was presented, from which it ayp&rad that Urn number of acholars on tha books of tha schools was J 8. of whom 1M ware boyt and 111 girlt, tha oOom and teacber* baiag 17 mala and 18 fWalea—total. W. Thirtyftight scholars had btan admitted dnriag the Tear, and r4 had left, to that there had been a decrease of which was auributad to the dadmanoy in tba supply of teacher*. The inooma during t.ia /ear had been £21 8s. 31., and expenditure, 6*9 16*. 8dv l*anng a balance of £1 6s. lid. During tba yaar, tha children had oollected—for foreign mimioos,£tI»e M, and by
adlaaUrngmnKjCW Ua.l:*d,**al, 3a.
was pointed out that whilst the Church had wised 124 U 5d. for Sundav school purpoeea, tha, children them selves had raised £27 3 s. (fd.—ot £8 la addition (ipplause).
Mt. P. M. Hoaaa —The YTili Case of Strickland and Hoarar Hoars wn before the Probata Court on Saturday, the plaintiffi* a* executors propounding the will dated the 41b of October, 187J, of the Fata Mr. Peter Richard Hoars, the senior partner in the ~
Hoara and Co.. bank. ......
8ath of May, 1877,,
prt'iout to bis death executaa more man one testa, mentarr di*potitieu of hit property, hut the latest will executed wa* that propounded by tb**x*outors Algernon Augustine Do Lille Htickland and Caarla* Arthur Richard Hoara. The will waa .■ppoeed by tha testator's eldest ton, Mr. Peter Merrick Hoara, who alleged that at tha date of the execution of the instrument tb* deoeaaed was not ol toond miad. that he did not know and approve it* cootanta, and that. it was obtained by
tbe undue influence of tha plaintiffs, who joined iseoe on %%%
arrived at, one of tbe term* of the arraB^m«l^p? that the Wilt should he proved in solemn form. Evidence being then given of tbe due execution of tba III fit was found for by tha jur* upon all tht issusa, and tba Court pronounced for tbe document, and directed that tbe t mi of the ar.angsment should be filed. The suit, it wis taid. if contest*!, would have lasted many weeks — ~ ' ........'I extending

was about six tcaokiiro Cof .—The dinner

ere preieat. and it was fir Inner on ihe fith of June. 1 ropo«ed at the lastmeetini mi he large number of i ardi of five hundred), tha
bs honoured by tbs pre

illy resolved to hold the stesd of tne 29th inst,, si It wat fully expected, okets already taken (up. all the rgTeat Bicyclist meeting on Saturday, attracted es aad 700 unattached mbcrs of the Southamp-
ked down, the
Saturday night, he ws ting off ths heel of oris ot Ola boots, l he escaped without further injury. Initixct I* Bird*. — In the Peninsular and One
: In tht Hou>e of Commnna, this day, Mr. p'sh'iuah* artsy moved tht second reading of the Bathg uf l ownt
the compound householder in this country. After considerable dsbate, the Attorney General fsr Ireland all who ware enntlad ta tht franchise in Ireland oold obtain It, and tha Bill was uanecetsary. The Bill wat rejected br 224 ta 177. Th* next or'tr w.t tht teeond reading of the B:U for repealing the Uontagioua Die. tttet Act, la fataar of which several petitiooe were areeented, including ane timed by 116.0,0 women. Mr. Chflders presented about a hundred, signed by dearly all the physicians and inrnpai In London, cltrgy ol all dentminations, officers of health, snd others, praying fur aa amendment of the law making penal the wilful •mamunicatisn of contagious and infrctiout diseases.
the Bill, and was proceeding with his speech when Mr A. Moore made an attempt to exclude strangers ; but as he had not a second teller, no division took place. Sir Haroeurt rtsumsd hit remarks, but had &nt gont far when Mr Moore inquired if he could mov* that ths Ladles (Hilary sbCuULb* tleared. The Speaker did not feel at liberty to iaterfsre without the sanction of the House. On pravkas occasions he had deaired the messenger attending the gallery to Inform the ladles coming there that a subject of a delicate character was about to b* diieussed ; In thia Instant* h* had thought tb* Bill would not bt reached, or ha wjuld have r*i pea tad tboee instructions. Mr. Moor* then moved that the Ladle*' Gallery ahould be cleared, to which the Speaker objected thst notice should have been givea of the motion. Thereupon Mr. Moore sgafh took notice of the presence of etrsagere snd the Saeahsr eaid that tbit was trilling with tht House. Sir Harcourt John, atone continued hi* speech to it* cloee. Mr. W. H Smith opposed tbe Bill, and talked it out.
In the Home of Lord* tht Public • Work* Loans .Bill waa read a third time.
In the House of Commons Mr Cross returned the debate on the employment of Indian tfosps He jutifled the Government for not bavin/ proclaimed to th* world prior to the Eastern recess that they eonr templated moHng troop* from Iajlia, far at that time there wa* an absolute nseessire for secrecy. Negi-tiationa was still going en of the utmost importance, while information had been Mcelred—upon high an thority, though it happily turned out to be un'rae, —which; woald have made it rash and foolish on thslr part to have then entered into exciting debs tee on the subject. Ho protested against the chargfthat Ministers had broken the Bill u Rights in any senss or acted In aa unconstitutional and Illegal manner.

Engliah people. Several other bon. members hating continued the debate. Mr. Forster Commented on th*amendment of the Cslonial Sserctary, which he pronounced to bo an evasion of the question at l«sue. The Solicitor General continued the debate and waa replied to at great length by Sir H. James. After a speech from
the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Lord Hartingtoa
Lord Hartlngton's n
bultdtng-ad tbechareetar ot the af theatre referred to. , Tha XJCTJU-Oant. W,WUBge#od. ham Sew Ta
1% wWcrzzz:
efedy eonflwrratloa Mtho^HarU^I ihfnk It woetd b®difficult

---- - b dtOeulty—to pay 1 aethlng has bean
omTm thocoacltMon that they were simply the vtottms
aseembled within Its walla. As a Justification for the eOoree I bow take la asking your permission to bring this
Indeed, bat for the public (numbers cousfdered) It Is tvrn
the slips where two stalreaaea convert* Into one. with ao outrageous disregard alike of br your readers who know the premises.
each successive season, or deny thst tb* prese of jhlturs It a -real danger. .
Ihdlan Wtgram* of a verv recsnt dale moo.
theatrical catattropue, with a lost of 4« llrai rnd panic.^ j 4m S!r yours truly,
ly be more easily Imagined

:v. 3,7J.,il
e then disposed of,
("Confirmed from page 3)
1ffaaa. mnawLy"
countered rouah westher, and. as often happen, at su.h p.uVmmmtwtih b%teg% Paw" /'urged y timet, many sragulls hovered nesr the ahlp and even -----------——'------------
It waa found thst
lowed Itself to bt caught,
. flsh bone stuek Irt the eri . . solutely to dettroy the sight
but penetrating an Inch into the flesh of the bird, and piojectlng and inoh in a half (It might have had a fight, with a fish or got trsntfised seeking It* prey). The doctor of the ship took tbe bird, extracted the bono, ap-
plied a soothing
taway but reiuraeu too next uay, anu auu >e causht. The doou.r examined the wo; progressing favourably, applied
ind tha ship, and then dep

May 1,1878).-Zand and

stated that the new yacht Intreped, belonging to the Xew York club, will leave for Knuland very shortly, If the has not already sat led. and will take part In the —.................if the Atla-'-
—The British TVor
s Formosa, Mr. -"lea
lulholland, M P. The For

icoopied the chair, and there w.j n g«x>d s
y fsr behind the ctlier districts in I aid show as good a front a# they had
pert* of St. Lawrence w t to show a good fro
Oa Thursday, P and O.' Sharet were quoted at
Tut L. and 8- VT. Railway traffic return* for Ike week ending the 20th insL %bow a decrease of £2352, a* compared with the corresponding *e*k of last year
LOCAL LtquiDATtoK Oaaat—(From Tuesday* <;.i«e«fe.>—JaneSteventon, Southampton, ironmonger.
2nd Ha NT* RtrL*s, No. 4 Compant. — The Com. pany will assemble at Htad-quartert, on Monday, 2, th inst, at 7.30 p.m., for drill. Belteto be w,
optional.—T. A Sxeltos, Captain.
Excranob of Hart —The gentleman who took away a new hat in the place of an old one, by mistake, at tb* annual dinner of th* \Veat quay Amateur Regatta CluL, is requested to return tbe same to the steward of tbe
Good TtMriaar.—On Monday evening Ihe member* of tbe " South Carlton" lodge paid a fraternal visit to
Broa. Parker, Rooe, and Mill ward, of the " BL Deny *
few appropriate remtfks were made by Bra Millwtrd. YactiT LajJUCH.—Mestrt- Btockham and Picket,
boOT cotsp'sted-'o?%d^%%y^ek* the
additional feet in elevation it hat received.
Esaiao Deos.—The horribl* mfsgsry of thrss poor wretebes can hardlr be wopd*r*d at; thty live In a country where there Is hardly a chance forth emjoany In da-
sn Wednesday in
...... ... >s by a msjoriij of
csarly two to one. This was owing to the Conservative* bsing determined to return their fritnds, and when the time same agaia h* was sure tb*y work inth* same do termined spirit.—Mr. M. Emanuel, the honk secretary, in alluding to the £nstsru Question, taid lhalimanother forty eight hours they would know for certain what wsr* Ihe intentions of Eussis as regards the treaty. As Conservatives bs thought they ought to be vsry proud of the position tbe nation bat regained, he said regainK , because some time ego the impression was conveyed to all Continental power* (fiat England never intended to fight again on any que*tioq whatever, and now, in tpite ol tbe flattery of Russia upon other European Power*, theyturnod round and eaid there coo Id be no Congress without Englso'l. Indebted a* tb*y were to th* present " mant for thit petition, tbev ought to be proud to to they party, and might they long continue that power", in spite of tba faction* opppsitisn brought against Although that branch bad bosn established such short time, he had great pleasure of informing Ihmn that their present numbers amounted to 81, in ad-ditlion te eight or nice wb* belonged to the party, and for tome reason or other would not become 'membere' of

sensible to klndnsst-------- „
liberal application of ths Issb, ere tm pf 4 matefomld--m. -tapon ; for tbs Eskimo, If their D*f» a«» pfra^ rupls to teat ibtm about' tb* bead with else of fuffldsnt hardnses which
a hammer, e* ■».------------------------
happens to be at bend. Thsy will even hit ihe poor *-—*ie In Ihl* borriblr —-------- ■* —
----- I this horrible manner until thty are Mtoally,
.tanned. Notwithstanding the absolute dependence of the Eskimo on thstr dogs little or ao care ii taken of ibtm ; they receive nclMngln any degree approaching,
other animal would answer tbe purpose, both bor,«, *nd
, although they mifht ,.e in the question or— n the w*rd. Be ii
ikon upon thei looted with ele-tiooi
iero on the previous 1 nursday, and she ran up with the Isle of Wight Steam Packet Company's steamer South.

and will no doubt win
_______________ md 80 or 86 carried the election as
a rule in tbst ward. Coodderiog that they had been in existence only a few week*, he Iwked upon that a* being
obtaining a good majority in thaward.—^ vote of thanks to tht oh airman brought the meeting to a close.
Oablton BarTUT CHuaca.—To celebrate tb4 eevea. teen lb anniverssry of thit place of wowbip, two term out were preached by the pester, the Rev. Edwin Otbom, on Sunday last, Mr. J. A. Hunt addreteing the children In tbe afternoon. In oonoeetwn with the above thermal tea meetlfig, which wat l*rg*ly attended, wa*held m. tbe tchoolrcjmon Tneedsy afternoon, and a term on wat
member* and friends had erected that ahapal and
i what the will bo sb'e to do aitainat tba new onst that have come out since the appeared in tbe schooner matches. Tbe Formosa wint to Cowes on Monday, and tbe Vol-au-Vent on Tuesday. All f ur will go to the Thames for the forthcoming matchet there. We may note that the Me t, Vol-au-Veut, and Formosa each flow a burgee of the uoyal Southampton Yacht Club, while lylag off here, thus denotlnngthat their owners sre msinbers of tint prosperous club, and we hope whan their regatta takes place in August to see these three and others, contending tfor tht club prlre of £100, at Neva Kriemhlldt, V. l-au.Vent. and others did last year. Tht celebrated yawl Jullanar, Mr. Macltay, wat alio here on Monday, flying the burgee of the Royal Southampton Yasht Club, and the yawl Florinda.Mr. W. Jessop, arrived here on Tutiday, from UosporL IxrotTaNT Postal CramozI—From tbe preeemt west the hamlete of Hsnsting, Fithtr't Pond, and Nobb't Cro k will not receive their letter* through Winchester, hot their poet town wi.l be Southampton. All letter* to those place* must henceforth addressed—" Bishopstoko, Southampton."
Fixst Hakts Aetill«*t Voi.o.hte«xs.—Th's corps attended divine strrioo at the Preebyteriap Church, Woolston, on Sanday morning, when tht termon wat preached by the Rev. R. Drqubart, the patter. There wat a good muster of both officer* aad men, and tbe band of the cctpe under the direction of Bandmaster Caatelo, played in firet-rate style home through tht atroeU of Southampton. ,
Tnm Eiiorwcat k«u—The gymnotut, or electrical, eel, It ratbsr more serpentine In form than the common eel, and frequently attaint a great tixt. It It found In tht rivtrt aad marsh st of South America, where the natives fish for It In a singular manner. M. Boopland describes a scans witnessed by him in one of the marshy pools of Veaetusla. About thiily home and mule* were driven Into the water by a number ef Indian*, who armed with long canta and harpoons, prevanW them from returning to the baakt until tbe objtet ef the baUut waa atteiotd. Tht trampling ot the horaee and the tboult of tbt Indians toon produced a tcene of wild excilment. Writhing on the surf act of tht water, end gliding under the beUie* of tba animals, thegymneti discharged through thtm repeated shocks from their electric Uueriet. while the poor bewildered brutes, convulsed and terrified, thslr manes erect, and th^lajy ta lariMwithMAir-' ' ' y "-----■m~i-
te escape. The as It, fi .and livid la Co
though some of the beteoe and santet l~l -
property of Tliomas Toms, of I4U Aew ruad — Mr. said tbe portion of the watch produced was Ms pro hnt out of respect for the boy's late father he did not •as tbe chary* further. It was moat painful to I
ho was much worse than ths prisoner. In buying the ebal for 3d aud'tben pawning It 'If there were no receiver
-----rould be no thlevea. He mutt pay back the Ss t
wubroker. and deliver up the eh Jo to the proa,-eu to i. or bo woold hear more of IL—Kennel! nromlted t
—The officer said defendant took* pocket handki out of a.yonng man's pocket, and run away.—She bad a crowd of people after her. aod behaved mott disorderly.-i'romltlog to leave for ber homo In Walea. the cai adjourned, to ire If she carried out her promise, and she would be brought up and punished.
Ciiarce or House BaaAXlKO. — Thomat Kre brlcklsyer. of New Church rosd. Wall-street. Us London, waa charged with burrlarloualy enterlnc tt ford Inn. Urlnton'a-ruad, In the occupation of Kre
ss?rt 'sis irsffscw
faatened up hit house the previous evening, and on c down ths following morning be missed the eoats anc articles, and tke stamps from a drawer In Ue same The doors all through' the bones Bishop*toke, by P C. W. ;
home, by taking a
ue articles being foo
havs made hlmaelf a___
nd bread, and consumln irlng ths time prosecutor waa an
it the prisoner frequently laughed.—On " indent B.Trary. the prlaouer
uuui atonday aexk
Te Uu editor tf tha Southampton OUtri Bit.—At different tlmee, while reading ai various occurrences In history thsy b peered so extraordinary that I have wondered whether the state man u could be true : but I concluded they must be so because they were In print But, sir. several time* lately I have had such belief very much shaken, owing to what I considered exaggerated statemsnts cropping up. Not the isast extraordinary one Is that on tbe tail of Hi Michael's spire cock with reference to the prewot population of Southampton. Tbe number at the present time Is there stated to be so.tot. Mow, sir. this must mistake. If we reler back we shall And that at tbe
somebody scre^lt this statement should bsvo beco corrected, correct Indicator; but how can this poor bird bo
W years bancs tbe cock baa to be taken down again—
I am. Mr.ytwtreepeafaBy. Boatbaaptoa, May and. | Jt. *
ta tie proCTCte.

Ts Uis iHlOT of Ik* Southampton Otssresv.

neetlou with the Tboslre, italls^were literally
with a great mi
id lite to xnow, aicer taxtnr -------
been dona with the large sura that n for tbe l* performances? I am em
Ing*. that a satisfactory txplsu.^u-w...w_ ... eat amount of money seems to hsvs been expended to
uthamptoa, May m, l*7t. Aa Old AMATxel
PKSI15SDLAR AND OBJESTAL TEAM SATIQATIOI The HTD^SPBS—Cepti Bennoldtoo. frees toe them ptni on ths lath InsL. with ths outward malle. arrived ai Oibral

indlcg bar mailt, k . left Southampton
the India malls. Hhe had a large Thl lea,
it, with tha oat ward A
for Gibraltar only, which
__________ — «n bm ths «'ay of talHug.
PSJC/N—Oapt. W. Wool.......

rbo CATHAY-l>pt. It. T. Dui" .. -I'h thehettowui
AmmaMecKk -«>.h„,..
nw '!vrpVf.-L^O.^ J'°8. M°bV & —

TbeSnMnU-mmcktwllkthe light no jitba outward China malls, will leave Brindlai oa M< mornlnc for Alexandria.
Tba KASHOAR—Caps. E. J. Baker. Is expected at Base >o tbe S7th last, and_wlll coiae through tha Canal i# Al«-tndrla, rrooeedlng from thenoe to Tsnlc*. where tba will ke
*Tbe *M.%emot. with the outward
ROYAL- MAIL iWKffT INDIA AND BRAZIL) Wot 7~Ua tt-V a M6nday. the J
i, arrived ott at New Terk an the Wtb tt
■he GRAF BfS*A*CI^aaJfcaagemanB, from Bnl*-r* for Brums*, passed 8*1 Uy on Wodneeday afUmoen. Havana wad fat Orleans Ltua
leave Stalls ■»*■* » Tuesday. tks«U of Jai Thi CapsT'^'dar 3orvu*egs
as passed through the Suet Osaal. en her way te BoIlenA.
BATTBBDAM LLOYD. TJo (IRSSIGSSSL -Oapt. Kramer*, from Southtmptes*
SOUTHAMPTON SHIPPING The Bsedy. from Granville, with s**s. srrived at Soutfe-The^Bril Heat, from GlbraUar, arrtvtd at Bout hats t«en asa. The Venteor, I from Riga, arrived at Southam>tem am

Tueoday 7 3$ II Satorday ... 10 as 1* «
W-dnseday ... 8 24 ' I o\
There It a second M„h water about two boors after thmthwe here given, and low water la about three hours and a hall ftev the second tide.
Oaseo Wilberfori
SoTICt.—la orJtr to snsore Insertion of Blrtha. Marriage* and Deaths. It It ueoosaary that they ahould be property authaatioated fcv the name and address of tlis tsadar.
William Lawton. af Borough Hall, Yorkshire, Baronet, tw •
bam. Esq., rroeman'.le, Southamptou.
Adams-May 1* at 5 Nsw-boildii(
ton. Freierlck WilKtm youoptt sor
ddaoghtsr af the late William Mon~
□vrdlar.—May ».
Htm Albert Henry Bmlth.-Msy tl.atOampljU srifs of Mr. Jeh • Smith, aged* Thorusr.—May Jo, at 17, Bit
I. T. Hawki»a. aged 7 montha.
Bsck-of thsWslli, Boutbamptcn,H*-FaBihawe-slrcct, Southern plan, Anm
iptoa, William Elogsbury fat. Paget-strvet, Pouthampten, W»-reet, Southamptou, Louien. lond-itreet, Southamptcw,
» UOSKLLS — CapU j. I

Docks, by psymi Southampton on
The LABM-Ot*. H. W. Khy.
SjEKi'd JSSJ'S %&=
.^Tht^MtDlfAT—OapL B. BevelL from Beutham,
tht 2td test* arrived out at BL Thomas oa ths 15th Br* til and Bissr Plats Ltas.
P*The'*TAa DB-OapL A^illles. will leave Feuthamptoa
th. Br?
and River Plate malls, is expected at Southampton en the CapU J. Bruce,
Brail aad HI rev Plate mails. Is expected at Southampton

iTSiS __
o^Tha^U^fsndPtrle^h en with malls. Ac, lor
°^Ke*N0BMN—OaeA W. BalabHdge, left East London on
tiThe_TEPTQ»-Ospt. A. dart, waa as anee a^wou wneu VOBTB QBBXAH LI^TD gTlAM «HIP COMPART

A-as s;
sent t« England Is painted or ftovd with mineral pewdar. 'Stan Use. 4c„ .to bKls worthltss brown, leavesi th»
Agents, and (or *0 yean has been pref.nvd f» -great ttfuugth. delicious flavour, and real cheapneee. at a Southaapton—CblpperlWd; 59, Oxford-street, an*
■ Powell and fon. Chemists. •
atiowar't Pnxt.—A/Bemuay for BUioun aad ; Uver plaioit.—Those wheeoffrf from bile aad liver oomplalntn ild try ths eff«cM of this valuable rtmedy, s,fcm doese :h will make the sufferer feel tlutin and vigorous. >vo all Impuritlts. give a healthy action to the Hver. snd
■ bllltj. Md


A suffering with the pate of cutting teetl. t Qq ---... —t —' . -—.He of Mae WisstcWW
by relieving the chihd
Biaur. It wm relieve an." It tooth es tbe child, I
laundry) is told la wrappers bearing their name and Tr*4» ..... _________________
__ avoided, and could always snsure
havingaBcttleofQutetee aadfroi 1^ ban,

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