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SOUTHAMPTON AND WEYMOUTH. .WeSouth'toa Jfr.Ws........." -—*
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«12 20m (Doicbester 3 0 -« Dock station, * Wed J SOUTHAMPTON, EOMBEY. AND BALIBBDBY.
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proved that 1 told U,e "tap e truth andI did -extenuate
The *econd annivereary dinner of tb* Loyel Polytechnic Lode* Oddfello^*, which ha* recently removed in quarters from tb* Polyteahmio Institution to the New Coco* Room!, St. Mnry's-*treet. took piece on Wednesday evening. The chair wee taken by W. 0. Weellake, Esq., an honorary member of the lodge, and thsre were
Alsxaoder. C.S . Walton, A. Algar (eec.), C. Hors.m.o pplied by Mr. Milsom. St. MaryVroad, in hie usual
ixcellsnt *tyl<

B #0f 9 M 10 e
• TbU train will tun on the 7th and 21.t only o
this month. ' -
^De«w4 from™*""'
DeparTtrom**1 WSK?
"TT "nf1 t'i
Heath'ton. Win ton. Alresford. Alton. I/>nd«n.
rer. and the clothe re mo red. letter, ef apology were >*d from *evsral gentlemen, including the Mayor (A. L. JcCalraant. Eiq.l, *ndoslng £l 1* toward! the fundi of the lodge, the Ben. Cation Wnberforce. P. Wigrai and Alderman Jones. J.P„ who alio enclosed lOe «J. The Chairman then gave the "Qme,* " Priaes Prince** of Wal** and reet of the Royal Family," both of rhlch were loyally reeponded to.—Conncillor H. Don lop, n • humorou. epeeeh, nest propoeed the "Army. Nary, aid Reserve Poreest" lie eaid be happened to be if that (law of men who bad recently been called ' Jingoee " (laughter), and though they were called 'Jingoes " they none of teem wanted to light, but If tb*y lid they'd got Ihelr ships, th* men. and. he w* happy to isy. the monsv too (applause). If It warf neceeeary that hey ehoold Sght—and Ood forbid that they ehould— ;hey meant to fight and m*lntalnjth*.int*r**U and glory >f thle empire in such a manner a* it had never been done before (loud cheers). He believed that the Army, Nary, and Rs*erv* Pore** er# all in a *tate of efflciencj id he had much pleasure In proposing the toast.-Sergt. ennedr. R E., and the Rer. 0. M. Owen, let Hants Artillery Volunteer*, briefly reeponded to the to— The Chairman the " Bishop of the Diocei .f alt Denomination*, coupling with th,
if Ae Rer. O. 0. White.—The Rev. O. C. White, In re*ponding to the tout wa* well receired. H w»ur*d them that tbe ermpathy of the Clergy wa* alway rlth *uch tocleuae aa Uie«e. and etatad that in proof o Jii* the Biahop of the Oioceee in reply to an invitation x> attend the dinner lut year *aid that although he :oul4 not attend, hie eympathlw were with the obje ' if the lodge, and that be ehould be erer willing to ill In hit power to promote ita intereet («ppla iee). Th were four clergymen *ubecribing member* of the lodge, and thU, he thought, ihowed the praetlc.l eympa the Clergy had for the object* of the,Order (hear, be He thanked them very heartily for the way In wl Ived.—Mr. C. Crew gave M. and Board of Directo impton that they had euoh

-3 45f 10 «
luthampton and Netley line
High Street, oppodt* the Audit lloaae.
"The Port Offloa, Blgh^treet, opea* for oSiol lnoulrtee ai for iho reception ol paid lettan at I *.m„ and eloeaa at p-m. Tbe town daUvariee ooiamenoe at 7, 11J» aad«.1J p.m. No poatage tUmpt are marred after 10 p.m.
On Sunday* there I* only ooe delivery by letter e»rrl«
Bt^itered lettere received up to half-an-hour before th*
01 orjS?LKrr,a BOX.
Loeal.-lJJj pan. tor afurnoo* delivery: 5.30 a.m. for Xkcaiving OSoea i bat the Pillar and Wall Letter Boxea are
i Botnaey, a.m.
I Cewaa and Newport, 10.45 a.m.
I % „
• London, for evening delivery, and alltowna through London
for delivery next morning, 11.40 aju„ and 1*50 p.m.
$$& %%
London. I^rnboro", and Portamonth, for evening delivery, •axl all towna through London fog delivery next mormlnir,
tnnaacted In thia department on Sunday. OhHatmaa Dayi,
jeg^a|ij«iSKsaim* ■ :
r = =^5
Nortlam road
:: sas
. " I*p,e=daya

• '' "(Wl*xe (wall box") 10/* a »
: z = 13;%
I pUlat) .
V -(Cftimitd from pa>f» 5). X. ft: *MehA«n Lamb.
earned (Wd wag*. - Defendant i 1 an
> tupport hta wit* without

I mmo*nLL-Th* C
________Bineh MlifuSy

_____^ K
ml jn ntlrlfbootf&od *kv*n young >lavw. *r*'tt> •mpeyia«^ftW*n'el**ea Mr. Do«th will eelect ttun all ih*r ^troeUmonuMy. Mr. Battkee&r Uciwi«J*nt
jtn !7«J, by the [among.oompowr and wng wnUr, Chart** Dibdan, aided by ObarUa How,» *qo*. triin perfortrar. It wme originally planned far the di»-pl»y of equeeIrian and dramatic enUrtammeoU, a plan eimilar to tiai panned with eo maoh- KMN At
The theatr*, however having boen opened without 'a
th* Riot Ao« h*dbWom*d on th* very *Ug* iteelf. In the following ye«r a ioeoc* waa obtained, mod the theatre b*jng r*-oy*-id, a *noo*»fnl harvcrt appeared
clown of Oovent Garden and Sadler'* Well* theatrw; he
" Vietor, wboee popularity wa* raeh that they had an hour every day *et apart" for them to receive A fUrwar*£*» eerie* of " Lecture* on Heede W here by a Mr. 8tmeea*,and manv pan torn in i* and ieoee were performed with indifferent xooeeee • iuudk m latter were the ".DeetmtfM of the AaeUl*" Death of General Wolfe," to. Tbe popularity ot tbe theatre wax largely increaaed by the drill of • nejv alee*
Jg Ox N G x R O O K
84 Setxatlon Book of EoitUh 8*Pga-,138 Mgee.
Q-- -- L ^'CUriaiy —*#a ---
Sd joJTy'Old BojV Cotnic Song Book.
64 LaoKhlng 3oog*ter «nd ^udget of Comic OlttlM. .
1* Tbe Spirit of Pun Oemle Songe.
lx Th* Imperial C*mlm8e##a**T.
1* The Social Ohdi Bern* Book.
A lere» miet^o^M »4 M^ong Book*.
open before and hi* tooU t

id William Ward, were brongbl
K. Joeee had two re
tbe eaee. and It not being defendant ! flued to* and coat* which wax paid.
- xTo SgeAm °* °^^°1 c^'r-
noted for removing garbage othei fumlxhed for that purpeee. on th

e It afforded him to be am on

. bad anything te do with tbe ft at It ihould flourixh. lie then gave a brief e nee and progrexx of OddfeUowxbip, and (aid that it i* not until th* year 1811, at th* Olaagow A.M.C. that Init* xt*p* were taken to place thi* eociaty on a eound —id *ub«tantial baxi».' In 1864 th* formation of a graJu»te4 icale of contribution* took place, which applied to every ioootnmg member of the Society. Be-fernng to tb*lr own diltrlct, he *ald that five yearx ago ier* wa* a deQciency of £3,500, but tbiy now bad a irplux of X6.01X). Tbe number of member! in the OrJ*r wa*. 802,241; tbe Increaae during the year

........ a.
Friendly Society (che*rt).
financial portli
Friendly Society. But ..tloo they could tell quite i capital of four and a half ire than tbe next large*t Th*y had *pent during the
ir *oci*ty had mad* i
capital of The
Oddfellow* wer xyinpathy of tl
r»d, to be attributed to .. working-men. and working-men wore alw*y* good Oddfellowx and looked well after their mtereeta. He thought he had teen enough to convince them that """" power in Southampton and were do-
of good and dee erred the xupport and i who were In authority and of thoee .. . to join a reelly good and cubctantlal
clety (applau**). He wiihed tbe lodg* every euccea* id hoped to be (pared many year* to com* to their an-verxarie*.—Mr. Ewlng biltlly propoeed "The Mayor id Corporation obupling with the toaxt tbe name of Sheriff Harper, who In reepondinghomorouxly remarked eat deal had been *ald wffh regard to the fighting power* of our Army and Navy but be aaxured them that If they, wanted to aee xome real good fighting he would refer them to the Mayor and Corporation of Southampton .for a more *ame*t body of fighter* he n*v*r **w(lau*bt*r). However be "believed ene and all did what they thought beet to tbe inteveet of their con-itltueney (bear; beer). He th*nk*d th«m for th* way In "bleb they bad received tbetoa*t and tb*n proposed the. toaatof tha evening " Succom to th* Polytechnic Lodge id congratulated the Chairman a* being the mean* of itting tbU hand*ome (tructure in which the lodge h«U ..j meeting* ereclfd, and it wa* on* of thoee great *er-vice* which b*,*a* alway* rendering ff "
* good oftb*
-- ___ 4*contribute » guinea toward* IU fbnd* (cb*erx). — Th* tout having been drank with Lodge honour*, Br. Alger (*ecr*tary), reeponded. He •aid although he we* not» member of the lodge y*t he took a very great mUreet in it ahd wax glad to tee it in aucb a fiourixhlog condition. It had now been eetabilibed two veare and had initiated 68 member* of which eleven had lefli Their fund* amounted to m»|iich wa* £i per member. Tbey had pnlr xpent £11 In .xickneee al-
leelxeln tt,eledg«aad he hoped e

I.IW ,• -errn nut i . Jt; i 1 ,wnr.
jSt sSiiSissSiiS'

The u(ual fortnightly meeting of tha Ouardiana wa held on Thuredmy afternoon The Deputy. Preiidenl Mr. W. Boee, provided, and there were prexent—Mewn W. Purkii, J. Bixhop. O. Lungley. J.Clark, p. K Meldrum, W. Lunn, J. Hunt, C. Perreex, H. Lavei J. Robeon, W. Water*, J. Jam**, J. Whltchi Wooldridge, and M. Batchelor; Oeneral Tryod, officio member.
The number of paupere receiving out-door relief, for the week ending2nd May, ix—men, 582; women, 161; children, 419—total, 1.162. Correxponding laxt year-: min, S94; womee, 144; children, 1,130. The number of pauperx in the hooxe prexent time Ix 433. agalnxt the correxponding of laxt year of 462, showing a decreaxe of 32.
For xeveral yearx paxt th* qurxtlon of the right of Guardian* elected at the Baxter Vextriea, who do not wide In the parlxh for which they have been return to ait at the boaVd, haa been dUpnted, under Oilhei Act. Three caxex in particular, tho*e of Mr. J. Go rexiding at Blechynden, iuxt outride the b rough; Mr. 8. 8. Pearce, who reelded at Millbrook; and Mr Dance, then living in Hill Lane. The*o three gentlemen, in time, became Deputy.Prexidentx, and th« xxme quextion aroxe ai to their qualification, but no active itepx were taken and they retained their xe«tx to the end of the jerm fer which they had been elected. The que»tion aro*e again on Thurxday, Mr. J. BUhop entering hlx proteat agalnxt Mr. Hunt, oflh* firm ol Hunt and Bance, litdng'at tie board, on the ground that he received £20 a yeer from the Incerporatfon, for the rent of a room at hi* offlcee, for reglitratlonpur. poxex.and that hedid ne rexide lnthepxrixh.butxt Wool-xton. Mr. Blxhop alxo entered hi* proteat againxt Mr. Whltehorcb, who (at for H*ly Rood, on the ground that he did not reeide In the pari*b.—Mr. tVhitchurch complained of thi* being a poetical dodge, and axld be bad a bed room where bp could ,*leep in the High-(treet when*v*r be pleaxed.—Mr. Meldrum explained the Local Act, ihowing that *r*ry per*on elected ** guardian* muit rexide in the parixh for which he bad been elected. He xuggeeted, without any feellmg whatever, that tbe queetlon ahould be referred to tbe Local Government Board, and to have tbl* vexed quextion xettled once and for all.—Tbe Clerk having been ap pealed to for hi* opinion by tbe Depuiy-Pre*tdent, *aid re* pec ting Mr. Hunt receiving a aalary for tb* office of regi*tr»r h* did not think h* wa* disqualified from sitting at that Board on that account, a* It did nol apply to th* supplying of provixlon* to the Workhou** lie alao quoted both the General and Local Act* a* tc a guardian'i qualification*—In the fonn*r he muxt be rated at £40 a year, and in the Utter at £10 a year and rexide In tbe perixh for which he I* elected.—A diseumon followed, after which an amendment w carried that the Board proceed #ith the n*xt burini by 9 to 5 —The other borince* before the board » merely routine.
TBK FORMAL OPBNING MATCH in the Public Ground look place on Saturday, belt an eleven ol the Southampton Club, and aixteen (elected by Mr. W. Bowyer from the club* practising. In th, Parka. Th* day wa* fin*, and th* match w*U oontested tbe *pecUtor* at one time numbering nearly 3000. The rixteen were a good repreeentativ* team, and had beer well choeen. The eixteen were the firat d*f*nder», thi eleven leading the attack with Judd and Hotkini (dowx), and thexe wert given a rext bv Holme* end
hitting. When the last wlck*t fell, 89 runs were rtalieed.
sag »
•pUy*4u.together ewefaBy. The: nm-gettiog wa* racy
" ""
*%wj(*\ X-''- &.M; =
. ' . AOCmuaATXOg OP MAX!^,
reepectfally informed that the_ Londoo PAPBAS
Agent, (Mxo-verOmoe,XI, Bridge Street. Southampton
Driver, Jennings, and Capper,
Scantling cut to length and *ii Mahogany and bard wood*.
81stx, Lath*. Cement, Dndh Pipe*, Hair and tl
J. CLEEVER, f-uil.i
8TEBBT, Urr*a Casal Walk, SooTiisj Dealer in Pipe CUy. Whiting. Hearth Stonea, k Wholeeale and Retail. Shipping Supplied.
Prepared Fire CUy for filling and repairing, hock of
of the King'* Baneb j" but thi* gleam of (unxhine oam* lo an end, in 1759, by the arbitrary and (it would eeem' illegal committal of Palmer to the Surrey Goal as i '• Rogue and a vagabond," n clause being at the jam time inserted in tb* Debtor* Act,- making all *noh place
meeting of this sooiety waa held on Monday Exeter Hall, under the presidency of George Williams, Kaq.,ol 8L Paul'* Cborchynrd. — Tbe annual repor* rabmitted by tb* SecreUrv, Mr. Rae, stated that the Temperance history of the yeer had been marked bv many indication! of oonttnued and endonng progress. A public meeting had been held in Exeter Hall, pader the presidency of the BUhop of Kx*t*r, to advocate -paranoe teaching in publi* elementary schools, and Richardson had prepared a Temperance Lesson 1 for the Lsagus, which had been sanctioned by the School Board for London, and several provincial School Board*. Depotatioos had addressed yoong men i womea studying at aix training ooHegse for teach, and a missionary had delivered 475 addits*e»to «l dren in metropolitan school*. A Conference had been held with 200 member* of th* Brituh Medical Associ ation at Manohseter ; and there waa a similar meeting at Leamington, with 120 member* and associates of thi Sanitary Institute. Dr. Richard sou bad delivered foui lecture* on " Practical Abstinence, sal the difficulties that lie in tbe way of it* attainment;* and tb*re bac been numerous confsrencee and meeting of various kinds, tbe.Preeidtnt alone having addressed 92 meeting* in different part* of the country. There were branch a* of the League on board 203 ships of the Royal Navy, and 7 regimsnt* of th* Army, both st horns and
.. T_, _ o .»u..:QOr„. i..—;
Aioort iian.
_________________________ _j4 its Annual
Ssrmons w*r* preached at Westminster Abbey, the Metropolitan Tsbemacle. St. Clement Dsnes Church, snd the City Temple. The official organ of the League, the Temper ince Record, was warmly appreciated by supporters of the cause in svsry part cf h*r Majesty's dominions; and ths Sfedieal Temperance Journal, published quarterly, w.a highly valued by many member* of the medical prefession. The total income ef the League hsd been £4,50315s 7d, including£3,469 I616J in subscriptions snd donations, being £750 more than in any preceding year.—The meeting was addressed by the Lord BUhop of Gloucester and Bristol; the hon. Lord Provost Collin*, Glasgow; Dr. Thomas Carson, Liverpool; Rev G 8. Reaney. Reading; Mr. A. M. Sullivan. M.P , Rev Robert, ifaguire, D.D.; the Mavor of Derby; Jlev. J. Hunt Cooke, Richmond ; Rev. Joeeph Hargreavee, of Brighton; and Dr. B. W. Richardson,
Tarn Miutia Rbmvb-in the *outh*rn miliUry dUtrict, of wbleb Portsmouth is ths bead quarters, hsve answered, as elxewbsre, promptly to their call ax those of tbe Army. Of the 109 belonging to the Hants Artillery, who had to pressnt themeelvss at tbs head-quarters st Ooe port, there were 18 absents ee, the msjority of whom, howsvsr were prsvsnted joining from unavoldsbl* causes. On Saturday the men who are undsr tbe command of Lifet. Col. Ingefisld, wsnt under oanvsss at For". Brockhurit. With respect to the HanU Infxntry Militia, the reeponie has been exceptionally good, seeing (hat out of a roll of 217 man only three failed to mustsr ot Winchsxtsr, and these are believed to be desd.
Thb iHTELtioiST Tuw« if it.—Before the invention of bottle- jaeka, this Dog wa* used in England to turn tbe Aiiton which he joint was roasted, for which purpose tier were attached to • sort of wheel. It U a queer I joking Dog—very long-bodied and very short-legged, and is pooessed of a great degree of intelligence. Brehm relates an aneodote of two Tom*nit*, who w*re employed in ths kitchen of a houae at Plssrii, one of whom, tbe cook's favourite, had to tnrn the spit on Mondaya and Wednaedaya; the other taking hia tarn on Sundav*, Tuesday*, and Thursdays. Friday and Saturday w*r* holiday* for both. On* Wednssday th* favourite Dog wa* abesnt and tha cook endeavoured to press into service the other rather than search for and dUturb his pet. But No. 2 although he had made fco obi action to having three daya of work to hU mate'* two, U : he growled and bit, and posltivsly
U*y colleague was playing with e<
aa hs xsiv ths trusnt, hs hustled and bit I finally* drove him into the house to the having accomplished which act of juatice calm, and looked qui*Uy up to hi* max tor, i
' my-"E**tr*rDog ' " ^
nm " Cmxeirt Natural Hi
HAS n«w a choice stock of DEVONSHIRE CIDER, both for draught am*bottling ses. direct from hU Mores. BR1DGBTOWN, TOTNES^ DEVON.
To be had wholes*]*, in casks and bottl**, direct froi him. 84. Higb-str**t. *od Wlnkle^treet, Southampton. Ord*r* by Poet punctually attended to.
Account* prepared. Composition effected between and Creditor. Estates managed by Assignment, imsnts of affairs drawn DebU collected. Cash

ivallds whs suffer from asthma,consumption,
e INDELIBLE MARKING INK. ThU Ink U led by the Nobility of France and EngUnd. For Writing on Linen, Cotton, Cambric, Muslin, Wearing Apparel, Ac., with a common quill pen, without using a previous preparation. Sold, in bottles at 6d and 1(, by C. Kats*r, Agent for Sonthamptom. ..

7J4 PS*
.Tiirtj Tan NOB3H!, BROWN'S
xnoa': . , , .
JD luliuai carman b k,, .w
ommon ssms advice on the Uoati isuralgia, fiU, rhsumatlsm. anstruu xbauxtlon, waxting, Ac., with " elf-cure, and tbi

iteration of hi
DK THOMBONj 05, Barthokm,
London. When the nervoux xyitem is exoaustea an. mental faculties a s in a state of prostration, ths H * Paecssa res tor ss ths emaciated frame, imparts Vlgs the intellect. Induce* healthy *
frcshiag sleep, penlles tha blooi

m all taint of dixeaxi
HEALTHY LIFE secured and maintained by lbs great barbel medicines known all over Europe m specids remedies for dsbillty, consumption,

I rigoroa* health, .
to all the functions eMJfi
disease they ere gusrs
skin diseases. dUchsrgss of all kinds, and any of the kidney* and lrver. In every stlmsnt th*y gi instant relief and fnvlgovatlng the syitem. Price 111 per hex. of every chemi*t In the world, or **nt free
Ktoa receipt of 14 penny *tamp* by Dn THOMSO.
i teormou* xala tbeee piU* have attained for---
veara put and tb* daily receipt of u
s ths proprietor^ln

body U lUble to.

end all the dUtresring cenaeq often ham* poor saffsrer* s ThU life-giving tonic
if debility, whl< - 1 best year* of m
lit** with the blood, repairii
______________ ___ j and ha* rextored health at
vigour to thousands, who now enjoy strong nerve*, ftn neesof flesh, reguUr appetite, and freebntes of coi plexion. Price 2* 9d, 4* 6d, A 11* per bottl*, svsry chemist in tb* world. *r sent direct on receipt lis in posters stamps er hy post-office order payable to RALPH TUOMSOJI, 45, Bartholomew-road, Ksatuh-town, London. Those medicines are uted all or -world. Sold by Dowman, Chipperfield, chi

All suffsrsr* from any form of thU distressing complaint are earnestly invited to tend to Mr. GOODMAN, as hs can guaranteajbem relief. HU remedy hs been succeesful In thousands of instance*, and it U noi mad* known, a* a public duty, by adv#rti*ing. In ever cs*e of siZgU or double Rupture, of whatever nature o extent, in male or female, of any eg*, however bad o longstanding, it U applicable, effecting a radical cure 1

it eamnot fall te be appreciated as a blessing, by who have been at any time compelled to bandages, trusses, er other galling (upportt. any part of th* world can bar* tl>* Remedy with Instruction* for u*#, on receipt of ten Po*t-Offic* Order, payable at the <
(he writers. "My rupture 1

John Cork." " My servant wUbi----------- — .._
that her ruptare U quite w*lL ' Mr*. DldcoL" "I Uft oil support three dayi iro. rods eleven i yesterday, and bait fait no pain wbal "My double v----*w—
walk thirteen n

•r. J.Hurst, Esq.
i. It preserve* tb*,
,____________. Iryness, and restores the
coloifr, eradicates icurf and dandriff, keep* the head oleaa and oool, and the hair soft and aloe*]
willffnd It promotes the curl and wave of the -thai th* sxouisite perfume U unique; U U us*4 by thousands of Mother* In tb* Nkrserr, to beautify children's hair and prevent baldn^s, scurf or any failing-In after bfe. The Recipe, In plain EnglUb, which any prepare for a few pence, will ber ' w ' • ' ' ennvitameeanda dU-----
hill, London. '
-A DVICE GRATIS. A Medical man

ge.Uon.waat of snsrgy, f
jiVliX ■ »»-< »» uSPaSTiMr ^ W*
Fta?.*° v*
us- ST"' * 'm. 1=, u
^Portsmonth te 9oethaap4on-aj» a.*.. Ills, Is h 8oeth»M to Was* Cowei-S.SO am.. 1J.J0. &%. uj oouthsea to Southampton—A31 a.m., UJ9,2.10, ^ 4^
ia*artJ0»wes to Northampton—7.0. 9J0 an.,
(Sew Railway Ek*>—1*.« a.ra.. ax
Southsea te West Cot
Wast Oowss and Soathaaipton-a.C and 8outhampton-3.S0i.ta. aatCctras and Southampton-*.* a.a..
% s.1
Railway PUr—lactoding BKToLf TICKETS. South'ton to W^Oowe* ,, Z . Seuthiea, Portal
Wait Oowss to Byde
hallway 1'ler—loclndin*
ire available enly on ths dsy 0: Uo Mooda t"U#d 00 S*tard*7 1 Dowse to1 Sonthampton. Rjie, f-
■ to and from London (via I/mig aa Ulwav) ire usasd at ths Pier. Wr.1 CS«« », Newport) 11A Highnrset.
ttons, for Co was and Newport (vi-dude Steamer, ooavsys^os between aontnaapi Sonthampton Railway Termisns. Pise Does ai
at Southampton, and are ami labia by this Oam ye
^ jum fTliomarrr; ZLstLv.
Southampton. Ills of WJxht, and South ft KnjUnJ Ro> Mail Steam Packet Co.. Limited.
' 19. Bugle.tarrate. Monthamp"
nPHERE is scarcely a disorder of tho W, functional or organic. In which Quinine and Im could not be admlqistered with good results. F mlttent fever*, a* ague, low fer*r. and fsbrils x; in gensral, nothing can compare with IL For tion of *tr*ngth consequent on long Illness cause*, do** confinement, sedenUry occupations,
thing tending to Impoverish the vital Quid* st, >, Qulnin* and Iron U adt

If preserved with Quinine and Irotrwill entirely tmak ths scrofulous taint from the body. Tbe ulcers abecesee*. frequently of a.painful character, s< appearing io the glmds of ths neck. In other scurvy and obsUnate skin eruptions, icc., will ui yield to its purifying infiuence.
-1- TOXIC combine! these powerful age&t/in 1 highest sute of efflciehcy, I* chemically'pure, unxltei hy keeping or climate, not disagreeable to lake, ( portable, alway* of a difiait* itrength.
Care must be taken when asking for Pepper'i Qu and Iron Tonic im the varioue chemists'shops that" , otherwise dUappointuieni ___________11*, and (tone jar* 22*.
Depression' of spirits from any cauie lonrf conn
injure* the health greatly, and many luffsr in Ik
"ion, especially if from mental ci nd Iron Tonic will be found moil u«e: * tbe entire *r(tem, and (peedily di«e

In a notice ef thU character, but *om* one or t prominent and demand attention.
NeuralgU, a name for a hundred phase* of iu: aod from which thcusxads are hourly complai: literally nervous pain ; and although sxtsrnal rt may for a time nllay, thiy cannot cure. In case, ' ; kind Quinine and Iron ix abeolutely necessary ; it »-'J like a charm, and abundantly proves lU induenco is • "" trolling and reguUUng nervous action. If one u • -log from any malady in the least degree trace relaxation of the nsrves, no time ibonldbe lost U W Quinine and Iron. The effect will beat once «n* and rv-*t*ratloo to b*altb certain.
PEPPEM QUIEI&E AND WO* TOXIC '' by all chtnaUt* in bottle*. 4*Sd; next aire, lie; * jars, containing lix ituall bottle*, 22s each.___
PMUflEE AND ENaiCUE* W" It directly Influence* tb* clrfaUllon of markaWe manner by eliminating all li cumulation* that ebetruct iU free traniui
iftcUncy of'which U^7 indioetad by uanaiu'
i*p of th* obe#k# aad Upe, and 0th*r appean
,1m. u» Ijjjyj
on th* coat* of' th* stomach U euch thst sn uu®"
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