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AH WWhWAA* W^Mwhf Ww&e U undetected and unpunished crime in Ireland, and oovci that it tu the duty of her Majssty'a Govern-ment to aak for inch measure* u might enable them more effectuaUy to luppreae outrage and enforce security of life in Ireland. He alao moved for return* relating to crimee against human life end agrarian'
Chancellor, who did not object to the production of the returna, observed that the late outrage in Donegal ni accompanied b* ***** —*-»—1
and ruthleee bar ban!
^ reflected diwragiyfi __ _____
tainly upon the dirtrict in which it warn perpetrated. Watching narrowly what was occurring, and convinced that it warn their duty to provide for the pro-tectum of lifei where U ya# in danger, the Government would apply for further power* whenever they thought i , .....nqr. Lord Ufford "
cbtiafactorily Jn Ulster. The latter aieeri Carlingford combated, and remarked that th<
tj SiganTand Stanley of Alderley, after which Lorj Oranmore withdrew the whole of his resolution except that relating to returns, which waa agreed to.
In the How* of Commons,-piere waa a morning Atting for the purposi of -forwarding the financial msasures of the Government. At the Evening Sitting, the first order waa Supply, and the Speaker calW
paper in theme terms: " To call attention to the action of the Government in Donegal with reference to the
justice, and calculated to foster disbelief in the impartiality of the law:" When the hon. member rose
short way with his introductory remarks, which were ottered in unusually soft tones for him, when Dr.
the member for Dungarvan was in possession of the Mr. O'Donnell then went on to give an h

LoW Lcitriri, was such as Jenkins, Dr. Cameron, and Mr. Hopwood. The
Strangers were admitted at, TwentyrfivS minutes to Ode, and shortly afterwards the EoUso adjourned.
In the House of Lords on Mondav. I having inquired what-*
possession of tho'Gi
tjouth Africa, Lord Cadowau stated that the latest official despatch was from Oenoral Thpsiger, of March
had no official eonnrmatii Tho Medical Act (1888) Amend:
Bail way Returns (Continuous Brakes) Bill awoodtima. .u- %
in the Oommons the Attorney-General for Ireland told Mr. Collins that a Revenue cruiser had been em-ploywl since the 23rd of March in the protection of the Kinsale mackerel /Imhpry against the alleged de-prpdations of Fnmisb fishermen' in appropriating nets
the attention of the Government had bison-directed to 1 the importance of the harbour of Esquimalt as a naval unjl nnJiUrr station in the,North Pacific. Replying to Sir G. (Mmpbell, who asked who was paying for. tho military operations. In Sot^Ui : Africa, Colonel Stanley explained that it had been arranged, that the Governor should issue his warrant monthly- for the' expenses, and that this was a formal admission of the liability of thg colony; but the matter would havi'to Le settled afterwards.' The advances were, in fact, made out of Imperial funds. Sir H. WW9 gave notice that ho would this day ask whether there was any truth in the statement published in Tht Standard that the Itussi&ns were irsparing for the election of a Prince of Bulgaria at fhili#opoba. ' On tho < ordor for going into Committee on the Custom* and Inland Revenue Bill, Mr. Hopwood moved that it was inexpedient to employ the police a* prosecutors for the recovery of Excise penalties.. Tbo motion ws* Imposed by Sir H. Selwin-Ibbetsoh, and afUr a short discussion negatived. The House then went into Committee on the Bill, but no determined opposition was offered to any of the clauses until those relating to the dog tax. ware reached. Then a dirislon was taken on the motion of, Mr. Monk to retain th* present duty of fie., which was negatived by 122 to 30. Finally, the Bill was passed
ing sitting-** Tuesday.
popular cricketer, and oiis of the Surrey coeut has beoomsderanged,and has been takep J.
home to Brookwood Lunstic Asylum. Tom Humphrey received a benefit at ths Oval last year, and took! public-house at Dorking, Surrey. Humphrey, wh was one of the bqtt batsmen of the day, retired froi Cricket last seascia. ■ •> L •
Tns Csam c* J^Kfnc*.—Mr. Bedford held an Inquest on Saturday last od the body of a lady of independent means named Mary Nicholas, who had been a few days ago released from the lunatic ward of EL Giles's workhouse, and whose madness was statec to havs been hereditary. The deceased was found thi ether day in her bed-room hanging by a rope attached to a hook is the wall. A verdict of Temporary Insanity was returned.
Saaxowe A««pw* yit*«xw)R 0aA*O* On
Sunday evening a young man, named Charles Barnes,
_____g from'th* 6iLrl and C----__
n Saturday, trod on a piece of orange pstel, 1 ring
surgical stag of the above institution, caused by orange peel being thrown carelessly on the pavement.
Swoclab DsiTB.—On Batfirday last, Mr. Carter held an inquiry at ths Sir Robert Peel, Isabella-street,
causing a deformity on his back. On Tuesday he was death resulted from ths affect* of the injuries, which
Actio* Aoaibst **s Mn----------
CoMr^wr.—-AHhs^Lortl Mayor's Court oo Saturday
Metropolitan Railway Company at ths Aldgate Station.

qaarter to ten, and shortly after that til ui« crows began to more. Oxford first showed on tne water, at two minntee to tea, and, paddling llowly to the bridge, turned, end too* up to air station at six minutes past. Their , taking tht' Surrey ' station showed that they had 16*t the toes, and .the Water being beautifully, ixnootfi • ths friends of Cambridge took coprage, aud did not'fight quite to *hy of thf enormous odds that were being laid on Oxford—5 to 1; Cambridge eao^e te the station;^ .10.16. They did not look near to taking as Uv antagonists. and the sppertnt abeence of 2ash shd finish evidently indicated .Mr "8aari& &a (kaem'a boat, builder, had ,ihepi Jimdy m a lew minplep, end dee. patched, them om their wsy,atjO,lt (.Cambridge at once, favoured by. very smooth. water, .rushed away, rpwing over 44 stroke* pe» minute, and in fifty yards hy half a length,! increasing this tb thi^e^quartere at toe Boatrhouses.-1 Their tridmph, however, was but a ehort-lircdone. for Oxford scarcely frit the bost ondci U«m^e&Msrri(4t,
corercd their oponente, petted the Creek dead loVel, i and led by a couple of; feet at the point. : The crowd was much bigger here than it had been at tht start, and most of them, harii* followed the money; wer»
hut the rowing w*s ^iort ani-jneffective, and it wa«
ieae tu snoot over tat wawrw toe Umb free very srly, and leet- a httls; but it ewAMg lAkW them: i , their fewer made up for it: " AwMssed thd odratSiOltelrit nearly deal-, and1 thirofth Cambridge
were here steering beautifully, they fell behindlnch and, MMpie; m ^ Uy Beap Woekt, fdl
trtphe. Oxford, from'tom* unexplained cause, also got a Lttle Wwd "»UWalli=% Into form
agnize pfesed.Slndtr'th«'8tti]*hsioil-1>ridgo in 8 nyn. « sed., jukt eight seconds in fWnf; of1 tSfcii'"rinds,' or eay three length*. They had qmckehid up to-39 .stroltes to 6o6»me'nee the bend roWid tho next rench, "Wl.roving 40 Hert'pie Qaatabs h^awtd;
her lead, and showed about five lengths ahead at the; Oil Mills, Here Marriott slightly acecleratod his pace,! .*** 4hfi^ A'thi'Ddk* df Deronshirt's
maidows doing 401& theminnle, V6Qe p}4tOaihbridgo had neither the power nor apparently the will to spurt,,
but it was perfectly useless. Oxford's lead was too well^stablisnod; and they pasted under the Railway' Bridge with! tlie-grdjt' lead .'of 33 seconds, tt ibiut nineJcngths, accomplishing that portion of: th« dis-; Unorf :ia.l6m»n, 20 sec., At tht Brewery they treated their friends",iov»--'•'spurt in" at 4S, and Cam-Wdae aslMUy kept up ■ her 40 to the finishj OXt^RD/won by shout fdtty seconds, hiring taken M erin.' 17 #io.'to ths'dlsUnoe/dal WBg
ka* |f^'>ovrpd:'for many
mT'IM i' . ■ ■
An extraordinsry Instance of mistaken identity'.is nAw" WdY'lmwtt&allon at_D61geO%^GdoL JL man named WUliam or Dkri^tynfca was .um^gried before the jndgee at the ssslxes ok a charp of bigamy, t^ which inilkttaent he pleided Guilty, and sentence was passed upon.him. But the >i'oriah who Wdre:he_iras married to her has ssnos sworn that another inaiL who afterwards appeared is her real • husband. In this dilemma the Dome Secretary has been appealed-"to, and the following-letter was received from tho Homo Office by the -visiting; jertiecs :—Whitohrfll,' April ^-r-Gentlemeij,—AViti reference to,the coso of David.
R. Collier, an application was madtnby Mr J Rbbert Francis Pairlie, engiaeer, of Gracechurch-street, in the City of London; and tht Railway. Working Association, for a prolongation of Td* tiatwit foP'«Mtaj
^rpmiho gptat prejudice to overcomeyand.'theaibess .of M,. Fair lie, fhohsd formed. 4 tbmpinyj S'eUffi-cient remuneration.thad stot» been: obtimed!' ; TBa Pairlie engine conrisU of two pairs of engines: .',*Ths boiler hadrtwt'bd^is pin*.' By the invrntioq tendtrs were done away with, and the rfhimcst' cu?»ei easily passed and a ^wat aaring la hd *f#kd. in ^ddikon
lieve3, as the dilEculties in bringing'. tSe iuyention before tho,ptjblich«#l.iK»n, removed,and as th* Pklrlie engines .requirsd abroad were m*nufactor4d '%n_t&i* country, th>U if 4ho patint were eltended a reward would .be obtained and the-public ."benefited. • ' JCr. Aeton proceeded to establish the two points. r^orrtS je Im tb< epnUeatWrthe WWMy .6d Waefit of the inveA&*'anirihe InxuAclency of Ihere'mnne-
the Invention was meritorious, and had mot been remuneratix^ . Thai; lordships would .advise her Majesty to extend: the sama for a named of seven
" p: I ' : .v:«
ment in thp'gao! ofDolgoIly, T am Sirocfed to aoqi you, with a view of -settling thia man's.identity, that he should be visited in gaol by certain ■ persons who have been mentioned by the ohief constable of Mont-
gomeryshire,. and that their testimony identity should be taken by ono of your number. Mr.1 Oros* has desired the chief Constable to communicate with you on the eubjecf, ahd'to make arrangements with you Mr bringing three perMns to tho gaol at sonlo Suitable time when it njay ho convenient for one or more of your number to meet, them, and that you till receive their statements after they have seen tbe prisoner, and forward.them to Mr. Cross iwith any observations yori tuji. desire to offer thbreon for his informstkm. I am, wntlsmen, your obedient servant, Ai-F. O. I.mrmLL'—To the Justices acting as visiting oommittee of the Gaol, Dolgelly."
Oh Saturday morning last, at the Croydon Town-hall, before Mesfrs. Edridge and Carpenter, George Walker, deteribtd s*'a labourer; was brought up in m*tod%dm th* cha^A of poaching tpa'wpusalng Polioe-coitWble Bock. It appeared from the evidence that about half-past four in the morning the constable
be said he was after game. duc«. lmng wmo a* and dead rabbits on' the ground, told the prisoner hi should hate to take him in charge for poaching, pd was about to take hoW of him, when be aaid, "There are fivo of us here, and If you are not .off you, will bo Itilled." Thf constable said he did pot tire, and requested the accusod to go' with him qu*Uy, but he
Kve a signal by whistling, and. a second man, whom knew as a desperate poacher, came up. This man knocked the constable down, and then'prisoner and his companion kicked him, and beat hi A about with thick ttiefc*. Bock wa* rendered Inatnrible, and lost a great amount of blood: While oh th? ground the officer heard the'prisoner say to the. other man, " Let him have it Harry; we may as well kill him while we are about it." It was alter this that ht was beaten ,with the sticks. Prisoner was remanded.
; 'Ratio* o* Jomavirr.—A. number, of interesting Celtic "remains have just been discovered at Grove-bowt, near Sittiigbourna.
jiotsltt a? TUB Eiw On Sunday morn(h&
her Royal Highness the Princess Of Wales, accompanied by the Grown Prince and IMnotss of Denmark, attended by some members of their suite, paid a visit to the litUe Danjsh Church in King-street, Poplar, dote to ont of the entrances of the West India Docks. Tho visit was kept nearly a secret; to' that when "the royal carriages drove up there were obly a dozen or to of people standing near, these haying been attracted probably "by teeing two or three policemen standing about. . The illustrious visitor* cote rod the church at about 10.30, divine **rvice being performed in Danish by ths Scandinavian pastor, the Rev. Mr. Bartsken, yhioh waa over shortly before 13.
FATAL Shuktwo A eel DEW IT BiaMnrom*.—Oa
reocdved injuries at Monument-Ian* Station which caused their deaths. Their name* were John William
SMwasMf %
wars engaged shunting, and were knocked down by a
the head and

•Qsptain William Kaeleod, of dW ChOianwallah, waa re-examined at Bow-gtreet oo^iorday last on
aoaer. and three men (the remainder ad the crew) end, then abandoned, the ship, which appeertd" td "be* fcls-aWed. • According to the e+idenoe of QspWn WhiU-. «de, who boarded the saihng1 vessel, the boxee of the.
lp"v'. ® (yk,poewsaion of ,the captain'a log
bpok, which a^riiwted the thipfs -danLgn to.tL stormy weather; but he was. inclmod Ur the dpinlon that this would not account for1 tho1 injuries received,. and he stated that-he eacperteortd no roug&-weatEm-i himself during" the ,-vbya^e. The second mate pnd
coindds with wv fW@6m)a in.the log-boo^iby the prisoner, while the witnesses could offer no erplans-Uon of the damage done to the pumps and ve*eeL'< It was admitted that,tho Crown chitdy relied'on *ht, te^imony of the second mate, Who was not at present
■ii Uking further proceeding* if thk misskg hnks^of
testimony cm aid In kfisflfcttofa. 1
npaa%ay AT oiCYMhGTHEATRaw, |
Luey Hawk's*; bs, described as a manile.csaker,' has been charted before Mr. flQwsrs'at Bow-street with dealiM^^g England the pr^isity'bf
Miss Florence Gtrard, of 60, Torriagton-Kioaris,'U> actress employedat the Olympic Tlicatre. Th^ prosecutrix stated that on Friday night, the 6th she had the £4 note and eom'e'ailVcr in her purse whtn she went dtfwrr to thb' ftefctte." 'Sh^Wed the »nr»c, together with her handkerchicf,' cn hpj'd;gssing.tablet She was on the stage about A quarter of an hour, and on-coming-back ta"lmf"4f«OOi^-W5m took her purse up and found tht note ■ was bW^day
she stopped ths «ote at tW'Bank, The prisbhef was
High-itreet, Borough,'proved having taken tho *" "".eaiion • from the prison* in payment Af'
that she bought. He identified the note; t dgnatnre ot< the Wk of It. Qeer^^yhiW
thmllthlML Sh

.y if aUowed to go . ... «*wg received an excellent char for previous honesty, Mr. Flowers said bo he possibly oouldj
should pass as 1< and that would, bo hard labour.
borrow £18,000 for drainage purposes. Colonel Government inspector, ascertained that £1;600, tho balance of a previous loan of £7,000, had been applied to meet various charges which should have been met by payments out of the current rates. He reported tho matter to tho Local Government Board, ana in a letter to the authority the Board state that they extremely regret, to learn tho grave irregularities. They comider that money raised by a sanitary authority should only be applied to the works expressly sanctioned, and that if more money, is borrowed than :* actually required, the balance should at once be paid to the lenders, or if the terms of the. mortgages will not admit of this, it should bo placed-in a sinking fund and allowed to accumulate at (interest with a view to the redemption of tho loan. The Board further consider that tho sum which has been misappropriated by the Slough sanitary authority should be forthwith recouped, and they therefore propose to roduoe the amount of the loan applied for by £1,600. •
On the 12th Inst., Mr. St. Clair, Bedford- held an inquest at Charing-crosa Hospital on the body of Thomas Holden, aged 40, a pugilist, by trade a carpenter and joiner, but who has lately been engaged in giving lessons in boxing. Susan Way, 6, Hanover- j Court, Long-aero, who live* in the same house a* de-l ceased, laid ho wa* addicted to drink. On Saturday, • at 1 IB,, deceased came home intoxicated, and shortly! afterwards his wife asked wjtnfsi what to do. Deceased; was half-way on the bed, fully dressed.: - Witnew took, deceased's wife to bed with her, and .returned to deceased at 8 a.m., and foundi him apparently dead. A looking-glass waa put to his mouth, and it was found that h* still breathed. Mr. Samuel Mills, surgeon, aaid when he was called to deceased he was quite dead. There was no external mark of violenoe. A poil-mcrun showed that there was an immense clot of blood covering the surface of the brain. Death arose from a rupture of an artery at the base of th* brain. A verdict to that effect wa* returned, ' . ,
Dbath or Twod.—A Maclean's tilsgiatt, " dated
Friday, the 12th inst. . . ..T /
' v^° L}.aw»M-—All persons at preset holding five shilling been*** to keep a dog will be exempt from the mew duty of 7s. &L unlif December,flst next, but in a few dayt the executive wiU issue no othar ihart 7a 6d. licenses for ths current yearly*"' . -j Extxksivsi Jawau-aar Robbxkt ax tiiuafn.—A
the butler ' * «-
days, and On breaking open the door of the

INh In*, tu.
i named John Tnrtonejjged by trade, residing at fckel-
The other day, a---
74 yean, a stonemason by trade, residing n^aathOrpe. near Bamalsy, attempted to commit mieide by hanging. Tartan's career has bean a very extraordinary one. He was first married many ysars agotoa *o**an whom, after he had lived with b.asmssem
good lady's death ao much to heart that he attempted soon,-after to eammit suicide by haaginr. • H* torn however discovered in time, and was cut down' Bfc&fe % "" e*Un<* by a man named.Townte&d. AfWrS.
got qut before ^ho auooaededr in accomplishing, her • purpose, and having bean certified by ■* medidafrmn
' r+dtAti tkm ilkMHtlJ *tJ vlav-sa—.
haymg-boen pronoonoed eemjM naihi, has returned .Wbm&am*'."i
J""t~ iiTsrauoCB sxiLfeo'Ea. ,* j i
An inquiry into the' death of a mystcrioos cha^actir," which was opeped at Jersey on the 2nd of Januam has just heep oonciuded. The deceased, was a'lady about. <6 yp^rs of age, and waa always habited' iq a somi-monastiCcdrees. She had been ih Jersey two'or t^reei uletatha, passing uader the name of Madame I^mbertWwxl lived alone in a largt'bouie,'keeping ko ssrvaoti and allowing no one td «JtA"for arjV b*9o$e.
aacarchof ,^cr reaideqce being mtde it waa found in great confusion, and there, as well as upon her pereon, wore found French note* amounting to many"thousands lb her drawsre also was- found d vast
: taking rails of notte-ttom het bnderolothhig; -ifa^hjch

•r, and1 inquiries there shc\W^d'Umt ahe had gdne thwe sWih th& mmc mrstcrioua maifp^ '/The net* police had made ,dHT|tot inquiries, but ,witkjut avilh though there was a suspicion, that she had made: a business qfuicaling_in_ jewellery with women of a certak class. \ye^Wngni#lng to guide the junr, to her identity,-w veeditt wis rAurned accordingly. •
The world is -a' lbokih'g-61isiL"'an'd"gives back'to s^Wy mkii Ibf Tefiectlon of Bis 0*n'face. Frdwn at
■ A?»Wuon,M io- the mind what the cap'is to accordanee-with the rales.oi frisddshisU It la not a mora3, but really a tfolitfeal majrim. * " UnWflsh people are' always polite,
manner* are only the absenceiof.' sellish-•ro the doing unto other* as wf would Wo... A thoughifulness for tho com >ut ua a pier--4 —M—11 —— .. _ . , ingredients
_e chwfifccWpdeed. . . . , , . ,
There js ho task so hard as that of iblessing the chastening hand ol sorrow-^nothihg'eo-difficult to the natural man a* to kiss1 th« *od b> which'ha has been •truck, and to amfpss sincerely and without the affectation of formula that pain has been better for l:~ than pleasure, and sorrow a kinder'master in
c*ly %oogh ^f#nng. , r»i* Rrrpiurta.-—The author, of a,great-reform*, tion is always unpopular in his own age.- He generally passes his hfs in disquiet and danger. It «. thert-' fore, for the intereei of the huthan raoo that tbo memory of such man should be held in reverence, aAd that they should be supported against the scorn and hatred of their contemporaries by the hope of leaving a great arid imperishable name. To go on the.forlohx hope of truth ii a service of peril—who will undertake It, if it be not also a service of honour t It is cajy enough after the ramparts are carried to find men to plant the flag on the highest tower. The difficulty is to find men who are ready to go first to the breach.— Lord Macaulay, .
A Milucx-Lous Chaxk.—The following true anecdote may not be known to all our readers, abd is sufficiently interesting to bear re-UUmg. ML Gay-Lussac, in a balloon assent in 1804, threw, out a common dial chair from the height of .23,000 feet. It faR'beside a country girl who-wu tending tome sheep in a field, and as the baHOon was invisible, she condoded—and so did wiser head* than here—that the chair had fallen straight down from heaven, a gift of the Virgin to her faitful follower*. No one was sceptical enough ** the chair, or rather its
remains. The most the incredulous o«?uM venture to do was to-'criticise tho odaree, wprkmaiishljp of tho miraculous teat, and they were busy carping snd faultfinding with what the* oonaidered celestial upholstery, when an aoeount of M. Oay-Lusaac's aerial voyage rablishedj and extinguished at once tho discussion he miracle. ,
A Traxisa Diwxi tharp you are apt to come in for 4 "meagre viands; for the good thing* are no sooner served than the servant ahnoft imrnetHatcly^^ipe thfm off again, no culinary preparation, however excellent, being, thought worthy ol beih&partakan of more than in two successive spoonfuls. .Thth follows dish, and platter follow* platter in quick suocesrian, and the Turks; who do everything in a business manner, flew, think of
talking, when they are eating. la all 4hey apneas to ast up to thatrwholeebme proverb which says there Is time for svwything. The greatest oonjf^Jettltcj ----— *t dinner is td tear tome tld
•can pay jour neighbour

•elvta mere injuries than i
< A golden rule for a young lady U to conven
Mend as though a genUeu^. ...
mem .M if yo«4«male
.frianda were present.
I but their miccostore, tho courtiers of the people, equally contemptible and much mori pcrnicions.
If - thou hast wromgWthy brother in thought,.reconcile thee to him in thought; ii thou hast ef ended him in words, IWtby feconcTlia-•tloh'be ftj words( if thbu hast trospasteJT.aAunat "I4'fi^d%'by, deeds' be feconmW in Bmji thaMe cil-.tiov it most kindly which » most in kind. ' Hinbfcx Lir*.—A man say*, "I have thrown away SHtTp years'; lb»rn.wasted my wholo life!'— the mole common expression is coming to be, "My life naa been a failure"—because the thing ft which he aimed has been lost. Asif'a man's lire cfinsiited thd abundance of exterior'thing* which he peascati .Aa if,*man.'s life were not hidden in his'own self.
About Etbiiuows.—While ths Danes profess
" It is good to have me^ag!eyebrows; you will never hare trouble.',' Jn China the people *iy that V people whoep. eyebtowa-meet can never export to attaic to the dignity of a minister of state*, ' that "ladiei with too - much down or ■ hair are bohi'to be poos aU OUrHM.," b«*:t&^
- KW6'of?S.4rtW li-rg. o»a S« L. lo. »Mis.
oyier* bjt ai the expense of .tamp conwnipnoo, greti-fication, or ylsh of oqr.owai and he whoso means are limited should seek to evince hisattachment to friend fir family by every little sacrifice in his power. We attend to larg* ooncerus for our Owri takes • we should attend to lesser ones fir others. Our efforts to please others Sever'fail to' reward' ourselves. There is natlnuf mor# WaXy than to Jov# to phUgo othara; neverthelsss^ lt la ths duty a discreet man not to be ,ao Mr oTetoymtby hfs obliging humo*r as in gaomise anything th4t;ls desired.of him ,without considering .whether^* can.or ought to grant it.. -
partaken of
?4&?A^*k^,k»J$*hythalaw»o|knpuality, anil thus broad and salt are eaten at -ths ratification of a bargain oc treatyvto make it hiadiug on all parties, bait la alao an emblem of desolation; Ccriauered cities were sown-with halt.0 In-'Scotland and Ireland salt 'appears''to have "been considered to represent tho ImouuptiX* #p*rit, and"w«i^5eraf6re-lM a&hra the heart of a cor^ss; and Kfam* We« a platter, was so gbed oootafnbg a mall ^trtldn of s^lt^nd earth unmixed, the poa lp represent lh# hnmorW, theo^her the mortal pyL la former days,, was tho custom.for. all the household of a nobleman or gentle-man,to dint together, the large salt cellar*, which was placed in the middle of the table, was the boundary of distinction between the family and the menials.
8oap,—The Gauls, the ancient Inhabitants of tho country libw called France, are said to hard been the
same purpose. This use of bran and .bean-meal Is supposed'Vo hS,ve bftn know* to,the ancient Romans. On holidays and. festivals, the poor people of Roma rubbed a kind of white clay over, their clothes to make thjim appear, brighter. • fhe more dHBcUlt it was to nib out the clay, the better it suited.
- BoffaKsWra't Ortiiox of Hi* Two Witm.—Their
tuoua ntvjoe, and Tory submissive: .Josephine would sacrifice millions upon-htr toilet and in her liberalities. Maria Louisa, on tho cobtrary, economised, what I gave her, and 1 wa* obliged to -scold her iff Ordor mduce her to make her expenditure coulisted* w her rant Joeephhw Wa* deyoW (o ma; *he loi
P" Afltw* wa* right, for: she^ww the h**ng whom 1 myei .fcrod, and tho remembrance of her i* sUll all-powerful In my mind. 1* '
Auba ToraxAi—This is the name of a poisonous liquid, which exalted an extraordinary amount of attention at K*pleJ, at the cijd of the seventeenth and
4™=gW^akho?gh, on thndiworary of her guilt, she fled to a convent. Keyssler, on the eonfrw. nprmet l^nha #** alive *a prison, 1730. -Thednnk is described as transparent, tasteless water, . of which fivo-or fix drops were fatal—producing death tlowly, without pain, inMampuHon, convnlsori, or femr. Gradual wemy of *li#ngth, dfrgust Of life, **nt of appetite, and (oc*an* thirst were the effscta, whkh toon changed to aA entire cons am pU on. That the epact day, of he predicted, i* a mere
a^e- The 4rugesi stories with regard to its composition haVe gone abroad. A solution of crystallized arseoic seems to have been the chief ingredient,1 to which something else was added, probably to conceal
Ax Ktcrmuc Msnrtutxr.—At Hanau, a merchant reald*, whose histcsy ls *om*wha* carious. A ^uanel with hi* tW!pnkth#r. InduoW, hiiu.ln " leave hie father"* hooa^y when youag, ani.emhark foe England. Having aftyurod. in trade, in London, a fortune anfficisqt toeafert in Germany, he married and returned to his native town, where he found,tiat his parents Were dad, and that their property had devolved to bhn. A large rambling house, containing thirteen rooms em erOooy, and adorned with pkturee of old electors knd landgraved, &a* a part of hi* patrimony. The home goee by the name of Koa^'e Ark, from the singularity of its construction, arising, as the story goeq J^fom a .cause nbtjess singular. I&e "pper storey :* a complete second house, erected on the first. T£e builder, an opulent,citiaen,.who possessed nlnsty-hpine houses in ifanau, was ambitious of rounding his number to one hundred; but tho jealousy of the ciUsens oppotod his whim, unless be consented
examfne theapparata* closely every time, and w»tth the 6(wrsti*n a* carefully as ybu pftate:'yet you can-
» flat wldter bhskst, some eight inches in
Tour little horse has been going well Whcfffl^ you bait him f—fa*: Ah, shure, it * been a party hvel road, tor; bat oL'll have to bate him goin' up Sfcggin Deny Hm, tor! .. .
•Aiv^fcvu lb Bonne*!—SWnwreekcd -Party (who **aa,hl* Wag tq euu@Iy "_A Bhekh the Spot"' to the illustrated papers): Beg1 pardon/ but -do you happen to have *uch a thing-as apiece of india rubbcr-ltj. •
■SeasoxABLr'ifoTTo (for Anti-HltuaUste)'.—" Ftilii.* jmfs"—Feast in Lent
Ornmono* Doc atMamma, dear, Franroise, the new nurse, always sdya hdr payers ih French. Do yik" think ahe-wp^he mmdeAtm&l f
SoMmitxo ua* AW Ors-MNO >OH Kb A-T Last.— The J>tce, semi-official Servian organ, announces:— "8*r**m «mnc# Mpeider the war ended until the Servian flag wave* over Priahtina. Europe repudiates -tha Treaty of San Stafsno, and Sat via,-acting-in con-janctkn with other npfbma, take* up an aimed poel ti«i W protect her own interests. An opportunity exisM We Agland to acqnlr* infiawwi wit the
" 7?" w &**>** i"
PkAm#*«D.^medthe Ban RefanolWtyfouu. i daqf*,)—The Greeks held that names are made, like vantages, m & higher state af eaWence. Bat doc* mettheaaAe "Balgaria" tnpperttbe theorvf It I, wid^? \?W«»d of '\Bulge V dm* " AraaT
JVrrT2~4^Ttmi Ashing commenced on tlje lrt bf April. Perhsns the old maxim 0 "A worm' at.epo.eo4 and a fool at tho other " is hue after
'0«o*D Cnrw.—The very place for sfrictly abtfiinlpus training—Tap-low. " ' -J (From Jndy.)
Waxrap To Enow.—What sort of Implrtrient doe* * man AW when ho cudgels his brains ?
Qua** ron-Sia Witrain.—Whsn a man loses hit bals&xe, where does It go to f
Manraa&.Zmorot^-Vmves of fhe ditpidd In the Victorian LogislAtmc, it is asserted that.the whole of the member* of the legal profession are in favour of the payment of members of Parliament. This teem* quite feeriblo; a lawyer who did not believe in fees —mid be qui'- - -—*---

upon the strangeness of the fact that, while a woman takes to it intuitively, very few men havo-the ^lightest idea how to hold a baby. Quite trne; and it:is even more, extra* Unary, wherryou come to think about it, that even fewer men ever want to Zcaro.
Spobtdco.—A young lady likens authors and artists to pheasanta—she says they are always to be found in Uawti, #twr*, and *oed ! '
A Camoni—.To^ng man! meva attempt to moneys if generally ends in transportation!
PaorHBcr a La Ross*.—The Next " Soot of War." —Tho '' stool of 'repentance'*' for' tho Ctar!
A Liouj Ex'pLOTxa^f,—Tho lamplighters f, u* raow ma Countht.—(Time, four p.m.,. April 13)^—Old Chaw bacon : Moi, good monw will yekAindly ..A ^ ,— -----boatrawf-*an;
n. r irs amraey
"Tu* Oubat Easrndi Qi-zmox.—'W a^wgaWpf '' J; . , jho Ciacurrs."—Elasticbands. iiiSBABL* Dxt'OKTrii^.—Daughters
What forf I my*. ^Coa It e the top, he su,.. So I mxkcsa cbalk mark. But somehow it gets rubbed off in the wan; and. sen it was unpacked, the cha-racter o' that pk*er wa* ^ch a* no one navar know'd rich was the tpp and rich was the bottom on it f
"Mark Twain my* tbmt tie'Sandwich Islands' dish of plain dog " is only our cherishod American sausage with tho m)-*teryatmoved.'r-H.......
■A lodging-houeo ke*n***mtlaea to furnish " gen-tlemen with plaamnt *44. qpWoytable roo*s, also, one
The " grohib(tlccmQ*terJ" _le an inefrnment Invented in Anwricn, by Which a modem to drinker can toll what ho ceases to b* sober and is getting drunk.
A patent ha* be* taken out for "Improvements in ladies' muffs." Laditu mafO are fast young men, assuredly, and the patent i*, therefore, much needed.
A Java grandee is coming to this country with his eighty^me cbfldren, and want* to eecure board In tome qrdet family. ."tn*, '
A gentleman converanw with two ladies to whom Katarahad denied tha gift of apeech,caHed It "A little oxereise with tho dumb belles."
They hate diKp*tfed%*p#thhd of thinning out Urn jvcr-aoundant population of Japan. Kerosene lamp , have been introduced Into that^country.
AHWtoMht&era.—%ge^h*np**uIinfoXothr4 for a boy, if you wish tq make his trousers last, finish tho coat first. It is the only way it can be dono.
A few morning* aince two gmnkoon'waM *o«o#frd
laticn to a debilitated constitution V4 v
A Geeman khaela* ha* toW pmturning torn*,very difikuR expenmmta onoraripilalmg copper i giv*n.a tccond-goor window anna few handfuls of halfpence and the problem would soon and easily be solved.
phanomemaf —J don't know, Bill Towting.—" Coa it am da clips* of de er- —
called by a Missouri p

The mad who during tho hot weather cooled himself by letting himself down his well in a bucket » dodt nfobW ady body to eu*ped hlbself dowd a well ady
Canada 1* to have a new prison " exclusively for ladies." An ungallant sub-editor adds—"This will command Uaelf to tho aflnkaleeof wmnati'a right* in England."
The laW case of yeidancy noted is that of a young man who purchased a box of paper collars—14'e—and fimlin^ but ten collan in thoWx, went back for tho
A lady, wh6'h*s been reading the law. Is in the most fearful and agonising doubts regarding the legality of her marriage condition. Sho toy*, "Lotteries are 1R0-gal{ and mardago 1* the greatest lctteiyin life."
A Positive ftoot—" And are you positively certain that your mistress is out f'.'—" She is, indeed, ma'am.''
—" I think if you were to say that Mr. CurtW-"—
"Oh, then, ma am. if eo be that youn name's durtis, T'm quite sure that mistress ie out I•
A Gentle Hint—Emily, who has already " officiated " at the wedding* of three of hor friand*, an& is ^1 di*-engiged, sera it isvsr* well for the gentlemen to pro-poso the .bndeemaidaj Sot that she wishes they would go a step further, arid propose to them."
exclaimed ha, m a, tone that comprehended the know-ba»,Iiio *iaa hi, nil
miorsung the tailor that his MS. waa
. -_ 4*WWdT' Force of habit The mlrtako
.teta next day. The tailor die-
The literaiy amsm W evidently overtiumiged. Tha
middle-aged and young Iadisa, and listen when Um oMpoMWkJpr*."
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