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Htnrr.—Karl Spenoer ha* give
dmuly eu Monday morulug mt tha «a#ily MaWew near Rochdale.
O it eat Kin* IN Yoaxmumm.—A great fire took mlare at Otley eu Saturday lamt, camming damage to the amount of £20,000. The tiro destroyed the works ef Mesm*. W. Walker audBoem.
Moiiuir. — The Foundling Hospital in Moecow rives shi-Iter to 1,700 wot mm** and 2,000 tnbisa... fifty children are dally admitted. The bop ere. trained cither am soldiers or mechanic*, and the girls a* domestic servant*. Thebempilaleupportmmome30,000. young people annually.
Tin HEimt.NO Fishibt.—About 100 fishing boats ware at ere ou Friday night, the 10th luaL, fAm Storno»*y. The average take of honing* was about three cream and the pncee ranged fmm 18a. to 19a. Most of the take of fish was despatched to the English
hern or nin Coma* lamcmmmcno*.—1 privato kttar frem llavauna, dated tha 27th nit., mtated that mawm had jumt been refdved there of tbemurremder of MacM, the chicf of the Insurgent*, (* &hrtlduaCkmtBQm. and tha cullapee of lha Ineurrectkom^ mavemauL
took place in the Cathedral of St. Immaca,~m dmmumlm valued at 426,000 hambq
Tiix Famini XX bemia—It is stated that lha famine CommWou In morth sreet Rummla have nlnrndy dianbWad 6,000 tome of rye, Lailcr. and cent among the dearth-stricken peasants of Kazan and *** making arramgemcfitm foe tha dempatcb pf mtill larger quantltiam to tea affected dlmtrictm. It m feared that tba harvest will again bo a failure In
north-west Rui Ricovbry or Bank 'Not**.—'While dredging for ^ ^3!*^ a day or two elnc* tha mmck illiara and Henry, of Emmwoith, picked up a small waterproof bug, containing two £10 notes and Frendmao to tha amouut of £160. lho bog is supposed to be a relic of the Avalanche, which was wrecked off the coast last year. 2a" ted"Ur° b° conv®yed 10 L°ndon ,uld •alrago SuBioum Accident at Etok Collec*.—In the course of Friday evening, tho 10th irtst., some little excitement was occasioned at Eton College by a rather aerious accident to a student residing with the Rev. Mr. Cameron in Keat«'m-lane. While climbing a treo In the Maying tleldm, near I\*oek'e.|ane, tha yonth
mddenly fell la tk ......
leg in. two place*,
lenly toll to the ground, fracturing his right In. two place*, and alightly Imjunmg mmotbem lent on his head in his fall. He was conveyed
The Ciicmcn Conorbm at 8nxmxu>.—a meeting »f the SubjucU Committee of the Church Congress was Md at Sbadleld on the 10th Inat., under thepreeidoucy of tho Arehbiahopof York, when tha number of eectlona and meeting* to be held during the Congremm. tha tlmim to be allotted to reader* *od speakers, and the list of mbjcctm maggeatad were ooumidered. The mublretm mugg*et*Jfwrcon*ideretleowerel39lm number. After much coumideretiou Udm number warn reduced to between twenty and tdirty, and a mob-core mitt**, to meet neat : week, warn appointed to mmka a mtiD further reduc
A 23.000 Miia* WALL—A drepkh fremTorr^to, 4ated May I, amy* r—"Jam** Dua Hendereon bre^u i tii* 25,000 miles walk here to-day. The pedestn-u ! warn narvaua, and foe the Bret two milm did not walk | well; hut oo tha tbinl mile be threw hhnerlf Into tha work. Forty mllre were walked In Th. 54m. Jimee., averaging a little over lluHn. 54see. per | i.iile. The distance warn walked In two sections of I 1> miles and one of 10 miles. He strided from 44 to ' :6 inches; but in hi* third mile in rnome part* spread t-i 54 inches."
Turn warwickshire Liifei. Cam.—1 llench Div
»ith whom waa Mr. Ilamaon, Q.O., and Mr. IlaUl • [■plied on behalf of Major Feathers tone Dilko for a *. rit of crrfkrarf to remora any Indictment that might fbnnd againmt him for libel, on the grennd that it . &m a At and proper oaaa to be triad by a ipedal jury. I na procoedlngm In thlm matter have recently been L fwo tha pollce-eonrt, and arima ont of dlrorca pro' .ffdlngm In Ixed Aylamford'm oaae, and in rempect '»' which the Queen's Proctor has been induced to *rvene, U* Infarenoa from tha letter* being that . .r«. Dilke, the widow of him brother, had been inti-" it* in her husband's -lifetimo with tho noble earl. : ule granted.
Inraovancrre o* Tma MmTnorouT&n EanwAT.— 1 Saturday last an Important work warn brought to a
cceeaful completion on what i# known am the Hi ...eremith and City (M.....
■ used great delay to the train*, and warn fraught witS - ingartothepublXo. ToobriatathadJBcultynonnkan * ay, mtaHfng from n pofnta Uttla aamt of Weetboume-i irk, has been formed, extending oast for about half , mila, and «*nin* no jumt at tha entrance of tha Ijjyal Oak Station. Tho work warn on tho day in ."cation approved of by the officials, and on tho follow, wf day [ha ordinary trafBc commenced. Tub Grosvenor Qaixeky In cm* mm. — In tho i Monday maennng, Kir i*Mr. Bealey.appliedon
_ - ----indmav for a rule calling u^on
i Cookming LKenaing Board foe tho Middleeex ^umticaa to mhow canmo why a writ of mandmmaa mhould not umua directing them to hear an anplkntlon for a kanme to be granted to QL Coutta Lindsay for tho Oreevenor GalWy. &r CoutU being too late, when the gallery warn openod, to apply to the Ucenmlng jaxtioea for a hctnae, obtained tho permission of the Inland Revenue Board for tho mala of wine, ire., in the refrrehmmnt department of tha gaOary. On him apply-mng at the proper time thia yea, for a licanma the mandrake rrAimed it, on tho ground of the Irre-mnlmntr that had been commlttod, tha Inland Rerenua IIt~ird having no power to grant the permission they did List year. Kulo granted.
Tna Anmnican kniaxm.—Tba lateat mall from Chirago. dated the lat in^., mtatea thmt Oaneral hhrridau that afternoon received a report from General Mile*, dated llredqaaMera of tho DlatHo&of tha Yellow
wiywre and cblafm, bad ment a half broed to Oenerel Milre wquinog what kind of peace tha Uaited Btaloa would make with thmn, amylng that tha Great Father
which would end-all trooble between th* whitem and Indiana; that wham fba Indiana gave up Ihdr ponlea and gunm they will meafra cattlo and other property
friendly Indian*.
t.—On Saturday last, thi
a fnend in the QreyVnin-road,-who waedriving * coal van. DeoeAaed got into tha tu, and helped hi* friend
armmon the counter and then fail on to tha floor.. A

A JarANEsa Minist** Assassinated.—Okubo, tha Minister of the Interior, has heoo assassinated, i Thi murderer ham been arreeted.----r—--------
Tii a Oov*R.yo*mm> or MaIta.—Tho Queen ha*
manctkned th« appointment jnL_Qenseal Air AMI
Tkrhific EABTnufAXB n Vmnrnaumu.—A d
hereon* havmg hem ^ brery shock waa alao
felt at Caracas.
Honm Brm Aaoonano*.—A rem-
nce^irea^ent, and many nobleman and gentlemen have taken share* in the association.
fiia Iau or St. IIabtiiolokkw'*.—It Im stated tW m%ty thonmand doNare hare been giren to tho Awmdimh Ooremm#nt by Freneo for the Wand of SL BaAho. lomew's, and all the present officials in the island will be pmimkmed by tbo French Government on being reUored of thmfr duWee.
JTmanb wrm Eiroiawn a*n Breauu—It appeare that in the quarter ended the 31st of March last the hnnoetm from Rumela Into tha United Kingdom were Im Taha £1,49^760 agalnat f 1,81^078. Tba axporta, British and Irish, were In the quarter 4348,8^6, agama* ^Wl,8j3 in the mama time lamt year.
Tma Dram op Cownaronr anh nis Fiancee.—At Whulaor Caitle on Tuiaday the domeetlce of the Koyal household drank to tbo betrothal of the Duke of Conaaoght and him Intended bride, an allowance *f wine being press*ted to emeh of the servant* on lha Qii'-en's establishment for this purpose at tha dinner-tablmof thapalaco.
Tma Fenian Movesext im Axerica.—Imports are received from varioua parts of Canada awrting that precantlmm are bolng Imken by Iho Canadian authoritiea againat any attempt* at Fenian raid*. Anna are bewg distributed along tha border, thq militia have been ordered to hold themselves in readi-nem for actlromoreloa, and troop* are Wngenwlled.
Opmnwo or a Naw Wommreo^Ua'a Own a br. Lukb's.—On Monday evening the ceremony of for-mally opening tha BL I/iWrn Working Men'm Club and Idmtitute, whlA l« mKhmted In Cantral-mtreet, 8L Lnke'm, took place In the preaencm of a number of gentlemen well known for their advocacy in the cause of the modal Impnwament of the, working clammca, and mlmo of a large gathering of the mwmbare. tsrocok Falijno mo* a Window.—On Monday morning Harriet Bennett; the daughter of Mr. John Bennett, a printer, residing at Prince*-street, Oiurch-dreet, lamkth, expired in 8L Thomam'e HoepilaL The child waa left alone In the bed-room,
d while Waying at the aecond floor window, mho , ..erbalancedhcreelfand fell hendforemoet on to the , fl*m#onea, cnmhlnglnher mknlL
PHm patent Orric*. — Tho Commissioner* of Patent* having decided upon the redalon and conmoli-i datwn of the whole aeriea of mublect-mattfr lnde%ea of patenta, from 1817 to 1878, a mpwaal mtaff Im to be appointed for tblmporpoee. TheappointmentmwiUbe made by open competitive eaammation, under the meoal ragnlatlona which appeared In the fa#*n JamrfW of 7th May.
Hmunre Ban wmrerr lucmwma.—The Illicit beer trade earned on in Barrow.ln-Furnrem ham become mo notonona that the police authodtlem have been com. neUad to take depa which It la expected wiU check IL Huhmto heavy penaltkm have been Impoeed, but the defendant* in nearly all caaee have abeconded. Now all defendant* are arreet'od under warrant, and three wnkrre been eent to gad In default of paying heavy
Cmanom or Mrmnmm anaorer a Moman.—On Toe*, day Charlotte Goode, aged 10, daughter of a mmall farmer at Eaton Gocoo, Bodfordmhire, warn apprehended on tho charm of killing her illegitimate ohild. The body waa found at the fathar"aTmdencannder a
polM-mtation, and w01 be taken before the maglmtrata when ah* im mtrong enough.
Ai**m*a* Cannn aFcnmnaL.—Thahneralof the lato alderman for the ward of Coenhlll took place on Tnwday mt HIghgate Cemetery. The house* in the neighbourhood of the deceaeefa realdenca lat Stem-fora-hUl lowered their wlndow-blinda a* the funeral proceabon pammed. Worerel Influential otiaenm were prreent to ray their lamt tribute of reepect to their old colleague, fhe Lord Mayor waa prevented from being prreent owing to pekr engagementa.
A ^rmanmn Bom m Twm Atox.—Themcrewmteamer Gipmy, belongmq jo the Waterfbrd Steam Xaviga-
down tha Avon early
Bwday morning, ^rmrk the ground lu* b*low thi Clifton sospenmhm bridge, and wm* carried by the tidi ^ ^upletdy stopping naviga-
tion. In the evening, while the crew were removing Urn cargo, the veaeol broke her back with a report like the discharge of
Court of Qui
o destruction of
' Mm. BaADLAUo*.—Mr. Bradlaugh me on Mr. Bml, the Depnty-CWk of mg that he Intended to apply to the s Bench for a writ of etrttortri to
igistrate sitting at Bov?.street
knylMmllymtated In IW order for the daah the book* in question.
f ™ Gooruunk—A labonreo namad
oOke, amtAIng ,
pmeter"* adae, mtrnck him on the back of th* hmd.
***=d, and afterward* left him foe dead. Ooann ont immediately, he throw hlmmelf In the nvor, and waa drowned. Mclntyrelm expected to reoover. The whole agalr Im veiled in myate?, and no motive can be aaalgned.
Low DmamT axn Tmm Pmonnrm Mmmonmre — I^rd Derby, acknowledging tho receipt of a reeolu-tnm pamed at tho Pkimlllve Methodieta" diatrict
Methodist Connexion In favour of the courso'pursucd bymeonlheEaatemqueetlon. I eamemlly treat that aarrent*I)mu! Pn*?red.—I remain, your obedient
* il«nxret* attempt to murder a adMcIntyre, the night watchman on the While Mclntyre waa mltting Quietly b hla - ^^Dunbp oamo m wf"
Mr. CdWW,
preiMi.m of Vice, applied atipoi wn Turnday for an or . .
uf publications eelaed on the prenii R'nu'love, in ilolboin, in May bsL., He,stated tna thi arianre was made ou the 14th of May last y«*r,.yu the suthority of a warrant granted under Lord Ump-
'Family, and National Property^ and Morel Philo-mopWy*' (the latter by Bobert Owtnj, waa aWl In the custody of the police. Application warn made to him worship to stay the destruction of theee pampMet* till after .tie result of th* appeal, the defendant* being.
AswWkm have bed an hWehw «4l& Mv. Crei* at
z ^%t%:z'wszs ^
parelArefame with which Aandm on building modetiee Mdfovmteowjmem of property may b* commltkd by
many other* mddreemed the Home Becretary, and pointed ont that the mymtem In vogne In the ' Hiding warn excellent for preventing fraud, and as
over am muggmmted. On the 10th inaL the epneal acammt his worship's decision was tried, and th* con-victlon warn conflnned, tho eentenca of thm mmperloe cAnft being foor month^ bnprimonmrmt and a penalty of 4"'° 00 Truelove. He did not know that a fresh process would be ncceaaary, but he presumed that it would suffice to give notice at tha premises of the defendant, and then destroy the publication* now condemned by the tribunal appealed to. Mr. Yaughan eaid the mumunoum giving naioe to destroy had been
ted d"' 'l

been kent alive by mons at the expiration of the defendant's
One of the sharpest tricks by which the police have been outwitted, and the criminal escaped Welshment, mftfr arreet, occurred on Monday ml WelmhpAol Fair. A lady named Young entered the shop of a Mr. Jehu tomakeeomepnrchaeea. She look oat hpr purm from her satchel, paid for the article purchased, and replaced the puree eafe again in her satchel. At that
tions, and went out again. Immediately he was gone •Mr*. Young felt for her puree, which contained £13 m aorereigna, but It bad disappeared. Ghamearehed m her pocket* and satchel, but it was gone. The police were communicated with, and the suspicious-looking man warn fonnd in the fair, identified, and locked up; but nothing criminating was found upon him. The extraordinary pad of the came follow*. During the evening Mrs. young was *Unding in tho fair, and felt a pull at her^lreas, and being naturally euspWou* that another attempt waa made upon her, I put her hand to her pocket. At tha mama dm* aha obeerved a woman run away from her down an entry. Upon feeling her pocket her loyandamtonlmhmmotcan be imagined at finding tho Identical puree, containing tbefi* In eoverelgna ehe had lomt, replaced by tha woman who had run away She hastened to tha pollca oflke and gava Information of her diaoevery, and the suspicion*-looking man waa Immediately liberated, but about an hour afterwards was seen in company near the railway-station with the woman who mo adreitly reetmad the mtolen property, and they both took ticket* for Birmingham by the next ti '
**«n In eiiatenca at theMWdleee* Dimmdalm would have been impommihlm. {hey further contended that the Govern -
a* reason to ocuevo unit
the law oGc»m of He Crewn had hhen i tion with him efficq on tho matter since that time. The law lords were now in consultation with his noble friend the Lord.ChanccDor, to eee if anything eould be dene, and if eo wh*L Frebably be might b# able to *ee him lordahlp on the matter, when be •hould be informed of what had now passed: but until thdt, event tho deputation would not expect him
VIOLENT CONDUCT IN A PRISON. At tho Southwark Police-court on Tuesday, Peter M'Manua, M, waa charged before Mr. Partridge by BtawartBamaey, 117 M, ona of tba warrant o^care of tha Court, with groom mlmcoodnct while a prlmoner In Hmmemonger-lane Gaol, aaaaukin* Alfred Cdllum, one of tho warders, and wilfully and maliciously breaking the furniture, to., in his cell, doing damage amounting to £3 8s. 3d. Alfred Collins said that ua the afternoon of tha *nd Inat. he had charge of tha pri*oner and meverml other* who were under eentenca id exercising in the yard. The rules of the prison are that at that Hum all prieonere mhould wear mamkm; it tho pdeoner refuamd to keep hie on, mnd mo gromdy iacondueted hlmmelf thm&^be warn compelled to rmmova mtoblecdL In doing mo he became very violent, id struck and kicked witAm** violently. While In the oeU he mmmmbed the table mlod, tore up the Bible, and broke the window^ and^averything be could got hold of, doing dafnage to tha amouut mtated. Iba prlmoner, who meemed to treat tha whole proceeding a* a joke, maid that he objected to wrering tha mamk and in a pammlon he broke tb» thing* In the celL Mr. Partridge sentenced him to one month's hard labour for wilful damage to the cell and three months' hard labour for assaulting tho officer, making four months
n„ kewion*, George Henry loung,
%8/^nd Joeeph Fawkea, 80, have been Indicted he having stolen twelve knive* and other articles, value fOO, the property of Blr William PaHlmev. The prl-eoner Young warn on the mtabUmhment of mr WOBam Bmlllmer, at Ead'm-oomt-mquare, Brempton, am Indoor servant. He abeconded from his service without notice, and almost Immedlatdy after he wae gone a quantity of plate and plated artldea were mlmead. In eos***qu*noe of Womatson raodvad Polioe-eomatabla T 386 **nt to the Boltoiue, South Kenmlnglon, whore he saw Fawkea, who is the deputy manager of a lodg-ing-honee In Drnry-lane, aaked him about a pared ha had left there with the landlord, and told him that he must go with him.—The landlord handed to him a parcel, and Fawk&a rdnarked that Young had brought nim Into a nlde meea. A great number of artidea Identl8ed by Kr
^yjbam Pdhaer am hie property. The jury found Fawkea Guilty, at the aame time making a repreeen tation to the AmmWant Judge mtreugly condemning thoreckless and careless conduct of the pawnbrokers in receiving such valuable articles without making in-qmidea concerning the pereon who pledged them. A preyioum conviction of two mouth* wa* proved mralnmt Fawkes. The Assistant Judge sentenced \oung to hard labour for twelve months, and Fawkes for eight mcnthm, and at the mama Wma cautioned the pawnbroker* am to Uidr future conduct, bxnreeming In* an tire concurrence In the preeenlment the jury had
Walter' b. Ireland, General Furnishing Ironmonger,
O POST PAID. It contains illiutrationa of bis
sKlTilA fokomoE sr.,
by WALTER S. IRELAND, wk-n plated by the pa proc*M of Messrs. Elklngton and Co., is beyond a e panson the very best article nsxl to Sterling Si that can be employed as such, either usefully ornamentally, as by no possible test can It be dii gulstied from real silver.
the Princess's Theatn
powerful man, In evening dress, who mat in one of thi private boxee near tho mtage. Am he warn quiet ant nim donduct not oEendva the attrndsnf* did not Inter" fore with him, but during the enow ecena, where Mime Mario Illington ham been taking the part of Ji
) the illness of Miss £
On th* remmnticn of thi* ca** at Bow-mtred Pdica-jourt on lamt, before Sir Jamee In^am,
or the twelfth time, it was announced that the last of tho four brother* Shaw had been arreeted tha previous day, eo that the defendant* now placed at the bar were Gemge Thom*ork a director of the Albion Aeenianoe
heymour, *t), Thomaa Blinker (WooiPm aged dark at V,'. *=d the four hrelbere, WIEIam,
Alfred, Thomas, and George Shawm the defendants, wcept the Shawm, being defended by Mr. SL John \Vcntner, Mr. Cattlin, and Mr. Jonea (Hope and Co.), s abamce of Mr. Grain. Sir. Poland said that iportant link in the history of this conspiracy had mupdbd by the arremt cf G*orge Shaw. The - bad been baffled somewhat by the information the latest defendant was ill, and bad

iarie* of lAndgn;^butaoonaftarlhearreat of Alfred w, and the coaieaqnamt atoppage of the aappllee icy for the maintenance of his brothers, it '
the two latter. Afti >oints in the previous evidenc*, more especially iffeMing George (who wa* allowed a *e*t owing to hi* tvident Indlmpoeltmn) the learned cdunad called. After leurlng the evidence, Sir Jamee Ingham coneented to Uke hail for Thoma* and George Shdw; Thomaoa and Northcott'a former bail being reoewed. All th* defendants were then committed for trial. Shortly before dx o'clock, when the prieon van arrived to convey the jinsonere from the court, it wam dimoovered that Alfred bhaw waa miaaing from the celL Tho bnnnem of the day had been usually heavy, occupying.two magic-iratea from twelve o'clock, th* eeeood const W=g hdd in the 8rmt door of tha bourne adjoining. Tbo ifumicn caumed by the immenme number af caeem, the ,wj, Q* wltnemree, and tha aMendanco of the pablie.
Cmanom or Manataronrxa.— At Marlborough. 1 % ***** Wa only aadMant un
mtrcct Pdlca^ourt on Tueaday, WQ#&m Bradford, dJEculL ke^hmr of the olkem appeare to b,
who wu Cfcusrf «ith cuing th. doith o( hi. fathor 'J" «—P«, il ip.y pro
threw U glass of ale over his
-Try quarrdmoma man, and who on'thlm occamiou "*rhlmdaughlar,#truck.tho fable knife mying,
, —------------ji minted the prisoner
fortnal, conmimhng to lake two ball In £10 each. Boanno Acannrr.—On Monday Mr. Carter held
He oxpremmed him mtentlon of gdng by boat from Richmond to Kew Gardens. In tho afternoon a man named Nwman maw him rowing In an outrigger
D^th^ worded a ymdlct of Acddenlal
Vimco™ Cma*mmoox.-The Z*Wsm gaW/m an-nounce* that the Queen ha* been pleased to grant unto
Royal licenmo and authority that bo and him iamue may 7" Gathoma, in addition
to and before that of Hardy, and that he and they may bear the arm* of Gathorno quarterly with him own family -aram, provided that the aame be first duly feremphflod according to the lawa of'anna, and re-
pf none effect
acme miaandermtandiug the pdvllege had been tamoeu—. doubt, effected' during the trensfc
ire may have lad to which of the four Shawm
At the Lambeth Police-court on Saturday last, Mr. Mareden, vemtry dork of Camberwell, came before Mr. EHI*on, accompanied by Mr. Henderaon and other gentlemen residing in tho neighbourhood of Lordship, lane, DuWich, to obtain a summons against a number of glpmke who had pitched Ihdr teute and located themselves upon a piece of land. Mr. Marmden maid he wimhed to apply for mmmoninm agalnat varioum partiem for causing a nuisance. A number of gi^aic* purchased a abort lim* back a plot of ground from the Britimh I^nd Company. The ground was of mom* 40 feet frontage, in tba neighbourhood of Lordship-lano. The nuiaano* complained of aroae from 'tho fact that on the plot of'ground alluded to the gipeiee erected tents, and upon th* inspector of nuisances for the parish of Camberwell visiting tho place he bund the eguvla, owlM to Xba *mnt of proper aocommodallon, tcbe most oUenaivo. Mr. Henderson and Mr. Clark, whoee residences are within a sHo-t diatanco of the encampment, pointed out that the waiter waa not only objectionable upon sanitary ground* but on tho ground of morality. The gipsioa were frequently to be seen in a semi-nude condition, and flghU and disturbance* of a most disgraceful character took place. A deal of damage bad likewise been done in the neighbourhood by some member* of the encampment. Mr. Ellison mala th* chief point before him warn whether he had power tor punt a summons against ithese parties^ It bptood. rather a .ques-
tion to be deqded by indictment at the **eaion#. If there had been evidence bdore him baaed on medical inspection It Vould have enabled him la act on aani-
ment on one occasion in order to inspect it, but owing
mrang upon the etag*, mnd, daring himedf before tne footlighta, geeticiitatad wildly to th* band. Foe a moment the audience eeemed to no In doubt whether a
difficulty. The band meanflme played vigorously, and In a few mlnntea, the exdtement having euhelded, the piece warn proceeded with. It was found that the man wam labouring under a eevere attack of dW&saas trrmtns, and he was taken to a hospital.
An Intending little eplaode ham occurred In the Central Criminal Court which *nd*d more agreeably than, most case* end there. Mr. Commissioner Kerr waa trying a boy charged with breaking Intoahouae In the Gray"a.m rcad. Mr. Kelly, the counmd for the prerecubon, had concluded hi* paA of the eame, and the boy wa* aaked what he had to aay In hla defence. The boy, who waa of reapectable appearance and manner*, tokl hie story, mnd eeemed greatly overcome by him podticu. Mr. Kelly thereupon roee, and maid thathenad board that the boy"a mother waa In court, and aa ho waa unddended wam dedroua of amylng m fewwoglaforheraon. r*rmlAkm wam granted, and th* poor woman pleaded that mh* wam a widow, with only thia mon lefl^to her am a mupport, and that the lad hav. ingdwaya been of Mod character before had never been In the handa of police. Every cue waa touched by the woman'a almpla but e&ctlve pleading, mnd aa there waa couddereble doubt a* to bringing th* ogenoe directly home to her eon, the jury gave him the benedt of It, greatly to the joy of the mother.
A TBAGIO STORY OF THE BBL It la eaid at St &therinee(OnL) among laknaaOorm that the mystery of the total loss with all hands of the schooner Magellan in Lake Michigan, last fall, ia coupled with a dremdfd murder. The body of CmpL Bdyea, bar commander, and of John Sullivan were aftcrwarda found on the btach, the foraaav with a large portion of the head and face gone, and the latter with a missing arm. It waa suggested at the time that the 8ah mntilaled the bodiae. However, in a few weeks the report obtained currency that the
bound down from Chicago to Buffalo, ran into her, cut her down, and aank tar at night. Not only waa the vessel run into and sunk, but both Bdyea and Sullivan aucceeded In attaching themadvee to tho rigging of the American veasel, from which they were cut down with an axe in tho hands of one of the crew of the Liter, part of Bdyea'a head and one of Bullivan'a arma being cut eg, wncn both fell into the water and disappeared. Three facta, it la eaid, have been developed by a conk

Qwf* OtreaWr.
Tho Home Secretary baa just issued the new'dietary tables for the prisons in England and Wale*, which are to come into operation on the 15th inst. They preeent a greater variety of food than ha* been cue-tomary, but the quantities allowed are not aerioualy altered. The dietary renalsta of four daaare, wherena gvo ham been tha general rule. At many priaona cooking has hitherto been avoided for the Sunday's dinner by giving bread and chaeee or milk and bread, but in future boiled potatoes and suet pudding are to
be given. Cheeeedore mot appear in the new limt,n*
does the familiar Indian meal pudding, thia latter substituted by stirabout, every pint-and-a-half (X Vhich is to contain 3oz. of Indian meal and 8am. of oatmeal. Flaked or Admiralty cocoa, which ham not been uaually given of late, la alao to be Intredueed. The bread used la to be made of wbolo meal, and, aa alternatives for English beef, the governor may supply apecifiod quantities of colonial beef or mutton, preserved by heat, American or other foreign beef, pre-served by cold, beans and fat bacon, fresh fish, salt meat, or adt fish.
PaUara'hMI* £ , J if""? «p5sfJp'SS,
xh;: £| 1*5 d0£l W ^r* 5 "o
J I V»»f rt SpOonj :s:i% : io o i * #:: w o 1 10 0' 1 5 «| 1 10 o
' • iixla 0» «{eu e
t Orevy mpooa...
Muataril Spoon
tIV"' ::::: ^
IS%%ierL: 05004 6068
to %» * # m an u e

lectro^Silver T ea and CoQee Sefvlcee. 30m, jC3 10a

Bleeult Boxes. 12, 0d. 21m. 90m to f* 10m. Toast Raek.0e8d. 7*8d. 10sOd to 93*. Tre Pot, 18m. as. Km. 30s »*£%&.
Coffee Pot*. 21i, 38*. 3< * to £'2 10s. E«x fremm^a:s.k,.9w.35. wflua. lkp*r Frame* 80s. 80m. 70m lo £4 10m. Cak* Ba*k*i*.10s.a0s.3S*.80mtog310m. MeH* Kremre.l8s8d.25* 80s. 60* re TO*. Ckret Ju#*. 21*. 30m, 88m re 45*. Cmudlmmikkm. 0*8d.7*8d, 10s8dlol2s8d. Round Waiters, 15s, 'ils. 80s. 40m to 50s. Oval Trays (richly abased), £6 10s to
eciro Silver Side Dishes, I nose I
retof *%ha.f7 Wmreaoiom.
es, forming the
I 12 pake, 42 IQe. 10s f4 10s lo Z8 10m
walter ireland.
•ro remunerative only because of tbo largeness of malm.
12* 8d 6* 8d
walter s. ireland.
rrnf: k'sh price; di»rgd for Kitchen
have invariably b and SCOTCH f

XTO. I—consists of Oron OBl^OMlTiiS
-i-1 for rc"•'— *-»■ "— — * " - -
]>TO. 3—extra strong, consists of large brickwork ever becoming damaged. .

ztrm mtrong, conmimtm of larz I Boiler. Hot Mate, Brass Tap. open fir h fan. Iron Skirting, which prsr.a' •scomin* damaged, with wrought bngl
T\TU. 5—extra mtroog, conmimtm' of large
-Ll Oven and Boiler, Hot Plats, Brass Tap, open firo
. Polished Plats Km
The increased and Increasing use of Oa* in private boumem ham ludeeed WALTER 8. IRELAND tomelret
3m 8d to 10m 8d.
ind i-liKlit. for Dining and Dra
Smiths employed on tha pre
walter s. ireland.
4 in Kins Oval H\
i Finest Oval Afr
- 80m Od 23* 0d 10m Od . *5m Od 30m Od 12m dd
. . . 37m dd 32m 8d Ue 0d
- 88m Od COm Od 21m Od iml Porkm. &0d re 7s8d half-dow* id Porks, 7s 6d to 15s half-dozen I, from 2m8d per pair. Steels
s ISsttd. Butter I man's Knives, Ra:
Knives, Is to 8s8d
IL*. re vWt & UtEL2BD^U0(rR00& t Register Stoves, 7s 6d to £3 10s
red*re.f218mref7:0m. Plre4renm,3,loA10m
T AMPS of ALL 8U&T8 & PAlTEiUIS. -1-i WALTER 8. IRELAND invite* inspection of
Petroleum Oil Table Lam
Two Child axjr Am
morning a shocking occ _____
dauoe of Mr. Kwkm, II, Queeu'a.*enmce, Tcrk reitd, BeUermeu. It appeared that Ilarnct Marka, agei three years, wa* loft in charge of a uurae, and whilst the child waa playing at tho rear of the premise* mho was mregaly attaoked by a large bull-dog, which belong*! to Mrs. Marka. The shriek* of &* little lufTerer brought assistance, mod the savage brute wam difficulty boatun off, but not before fee child wam •ono71Jr iu nose and face. 8ho waa re-
moved to 8L Thdnam'm Hoipitalj where her woundm
Buspeading Lamps, 4m Odin 4210a.
French Moderator Lamps, complete, 7s Cd to £210m.
• fld. Modsrator Chimnsvs, M eac
L WALTER 8. IRELAND sell* this oil st whole-
the Patent Duplex, SUber, Petroleum, and Paraffin Lamps. Is 8d per gallon
Tb* greatest variety of patterns always on show, commencing at 15s Od, the met of fiv*. Ditto Queen's gatUrn,21s. BOrar pattern with Electro-plated Handles,
45*. 54s, 60s. and 70s per si
with veil for gravy, ft* 6d, 12s Od, 80s to £2 2s.
jviur.i "AllC,.
18a 6d. 20m, 25*, Mm.

Child's Baths, 7s6d. 8a, lis'od to 5 .
Toilet Ware in great variety, from 10m 8d to 45* ret of 3.
rJwalter s. ireland's
jfjjjforaUhlog .r. WWW lo imped hi. It'.'.-
lmprovmd0ealBoxmm.3m8dte80m. Capp*eT*aKe*Uee.kddreI2mdd.
Meml Tea Paw. 8m 6d to I& dd.
Nmm: Safem, 13m dd, Um. 1& Mm ta 37m 8*
Cottage Ranges, with even only, from 17s 6d.
Oaed Rembiar Blcvem. 3*d per Inch.
Uwn Mower*, 22s 6d to £7 10s.
Garden Rollers, 30s to £4. Garden Chair*, lOsddto! '
Oardsn Shears, 3* 8d to 8s 6d.
Oslranlsed Garden Barrow*. 37* 6d.
Bwh* Water Barrows, £2 10m
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