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Mr- W. Borne, prealdsl, and the......
tion* to the Bating Owimltfw; eth I Wt'tbJJ'ntlng. -mTpT

decided tbat Mr. VTestlake be I tbtn called In, and stated tbat !mi weak ()>• Rotation room* was dlscossed. Tbsr* ei*e Mni 40ft by 35rt» and mis**. He then referred U Klngtland Tavsrn, aad other *«' only rated at £<0 a year

h did a large t
r In favour of the »ote. amd Weetlake wai
----_J *f the Board
rating of their coco* i tire large rooms, the no redded on the pee-e AlMon Hotel, the •*. and saW the Albion ' i St. Mary's Hotel

all Mm (Dor

# 30f 10 15 10 64
7Mp a*7 *:*
9 M 10 0 10 47
M4» ll« 12 0
i*%7 ia i*i

# 46f 7 30 8 36
i on the 7th and Slat
Went Knl. Redbrttge. Eoms>v
Abbott. Rom
7*4 MM

mthampton and Netley line
The Port Office, Hlgh-stroet, opens for offlclJ Inquiries and
oommendng at 7 sum., and letter*,are Sailverol at the oeuntor from 7.0 m.m. until 10.0 a.m. Saaday* the office clones at 10 a m. for all public business aad Inquiries.
Registered lettora reoeivod up to half-an-hour before the
Cloiioe of th» Wlw loj or nfflno.__
CU)SIHO OF THS LETTER BOX. Local.—12.30 p.m. for attornoon delivery i 3.30 a ta. for morning delivery (except Kstlsy Aboey, Millbroik, Freo-mantle. Uhirley Common, Baatlalgh. Blshopuoke, Hed bridge. Nursling, Totton. Hartley. Marchwood, Hythe, Beaulleu, Pawley, Exbury. Botley, Boraledon, BlMsrne. Itohen, Woolaton. Bwanwick, Hamble, and Bishop a Walthara, the
» On Monday* no eollectinn* are Bade from Ihe Town IUcelring Offloes; but the Pillar and Wall Letter Bbxee are cleared lu the evening only.
London, Farnboro" Station, and Winohoater, Sj3 a.a. Fareham. Portsmouth. and Bomaoy, 9M a.m.
Dorcbeetar, and all Intermediate town: far evening dslivery 1#. 15 a.m.
Oowes and Newport, 10.45 m.m.
llnitnl. for delivery same evenlito. 11.10 ajn.
halisbury. for delivery eame evrnlng, 2SA p.m.
London, for evening delivery,and all towns throngh London for delivory next morning. 11.40 a.m.. and 1*60 p.m
London. Jarnborrf, and Portsmouth, for evening delivery, and all towma through London for delivery next morale*. W&obseter, for evening delivery. 4.45 p.m.
Balb, Bliatol, and towma on Groat Western and Midland Hallways. via Beading for delivery nort morning, AW p.m.
The Money Order Offleo is open from 9. a m. to «. p.m. except on Saturdays, when f or the oonvenlanoe of the work lag claaaea it is kept open until 8 p.m. No buslnoss la and*0»odlMda^8.^department on Sandajs, Chrlitmai Day«. and Good mdaja. p()8TA0B
the weight of 11 o«. will be liable to a poetage of Id for every ounce, beginning with the lint ounoe. limitation to riae. A UtWr to paaa muatnot exceed 18 lnchea In length, or I Inchee In breadth, or 6 Inchea ta depth.
"lloeaea and Boxea In the Town.

although the botl^
contlder the point—In Writ lake the Cocoa Rooi
XI160. it would not fetch. It
________•. and he amked the board te
ilnL—In aniwer to Mr. Perraae, Mr.
licenaed. but not to eell

anawereJ. Mr. Weetlaki courteey in receiving bli then moved rt>et the rat
ww of o^to......
Bo'cietiaa than other people, and it t111 company tliould be rated the ran
id the board for their n, and retired.—Mr. Whitchurch Ing he reduced from £80 to £60 ided by Mr. Clark.—Mr. Perreel
* large, and the ,
pauy chargfd
only fair that other people.
at £s0 a year.—TbU warn aeoonded by Mr. Meldrom.— Mr. Lungley eaid the aaeeetment wai made by tw« very careful men, Mr. Wooldrldge and Mr. Datl*. He, how-ever, thought If the board reduced Ihe rating *o £70 it would meet the ca»e.-General Tryen waa In favour of the eubject being referred to the RaUng Committee, in •be ueual way —A long dbcuuion followed, aad on a divtilon the amendment waa lott by 6 to 4 —Mr. Mel-drum then moved, aa another amendment, that the matter be referred to the Rating Committee —Mr. Perreee aecondtd ihle, mni aald he tbought It woold not be fair

notber long diecueeion took place, nd-ntnt waa put and carried, and o the Rating Committee.
-------------.----jatgumtlon. He
might be relieved from hi« duUee by the end of thi* month, and for the board to give him weh a tett'mnalal aa they thought be deeerved.—The Clerk taid there w e a letter from Dr. Palk, applying for the vacant office. Be aleo etmted that elnce receiving the letter from Dr. Archer on the previoua ThuriJay he bad received a ncond letter from him. wUbiog to be allowed to withdraw bla mignation.— Oanaral Try on moved that Dr. Archer be allowed to withdraw hie migration- under the clreomatancee — Thie *a» eeennded by Mr. Perreai, eupported by Mr.

n the Local Gove
Board. encloMng one from Mr. Meldrum, reoueetlng be furnlihed with any obeervatione the Ouardiane might have to make on the eubjecU—The letter from Mr. Meldrum waa a» followet —
To the Local Government Board.
My Lerde and Gentlemen.-Under the Lomaf Aet loe the borough o! Southampton (rlauaea) It la enacted that no peraon ahall be capable of being elected, o> of acting aa a Guardian for tny pariah, unleaa be be realdent andln the pniaeiaton or occupation of an eatate In the pariah for wMrb b* la ac alectmd.
At the recent election of Guardlana for the Southampton
•:wzzi'.uo aw % arwMrc:
rence. Mr. J. VVhltchnrth. alao who oecuplee a houae and Ihopln the pariah of Holy lUxxL wai elected a Guardian for the pari to of Holy Rood.
It la further enacted by Victoria sth and «th that no per-Ivea any emolument from the poor-ratea of a ■e capable of being elected or of acting aa a

legtatrar of Marrlagea fer the borough of elving the mm of per annnm for the hl» coonUi^. houae aa an offlee for carry-
at the Oral meeting of the Guardiana two lomlnated for the eOre of Deputy.pre-one. I waa left lu a minority of one. the Hunt and Whitchurch being agalnat mo ; ddreaalng you la to enquire whether. In am not the legally-appointed Deputy.
ette: naa oern wimen oy *r Meiarum, ml.a iaia tie houfht the ratepajera were the beat judge aa to whe rere ihe proper peraona to ait at that Board, and moved hat the Beard proceed to the next builneaa, which
the Board, when Mr Whitchut mean to aay you have been n ■ Buhep appealed to the Chairman
ixpreaaiom. -The Chair-

it hia withdrawing Blahop them mo
amendment —that the Lecal Ot aiked te decide thia vexed aueationa ence and fer all —Dr Hearne aald he would aecond the amendmenl with m great deal #f pleaaure.—Mr Meldrum eaid when the mlteratiena were made in the Local Act laat year, It waa underlined that thia question waa to have been Included, but by aome meaua it had been emitted. Al! he wmntrd waa to have the queatioa aettled ; he had no feeling whatever in the matter, but if it waa illegal fot them to ait there, then it waa clear he waa Chairman of the Board, although he had no wiah to replace Mi Bono. He then referred to Mr Hunt receiving emolument! from that board lo'the ahape of £20 a year for th« rent of a room aa regiitered from the Guardiaaa. Thi Locml Aot laid that ditquallfied anyone frem iltting ai m guardian and mil he wiehed waa to have tbii queation • allied for---- u" '•--------
» ""bed waa
f —Mr Whitchurch_________
i to the Court of Que
- , , - in the Avenue where be lired for tfe benefit of him bealtb.-Mr Lungley thought the queation ■f qualileatien did not applr to Mr Whitchurch of the Hlgb-eteeet; but ma to Mr Hunt It wmi quite clear that he received £20 per annua from the Guardian;, and whatever the ratepayer! might think the law would override them. He thought the matter had better be lettled once and for mil, but he thould not vote either way.—General Tryon amid he underetood that the quae tlon wai lettled at the firat meeting ff the preaejt board, and ought not to have been brought forward again.—The Clerk explained that that waa not ao. The dlacoaaion wae that the queetlon ehould not be referred to the Local Government Board —Mr Hunt aald he had lleeping apartment, at hie premliee In the Hlgh-etreeU With reference te the emolumenU he received he consulted Mr Smith on the eubject, who told him It would not Invalidate bla election.—Mr Clark laid they woold not have heard anything about thil had Mr Meldrum been elected Deputy-President ef the Board. He. the apeaker, waa af opinion that no gentleman ahould be deputv-preiident more than one year—The Deputy. President remarked that ha thought the aniwer euA cient, and that the whiter ihould be hllowed- to-drop, after what had fallen from Mr Smith —The Clerk aaid La wai of opinio* that Mr Hunt was net disqualified, aa he was appointed by the Registrar Geaerml in Lea-don, and at that time paid out of the coneolidated fundi, but a new law came into force, aad eauaed thia money to be paid oat of the rat a of the borough, but the payiag of that eua> to Mr Hunt, in hia opinion, did net disqualify Mr Hunt from silting at that Board.— Mr Lungley aald with th.t explanation they should allow the matter to dfop. and hoped Mr Bishep would withdraw hia amendment —Dr Hearne remarked that he waa not satisfied, a* this question was constantly cropping up. In reply to Mr Waters, the Clerk aald the Boerd had no power whatever te discharge Mr Hunt frmn hli office.—The amendment waa then put and loet bv a large majority, only three voting for It-y Measts Bishop and Mlldrum, and Dr Rearae —Mr Lungley then moved that the Clerk be requested to acknowledge the leitera from the Local Government Beard and thie vexed question Is settled for the preaent.
The WorkboMe Committee brought up a report recommending variotu alterations, iu., in connection with the letter from tha Local Government Board reelecting the. oondltleo of the echoole, and thie . wae adopted, by the Board, The Board recommend that ae woo ae these works were completed a replv ehould be vent .to the Board in Lqndou, rta'ing that the Ouardlane considered the eile of the eebeoU waa unobjectionable, and thi
the health it the children had been good. and that tb, Ouardlana weuld^Bweetder any luggeeUone ae to an, defect alluded to br tbp Government Inspector.
saa^Saase .....smm

pj TIjLE 5(0%/IX, LANCA3HIB&
- TtwonaUnjtit npon the rains at "mtrthurn m Toeaday n':ht urn- 4* n'i".-'i "i- i. '"Whir n—1 nt ar
ad opened eooo had their shatten np. finding that
in alt lea for congrrgatlng after that proeednro had been rfgorouely enforced.
The Royal. Geographical Society held a meeting on Monday evening In the hall of the Unlvereltv of Lon. ton. when a paper wae read by Captain H. Trotter. R.E.. on the geographical resulte of Sir T. D. Poreyth'e I. faahgw b 1873-74.-*r * ^he^lud" Chalrman remarked that
ik was In the ohalr.yTbe Chaii---
they laet met the/had received the melancholy igence of the death of Mr. Cooper, who bad been connected with efforte for the exploration of srn China, and with the deeign of penetratii

He seemed to have
but It wae mppoeed to have happened in connection with an affray with the guard. He thought tbsy could hardly allow the lamented traveller to peae away without some reference being made to him. Mr. Cooper wae a very ardent explorer, and (ought te onen up wave to commerce tbat had not bean diecovered by other adventurers. He thought that choice eplrite were not so many that they should not take notice of euch ao event.— Captain Trotter pro-
etor* than a year. At Kaibgar they were meet hospitably and honourably entertained. During their H*j In Keehgar, while othere were occupied with political matter'he wae occupied la making aatronomlcal obeervatione. During the winter be wae permitted to make two excur. dons in the neighbourhood. During the first of these excursions be visited the Russian frontier, about 110 tnlloi from Kashgar. The old city of Kaibgar waa paaeed. Aa to the water lupnly, a vail maaa must come down In the eummer-time by the river, but it waa difficult to compute the quantity. His second excursion wae to the north-eaat of Kaabgar. The land through which they passed was high table land, or parallel moun-Urn rangee with intervening plains. These plaine had. In most cases, rnnch grass for fusL The people derived support from their flocki and berdi. Horace and ponlei wero very ecarce.s Many scattered hamleti and farmhouses were obeervaWe. The one great thing to be observed on waa the want of water. They had rather a rough time of U on their journey, and bad eome difficulty w!'h tb«r baggage. The cold wae eometimee intense, In great part attributable to the
well acquainted with part of the country he had visited but up to a late time the Russian! were ai Ignorant upon the subject aa ourielvei. During the laat two yeara, however, the Russian explorers had made rapid strides. Notwithstanding the varioue eflorte at diacovsry In this region, there still rcmslned a broad belt of terra incog. ni/a to be explored.—The Chairman observed that, as regardsd the practical part of the matter, the question was whstlier there would be a prospect of introducing
syth congratulated Captain Troller on hii having secured the honour of being a medallaet, and adverted to the patient endurance and marvellous care which he had displayed during the expedition. Till within the last fourteen or fifteen years the Chlneac held a portion of this land, and would not allow foreigners to go there.
hoped the Chlnsw old policy of exch the lecture

o fall back eo their
ill discoveries in Central

The Board of Trade have received frem Col. Tellen . report of the result of his inquiry Into the circua

i Railway, while
ef the Loadot

■politan District
Railwav Company, whilst it was in motion. Colonel Yolland finds that the deceased met with the accident aa he waa attempting to mount a step of 14 inches, holding on at the time to thejeommods handle at the side of the carnage door while the train was In motion. He adds " The carriage of the Metropolitan Railway Company, which also runs over thie line of railway, have a second continuous foot-board, which stands 1ft 11 Jin above the level of the rails, or about 2in above the level of the station platform, and it le therefore highly probable that If these District carriages had
wee the sing iitan District
Jompaniee, and the engine
lonstructlon of new railwavs ae to the most csnven-ent end safe height toi the pasiengsr platforms at ailwey' stations. The London and South-Western
Railway Company have fer many years pelt adopted lft 9io ai their itaadard height on new linee of railway; and there io no particular disadvantage attached to that height, eo long al the traffic Is solely 'carried In carriages adapted to that height; but the case Is altogether different when carriagee belonging to amolAer railway compaay are run over those lines.
where the height of the platforme are not adapted to the heights of the continuoui foot.boards on the carriagee. The London and South Western Railway Company have howeeer, I understand, as an expert-meat, altered the height of the plalformi at the adjacent nation on thie branch line (Shaftesbury-road)
elnee the line wns opened fer traffic, and made them 2ft lOln above the level of the ralle, and thie should be doae at all the stations where the District Railway carriagee are run; or the latter ahould be fitted with a second and lower and continuous foot-board, corres.
ponding with the height of the paaaenger platforms. BridgO-street.
This accident affords another instance of the necessity _
which exists for better providing for the public safety that before the running powers over a foreign line ar permitted to befxerclsed. an Inspection of such forelgi lines should be made, and the fit jess of the works am arrangement* en euch forelgv Hue be aaceitaiae,
before the nunlag over U of a differently construct*
rolling stock Is commenced; but at the present tiitae n euch pa were of inspection have been entrusted to tb Board of Trade/'

:--------trttre foremost RngttvT 4,wa.wa.
was impneoaod1 nodar Mary, lott his estate, and became
a the Wrth of hie
son Benjamin, Who sb risned
0 B«n. and desired to bo known ly he ie so called .
i which it Is known to us, with that^ Incident of fallow.
produced in the for
rt date at lateet fr
rafully oonitmctod
much by way of ecorn, though of a noble scorn-above
trilop of dmmatlo ntiresi •• lie pl^taeter." wai Uveiled against the false a
tainod the honoar of tbi __ _______
',nal attacks in playe that^doalt with nrinclplee
only pereona] _____^ _________
Obtervtr Office, 21,-B.udoli Strh
"ETOPPDB'S MEASURER, enlarged mud
A A revised, shswing at sight the solid or superficial content (or value) of any piece or quantity of square or round Timber, either Handing or felled ; aleo of Stone, Board. Oleic, Sc.. made use of In the erecting or repair-
Price Book." etc.
Southampton: C. Rayner.21, BridgestreeL
-|Vf EMOBANDUM B00^8, with a
Bridge Street, Southampton.
POCHT BOOL-C. RAYXmR? Nwhrnw, Wareheuse, 21, Bridge-etrect,(Southampton.
g crx ;o r_B^O O K s
2d Sensation Book of Knclieli thongs—123 page*. 2d Sensation Book of Christy Mlnetrel'e-124 pages. ■ 2d 8e naa tlon Book of Una dolge—114 pages. «d People's Comle Songster.
%d Jolly Old Bays' Comic Song Book.
*d Laughing Songater >nd Badge* of Comic Dlttlee. «d Array and Navy Song Rook.
6d Lhrlety". American Mag Snog Book.
le The Spirit of Pun Comic Song*.
V I?" I™5""*' Comic Son gator.
1( The Social Circle Song Book.
A large variety «f H mad Id Song Booke. O. R A T H B R •» STATIONKRY W.VUKHOC3E 81, BBIDOE-8T.
the Town by experienced Meeeebgere Immediately oi the arrival of the several trains. The Drat train fron London arrivee here at 9.15 m.m. Local and Conntr .Papers lupylled to order. All orders pnnctumlly attendee ta—C. RAVNBR, Wholeeale and Retail New*pap* Agent, Obtervr Office, 31, Bridge Street, Southampton
Driver, Jennings, and Capper,
^^Pwpwd PL00RI30. SKIRT 1309, mm* MOULD Scantling cut to length and elxe Mahogany and bard woodi.
Slate, Lathi, Cement, Drmln Pipes, Hair and al Builder*' requirementa.
STBEBT. Urrm* Omxu. SoarmimMO, Dealer in Pipe Clay, Whiting, Heerth Stones, 4c. Wholeeale and Retail. Shipping Sipplled.
Prepared Fire Clay for filling and repairing hack of
Krr4«urgxD 184a
w » choice stock of DEVON-
SHIR* CIDER, both for draught amd bottling
FoTsra, Savo° "•
Order* by Poet pune'Aally attended to.
Accounts prepared. Composition effected between Debtor and Creditor. Estates managed by Aeeignment, Inspection, or Composition. Statement* of affair* drawn op for meeting of Creditor*, Ac. Debte collected. Cash
Agent for the Scottish Imperial Ins

1 a Invalids whe euffsr frem asthma, consumption, dsbility, nsrvousaess. diseases ef the heart, liver, dropsy, Ac., are invited te try the efficacy of the Hmbal Pmocxss, the success of which Is testified to by mmnyclergy-" ' in aad etbere. Klve minutes practical dvice on the treatment of. dyspepsia, heumatlem. unstrung nervee, weakness, ng, *c., with diet rules. Instructions for i restoration of health and vitality, will ly en receipt of a stamped envelope, by

C. Rayner's 6d Paper Knives, suitable for buiiness or private use, and invaluable an office requisite.—21, Bridge-street
C. Rayner's 6d Cribhage's Box cannot be equalled at the price;—21, Bridge-street
C. Rayner's 1/- Ornate Ink Stand, with rack Tor holders, &c., ip unsurpassable. —21, Bridge-street.
C. Rayner's 1/- Box of good and useful Window Tickets, containing 200 assorted sizes and prices.—21, Bridge-street.
C. Rayney's 6d Glass Ink Bottles cannot be surpassed.—21, Bridge-street.
C. Rayner's 3d Books of Gummed Labels, containing 260 Gummed Labels ready for immediate use, suitable for labelling shelves, flowers, books, pictures, bottles, jmrm, mod^Tmrioom other pofpow*.— 21, Bridge-street.
C. Hayncr's 6d Box of Paper Fasteners (assorted).—21, Bridge-street (
O. Rayner's Playing Cards, from 1/- upwards. 21, Bridge-street
breakfast took pjaoe on Taanday morning, at
were delivered by the Chairman and the Rev. H. 8. Pattereon on temperance, and a dieeneeion followed,
C. Rayner's New Penny Pen Box, containing six good Steel Pens —21, Bridge-street
O Rayner's Wonderful 1/- Pocket Book cannot be equalled.—21, Bridge-street
C. Rayner's 1/- Metallic Ruler, containing Penholder, Ink Eraser, Pencil, and Point Protector is cheap and novel. — 21,
C. Rayner's Sd Purse for the million is made of leather, and cloth lined.— 21, Bridge
O. Rayner's 1/6 Pocket Book is a marvel of cheapness.—21, Bridge-street.
C, Rayner's 2d Pocket Book is all that could be desired.—21, Bridge-street.
C. Rayner's Id Pencil Eraser] is very convenient for the pocket'—21, Bridge-
0. Rayner's Id School Board Ruler is wonderfully cheap.—21, Bridge-street.
Or Rayner's Id Letter Clip answers the purpose of a mors expensive one. — 21, Bndgwbw*.
PaecM reitoree the emaciated frame. Imparts vigou the Intellect, iaducee healthy appetite, natural and freihiag sleep, parities the blood from all taint ef diss
HBALTHT LIFE secured and maintained
by the great herbal medicines known all ever Europe as specific remedies for debility, consumption, and all the exhausting or wasting diseases ef youth and manhood. In every «" ef disease they are guaranteed to reetore vigorous health, purify the system, and impart (treagth to mil the functions sf life.
Dm. THOMSOM ONIVKRSAL PILLS spwiKI, cure lumbago, gravel, pains la the back, geut.rbeumatism, ski* disoaaoa, discharges of all kinds, and any oom plaints of the kidney* aad liv*r. In every ailment they give instant relief and invigorating the system. Price Is lid per box, of every chemist In tbe world, or ssnt free by
Kt on receipt of 14 penny stamps by Dr. THOMSON.
I enormous sale theee pills have attained fer many year* past aad the dally receipt of testimonials of cure of nearly all tbe, disease* the human body le liable to, warrant* th* proprietor in asserting - • - ■
US, U1
i-Svjix"1 "
JMMWto Co™ :tla, ll.M. uo. Md hTOthsea to Southampton-4J»m.m., U J9, gj
Jouthamptoa to West Cowso-S 43 ajn.. t» and 3.15 p.a

anaptoa—aso ».m.. end tfi ___
a.f^m.m°alh W-t9,,r" Sonthmmplon-a.43M 1 ^10 W*"lCow** ",d Sonthmapton—Sje ajn.. u W w«*t Oowae and Southampton—*^ a.ta, |>
8ISOLK riRia. ith ton to Cowes,
Portsmou j,
» „ to forteea (new
•oath, or Portaea (new
:rough Tickets t<
kern leaden Ma Lsmdee sU
Cooujact tickets aod Bwks ef Family Tiogela (a.aiual,
Mall Steam Packet Oo.. Limited.
1*. Buxla-Urraoe, Soothaaptoa

of all aervoas ejection*, debility, and consul
^Ds?^THOMSON'S TONIC'KUXnl'tNt strsngth, and energy te the most shattered down constitution with a* much certainty as
qusncbee tbirat, and curs* weakness, re la-----,
haastlon, consumption, cough, deprrmon of ipirlu, giddiness, asrveusneee, neuralgia, deafnese, fits, epilepsy, and all the distreering consequences ef debility, which too •'tea harass poor luffarar* ever the beet year* of llf*. Thi* life-giving tonlo unite* with th* blood, repairing *v*ry nerve and muscle, aad ha* restored healtO and • iusands, who now enjoy strong m
ding dlseasee ef thie isbility and
ering It is importmal t. The (ympteme el

town, London. Those medicines nre uaed all ov*r th* world. Sold by Dowmmn, Cbippcrfield, chemists, South-
All (ufferer* from any form of tbl* distressing cemplsint are earnestly Invited to tend to Mr. GOODMAN, a* be can guarantee them relief. Hi* remedy ba* been succeeeful in thousands ef instancee, and it ie aow made known, a* a public duty, by advertising. In every
longstanding, :
;u applicable,
of any ago, bos

tffecting a radical ci
polled to wear belts, bandages, trusses, or other galling support*. Per*on* in any part of the world can have the Remedy sent to tbein with instructions for use, on receipt of ten shilling*, by
town, London. Testimonials—used with the consent «f the writer*. "My rupture bae not appeal consider it a miracle to be cured after 27 ye,
support thri

quite well. Mr*. DldcoL" "I left og * fi't no polo whatever. J. Hui
, though I

A Physician, who for thirty veere ha* practised in Disease* ef the Hair, has discovered a POMADE which will In every case Restore the Hair In baldness from and cause, and produce whiskers, meustachloe, eyebrows, Ao. in a month, for general mee. it preserve* tbe hair, pi creots lie falling off, check* dryness, and restoree the colour, eradicates scurf and dandriff, keepe the bead clean and cool, and the hair eoft and gloeey. Ladies will find it promotee tbe curl and wave of the hair, mod tbat the exouisite perfume is unique; It is used by thousands of Mother* In th* Nur**ry, to beautify
vn* can prepare for a few pence, will bo eent free by post
A DVICE GRATIS. A Medical man
palrjl eight and I
*tradon of the wb ________
tbat thooe alarming complaint*, may be easily
luffarar* at
Ives perfectly.*
^n'oLARBNCfr Thousand* of
easiness of the Bo.sls, Purred '______________
of "the ^nrtht Mouth, Wee
J. Dimneee ef Sight, i Tbe symptoms of


SkomMs, Bind*. DIE
. eSc. Sttiw
jelancboly i
m --------pany Indi,
:beerful flow of spirits, and that deplorable In ail, le entirely dea digeetion, Increase the appetite;
properly digest tbe food, tbe whole system ia strong thene 1 » 0DC# mor8 in lb® countenance. The following Teetimonlal* will sbow tbe qfficacy ef
Mr. Cox, of Ludlow, says : " I a

iiendod by a friend b
for wbich 1 mm thankful, a* tbey wu IOTWrej me family medidne."
b.s.'ita'.r.a fsc
andcan therefore wrongly recommend them/'
8old In boxee, Is ljd m^d 2s 9d each.
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