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6p Monday ■ to »u provided in Ike Watta' Memorial Hsll, by Mr Kite, and at inn Veloek § MhHo a#rrtu f t« b«M % the karae hall,»hleb »a* lu v v-t*nded.' Th* ehtir »u taken by the BW. U. H C*r • litl*, who tu supported on the platform by the B«-v*. J. Walker (phhoMhmM*)^ W. kmmwo (Wmgwwd), and C. Bab* (ltthw). and Hmn 8. B. Prrer (super. Intendcnt of ih* *ch*ol), W. C. WftUilie, C. Ctl, and Robert*.. A hyatu having bevn sunk,
The R*». H. H. Oailisl* *xpl*ined that for *evtral reason* their anniversary came at a ••mewfcat later period than ditirable, but »ti« the tffeeent time had lu advantage*, on* being that tkey c«uM fneet by daylight In referring at eome length to the lat* •' Way meeting*"
^London, th* r*r. gentleman said he had never in hi* i before felt *o proud ofthrtr Coogregatlensl Union. TUey met under exceptional *lreum«tano**. bnt there h*»*rW.r* *aeh *roi»i aswmM** of the Union
church membmhip, aa4 R *m thought the tim* had com* whoa a decided fUad ebould be taken, and a detiTeranea given of what they In th'lr heart* believed, and would t^tbetfaetOf,0<>d If ealldd uy on, be
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**TURDAT. '' • • . •

trtekery^on Ubspswof Be*. it day*' tmprUoameaL.
Charles White, a youth, living In e
TlJKSDAT. W. II. Kogora. Keqr*

moel. J.JT Tucker. A. IVgler, II.
tn"'l>?»M chars*! by P C.
_ ___________________3S&&AKK
---------otbaad, who bad

Buehan, W. II. Roger*. and 0.1". ferkln*. Laqr* Public*hoc*K How".—Twe young men named MeDer-mott and A molt were charged with being drunk *dd asaanltlag Mr. John I'odeata. landlord of ih* 1'ioeapplo Inn. Sr. Michael e.*qnarv.on Tueedav momlnf.-l'rlioncr* uppean-d in have entered the hou.e and cauwl a dUturb-mace. On being *pok*n to McDerrnott put Mr*. I'odeata out of the honae. and then Iarrpe4 on to the counter and got hold of the pnHecotnr.—The Brncb dl»ch»rg*d Arnolt, •nd fined MeDermott It and eo*t*. and In default *even I*CnAK0E WiTitDaAWji.—A baker named Dm** wa*
3 linear bt Bora.—Stephen lloae. Kred John Wheeler, three boy*. were enarge/ * coal bag* from a Wharf *t Chapel, t Hurtle enniraetnr. -,1'roiecutor'* fon
Ilarman. marina atom usaier. or urcnara-iane. **i» on Mondav xfteruwm the two (malt boy*-Dowllng and go**
^en'jd apnand'for'uSTbl^-Whei'lw .a'dVe "id wlu ne*« a bag on Monday for ad^Wltne** ,*ld be did not remember buying any coal bag* outliat day.-l' C. Xarwell •aid at half paat I O'clock on Tueeday morning be found lloae aalrep In a w.e.. and afterward* took the other two Into cuatody. All three admitted having taken the coal bar* from Mr. Curtla'* yard, and *al4 tbev had aold them to Mr. Ilarman for Id each -Mr. Cookiey remarked that If that (tatemeDt wa* true the martne *tere dealer ought to be eo.upclled to produce the boga, aa no dumb* be had them —The Maror a,Id be thought It a great *hame there ■hosld be plaoea In till* town where an eh thing* could bo •old for •mall aum» of money. He then eid*red each defendant to appear there that day month to receive Judgment If neeeaaary." He alao cautioned the marine a tore dealer not .to purchaae aueh thlcga, aa It waa a great Inducement to bnya to ileal.
UcTcaERt' Orr*.u-Mr. A. Davl*. butcher, of BL Maiv-atreet, waa aurnmoned by the Officer of Health. Dr. Oiborn. for removing offal In tub* not properly cunatructcd
w tuba, but they bad

man of th* Board) preiidcd, and ther the Rev. J. O'Bryeu Hoar*, and Mevar* XL R. L. Ro* man, W. U. Chapman, and T. B. Oiwald.—A letter read by th* Cler
the Pear Tree and St. Mark'* School* th* 'alteration* In the term* of transfer (uggetted by the Board were considered and agreed to, vi*.. that lb* ieaa** *hould be extended to 99 year*; that th6 manager* *hould repay to the Board, at th* turrender of them, the coet of any permanent work* or enlargement*, according to valu* at the period of delivery ; and tb»t the four day* entire u*e of the achool* re*ervod to th* Board b* extended te tw*lv. The manager*, however, la reference to the clauie propn**d to be in**rted In the lea*ee providing for a certain time being **t apart for rtligiou* Initructioa in caa* it wa* not furnuhed by the School Board, *tipulat*d that if the Committee of Council rejected thi* nrovlilon, tb*y reaerved to th*m**lve* th* power of making a requirement *lmil*r In effect.—Th* Chairman **ld t ' ' all probability there would be no objection to the i men! of the achool hour* from nln* unlit a quan ten for the purpoae *tal*d. but It wa* thought the an tie*-would not *gr*e to a prospective arrangement like that propo**d to b* loaerted In the leaae.— 11 wa* reeolved that, pending the ••ttUmint on tbl* point, upon which, the Chairman aold, he bad *ent a commuuieatlon to London, the matter of the tranafer of the ichool* mui therefore remain until an auiwer had been »eeeived.—, letter from the Rev. Fran da Davidion eta ted that lb manager* ef lh# St. M*ry (Shoiing) girl*' and iafanU' school* b*d met, and reeelvad thai the School Board, ir reference te the proposal to transfer the *ch*ol*. lx Informed that U>ey considered ihemaelvee la a poeitiot to continue the school* rolantartly, certainly until th. explratl'jn of the current lanaaoial year, aad probably keyonJ that period ; cona*(ju*«iIy they had no desire to mgociat* for th*lr traa«f*r. The manager* added that In th* *,eot of their Meing It neceesarr to diteontlnu*. the? would give a* long a notice U po*eibl* to the Board. —Mr Rotoman said Mr. Chapm*n *od hlmtelf as a *ub-committe* h.d made enquiries as to a site for (ha pro-, pwed new Khool at WoeUteo,bptednaidered II advisable
that thair report tbould be Wken In committee at the ■
parofc/rH Y1.W
Young Earth, from "neath the blanket of the JampeJoVth. aU leaf-bedeeked. aad laugha
* Court *as held on Tueeday.
mentfitaioDtk. . a ...I-ji uj - ;i
—Tlie Kegltlrar a aid the same application bad been made
The application waa refused. — Mr. Bell then applied for coats, and bla Honour said either the Sheriff or the creditor wa* entitled to coat*, and ho tbould. therefore, oaly
•I Leet, aa ln*Utut abolished year* ago
iowa cier* navtag uemanaea me " oimwing a*ar" of "all manner of pereooa who do ope mil and tervloe at thi* Court." the following were empan-
wall, and E. 1'arry Cox- The Town Clerk tb«n read the quaint old charge to the jury, telling them that although lh*y bad baem *worn there were certain exemptien* jriiich poatibly eome of .lbem might be able to clatio a* free luitoi*, and if they could prove the** th*y would be relieved by their feilew* of further service. He then read the Hat of free eultore, wkl.h. *omm*nciog with the Provo*t of Qu**a'* College. Orferd. Included the name* of m*ny 8oath*mpton worth!** loag line* departed, but who** till* to fame in the caie of *om* I* ahewu by lh*lr *hi*ld* on tbe.Bergate, their privilege a* free luitots deactnding to tbsir hsfr*. No exemption* were, of course, claimed, and Mr. Sufferintendcnt Breary w»* then *wom la a* high eonxtable " to erve our Sovereign Ledy the Queen and the lord* of tbl, Leet until dl*ch*rged tb*r*of In due coure* of law." Fifteen tergeent* and pelloeken were eworn Ik ee con-sublet to aid Mr. Breary In hi* "eervice;" Mr. Egertoo and Me**r* Joeeph Everett, O. Bone, end Joeepb Wren were *wom in, the former a* hay ward and the latter aa dnvtr* of the cemmon. The quaint and anclint charge wa) then read le the jury by the Town Clerk. The matter* and thing* th* Jury we** therein *worn to *nqnire upon are reduced to two beads—first of thing* enqutrable and preaentable, and next of thing* not only preeentable but punlikabl*. Th* fir*t "eon" Include feloalee and treason* " with their acc***ori**,M tk* preaeatmeut concerning which " tout be certified Into eome tuperior court where the off,nd*r* are to be proeecuUd and punbbed aocordieg te la**." Uader ihe.eeeond beading th* jury are ebargwd to enquire " how the conaUbl* and tything man have di*cb»rg*d tb*ir dull** in arr**tlag of : of hae* and cries, aod apprsbsnding of id*, and tturdy beggar*. Pur the **curing 1 disorderly pereona there ought to be a pair of itoek* kept in good rsnair In each tything. for it I* tk* tytbing m*n'« pri*on *nd a thing v*ry u**ful aa the world n0«*4(0ee. Driving of cattle, pound-breacbee. and other mattore ere also declared puniabable there, ao too " are al*o common barrators, a* acoldl, brawler*, aad raUer* of quarrel*, cavas-dropper*. *u*h a* hearken efter newe, and carry H about with Intent to tow diseeniion and discord among,the neighbourhood." 1'ereon* who are guilty ef robbing b*n-roo*te and ith-pond*, and of inch like vill*nl*e, ar* adjudged to be very dangerou*. Nqmerou* other oBene**, including tboee done "by foreetellere, lngro*a*r*. *nd r*gr*t«r* " are alao declared id penisbable, and the jury are further into the *tat* of the highwey*. and
:iiarged to Inqui

and whether the hedge* and dllebee adjoining bo k*p low. and (toured at thev ought to be." Finally tbey were charged to enquire ef all matter* emitted, though "in the Court Leet inquirable end pressntabls as fully and effectually a* if the tame had been particularly named to you."
The Sheriff then addrewed the jury ttating that after the obaervalion* made In the Court leal year by Mr. Le Feuvre, the then Sh*riff, it wa* hardly neceaaary for him to make any remark*. The office of Sb*ri9 wa* on* of the moil ancient in th* whole constitution of Great Britian ; the word wae derived from two Teutonic word* meaning to eeite and to hold, whl .h at once •uggened the nature of the dutie* of the office. A* regerded the clmrge they had ju*t beard read, the duliee that were thereby impoaed u; >n the jury were entirely *iip*r*eded by modern *tatute*. In ancient time the 8her?",wa*the Immediate representative between the people and their lord*. V»*t tract* of land Were gov*ro*d either by thea* lorda, th* Crown, or the Church; and as the owner* were, non resident great difficultle* vry often aroae between the people and thoa* appointed uuder the lord to collect rent* and perform other dalles, and for ths purpose of lecingjuatice done, the office of Sheriff wa* In the time if the Dane*, introduced. There were many ancient

of them might ----- - ----
naked them to accompeny him on horseback around the bound* of th* borough a* far a* tb*y were able to get In euch a way and to hav* gone the re*t of lb* dI*lance by tea, for he ehould like to *ee them all well mounted and ridlmg In cavalcade up the High etreet. dreeeed In leather jerklne with buff doublets, and battle exee over their thoalder* (laughter). However, if they liked a (imllar rewaioa before hi* year of office wa* concluded, be would be glad to go with them to beat the bound*. H* b*lt*v*d ib«y would find many encroachment* which it would be now very difficult to get rid ef. In thanking them for Ibelr attendance, he exprewed a hope it would b* a very long time before the encient end honor-•ffice of abcriff would fall into di*u*e in Southemp-

of th* proceeding*.
K* terminated. We understand that i by the DberiS in the evening, but te*y of inviting a repreeentative of
i*'a Yas.—Cboloe ta
Cklmese thue case off the iafe Uoralman'a T.* In Ua (oil
Agaat* i—Boulhaiai
... SXTJIiS _________irrsu'^i;£;.,s,As;
Ua eeat to Euglaud la painted or faced with mineral poirder, ~ ' - '*- — •vorthleee brown leaves; the
rior Autumn crop as beat tea

' ■cT-a»»"i«'vwii, U1D., * r., uapiain i. i and Oliver ead'Akesr*. W. Wamw.' Cl E.--...
ilary at AK/ahd g v* tk* •choelmlatrcea aaUrthe . >xt Beard meeting to coxeidef Vhether aha would accept the altered term, of b,r eegagecaeaU ;] .
A letter fro™thely^l^Oo^rnmMt^oerd kckadw-ledged the recHpt of the communication from the ~ rdisn* encloelng a copy of th* explauatioa* of tha :lu»tion officer* of the South Stoneham and MIll-ik dutrieu rem**ting the irretuiaritie* reported * .by the 3*ard a inepeetur. Dt Steyeaa. These.
a* read from Pr.'Dayman correcting ecrtiia *tate-meat* by the eacdnatte* officer, Mr. dlewdrt, in hW communication to th* Boards-It waa gaaWW fofr
ard th, letter.of the LacAl G*r,*mm*ut B**rd Df.
layman fur hi* oba*rvati,m, thereon.
A 'efter frett the Local Government Beard approved of the paem*ut to th* Clerk (Mr. J. Boblw) of 1<» ;6d for hi*. *ervice* in ******tlam »ith th*
L***a«ment Committee during the year. s ,1
A ditcutilon aro** upon on* or tw* ea*e* lawUch th* wive* of meni wha hid gin* to join' the Army Re**rv* b*d applied-to the relieving offie*t. f**i Ortnw porary aaaiHauce,—Captain Andfew *aid it was pro-tided by a circular iuued b».the Qovernmeat t^tsume due might now be paid ta the famOTea upon appBcatlou Belog made to the »t*ff *fficetof p*aaiont—Mr. Carey ex^re**ed am opinion I bat the Ouirdlau* ought cot ta take i no tic*, of any amah applicaWoa*) but. Mr. W. ir aald they wer* bound to do fo, a»d ,Ralieviag-Stcwart laid he caulda't refu** aailatanaa

•f pauper* W the Wetkhouae during
: wa* 223, whUh, compared with th* corrr*ponding pkriA letter wa* read eknewleding jhe
•tag.from Mea*
from th* Local Oov*mm*nt Boar eceipt of the memorial and letter
. Hall * chemical '
coataintd *hpuM receive their cen*ld*ration.—Dr. Daymaa, of Millbrook. formerly police magistral* of Landoa, attended befoc* th* Ouardiana aa oaa.of tb* complaints of th* alleged nulaance, and urged that ths Beard (hould proceed by injunction or iudlctmeal upon the affirtnation of ten inhabltaat* that the effluvia were injuriou* to health—which joint t**tlm*ny could, ha amrm*d; easily be procured—and try aad put an endl* H. Dr. Dayman urged that the mistake was la constituting medical officers the judge* of whether or hot a thing was i*juripus_to health, for the people who themselves suffered were by far the beet autnenty apoa thepelnL—At the conclusion of the interview, the
ol-----—v—* Dr Dayman the Board were anxion*
J' could te aaaist the inhabitant* of th* dUtrici—Dr. Da)man a aid he took that for granted. < aad if he were clerk t* the Board he muat tell them eandidly he could not venture to adyiie them to proceed in the matter kxcept after having aoqulred; additional powere from the Loudon authority, aud he, appealed to them te eeek thee*.—It wae,' however; thought deeiiable net to meve iu the matter until the Local Government Board had replied to the memorial,
iford.ttreet, Southampton, calling attentieu to the aecestity tot a *ytt*m of.drainage for th* diitrict ef 0*k Bank, Inhcn Ferry, which, he added, he had no doubt would *hortly become a compulsory matter. The *prlag» in the land filled the well* *lmo*t a* fast ' ty were emptied, aad there were no mean* of n* them into a (ewer.—lb reply to queetloi.*, ,'hapraan asid th* only method* by which th* %* could be csrried off would be for the owner* „ ie*ve to connect with the Itchen Floating-bridge Company'* drain, but he did not think thi* would be allowed, tteing that the Company w*re now engaged In making an approach for their ateam launch** ; or to tak* tb* pipe* through Mr. Jurd'* property end-down into the ifallatt Wb*rf drain.—Major-Oeaeral Lewi* laid it wa* "for th* pereone themielve* to abate the nulaance upon which the communication wa* bated, not fer the Board to point out how it wa* to be done.— Thi* concluded the public buelne** before the Board.
Winthrstrr Jitws.
a petition to Ihe Hoc

mee of Mr. W. W. Bramato
0-L.. Fallow *f All Soul* : Blr W. Helae, Bart, M.A.,
Archdeacon of Wimcbeeter; Btahop MeDougaB, M.A.. Hortfard, Archdeacon of tha 1*1* of Wight. Canon of
of th* Dloc

i* laat meeting of th* British It ha* recently been made fincheeter. The work of i few weeks ago, and vry .. be teaselated pavements, and I eared of the earth which bad
Rev. 0. Collier. P.8.
Wchmologtcal Asaw a Itchtn Abba*,
ibprtly afterward* i hen the other, wi iover*d them for the la*t
he excavator^ were rewarded by finding Ihe** art reasurei almoat parfecL Thi* i* the more remarkable, ilnc* th*y were only about 18in below the preeent level if the earth. The well* of the room* of the villla ar* fully 1ft high, tbut coming up to within but 6in of tb* * be surface. They retain much of lb*lr plaeter oover-l The ornamental portiooe of the pavement ar* lo**d with a broad border of ordinary red te**er*s, ihe central portion U, in one ca** about Iflft by Bfi xt*nt j In the other, 6ft by 6ft. They are formed of " die*, a* uioal, red, white, and black in color, th*

h teld 'ret border around it. black and red. The space* of tke parallelogram rig and left of the circle ere forced of panels, en
each case a two-bkndl*d v - ----- — "
extend* a bold *croll pattl
formed by gullloche and ii----.— --- . _ .
evcmxnl has a pattern of elaborate design, the broad nl*r being a complicated fret at the four with panda between. The c*ntr* t* wholly filled with Interlaced fret pattern. In red and white.
.......whit*. ,Xh* bordere are
interlaced patteroe. The second
jund. The exeevatier

B Throwing %, cricket balL-II. Langford 1 (W yanl*), tie yard* race.—K. Qoddcn 1. Collin* », Sutton S. Time, lllg'h Jump.—R. Le*k 1 (Ift. leiq.K Deer* X Cbaik**** k'lgglna aad O. Twin* 1. Olblett and
n™. »i..
l'olajump.—Tht* watnot concluded, owing i- one of Ik, competitor* (GIblett) meeting with a severe Esll.. aused b& the pole breaking.
Donkey race.-Pork and Archie 1, 01 taker and Mat* 1. Tb* Rev. O. Oorfleld kindly acted a* umpire, and Mr. Bright a* (tartar.
A CracKCb LAMr-rosr.—A lingular mi*hap occurred on Mendey moming about 9.80 m"th* High street. A lad Vat ascending hit ladder to clean the glee* of th* lamp between the Mayor* *hop;*nd Mr.. Prlddis*, wh*n hU weight was too much, fcr *om* unaeen fraotar* In
•torm, aud at Hat e4u«ing the troubled Water* I quiet After reading tha reeelutioba paaaed at thee* na^Ung*, Mr. Cailiile *aid there waa no doub^ n*w ■about tUhPt*vailiag, aoundnet* af their churche* in th* f TVp. hf4 be*a a wide-apread un*a*lnt*s about how thfngr warf .going on in th*lr congr*gatloakl badj^tt** wai^o mieUkt about it now rtkt grand and gkalM* deliverance given upon that day irapreeeed upen all.wtat-it w#e. In cMnC h(e remake, he said
aeeidMHQIy, 8iuthamp*on past, present aad future,
* at aide by aide; tha paat. ia; the. Ker. 8. March, the
this aim* he would expread Wjthout any hesitation hla >rr«r waa eemiag ta.a aburohln.
. -----,S* had tlje happineea.of knowing-
him. He wa* pr*pared to give him the moot unhealing confidence. He was a man ef ver/ high,order of. eulture, ataiMie waa lure he" would be found to be the ' ring frteadef the yeung a* well a* one fitted to help, rward. and help on theee who had advanced to later
Mr. 8. B. Fryer, who wa* v*ry heartily received, then I tad the report which »u eminently aatisfactery. It ated that the reaulta of th* y*ar * work could not b* Lleulated byflgare*. Fer the year 1877 tha number ■ *ch*l*r*ou tha books was 677, the average-morning itendaneo being, 30e, and that of the afternoon 461. hi* wa* a higher avirage a tendance than had been' Stained by the whole body of Sunday Schoola In cob-' ection with the Louden Sunday School Halo*. The ornlng attendance wa* very good I ft eorapariaon, alto ting a much higher average. The number of teacher* a the book* were 68, half of whom were half-day achert, the average morning attendance being 33, and fternoon 37. Th* claa* room* w*r* muck appreciated by both teacher* and *cholar», and much peraoual and —ihiable work wa* bring done, which oouid net be *o ell accomplished without them. They accemmedated 376 (choltr* in the infant and cla*» room*. The church 1 received into m*mber*hip fr*m the *chool 21 i*1ar*. Th*y could net but for the man!feet en of God'* preatac* waa with th&m; and while much could be ibowa by vlrible reaulu, they hoped that the good seed would take.root and yield abun-
* .ntly (applause). The echoel library had received "-mtion, being thoroughly revised. Many
iluable w*rk* were added in place of thoae were either lest er gone out, and£10 had beta ided. Te fully eerry out the revUwn £10 more I be wanted, and it we* hoped to receive thi* dur-i* coming year by a service af long limilai to on* ,. he'd .lately realited £9. The library containkd lTOk*>*uiled to the older, and about 300 more

ted fo the lounger
:ribed £38 14* 6d Miaaionary Society fur liquidating the i
they hoped (ap^auie).

tnd ^ 17* 4d. L
the London Iding, betide*
>hi*h the *um of £28 had been peld for bibli hymn book* daring th* y*ar. The amount col by the *cholar* themeelvea on the previou* da £1 17* 6d. The report i ' ^ "
Trinpe had coaducted a tei had been greatly appreci*
th* latt year the/ could not neip *ayn and mercy bar* followed ue." The year of the happleat end mott racceulul the;
A spirit of fervent longing for the higl Sunday School teaching bad had It* gooc

T^e paat lmpre***d them deeply with the vi importance of the work that lay Before thee*, but they did netheellate to go forward, becaui* they heard Ike voice that aaid "My pr«ae&ce ah all go with you." With renewed consecration of heart te the w*rk, they entered upon another year's labour, fully believing that they should not labour In vain, nor spend their *trength for nought (loud applaa**).
The Rev. C. Rale* aaid both he and they were thankful to hav* liitened to such.a report (hear. hear). Thire wa* no great work In which, 1}* took a deeper latere*! than th* Sunday School, and no r*porta,to he li*t*n*d with greater pieaiur* thin tb*** of i*ble work. Th* work of the Sunday School
mply * pi ritual, for th* day, ra*h the little on patt. and it
t5o R*v, J. Walker, of Chriatchurch, urged upon Junday School Teacher* th* neceeelty of praparing heir Jeuone during the whole of th* week. He con-tluded by impreeilng upon hi* hearera tke fact that the
level of the children, and ao walking upon th*m for good, he placed hla view* In (uch aa uamiatakable a light a* tb gain mo*t h*arty applaut*. "" lu couclurion, ke urged that to be *ucc***ful, they mu*t cultivate love to their ichelara.'
Mr. W. C. Weitlake, who wat vert heartily received, said he wished to giva a few worda of cheer to thoae engaged in that great work; but wh*n he heard.the report read, initead of giving them cheer he came to be obeered, for he thought no one could have beard the report without being thankful that there waa in thi* ■wn auah a great work going on ae that ii

- , ar SuudjiT eohool.
very glad to hear of their having hi and (uccetifal year, and at to coping with difficult!
i* po**lble for ther rejoiced exceedingly that ^ in
teaching aa waa llnke<
_ ________he would entreat all thi
many other*, t* join in this gr»ataad go*d work } 4aat oq thus way, d*lng far them aa onto the Lord not unto men, and U.*y might be pseured that they would have their reward from iiim (applause).
.Tjh* Chairman anneunoed that the collection. ,TI two daya amounted to £25 18* 7fcd; aad *ub*equ*ntly 6a 61 m*re wa* handed In for th* Building Fu vote of thank* to lb* speaker* and the Rev. (
Reed fer hi* eermon the previous day, wa* the poiedby Mr. Beben* *econd*d by Mr. Fn<
errrled by ihow of bands aod ac*layatlon. Th, terminated with ringing and prayer, brinjyr a moat aucctaiful annivertary......\
Taaoa* Asmcnoaa as* Hoaaaaxaas^-ALl suSerlar fro»

Harding, t 0 ^a>U«*. ir.

^oC'^t" Barooat *.'n
• _
■ .. -ST-HARt-a T. WHITE STAft. ' Thi.. ctuh.i>l»i»ithwr bni Bt»!ch/ar tb. nmim
b. Public GrojnJ in ib. P.* o* l.'L.ja^n,
in tli*prea*no* of numeroue ipectator*. Ht Ma*y*»arti»J
aaa a M
while tbe of Tuok and Jordan wa*moel effective. Boavy** ityl'wicket admirably. For the White SW John*on and F. Penny deeerve credit for their good
bowling.' Score:-
Qoff..b Penny. J; "".D.rar-. . Bowyer.uRoger*. bt. Ooff.
Jordan. 4 J Pas am ere not oat »i extras, 3; total;
Tbi* matclj ▼** play*d In the Public Cricket Ground l Saturday, and tM reeuU ..*(# g win fw the borne •m on th* first Innings by 30 run*, Boyc*. who pro-j***kb*a very u,*!ul man for Bitterne. k*m< tl.e
. „ - *2^a.-Mytla. ht wkt. b Boy**. 1; Carder, e Cros*.
—i Ibw.bOoodeve. lit Boucher, n Powell, b Mood-Ru**ell. runout. s; Ilarbut. b Goodeve, t; D*ar,
Tb* opening match** In connection with tble new boating club, etarted leet year, were held oa Saturday xm, the weather being all that wa* doTirtd both i rowing and failing. Mr. D. Hatcher kindly Unt
be committee lent tbrirald in making tb* a aucaeaa Tb* flr*t match wat fer Jailing _ ceding 14 feet, open lo m*mber* of the club e ""be following entered:—
TrlMWa. U _ ,
Smudge, 13 _
moored off Croesbou**), then, soored off Mil),tone Point, *nd b
tb* *Utk>n-ve***l, round th* Tyu*
lead and k*pt iMhrougl
and tb* Ma/ took i and as tb* liltl* craft w Point with th
th. 39m. Tb* Smudg* waa third . Triton ta 4. at 4 b. 60m. The May h ber owner (Mr. 0. D*w*y), aod thing. Sb* ha* 8jiput,.of l*ac

w boat built by
_ . ..———,_rt aioae,and
ery /aat as was eviden**d on Thursday and again Saturday. Mr. Arthur Payo*'* i* 4 n*w. boat, built by bimaalt but requuee a harder wind than alia had *Ub*r at W**t Quay or in tb* I taken. All foes beet*
id the race retulted tbus:-r-P*ckham aud Tyler (Ryd*r, tx.). 1 ; Waterhouae and Hayn** (Robin*oo,. cox.). 2 ; ltton and J. C. Beaton (C, Beaton,-iox.), 3. The third etch wa* for pair oared bdaU not exceeding 17 f*»t ith wretch cr*w* end with coxawaina; tkr*e prizet pen to membere of tl»clubooly, Peokbam and Robin-n {Rvder. eoxL), 1 ; Weterheu** and Turf (C. Biatou. ix ),2j Hayne* and J. C. B*aton (Rldd*ll, cox.), 3. b* annual Imnar *f Ihe olub to*k plac* at tbe clubroom, ie Standard of freedom, on Mond»y *r*ning. when a large number of the membere and friend* sat down to a ifortable repeat provldtd by Mr*. Dewey, the hoatew, manner which gave the utmoat *a\UTaction. Mr. J. C. Beaton preeided, and Mr. Jamee occupied the vice-chair. The room wa* prettily decorated with yachl'e burgee*, flag*. Ao., and presented* clearing appearance On the removal of tb* doth the Chairman gav the u*ual loyal and patriot** to**l*. whleb were duly honoured, and lien be preeeuted tb* prices to the*ucOe**fulcompetitor*. Succe** to the Ilch*B' Bpetlng Ctub" was *ubae-iuently proposed by Mr. C. J. ParwAie, who congratulated the

j*lr opening day.<* laktag. The uihal olbtr ng at intervals, and th* a ia->nt and convivial mwne

* and forcfcn l*l*r**L and find that thero B two and forty different Paleet Medicine* which aro rrgolarly catalogued. The extent ch. earh enjoy*, may -- *--—-

loway'a Pllla and Oil
J ear ow/wwih of all tb* a tamp* Issued
t for a uch article*, bach being the case, u is cmr tnsi Chancellor of the Kxciiequer aoeld not dlapenae with loway'a Pill* and Ointment aa a matter of tnere revenue. ...j fl be did not eon*lder them In other ratpacua most profitable Investment and Invaluable boon in tko «>m. munltj. Ihe magnitude of tb* flgi

oleesaj. dimensions
• 1 nnt to bo struck wU^.----

tad wvll-belDi;
srujuira tor them —*■— —- -

rt exertion 1* a trial, will find their str>b L auOar deraagemante
id pyfect remedy In nearly , Qtrranra a»o lao*.—,tt U not generally known I hat 0
binleg It wijh a *altable preparation of Iroa. Jh'*i* a fact of whloh weak and ailing person*, should - — —
UN-SEEMLY CONDUCT AT KEWSISGirOg .jfiirJitni FenUey.lfc55a,athii-
in the choWi and 'dlsti^Wng 'ft® RafT E. I
of the officers of the choech, amd he saw tfc«defrodaot at th* 11.30 a.m. *ervice on the ?5th nR. He-walhe^
, Ak/tha Km*-the •oflmtwr maamna* Kka IhaHmaRomMi (Stiholic chapel
.and saw th* defendant in tho third —h, nlh* d3w-
dant looked at him. making offensive g*faat«M;::H»
fixed-upon him. Mr..Or* called «*idenc2a«
it would be if true, but bo had more respect for himself and society than to bo guilty of such behaviour. Ho had boon oonfirmod in tha Church of England, but if ho went to a church and did not agreo not bound to stand or . to turn
members of the congregation the defendant went to that church he must l*
two mat tors—holding c the Ber. Mr. Smith, f
-holding up the bag. and grinning at mith, for wkch ho flned hm, fl, with
execution of the prisoners. Against a tall palieado facing the crowd a bench had b*on placed ca which*tho condemned was destined to sit. At length they were seen approaching from the church, accompanied by a guard of soldiers and by a priest in long caseocK and shovel hat. To each in turn the priest addressed a f*w words, reminding them of their approaching and, and urging than to r*p*ntaoc*. finally, touching the Up*of each with the crucifix, be embraced them, and an officer advanced to read the sentence, which they received kneeling. At their own request they wore allowed to say a few words before they died, »md all except one acknowledged the justice of their
1 upon the bsnch. Their erea were bandaged and
were lathed to the palisade. The drums began
.11, and the firing party advanced to within fivo pacta of the prisoners. At the word "pnpant" tha drums stopped. For a moment there waa a dead alcnce, than for a moment a short, sharp sound of .-lfio shots, a few groans, and all TM over. Tho friend* of the dead were allowed to take the bodies away, -and this act of leniency ctn the part of ths
the people, by which the subsequent funeral* Verg attended. Foreign resident* seem to {oubt whether the Chilian Government will grant them compensation for the damage* they have sustained, and the English Government will probably be petitioned to uso iU influence in tho matter.
THE OHANTBELLE POI8ONINO CASE. The trial of Eugene ChantreOo for th* murder of his wife has toon concluded in the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, before Lord Justice Clerk Moncrieff. Intense excitement was manifested in tho proceedings Tho Lord Adnxat* aildr#s**d tho jury for the Crown. He maintained that the evidence waJ quite conclusive that the only person who could havo administered the poison from which tho deceased beyond doubt died was th* prisoner, and the -storr as to the escape of .gas waa to cloak his guilt. He laid streoo upon the fact of tha thousand pounds to which rri-son* was entitled if th. dWh w* aedidmitaL %r. Ttarner, for the defene*, contended that the medical avidcncu of opium poioning was faulty, and thati symptoms which, should hare been present were no* found, but We*. Mr**. Tho Lord Justice Clerk Moncrieff, in summing up, went over tho salienfi point* of the caae_ Ho referred to it as being purely a case of circumstantial evidence, or Snesitly so; but it the links of the chain were completely welded to-gether that hom^Too satbficfogy a grennd for con-clotion in point of facta* any evidence could. Tha jury retired at five minute* pott four 6'clock anil returned at twenty minute* past five, when the foreman announced that they unanimously found tho prisoner Guilty. Tho verdict having boon recorded, atntomco of death *as pronounced, th* ovafntkn being fixed for the 31st May. The prisoner received
quite evident to the naked ey» that fa tho spot* on the sheet and nightgown there was opium, and that it must have boon put there by some person, but it was
Sever*! deputations from Manchester and Salford have had an interview with the Home Secretary with regard to the evil* arising from children of tender years being allowed to toll newspaper* and other article* in the streets. The Homo Secretary, in reply, said—All I can say i* that I had a deputation on this subject when the Fhctory Bill was brought forward, and I stated then that although your object waa very good it did not com* quit* into, that particular. Dill; and the result was as you.havo soon and 1 pointed out in some of the memorial*. We havo introduced a , clause in the Scotch Education Bill yhich, practically would meet tout riewi to a gresit oaUnL; WJiat I •aid in tho Hons* of Comtnwis simply, m am wet to a question, which waa_not.fulIy reported, waa that I thought that matter had hotter bo discussed on that Bill. It is now in tho Houao of Commons, and I do not think that there i* -any serious opposition to it, at any rata I hav* not heard of any. And If that Bill passe*, then I should not object to a similar clause
*r*th*tnw"*concerned. U01 muci bettor,
mm before -____ _______
?m "5 -Bflt whon thai .
forward for iucustwn, if any dwcursiou does tak, place upon that particular clause in the Scotch Educa tianBilVlahalllook kj yonBngli*h mem**" t«' giv. mo your support and gut it passed. Thedeputatioc
Uifln withdraw. - • ---, ,,,
Ptmvoneaix TtifTiixMBs.—About h^lf-pait six or Saturday morning'last *#veral r"
ar^ PmiiAmont, I think it an W&onal
between Waterloo"and Hungerfpnl d

th* flood Uds, a.
the water for air.
A Railway Watbb ourrtT.—am1 wa
th* demand; " Tho Company haf## °
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