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The ribu houda%4ijw*lo of w - r»ackit Company will afford tkoitltieefor p!«
hnd oth*re to reach the III* of Wight and
to PorUtaoJith • " • ......
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in the owning, tad a* there aroa large number of entries
Lentejt 8BBVICB*.-^During Oh* eeeeoo of Lent there kavJ Seen a eenee of specitj miaeicn aerviooo held
•ervice on Wedneedey owning*. Sermon* here been
protr. th* Rtr. K. W. Starr (who *•• received with
midst wit to tell their how to make married life raort ooeafortabU and more happy ihen it »u often at preeenL
fctearASTffl? av::s
alone,"\and they knew, that woman vat created u hi* wmpwlo^. H* thoaglt thll lf! little moreln.. " lion ex<• ted between the perttee.who were akut jotted in batrlmooy tHe home would be more happy, the hout* cleaner and neater, and the children bettei fed and clothed. At the preeenl time young men were married to almost anything. They only married bite #f women, ae they have no affection for a girl except for her money, her golden hair, or elte for the faednatlng look of her eyet If there was a little more forfceamno* one with another they would get em better to their married life, for eorae people (all out with each other oret. .very trivial com, The -wedding - ring kae had a very curloui hletojy. and itrange Uiinge are mid to be connected with U. The wedding rinjwee worn in the early Chrittiaij, Bomleh,and Greek Chare bet, and daring It* time It be* teen many traniformtUeni and ha* endured many per-mention*. In *he early era. they were made of anything that could be got-rJa.eilrer, copper, lion. Bmo. leather, and many other carton* an be teneea. In tome can* it he*
.x? sat
^ieSe %P3m WthVe hefif
The rev. geptle*** oooiluded *mo*t totareating lecture by giving eome very neelol advice to young pereoiu wbd were on the verge of being toarried, and to those wffo 'already married, hoping that hit efforte to entertain butrust them would be appreciated by etL During the lecture he Introduced eome very intereeting itatistics
Mjte Jjow.mauy. per*ooe had ' .....
yea*. and ef thoee how many f fourth, and.fifth tide*, which
ill u. other etatlitlce and en abundance of talect
1 Th» R*v. a MABCfa.a-Ar the pablW ieeiing ' on Monday,ihi connection-wltM Albion Gbfpel Sunday
m gathering bf that kfod; Mr. March. Vat rAtrf itp rat Oat»—Tb*. Cap
and thl* wa* a great p
of the club had' and many ladle*MWfrStffifa theft vlilt WKefcU'nd fill

tad alto the opinion i
ig'ey't proposition, obterviug that he had en no epecifie plane ef what wm tor'b»r«f*fted.i-iderman Lomer remarked that hf%puli^Hke.tCL knew 'teething aboi" —......•
Deputy Chairman aald ___________________
committee and dealt with.—Alderman Loifcer eaid wa* not on the committee, ead had a right to i any qaeitien.—ThoDepmy Ohainaan-Mc^ttat twinU ■ ae like another 'id the town-j|ijd|oK fault wiih everything that w*s dpne is."ss^s»
woold occur. He had invited Mr. Lungley to attend, hut be bad not thought proper to do eo, and it wee for them to ear whether Mr. Lungley had done right 01 "" ad the turverore report, Mr.
bad been fully ditcutted in

them to tay wb
thii matter.—Alderman AtlaU could not agree with
MoCalmont thought itibould be tent back to the
ilttee for furtbi the pomnaittoe l
•k be mutt tupport tb<
•Mr. Thorn a* said at dWegatodyto carry anK thit Wfrren ^apportod
strong effort wU-W made to enaure - the attepdan promlntet member of Har Maj . tty * Goveramet .. ViiToooncoM»4Ki -8ir Frederick Perkin*. M.P.,
nied the Dnirereity boat i inoe of WaJea, the C Ed w*rdof Sax*. Weta
i btvi^g on board t
the Daiyah anJ,6wediab kiniiter*,------------
SsS.a» aSS
to th# total number ol about twenty. The luncheon on board wa* eupplled bv Gonter, .*• on gold plate 1"
f«orouo[ Stiambi* txom Wetmooth to Cbeibouio.—The Weymouth Towm Council laet week met a deputation from the Great Wet torn Railway Company to oontider the tcbeme rvtpeming the propoeed ----nicatioo with Cherbourg. ~
Council in prepared"to accept tbe'harboui
n only from the tteamen to, return for loch aoeom-Jatwa at they can give tbecompany. It wa* decided allow all the pent* te remtia in abeyance at the which it I* itated
not be long deleyed, baa been _____________
pany. The director* of the compeny taw tuch
~ ----'ding them that the carrying out ol
:ay be impracticable. The Town

will bold another meeting on the tubjecL BouTHtxrrow School or Cooiear. — A eecoud Murae of four lee«6nt 1* announoed to be given at the Keil Memcnal School, Bellevue road, on Saturday, the 27th mitanL
SouiHaitrro* PmtBititoxic Bociett.—Handal'e oraUria, Sctucm, will be performed in the Hartley'Hall by the member* of thl* aoo'ety on Tueeday, the 50th initant. The frinripal vocditlt engtged are- Mitt Catherine Pesaa,Mada** Poole. Mr Heyy Guy.and, Mr. Henry Pope, and Mr. Alexander Ilowltnd it the conductor. The band^ and choru* will oootitt of 140
Edwakd*'* Pahobima—(lluitrating life and aoenery m America, will be exhibited at the Victoria Koom» «a' Saturday evening, and ooutinoe on exhibition for a fortnight. Tbi* extenrive panorama ha* taken a high nnk among tuck entertainment*, and with the clever cxcrrone, and a well.Selected ooncert-party, a very pleaaanl two hour* Imtgmary travel through the Far Weet mty be confidently anticipate.!.
Vou-smi Maich Ovt — Captain Abraham'* Company of the Ind Hint* Volunteer* aaeembled at their head-quarter*, Carlton Hall, on Tuetday evi

------------,----c-r—- —1 kW, a march
ceded by their bend, to Mr. Powell t, the Hotel, where, ae W Captain Abraham"! annual Le regaled hie pen with a bountiful eupplv of c meat, bread and Cheeee. and bear, the tpr#ad doing finite credit to Mr. Powell, whoee catering on all oc fiont give* general t*ti*f*otion. Captain Abraham [ udod, being eupported right and left by Captain Eta i --------- n..i-----vnd Abraham (the latter the

»ortb£jCapUin),^apUina J.^8. Pea The Chatrmar
it Kehvin, l*t Hant* Artillery irman announced apologia* for attendance from eeveral offloet* of the other volun-oorpe in the town, who were unavoidably abeeat
-----in th« town, who were
lie then gave the utual loyal toa*t*, fallowing wiia >uu of " The other Volunteer* of the Town, opapling
t Captain J. 8. Pearae, who *uiUbly
Captain Abraham, whiok waa drank with moticAl hon. our*. Captain Abraham, in returning thank* for the handeome manner in which he health had been toaated, briefly alluded to the little difference that had occurred la*t year between the corpe of the tow», of which hi
ut -urn WB, m WHicu urn
_______________more, but that eoon they
ibould have a battalion drill oouUtingof all the vein*, oorpe of the town (cheer*), lie again thanked
trusted they thould hea
>r the haadeome hie health had been rec gave " The health ol Ci
_ JepUin Shut Hatfield, and the offloere of the eecoed Haute,' which wa* drunk to a to by Colour eergeant Marahall. itary character followed, in-
bumper, and rot ponded U
Other kmete of *complli------,---------
clodieg that of Lieutenant Abraham, who ha* -----
received hi* oomm Woo. Thi* wa* received with muci cheering, and briefly acknowledged by the young Lieutenant. During the evening #eom* excellent harmony added much to the pleaeure of the company, who eepa-
Qoail* raoM Bom.—At the Livvrpool Police, court on Tueaday, Meetr*. Elder and Euthvm, game poultry aalttmve, of PL Jolux'e. Market, were vum-mond under thv ttoond eeetlon of the Wild Fowl Pre. teetloa Act for htving em the 4th iut. *xpo**d for aale In the market % mamber of quell* wkW» had been caught tin** tke 16th ef tUnk. On behalf of the defendant*, Mr. W. H. Jontt, Egyptian jnerehant, of Liverpool, wat called, tnd etated that the bird* were
were the only gune at pr**ent la the market/and were Tn CAT* Leva roa How a-A few weak* ago a
trtvrlltd ea feet hy the cat. from NttUngham to
saasaraftsiss M4:
and famihvt of the mtr on the'Heeervc Foreci, ing chargeable to the gi
p)ted by the public.
i amd tbi RUEEvi' FoBCEt— tral of the principle trtdrt untont i diteutting, the advitability of ce from their fundi to the. Wive* umber* who had beea tailed c to prevent their beeoi On Tuetday the iuQi
oclvty of Tailor* In Mane at inttructed to obtato

tL- 'Amalgae

I ring and equiftog relief.
" ' ' f the Royal Matenie intti-bright little lad.
in.for Boye en Monde
d Mile* Covtrdalt, wl etndanl ef Mllet Cov
The Priaon CommjUi under the new Act, to adminieter Hi . .
to thia borough, met on Monday, in pureuanc* of lh« ' ined by the Homo Secretary, in order to appoint
Sooth am ptoo, appointed

wuel baring for

patt been the acfing chairman of the borough vititing jatticee, it wat tuggeetad that he thould be elected to pretide over the new body, but be having ex. pretted a deelre to occupy a lee* prominent poeiUou aad propoeed Admiral Coot*, C.B., that gentleman wa*
~ " dlmatftfactlon it reported to .. which hat
>K oCJtna Eurydlce., bveral Government tug* end-lighter* were Ip the 'lelnlty of the wrack yetterday, but the work doet not leero to have been increaeing in force, tnd much I fficulty wat experienced by the dlvtrt. We Under-itand that the Poreign Office hat conveyed to French government an expreeeton of thtnkt for the tympatby diiplayed on hearing of the lott of the Eurydift, at ti by the diligence of oficlalt along the coatl In ihlcg for bodie* and wreckage.
IE TEMPLE Bictcle CtUB which patted through town la»t year on their Eaeter tour, will egatoviait the
&rnen a rmllar toufon Saturday. They have arranged leave Wmcheeter aoout 10 SO a-m., and will be met be road by the Southempton Bicycle Clnb and ber* of the Andover, Bath, Cbicbeeter, Havant, month, and. Suttet Club* arm eipAetad to fall in with them and aooompany them to the South weetern Hotel, and afterwtnlt proceed 'at \ 30 p.6i^ over the Floating bridge.PO their war to Booth tea 'Should the weather be favourable a good mutter may h* exported.
THE weather baa. during the we,k. proved exceedingly unpromjring for the oocefort of holiday folk at ~ or tide. On Wedneeday there wa* a very heavy _. j fall of rain, which haa eatu rated the country in all direction a. Our Common will certainly offer few attrao tlont to pie nioere. We noted, in aundry directione, tbit (Thursday) mornimj, puddle*, eeveral yardt acroat. and any number of inchee deep. Of oouree the whole of the turf wa* like a wet apooge, and thie etate of tbingi thould materially aid the police in checking the tandencv to eon vert Good Friday on the Common. Into Bubatitut* for the baniabed enjoymenta of Above Bar
The Herb Robebt.—The Herb-Robert It called the Herb-Robin, though thia It probebly onl corruption of the more common name : It la alt^ a Ragged Robin, Robin flowtr, and Red Robin, "j > of theee namet it more ordinarily butnwed ou another flower, the meadow lycbnlt, or LycJinit Ho* CMoUi. The name in any of theee flo**r* It poetibly a corruption of rob-wort, the red plant, aa In the autumn the whole plant tumt brillltnt crimeon, and then beeomet etpeciall.v noticeable. All the plante of the genut to which thte belongt are called crane'e-billt. a name beetowed upon them f/om the peculiar form of the teed veteel or fruit. The generic name geranium carriee the mama meaning, being derived from the Greek word for a =raae, geraaet-fkem" FmmJkr WW /Tewert."
Tbibcbals of Rook*.—Rook* (my* M. Diarmid), Ilk* men, have not all the eame nice eenee of ju*tlee. Some of them are honett, obliging, and toduttrioui, othtr* knavith. Idlt, and mltchlavout. In the tpving montht to particular, whtn they are all bu*y building n**t* or repairing old enet, certain evil-do*rt Invade their neighbour*' *tare of ttlcke to *a e themtelvet the trouble of collecting material* to a more laborious and lawful yay. Thle to eome may appear a very venial crime, but what a plank It to a carpenter a twig le to a erow, and to pilfer the one It aa bad at to purloin the the other. But at ofttn at offence* of tola kind are detected, a complaint It made to the proper quarter, aad the dtllotfUtnt tried and ponlthed hy Me peer*. Some veteran bird acta a* chief jot tie*, and from the
a .
npon tyttam, thoeghl-----
opinion that they examine wltni __________
The pretidlng rook, who lite on a bough above all the elh/rt. It beard croaking la*tof alLand when eenteoce
And *aid If'wAuld hat-----
better had Mr. Lunglry made bit propoeition at aq amendment. When Mr. LuAgley oould not get whaf he wanted he got up and left the room —Mr. Barford n eopporting the committee, pointed out that the pilee * Ik* Hoatmg. bridge, after forty year*, had been found a*_*ound aa wh*n firat put down.—Mr Parmentar maid the plant tubmilted to him were perfectly impracticable, " he bad no heeitation in laying, *om* day let

Ald*rmkn Lomer eaid iftar what they had heard fr practical man like Mr. I'afmen plan would let the Pier down, tl . , .
referred back to committee.—Alter tome further dit-Ootaiou the Board divided, when there-vpted-for the amendment, 10 — Ueiirt Warreo, Kewaan^oovell, Roger*, Hinr, Haddon. Deal, Abraham, Fay, Bartlett,

^tlatt, and Lot iarried, tnd thl
Tile Finance Committi ranige. and rent*. £d44

reftorttd that the receipts (or omage, and foraign wharfage, oa*t»l*o wharfage. *torag*.
---parW.fllbia. Tkawaaf^lg
u. 64. had been paid for wagee during the quarter, solicitor had applied (pr payment of the balance of i 18e. 6d.. balance of cbargee for obtaining the Aci 1877, and the committee recommended that a cbequi drawn for the amount They further recommended payment te the Corporation of £574 It. 8d., being bftb of the harbour duet (or the half-year ending 8cpr tember 30ib. Bille were recommended for p»ymr " -tlie amount of £439 le. 3d.—The report wa* unanln adopted, and the board broke up. -
m .w^rarf'V . omv^ eald the** paperi^wrre the
hr*r).--Artn tHTFinanee CemmTHee. ITthey were only
^ver. thought If waa their duty to examine all ae.
tion, It appeared le him, wit this—bad the eurveyor ittued ki* flpaj ccrtUfat* foi '
money ?—Mt. Lungley eald he t.— ...-----—
T; ^ ' apeaker) and Mr. Le F----------
to Mr. Croak beat once gave up the bllle of ouantliie*. ,w no reaton why Mr. Lemon thould not do ' —The ditcut.ion wtt continued by Metart. Purber. W.Perkint. JBanee. Jokna. Aldtrmaa, New. tad Atlatt, after which Mr. L* Fedvre replied. I that he cqntidtred h» had been «T»«ed
.uty chairman of the Finance Cemmituethe . more to aa he carried eat the dutiee at a gtiAt-SmcvKb* of (time, and then to be told that thit wat a q**tU»^ between him and Mr. Lemon (hear. hear). r Pray* Who: wat Mr. Lemon. He typportad ,*rh^aJU*ti*lj»etH{ to the office, and had worked htrn^qnioutly mtl^ him (hear..bear); but_becauie Mr.-Letnaa ha@taken gagementa outaide the town, and prevented hie atten W *o hit, dutlet. he w»* charged with thit (hear, heai He (the tpetker} had ttld thit contract waa not eupe W*ald have been, and he ttld to tti
why the Fin«
a tha Mayor (A. L. W*Cala»
were only to tit there ana tlgi faith In them. He taw no Committee thould not tee the thit £637. tad unli
i billt of ptrtlcular
they did they had
r . ----«vr r—, \. rar. hear). In c<
iluslon, all he could aay wtt thtt If tht report
nat adqpted-he thoald retign hit petition em the Flhtnce.Conlmittee^ kibe wet not going to tit there tt clerk to the Rpecitl and General Workt Committer
Johnt. Cleveland, Btnee, Roger*. O Perkint, Barford,
Lungley, Atlatt, Lomer, Dtwaon, Le Feuvre, H.
carried, the Contfril divided on the adoptfoa of the re
coateouenca of thia vote be beyirad to.taodcxihlt ra. tlgnaUon as member of the Finance Committee, which he handed lq. a* did alto.Mr. H. Dunlop.—T%e :Towyni Clerk, In tniwer'a question, taid in contequence or no billt could be ptid, tnd that tbi e to be brought up tgain d» mora it I f the Council.—Mr. Le Feuvre: Ant the £637 not to be paid.—The tubje
, POBTSWOOD DBArWAOB. The Special.and General Workt Committee reported that in accordance with the- recommeadatW made at the latt meeting of the Council, the committee htd directed-four opeaingt to be mtde along the line of tewert—one in Belmont-retd, one in Ivy.rotd. one in Priory-rosd. aad oae ia-Kenfroad: and on Tuea. day the Jlayor aad Masai*. Sfirrrn, Cleveland, and
McCtlment-.thATo-nClerk. Mr. Lemon. Mr. Bennett (acting boreaeh au'veyArt, and Mr. Jooa*-"Nleholt (the contractor), attended. The pipes were uncovered fn their pretence, and closely examined. The whole ofthe jolntt were 'horoughly tight, ar.d the i
i, {S r- - r^ —Utfltd with th*. way
rhlch the contract bad been executed, and tl [king 6f the drainage throughout the di ng th* adoption i
A meeting of the Council wat htld at the Audit louse, on Wednesday afternoon. The Mayorf A. L.
•AS»t« aa trczm?.
D. Barford. Mr. Junior bailiff P. Warren, Aldermen McCalmont. Bartlett, Newman, Jonel, J.P., . r, H. P. Atlatt, Emanuel, J.P.. and Lomer j Councillors J. Whitchurch, O. P. Perk int. J. P., T. id. H. Abraham, iff. Furber, J.P.. J. H, Lo . J. P.. H. G. INalo,. J. O, Parmwitar O. Lungley. R. Driver, W. U. Roger*. J.P., 8. S. P

md J. J. Jolini
of Highfield,
..........— . . . . ----, _ ot the foundation etone df a now chanoel at Highflel.
he had prumiaad to do eo, and abould be
ember* of the Town Council oould maki,----------
attend.—The Town Clerk read a communication from 'xecuti*e otfioer to the Hartley Initi-►t the Right Hon. Cowper Temple,

Mayor (aid Mr. Chip, perfield bad a*ked.bim to precide on thaoocaeion, and be bad contented to do to. and hoped to,**o am fenny embort of the Co^pontioh protcot at could make it mvenient to attend. '
frii* BOBOUop gpaveto*'* eeeionauoH.' ?„ Alderman Paasenger taid. toeing 'that tboy pr«otie*lly —---d£E=a -
without a -borough ti
of Mr. Lemon't retignation might be taken onoe, before any other butim** wa* proceeded with.
Mr. Warren, aa a member of the Special and General Work* Committee, supported Aldermen Pattetjgrr'ire-.— Mr. 3. Pecktoi .had "no objection alter the 10* Committa*'e.t*port had been adopted—Mr. La r* raid be ibould object,a* hq wat given to under-that Mr. Lemon "M prepared to altar hit former ion —Mr. Abraham taid the town wa* virtually iUt a turveyor, and he truitcd Uf. Le Feuvre would war. and moved that the eubject be ooatidered at —Thit wat tooonded by Aldermen Newman.—A on followed. Mr La Feurre refuting to give and there voted for the proposition, 21—. r*. Warren, Furber, Pearce, Cleveland. Whitchurch, Parmenter, LungUy, Banc, Roger*, AiUtt, O. Per kin*, Barford, Abraham, Jone*, Partlet*. Dawton. Drive-,. W. H. Newman, Pattenger. MoCalmont. and the Mayor; against It, 1—Mr. Le Feuvre j neuter, 1—Mr- H Dunlop. —Tbe proposition being adopted, the Town Clerk read " letter containing hit resignation, publiehed looting of the Council —Mr 'Lai ' ~ momngthatth*tau*r b* referradto a *al**to. ,
of th* Council, aaid by eo doing they would b* enabled

pted, the town Clerk
•Hon, publi—
_ s^S'"
antmeut* at other placet, which wa* the cauae ol
placet, which_____... .
drifted into tha politico they now _ of great ability, but hi* whole
tervtoe* were required to look after the butioea* of the town, and ooooluded by moving hi* propoeitioo. "He, k7w*vtr, could find no teooodtr.—Alderman Paeeaqg*
mitt**, having had thia matter under their oonrideration.
taw no reaaon why the old rule ehould be departed from —Thit waa teoonded by Aldarmaa Bartlett, and there being no objection It wat referred accordingly. eibabob.-a bbixxe.
__ Finance Commlttae'e report wa* read by the Town Clerk, which recommended a large number ef
Umoo, who had tefued to ^ve
efficient working 6f the drtlnag* triet—Mr.-G.the report, aald tke cxctvttiotn _________
stated above, and the committee were-of opinion that the ^rorlu had b(*n fairly carried oat.—Mr. Cleveland legended the adcptlou of the report, and aald there there waa no cause for the complaint that had beea made against th«o. — Mr. Parmenter eald h* wat aiteniihed at the remtrkt that htd been mtdt ky tbe latt tpetker, aa they had found out of 16 pipea 9 cemeatrd and 7 not cemented, and how the Special and General Workt Committee could bring up port and aay thie work had been satisfactorily ea out he could not understand (hear, hear).—Mr*Warren laid Mr. Parmenter had remaiked, that when the pipe* were Itid It wa* not necettary they ehould bt itad, A great deal had been charged against tke " il Workt Committee, which wat
agalmt them to thli -----
Investigation that had taki
Mr. Abraham defended thi and told Mr. Parmentar thi tpoke " according to cocker ." which
it there were defec
r. He thought after i u place It muat be te had fallen to the ground mlttee and contract (Mr. Abraham) alwi hich canted no end ttid Mr. Abraham had t

Mr. Abraham; Na. I (laughter).—Mr. Furber thould liki committee found any defects —Thi wat satisfied, from what hi taw thi. . _____ , . ., ■II right (hear, hear) —Mr. Lungley kaid 7 out of 16

pipee bad
could aet be considered s ______,
plained that four pipe* in Pripry.r*.. ... Intended to be laid la cem»nt,-but'thii » nd they were laid in city.—Mr. Le Fcuvr

Why then were we not teld thit before, an A not^Arr it wat found out ?—Mr. Lungley taid he could not underttand bow pertont acting for other people coajd come , there and .aay they were *atitfled after what had happened. He, h*Wever, truited "that tdtne arrange, rtent would be arrived »t," to that'thlt vexed queitiin might be tetUed.—TS* Sheriff remarked that he wa, that the Special and Genera) Work* Committee htd setn if thee/ work* had been carried out properly, at luggtsted by himialf, Pton* what they had heard it'tppeared that a.portion *f-these pfpet htd not been properly cemented tccording to the contrttt, and now they were told by Mr. Lemon that that wtt to, and wly, he .would aak, were they oat toll thit 6*Aie f tad if tliit work, wat not deofh* thought th*i »hpald not pay tht contractor. He (t]»* Sh'rifl^ wa* not a prae-deal man, but the,contract laid that tbotevplpet thould be pugged and cemeqted. and. thi* not having been don*, ho did nof tie' how thiy rould pty thi con-tractor. Hi thought It waa their duly to find out thi value of'thi* ceadenting that had aot beea doae, aad deduct it from hi* contract. A* to th* letter from thiir lata Clark of the Workt Mr. Smith, n* wa* a i*y enargetio man. but th*** drawag

impoanbl* that th* Cl*rk oould be at thro* or lour place* at onoe. — Mr Lemoo, to an-*wor to Mr. Lang lay, *aid wbon ooocreta wa* need, c*m*nt wa* not ranuirad. — Mr. Lungley i — -would be lee* thaa £400 if c»m*nt had not —Mr. 8. 8. Pea roe: No, not more than £80. — Mr Mr. LungUy: It ooot 41. a joint.—Mr. Lo Feuvre inquired if the report tubmittad that day aaid thil work had beea eatiifacionljr carried out—The Town Clerk : Toe.—Ms. Lo Eeuvr* thou taid be ibould withdraw all ho had aaid Co a former oocation, yd rely on that thaeo work* had oof bean properly carried < ,
' "- T.0f Mr. Parmentar that out of Aementod. He oontiderod it a be satisfied with
tno committao't report, which wa* mo*t unfortuaata. He «hould lik* to know from Mr. L*mon jif out of thi* •jvaa mils* of piping thl* sra* a (air tort, and if other thing* had boon ditpeneed with in ooanection with ooatraet—Mr. Lemoo t Yer and dedaotad from itnotor** ExaounL— Alderman Lomer would like ** If other plaee* were opened what would be the ra. gait He eoaU not vote for the report, which to kit mtod wo* moot un**ti*faotorv.—After eome further di*-cuteion, the Council divided, and there votr' Mi th* report, 14, ri* Meun. Warren, Pearot, John,
wteditcharged.; . ■: , -J.lHs ' ' ,r> -
A Caib Withdbaws. — George Brown. Thomat
being alleged that It watmoro an aZalr of jaataa*. they
____zrfaBtT av a Bor—Oootto Oould. A little
or. wa* chanceO with steal I op half-a-crown from tbe oaee of Henry WtUte. of Brawhoo*er«ourt.-Tbe charge ot being proAeed. the boy wee discharged......, p .
ofore J, '.I. Ak kvry. (chSnnii l.-Alderm'an Emanuel. , T. Tucker and A. Pegler, Esqsq.
I)Bo»BE»»i»a.—AlMd Low*. ■ pernio in the A.8. Corp*, charged with being drank the prevloa* night, wi*
W*D**Jasked <* a daxentfiir the plant*. : Ho waa rather Impudent, and on .being a*k*d what sort of a maa Hr.TlcCalmont
Sw&svrs'.B' .rjMs
from, and be repITod fronr a uurtery at St. JohnVWood. London. On looking *t* bandM. maitut - Pleotee.,Tbe
t ho should . withdraw from the
- . .. ---------a* * much stronger ea*e against
•t»e prlsopera to the eouoty, and tbotcbt that both thould M bandM over to the county police.—Thia waa accordingly !-G4or*e Tobbaja jotoer oot of 'w&k;' ...... th being drunk In Above*

i. from New Tork. I*
Havana aad Me* Orleans.
Th. ndmpST~C,vt.--—. from n.van- and
Saw Orloana, arrived at Sratkampjon eo Wodneeday. with a X having landed the-

» May. with mail*, p

.. . ■atarday fofOoek.
as illachaived with acanOon.
^ ^ rmcwpAT.
DRC*xr?i*xtt.—Oisrles Permit, tn elderly mtB. was :htrgod with being dranklu Above-bar-street. the previous afternoon, and fined * and coat*, or seven d*y. .
trom Inspector Harris, priaoncr wa* again remanded for a
INDC*-OifL #. D. n^tard.w*lh&b.
lefl Gibraltar on Jfontav morning, and .hampton on Friday *v*nleg.
ah* procwded on to London.
MntZJPOEIT-Capt. A. Pariah, le'i Southampton radav. with tha Chlaa nails. She had alarg* num-
The TifttEIUN-Capt. A, H. Johnson, will 1, -npton pa Thursday next, with the outward Letter*. Ae.. must bo posted at South,
Oan_________ .
Ithampton on th*
. . ----------Gibraltar only,

"rk Ir."wSLSLTtitaWmewara

The CBriO.S—Oapt. O.B. Brooks, with th* light pprtlon if the China mailt, arrived at Briodlsl oa tbe 17th fn«t . md Walton to Aooona and Tenlc*. The mall* left lor »ndon at 1* a.m. the same day.
The SEP A CL — Capt. J. 8. Murray, with the outward alls, arrived at CaloaUa on the 12th tnjt. fhe SXnfDA—Capt.- Bdmomd. with the outward mail*, rrlred at Bbanabal on the Kth Inst. The BAhOALORK-Otpt. K. Stead, with the outward
^ Ike p^e—led ow to A.J
- i * ^ wtL%.%6iL .
tog., and BTOCaeded Mf Ai
Tisaa aflilgb wt eoJlng ApHlg7th»— o-— .........
There t* a woonJ high wator abo rt two htwrraf tor tb

* about three hour
Hottc*.—I* order t* ensure ln**rtk>a of Birth*. Marriage*- ■ _ Oolltnt^April 15, BtQaaen't-bBlldlBit,Southampton, Mr.
i* of Spirit.—Theee PUI* can be ^or aad require mo later* ------r--1--.—Mare. They act mU Hy on the

the eetabllabment of. a; Patent MedMoe. Only a slip of
and so a great many b*v* tried the thing over and over again to their great lots and bug* disappointment.
Patent Medicine only remit* from a prescription wi
it»leonlc lilfla—a do*lgn,th*t nothing could wlthtttni

r^licQ r'ery * It m
position, tad very soon dlscorsred that aot only the eitire
statistics of Patent Hudlclnes, we may truly declare that It-vendori ihrougWoot tbe Cnlted Kingdom wl
druggist* and modlelno\

appeared from the figure* ol


outhampton «
-""""1.,^,^ ._________
Southampton about
DOX—Capt. B. Wool ward, with the hemewi India and Padflo mailt, la expcctad at Soutaamptc th* tSlh Inst.
TkeMMQCI30-€eM.0. HeotU^ eataadmma West India aad Pacific porta. wT. Copland, extra t
The PAHA—Oapt J. T. Molr, from Southampton
• u "kfwma* _ ...
The BZBS-olS£"lL^
• armed at Boutha*--------
anthamptou on Saturday

ta ample rewards, but alto t anu in* world al lyge. who have donvea tno greater! benefit from hit medicines.— Ttu PJiOoeepWal ^iredt*.
Taaoar ArrxcnoB* i*d HoaxiiBxtt.—AM .uttering from Irritation of tha throat and hoar—nee* *tll be *gr*aably sur*
are now sold by most respocULl* chemist* la thltoouaUy. at
*0*n. as similar Uoahle*. if allowed to progress, result In
-----—Ma*ufaet*r*d by Jt_ ..
United Stale*. Depot, 488. Oxford-*!
poethMly restore charmingly fceaoUfulaa wall, as promoting th* growth of the --- ' " wWd the gland* are not decayed.

r* everywhere, at 3* «d p<
el moot erery ooastitation. is oonslderahly aeelrtal by »

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