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mutiug «f 'Ml

of til* U*t rix month*" operation* of th* eoci*ty,

----- - x booU* of lut year with thou of tb*,
peried jut oompletod «bhw*d 74 implication* dismissed tbifcyear u oompar*d with 87 lut yur, }1 recommended as compared With Id lut yur, 01 lMilt«l compared with 51 la>t jwr, pytig n kW of lt» pmou dealt
There had bun abo*8# repute. Mat oat m oomp*r«d with Si last yur. Tkeoommitto* dwelt upon thi* work satisfaction as in the former Wf.yur just oomploted there were bat SI. They mleo viewed with utitfootion the incruu of the loan*, for thee believed *ucb a form c-f chanty wu thoroagty eoond. They were received with gratitude in many wu*, and with eome few exception* repaid punctually. Giving examplee of the good kpown to have reeolted from thee* loao«, there '« meatiooed the sut *f a p*ren# who wu taught rober habit* and now earning a livelihood, and aleo by the earn* mean* tber* were three earning a living bj sewing machine*, punhaud by loan* from the *om*ty. Another inaUno* waj cit*d of a pereou who had been auiited to begin a email burineu, and who bad repaid.tie loan regularly and four women with mangle* pnrehaud by lean*. The eooiety had aleo been able
groee Impoetor* bad been detected. In one ca** a woman who** income wu nurly £150 from earning* and funded property, had bun writing to many of ti.* leading people in the town. and had rewiring conaider.
able eum*. Employment bad been found by the wsiety __________________«
Virginia. On the other band the eoctety"* fund* were not satisfactory, and the committeeearnestly appealed to th* public not to allow a eociety which wa* becoming a real power for good in the town to be impeded on tfai* account —The Chairman proposed the adoption of the report, and in th* ooure* of hi* remark* (aid soctetiu bad been mUundei wilfully muundaretood, more t
pe«Ied to the public for ditpcml of *om* of the oh,-----
which w*r* in th* town; they invited tboae who bad it at their diepaul town* and giv* th, eociety assistance, more particularly foe the loan fund, which be regarded u a moat unfa I feature in th* eociety. They were » meeting* of^the
it ueeful object.' when the *oci*ty
oieutbu £.00 had been u**d with the loan fond, and which wa* now in tb* operatic of repayment— After *om* diacuuion th* report wi seconded by th* R*v. Mr. White, snpportoJ by Di Langstaff, and carried uuatrimonriy.
Southampton Bowliko G*>cn.—Thursday week wa* the opening day at the Southampton Bowling Greet •ml there w*r* a gmxl ooi:n of the member* At the supplied by Mr. T. Dartnall.of the Higb-atreet,

ing of the member* of thi* club held at the Clnbroom 1U4, High-strut, Mr. II. Finui*, captain of the club, presided, and there wa* a good attendance. Sereral new m*mber* Were Reeled, and it pa* agreed, on the motion
lormer treaturer, being unanimously appointed to the offlce. Mr Bennett having reetgned the po*t of bon. •ocreUry, Mr. M*nigan wa* elected in hi* *t*ad. and a cordial rote of thanki wa* paaaed to Mr. Bennett for hi* put aervicea. ,
Yacht Racihq AstocuTioss.—A meeting of the council of the Yacht rtacing Aaaocistion waa held at the Langham Hotel, on Wednesday. There were preaent
id Colonel FiUroy Clayton. It wa* decided by lot ... , - ;lid retire thi* Tear *hould
. C. S. Tbelluaaon. the aia (Commodore of the Boyal Southi .
B. Crawford All are eligibl
1*T Hurra E*o«**«**—Corp* Order* for the w**k
Uav 18th, J87&—Monday. N C. offiou*' ol*u, r 7-M. — \fedu**day, Thursday and Friday,
Biiokto!*.—Oa W*dn wday aftettoon a yacht belong, ing to tb* Brighton Sailing. Clnb cam* into collision with a foreign T****l off Brighton, h*r maat going by th* board, but, with th* lorn of spara and a boat store, it got clear, and wu lowed into Shoreham harbour by a 'Teal pl*a*nr* ,t*am*r.
Bt. Mast* School—Th* result ef the lat* draw-ing examination is: rFirat grade—Henry Beavls, A-H. Beoham, Frederick Bullet. O. 8. Bundy, J. Cole,* E. Cooper, B. C. Co*, J. T. Colli*. O. Dote. E. Hatcher, J. E. Huelwood, C James. F.James, C. Lemon. B. Morgan, C Norman, K. Kichards, B. O. Hose. W. E H. Russell, H. Shears) H. W. Smallburn. A. Spurrier, W. Sweet, A. 8pmes, J. Willis, and W Young. Second grade—C C. Allen, B. B. M. Burnett m. A. T. Cook », O. F. Duling1, J. Dawson e, W. T. Bllis *. F. Fellow*. W. J. Kemp. P. Blmbcr, J. McKeari* », K. McLeod, and H Plank.
Id oa. W*d.
.....Thomu presided, and there wu a good
attendance ol member* AlUr several new members bad bun elected, aqd th* dsnal business transacted, Mr. Bngg* read th* will of. P*t#r th* Great, which proved vuyinUrsetiog to tijou Preeent, and a heartv voU of thank* wu awarded to Mr Briggs for his ***l-lenf reading, and this terminated th* proceedings.
Pkbsotatios to Mm Buisill Gu*i«zt.—The member* of the Bar ptyotUiog at the Central Criminal Court, th* Lord Mayor * Court, and other distinguished member* of th* Bar, who occasionally practice in th* Aral mcntim&d Court, bar* transmitted to Mr. Ba**fll Oura*y. tbTlate B*corder, a present in th* form of a v*nr beantifnlly illuminated photographic album, as a r regard and eeteem, and which con-
your Judicial dutWs yon hare hrttight rreal discrimination, great legal knpwledge. and a firm and Impartial Judgment. Without favour to sailors or adroeates, you have striven
given by you to the administration ol Justice by your dls-ebarge of the duties of your offlce will for long exerdsi an Influence on tbseonru you are now leaving. Towardi oureelvea w* bavelo acknowledge a courtesy so universal a forbearance so patient, and a consideration so great thai
lument, and to etjov In your private life the repose rot have so-well and le honourably achieved.
tb* second r*ading-of hi* BtU- for-----
members of the B,
Gsneral, Mr. Serji
- . ixll........
Mr. Poland, Ac. A reply

. . _______
------------ --------- ihlch be expreas*d hi*
leuore in accepting the preunt, and *ald—
If I could believe that I b»ve to anything Ilk* the extent mveved In the address, succeeded In csrrylng out tb* ob-cts I have bad In view, I should Indeed know that my life
le cordial, and I may say Uie affectionate.. support of _lbe

km YaoMOlmb),

that Mr. Bridson should find ...
step, and Colonel Clapton moved, and Mr. Wtllao
lion through ill health, with deep regret. The motion wu carried nuauimooslv. Colon*! Leach propose!. and Mr. Turner uoonded, that Mr. William Je<*op of the Florinda yawl, ahucld be elected a member of the council, to fill the vacancy canaed by tb*appointment of the president, an ex-officii member. Carried unani-mouslv. Colonel Leach proposed, and Mr. Willan seconded, that Colooel Mariag ahould be elected vice. preeidenL Carried by acclamation. Colonel Leach w*K ro.*ppoinl*d honorary treasurer, and Mr. Dixon Kemp was re appointed secretary. I be secretary wu instructed to call a general m,sting on the 6tb, tlh, and 7th of Juno. Members dseiroos of bringing forward proposal* at this meeting should give notic* thereof to the secretary at one*. Sir Francis Goocb, Bart, and Mr. Julian Arabic were elected members of th* Ass eiation.
palotiie.—The physical chara est remarkable than its g*wgrap"
jo other country which, within contains so manj striking contrs
at once so varied and cotopreheL...... _ _
justly observed, there Is no land or nation In the world which doee not find somsthftg of Itsslf reflected there. In the north are the lofty peaks of Lebsnon and Mount Herman, rarely free from snow, with their cedars, their alpine flora, and their'wild thunder-storms, to which allusion would seem te h* made In the 29th Psalm; in the south Is the dscp dspresslon of the Desd See, will ' ' ' «0UD4 (Uoiilar It
many reipect* to those of the lake-Africa. On the west the rich cc Phllistla are in close proatmlty to tl desert of the south j In. the centre the wrraooa nms, with their Italian climate, so suiteble far the cultivation of the vine, olive, and **, pass almost imperceptibly Into the barre» wilderneas of Judsoa; and oa th* *»it the down* of Moeb and Gilaad, with their abundant puturmge, are I "ordered by the dry and thirsty land of the great eastern deurt. Wily, there Is the "great sea "which is so frequently alluded te In the Psalms, in familiar pas***** which come home with espscial feree to the hearts and minds of the people of a great man-time nation each as Englsnd. From the Phoenician tradars who did thsi% " business in great waters " Psalmist would hear of "the works of tlis Lsr his wonders In the deep." and how, after one •
wild westerly gales which virit the coast of Pali the ships in which they sailed would " mount heaven" and "go down again to the depths." rechn* "to and fro" and staggering "like a drunksn man."—From " The Dibit Educator."
I*r Hast* ArtillIXt.—The members of this corp. paraded on Tuesday at the Hemble Battery for shot and shell practice. The day being very fine, the corps assembled in large numtftre, firing 20 rounds from the
-----—a «a »--*"^twsd*r. Three shell-
tely over the targe mortar. 'Altogetht isidering the smnot nted the applleatlo le gun. With props

randy, unproBtable

nnual meeting Tuesday in the libn alace. The Itev. Canon Elliaon pr.
of the report wu read by Mr. A. Hi A a rapid increase each year in the est iffe* houses, coffee-U«ern«, aud rvcrc
... ---—--mm movement, of I 2*n Hants Ri
is tb* birth place,
. ............... o well earned at Shoeburynen
r. Adjutant Naiih. who was present, mstrnctsd ancs to express to the m*n his satisfaction with k they bad gone through, and the
lb* thankv to the Mayer for M
— j*, to which th* existing Court* - - _ .
diet riot* should b* subordinate, and-that. Dure should l* a staff of ebief jadgss, with salaries of 000* a year, bo w uld b* eligible to act, if necessary, in oomunotion rith th*judgu of asnu, and with a number ol judge*
effect of entirely sobverting the new sydem of judicature, beeidee leading kadiU*ulty and ocofusko in t be ad minis. Iration of judicial burin w* of th* poun'rjr. Altbongh he could not ***ent to th* second reading, or to referring the Bill to th* 8TEUBSDAY.
In the Houu of Common*, thi* day, Mr. Grey and Mr. Kidley (under th* "double leturn" lor South Northumberlsnd) were introduced,and looWhecalh and subscribed lbs Parliamentary roll. On tb* motion of Lord Kensington a new writ wu ordered for the electior of a member for Bead in;
F. H Ooldsmid
Sir H. D. Wolff gave —
way of amendment to Mr. Chamberlain's motion suring th* Kutern policy of tb* Government, whilst duirou* to promote a pacifio aolction of th* difficultiu pending with Russia, tb* Hou** wu of opinion that th* conre* pursued by her Majesty * (iorsrnmsnt was calculated te secure a meeting of the Congress on term* not inconsistent with th* right* an J dignity of th* Powers who were partoe* to tb* Treaties of MM and 1871 and th* dua observance of European
'"v. ParWl
, of kmd b, th*
missioned. Mr. Lo uwa* now engaged in an enquiry inte th* matter, remarked that until they had reported it would be
S-emalure to embark upon experimental legislation, ths ouse weal into Committee of Supply, and.proceeded with the consideration of the votee in Clasus 2 and S of th* Civil 8*rvio* Estimates.
Lad accompanied the
_ _______wu glad to find that
though living In an outlying part of the b .rougl, th y were recognised as a portion of that boroOgh, and it -as . score* ef gnJlfleatloo to find at the head of
___lUtpallty a r^reeentellve of th* McCalm ot
lily. H* had by hi* rids tbi
*—---— -—— miw ■nmiu vim. „
o himself and the lete le family be had received
mpathy extended towards
a of lb* late Sir dice that be would mov*, by
they bad a de-ned an additional if the Corpora Hi
This handsome church, well known to our readers, was iunseerated by Bishop Bumoer. In September, 1817, but since that time the neighbourhood bu greatly In-

Bclent for the i

------------------ill be u follows. The
Is to extend eastward about 23ft- clur, will 4SfL, and a row of pointed a
prising three bays, while the nave will be divided troth the chancel by four arches. At the north-eut corner will be the vestry. 14ft by 14ft, with a lobby and pu-Itge separating U from the churdb itself. Accommodation wlu be provided for the organ In lb* north alal* of the new chancel, and *eals are to be fitted up in the •oath chancel aisle. An improvement Is also to-be made to the spire, from which the old boarding Is bemp removed to mske room for a new covering of oak shinele. Tb* total estimated cost of the whole work is £2,783; to meet which some £500 are still required. At the request of the incumbent (the Rev. K. E. Wigram) the Mayor of Southampton (A. L. McCalmont, Esq., J.P.) consented to perform the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the n*w chancel, and also invited the Corporation toaccompanr him upon "

ing the insigni

&c*" they proceeded k_......
_,.r____________ [supplied by Mr. Wallace, of Bedford
Place) to Hlghfi*ld. tho*e joiniag in this proceuion con-silting of lbs Mayor ; the Sheriff (0. T. Uarper, Esq.J; Aldermen 0. M. Passenger, F. 11. McCalmont. W. H. Newman, S. M. Kmanuel, J.P., J. 8. Bartlett, H. P. Ailatt, and H. Daweon ; Mr. Junior-Bailiff P. Warren ; Councillor* II. Abraham (Hx-Mayor), W. H. Bogere, J.P., T. Cleveland, W. P.rklns, 0. Lungley, J. B. Thomu, J. Millar, J. Whitchurch, B. A; Llnford, G. P. fsrSlns, J.P, J. B- Weston, and It. Newman ; the
TowmCI*k(Mr.,B. S. F*u**), Dr.XW*m(Om**ru* Health) Mr. J. Lemon (Coniulting Engineer), Mr. K. A. Pearce, jun.. Mr. W. B. 0. Bennett (Borough Surveyor), L»r. Palk (Surgeon to the Police Force). Mr. J. J. Birnett (Clerk of Accounts), and Mr. C. W. A. Jellicoe (Borough Treuurer. Alderman Jones. Councillor* Purber. Le Peuvre, and Baoce were unable to attend and asnt letter* of apology to the Mayor. Arrived at the church they, with a large number of lad lee aud gentlemen, comprising the principal resident* of the neighbourhood, surrouadsd the foundation stone on three si'1" fmmwlm* * ^mi.ptrnU. while upon a raised plaifor
bore guns. The W. for one 64 and one guns for practice w,
i d«y. Capt*. Banc*
connected both with *ocial hospitality and business usages. The council trcst there Will b* a complete
passed through London the other night from London Bridge through Uxlord-street te the West-end, and be

Palham andadonUd.—The Rev. Canon Ferrer moved meeting to furtht

, -------------J consistency in
eted that eince be came to Loudon,
_________eg"), be bad ecaroely touched auy eort
of alcoholic drink ; and be eoon found that it would bo necessary for him te rige the pl*dc«, but b* did not

were the Revs. A. C. Bleu ram, and R. 0. Callend sentences. "Jesu, where', following which a portion
(Rural Dean). P. E. Wlg-Afler a few ifitrodt-----
talnlng the following brief re it church from its foundation f Christ Church, l'oruwood wa s. by lira Itogcra. of High field
jrd. offlclating ; Messrs. lUphse
e pledce, but b* did not or*d with undu* enthusissm. About a yur and a quarter ago he signed the pledge, and he had never line* touched any eort of fermented liquor *xc*pt attb* Holy Communion, and with that exception
believed b* wu more healthy than he wu before. He found, also, that by becoming a total abaUiner hi*
children anj hi* servants bed become total abetamer* #%###
4.0 0,000 total ab*Ulo*r* in England at Uii* hour. However desponding th*y might b*, there wu eomething
^r^eVd^sy'stiT^it\obt aT^eetimabls
It* motion wa* adopted, and th* proceedings concluded.
Gieat Brsixs in Olasoow.—Tb* workm*n employed in the engineering work* of lb* CaUdouia* Railway, Glasgow, to th* **mb*r of thirtun handredj
Th» EuiTDici—Th* next attempt
Bsrydioe, which bu been settling into thi
From th* ducriptiou of
z ° _______,
--. -jtlB**tem^in« to rai**_. — _____
off, and thi* i* missing from th* body Thi* i* tb*,
than fit* w**k* tine*. Tb* corps* wu taken I* Hula
Saturday last. 8omo c-plUl shooting was made. Lance-Corpl. 0. White being the highest with »7 points. Lance-Corpls. Amey and l^wl* followed with SO e,cb. Poll ecoree will be given et the clo*e of the competition. The equaddlng list for Wednesday next can be seen at heed quarter*.—On Monday evening the corps as'omt »d at their head quarters. Carlton Hall, for company dim. the weather being too wet for *ut-door work. After a smart drill of about an boor and a half, the corps were marched down High itreet, beaded by the bind, of which there was an excellent muster, and dismisisd at the Dolphin Hotel. The officer* present were Captain Commandant A. Harfield, Captain Keane. and Lieuts. Leigh Jennings, Newman, Hickman, Swayne, and
Yachtiko IsTfLLiossci.-The ecrew eteam yapht Marcheta, the Marqui* of Alls*. Commedore of the Southampton Yacht Club, arrived at Mr. Payne'* yerd, Crebnlton, on Monday morning, after a lengthened crnlse lo the Weet Indie*. Bh* left St. Michael 1 on the 29ib ult., and bad Hn* weather all the way home. The noble marquie laoled at the yard, ard afterwards preceded to London. The Marches* will be re-fitted here, and It Is reported that *h* will then go for * cruis* In th* North Sea.—The echoooer y»cbt Garland, the Hon. Eliot C. Yorke, M P., arrived off NeUey 00 Tueeday ftemoon from the MediUrrmne.n, where the bu been iveral months. Mr. end Mr*. Yorke came home last ask.—The Vesatri auxiliuv screw yacht,which Meesr*. Jay, Summers, and Co., of Northern Ironwork*, bar* built for lb* King »f 91am, bu from tbi* port le Port Said, wbic
April, at 9.80 a.m. She had fair----
sea throughout. Her boiler*,' machinery, &*., had worked admirably well up to that time, and an average •peed of 9 8 knot* per hour had been maintained under (teem. The captain of the Veeatri (Roes) speak* very highly of the eseatnieg and other qualitlu of lb* yacht, and Mr. D. K. Maun, tb* Biameu consul In London, has expreeeod to the bulldere his gratification at learning tb* yacht ie making such good prooua In bar voyage from Southampton to Bangkok.
Eastiu Dutuct Boars Schooi—The following are t&e reaulte of the exemlnatlo* by the Bdtnc* and


nam, woo iot wo many yur* b*d
very great kindnee* In th* work b* wu taking (applauu). H* could not forbear 1 fefence to th* klodne** and sympathy extern him by th, McCalmont family, many *f ..» ,»» deed* had been kept in th* back ground, **p*dally in regard to tb* g*n*rc*lly they hsd exerci»ed toward* lb* x»r (applau**)- It waa a member of the MoC.Imon* amily woo officiated wb*n the foundation rtoeie of that :hurch wu laid, and it had been laid in a place where t would be marked In the new chancel (bear, beer). Having deuribad tb* nature of th* alteration*, the rev. gentleman said the ingenious design they were now carrying oat wu doe to the Rev. Mr. Bothsmley, of Pepper-Harow. and be would say of tb* architect, Mr. Colson, that nothing could «xc**d tb* klndoe** and forburanc* shown, and th* car* ersreised in working out the suggestion* of th* rev. gentleman. They bad bad money deposited on th* foundation *«on* laid that day. bat h* wu not eangmln* enough to wppoee they bad raised the balance standing against them of £500. He wanted the numbers of the "congregation to bestir themaelree to provide th* deficiency. They were providing for works which were a matter of neceesity; and u "" "*
well appeal for help for fresh work ficieoev upon existing work. Ibis f<
ground of claim upon the member......- - ,
He propoeed the bulthof the Mayor and Corpora!!' hlcb wu drank with cheers. '
The Msyor, In acknowledging tb* compllm*n», said s was vsry much obliged to th* company for th* w*y In which lh*y had drunk hie health, together with thu of the Corporation. Having bun born almost under the roof of the church, and having bun led to It in hi* early day,, and continued a wereblpjer there, It was but
natural that he should love and reverence 11 (applause).
Moreover, he bad had the honour laid upon him of bring Mr. Wigrara's churchwarden-' for tb* past few years It bad afforded him the grsateet plusure to lay the foundation stone, and be hoped a superstructure would be rawed which would be an ornament to th* dietrict, md folly meet the requirements of the neighbourhood, ind that prosperity might attend the labour of those vbo had charge of the spiritual work In that locality (loud cheers). /
Mr. Aldeimsn McCalmont, in asking the assembled ■mpsny I* drink the health of their worthy and teemed incumbent—the Rev. F. B. Wigram, said the v. gentleman Had be*n kind enough to say things of ia family to which he (Mr McCalmont) belonged even ore than they merited (no. no) ; because it was to a real extent due to Mr. Wigram and some of his mily who were now lost to them test they possessed . je power of doin* what they had commenced that day (applause). Mr. Wigram had bsen among them a great ny years (bear, brer), and during that time he was fectly sure he had made thoae whose spiritual wants hxd so "well mlninistered to look npen him as one whom they revered and loved fspplause). He was born exactly one month after the foundation 'one of the church wu laid, and said he observed that ornlng that they beth were getting grey. He had ways had a great affection for that church, and it must
id.h* rincerely trusted that what they had begun that iv might be carried out in the best possible manner, fter a few other observations he concluded by pro-'Ing the toast, which was drunk with lot
Th* Rev. F. E. Wigrai id the compliment that had xperieuced the greatest kin
of which wi
■ical proetration, which called fo int of forbearance on the part of hi* coogre-id perish From those urly d*y* up to tb* ..........' iymp*thy-*nd
upport, that be ought not to indnu* and sympathy now exi ate work he bat^ now taken i-
at all surprised at the
which hi* Worship presided.
e of the most succe nd of 14 performers, jlson, band-muter 0 aliened In the yard, 1
mder the direction of Mr. J. D.
exceeding 17 feet, in wl d a very pre'ty race wu r of the Neva, the prop!
for the club cup, but there were onlv two competitor Mr. J. Dowding and Mr. T. Sturdy, the latter at startir " passed by his youn
1 lead, but was s
*e*tw If - several genMemen una bis to be
•J ,£
Thrir Army *nd Navy bad alwav* upheld the honour of England, and should they be called upon be waa satitflrd
.. —,i u. -s. .v-.- keeping (eb, * ~ '

a high cempli -----
s Forces, be. concluded by proposing blch wu received with burly cbur*.
Mr A. G. Rider responded for the Army, a: J. 8. Pearce for the Reservs• Forces.
Mr. 0. J. Gould, In proposing " Th* Mayor and Corners tion of Southampton," said that Southampton had Iway* bun noted for it* excellent Mayor*, and be did ot think that the preunt young Mayor wu far behind ay of his predeoeuore. He wu sure that *v*ry _ 11W of tb* Corporation did Us bs*t for the intereete of the town, and received the hearty support of the bur. are H* had much pleasure in giving the tosst ipling with it the nsmes oiutsd out lhai Jt had tek*n of nothing of * political haraoter, aid if to oth*r gt»d had been done by it it -rould show *h* h^rgeeus that party politic* gave way in the Council Chamber, te the In tercet* of tb* town, (bear, bur). If by pulling together the Corporation could Improve th* trad* of a town which nature, bad i, Mud. they would hav* dine

ighttobe, and thanked them for the *
Mr. J. BUbop then briefly propcud •nd Borough Member*,' believing that on 'hat they could for the interest i, and while doing
:h they bad received ' The ^County
Regatta Club* (bear. hear).
if the Court of Aldei
__________iey a retiring salary, which
s was folly entitled to after surii valuable ssrvices lar). The toast wu thsn drank with musical bonoara. The Chairman then presented the successful compel!-ire In th* day's sport* with the prizes gained by them, ich recipient bring ro;»lved with a ehare of applause, ipeci*ll» tb* winner of tb* Club Cap (Mr. Dowding). The ChairmAn. who was received with loud cheers. >id the Committee had bun good enough to entrust te im * toast which he thought wu tl * "
renlr.g—" Success to the Weet Quay Ai
Royal Southern be re of tbi* Club *

obthampton, and _th«
e but a pride upon the

of the Cluh dj lb* *outl tb* sam* spirit ws* me!
bad leemthe cau to-day,.....
of tb* Club would b* prepared to bold thelt end manfully against all comers (bear, hear), not refer to the Club, which had been eeta wardi ef 80 years,
the picture which Thomas Stockbam green to those wl to thle Club (hea

ve encouragement am sr). In the fSce of u
1 support
said that whilst I Id never desert th
_________ mple of what per*
lad effected. He was glad 1 large number present thst evening, and I glad to see so many present that aftei 00k an Interest in the well-being of the Club aware that there were various other aquati, I town, clubs for which they all bad a respect iralry between then
ought to b* no rirali >uld bring out the best

t evsry rac* had bei after a hard sti it day bsd the it

won fairly 1 Every man!'
ol the Club —------------,—
that by fair muscular sxertion. H* wished that President could hsve been present th** evening, for he sssured them tb*l a rtore urnest supporter of squatic sports did not exist in the united Kingdom, and wished the Club every success (cheers). The Cli prospect* were encouraging; they were gaining frit on every side and they were doing

1 hope that the
Tbe HYDUSPSS—Ctpt. D. Iteanoldsoa, will lure South-
Tb* POOWH-Oapt W. a Angora, ,1th Us outward ,
The PiJCDf-Oapa. W. Wooteott. with th* home war* walla, left Gibraltar on Monday evening, and Is expects4 at Southampton on Saturday morning.
Th* BOkBJRA—Oapt. W. Anderwn. with the boaeward —
lbe Uf.VTXlSTA.V—Oact. Baatlwoofl, with the hnmewant Sonthampton on the 3rd ot Juee.
,ss s:
"^h* DgCCdf-»M. & W^tL ,
it Madras on ths «th lasL
indria. proceeding l*om theaoe to Tenlo*. where he wlU I Ins on 'he 27th ot May.
The rSKDirS-Capt. 3. D. Steward, with the outwai nails, arrived at Bombay on ths 9th Inst.
The BBS1T<}VIB0—Oapt. O ~
tbe 17th of May.
■ -_.--.-l nooaon tbe day of lailin* Capt. J. H. 'jeliisoe. with the West-
BriUab and^Foreirn Wsst Ind 11 Southampton a;
"" fee of Sd over the postuk ^
neoted at Bontaami
DBi-Capt. 0.

i South ample*
n Thursday, for ihe Brmalla and River Plate, with Balls. *TbJ^ifHO-^aot. wTcisnipton. will IsavsPoutbamptow a Friday, the 2«th last, with the Bnuil and River Plat* 'alls. Letters, a*_ can be posted at Southampton n* to It 'clock at noon en ths day of sallla*.
expected at Seutbamptom
"Tb' GVADIAXA-Capt. J. BranJsr. with . tbe Braai srd^ Hives Plate mails, lsexptcted at Southampton on the
ONION SCREW COM PAN f. The ASUTIG-Ctpi. A. 3. Garrett, with the bomewasrf
en Thursday, and Plymeuth oa Friday, with malls, ho., for lbs £OMAX—Capt, 8. B. P. Calnss, wiU le*ve Soath-ampton on Tbureday, tbslSthof May. and Plymouth en Friday, ths 17th. with mails, pa-sesgers, Ac., fqr Natal and Algea Bay, calling at Madeira tor outward telegrams.

Mr. Cba*. 8. Button (tbe hon, sec.), who was esived, responded. Having tbanksd them for tl ner in which Ihey had received the tout, he ss last yur. as most were awtrs, the Club made effort te offer a large prixe. In the hopu of at crews to comt>*te fer it, and tbe result was significant fsilure. Notwithstanding th* fact tl were sent to all the rowing club* on the coast, c crew bad tbe pluck to come, tbe other crews aft stating, that thsy knew that either tbe Folkei Southampton crew would win. He wu glad however, that the Southsmpton men were succi evsry race (eheert). On'lh* coast, howevsr, the cr wiere most unfortunste ; deterred by bad weather, a ecciJeots, they did not make such a show u in pre vie run. The club would not be *ble to offer suet large prize this year, for rowing, but they beped to txfor* th* public a good regatta. Tbe committee 1 now under tb*ir consideration the *dviubil:ty of pro

sb* left on tb* '2nd of

^oit hundred *nd forty ehUdr*n, .ln addition to th*
Stephen Plu^erald. M.A., Trio. ColL U"A north aisle, equal In width to the nave, wu added It
or of 1'epcr llarow, aud was approved b] ■••joua voLao*. KILI.ilA., and Son. architects.
The stone wss then lowered. *nd the customuy top* with a mallet, givsn dy his Worship, who declared that it wu fair work and square and that It had b**# truly laid. His Worship mentioned that he bad used the am trowel arid mallet u were brought into requisition whsi tb* foundation ston* of tb* church wu l*id. In Septem bsr, 1848. Tbe stone bears the following Inuriptlon This foundation stone of the present chancel wu laid May vllL. MDoocLXXvitr.
The foundation stone of the church wu laid od remalm, as lh*m fixed, beneath a spot traced In bras
on the floor ot this cbanccL This brought the laying of tb* foundation ston* t
tb*n *nt*rt*lnt- — .
------champagne Inncbua, in tbi
-------adjoining the church, which wu upplled by
Mr. T. Dartnall, High-street, end *mbr*ud aU th* delicacies of the eeaeon. Tb*r* w*«* about 180 present, tb* large room being quite full. Tbe following wet* In-eluded In the Invitation* issued : — Tb* Corporation of
The following I* the
scoud priu, 10* ; third prixe. 6*. Time alio* alnute per foot. The following (terted : —
Neva, U feet-W. Klrby ... ......
Quickstep. U feet feet-J. I Uber......
' Cook00. is feet—G. Klrby.........
May, W feet-G. Dewey ... ......' ... 0
Quiver, IJ feet—Geo. Hay ward ... ... —Courss—Round a flag boat moored In the b*y, tb*nc round Cracknore-hard buoy and lower 00* 1 bulk, passin between West-quay and a flag boat; leaving all mark on the port hand. Three times round.
A Scirr Matcq for the Club Cup. Th* followin Nellie—J. Dowding ... ... ... ...... I
Nil Desperandum-J. C. Beaton ... —Nil Desperandam to b* allowed lour of tb* Cup, 16 seconds j winnei seconds; Barleycorn, scratch.

Mr. J. Wklto (Bursledo
1 good show > briefly pro
ibuription (cheers). . In responding, thought thaCSouth-ery backward at tbe Great Internstional , -1 Pari*. He took th* opportunity of remarking what a great Interest tb* Prince of Walu took to the Exhibition, and be was sure that they must all
KL?Sd 72% IT
hibits. and expresssd himulf well pleaud (cheers). Mr. J. D. Chester, who wu received with cbsers, ssid
t of tb* Club (churs). It needed c the taut to them^fer tba d hospitality wu known

> the Club,
._* (applauu). Frem that time be bad re. rly continued hi* subecription, and last yur be gave 1 25 gninus, such a hsndume sum u the club bad
_ j* had reputed tbat'su'becription this

ssrs). Mr. Cbuter-------— — .....
■thy Captain som* twelve month* ago. and uked bin is would give them hi* portrait to hang up in the b room, and Mr. Jouu most readily '
nulf but M".. itated that be
W .swarj 2 fSViJES. w^s~n._irkmm
for ti>* Cup, and one* round for tb* other racu
green plant*, kindly tent for th* occuion by W.; H. Roger*. Esq- In addition to thu* wu * h*ad*om* i1i0-sixed portrait *f th* captain and preridsnt of th* club (B. Jons*, E*q.), *ncloud in an elegant gilt frame, affixed to an oval frame covered with green velvet, bearing the following Inscription—" Presented to th* Wut
on and svsalng attracted great attention, and wu
Ived at Southampton on fneeday, on her sith a large nnmber of pawen^rs and a fu nded the Southampton portion of whicl "nil jSsH'-Ce»t- H. A. F.Nsynabsr. will leats South unp'on on Tuesday next, with pasiengsrs aud freight fo ' The DOS A U—Capt. R. Buaslu., from Nsw York. I ioa at Southampton on Tuesday nex . with passengers am cargo, sn her way te Bremen.
The JTESPR - Captala Meyer, from Bocthampton arrived out at Nsw York on tbe Ard Inst.
BKO-Capt. a. Jv*er. from *»w Orlsaa txpected at SouthaupUn on the 18th InaL.
Th* CnZBM-C*^.A. 0. Bekku 1 *n.Tue»day, f ""
ampton oa funday. the 12th May. with n
m. Wlto.
•mp'on the 19th of Match, arrived at , *Th* rO**nn?TO*-Ca*. m. Chl^ai

faterford. Belfast, GLugow,
he PdNDfCJT—Cept.--. from the Brsxils, Ac..
peeled at Southampton about the 12th Inst.
MITTHAMPTON TIDB TABU. _' T me ef high wa*»r In doethampton, during ths week-
TuZ"te . L^nJwI* lueehe^*woboueaftuth*m** •raeivea, and low water 1* about three hours and a half
the second tide.
atlsete admitted daring the week, 11; ditto, discharged 31.
Provider! Members admitted lart Monday, C
Bu. Canon Wilbsrforoe.
WlLUAK Peases. Resident Dispenser.
lumber ef beds occupied for th* week ending May
__________io*t handumo addltli
room in the portrait tb*y uw before them. Mr. Jone* could not poulbly be preunt th*t evening, because of an engagement in London, of long •tending', but b* bad bun kind enough to pUo* a bountiful *upply of *ln* en th* tebl*. No man had b*bavcd more handsomely to any club in England than had Edwin Jonu,
u drank with musical honor*, aqd amidst loud cbui Mr. T. Falvay *cknowl*dg*d th* compliment on b
mention of th* Indefatigable eecretary Mr. Sutton. H* •aid b* should b* pleased to double hi* sabecripUew if it would In *ay w*y assist th* club ia offering a». larg*
prti* u lut yur (cheers). ...
jtBSAzaz a ±
uld with regard to * large prixs for rowing.
J .a.hiwl a t,| t:*nj wW*?* 1J3Jl S'liJil
Sotici.—Ia ordsr to ensure Inurtion of B
Brind.—May 2,
l Hambte^V,earaye^ns
______WUcbesteMtrert, EMlbamptu,
?._1 r%SS9SSSt-
*°iLlUsaZ»!-^*yt?hamllW^lae., Bouthampto*. Mr.
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