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A shocking murder has just been discovered at
At theMiddlesex Sessions, Francis Stokes, 17. • _ •*"/ Aiuurau
warden*. It* Biabop of London had
tho neighbours to Iivo on very Bad inarrictl tho husband was a stone to whom the shop belonged,
husband. . ______________. ------- ------------IU„...
TboW dmoihe wa, awn alive wa, on the l*th of tmdug tha mme, well knowing them to have been
periodical brawls. The wretched wo thrown on tho ground, and was covered with Th* daughler wanted to interfere, but on b*__
that if she did she^would^be treated like her mother,
stepfather tol
beiome of his ......— _ ,
" the chance, as he m^of identifying his wife. At j at Aldershot. At this place Gilbert and Smith
of their StiUty. Mr. Rcid prosecuted; the prUuuna «*,*
a had been unddended. It appears that Fmnda Stake: bad been
^ Wwt*nt Railway Com.
bmig told P*oy, and ww with a man for tba delivery and
he bad bren wen throwing In » number of Socket* of miter. It waa them Uiat 1M piece* of human Heah were diwovered, together with 51 lock* of halv, but pa the riightret track of bosw. There could be no doubt whose body had thus been cut up into small ,«w*. Meddag waa arraated, bat until
dnued any knowledge of the revolting crii_ .. _
tupnosed that the murderer, after committing tho 6™* dragged the body into the oellAr, and there, with a saw and a large knife, sot to work to reduce it to the state in which it has been found, and he must have removed the fragments of bono and thrown them away, or buried them two or three at a time, until he bad got rid of them all. One of the cars has been found, which ha*, singularly enough, led to th* Men-tification of the body. It appears that when, as a young girl, the woman Mestdag made her first corn-munlcn, her moth** l*nt he* her own earring*, largo heavy gold earring*, *uch as th* Flemish pewant* wear. As it is not allowed to wear gold ornaments on snch an occasion, one of the nuns at tho convent where ah* wc* prepared for th* sacrament tore them off, and did it so roughly that one of the ears was Injured and dMgured, and It la thia ear which baa bwn found.
Mr. John Glcnney, tho proprietor of tho Artichoke public-house, Clare Market, was summoned, at tho South wark Polke-ooud on Monday, for committing nequry by making a falae declaration before Mr. Benson, on th* 4th of Augud lad, whereby protection was given to cany on th* burin*** of * licensed virtual!** at the Green Man puhHa-houw, Price'*, street, Blackfriars-road. Mr. Douglas Straight pro-sccutedj and Mr. C. B. Grant appeared for tho a frnrjt It nimMml (~-.m **.. ~-----------. _ ,
Price a-dred, and at that time negotiation* ..... entered Into with defendant for the aalo of the dock, Ailum*, and furniture for f 100, 475 to b* paid down In cash, a bill for f 15 at 21 day*, and another for f 10 attwomeotha; and on the payment of the 475 the hou^ wa* passed over to him. Neither of th* bill* had been paid, alUwugh repeated application* were made for the money* *nd judgment wa* obtained In the County Court. Of conre* th* pro*ecutor objected
to get rid of tho houso without his assistance this coud for protection to cany on th* burin***, binding In a declaration that he had not been able to find Mr. Saver, although ho had searched every way fur him. That waa the perjury, as defendant well knew that Mr. Bayer wa* keeping the Lilford Arm*, Lllfmd-read, Cambarwell, all the time, and that ho never aooght to ffnd him. The declaration waa here put in, whan Mr. Urquhart, the aecond usher, proved that on the 4th of August last tho defendant handed it to him and declared In the premnce of Mr. Renaon The proeecutor waa here called, and i related by the learned
, . "Hdsctoiy account of tbrirpoa.
defence of bmith and Gilbert wa, tkt Stoke* had wked tlrnm W pawn the walthe*, and they bad no
Judge aeutenced Frena, Stokw to bo imprisoned and
weela, mil pnwnere having pr*riou*ly bore* good
RUNAWAY EUSDANDS. The Recorder of Hereford, so it has been stated in
lansb. It , k, thw juriadictlon to b* exerdwd,
Kt th* juri#liction itaril llundoubted.^It Udmivwl from 5 Geo. 4, c. 83, which allows whipping in the ***. J™? hardened offendere. The 4W eectiou
wherebv d,* or they or any of them dJl become chargeable to any panah, townAip, or place," ahall ba deemed a " rogue and vagakadrnuid may be *en. sauced on eummary convidion to three month*' lm-pnaonmwt. The 5th wqtlon enact* that, upon a awond offence, the offendm "ahall be dwmed an In-corrigible rogue," and may be committed to ——*«?nt By Uie 10th section " lLahall be lawful for the justice* ol the peace" at acmkna "toeaamineintothecir. cunwuncmof *he c*/' and to ord*r, if they think nt, that anch offender he further Imprisoned and kept to hard labour, and to ord*r further, If they think bt, that *uch offender (not Wing a female) be punished
ing to th* nature of the ofenco they in their discretion ahall deomtobeeapediont." Aa the offender la to b* impnaonod m the houae of correction, thia points to Uie poembihty of a whipping In the market-place; and :t might, perhaps " be thought Bt" by aume aulho-ntiea to order the public whipping of a i luawayregn* from time in t.m» — a---- . ° •
(Dr. Triatrem/ha& therefore Ihimght It^Wd be^Z diureh, m»l k m^ ^tkrefore be remold.
should be replaced.
) time to *ncomag* th* otwre to remain
substantiated the facta cnunaeL Th* defendant knew perfectly well at tho time that witness kept tho Lilford Anns, and knew where to And him. After aom* further *rid*no* th* defendant, in an*w*r to th* charge *aid that when ba wanted protection he aought everywhere for the pro-fecutor, and was told ho was brewing somewhere in tho country. Ho went to the Lilford Arms, but could not And lum th*re, coo*eqn*nUr th* declaration waa tiuo. Mr. Partridge committed him for trial.
During th* kat few day, the doing* of a certain mywenoos ghp* has* caured conndereblo alarm am«mpt the px*l people of Storre, a hamkt on the bordere of the lorkahire and Derbyahire moor* About 50 j^are ago tha hall, a remautlo old place, had the reputation of being haunted, but by aome moans tho ghost was laid, and, until Christmas week, nothing was heard of it. Then mysterious rapping, were heard, door, were thrown wen, window* were broken, and atrenge noise, were heard. The honae-hoM ware tended. Servants armed with hayfork* andmiything that came neareet issued frnth fmrne-diately the knock* were heard, but they never dia-covered anything, and on no eolitary occaaion did the ghost condeecend to show :t**lf. Mr*. Ibbetaon threa-tened to leave the hall unlaw a guard of police were procured. The o@cera came, and op Saturday last a eerjeant auoeeeded In unravelling the mysterv. A
p:w at the door of the barn in which he waa milking, and th* *uccee* of her trick encouraged her to preoeed. ho coolly and wanly had die committed the miachlef that no one auspected her, and she would very pre-baUy not have been discovered if aha had not made a
INSUBORDINATION ON BOARD SHIP. A court of Inquiry haa been engaged at Cork In inquiring into tha conduct of David Brennan. while acting aa chief mate on board the British ship Eastern
A carman named William Batty waa brought before Alderman Sir F. Gabriel on Monday for final exami-natloo upon the charge of dealing a hundredweight of nutmeg*, value AM, the property of Mean*. White,
l"almer, and Co., *pke merchant*, in Mindug-lane. = _ ^ . . ----------------r —
Mr. Blanchard Woutner appeared in aupport of th* , , Pf*" O" arrival of tha vesael off Queenatok^
charge. On the 14th December the priaonor waa eent **** *h* captain (Roper) and the chief mate
to Brown'* Quay to get aome cases of nutmegs, to be j QWrrellod over. matters having reference to previous
conveyed to * warehouaa belonging to the preaecutore dmorence* during the voyage. They druck each
at Chatham. They were delivered at Chatham, but °~er' and the captain drew a revolver, firing two *pon bring eremlhed it waa dlaooveied that the pack- ! ** Brennan, and wounding him in tha neck. *gca had been tampered with, and that the weight of ma'8 ^red once at the captain without effect, the nutmegs was deficient to tho extent of more than occurrence became the subject of a criminal
a hundredweight. The matter was placed in tho prosecution against the captain, who was sentenced
hand* of lawley, a CSty detective, who questioned tha ** asaiae* to aiz months' lmnriaonm*nt. Th*
prisoner, and h* declared that he had delivered the allegation of the captain during the recent inquire
cases of nutmegs in th* same condition at Chatham as *** 1 *** mato disobeyed his orders, and acted in
b* had received them at Brown'* Quay. Thia date- *" ln*ubord:nat* m^ner, IndUng th* crew to acta ol
ment was not considered satisfactory, and the prisoner insnbordlnation, and obliging the captain to bear up was taken into custody. He then expressed a wish to .. estern Islands. The Court found Brennao
have a private conversation with the officer, and thia gul'tyi and ordered his first mate's certificate t~ 1
S.'r'i"' " u ,Seit°°"»^ »'u»
At the Ilammeremith PolioMourt on Saturday laat, Chrutophar D* lacey, a carpenter. Bring at 100, I '^reet, Quecn'a park aetata, lianow.road, wa* charged with bigamy. Mr. Claydon defended. The two wive* were In court, th* second having In he*
two children belonging to the gret. Mary Ann farrel. U,e wife of * tailor, Wring In Weatoot-dreet, Bore, mid th* remoner courted her daughter, Mar. PIT* 7*"" Ler In
taSron.hiU Chapel m October. IMg. II* had baen away from hia wif* yeare, but h* had been eeverel Ume* trying to we hw. On Friday night h* wa. given in charge. Xlitnea* provided them with a good hnme in bheerncss, but h, auld iL In creaa-e%an»na-Uon, the witnee, ^ up to the time he wld the home^ muro than na yrars ago, he lived comfortably with his wife. He had no nwon to complain of hia wife'* conduct, bbe was alwmv, wber. Witneaa never UireedberouL Mr. Bridge mid that evident* waa immatenal. Mr. Claydon replied that It would go In mitigation. Henrietta Pope, the aecond wife, said ** priaoner at the Registrar'* OlKco for the district of Hanover-square on the 4th of becam* acquainted with him by hw working at the house where she lived a* eervant. H. mid h* waa a widower and had two little children, *nd he wanted a wife to lake care of them. She mid wie must be married privately, and remain In wrvke • ■it i ' ' abroad, returned home.
December In that year.
groom out of place, and he w
She consented, behoving his story to be true, and In a few days letters were left to " A. 8. Hartley/' which *he handed to the priwner. On Saturday, Dec. 1, Serjeant Littlechild, of tho Scotland-yard detectives, called on her, and the prisoner came for a letter which she had received for him, but as soon as he saw tho aerjeant he ran away, leaving th, letter behind. Henry Siddell, a tailor, residing in Middlesborough, i orkshire, said that in consequence of an advertisement headed " Loans of £60 on personal security at 5 per cent. Addrees to A. 8. Hariley, 114, Dover-reed, London," anddeing In want of 450, he applied to that addrew and received a lithographed letter and promissory note form to fill up, and a request that 10*. 6d., th* drat year', interest and expanse*, ehould be forwarded, and by return of post the #0
She had lived with him
She had one child by him. ghe had no Idea that he All she had to complain of him
a a married n
wish him to be charged. Mr. Bridge fonnally manded the prisoner for tho attendance of tho regis-trur to prove the second marriage. Tho second wife
asked the magiatrate to protect her from the dr,L She
aaid the 8r# wife abused hor on Friday, and threa-tened to turn her out of the bouw. The bourn really b lunged to her. aa ,be purcha^ IL Mr. Bridge aaid the But wif, ought not to annoy the aacond, aa It 51?. / °i "l0 Prisoner was committed upon her. He told the first wife that the second was more to be pitied than she was. a, her marriage waa a pretence, ihe prisoner was then removed.
would be aent to him. He aent a Poat-o5ce order fo: £3 10s. 6d., but never received a farthing. John Bank*, a gentleman's butler at Middlesborough, said he for-wanlcd a Pod-oGce order for Z3 10*. Cd., and 5*. (o damp*, to the mm* addrew. M* nev*r reomred a farthing, and finding it to be a swindle ho commiini-cated with the Scotland-yard autboritlea. Mr. Wm. Jackaon, from the Controller^ OIBce, Poat^dllce Order Eriablishment, SL Martin'* la Grand, produced we poatnilBce order, and the aignature "A. 8. Hwtley" coireaponded with the prieoner"* hand-writing. Serjeant Littlechild, who apprehended tho prisoner, proved several previoua convictions against the pruoner in the namm of Coop*, Hariley, and
centhr com* undm h*r own obmrvatlcn of hlgh-clam dnnkiy. On* of th* encouraging drcumataneee waa that wtcrea* In former day* die ww g*n*mHy only pereon at a table who abstained 6um mron-
* Miimtlv met l.diA. ..J _____.i °
circumstance ahe knew of wa* the apirit of prayer that acemed to be moving throughout Great Bntain. The angel of preyer aeemed to havo aprrad hia winga and been Boating over the land; but even In that matttr ahe waa not quite content, bceauae the anbject of drunkenness seemed to be dropped so much out of the prayers of men and women. The vast and overpowering evil of drunkenness seemed to have been pushed, aa it ware, into a corner, as though it wa* of little importance. She asked the ladies present to let It bo a subject of special prayer with them throughout this year, not only that God would remove intemperance from the land, but that Me would put It into tho hearta of all HI* peopl* to pray that the evil might be removed. Sho wanted them to " storm " Heaven by preyer tUl they brought down the needed blearing. Khe vanly believed that thorn who preyed mo*t w*re thoee who worked mo*t; but it wouM be u**lo** worlnng for Uu* or any other caua, without God'* blremng, and that bleaamg could not be expected individually and nationally asked for IL Mim * uth afterward* gave an addremon the " Health of Mother^ and Children," and in the evening Dr.
--, Amman Kereaddremed a larger audience on "The
The annual report* of th* writing jurilce* of tha I of Alcoholic Liquore on Chri*tian Worker,
county a*yluma, pre**uted at the Quarter .......... and Chrutian Work."
show in some instances a remarkable increase of _________________
I icr.
of paupw patwnt* from uniona im Urn omnty | „ At'a Co«t of Quarter Saaaiona at Guildhall
(From /WA.)
Ajc incomrletb Amvsim*xt.—The Squire: Well, "—so I* Uarrong, how did you like tho meet of tha •n'l hnnntli f kirn mnrnitif* 9_nitfinnni.k^J t*__.i
Tbetotal /istivhifii.-Cakes, but no more alo. i A PRBCAcnoxAur Maaacaa.—Now go to school, and be a good boy. And mind you don't use any rude words!—Rude words! Till mo a few, mummy, and then I shall knoto, you know!
,. Lre™ ,VfD,.T,!?"R CounjLvm.—" Is life worth Lvmgf" Mr. MaUock has been asking In the 0*. #rey*rary,am**. W, auspeot it 1*. in a great measure, m que*tlon of th* llrer.
Shaxbspbarb to Wit.»-Science has lost a distinguished follower in Herr Rohmkcrff, tho inventor of th* famou* "coil" which beare hi* name. Here Ruhmkorif, who wasaa benavolentaahe wwrnkntifo, baajua&riiufHed "o* thi, mortal coil" atPkrita* an advanced aga.
Daanoenvm—When a vWt I, UjWhei> i, » lik. . .Wdf-Whm ho'a
f—One i. .b„Ung SdX STSluJ
muld.b* amthriic): Ah,
gav* for *mf—60 by 4%
town in firing at tho n
wisly knosrn, on th* day ho conveyed the nutmeg*,
and that Claridg* *ugge*ted that he might earn *
" bob or two " by lotting him have aome of the nut- j -—
mega, and he cooeented.' Oaridge and another man, Att:nx*T TO Loan SorroLn.—Lord Suffolk, while who had charge of a horea and cart, than arranged to hunting with the Beaufort hound* with the Prince steal a portion of the nutmega, and Claridg* got Into Imperial at Hullavington on Saturday came in his van, and tha other man followed with t%" eart, contact with the projecting branch of a tree, and re-and they all went to Greenwich, whore he an cmv*l mvcre contusion* about the head.
he thought they had had anough, and that . A Cmmi;*:*? Mcanma.—A man named Bouveret
kav*. fhey went away with the nutmeg - the has bt*n tried by court-martial at Lyons for complicity (art, and he was to havo bewn paid hi* *hare of tho the murder of Commandant Arnaud In 1870. tlia plunder on the following Satunlay. The priaoner wa* Rr*t of that long *eric* of *trocitw* which dishonoured
..........i 2" Poured . Impresrion in
to escape at the aupprearion of | the Commune, but waa tried by court-martial And
committed for trial.
On Monday Dr. Hardwicke held a long inquiry at J-'1.1'1' Ft. 1 an era* Coroner's Court aa to the death of James 1 V;
Church, aged 54, i
i of St. Pan era, work-
Boaho » Iu». iKQCinv.-Tho Boarf ol TnJo
of the workhi>usu .uui,.™ uu.u u» uuu ui mur ,, T. - — w
borm*. bring driven *t a rapid pace towards the Mid- * Ustember. wM r,turned on Saturday^lastj
"«»«'! mw, uHuiiwu-mw, oouicni A own, a van {'."Jf1' of 11ade, chargul Captain Sye, Dublin, master boy, mid he had charge of two horses at the time of *"* having navigated tha vomal without
the occurrence, one of which auddenly wheeled allghtly P*?lf .'P* hand* short, and not aacer-
round and knocked down deceased. The horeea be- *ha voescl at midnight, when
longed to Mr. Hawkins, contractor to the Midland 1,0 loft tho deck with only two hands in charge, and Hallway Company. Deceased went into the work- ' watch at the forecastle; and with having neglected house again, where .ho died from apeplexy and use patent log or lead. Charles Sprout, first mate, paralysis, accelerated by shock from being knocked *aa charged with improperly navigating the vessel, dvwn by the bore*. The aerjeant of police watching not umng the lead when tho veaael appreadied th* the < ase said that a large number of horses belonging . ,'0- * "° inquiry wa* again adjourned.
Mr. Hawkins wore driven rapidly every day by boys | "f °ykitdl e SiiipGakeloch.—a telegram received th.-ougb the stieets between th* stable* at Osnaburgh- ,n A u,.Jl5*.r"orn 1 n8 frem Lloyd's agent at Calcutta strict, Albany-atreet, and the Midland Railway Good* ^ Ihe overdue ahln Uareloch, on a voyage
Station at ML Pancras, to tho danger of the inhabi- ! UfBombay to Calcutta, had been soon by tho steamer tants, and that.several of the boys had been summoned which arrived at Calcutta on the 4th Inst.
an.1 Oned fur furiou* driving. Th* jury thought tha : riatemesit having ameared on the
police should lake action In thi* caae, and eommunl- , ""^^^aMaami* to fear that thl* veaael
IrmntlmCfcUlnoftheGareloch, dated Nov. X, wu
milcaogColombo,whlchatatedthatup to that date
bmng erected for the Bouth Wmtem Bank, Lower Nonvood. It eppeare that the atrudure ha* been rer**d to a bagh* of 30 fmt with m mafold ered*d In front, of sufficient strength, it is alleged, for the ordinary use of the masons and bricklayers employed on tho work. At tho Ume mentioned, however, ten men, principally bricklayer*' labourers and masons, had ooo-gregated together on the top scaffold, for a conference regarding the rato of pay. While the discussion wa* going on another labourer went up, it is believed, to warn (he men of the approach of their employer. He had no sooner put his foot on the top of the scaffold than die whole came down togethr,, precipitating tho * ' j men were dread-
Smocximo Dbatii on tub Railwat.—Mr. Thomas Hopwoed, of 29, Morton-read, Hackney, aged 75 join, has been found dead at the foot of the embank-merit of the Great Eastern Railway, near Hackney-oowns/Station, and not far from his home. It is repposed he fell out of the train and was killed.
Lira-aoAr 8bhvicb re Phahc*.— At tho annual m^ge* the Ffencb Uf^boatSodetyAwam dated that In the course of .1877 55 persons were reecued from "hinwreck, of whom 17 were mv*d by tha lifa Ufsu and 38 by life buoys and other mechanical contrivance*. The society Is about to place life boat* at «k. — wim-,.. Bay of Stiff,
i following station
. „
Bay of Sanson, Belle-1sla; in the Bay of Lola (in the I wbdAif the men to the ground. / \ men ,',"nd ol Re); and atOnistroham, at the mouth of th* J fullT injured, ^hree of them, named Vine, Orbe. ind Aeetin dangerously.
At th* City Quarter Session* on Saturday lad, Mr. Alderman tinni* in tba obair, a pditicn of poulki and other* ww read. Itdated—"Th**arlycmnmen^-m*ut of clew time under the mid Act i*vwyinjuriou* ""d Oaharmen, and it nwdlwdy interfere* with the interests and amusement of other,'Wh& take migrant Wida. The effect of thecarlyendldg of dome time i, alao to defeat the ebjed of the mid Ad, which is to mcreaw th* number* of the home breeding blid*. ror these reasons the justices of many counties in quarter sesmwn* assembled have applied, as required by tho said Act, to the Homo Office, 16 vary the clow tune; and such applications have been complied with, and ordera made thereon, by tha Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Home Depadmant. Such onlcre having been made for the adjoining countiw to the City of London, of Ewex and Kent, making tho clow time for thow countiw to extend from the 15th day of March up to and Induaiv* of the Id day of August in each year. Under the mid Ad, therefore, the ml, of wild fowl, foreign w well w British, will be dowd in the City of London one month earlier than in the neighbouring countiw of Esaex and Kant. 1 his injustice to dealers and conaumere can, unlew by a freah Ad of Parliament, be prevented onlv by varying tho dow timd for this City." The pdltion ww spoken to by Mr. J. R. Taylor, and referred to a commission of justices.
On Saturday last a Customs officer named Davis made a most important discovery on board tho screw dremer Silurian, a vewd of about 1,000 tone, lying in the East Bute Dock, Cardiff. During the past few days the vessel has been loading iron bars consigned to Constantinople. Observing a number of caeeain the fore part of the vewol, th* ogker", *uspi-cions wore aroused, as they had not been reported to th* Custom* authentic*, and ware *tow*d in a part of the vcwel where no cargo ww *uppowd to ba. Ou proceeding to make a minute examination upwards of %,000 caw* of ball cartridge were found to have *cca-mulated. It at once'appeared evident that thi* large dock of war m*t*rid ww Intended for tha Turk*. Inquinw were immediately instituted, and th* owner* Were communicated with. It ww slated ou board that although tha cargo of Iron ww intended for Con-dantmople the ammunition ww for diwharg* at Byre. An embargo hw been laid on thew caw*, which are supposed to havo been obtained from Manchester, and the whole is at present regarded as con-tjaband goods. Tho occurrence hw caused consider-, 0 excitement in Cardiff. It may be mentioned that ,k. i----of wveral Aeamere belonging to
mittea of the Devonahire A*ylum reported tha) there wcro 747 patient* at the end of th* year, against 721 at the commencement, and that but 25 bed* on the female aide are unoccupied. They attributed thia not
grant, and partly to the fact of many being sent 9" *" lum for whom It ww not originally in-tended. Ihe chairman, Mr. Sandcre, mid it ww astonishing how the wylum had EBed. In Somereet th* patient* have increawd rince April frem 637 to 644. In thia county arrangement* are being made for an additional wylum. In Wiltahire the viritore buiWmg a naw wing on the female ride at a cc*. nearly £4,000.—At the Sheffield Quarter Sessions the Earl of \\ hamcliff*, tha chaintian, hw given aomo aLirtling *taU*tk* with referenw to the condition of the bouth lorkahire Lunatio Aaylum at Wadaley. The number of admissions thia year had exceeded tbow of anv prevlow year rince the opening. They were:—Malea, 151; femaka, 200; total, 381. Tha inereaw on the uumbaruf patient* at th* end of 1877 over the previous year ww 74, whilst the increase ol the previoua year ww only 60. Th* total number of patient* under care during the year had bwn 1,170. ibere were now only 35 bed, unoccupied, and it ww not expected that the new winga, which would accom. modate about 600 additional paticnta, would be ready before the autumn. In the meantime wveral houaw on the eatate, latdy occupied by attendants, are bmng prepared for the reception of p-*:—

RAILWAY COLLISION. One of the mod dwtructive ,
the neighbourhood of SheCdd tooiT dace om^the ^ Mauchwter, Shef-
Held, and Idacolnahire Railway at &owdan, a amdl elation 20 milm trom ShdBeld, in the midd of the moor*. A good* train from Do^w^ to Liverpool had been atopped by mgnala clow tt the dalion, vdicn a qwcial coal train, running at a high ,pecd from l ematone to Ardwick, wa* allowed to approach un-checked, am? ran iuto the tationanr train. Tan waggon* an "' the break-van of th* latter were com-pleWy mnaahed up, wm* of them being literaUy mad* mto qdmtore, whilst thdr Ironwork ww twi^ Uka matchwood, and their content*, indudlng wheat, grindstone*, and glasa, were hurled in all directicna. Th* ww pil*d w high that it en-countered and broke down tho whole of the telegraph ww completely niined, but luckily the driver, TYalker, and the good* guard, *nth, mireculoualy eacaped unhurt. The latter, owing to the occurrenw of a previoua dight accident, had only just loft his van.
giving of any Information or advice contai^ng later infonnation. Thia ww oaBwl a aupZ
other pereon* In dmng *o in any way. AR that ww done waa giving fair and information by a
pemon who had had conmdmable experience in *6ch s^Uere. The Recorder mid the Court were of
Dower to slat* ■ m.n *
Bdurday lad!
Tub Cotton SAmrmaa.—It wa* resolved at a moct-^ tho cotton tpinncrs of Halifax and district,

Saturday last, to work four weeks.
A Naw Kinomr.-It I* dated that Mr. Lewi, whiucop Jarew, dewardof the Norfolk manore of the Cork Prince of Wales, is to receive the honour of knighthood. Mr. Jarvis is a banker and solicitor at Lynn. CoKCXALnmre or B:aru.-At Croydon on Saturday
ladadomeatiOBervaul,named]:,'-"-mittedfortnalonacharge her child. The dead child the chimney.
Chbdoab Curra. — Those well-known cliffs in «»a™*ahire Imve recently been Increased In attrac-tinmam by the discovery of a mew cave, which I*
mtuatod at the end of tha ataladlla carera*. Tha Tk° " d™"
1-ia* at a Pai-bk Mill at wnatsbrrt.—About
» royed a considerable portion of tho works before tho i#*preUoooeuld be arredad. Tho.mlllidomMdby
STocawxLL Gaax*.—The old auburhan green at Stwckwell, which for ceuturim stood intad from any innovation, and which recently formed the *ubj*ct (6 expenmv, litigation w to the right of enclwure. I*
now entirely covered with bricka and mortar. Tha
reaident inhabitant* of Brixton and Clapham and tho immediate diatnet*, who strenuously contended for it* conv*r*on into a public recreation ground, have now the mortiffcation of weing *hop* and villa rem-dence* upon the rite. Thi. famoua old green ia now hidden frem view, and consigned amongst tho thing* m past hukuy.
Roaamaj or JawaLLaav.—At tha Dored Quarter kwioo* before Mr. Herbed Williama, EmUy Lily. 2,. de*cnb*d w qf good education, pleaded guilty to dealing jaylkry from her employer, Mr. John Cole, jeweller and wlveremith, of Sherborne. The rebberiw amounted, it waa aaid, to nearly 4300. Th* priwner ppreheuded at Msnchoster, aud articlw Aolen . . pawned not only in that
aty lut also at Ucd. and Bath. Th. pri.on.t, who had kcome a mother while in prison, ww wntenced to l_ mmith* impnwnment with hanl labour, and th* pawnbroker, were allowed one-thlrd the amount advanced on the stolen property.
Kemaiikablb Hear.—lord Coventry's pack of fox-hound* had a remarkabl* run one day last week. Th* med was at tho villag* of Powyk*, about three miW from Woreeder, where, a fox being found, made Orst for Worcedor, and ,wam acrow th* river Teow, which ww high and rapid from malted *now. Then, being headed, he crossed the Severn, which alw arw In Hood, I at a point about a mile from Woreeder. Tha Edd, a largo one, being thrown out, crossed the river at TVoreeater, and raced through thaatrecta. Th* hound, - aln the river after the fox, which
On Monday aftmpoon an extraordinary mvaga ™ named William
kethmccck, a brewere' labourer, of Lambeth, and Mre. Sarah Huntley, redding in the Bdredere-read, estminater-kidge-road. It appeare that N*th*r-cock had wtasion to enter mm of the department* of the brewwy where he ww engaged, and immediatdy he opanedthe door a large black torn cat How at hi* threat, fha animal held on witli great tenacity, and bufwa a^tanre arrived th. poor man ww bitten In no less than eight place*, prindpally on the right arm and fore-arm, *om* of the bitw reaching to the
pital Mr. Wher and the *urgical Aiff found tho am much .woUcn, and th. gland of the axella very painful. Shortly afterwanl* th. caw of a woman ww attend*!
% d*P *nd long, war* probed aud
and bitten aftwward* cauterised.
At the County Pollco^oud at Hanlay, on Monday morning, Dn kenealy and hia aon*. Ahmed, Char!*-m*gue, and Maurice wm. wmmoned by two reporter, for f5, being mlary due. The Doctor appeared per-sonally. 1 ho plaintiff, alleged that Ahmed Kenealy cngagwl them w reportera on th. usual terms. They were under him until he loft tha district, when the Doctor came down to Hanley. Charlemagne Kenmly then gav. them notiw to Iwv. Immediately on behalf of the proprietor.. Ihay went to aw tha Doctor, who ghtataplftheywouldconwnttoa - ' salary. Thi* th*y dedined —' ' fa)[th*m what
told them thay a _
considerable reduction i_____
to do, and the Doctor refused i
due unlem they would rign a recript in full discharge. Ihia thev refused to do. Dn Kcnealy aaid that ha was aoldy liable. The Bench thougnt differently, and made ordeia on Dr. Kenealy and Ahmed KencJv for payment with costs. Ahmed Kenealy has loft tho district, and hia wbereabouta are not exactly known, lhe caw excited considerable interest.
Escara or a Coxvicr—A convict made his sacape frem knagshill Convict Priwn, on Sund*y night, by removing a portion of the iron bar frem the win-dow of hia cell.
1'a.hic ix a Tiibatrb — On Monday night, during the pantomime performance at the Alexandre Theatre. Liverpool, a alight panic ww cauaed by the fall of about aixfwt of plaa(crov*rth* stage. Bomefoolldi pereoua reimd a cry of " Fire," and «ome of the audi-"""* """ " *" the door, but the audience were soon

Mr. -------XkM»iU ilo.no4kjr
Ciiaxob or Attxmitbd Poisoxjxo. — Ernest
where the fox went to earth.
Skkiocs Riot in Coils.—a serious riot occurred in irk on Sunday night. A soldier returning to th* —Ltary barrack* was knocked downand bmtan by fou: roughs. Other soldier* who were also returning to th* barrack, went to hi. ^i.Uaco, and a gcn.ral light en*u*d, mcreamng in extent according w drillan* or soldiers cam. up. Stones and other missiles were
si Az ztu;
gatira Cmjpanv'. .teun.r Tanain ™ lying at tha wharf at Shanghai, with a quantity of sycee on board ((frinajfovernment Loan), an explosion of gun-
powder occurred, and an hour after a second men look pi**, which Elled the 'tween deck, with ,moxo, but did no serious harm. Investigations were made with the object of discovering the guilty parties which were unsuccessful. On the arrival of the
named WaUack, a partner of Mr. Jacoba, a ,kin merchant, canymg on buaima* in the Hecknw.reed, m repntW miming, having Iwt bwn wen on New ^ ew * twin the (Irev-road, MH*-*nd. Mr. Wal-luck, it is said, at the time of his disappear poraon a considerable amount of ibng impression is that he hw i
DaAM or OmreasL nm LA MAmucat-Ganarel do La Marmora, bmng in hi* 74th year, died en Saturday morning 1^ II. commanded lb* Italian division in the Crimea, and subsequently in the cam-paign against Aiutria in IBOO. The King and wveral membere of th* Royal family hav* *xpr**wd, by telegraph, their regret at tha low the country has sustained. It is Intended to erect a monument to his memory.
Visit to tub Claiuaj»t.—Mr. Guildford Onslow » t-^ interview on Monday
who went't drihe
A Nicx Sort o ___
hrnaTb ^"waahire and Yorkahlre Hne that had
Au applicant for a pair of book at one of our Aoo-ahop* wa* wked whd number he wore, and replied, aa aoon w he could recov* from hia empriw," Why, two, of course "Ihavenoluckinamhing; In *- " - id ajoung aat—
Colonel Forney offered a town In Texaa a frea library, but, after couwBation. the dtiwn* d*dd*d
deecribed hi* mother-in-law"* eywb the following ontregooua manner :—"Sh* I* w crow-eyed that whenever rim crim her taare How crew-wava over bar back." *
mud the lad day of hia marriage ww w happy aa tha ffrd. Another widower mid the lad day of him marriage wa* the happiest.
A*hrewdold gentleman once mid to M, daughter. Be aye, my dear, you never marry a poor man; but
remember that the pooreet man in the world i* on* that
ha, money and nothing elm."—If ha tock a wlfa ha might be poorer.
A priwner who eacaped bom a county gaol lately was seen and pursued by a deputy-keeper named Miles, who, after a long chaw acrew tne Add* ovedcok and cagtundUie fugitive, although ho ww alway* AWw
A witnem recently date! In answer to a magutrete Uid he ww a penman. The magistrate.
and Mr. ex-Sheriff East had----------«u.iaav
ith the Claimant in the convict prison, I'ortsea. In 10 evening • nnhltV mwWl.. —, held in tho Bono.

mid. grevriy, to hi* fair hearer—"Madama, I n____
beg, but dat I have von vilo vid several small family, dat i* grewlw very large, aud noaring to make thmr brows " Perspiration of my own eyo-
"How riiaB we wttla the labour quadionr ». claimed a memberof tha Georgia Legmldure, in tha
midst of hia ipwch.—" By all going to work and ram.
ing your hnnghonedlyl thunderodaqiectatorlntha
^ sentiment brought down the houso.-^
A bntcheK* boy eanying hia trey along on hl# ^ouldcr, aeodentaUy struck it against, and aomewha* ™=P«acd the hugo bonnd of a lady fashionably dremed—^ fhe take the trey," cried the lad%
dago a bouqnot. to which a piece of twine i* *ttach*d.
lerly parishioner* a body day, wbsn
: Premdont, exclaimed a member of a debating our country's fa to looms darkling before us, without a star above the horizon en which the pat-twtic mariner can hang a scintillation of hope, but with ominous features of fust-coming doom, gloomy and »j|rea w the eyes of a tree.toad perched upon lh* tbpmod boogh of a barren poplar, enveloped i*
, crib ing the feats of a very knowing fox,; tdl* how Muter Reynard entered a codag* sat down by , tha
llro, and took up a Ro*c*mmoujournal—" Oh, beamy
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