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"Ta« Chcbch Co*ors»s.—It isrUtedthat the sitting «4 Sheffield is finally settled for the lit, 2nd, 3rd, and
4th of October next.
Gambling.—At the Sheffield Polk*.court on Tuesday, William Parley, landlord of a well-known Sport-ing house, warn auminoned ior permitting gambling. Tfcrc- charg. a «cio laid againat him and admitted, and ute defendant »ii fined £76 and costs.
Tub Fat Hicks %x the Rotju. Dxb* "Paris.— Tkc fnt fiucla lire now being shot out of the herd* of >er in Richmond, Buahey, and Hampton Parka, for wmiaco for Ihs Ibyal taMe. The backs mm b good .audition, and the herda of deer are healthy.
Gallant Rimer m.—On Sunday evening a boy named Watton fell into a quarry at Upper Gonial, 26 yarda •a d«pth. The boy, m looking into the quarry, over--kakocrd hlmalf mod fell Wo a. At the bottom than «*a five yarda" depth of water. A man named Wilaon Rsllantly rolled down an embankment, plunged into the water, and rescued the drowning toy. "
baixm's HoarrraL-Ths Emprfss if Aesti:a Las wn( bom Tknma a dooatbe of AO b iho Dmadooagkt q^spital. Oreemrkh, a, a racopd. *wm td Ik- kiadacsmms shown to apwmid, of 200 mid: Aastnmm seaaiem. The Empress wished it b b# e%. |e*msly_umdw,tsod that thim donations k ekeo (a
yE\ys-sAi'nKbAY. MAY 11, m

™ (Uot.—A
- -* th»%d«hpn»omm occurred
)l. ml^omwy. John %*o**, be mtterbg
a %
, utary COobiMacot he'll day of Lia hrarbf. TWm RaiLwar Co**imno*.—Tbe,RmRsray Com-TammJar b the esse Uw (^attmby fwn Company (United) r. Ihe 4K& 6laSoad*ko* Railway &mpaoy." Ae from - tatpany complained that the railway company • otrgwl, them for the conveyance of coals and
i/^iMiet the railway company, and gave the complainant
3#o*m,o TK« Saam or Pmrnau.—The A. TWerafao, ' atatca that as the Shah of Persia waa proceed-
rxy io the kfoaque in Teheran to obtain a blessing on Ma turopcan jouroay a crowd of moldbre munoaaded * <*niage and presented petition: for leave of ah-•v*eo. Aa an immediate acquieaceneo waa not vouch-" M they threw sbces at the Shah, mmashlag thi "*d knocking an a" ' m., .
wretUmghw mabOity to attend the bstaval at WRIie'e itootts on the 21at inat.
, «a Cnr^-Om Bmtardmy Imal. Im yhlte.
*?** Mkmea dlggimg, one of them heard hta si ado nng, and on digging: a little further he bund a mfmre ccOb and the skehtou of a man fn a
ettting position; alad a broken---* —»----
wmmimtm. Itieeoppoeedto be
those already
•oscu iow» chief of the ancient eyed to the police WaHon Saturday last a ahop for the aale _d mule flesh, on the model of * In Aanoe, Balgiam, and jtaly, ie-atreot, Leice«tcr-aquaro. The ranged from 2-----purehaaora consisted for the i---*
iclnaively, of f
pHtt of the job ihc»p who be
Z",""" — MM may m taw pail. If m* caw-----.-
M__. . _ Uemnra M Faaaca.—In tha Pas de Calala,
A 1 Rt IJcrtsro AnawiOM to OaoL—A Jimnl Iinvemaj has jnat been sentenced to 20 ycara'
r for the murder of hla mistress, 1( ycara cilme wke for the meantiaw ^eenhed to one vWtor who Wayed at bia bmoae form day or iddenly dimppeared; bottheconfeeekm of Dovaraay haa ahown that he hlmeelf perpetrated it from jeamaey of the other.
Ameiuca* Meat.—The quantity of American meat landed at Liverpool bet week waa very large, eocaiet-iag «d 0,073 quartern of freeh beef and 1,905 qareAece of sheep, lave cattle also citno to hand in largo number*, the three atcaraers which arrived bringing 033 head of o%*n aad 0M Aerp. Twenty^ne boa«e wera alao landed, and H loam and one barrel of freeh
^l'or;;D a a Dmm^-Late on Saturday eradag hat the body of Mr. Henry John Powell, manager at the Park Tarem, Morten-road, Wandeworth, waa foand dead in a ditch on ratnev-beath. The hee warn In the mud, bnt the water In &e dltth wae not enUdent « ^"ed waa 45 yeara of age.
He kft hu home early in the evanlng, whan, it (# atated, ho waa under tho influence of drink.
m- —_ ______ _ ...y ». — —^ ^yania, and Ohw. DwcRlnge, churches, hama, anj
Tbg gnard enbeeeaentlr amrad. when aia mmtlnaera whole formta were laid low by the force of the wind
H. Ireemant^p, Dr. B. W. Richardson. Profeasor Fatal Fall of a >r. rr__
.W p
oeptared and ..a Transit o a Washington i

aiz mutinoers ' wteneed to death.
MaacraY.—A Renter": talagram itea that mlhfactorr obeerratione f the transit of Mercury were light at the Government Obem. kmandWedPWnt. M.Andre,, a Obeervatory,
On Saturday laat Mr. Heath, county coroner, held an Inqnret on the body of Florence DemUeon, who an fatally injured in the not of colliers at Hocknall-•Wkard on Wedneeday, the lat inat. William Edward ^klte, one of tha Dmtwoof Colliery hahdm. who re-lamed to work during the a trite, waa mobbed on leaving the pita on tha day in quiption. A crowd of people—men, -women, and children—followed him with teatray* and eWeke, calling ^ut "Black leg,"., " Black aheep," ftc. He waa pelted.with aticka and atones, and Struck between the shoulders frith a stiok. Although the odds were much against him ho at-tempten to (WeM bbnedf, bdt wa* knocked and fell backwards over tho deceased child, whom ha had not before seen. Ho was struck whllat on the ground, and aubaequentlr he waa again knocked down and brutally kicked. The medical evidence showed that the child when rescued from the crowd was io an insensible state, and that the primary cause of death was the crushing whifch ahe received. The coroner in enmmlag ap eeid thera aoald b# no doabt at all bat that the child had died, in substance, from injuries in-Aicted bpon bar b^ th# man Wblta; bat If they lookod at the circumiUncM of th* mse they would m# that White waa aogng mi his way home peacefully when ha was accostad by =«=, whoeaid ha ehoald leava hia work and do as they were doing. A man had a ngbt to do with hla labour what he liked, whether he sold it for little or for much. There were eri-dently piecoacsited acte on tha paA of the mob. and Mping from th# anaoyanka and moketatho Whlta fell down and nat his foot oh the chOd, who was b-jqiedeo that sha ded. It would be tha doty of tk
—* —Mentally "jiiry lo my that the child died ofWuH received TWn mm .i
^•bcra of the ILsrylebons Vestry.
.-A, ._w! K-tLb-ac
,.(^r ^ W been a eeparata
I into the i:
•• Mr. John Bright,

dimnangement to tha ehip'm tadda, :t became necessary lo tnm her round and go op tha nver stem foremoeL Tha Moway a North
cargo, was proceeding op the river In the usual way, when sha osm* upon the Fuel Yama In Green wl& RcacL Thiakmg tha latter wa# coming down stream, sha took tho uxual measurm to kaep clear of hrr. but, owmg to the mistake arising from tha Fuel Yama'a occurred, and the Mowa was cut down. WWung to avoid lom of life, both ships pat their enginy at fall speed to r**ch tha north shore. Tha Seven, a steamship of 500 tone, bound from tho Wtw tc I*doo with a fall cargo of oats, and a pOot u board, following the Howe, endeavoured to run irough between hsr aad the shora. Osrimw tn ih. ilhsmn the Mowa was thrown right across h od a second roTHsinn occurred. Happily
_ure lost. Tho hrnH----
soveral days, and in the
llllll »»■
out the defendant Banrick acooeted h
alluding to "ma ?wt. ha liT^Wlm, =
bm of hanng r*dwd money In tho case, ,2" =wm5PWt&bkeoIIdtor,"andi )f other.remarkm. Wltncm told him it was
**** % bidding him good evan-
on with his friend, the defendant following
be mw tha defendant ^chWd"(^th# compWmant's missed both-------

—\beld that tha Fud Y^T^s"to"bb^e ia collision, and condemned her ownerm In Tho question of costs between the other i, after some discussion, was reserved. Eaecu-ras stayed against the Fuji Yama, on the usual

t remedy it/' In a *... Mr. Bright said the law t to be mpealed. The let
Hon condemning im-psaaod at a previ.

ago John Roan, of Or* he pariah of Greenwi-and clothing of poor
>, — i~~ children,
«nce the wishes of the bonder chanty warn faithfully observed, f>ut tha lands
b!v inrrejtuwl in *•!<«. . ____
, ------rablv Increased
red bv Ik CiaHty CnrnrnWcoere, making tha ' available for the education of middie-clam ylmittlng thoee who had paseed a oer-
. and thM for the girls, situate in Devonshire-r£a*f J wtciH15? 0f Vz"SBL« «T Rvssia.—A tele-
of the larg

t powerful i
MgnoredthatbWlef. —Tho delegates have

Eaaiow Awnar 6anram, w MiLPinr ann rm,
Mriion» off ray occurred on Tuesday even-
fftai his usual courtesy, bean undertaken by Sir JUiue

—:nation he found a contused wound ov
* blot^. .

platfmm. The train had not quite stopped, and the unfortunate gentleman was dragged along with It for *xne yarde. On being extricated It was found that hm foot was badly crushed, and that he had sastalned
reemvad every allentba at the hands of the house, earpon, Mr MaWn. In addltiou to the Injury to his foot, it turned out that him chcst had mho been much crushed mod the rite fractured. From these
****** tw when he alighted from the train he*nuchaeonmof tbeomdalrn had opened thecmrrimgedoorfbr him. Tb*dee*aeed'm valet warn mccompmnyiug him on him journey W Loo-

warded lo his wktiw ln b#^wd &d^ GoldWd mrnved at tha hoeplfal after her husband had expired. The deceased baronet was 70 yearn of age.
TEE PROPOSED TGWEB BRIDGE Ihe petitioner, stated thmt the propoeed bridge would
z; a:
P«ty to the amount of eeveral
Mmo mnlmne. resulting In tho death -* — . latter, named Richard Andrea ""
Tha cauee of death was due to tetan______
Dpen \eniict. (
i mmiw^to^^demr" Pouc&—John Aadrewm,
I'to rwt of tho party
Railway ArrincMT_4. ■_ ,____ I had been thrown at thn nolle* nnH *h»
eae kavdbmg sboat twsntV-Ove mpee an heZT The
ptttlaf IUi> w to ,jSfbTiZu£
— r—. thrown mt the poMo* and the constable
Mr. M'KHvie, oorooer, hAd an In^ueet on Satur. dav last, at Wasdale Head Hotel, Whitehaven, on the body of the Rev. James Jackson, of Sandwlth, aged *ho was found the pisiwus day lying dead on the Cumbedand. moontaips, at Ennhdale near tha ? \kar* Mr. Barnard, of London, last year
lost him life. It appsarsthattho deceased started from home mi Tueeday, the 30th all, and arrived at Was-d^a Ilwd, Ihe mame evening at Ova o'clock. On Wedneaday mommg he started for the Pillar Rock, which it has been his cnatom to climb annually on the Istofllav. Ha did notrAam to Wasdale Kmd that
night mm he proalfsed, shd me fears were then enter' tamed foe hie mmfety search sras made on Thursday for him, but it was unsacceaafuL Ssarch was again made very deep dace, two or three hundred ymrds high. The? bund soma hair on a rock aboat a hundred
vanh above the body, as If he had fallen on that with
mm head. Part of him head and bee was knocked away, yd all him brains were knoekkl out. Him wabh had stopped at three o'clock. A "bottle contaming a verse of poeby, which deceased bed evidently intended b deposit on tho PiRar Rock, wahproduced at the Inquest. A stick deceased had with him waa found about one hundred yards abOvm him, and another about forty yards above thaL Tha jury returned a venlict of Accidental Death. Deceased warn brmmrly Incumbent of Rivington, b Lmcashlre. He reemned ecme tiaie sbce, and ht then went to live
At Southwark Police-court on Saturday last, Joseph Black, 30, who refused bgive any account of himself, was charged with having in his pnssssslon two bags containing 1241b. of foreign manufactured bbacco, with intent to defraud her Majesty's Revenue. Mr. Beverley, eolkilor b the Customs, prosecuted, hamuel Howard, a datmtive oOker of the Thames divwmn, mid that on Friday morning, the 3rd InsL,
ruther a muspacmus mmnaer. Shortly afterwards he
warn a pohoe oOker, asked him what the bag con-tamed. After a little hsmitmticn he repllmd it warn bbacco. Close by wltnsss aaw another heavy hag, and on qumstbnbg him he said that also 1
tobacco. He also maid that tha bbacco belonged b him, and that It was of foreign manufacture. Wit-
mg the latter, he found It b weigh 1201b. In mnswer b thm charge, primoncr admitted that it was foreign manufmctured tobacco, and that it had not been paid duty br. Ha refused to give any further account of himself. Mr. Benson ordered him to pay a One of f 100, and m default b be imprisoned during her Majesty's plsasure.
distinguished company present. Tha usual loyal basts were given, and the efbrb of tha Prince of Pmmdsnt of the Commission for the French Exhibition, wsre highly spoken of by the chairman. The Duke of Cambridge responded for the f rmy and the Ressrrs forces, and he mmsurod him bearers of the perfect efBdency of the army at tha preeent time. He added that the mpplicatloo of the mhort service system had keen highly succeesful, mud he bore testimony b the good quality of the reserve* ?b* tfmred her Majesty's caR. Mr. W. H. South, M^., mi replying for the navy, was able b say that the dHcieucy of that service had never been atahlgherpolntthsultwmsatlhepreeeutlime. The Premier an#*«rcd the toast of "Her Majssty"m Miniabsm, mud he conOnsd his speech b art lopica. Sir W. Armstrong and Lcrd Houghton respectively responded for "Science snd Latermture," and tha lard Mayor foe " The CUy of Tendon." The Lord Chancellor acknowledged the bast of " The Guests," and proposed the health of Sir John Gilbert, wbeme response brought thm banqoet b a cloee.

General Furnishing Ironmonger,
- I of Meaar*. Elkington and Co., ia beyond a com-ths vsry beet srtlde next to Sterba* Qlver an be employed aa aueh- «UW ntally, m bj no poaaibl,

Klee^8,U„ }.' Dcaert fork, 12 l>e**ert Spoons ;%S.: If flilpsi 0 l* # * jo 3 e u ! o#eomq**o c/*#7#'07m S400:#|S40
o«#'#3#)o«e S4#e:s04«
Any article to be bad lingly at the aame prices.
Ehdro OUwr T »a and Cofl«e Services, 30% 10s
and Hot Plats.
"PJO. 2-oonwb of Orcnlaj Boikr.Hot
-Li Plate, Brass Tap, open fire for roaating, and Ath

Electro Silver Fiah Car
s (in case), 8a Od to 45a pe
ir Biscuit Bears. 12, 0d. 91,. Ms to f* 10s. ir Toast Rwk.OsOd, 7s W. 10s M m 2b. v Tsa Pot. 13s. ais. 25s, 90s to 132s. f CoOeaPo*. 21a. 25s. *, lo 4310a.
r hag Prsmss. «a.25s.3os.35s m f* Ms.
'',: -r*« —'»• ** »« "iui.
ks. #a0d.7s0d.]0s0Jtoia,0d.

lectro Silver Round Wi .c- yUrer Oval Trai
^^miwr Dish Covsm, fsr set of bar, f8 10s b
2 pairs, £2 IPs. £3 10. £t io,

3jin Ivory Him
y Haddks... 30a M 25s 0J 10s 0d
The case of Blackwood v. Hill was partly heard before Mr. Justice Lopes and a tommea jury on *ke Rearing wmmreedmmd en Monday mendmp T%s plmbhf ifmm ^ -#>H*h* ^ lAvdTm-

A CHILD RUN OVER BY A TRAM-CAB. Jmawm CmRmndmr, 20, Bchodeld-road, HoRoway, driver of a tram^ar between Hlghgab Archway and Islington, waa charged at the ClerkenweR Police-court "u Mooday wib havingcaased the death of a cldld amcd Henry Maddcck, b Llvmrpcol-road, on Sunday
afternoon ho was olmymg m the roadwmy, when he
mme in the way of the tram-car driven by tha dmbndant
accident oecun*4 et a plmce on the roub near (he junctmn of the Livsrpoolund HoRoway roads, whmm
it ys vrr? improper that a aian who had charge of the Se^ourt. DOt worth whils to attend
KILLED BY A FMNTINS MACHINE.«Pl**f a4 that one of the-machine, in the Fleet-lane aids of thair premises had got out of order, and they
IPS »«
" Pmm* Oval Africa Ivory Handles ...
. 35a Od 90s Od lb 0d . 37a 6d 32a Od 15, OJ
4 a Od 40s Od

Illaek-handled Kiii' While Beae Kalva Black handled Cat
Slag bandied Ca
-. *s M Ms &| f*ka.2aWio7a0d and Forka. 7a 64 to 15a era, from 2a Od per pa
%% gr1™"'
I'on Chimney Msces, 10a 6d to S-'.a
_—Jt Duplex Lamps. 12a «d lo £3 10a.
Huapeadiog lamps, 4a 6d lo £210a.
WallUmpa.laWtol2afl.JL Raad Lamps, bbb&L
JKK COLZA OIL, 3.6d . GALLON. WAI.T8E B. IRELAND mII. Ibl. .11 .> .U. ----the proper actiao of the Moderator
pETllOLEUM ulL, VERY BEST for P"»»
r)iSH cqvSbs m BLOcriiSZ
j)lock tin hot water dishes,
g!P g"|^»4%^90s, i5s.
TOiyj. tn,n Id. 6d ti «. ..1 of 3.
'J'EA URNS an J KETTLES, of.London
.J'aS.*" " kwd hi,
a& 5*430*?™* »*her PRIZE RITORMERg,
23CotUge Rang,
Q- ARBEIT Itji Q QIS ITE S . Lawn Mowers, 22s 6d to £7 10s.
OalvaaWd Wij^ »ittlnC;2ft wlda. 2d per yard.
n * * Vi.V«^ro^aia«T^ "0MwI!B^NAL M
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