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No. lo. U*ke-ttreet. -LMfchdant lodged with pro'teeutrix from the foth-uf DeretubeV, until the l»tb of January, In furulehed room, tfliloh eh* neouptMl with'ft m»un*tne-I'can- After prisoner hftd left ft blanket and towel, be, )ouglng w PWMlMA faired pawned. In the niRM of Ann rnrM.No. ». Duke-»tre«i, for 1* Id, at Mr. Myere', Ktti-ttrvcl.—There being no proof that prl*«nir pawned ih* *rtlcle*. *he w*» d.'
no*oat taabiya—John lUnty. of D*ek-etre«t, who «*' at tet. and rrprrtean-d by hit wife, warn tutnmoned for opeuliig hit ihop on I ami Sunday Week, but at he bad t &**" N-rred wltu the aummon* the cam «m dltmltacd.
Jamei Miaou, of Blrudn^h*m-*irect. for a tlmllar offenre en the IHh ln*t, wat fined the coat of the tumroont. 1% «d.
M*ry Morgan. of York-street. Hound well, for atlmllar ofTouev, waa fined the toat of the tummont, it td.
%tea2LsSS?fci»J- H
ui^ay iitght, ww otnv to Want laboor for teren dayt.
aeotane«di«a _____
•Uttng tho.tosfn warn Infested with Uiete tramp,
SUMDAt Wow mo* AuMimiin. — David Sftunder*. Charle* Croueher. Reubkn Crourhtr. ahd ffm, Iltrtiitt, four ladt, w*reeh*rge------...---------eireet, Wat eharved with being drunk
and attaulung P C: Martin, In the Strand. It halt- put 10 •'dock, au Sunday night.—The officer aaid he taw a man
w.t there. druak, a*d Interfered. uilng reoat dlagreeeful
wltnatt told him If bvdld -netgo away h* ehtiuU uke trtm. rritoner then flow at bin like a tpadman, and atrock Mm a violent blow on the no.*, and other'placet, rindlwg he could not/iaatier the prisoner, he waa obllied to nte bla tuff, and uruck hlfn.over the bead. They got him en the ground when be began kicking, and It took tlx to get him to theitaUon •natrtrk.-*ln antwer to the Bench, the
punlthed enfBclent. The other ma*latrate«. however. ware of a dllTeraMl opinion, and acut, him to hard labour for •even day* — Mr. Cc ktey : Mr. Ilarrla, you will tea Mr. lirawtr will cau«. the doctor to ,** tliu prltoner bit bring capable of doing hard labour.
I'li.limj a. « o*m•» nu*r. — Julia ltlekmaa. a parent* keep a beer houte In Orchard-Una, waa aumn for aataultlng Klliabeth llolloway, on the Mat Inat -} rOm the evidence It appeared that defendant aent fer complainant to come to Iter houae for a parcel, and on her " il there, defmdant aaked her Into the tap---- "•
and toe a In Croti-iireet, Rookery, on Sunday morning.— They were ordered to appear again that day^montf
dealer, of Northam-atreet, Waa *hi defendant pulled her note.—
refuted lo icq lb.---
> Ined 2a ed and coaie.
School Boa»d I'iioikcut.o*.—'William Newell Camp.
to whether they weni being properly educated or not. . twob-.ja liaTluu' Ik»0 leau-d In reading, the llench con-alderi-d their education aatlalactory, and made no order oa
°,Ul'l#C TtKSDAr.
and A Pegler. E»qra.
Aiiht DcacitTiON.—Kh>derick Wordaworth wat charged with being a deaerter frotn the Jat Battalion «0th Klfle». etatloned atCambrlugo Barraokx.Port,mouth .The man wat
with being djunk and Incapable, laying o She waa dlarharged with a caution. -
SLmiMHO Our.—A German named Muaaman, lale a atrwxrdla the Weal India Company, waa brought up by IC. 1 u reel I for being found sleeping In the Cattle Market • ••---1 dlacbarj^ed, and promlaud to
A melitlne 'of• tlie' dcW>l #«wrr'l #a»
oflicot, ILafl'd >whe Mhnai." CkSUwaaHa-avg.
Hillier.jW.O. Wettluke. and A. J; Millar, c >• ' x' J . , :C.»lOIWHI(UTI0M. ;,i , ,,
Th« Qlerk read«inunioatlr».i (rom. tlie llinnlo, hatn So loo! Board. BtWtir life BoiaW to Vi lOon P«rH. went aid tnemorlall«e AW' WuemlW NpaHme** In referenqe lo reUklrtf(:Uis r«X«riat.oai r^^ulrtr* i50 tchool aticndatcet in the .yoar .on llie cartof eeh dare In ohler to qualJy Uiem *o fake part la, the ,eiauti«uUl..ut. it toeing ufged that many of the icboltra ihut JitquaMed' were au|te competent to p»u.—Mr. Meldnnn; in aiming that Ih4 Board eupf>ort the rtpplictllon pointed out that a child uigbl attend'achooi 949i>Otitt»i», whjoh wao objected to by the Ho». Mr. ger.-ira, and,after • abort dieeuwion, Mr. Dtble moved, and Mr. Puippard teennded, that tho matter be referred to the Educational Committee.—Nr. Metdram tald thii wat a mutter that r+-quired the Board'* ten out attention, abd if (hero wa) timo be I Itad no obioctloo to iU being referred, to tin Educational Committee, and withdrew hie propffltlori, and with Mr. Miller*! cOnetnl the ftUeitlon Wkrrefbrreti accordingly. ' ' '
A memorial wat rotd from the head Ma«hort!ol all the Board, tohofdt. making that the whole ,of Baxter week might be granted for a holidayf>-Mr. Meldrum ""•poeoq thai tho fequeet bo printed, it' wat . >o M ye«r, bettering,'*t he did; ibat It would bo beneficial beth to.teachora and ebildreo.-r-8econded by
annual relorao W:tbV OofWntnont; which ho thought thould not b* the eaio.—Tbe re gout wat then granted. rv,AJM.JBT W MW AMOAL ftBTBRKS. ,
Dr. Ptlk read tbe Mport of, the Educ*»ionel. Com,-mittea, wi-iob referred to thi payment ef bead teacher* fpr preparing the knnual rotnme to Government. Tho committee recommended thai they be paid £1 le for tbio oocttion only, and that it w*t not to form a precedent. Mr. Miller teconded the prcpotition.—Mr. VVettlake agreed #ith the remark! that had fallen from the Chairman, and thought the extra holiday a quid pro ouo for wh*t they did in preparing thete returnt.—The proportion w*« then carried. ,
mk T*xr«iu*c« caXM»W b^aixd ecnooiA.
Dr. Palk moved tho next part of the Educational Committee*! report, which r«coromehded that Dr. Richardson'* booh on temperance tbould bo introduced Into all tne Board tcboolt, and that the teacher! take every opportunity of imparting lit content* to the children. and moved the adoption 61 the report.—The Rev. Mr. Pereira, in aecotiding thii, oald he believed much good would ipring from I to introduction, and that it would lead toother beneficial re«ult* a* well.—Tbo re than adopted. , .

0. BAY ITER. 3%.

that ho would'decline tb----
•tb« foifomoiw Ot T«B'Vii6ott« wnooih. Tbe.rtport from ih* miotger* ol. tho eiho*, Board
School* wm road »« W^waZfWKee girle 214, InfAnt* 2<0rrtotal, J51 ; Bev, . .
##7) dM.'WNmu'ZW-totd.*M f 8rl,Mt.
girl* 187, fufanta* 101 —rotal, 634 ; Ilonhdwril, boyi'154, girU,l<5—touliW; U>d Nortbamv 109.-
_ "WO re-appoioted a*, la*t ^par, upon the motion of tho Chairman, tegonded hy tho Vice-Chairman, fmnwn; Bcubuw. Tho Cbairnitn-paltiant to notice',1 moved, and Mr. Moldrom oeoonded, and It-wa* reeolvod, "That tho Education Committee bo. dlreeted to eoniide^ the.prfeent practlCo o( g|ving prixei to all the ocbolari .id Board •cliooli who pate tho arinual examinatloni, tnd W rt-•port on the expetirt of tbe inn*; itiggWtfng, If they at* ablo,« more econumkot ada at tho lame time, a more imuUtlng: j)lao."—Xhli brought the bueiaeeo of tho
meeting to a clow.
the prerlon* night.-
go back to Germany. w
DnusK A*p Aee-iCLTiNa mm Pouct-George Bank*, * teaman, belnnylng to tho Well India Company, wat chargnl with being drank and a,a*oltlng P C. Young and PC. IWawmt In tbo exerotlon of their duty.—l'.C. Young •aid betI had not the driver
u the cab, who celled ont. but what the laid ho eould not tell. \V line** followed round tho South-\Vvau>rn
blmi to be let go, defontant put III* leg round wltneat'g,
i tbe hip. and

came to hi* atilttanre.—1............................
and waa .orrv he had kicked tho omccr.—P.C. XV. Iktianl depoacal m goliiit to the other offlrer't atalatance. Young atked defendant If he got up would he walk quiet? Do-
fendaul replied, "No net for a-llko you. WUsett
th*n got defendant on to bl* leca. He tald If ho would leavo goof hlm he would walk quietly, lie did ao. and then defendant put hla leg round bla, and threw him down. He then kicked him on the aid* of the head, and ttruck him tevrral time. In_ Queen't-terrace he attempted to
throw blm again, and they had to carry him wav w tlm elation. A crowd followed, aud wanted them to let blm no. Samuel Blake, driver of the cab referred U), •aid be had two ladlra In hi* c*b when paatlng tho elation. Defendant ruahed acroa* the road to the cab. and had ho not pulled up the hore* would have gono over blm.—Defendant tald had he beon lot go he *hould hare gono on board hit thlp.—M r. Richard Crawley, of Orotvenor-tquare,
i returning from
d about half-p the Dockt. he taw defendant arm and arm with a *hlpm at the entrance to the yard of tho South-Wealern IIol ~ i tlpty. decidedly: ' •
I been annoying ■ --- — *«•"« «a» »-y » "» policeman gave
alight pu*h. Defendant kept repeating the wonla
a general at niggle. *
blm Into cuatoaly.—By Alderman Lamb: He did not *ee defendant rwjl up agatnit anyone The pollccman then took hold of defendant, who did not then retlet. but beggedland Implored thai ho might bo let goo ' ' '
o trip tho officer
defendant ____________________________ _________....
Police to let tbo man go on board bit thlp The efflcer tald uo It w.e more than he could do —The offlcer Young tald had not thd crowd iuterfeied ho ohould have had no difficulty with the tnan whatever.—Mr. Thoma* Mfel, Jun.. garo almllar evidence to the laat witnctt.—Thl* wltuea*. In anawer to the Bench, aald lie *aw no aaaault on the officer >r.—Mr. Iluchan: But you aaw everything el**.—
man Lamb: Very atrange you did not tro that—There wero a number of women preaeat—Aa tbenf wat a charge agalnat prieoncr of deaertiug hi* ahlp bo w an only acnl to Jail for acvcu daya' bard lal^»ur. the Chairman elating .......
cbould Ui made to the anperlntendent.
i hla chip, which t
0 clock on Monday for tbe River Plate —Mr. Cole. ,hipping maator to the lioyal Mall Company, pioved defendant having tlgnod artlclct and received hla advAcro note.—It not being a wilful act on bit part, lb* Bcncb *cntciiccd him
n day' hard labour for thla ofteace.
8mc00i.I50.—Domlqoo Bruncat. a fin-man on board lb* bourn- SVuaiern Co in i any'a ateam-thlp Southampton, waa chargcd with tbl* oBonco.—Cetloma'-ollcer DuunMI tald be wa* on l^oard tho »Voto »hlp that rooming, and in the engine room ho found concealed bctwein tho *tr|ngcy *nd tho thlp'* floor. In a hollow beam. 4llb of tobacco, the aingle dutjVoiid v»luo being £1 *t'3d. Defendant toon alter arrliMl. and In aniwev lo Mr. Koowler. tald the tobareo h, longed to him. and that he had 01 b altogotbor.— Mr. Kuowlvraakl defendant told him b*had taken part of the toUirr . on -liore.—Ho wa* fluedZl |* 3d a^d tho oo*t*.
Black Swan. Krenca-.lreet. W«* aurnmoncd and pleaded guilty to uaiug indecent oad nbeeeae language In Kroneb-otreel on U,e 121b Intl.—P.C. Roaa proved the caae. and
and co*t*,orla daj« . „ . i ol
Before J. II. Cvokaey. t
(chairman). Aldenaan. lamb. dreaS^Toi I"c*raijLt._joh"^realon. a re*Me'Uhlyl-
.yiwihWi - v.iwA\ * AM
During tbo week wall attended mooting* b*v* been h*ld eaob evening. «nd on Tuoodajr ovening a,)frgoaod
Mooer* Chapman, Oowald. itfid Ro*Wmtn, who woro1 all _ _ l4 „ „-------------------------—-r y,,T In .^Itendanoo,' warn hold In 8L I Mark'* Bcbwlmom,
Peeaeaantft, Brain, Wilton, Canning, Corbet, Chariee
Parkeri T. Robln*..n, Chariot Hall, Potty, Boor. U. Thompson, ten., H. Tliompoon, jun., Walter Chapman, Stuart. Co.t, Parrot, Candy, T. Proemantle, W. Few lor,
' The Chairman having briefly opened lha mealing, It wat addreued by Mr. W. H. Chapman, the Rev. T. L. 0. Davit*, and R*v. O'Bryon Hoar*, who expretted Uieir viewe a* candidal**, and which ovldently gave genirat utitfaction, a* no quMtiont wero atktd them.
They were followed by Mr. T. R. 0*m&ld. who had h*on enable to attend any of the prevlout meetiogt in consequence of an Importent bualnet* engagement, and who wa* well received, at were, indeed, tho other candidate!. Mr. Oiwald firat expreaeed hi* regret that there war a conteit. that rtligiom had boon dragged into it. and aloo pertonaliti**. There wa*. he sal I, one candidate on tho other elde who he ihould be glad to too elected, u be wai a miniiter la the pariih, and would not objei tho Bible being read and explained in tho ochoole. ... a large employer of labour bo (Mr. Oiwald) had a direct and per*on«l interett in the edueation of the poor, and ho felt.that when men were more educated they would learn their ir.dee much better. He Wa* an advocate for reading the Bible In tho echool* tupported by tho State, and there thould alto be an explanation of that reading bai d upon tbo gotpel. He did not agree with eeclarian teaching, and there wa* too much of it going on at the preienttime. He did not think th*t religlout teaching thould be left entirely to the home, and though it would no doubt be good If It wae eo, yet many thing* a child hoard at achoul were cerried away and produced much benefit. If they did bim the honour to elect him bo would give up aa much time a* potiibl*. and carry out the work with efficiency and economy. He agreed with cnmpultion, aa a rule, but he would not draw a tard and faet line. Where people wilfully neglected their children when the xolioola ware provided then he tlioaght the compulnon clau*** of tho Act thould bo put in force. He approved of technical education, and he ibould alto be glad to tee a training *hlp etiablitbed at thl* pert, for it wa* important there ihould bo one in eonnection with tho School Boardi to every eeafort (cheer*).
Mr. -ft. R. L. Ro*oman alio addretted the meeting, and hit remarki with reference to experience In School Board work for four yeare, and hit ifatement aa to what hi* court* would be, if elected, gained for him an attentive hearing and much applaute, I did alio hli reference to the fact that at Hoond they had a legal gentlem for a clerk, with the reiult that they were able to got without'difficulty, although the Act wat *o complicated, and they now worked eo well that thoy had not ex-pended one tingle farthing lince tbe pretent board had been in exiitence on account of legal expo met. " '
Captain R. W. Evant prepoted a reoolution of___
fldonce In the five candidate*, and pledging the meeting to ute every legitimate mean* in their power to. seoura their triumphant return on tbe-day of election", which wa* *econded by Mr. C. Ball, and carried with acc^me-
Th* Bye-law* Committee'* report wa* read, rocom-mending that the foot in the ca*eof 25 children who** paronU were unable to pay abould be rtmitttd, and on ihe pro petition of tbo Deputy chairman waa t^aaimoualy
™ . . mottb ***" rkqcirrd. ' Mr. Weetlake pre**nted and moved the a3optloo of the report from the Worke and General Porpooet Committee reeommending that the Public (York* Loan bo a>ked to lend the Board £1,200, for the enlargement aad repair* of the Royal Brititb Board School, tliii loan having been lanciloned by tho Kdocation Department.—Mr. Dible Kcondnd — Mf. Meldrum atked what wai the necwiity of their borrowing X460 more than wa* required under the contract.—The Chairman laid tho £1,200 had already been tanctioned by the Board, and It wu too late now to rait* . ditcuwlen upon It.—Mr. Weitlake obeerved that the contract wai £782. and the remainder of the amount It wa* thought de-•irable to have ae a margin for furniture, fittiage, mud extra!. Tbo turn had been agreed to at a provioui meeting, and the eubject being only formally brought forward now, it could not be re opened. — Mr. .Meldrum *aid he considered £."00 quite aoufficient margin to allow for furniture, and therefore moved a* an amendment that the amount applied for be £1,000, which would be £J18 in exeet* of the contract. Whatever Mr. Hillier and other* might lay. be had done bit duty in the In-tereit of the ratepayer*. In hli opinion it wtt ahturd ' i tptnd £400 on furniture for a board Sohool.—There at no eeconder to the amendment. — Mr. We*tlake, in iplv, urged that it wa* Mr. Meldrum'* feult for not at nding the meeting if he had loit hit opportunity of iiing hi! objection in a legitimate manner. Their time ought not to he watted in going over thingi again.—The report wa* then carried, Mr. Meldrum only di**enting, aud gave notice of his intention to atk that a copy of tbo eitbnkte be laid upon tbo table.—The Chairman taid he would loo that thii wai done without troubling Mr. Meldrum.—Mr. Waitlak*: It, hat boen on tho table once. It it competent that a member of the Board ihould *tk for it two or three time* ?
zslah0mb.1t or myoii t0w.1 school!. Mr. Weitlak* kilo *ubraittod the report of the Work* and for tb* onlarg-
t Jkkw foi*-April contain* a very
attractive coloured ibeet ofdeeign* In embroidery, beau-tjfullpr printodlni blue and gold. The** deiigm coniirt
limit ration*, entitled " Her B ttor Repentance," and the ofollnMlltfa of' Freda," which k&rfulpof vivacity M over, end deepen* in Intireitlfi of erf ptge. " Deareit bf Seven; w, BR LelghV Wooing/ U brought to e con-dlnron, and tbo long-iufforinglQei^ Irat ]*it happy in her huibind'* lorfl. • ;The part include* a largo oofetvod plate of Peril faiblon*, toned, paper *up--PUcptetof CuRollt pattern*, deiignl, faahlon*, to., and all the niual feature* whidh make thi* journal luch fatonfito. : I.iV/l " .....
. Tki>Glob*i Etnclopwtia', Part 27.-TM, carriei t from Mix to Mud, and U continued with the lame cart ful ability .we hayo notlcod in previou* parti. -To all in mjUi 6f aCTclopsodia eta moderate price wo can honeelly rocoramtnd thii epterprlio of Mr. Jack'*, ei iUcoit will he little more than a couple of pound*; Pof thM the iub-ocribo* trefu?niihod witheVondroui ma** of knowledge, mo#t cttrefblly digoated andl arranged, OBr" every branch
Af.Vf l*to*t reiulU of icieniifld
.-r,—---j-----.Afoikt. JBj.Yf. y. Klrby.
With coloured pletee. P*t 1. CeaieH. Potter, end Oelpiai--Pow name*1 ore of better, repute, than that of ' hlrby"? to the itodonti, or feven to tho dabblere, in Entomology. Thi» fact alone would be e guarantio that thii—the I«t*it of Mwrt. Caiull'* excellent pro-ductlom—will he In no way inferior to tbo numerouo >poW and valu»hle workl they have already letued. it*, in faet,' an admirable Companion to their excellent Natural Hittory" and charming "Wild Flower*," and I* produced In a otyle that leave* all rival* far behind. The coloured plate In par* 1 represent* no low then eight of tbete attractive Ineecti, In all their gorgeoui beauty; alio tome in the ihryialii and othere in the caterpillar itagM of ihelr ihort exietance. It prom!*•* to fumiih a moit deeirehle kddilion to either the book-thelf tjf the natunlilt or tbe drawing-room table, and will Be welcome everwhere. Tbe leaeon. too, ii now fait approaching when field and-garden are vltited by charming creature*, *b that Reef"- -----*
thete charming creature*, *b «bat It* appearance I* opportune. A», ft epecimen of it* itjle we canno better than quote the following on

sTaum Co.
merheft* wd^cloeomoet that it cannot be deteete*.aad
cannot fall to fill forwarded by port o the"
tbe body, two facbtobeleev tho Wae brieg *ent to tbe mean-

Pottage free? PrSo Wf *"6ouWe Truto, Si* ed. _ . ___ 5a M.' Poetagw IW. Price of an tmbMlea Tre**, «Sa. aad ,T**' Pn*t °®** Ord*a to be made payable to Joss Wgrrsi Poet Oflat, PieeadiRf.
IfKW PATKIfT. ..u ...
EI/A8IIC STOCKING, KNEE CAPS, . fW ViaxqpaB trams, uw
WKArSKSS te« «WBLfiI!TO8 or the LrOS. SPRAOfS
and 1** each, port free. ... •
WfhetjeoX :ft»r Qebtlomen jthoy act a* a aubitl-
Prtoe* far AB^NS 5* M Aad 7« Sd, Adult*.lOt M, 15* Ou and fl la !»•» free." • ' •
uisjtt.'sr.jfi"'«k.,- "MA
'..T w W a*. -* fTi. j o

the air and around flower*, haro alwaya caueed them___
much admired by lover* of the boautle* of nature. Almoie every boy htt bunted botterflle* through tbe wood! and fleldi, or bat reared tllkworm* or other motbt, and been
remembraree of theie youthful pletauret led elderly me to return to them, and ebeer the evening of their llvet by _ more aelentlfle ttudy of their early favourite* The beauty and the woadtrfultrantfontallontof butterflle* ind math* have attracted attention and ple**ed tbe fancy from the
talltv; for tbere I* a beantlful analogy between the gram-ful winged lateel emerging frtim tbe dark motlonleti popa, "" ' " " " body end wluglng It*

General I'urpote* Committee with pi*______
monl of tho Bovoi* Town Board School, which_____...
commended to bo tauctioned by the Board aud forwarded for approval to the Education Department, lie explained that tho addition conmtad of aa infant* clatt-rootn endboy't clan-room, eCerding extra accomodation for 65children In the former, and 47 In t^e latter— total 113. Recently tho Infant*' department had been overflowing, and it wai alto thought very deilrable there ihould bo a bo/'iclaai-room. lie moved the adoption of the report. Mr. Phipperd eeconded the propoiition Mr Meldrum complained of the.large expense that wai to be Incurred In building their new clett-roomt. and moved a* an amendment, that the plan* be laid on the table for a month 10 at to give" member* of tbo Board time to consider them. Bat be found no one to tecond hi* amendment, and tho report was adopted, Mr. Meldrum alone d|uenllng.
Mr. Diblo read and mov*4 the payment of *overal account* which had boon before the Finance Committee, wnich Mr Hilller eooonded, and it wa* agread to. — Mr. Diblo then brought forward a report of tho committee,
addition to being well attended, and the attention paid to the candidate* and lb* hearty and itnanlmoui tupport given to them In ttiie important part of tho pariih. augurt well for their tuccet*. The gathering wit, wa learn, quite a contrail to the one held by tbe Diwenting party laat week, at tho " London," which waa peorly at-
Wiurbester flrwj.
8ATDKDAY. MAmctt M. mi.
Home Mission* or m, Cnuacit or Ekquasd — Thl* branch of tho work of the National Church: waa advueatrd from the pulpit of the Cathedral on Sunday morning and afternoon by Bithop Mcdou'gal and the Rev. II. F. Oib*on, one of the minor cannn*, aad the otfertorie* amounted to—morning, £11 18* 8di aft*». monn, f 6 12* M ; lotel, f 18 10- lid.
St. Thomas's School*.—Sermon*.in aid of the e Church tcboolt were preached on Sunday, and lb* offertorie*. ameunting to £10 8», were devoted to the
Tli* Port Office, Hlgh-atraet, opeaa for official inqulrle* aad far the reoep Ion ol paid lrltar* at 7 a,m., aad oloeea at 10 7 a.**.,,
eountor from 7.» a.m. a a til 10.0-------
Sunday* the 0*o. do*** at 10 a.m. for *H public buriaee* and laquirla*. - -
Regtrtered letter* received up to half-an-hour before tlj» tloainir of the letter-box or ofBce.
" %%
LooU.—I2J0 p.m..
w --------Ra*tT«igh, Blshoprtole, BMbridgie,
Narallog. Totton, Bar tier, March wood, llyihe. Deanlien, Fawloy, Kxbury, Kotluy, Burtlodon. BltUrwe. Itchen. Wool-etc*. Hwaovlck. Hamble. «nd Blthop't Walihaut. the boa
cJr«r(«i in io» evening only. ' " 'J. '
LoWon. Ptrubeto" BOatios. aud Wlmeh«tt*s.«^y^*e. Fareham, Portimouth, and Ilomaoy, 9.3o. *ji..
Derch eater, and all intermediate town* furevening delivery bowea nnd Newport. 1\*5 a.m.
Briatol. for delivery r .me evenfmg, 11 .lfra.m.
haliabury, for dellre ~ aame evesiag. 3.36 p.m.
L«nilon. for evonimt deliver/, aad all towat through London for delivery next morning, 11.40 a-m., and 13 50 n.m Blebup'e Welthftm. Botley. By the. EaatM^. Harnhk.
W**i Bml^Bitlerne. Wooliton, Xatley Abbey, »nd Bi*hop-
Lend on. laniboro', and Portamouth, f6r evoainf delivery, and all towaa through London for delivery wft'eheoter. for eTening delivery, p.m.
Bath, Brlalol.,and town* on Great We,term and Midland
Totter* not exoeedin, in. Id; 2o*. l*d| 4o:. 2d, <•*.
Si i-Si" 'litf-JMsA. £V;:iv, a
i Mo:mr oawmg.
The Money Order Offloe or open from ». a.m. to «.
except on Batarday, when f utho oonvenleuco of the i lag claaame it la kept open nlll 8 p.m. So bueine** I* W*naaot*d In tbia department an Sundaya. Chriatma* Day*.
Debilitated. Thonaand*. La every tphere of ilia,_______
prenoaaoe^them the keeL the rnfkrt. and the tureat
ARE »dmitted fcj Ihooamndm to bo worth above ft UciMNA ft Box, fer Bilioui and Nervoue
•bowing that the requirement* of tbe Board for the half-yo-r ending 29th September, 1673, would amount to £1607 9« Od. and recommending that a precept for £lt>00 be •erved upon the rating authoritie* to meet the lame.
He moved the adoption ef thii, and In reply to Mr.
Meldrum, Hand that the la*t half-yearly precept amounted lo £1400.-^The Clialrman. in *eeonding the adopiion of the report, said ho waa rather iurprit*d that „ JU ■count wat io large. But they had f.»und that/ Hninitftl
children in them.—Mr. Meldmin laid when the latt precept waa atked for, a larger turn wn» proposed than required eo that tho following precept might bo *o much d jet imtead of it* being lower, ft* th*y were coniiderabi* increatc.—Mr.
before thorn wat larger,
A SocCitsrt'L Start.—S. W. Jalce, a pupil of Mr. W: Mean, Weatgate Houie, haa juit p***ed the pre-lleiiriary medical examination, lie I* the *on|of Mr. . Juice, ditpenter to the Royal Hani* County
led to believe,
Dible explained that the pi _______
montbe' payment of talariet______
tolicitor'i chargo*. thete together •omo £200. Further, in carrying Board, bo did net ace that they.
Inaimuch making a difference of
tho Government would Mr. Meldrum eaid he did
intended any reference to . .....
'oavillieg."—Mr. Dible replied that he
their work
could look forward to a lcei expenditure, hut rather the other way. Tho Government had thought proper to educate tho children, and if thii luit pSfiSpSSS.
braced io thW.?m#pL: .U w*».tm* I
g of the central board wai held on Wedneiday iaat, under the prealdency of Mr. J. B. Yonge, there bring alto preicftt the Rev. Dr. Fell, Mr. R. Jonr*. Bateman, Q C.. Captain Marx, Meter*. R. Haylea, Huggin*. Athferd, llennlng, Bunch, Southwell, Ac. Seventy.five new member* were admitted, and cheque* amounting to £239 2* lOd *lgaed to meet demand* on thi *oci«ty. The cecretary reported that the tender acccpted for printing the report fer 1877 waa that of Mr- \V. T Warren, ftnd the fir*t proof* w*r* produced to the meeting. The Auditors' report of their unnuftl audit wat laid before the meeting and approved, ft vote of than):* being tendered them
M ae M * * T«a.—Ckelee tea; at very r*a**aa To pr^ce* •re alwmy* le be had to e,ery T*w» and TUT*«o,' of Hernia,** * Agent*. Being direct laiportare '• if our ,
t*r— i'owall *Bd Kea, Chrm it*.
: i II
CeUej* (wall hox) 10. 0 a i
aftmCrnftd" Z KwZ

Norta*m road

Ontlow-road, Ifew-

Hallway Terminut 10.10an
J-'* — .. 8.t0pn
' ^ " IE'"
(pa'lmr)Z 8-Mpn
•On Sunday* only/
1 Trembling fen nation., ke., ' . . t«"-.—ief. In tw*aty miunUs. Thl* Iction. for they ka'eadone It In thonaand* of ca*e*. Th* pvoprletor or the** Pill* having obtained (at great •xpent*) a patent for thorn, he ehftDemgee the whole world to p-odaoe a medicine equal to them fer removing the above, named complaint*, and metering the patient to loond and laetlng h»alth. Brery aatferer I* oarneetly lilviUd to ti'bo "" b°* °f lh*"8 PlU*' *Dd lhe' WiU "oknowledged
Boeoham's Magic Cough Pills.
At a remedy for Oought In geaenj, Artuma. Difflonlty In
ftnyone labouring under any of the above complaint* need only try Okb Box, to prove that they are the very beat ever ofMted t» the pnhlle. for Aathmatio and Oomu-nptlv* Cough*, Hoai*eae*a, and oppreeaien of the Cheat. They *pe«dilv re-°' oppro«alon and dlOcalty of Breathing which nightly deprive* th* patient of reat. Thev give air*oat intunt rollef a»d oomfort to thole aflloted .arlth the above The mo*t violent Oongh will in a short tlm* be removed.
menlatamppifflxed to each box ol tne pill*; It met em they are a fondsry.,
boxe*. It 114 and Jt 9d each. Bent port free for 15 or St
by»U DrnrgUU and Patent Mediolne Dealer* la th*.
United Kingdom.
Tof Female* of all age* theee Pill* are It valuable, a* a fi doee* Of them carry off all groe* humour*, open .11 obatri tion*. aud,briag out all that la reqifirtJ. No female thu*
Wifinn^ME«Si' ^ 6Aa
•e i»unu so work wooden open th* w6*t tmportart orgaat la the human machine. Theyitrengthen the whe*tf mmacular tyttom, rmtore th* long-loet complexion, bring buck the keen
traoinj all olAue* ef 8»dtt*. and (.___ ______________
to the Karroo* and Debilitated i* Bb*c>am'i 1*1 li* hare the ar/eat a ale of Patent Medicine* in the-world.

lauday**xce|ted). . ' , .....f > :,™'rr
"e^h^y^KL. Wea%re*
" v fleuthai*; Port*" meeth, or Pert*** (new
;; 1
~ •>. ^"'heea, ?ort£
Port*mo«th*°^ " Z
. ,
ttitnrn tlokMamre ftvwlmble only.
- - -------. -CLtJifc Rojal Piar, Ho*tL~ — '— ......... * -
13. gagle-Urtao«, fleuthamptou

rpO obtain ease in ft short time, eren when
7INCTURK PO& RM(fMATI8Af5%Zld It i* a safe and lirople but most effectual Remedy for Rheumatic pain io the arms, ihouldire, hips, bands, feet, lS'*°'d have tried It, and been rellived
Thii ii no< ft niw preparation, huthai been know in Keut and Suiiex for 30 yean. The following tree Teitimonial* ♦rill be read with Interest :—
Wntoo, near M.idttone, November 3Vd, 1S74. IVar Sir, —Laat Saturday week my right kuee waa eo iwvll-n with Bheumatiam that It wa* twice It* uiual tlx*, ft ad full of the meet agonising pain. Ool/ yltb the greatest difficulty could I move. I wdnt to your ahop la- * c*it, and wiU Ataiatanoe, jurt managed to get out and creep alen? on two I tick* You adviaud me to trr a bottle of yoor ladian Tlnetare, and I took one home, and waa as completely *nred by It,.that tho next 8*rY*ur* truly. CH4BLKS PRHlfCH.
Maldatoa*. November ltth. 1874. Gentlemen.—I hav* *nff«red f»r 8 or »y«an, off and on w|th Itheueiatlfa alnt, and have tried one thlag and another, bat *oihlng baa given me eo much relief a* your Indian Tincture. 1 only took two doeea. and am now quite free from in. You are at liberty to u*e my name.
Y,ere truly. JUHN gORaim DRAY.
Fakdon'i IndiAx Tinctu&b 1* *oId by all Chemlit, but IT not in *tock &ny Chemist can procure it from hie Whuleaale London House; and it is worth trying, a* it very leldom (aU» to give the sreateit relief.
.pold ht'tiib VOLLOwi.ho chbmi.ati SouTJfAMPToM, Mr. h. Hunt, dL Mary'i-itroet LAKproRT, Mr. O. W. Brown, 214, Lake-roak; Mr. J. Stftna'wood, Commcrical-road ; Mr W. Hay lei, 21, ArandT*|*treet.
x.n iw BdTrtEs, le lid, 2i 3 1, *nd4a 61 *ach.
*rre* Coco».—qhiobi a*» Oouroan* o.—"By thoronth knowledge of th* natural laws which gov* rn th operations of'dtgeitlom aud nutrition, and br a
ft ocmatitutloa aaay be gradually built eg u«:il ttreng enough
."Zld. PER BOTTLR, B i E 8 8 THE H i B Y.
------ for CHILDRHN has been u**d
our broakfAat U^la* with ft dalicat^v with the; greatert aucc***, for tho el*pie reason that It
a'« MiTTiini

I, will bo ft«ked,.whak ItNuxit
.Baqnj.s Mixtori made of f We anawer that it i*. computed of. vutioue goms, eyrupo, and Ulaamio article* .well known to to netful in difnOrehiC,©?^' cutting " the; phlogin', ftrfdln kluyiBg Inflftmmulon, toothing Ifrltfttfoo, and by thiir cooling and demulcent propOrtlee reetoring ■ the litilo iutferer and eojoyroenL Xhfrpli no
aonrnvxi.—C***tr*rna» frCtrua
owftbury. i*yi
I wat tmictodfo> ten'tflOfl
SlijKlU* »l—lit m*!T«rr*U*ti Anun -t few dr*M
having tried other mean*, bd
purpoio, I
I two box!!.
^ftjf ta one

b. < gprttiny«lt 8#Mt*taCoeiia«^ Tb* b«at tai-thod.of-ukiog'ihiCvftln set I'epoer'e uminino Und Iron T»aU .
tfWW lucceei In
igfflSP«| bp'tfiszita

y be depended

f but ft* ft Cm*.
*tr k\hJ%IM.'knd'ft'ghkt'
LLoWHBaadUBfM ClR&AapKaiZ A 8 l*a«Nra> nfvaaiB JMlttlSB ihw*iir/. 1 liai 71,101

tojinvl oifl Jl.vf obit oi v'erfil
.vooamna *in*H letil •• t**»»tbb* .
Laox>J eajnJi Irtyr* nod byoasvba avxtl Lluwlm
JivjA da .YA0AUTA3 bo .uj q T i*!l wW
tbo Wood, but, aa they contain the extract! of (wo of the meotpemerfufStomftchlo 6d AhUhUlow Hdrbifoomd in the fleld of botany, they give ft tone to the itomftch ftnd.lly*r. They are prepared from purely vegetable extract*, and contain go mercurial or mineral preparation* of any kind, tberforf they may bo Ukio bv pervonl of all agee.
Pcreoni tufforing from
an impute itate of the hlood, ihould at one. try thii famoot Purifying Medicine, ft* it i* tbo very bin (boy ctn possibly take for their removal. In ca*e* ef Worm* of every description, *nd also for Rhumatiim, Gout, and Pile*, hunderdt can and do bear teitimony to tbo beheflt to be derived from tbe ut* of th*** Pill*.
therefore wo itrongly
T>AD LEGS. " *-
cure*, many where the afflictod partiei have luffered for h"b"' ■
recommend lufferere to try tu«u. .,......
Eva» Coo*, Old Radnor, layi: " Having tuffered leveral yeare from a Bad Leg with ft wound lo It, ftnd tried mapy different remedie* without any effect. I waft. Induced to try your Pill* aqd Ointment, which have . quite rettortd me to perfect health, being now able to walk and work at well a* ever I could."
Mr. Wiluah Sacsdirs, of Hidgei Crow, near Bromyard, luflored from Contracted ainew and Woonde " " ' but wm completely ouredby
_ Kuza Hcouu.of Hope, waijafflictod with Scurvy "" """ """
Mr. Bunor, Blaekamlth, Uaydon'a Bent, near Ludlow, suffered much from Eruption* of the gkin and Belle, and after having b**o ubdir' medical treatment, to no purpot*, tried (hue Pllli and Ointment, which — •oon tffectedft Ciu#i *o,; ntjw. ii wishful to recommood 1 themjo other*.' _ __.; .. . _
KD Mr. W. iiovsv, Lodlow, oaji: H can highly recom. mend the Olnttaertt fori Bad B) oe, having tried it and
-L A Uttlo of. BagUy'e Ointment rybhed Into lb0*3 annoyipg, «ad (whmt Opeti tbrf (abm> tmsighUy.oqoBticMat •
ttvAVsipelas. —— •"
XUf Mr. Pabkw, of £
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