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The Reorder. in ihfcrjrfaf tht Orand Jury, nld tb* ^lender contained; *W on* o* W* eietptloM, oa*e* pf u, ordinary detcMptbe. and WW gl** Ibtto no troublt." %hwweeeea# awtoeia Irnm aemW Hltokcook. M P*"' eretlty, . end * such a cm u had not M« l'**H of bert fkr ttany yeart pa*L TbI* grow nie of cru*lty »u tH« of cutting i PoOt ***** out. and should M»« nn be oenvWted h* thould l-)« to inflict *u*b penMnaent m to dtttf othtrt fr«m t.mmiWinR similar airtafortom* time tt 0©m*. Th* rut cas* wei that of a bumiM Smith, charged with cbutninu goodanndtrfalm pretence*. Tht faetttbowtd |\*t prltontr had reprneetk) that he llvtd at a etrtaie
____ideceit/ i if *#. h* nbpaM 'be.
tlje6»,aiiy ea«*«tanee in W1--

i Iher would haT*J

,o .... »»« ■ i... eot "worth manning. _
then dUmiaMd th* GfaodlJery 4o tbtir dutitt, end the trial* of pritoeert eotemtnotd.-. ■ ■
rreauieo b*osh*8 ran* *- renr.
Lucy Ann Hardy, aged «0. «M WWW and- fWW
- aleo M galtty ••
g the thop ©I Mr.
----t, * toe«th f—
6 haVlnfc bean prtetootly I
agtie ha "*«W M*b« ,V74Vld*L
that waa foer ytar* a*o. and ha would give bar e*i* mtrt
chmct, and *t«t*netd bar to twtlvt month*" bard
ciunab wnuiua mist.—«r*two« ttodict.
E-lward Mare hall, e« ball, wet iedlcttd for ttttllng 30!be wtkht of barley,-the pre party of Frederick Oaont* Loiner. frcto * Car* near, tha Platform, on tba 2fXh of February lui-Mr. Warty prefeutod; the prltoeitr w.i undefended, mod pltadtdno* mull*y.-^Tht eaae was this:—Prieooar « «K»pl cartleg corn from a eMpln the I'aoha to prettcniorS atora naar tha Town qua/, and whlla pawing the Platform with a load af barley In sack* prisoner *u **«n by P.C, Palmer to All a nottbeg
apt up from tba ground —The R,
folly *umn>td up tha aaaa to tha fury. wht. afwr a abort deliberation, found a verdict of Not Quill*, on tha ground that a* barley bad baan proved to have been I oat or taken away from iha premleet.— The Bteordtr aald tha tartar wat provtd to bt tha property of Mr. Lomer. and the prisoner bad no right to lakt U.—Tba jury again con»u!iad, and than aaid they war* of opinion that tha barley, abould bara boan waigbad whan tha prisontr *U tahan Into cuatody.—Tba Recorder aaid he
diet, and in dUchi
e prieonar told him be might
Mr. J am,a Sv don. am 10tb Intt.—Mr., Bollao fended the prieqner Sai The facta of thla
Prieoner then left the dock.
Ldwerd Baundere. aged M. a porter, and Jamea Hame. aliaa " Togey." aged 68. aleo a porter, were In.
i plated epoone from Meeere Perkina Hart, A bore-bar, the property of irer, of Sheffield, on the ■tod ; Mr. Matthew* da-flarria being undefended.
-....... - —- are lully reported Irat
week, being tbeee :-PrMec»tot„ l» a manufacUrer cf plated good» at Sheffield, and waa holding a eale of hie good* at Meeer*. Perkin* and Son'a Aueilen Mart, A The twoprlaenera were employed by Meeer*. Perkine and Son aa meaeenger* at the eale. On proeecu-t«r going to the tale roome laet Wedneeday morning be mieeed three parcel* of good* from a table where be hed left them the prerioui night. Proa ecu tor aeked Saunder* If he knew anything about the go^de, and he replied that be did not. bat at the requeet of Mr. Waller Saundere made a eearcb with them, and left for a *bort time. They were aeon after called back br Saundere, and on the table wae one of the packet* of * poena he lad prerlootly mined. Saundera itatlng that be bad found them on the floor. He aleo itiled that Harri* Lad got the other packet, and thla wa* afterward* found concealed In an upper room between a beam and carriage tole.—At the cloee of the ca*e the Reeorter aiked llarri* If he wlehed to aay anything to the jury — Harri* »*id he did n6t He wa* guilty of taking a parcel
(there.—Mr. Mathew* then addreaaed the Jury for the jrUoner Baundera. acd with hie u*ual eloauence, aeked the jury If thla man, who had borne an Irreproachable character for twelre yeara. ihonld by thi* ch&rge be da-trired of the mean* of gaining an boneat lirellnood In the future, and hinted that If either had ipoken the truth It wa* Saunder* and not Harrl*. who the Recorder eould hare to deal with and not the jury. And what *aa the evidence on which they oould convict the pri-►joer Sadbdera ! He ukid them to diaoard tba evidence ' f P.C. Lane altogether, and concluded an earn eel appeal b the jafy to acquit the prieoner Saundere (appli - IneUhtly wppreeeed.—The R« ' *-

-------io tfe^ jary, told them they would
hire to decide the Cue between the two priaonere, and repeated the evidence, elating that the c**e waa itroager *siln*t Harrl* than Saunder*, and aaid if they bad * dcubL after W* gAod character, to give blm the benefit of it.—The Jury, after a few tecond* conciliation, found both prieOner* Oulltf, but »lrongly recommended the k mercy—Saunder* for hie long aertlce, and Harri* account of bU age.—The Recorder, |n paaai •cntence, aald he quite agreed with the verdict, a •U alweye ro»dy to 11*ten to the recommendation p jury ; but be ooold pot reduce tb^ aenteoce to lee* th til month* with hard labour.
... —wfa}ly malmir.. --------- ...
George BrtJwn, at Newtown, in the pariah of Ba. Mary, on the 18th of February la*t, to which he pleaded guilty. - Mr. Rutaell appeared to proeecute.—The ca*e wa* thl* : - 1'roeecufor tied hi* donkey to& r*U at the end of » piece of land at Newtown, On the day In quaatlon. while be went to Ml dinner, from lnf«rmation b& received, be relomed to the donkey, and then found it* tonirue cut out cloee to the root, and lying on the grou cloee to the donkey. Priaoner** hand* bad blood them, and *o haf each of hi* pocket*. Prisoner l„ the worte for drink at the tlmo-—The Recorder, In I uting eentenco, **il prUonor bad pleaded golHy to a charge that made a man'* run cold. He had the power to *end him to penal tervltudc for a period of ten year*. He (the Recorder) bad enJeavoared to find oat a motive for thl* horrible crime, but could find nome. Never-theleu he moat pan upon him a *ev»ro eeotenoe, and that ww that he be Imprleoned and kept to hard labour fer the term of twelve calendar month*.
The Guardian* of the Poor of Parch am Poor-law Union, appellant*, v. The Guardian* of the Poor of the Boathamptdu Incorporation, reepondanU. aa to the adjudication of the tetUecaem of Bmily Bolter, a pauper lunatic,''confined .U the Dorr hector Lunatio Avjlum. The e* pen*»* lncurre.1 by the reepondent* up to the date of the order were £39 10*.—Mr. Templclkoke and Mr. Oilee (in*irvcted b/ Mr. Bonnetborne, of Parch*m) were for the appellant*, and Mr. Balien and Mr. P. H. McCalmont (Inetructcd by, Meeer*. Lomer and Leigh) for the respondent*.—It appeared that Emily Bolter wa* -i. JTT.i »nA m f*w year* after
here they received
the Reeerder eeHt him tb haN labour l.iMbrc* moo tha. .) TheCeart thn adjeunted natil Wall-put.I) o'cloek the following day.>• r-n ^j..t I: • ,• ■.» •
6EOOND D&Tt The learned Recorder look hi* Mt the B.ack at
Bocbaa, A, P*gfer. and J. T. Tuekart Beqn.' . /
lllso* or itmuw a5d «T*AU*0 and MCBTIWO. Thoma* Weodford, a hor»*-k*epr» and Galu* Peck-, am, a horeadealer,of the New Pore*!., were indicted, tba former with stealing * quantity of bcaoa, the property of bia-aaetcf, Mr. Bdward Jlrowa, butcher. Above-bar, and Pock ham with reertvlng Ueeame, Well ka*wing Ikem to hare been (tolen. On lh« 12U January
wa* employed by proeeeotor to look .aUer. hleboree* k) take lb* beg of beam* $croee to the Spa Twer*, where .
_rr»re eroee-ezamioatlon by Mr. Mathew*, and admitted that he bad>ad IwelflFVOfttbe'-lmptUovmeet for steal-
nem | No. (more UugbUrV .H* kq*w Thoma* Ball, who gave klm aide taentb* fer glTlng a man a pot 6f t>eer (roan of laughter). Would A wear It was not for iteAlmg beane ; he told a carter that tf be had anything ko leave be could leave It at • pobllo Bouie. bat be d(d not knew ftbAtil wa* (laughter.)—After mere * video oe bed been heard, the Recorder pointed out tolheJory that there wa* Ineuffioient evidence a* to Peckbam, and that If Hurti'* evidence *tocd alone be thoald atk them to dlacard It, but there wa* no reason why they *hould dlioard It If there were other evidence to correborate It. —The Juiy eopiultei together and aald they mart die-card Hurst'* evidence.—The Recorder s i told you you ieod not diecard it.—The Foreman : The Jary. feel Ihcy ^annot accept Buret's evidence.—Th* Recorder, TImb yoa find the prieoner Woodferd not guHty.—The for* man : A portion of tha Jorr eeeeWer that the prisoner, by hi* own edwlteion. I* Muilty, and another portion conelder he I* neL—The Recorder i Then yoa are not agreed.—The Jury having again eoneuliad. the Foreman (aid : Five eoaeider htm guilty. #*d the remainder net
beratton tba Jury returned a verdict,ot.guUty against Woodford.—The Recorder, in paasiog eeatence, tcld Woodford he bad been conylcted oq thC;mo*t *atief*e-
Smrriean Paeific Mali Company, botftht 8*rf PraneUetJ lad in .New Yerk, and he bpliemiithe,recall of /Uteee Mill* had been of great pecanlary benefit to the Ceaa. «any The account* were new preeeuted — ^ " " bolder*, in a different form—in the,for
asasssgame ##&##
Jo the tkpoaditwe* on fcaaU there ha* beea t Meto, of
^J1.0C»T-th«t waa Aue,*ot o*ly l^eooaomy irr iu«m a
hpgea and pU*ta*e,cvkr *bleb they had ah toatrol. the** charge* beleg regulated by apubllo aatkoHty, and all they had to do wa* to pay them th* earn* «* other people.. The r*palr and x*n«w*1 aceoaat three yeat* ago wa* con*Ider*tly ovrxdraivn, aad they kad
cent., for repalre end renewal charge, and thl* had woek*d remarkably well,, fer In three yw* the expea-dliurk on thi, head had been £1,680,000. and the ameaat they had thu* aet **ide had been £1.632,000. The whole amount which had been credltedto the l»»ur*« had Maw %M4 Kad km fl,M,WO,.amdtk* WW mount ef uaderwrlter* !***<*, agalnit Ikh'.ltad been AK)0f)0(\ and 600,000 had boan divided among*! them. .Wito,re*pectta tbe value of thair *kl*m and prCmleea, on which Mr. Campbell at their last ptceM Pt*W some' cHtlciimi, he eoatealed. after galnf into the Wholt matter, that the value toey had" pUeed ■ upen their ship* wa* right, fer If ttiey wrote th*^ off at lo»
am* a* witL the Goraiea at the pi

AlfW**Uk.4t ,
application •cnargej P,
t with hi* fritQ^*.
•it Atom rMTBveu.
rchant, of Sholing, wa*
------------that th*y^ might k' .
little bore than , 30* per *har*, on th* pr***#t ecc»*|on. Lh* profit and tee* aee*uat *how«d abaltnc* of £41.000 a* agaiait £24,000 la*....... Mr. Malbew* pro*ecu!
Warry defended the priaooer.—The fr*l ----------
which Mr. Matbew* entered wa* thai of obtaining an

meter and hi
ent maier, or ua ■retence*. The leai y dmple on*. On th* 7i

the view; m be
•tr**lJ8oiUhampton.' Bought of Smith eale w|ne, iplrlt, aadk**r m*rchanU,M to the pro* ecu tor, itallng that a cu*tim*r of hi*, a large hotel keeper, wanted the two InetromeOI* named, and requHtlog that they might be forwarded to Mr. J., Davu, of Spring Honie. Shdlng, and the invoice be forwarded to him (prieoner). It appeared that prl*on*r him*alf, and not a p*r»on of the name of Davit, lived at Spriog House, thai It wa* not a large hotel, but a private dweUlat-. house, and th»t a* far a* pri»Oo«rV book* disclosed, he had ne customer of fhe nanieof Deri*. The good*, were delivered to prisoner, blm**lf,. aad' *ub**queqtly found In hie po****sloo^-.Mr. Charle* Rood, printer of Albion,plaoe, having IdeaWA** th* letter produced te be In priaener's bam*.writing, MV. .Charic* Blake, In prosecutor's employ, proved that th* gOod* wer* parUd with upon the faith of the *fatom*crt that Mr. Ddvi* wae a customer of prieoner**. and a largo hotel keeper. A. emllk and Co. were indebted to proeacutor for an account of £5 odd, which bad not been paid. — Croee-ezamined i They did not proeecate In thl* cue with the view of recovering their old debt. Had made no eo-
Sirle* a* to whether there was any one at Bholing of e name of J. Davil. nor bad he ilnce beard that a pereon of that name ww prieoneK* eon-ln-law. Amumed that th» puetomer named had a large hot*l at Shollng, because hie addree* wae there given.—Mr. Warry : But there I* nothing to *bow that be actually ro*id*d In tha betel h* kept—The Recorder! It wa* a fair but not a nece**iry inference —Mr. Matbew* , H ere* thr Infer
company"* receipt iame of Devi* In It t
effltriencr th pay of their lato fiv* clauses—i the less 1m
they were alway* glad te do It.'. A'* to thi

. Zn
O the Wt India*.

settlement. Thl*,,Mr. Bullen
it* And h*ri*lf having r*calv«d _aqu>to» > that baeam* her proper iu Bullen aoptonded, bad not been
and that that Wa* lufficient for h*r to claim her *ettto-' w*nt In Southampton, and quoted cate* In •opairt'
s sikmhttsru-iu0 -
book, with an *eilrv rfgnad in the
bat,to th* admission of this Mr. Warrr object*!, an< asked the Recorder to make a note of the objection which he did.-John D*vi«, employ^ a* ceUarman to some time by prisoner, proved that practically th era wa ho btuinei* don* at the premise* occupied by prison* In Alfcloo placa.—Mr. Roud, recalled, eald tbe prlsone rented a portion of the preml*** of hlmtelf and p*rtn*r He didn't pay tb*ra any rant, and tb*y bid to dUtrali for It twioe. H* kaew pitoner'* *oq.ln-law, who w*nt under the namea of Hudeoa, Howard, and Da via. The prliooer mentioned the firet as b*hg hie nam*.—Detective Davidge apprehended prisoner on a warrant at f small eating-houee, In Bevola-valley. He first stid lb*
Th* barometer wa* In bt* coat poek*t. —< Mr. Soperir ttalent lireary gave evidence a* to finding the hydrt meter and rule produced, In a black leather bag, which prisoner bad In hi* poeeeeelon when brought to the police-nation. He aleo found on him an excl*e book. In which there wa* no entry ef J. DavU, hotel keeper, a* a cu*tomer of prieoner'*. and aboat *lght gallon* and a half of tplrit* were all that appeared to have ben lold. H* pawed lb* premise* of prisonOr In Albion-pl*.., continually. Th*y were cloeed during the day, and after dark he had aeen them open, with truck* outeide.—Mr. J. White. aucWoheer, Above-bar, (aid b* told by auction, by order of prisoaer, Juu- 8, wines which fetched £66, paying Ihe amount to priaon*r the 10th of same month. —Thl* wa* th* ease (for.the proeecution.—Mr. Mathew* ummed up, urging that the business described In the iddree* of ihe letter containing the false pretence bad been proved to be not a bonafiU one.—Mr. Warry aaid " pro*ecuilon had beenmwt vindictively proeeed against jlent. The learned counsel 'on the other *lde bad i had the be*rtle**nee* to turn round to th* prisoner wb*t> b* wm addrewlng the jury, which wis a thing ho ' speaker) ebould be aebetned to do, for It was quite g t>ejond toe sphere of a counsel appearing for th*. prosecution. H* contended that, taking item by item the variou* phraate of tbt l*lt*r, ther* w»* no one of hem which was proved to bo fait* ; and lb* case wa* .11 answered by this question—whom did prosecutor give :rodtl to? ii* urged it wu to prisoner blms*lf and lot Davis, for prcaecutor'i manager admit tad charging he former witithe aecoenl j and that >61* pro**cutlon wn entered upon merely became there kad' baeok faHur* to recover ihe deb* to toe ordinary way,—Tb4 Recorder having pointed out that toe real qoeet/on wa* th* toton-tion with »hloh pri*OD*r wrote and forwarded th* letter to pros ecu tar—was It' la order to defraud blm of A I*,
-----is a&leh ba *tood with regard to. th* other, two
mended blm topl—d Guilty to th* A»r<* which Mr, L*tt, a London :*ptrik merehent, bad trqugbt ^am*t
aad the tnlcroolonial **rvie*. On th*
th*y ricaived £800 a year each, knd the average ef £632 per year cash. Ther* wer ception*, and the*o w*ra four gentl*t**t •erved the Compaay a very long period, and when thsy made reduetiea* they considered they-oald net d» *o In their ease en account of their lengthened services. One had been a commander 33 years, another 26 years, aae+her 24 years, and anothsr 2) years. Ons received £100 per annum extra, two otbera £200 each, *nd on £400. he having been 33 years in the servkt. Ml Childers pointed out the nature of their dutiea, con trailed their poalilon with th* c*pt*ln* la other Ml vice*, where certain fee* were allowed a* well a* aalarle*, and Intimated that at preient no reduction could b* made in toe number (three) of general manager*, but •hould a vacancy ari** it might be comiderel A* to Mr. Campbell'* «ugge*tlon of a reduelidn at Sottth-atapton, * committe* ef the Beard went there every month j he alio went down the other d*y kad'mad'' minute inquiries, and h* **w no cate whatever where econimy could be efketed. He concluded by m»vlii|, the receprion and edopiloo ef the Kport.
This having been eeconded by Admiral Wkl*k,T)r, Beattie aaid b* b*d Intended to make *ome remarks, but the statsment of the Chairman had anrfclpated him. and he thought on the whole it was sallsfacletj.
Mr. Campbell, of Southampton, repudiated having said their *hlp* were over-manaed; he mttely *aid It wa* a matter which deservejl the atten;Ion, of the board, and he wa* quite content to leavt It, with tucl practical mta. He did not aay that the director*' feet were too large, bnt that If iWe wit a yolip(ary dimlnutien on their part in th* aalary under lh*. *ir.. eumsuncee it would com* ♦ith good grac* .frtta them. He confessed he f»H ebnsi^erahle jji*appointment With th* dividend aT»* which ih* director, proposed to glee them, and be thonghtlt Would be received by the shareholders In Ike simesplrlt, <*peelal!t to W the pan three years they had only h^d aTtomlhal.djvjdfnd, The captains he contended were riot^orrf **po*ed;ta. hat climate* knd the Ilk* chaAge* than tk* c^Bimand*;* in the Penlaiular and Ori*nufand *6me other tervice*. and the way In which they wer* pild wa* not j»*^ toward* the abarehelderi, while *t the (am* tim* thsys appeared to k* the Only company where they received a higher rata-of pay than th* average market rait, the chief eaklo**r* of th* Royal,Mail Company *nd. the ehiaf officer and junior offljtri'wt/t ko^higher paid th*n thta« In *th«r ctmpani#J. and,wbjf thould Ik* aom*a*d*# of tk*lr *klp* ba ^ad* th# noaptio&f (hear); H* cdmtoared the lasie* of tb* P. an<) O.Cflm. pany through'-what might b* called carelewneaa with tho** of the Royal Mall Ctrtnpiny, »kowing that the former lost 4 ship* only in 23 y*axs, and th* laltor tlteo, jn 3 yekrt, While a fourth wai nearly put hort (U fvmiat. •Mr..Campbell went on to - »- -

of tb* •ppallant*, with ootU.
»ardl«t to tatdur

south aupton;8« awtsr a

c. ratttr."
an Mptptod ■ oenditi on' tha* iero toattor. Mr.
OH**, in reply, Mud ha did not oexuider thai Uw t*j*tt of tho anesuon. Binoo tho queation ^a* pat la" tho
MCoad time. Mr. Bamuda aaid thair only-okj*ct warn to fortify.Mm with Iht view* of tb* depntotion beforw he gave an an*wee to Mr. Fawcott. Th* deputation
wiSuiw.- uVjW'BI™ '•>' VITAL DLAsrmo wrrn OOTTOJI.
An Mddrat«[^T«7P«*dl» oliMttt«; wiUif.UI reaulls, haa occurred la tha Deep Level Mine, Halkyn,
Mint* drainage. A trial of gun cotton tor testing pir-, the 8towmArki>$ GpattSion
I'beingBiada, aadaftorDit irpfcjrfcm
by tk* noxibtto hmU -wliJi flll*d tho lovtl, and they fell to tha" ground lna*a*lbl*. A named , Jbeoph Jone*, who waa returning to U>* *wrfaoe, gave tie alarm, and * mi starve waa at onto tent dowta. . Mr. Thornton, wha had only been in the district a few day*, waa found lying (toad, acroa* another jnaa. Iha injured managers and man ware.^edDy token to Uto lurface, aad they appeared to b* entirely bereft of Ttaaon for a conwderebl* time, hut ander,tho ewe of Dr. ITamlet D^rie*, of Holywell, they tave, wiUi.OQ* or two exception*, wm
ocmpetltort forker fcthe 3eU,bht Bam urn #i*n all: and the B^eduh NighUngmlt engaged bee telf to ring, Under hi* auaptcea, in 160 coooart* or oralorioe, tn tha SWea and Bav^ia, the a bore ta*«^ JnBn* Banadtot, of Ixmdcn, raoWvtog £*/XX), mod Otovannl BallaMI, hahto#a yo*alito,
addition to aB ih*ir hotel and ttaWllIng-expenttt, for
jlltfnum, but he ast about tho affair with hia usual etiargy and tact, and tho reault waa aven more favour-, 'able flnandaBy^than he could have expected., for weeks after Jenny'* am v«i-in Antortc* the ram to, meet waa unabated.. Iler room* were thronpd "bY visitor*, Including jha magnatoa of. the land in both Church and State. [The carriage* of the wealthiest citiiena oould be *oaq front of h« hotel ak^aqarfy aU hour* of th* day, ^nd it va* with *orn«' dfOcolty that Bamuri prevented th* " fashionable' from wonepoliti.-^ he? altogether, and thu*, a* he ftored, #idly n>arr*»g hto W&eato by cutting her ofl frototha wa^m *ympatbiea *he)iad awaken^ Among the maeee».
each other In caBiag by attention to their y which they *ent her many yaraabl* *
lighted if. m retwm, they could r**i?e ner a acOi'owl»dgment. 8cmg*, quadrille*, and polk . .... dedicated to her, and toeto *«ag in her paalaa. There .w^re Jenny Lind glpW Jenny Lind bonne**, Jerujy Liad riding hato, JehkyfAnd shawl* maWjlla*; to chain, aofaa, piano^-an fact, everything wa* J* .Lind. Her movement were cxtwianri* watchcd, .
earriage appeared at tke door, H--ea* nultituae*, " "" '
At LeedaAisisee, on the 12th in*t., before Mr. J matte* n*wkin*, a oaaa of broach of jirotnlae of mania^i), Shot * 8 tang or, waa heard. Mr. E. Ttndal,-Atkm-ton appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. I^ckwood for tke defendant. Mr. Atkinson taid the plaintiff Jane riliot *e«a 84 rt*n of age Mr. lock wood; No; li'. (Labfhtor.) Mr Atkinton* : No, it 1* }n*t the othto way; the defendant, i* 54. (Laughter.) In 1869 the defendant .Jamea Btangar waa a- ftomer, liyjng at Hilyard Grange, near Brampton, in Yotkihixt, both* ha* line* retired. Daairing to obtain the (cfricea of a dairy woman ha engaged the plaintiff in that capacity, at tha wagta of £13 a year,. Aa they gmduafly began to kanw *ack *th*r
wa* found that the wa* the defendant fold her
•he aheuld merer want a home *o loo^a* he waiaBye. and he repeated t!« promk* to AArrY hor. She wa* *ent away to be ccnflned, and ramkined' away tkre# month*. A rather singular feature in the case wa* that tha defendant had .never wrfttoa to her hhaaelf, hat kad go* another ****** WlmHto fw him, mridantly believing that if ha did not commit hi* nanjo to paper h* would not be liabl* to an action for breach ofpro-mis*. On her' return. ahe contiayed. to act m .hT* housekeeper, and from fime to time ha' repeated hi* promiwv to marry her. She'asked him that «jjn* provision ibould be made for the child, and he^made her a'pre»nt of'£100, rtating that hi* mean* hdd cotiaiderably_ increwed. It waa arranged thai their mimtn *kould take place at .Stock-
and hi* manner toward* tho plaintiff changed, He decllnad to anyUUng tommhtha mawtownqa 0* the child, and plaintiff went away lit afterward* visited bar at the house of her »f*ter.Jn-law, an) laid healwayaintended to marry her, He took the child on hi* knee, and appeared to ba very fond of It. bfie afterward* returned to hi* houaa, huf bt tiirood hoi1 out,' and in October married hi* present wife. An affiliation order, wm afterward* obtained against him, and plaintiff brought an action to recover a balanc* of. vsagoa dua to her, aad » kttar wAtou hy tha plaintia to the defendant warn produced, but hi* lonlwup aaid th^ document waa not At to be read In open court, and that it abould be *hown to the jury; Th* defendant •aid he had received many similar letter*. The jury having retired for an hour, mturned a verdict for tha plaintiff—damage* £26 and coal*.
London at £1,600 o'er year each were not ne*ded a*d that their financial *nd nWtlcal paantger* conldb* dlepented with, for they ctuld have a Stance comialttta of th»board, *nd their manager at SouthampUa wa* an able man, and within eaiy communication, wbila th*, board had *ome nautical talent among them (hear and laughter). If they had notlhey ought to hav* (owra laoghur). H* rrempmendfd ika Board to tokf tkla matter Into their *eri0u* comlderatlon.. Ha. adyogate^, that their own *erv*nt* *hould do .their ahippiso buiinei*. in*t*ad of agent*, aa wa* don* by tbiis and O. and Union Bi*am*hlp Comptuie*. Finally hr MP . poied, a* an amendment, that an addition M-lOtper. •tare *hould We dlade to the 30* proposed to be gaM'** the *b*reholder* by tha director*, *uch additional *um to btjtaken from the £217,069 balance in the lnaur*ap# account (hear and aptilauie). ,. - 'i
Thl* wa. lecondeu by Mr. Savov, and aftet *oo>« rem«rk« from ,har*holdtr, tht Chairman MpW.and told Mr. Campbell that th*.B«wd m,tut r**Ut, hM motion, ** the extra 10* would h*v? Cj fftm*»u\^L th* *apilOn the amendment being put only four voted (or ,il» and the motion for tb* adoption of ihe report **• *ar
Mr. C. Ch«pman wi» rt-*l*ct*d a , jlr^cio; without
Bmach or Paonua or Maxsuoa.—At tht Le«fia .A*ai##* on Saturday la*t, before Mr. Justice Hawkina, SamhJM*mawtofBo**f^BHag*,aaldtodda*qW*. ftom George Harriton, of tho same plaoe, for"a rtfbaal to'mamr, After. =romi*e* -made to do to. ■ Thi defendant- aihnitted Umt during; the y«ar«'1873-74 he had promised to marry the plaintiff, and the only qutotion
WW hwl»q *Ah th# oomaant of th% x#a*aUg, and'
^hethar*h#agr*W,wilh him thai dwoovtah^pahonld
b pel an and to. A varaiplfaf tha plpnt* damage*and costs, wa* ruCurntyl. " - ... ,,v . T^a Tobacoo Tnaft*.—Ooiweqaent on thoiincroa»o of duty on tobacco undfer the Ia*t Budget, a meeting of tobaoco manufacturer* and dealer*'w^ai hefd at tho Cannon-street Hotel, Mr. Brankston in the chair, at •hich, tho tubject havings been felly dfsciiAsM, ig affect Tero adopted c-* dl tohwooha aWvaw«i.4g. pdr pftca for manufaqtared totacco

_i»' Swadiah Kig___ ...
hid offtrtd two hnadrtd dollar* for,' a priw ode, " Oraatiag to AmaAa," to ba *nng by Jtnny at her flr*t coneart. StvtWl hundred "poema" were tent in from aB part* of tha Dmtod State* and thk CanAdi —mo*t of them the menat dogrral tath—but a doa* good. The priie wu* awarded to BaWrd Tayb* 1
auction wm thk pert. The ticket* lor the first concert were tola by auction. Th* total receipt* of ninaty-Gv* Concert* amountod to 712,161 dollar, 34 cant*, and the net avail* to Jenny Lind were 176,676 dollar* p MnU, while Bamum'* groea reteipta, after payin) Mi*a Lind, were 636,161 dollar* 34 canta. Th* aigh** prioe paid for a ticket, sold at auction, wa* 660 dollar,
(4130): >LWM &rta h w- R«*", A*
videntfo, Shod* Itlartd. The fixed prioa ol tiekata ranged from &to7 dollar*.
A few yeara awth* Itov. Mr. Hammond'wai ooraing np th* Mi**i**ipi on • iteamboat Among the taa* Borge^a waa a certain Aell-known gamblar. Tha boat had bean out from Sew Or lean* two day*, hat, owing to Mr. Hammond'*, influence, not a card had been played or a bet mad* by anybody. Xhl4 was. ruinou* to.the gambler'* basinets. H* had,tried pverybody ott th* boat for a gam* oL *om* kind, or a bet on •omething, but had failed in every attempt. He was getting desperate. Along to th* -afternoon ho an-preached Mr. Hammond, who wad *itiiog on the hurricane deck, and called hia-Attention to a couple of gtoll* flying aero** the river, a few hundred yard* ahead of the boat. "Ye*. I aa* them," *aid Mr. Hammond. "Well, I'll bet you five dollar* one of them falh into th* water bkfore we get by them."
iond ttnmed.on hi* heel and left

.! XtirttaOj",]

* MID urBatrukU'WMiaaiial^a^n.
I'reseatly ht came back and acoottod Mr. Hammond waia. "I'll b* ym: W4* (&a*.t&l* boat blow* up before we go ton mllw further.; hew, thareV agoadAtl Vhat d* yon *ayP' H* ww Infcemad
dock, and left the obtrusive gentleman, with tho " dead tare thing" to himself. The boat had scarcely procwdod f%v# mile*, when, guro. enough, it did blow up. Mr. Hammond somehow got an earlier *tavt than1 hi* lato persecutor, and went up i»Ito a distance! As h, ww coming down ha *aa *#t by onr fnond, who cnod out, aa hrf passed: ''Hallo, parann ! Bet you ton dollar* that I go higher than you did I What do you say?"
7S * * Q T9 b 5. 7J4.
b l b 8 8 t s b b a b y. TlOB NUB8B bbowlf [
Jj MIXTURB ftr CHIhDRM ha* beta attd-with tht fTtaUtt toecttt, ftr Ui»sis«pl* r»a«m that l(
it tk * safest and met *ff**tual m*diclat thai cam po**ibly
phUjta. tjad In alUylBf laflammttien, toothin* IrrfuHoe, aad by th*U ••alias aad dtmaloanl proparUta ruttrlig tk* llttl* laStrtr to k«lth aad ttjojmtak Tksw I* n* *h»tmr la Ncrii Batwal JtUtVM.
iatlhtr oawtlam.tkat will bt a*ktd I*. What ti KtrM* Brow*'* Mmr» gted for! |Wtll, It 1* o*vtain to rtlltvt, aad la mott catea cart, aay e#ld or *oagh a •kild may bay*, mor*tvtr It dwt aet do tt by m#tly stilling tM MCfk, but by gtiag .to th*l 4aM*4 0* lkteoo»-jlaial la dlspertlag tht pbkgm. cttlltg tk* laflammed •k**(|*« *f tht tbsst, aad awlatla; tk* Ignp to rtcovw tksir prtpsr *etisa.
• la Crtapi tr Wkooplag Caagh Koiua Bad**'* Htr-tukb Is vtry tStciaal, whilst l» C*=s*on Coegkf aad
t Tfktq bfaati erf CutUog ttelr Tttth IfouaBaowa'a Mixruaa will bt foead of iptmattrvbt. at It thoreaghly
parents. At wt said before U dtts aet ceaUln aay
.aklt akin, aad. the peeeete of tatUlag kreatly totlktot J tijoa«a Baowa'a Mitxcbb Isi *aly,k»adt_bj. Faaoos Aad Boa, Ckawiate, Jfaidslant, bat may Shad of Ik* f^ltwlar Cktmlif*, who k»V* beta appelated Afttat* te
" l-rtvli aad Mr. Hayit*. 31* '
A* showing tho indomitable nature of Britith pluck id enterprise, Mr. Ed**ard Dicey tells a capital story, ot hlthwto publi*h*d, af rtpt* c* England and Egypt. A score of yeara ago a French fleet arrived suddenly i Aden on an unknown errand. The offiocra wore th the govhrnor of the aettlement;
hich, tho subject having been fully dfsciiAsM, reso-itiona to the fullowing effect vera adoptedThat
m price 6f cut and rol1 *-v----v- -J-----a " -■*-
lb.; that the minimum

ahop* theAwdm* W adyanto'^air r^aypricw " " 1 — alio dflcidcd by th* ,——
od to corifet, with th.

-------,, —& the Chan-
:llor of the Exchequer respecting the present inequa-Liea of tha flqtiea chargeable otftho raw material and it manufactured,aiticlo.
Akxmal LssTrrc-r.—Some few week*, ago a family named Sbuker lived at Daw^y, in the county of Salop,
including a BnocAt, whiih had been in, tho family for yearn. Arriving at Nottinghatn lh* c« *howqd*irna
_• ji__^a.^,_ --ibodi, and after a Rv
days disappeared, to return to her • old home at' Dawley. Tha,other day tbte cat- Walked into the oU houtt at Dawley,' to .U10 igrcat .•urwisa of the .neighbour*. A* jmght. be, Upected, ah* vaa wry footsore and lama, but otherwise, all d*ht- : When it ie conudcrod that the di*Unco tmvdW, on fool;
6nliiA aoT1ra»oit,diip»g oapignm
Mini Crc***ca, !*lto' wa*'fbui
offenca :of-|thtf:Hsii.BUioKn»t. v u» w--»


ibisdl bo*.
dkd ^a abont half an k#w.

Miu, in uio ooureo ox wfi IxuMJuet, tho oommanaer or the I ranch anuadron casually informed hi* hort that at daybreak ho «a* to sail for Perim, nndor aocret ord^ to occupy b tha na*a qf fhwoa tha ialamd ■rock which command* the entrance to the Bed Sen. 'i"hf»o were the day* when telegraph win* had not yot japanned the world, and when British official* fwtto not .afraid to act on their own roeponaibility. Thq,Governor Aden drank »uccea*,to, tho Fr*nth expedition, b»lt before hls'gueat* had Quitted the labia , dpppatch boat had rtolan,on* Of iha harboar, and whqn the French squadron readied Ptritp a few hour* later, they found the Union Jack flying over the reck, ami guarded by antngliah **otla*L Thay kad 00m* too lata; and th@ command of tho Bod Sea, alone and undisputed, wa* maenrad to England. What la wanted now,'' Mr. Dicey further raWea, "i* that when, whether, by Congrott or crtherwis*.'the Continental Power* ooaia to dwl, a# they mn* deal at no dlrtaat period, withdhe Dceaamoa of Egypt, (homl* End a British flagstaff planted on Egyptian *wL"
, a swabt cattlb dealer.
There are a good many storica current abont the late Lard Lei trim, and May/air fumithot another:— •1 Clow by hi* lordship',*, house ia a email line of mil-way,'leading on to the'main" Dubliir Hnd. One day *•*> train was about (0 start tfys *tation master ob-
•lation master oould nvt delay, Thezwhistlo sounded, and the train waa moving oat ol the station, when the man on the read atlled out Lordi Leitrim ! Lord Lei trim I' As everybody know* by'thi* tim% Ixjjd, I^itrim waa o man of autocratic habitJ. apd accus-tixded to'.rulw with-arod of iron." At tho tound of
man in tho road took matter, mma l«»ur*lf, and, An*lly amved, walked Into .tba. rtation, opened the
down.tae road. ' I am inre^I donH-know,' eajd thr
thortWvw Irt—IT aua* inv laniiiw wv kfinuio uuw-
I IlAjrfaii 5* called **lfl8hj aflt - fat pureeing hi* gwdobft for nogWtiBf th*t 6( h&'neighboura. -
» In tb* treatment of Bad
Purifying Pills hav* effected b\_ ------- -- -
e, many wbtrt tht affllct«d parlltt havt tufftrtd ft e ; In f*ct wt btlltvt nt^r-*^--v u tbett Pill* and Ointmem

reral yttr* fro
«ay* : " Having tuff*r*d

my * flee t . I wi mt. which hav
ndueed t» try y?ur fill* * -----—----------
uit* restored m* to perfect health, being now able -tt ralk and wsrk a*| w*fi ft ***r I yald."
Mr. jriLUl* 8ib»p*a*. of Bidget Cro**/ near Iromyard, mflertd from Centraoted Sinew and Wound* 1 the Leg fer everat year*, bet wa4 Completely cured by be mee tf tkt Oiatmtnt aad Ptarlfying Pilla
•*>|afSict*d with Scervy,

tndtd for the . WHITE SWELL-
BAD BRlABTtTke, ' '

TBBSE PILLS ae« one of thshp*t Purify leg Medldnei eyer'brought before th* public, Thty eot.only purify the blood, but, at tbtj or" "r" * ' "
.. _ -T., _seWh the extract* of two ef.tke.
____1'Stomachic aad Aallbillout Herb* fdund '
1 of botany, thej tfn a tana to tke ttomacb The; are ptepartd from partly vsgttkbie .ad contain ao" mercurial or sibenl prtpa-any kind, tkerfore thty amy be token by
^ pottibly tak» forthtlr removal. Ig csfwnf Worm* f tvery description, and alia for Rhutaaitaa, Oout, and Pile*, huaderd* can and do bear ttatimooy to tht btoeflt itrivad from fhe aw ef,'h—^ pills. * ; "
rtvtd It* worth.'
\J A Aa. l Lj X. O .r ,..r,\( ,, - J ; il 1/r,
f.«; tsas;-.ste
■■ ■
^ByBIPELA&^..... ^,..nie
caw: »y kAw%g#aWl la .on*
i ! 1T1 l.t 0 0 y, J.I :T r.i T '.I IY ■ ■' u < ^
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