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in" Hi.ixrrnic TEi.RtiitArH.
It mi * mo* or th« Pocttbchsic 8e*»iox. — The e*o>nd half of the eeaaion of the Poll technic Initltation waa «>|>cii©> I oil Widnesdayereiiingu-iili a vocal and Inatru mental concert I y Mr. ami Mr*. llichard Bl agree*. at . ,i*tcd by MU< Imistanre l»%ytnn, Miu Helen, ' and Mr. Tinney. The at'endance was not so large aa la I uaualon aufch occaalona, though there were a good number
_ . ......| present. Mr. T. Pdvey occupied the chair, and in # fear
.\{ii>oiiited a select committee on inteni|*rance. Sev. ral «n'r.>duitory remark* axial he iu detirel bv the ureal-notice* of motion were given in the House of Common*, uent of the institution (lr Aldenuan Jones) to expreas and Aime unim|«.>rt.vit >|ne»ti»n» asked, after which the i J'u fS"' that, owing to an important engagement In adjourned debate on Jhe Addre«a w.-u resumed. The *»ndon, he wa* uuable to be preaent He (Mr. Fairer)

ndment, insisting
consideration national demand" of the liish jteople. constituted th* pivot of the debate, in which a number of meml>era. chiefly I Huh. t.«>k part. On lichalf of the government Sir M. II. I leach pointe,! " " Irish <|tic«tfl>nt about to b* dealt with, but said it much to expect that they would ever think of Home Hule. lr|M n a divitinn the amendment was lo«t by 301 t» i.V Tho motion for the Addreaa wan then agreed to. and a committee appointed to draw it up. A number of bill* were brought in and re id a first time, and the House adjourned at 1.15 a.m. ^
~ T!IK *\'AlL
The RusaLwia are rapidly advancing into the heart of Uoumolia. Measure* are lieing concerted at C'on»tanti-for iU defence The report* that the bulk if Suli-mAn Pa«h\'s arinv ha.I n&wed through the llu* Ian line, an,I arrive! at A Irian ,;,le prove* to b.» premature, nothing bein* l:ii>>vn at f.iuslautinople yeaterdiy as to the cxact podtion of S di Anan's army.
Lieutenant Colonel Henry l>rnmm»nd Morray, jun., if IWair Dnimmon l anThe Karl of Derby was able to leave- hi* bedroom yesterday, and to move into the library. Hi* lordship is
was pleased to lie able to congratulate the member* of Uw institution u|h>ii the continued lucc-a* that hail attended it during thn past forty nine years, and honed It would
•rv |H»int of view the committee had been_________,
successful in the administration cf ita affair*. The finance Committee had recently gone through the ac-c« 'tinta, and found that they were able to vote £10 for the reparation of the book a in the library, and £10 for the necessiry improvement* In connection with their premise* in Hanover buildings. They were, therefore, after paying all expenses, able to commence the half
member* (applause). The c mmlttee of the Polytechni made what may be conlldently predicted a prosi«erous beginning to the second aea.ion, for while they can offer to the public auch attractive entertainment* aa the concert of \V edne*d iy night at tho present price* for adms-sion, they will do more thsn-command—tf *
succcss By the engagement of Mr. It.
ensured in the first instance the ability of one confessedly the in-tster of the very pleaainz and expressive instru
«ther str ,ug r tl,an they had been, is'. not altogether uufavmr-rr J under their tct, but still 1
English concertina. To the capability of thi* . • ■ organ those who had the gratification ol
hearts Mr. Hlacrove on this occasion will bear willing w|t'' that approval will justly aaeoci.ite the skilful and judicious support rendered, indeed, to all tho twrfonnanecs by the eminent tal-nt exhibit**! by Mrs "lagr.>ve upon the pianoforte. Combined with instrumental vrv also had an amount of vocal talent equal to the ordinary requirements of a high c'a*a and much more c,stly concert. To commence with the soprano. Miss' O natance I.iyton.^who with an obligate concertina ac-comt4»nnnent in the great feature of Meyerlieer a opera, in b rench, Robert le Diahle," ' Koberlotu t he adoro," in Italian, obtained quite an ovation of applauae, which
--I JUCCCM of Mia* Helen Heath, who. with a mezzo soprano
II..I tem in neither case aniearcd cut,'.in«7 finnueee and expnvdon that the aentiment
certain, and ia few c -asinUiuel. T
wzlfemely ^ li-t ,|«:n
from the lUnk of Kn;
iK-ctcd to airive at Cork for order* MsU* o\ th» Uth ln>t*' t. t Itrinv-J on tho Uth Inatamt
• M'orto. aTivH. here W'd.nsJlly t< Ich, from Oporto.
rhe Kim E**v* p
n ,ck« <*|k,r'',
- l-srns, Mon.le«o.
——I ,-r »°»rtistically biendeil that a r»u.„.„«.
-an* , amrmeil the favourable impresaion it hail created, and km* I the last MM. wm* with IwM&M.! elhcl Ml**
Heath aU> obUineinswered by the sulxtitutioh of " bv I*." Mr. Chirles Tinney, with a bright \ »hare-l the applause of the
Tb"\v*" ..............•!!•"« «|«»« " Tk.
which w-as very nicely rendered. Ik-fore we return to the e*s. ntial prominence of Uie concert -the cucertina playing—we must record to Mrs II. lilagrove the highe;
.. _ . ... | --—.!----i *------------
iUIo Raff,, from New \ ork.
Mr. M. Emannel, writing ta a contemporary aa an observer of what took place and a former member of a volunteer fire brigade, make* tha following circumstantial statement* respecting the oecurranoaa of Friday evening last" The alarm wa* given at twenty three minute* to twelve, and the ' Royal engine wa* on tha ground at a quarter to twelve, and at play iV very good time. The S luthampton engine arrived at two minutes to twelve, ttrfittf mintUrt cvmiH? /roes Orchard-street. It wa* then taken to Ea*t atreeL bat neither police nor firrmen knew i*Aere the fireplug spa*. At !a*t one wa* found at the corner of York-building*, and, the hoee being joined. It waa then dlaoovered there waa not aufficicnt length, and back to Orchard a treat the tireuian had to go to get more. You would fancy, perhaps, that now all waa ready ; hut not ao, for the fireman hail forgotten the branch, which being obtained, pumping at laat commenced at twenty-els minute* past twelve, fifty minutes after the firU alarm, ant', half-an honr after the arrinl of the engine ; but not more than a dozen etrokea had been given when the hote bmftt and pumping bad to ceas^ while another length waa procured ; a second time the hoee burst, arid again the engine a topped while another length waa attached ; in fact, the hoee altogether waa in a diagracrful state. The engine from the Ordnance Office arrived at a quarter past twelve, and in arms minHte* was plavln* on the fiainea! A more diagracefnl exhibi Ion of inelhciency aod • incompetency I never witne*ae,L No one appeared to be in command, and all giving some order or other, and, aa a climax to the ignorance aa Jo the whereabout* of the fire-plug*, the hre escape was never brought out, ao that had It been required time must have been loat while It waa fetched from the atatinn."
To the Editor.
SIR-We wi*h not only to corroborate, as eye wlt-nesae*. the aUtement* in the letter of Mr. M. Emanuel a* to the doing* of the Fire Brigade In Eaet street duiing the late fire, but to add that he baa conveyed only a faint Idea of the helple«* and hopele** condition of the situation. Nothing ahort of a thorough reconatniction of the brigade will meet tb* neceeiitie*, of tha eaae, the - ed of which i* p--'— '---"* '
associate and to cultivate feelings of nutual respect
9b# toaat having b*en duly responded to, the health of the Chairman waa drank with enthusiasm, r » ny preaent by hi fnflo° ui* e"te*m *nd rr"I*ct I" wh^Jhe waa bald _Tbe remaining loaata were " The I^diea." " Th, Free*. "The Vice-Chairman." and "The Stewarda."
During the evening aoaae capital songs were sung, and tha conviviality waa sustained until midnight, when tha company separated, well satisfied with the character of their re union.
Jan. 18th, 1«78.
Thou. CUTILAKO, Jwo, J. Castkb,

! the golden w _
i and melo iiou« b-ws '
tnlng by giving two excellent m „ nd by supp ,r
'»ir mukct t%--Uy wa, w.-'| a,ten M. Knzli.h wh -«t *>< in s\ w* sarfy at the i*ke* nf kr ,4 k. Fo-etM laU. if^Lo^ P m*e*l new* tUrl -y »t-« lv ch«ng*. M.iio .lull, am!
£11 to 41110*. Per quarter .04?" «a. ti> JO*
performer Mr. Biagrov
The many Scotchmen engaged In the Scotch trade, Riding not only at Southampton but in nearly all the princi|ial town* of the county, who have long alnce
their native heath for the aunnier, and wa douSt___
more lucrative towna of the south, have been for many years past in the habit of practically keeping cu.tom taught by their great anew tor Burni
admonition—that auld acquaintance abould r.___
forgot; and that at I90.1t once a year they ahould have the ,m;,ort,inity of meeting at tbefwUve board those who hail from 'the lando cakes." The celebration of thi* annual dinner—held alternately at S mthamptwn and Fortaea— to.,k place la*t (Friday) evening in the Caledonian Hall, at the Star Hotel, High atreet, and waa In every respect a dcci led succems. The room waa very tastefully decorated with a profusion of national and other mottoea, the head of the ro>m bain* surmounted with a floral device,
a red ground, with the word, " A Happy New Year.'
1 to the ball, a piper from Highland coetume, li " Tta Campbella
. 4" comp*"y adjourned w the 91 at Regiment, attired in full Highland coetume, led
it* construction tlie _ __ _
! ii? SEA 23%............. __
ampton, with the |«rfect
lTie annual .oiri-o of the Young"Men's'cbri"thin A^lJd.v
,n"i • half-past live a goodly number of the member* and fneiuLi sat dow n to an excellent tea. provided by Mr. Kite, of Ka«t street, and at aeteti the entertainment commenced, when there was a very large attendance.
inau -uril iul.lreas. in tho course of which he referred to the fact that may nf those who originally established
latter hiving laid the members under a deep debt of KraOtnJe for th# faithful aervkea ha had rmnleMd to tha in as it* indefatigable secretary (app!auac». He it must be very generally felt that it was quite im|w*a!ida fur young men W I* bmxuht together In th* way they were iu that aasudaUon without great and incal-***—th* U.W lMln< :alln*d, th* ' " i character in every
that with him ...... _ ____________________________
........" ("WwnkL
others of a decidedly natfinal character. The chair w
The fifth session of tha preaent Parliament waa on Thuradar opened by Comtniaaion. The Queen* Speech ™ Chancellor at two o'clock. It
Mr Lorim asv 0i!nx*i«5—
I have thought fit to a**emble you before the usual period of your meeting In order that yon might become acquainted with the effort* I have made to terminate the war now devaatating Kaatern Europe and Armenia, and that I might have the advice and aaaLitanca of my larliament in the preaent a tat* of (while affair*, louare aware that alter having unraeceaafully atriven to avert that war. I declared nir Intention to obeerve Je"t'*'ity In a oonteat which I lamented, bnt had f*iled to prevent, ao long aa the intereat* of my hjspire, aa defined by my Government, were not threatened. I express-d at the same time my aaraeet derire to avail myself of any opportunity which might preaent itaalf for promoting a peaceful aetUement of the queetiona at Isaue between the belligerent Power*.
rhe aucoeaae* obtained by the Russian arm* both in Europe and Asia convinced the Porte that it ihould endeavour to bring to a cloae hostilities which, were causing immense suffering* to ita subjects. The Government of the Sultan accordingly addressed to the neutral Power* partiee to ihe treaties relating to the Turkish Empire an •PP*\1 for their good office*.
It did not, however, appear to the majority of the Power* thus addresaed that they could usefully comply tha P tal**"*"* they communicated thi* opinion to The Porta then determined on making a ae)
appeal to my Government, and I at once agreed to---
an Inquiry of the Emperor of Russia whether hi* •niP*rial Majesty would entertain overture* for peace.
The kmpemr expressed, in reply, his eameat daaira ... peace, and atated at the same time his opinion a* to the cour*e which *hould be pursued for ita attainment.
Upon thla subjectcommunicationahave taken place between the Government* of Russia and Turkey through my good office* ; and I earnestly trust that they may lead to a pacific solution of the point* at issue, and to a termination of the war. No effort* on my part will be wanting to promote that reault.
Hitherto, ao far aa the war haa proceeded, neither of the belligerenta haa infringed the condition* on which my neutrality is founded, and I willingly believe that botfi parties are desirous to respect them so far a* it may be in
So Kg as these conditions sre not infringed my ____
tude will continue the time ; but I cannot conceal from myself that should hostilities be unfortunately fyolonged, aoine unexpected occurrence may rendsr it incumbent on to adopt meaaurea of precaution.
saaurea could not be effectually taken without preparation, and I trust to the liberality of my « .1- - which may be required
amptua let them aa (treat* think tVU matter over, remembering tUt since the i*Wo* of the Coofyalaory Vaccinal I. m Act Ir UU th* death r*U of Infanta and ehiktrea under flv year* ef age from syphilis had doubled. la th* Metropolis aloo*. from January I< ir* to June »0th, t«77, l.We •ach were registered. Look lag at thms fact*, ther* waa not th* slightest doubt that thoaaanda of healthy child-rsa war* contaminated through vaccination. In France, Oermaav, RnaaU. PmaaU. and other oouutrira th* people were now swing th* encrmoa* *vd* arising from this enrm, aod aa Ki.gli.hmeo let them aalta to denounca tbis medical despotism which. If not speedily checked, would threaten to strangle ths liberties of the cooalrv. In a forcible aad eloquent add rasa, Mr. Booth quotsd many high medical authorities, and In conclusion said he hoped the i«o]Je of Bouthamptoo would stand by tho*. who were d< Ing their ntmoet /or eomcienoe a-J[* to endeavour to repeal thla law relating to vacrination, which was one of the most narlghtMma ever placed on tHe statute book of England. To his (the speaker s) mlad tbe onhr real preventative sgaiast amall-pnx waa ths carrying out of proper sanitary re/or ma
The reeolatloa waa put to the meeting aad carried with acclamation. and no qoe*tiona being aaked the lecturer, a hearty vole of thanka waa accorded him. aa well aa Uf th* Charlrman, and the meeting separated.
WtwcifgSTM CnT B:*c».—Yesterday (Friday),
stealing s pair of boot, from ouUide the abop of Meear*. Baker aod Co, outfitters, of the High atreet. pleaded guilt*, and wa* aeateoccd to six weeks'hard lsbour. -Trantftr, "/Lie*n*tt -TT»e lioerne ot tbe Morning Star inn. Upper High alreel from Hennr Burnett to Alan Hugg ; the beerhouse. No. ». Middle Brook street, from Alan Bug* to Henry Strugnell ; , • •• Na|nleon, the Square, from Archibald Bel load to Wllliai
eon — A number of public*na applle.1 for and were gr»---
eztension of on. hour during tbe continuance of the aaaiaea.
and Thomas Collins t
! Hundred Men's Hall Ulft ot Is 1

lixmnonj n. riumrt-lge (Uur*lej
, F. Hookway (Exeter), J.
nd expanded, the heart enlarged.»;
«a»d hia j.ri, _________
■rive. No formal contract ler.dant gave the plaintiff
High Court of Justice-Exchequer Division (before ! Justice IxiPEa).
NTKVK.V.10X r. tavlor:
Th, ^lamtif In thl* caaf, which wa* iar& beard at Waatmmater na Monday la*L a»l orcnpl"! tb# whole of th, foliowkg dav. wa* Mr. fieorge Stevewoo. of East eqh. IWiop.toke. Want*, hntehef, and the defendant
Roche, of the (I d Jewry I»ndon), were for the lefen.lant At Michaelmas. 1R75, the plaintiff was the jw-ner of Linton \ ill*. St. Deny*. Sou'hamptoo. and the le fondant became hi* tenant of the preini.*e* for a ye»r
prWed his desire Jo purchas. the ho ise The plaintiff and tbis the defendant agreed to ** drawn up. but the de-gave *ne waintm a cheque for CO. and the jljinUff handed him a receipt for that amount " on ^ Purchase of Unton VUla, St. Drrny*. L..«0. Ths defendant neglected to complete the pur chase, and on the I4tb of the following January
upon it In Septeml>er, I (CO. the defen.lant
I*«^ee, that telng tha enJ of lA tenancy. The defendant owed £22 IDs., half a-year'* rent, but refused payment, stating that the plaintiff must deduct It from the C50 he had In hand, which he had rocat^ed n, accowtof the pmtha^ ami the defendant
x."l. lie alleged that there wa* no contract for the purchase wiUun the Htatn»-,d Frauds, sect. 4. and that
sut.:ect t,, the apprdval of a surveyor, and that a surveyor had reported that the pne* wa. ex«Wve. A* thle warn UMfnlyqueatMiof fact -ibe other pnhta In tha case
- Mng awmed l^r the receipt .......
•r, ho had no hedlatl.
an absolute one, and___ _____,
rveyor. Me found that there
—d the defendants deciding that the contract lubject to the approval of * tract within
I • .-.r . the defendant could have comi*l_____
V K'M the .lefcadant tha
>j,|»,rtunity of appealing, if be thought proper to do ao.
«/l" KEN'S SPKKCII DAY Iff SOUTH AM I'TON. Sla Ahonta quarter lot hour and half after
greater than in the present day, and the Work
. (applause), fbe acquisition of information on the important question* of the day waa a duty which they were Umnd to recognise, an I It was neccsaary for young men to he diligent' students both of tlieir Bible and their newspaper. Tbe jweaidenV* then made some very instructive and amusing remarks on the various features of the programme ; and in allusion to the debate Vi" riHhlS', h? "(erTe,i to tbe course which
the University of Lindon had been taking ui>on tbe que* mo of admitting Imdie* to tha pjeeewlmn of degree*. Ha itself ar i .t,hou^'; incidenUlly, on tbe theme
showing __________________________
women, and how differently he had apostrophised the fair aem bom two aalee of an inlarral In which ha had suffered mortification and loa* at the hands of a aucceasful rival. Phe president subsequently intnxluced tbe musical friends, and the pn^ratrme then proceoded. It wmm«nced with Nendelawihn'a chorale ' To God on High, which was exceedingly well rendered by
elficiency at the harmonium and pianoforte reauectlvely. T? ^u,,foUowe<1 * prologue, comjsMed and spoken by Mr. S. H. Bower, a member of the association. It an admirable compoaitiou, and was delivered with ... cellent effect The principal event* of the past year—
s skilfully reviewed—
general, local, and -------- --------- ......
the \\ ar in the East and the Indian Famine being
Inmktanne nm a polby of neutrality for thl* country provoked a very hearty re s|K)ns«, a* did also the thoughtful references made to
applauded when he concluded the reading of hi* capital
occurrence* and stirring event*, and gav* expreaalon to their opinion* thereon in a way which left none in doubt, and whicb .1—
with ackno' ------------------„«e
morel qoMtlom "A™ *«=#='' nght, man', —
This wa* sustained by six member* of the 1
McWhhme declaring "No." Tha cnndl
on the political and profesaknal ri[hU .. ______
their incompatibility or otherwise with tho dUchi aoc-ial and domestic obligations. The opener was avowed ten minute*; and each of the other a^akera five-the
In Ui. ol mat h.H llnUh.1
sentence, the latter (uirtof which the audience were left
aspirant* for rhetorical honour* were comiielled to prac-tice, however great the self-denial. The Interest and amusement of the large aaaembly were malntaine,! to the end ; and when the question was put to the vote all the ayes mu*t cither have disappeared or been afraid to
concurrence, and the "noe*" had it by an almoat unchallenged unanimity. The entertainment, which was
•y), J. Thompson (Clant . .. .............
Uiwper (Fbrtaa,). J. McWhlnnk, Jamea Imlamd. _
■^teole, and other*.
The clotha haying been removed, the Crairm*K gave m ancceawnn the toaak "f " Tha Quaen." amd "TLa
with musical honour*.
Mr. Halljoay, of PorUea, next proposed, in the coawe of a somewhat humorou* speech. " The Army. Navy, and Iteierve l-orcea." remarking in relation to the latter part of the Wast, that he did not think an adequate amount of encouragement waa given to the citizen *oldl6r* of the waaUy. apoa whom thara wa. reffacW tha
ra SThVk,';:.
they were by no means so plo»l,ling or peraev.nag In it The auccja* of the Scotchmen engaged In thl* trade wa* alwaya impugned by Uiooe who were not succeasful In it, but he ventured to asaert that there waa a no" more legitimate trade in thla country. To hi* many friend* at Southampton and Port sea he wlahed In concluaion a very hear:y and prosperous new year.
science on such an occasion, but they knew the mar vflloua strides which science had made within the pas* sixty year*. If their grandfather* could arise at the pMaent Uma. mould they not b# aatoandad a* tha acientitle progress which had taken place ? There ware oth* vktnriaa yat to ha gained In tht grand iWd ; and he trusted that the sanitary reforms of the country would be such that In a few year* this land would be free from the scourge* which had in year* gone by afflicted it (applau«e).
their glonou* traditions. In reading of the gLriee of the past, whether It w«* of the -achievement* of their gallant heroee on land or'sea. they were proud of belong-ing to the country which gave them birth. They were citizens of a free and enlightened State, and he believed that'they were In a condition of progreea which waa like!)' to make them even greater patriot* than they were now. Notwithstanding they ware suffering from a dej,re»«ion of trade at the nraaant time, he trusted that thi* waa only transient, and with a little patience would
greater, and be the envy and admiration of every civilised nation (cheer*).
r/t 1* 4nciel?t Caledonia, and her atnrdy »ua
falre*t land of modern time* ; her soldiers were as brave a* lions, and the many noble and heroic men she had sent
forth on great ezploit* had gained laurela for her which
Mr. Daroaval (London) cave " The Trade and Com-merce of Southampton," and said he waa glad to aee It waa in auch a tlourUhlng condition, notwithstanding the great depre**ion in trade throughout the country. A* the nttural out-port of London, it waa but natural that Southampton with Ita splendid harbour abould * Ya,le whlch other towns could not (ampkuaak ~
Mr. CwinclllorS. S. PaARcg, In reply, aald that not-itlislanding the virtual removal of the P. and 0. Com-pauy the port continued to hold her own againat all oomers. Ihe fact that .we had twelve mllee of water inaide a natural breakwater, wa* In Itaalf sufficient to
Parliament to supply the for that iwrpoae.
P*l>ers on these affair* will forthwith be laid before
^My relation* with4 all foreign Powers continue to be
I am thankful that the terrible famine which haa ravaged Southern India is nearly at an end. Strennou* and succeasful exertion* have been made by my local Government* to relieve the sufferings of the population, and in that duty they have been powerfully seconded by tbe liberal hand of my people at home and in my colonies.
I have directed that an inquiry ahould be made into the meaaurea moat proper to diminlah the danger of such calamities for the futurd.
The condition of native affair* in South Africa ha* of late caused me some anxiety, and haa demanded the watchful attention of my Government. I have thought it expedient to reinforce my troope in that part of my kmpir& I trust that a peaceable and satisfactory settlement of all differences may be shortly obtained. t 1. O"?™™ ,OF THK 11001,1 or Co**o*9—
I have directed tbe estimatea of the year to be prepared and presented to you without delay.
. . , m)t Lw* AMI GKNTLEMCI—
A bill will be laid before you upon the subject of county Government, and your attention will be again called to the consolidation of the Factory Law, ana the summary jurisdiction of magistrate*.
You will be aaked at an early period of tbe Seaaion to take Into your consideration a bill on the subject of cattle diaeaae In this country.
The questions of Scott lib road* and buildings and of endowed schools and hospital* in Scotland will also be brought before you.
Your attention will be invited to the subject of intermediate education in Ireland, and to the Grand Jury la' In that country.
Among other meaaurea for the amendment of the lai
kn,_:m I. dmpUfyaud explain
re relating to indictable
slderatlon, aud I pray t&at the-----.
may attend and guide your deliberatlona.
On the re-aasembling of their lordships, the Prince of Wale*, the Duke of Connaught, the Duke of Cambridge, the Lmnreaa of Austria, the ex Em pre** Eugenie, the Prince Imperial. Mid hat Paaha, and a number of other distinguished pereonsge* ware preaent The Addreaa waa moved by Earl \\ harncliffe. and aeconded by the Earl of Loudoun; and Earl Granville, the Earl of Beaoonafleld, the Duke of Argyll, the Marquia of Salisbury, and other noble lorda took part in the debate which followed. The motion waa agreed to.
The Houae of Common* aaaembled before two o'clock, and were afterwarda summoned to the bar of the Honae of Lsirda to hear the Queen'a Speech read. At the evening aittir^_a number of noticea of motion were given. The i 'Jreaa in anawer to the Royal Meaaage waa moved by Mr. Wdbraham EgarLm. and aeconded bv Mr. Tennant. The Marquia of ^Jlartingtoo, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. (Mad*tone spoke during the evening. Mr. Mitchell Henry moved*n amendment calling upon Parliament to consider in a wiae and conciliatory spirit the national demand* of the Irish people, and a somewhat noiay diacuasioo, principally with regard to Home Rule and th* releaae of tbe Fenian pnaonera, enaned. The debate waa adjourned.
CnaraTMAn Trkx.—At the Maaonic Hall, Parchment-1 Tburadav, the Wealeyan Society had a Chri«tn>a* tree —remaining from "
----- .----V —----- —/ ,tV
and cheerful appearance that many ....._____________
might net otherwise hay&don* so. The tree, decorated with artklea for aale. occupied the centre of the room, aarreuadsd by tablea, oa whieS were dlaplaye-l all kinds of useful aud om«-raenUl articlaa. The sale commenced at alz o'clock, and at Intervals during the svenlng vocal aad Iaatrumental music engaged the attention of the company—notably two or three
irSi c-si-sffi
nnaold, and £lt clear had been realiaed In aid of tha Cbapfl
Ez changes.
A L UER,—For PRORATE and SL'CCK,-'. '
jo"k j- sS10™'0'
S.B.—Ter the past seven year, Oscar Shield, (and THE SODTH OF KMI.%Dlui%RTHIXO A P:« 0 tY-r FnT'o T iV E

A tooth from 6*. A set from fi»e U> twenty gajneu..
repreae-otaUon of Sheridan Knowles' drama of '
Chase at the QulldbalL 1 _____________
.Good TrxPLARt. —In consequence of St Maurice's I ConaultaUoea frte. ,
HaJl Mng engaged for other parpoeea, th* weekly meeting of Teeth extracted from » to 10 a m. gratl*. /
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the lodge by clearance earda. 1 with oo^s wrought from the purest Seam* of HufSK (.VI'4
LtCTCRg at Tilt BaKrack.*.—On Tueaday evening a In GLAND.
didate* were Initialed into tbe Order, a

by appropriate dlaaolvlng.............- ....
IxnrrgKDcxT 0ri»r or Good Texplaiu.—An Inment, eooaUtiog of readings, recitttlou*. and singing.
given at HtTV-maa s "chnolre in. on We-Infa.lay evening, in \ d Wlnche^er" l^dge. Tbe 1
Amizcs.—The following Is a list of the cases for trial
Southampton. « : btrough

Station at Railway Rate*
TermaPrompt Aeh payment within three day. ■/. •! r .r;
n-unty of Wilt*, t

Southampton would grow Mr. J. Scorr (Southampton) aald the to sat which waa
prosperous one. and he doubted not that at the preeent
many repreaentatlrea preeent that evening. It had been sild, bow truly he would not vouch for that commercial men ought to leasees the qn&litiea of a Prims Minister—
invariably drunk in alienee. Any country that had pro-duced such a man ought to be proud, aod Scotland had from time Immemorial produced aoua who had made
----- .—------IT, and which would_____
gg*22) for nneratlona to enjoy
Amoogst the many important que-lleaa now enrtglng the and, de*p4te th*
n who believe li
public attention Is" that of opinions of many eminent medical
y* A. Pearca,
andlsoca. Amongst those nevaeqt wlr*____________
Patient* ^milted daring thi* week"
Number of providsnt/iember* on' the boJks 7t
c. iU
""!■ W a. Paaaca, Resident Di'penaer.
-- ii I °°«
• (Opposite the Gaa Work*).
Beg* to thank hi* numerous patron* ami the public genera'"* f lood for tl- aun|»rt acconk-l I. a them that nothing on hit
for the paat si* year*, and 1 l*rt "ball be wanting to hitherto entreated to him.
HANDBILU and CIKCCLAM pemptly dWWred.
ff AU the MOM PROMINENT of England.
r^try work.
SocruaMrro*. , Wamomi.
War mo era. Socrnaarro*
TC^ VERY ARTICLE purchased at this Eatib-■-J liabment guaranteed and warranted.
OW Selling at unprecedented loir prices.
| EDUCTION of price from 1G to 25 per cent.
YOU can #wHy prove the ahare by
• the pricea with those of others.
ANEW ayitern of business, viz., larger return:
,__, , *n'1 smaller profits.
1 Jg Y which tho Purchaser gains the advantage.
4a In the pound.
__kept for repair*
i! M AKs x&n&zA
It I THAMPTON. exactly 0p|--»itc St/,
repealed. Thoee who re-

dene to put 11 oa a better footing than It *
^aednation did
n>ey had on mora than one occasion atked the medical ^b«To( -- and deal with It. and to aee what could be He had the
— ^httaf written by —
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this maetln, ----------,TtrT mMQ, u, tbWr
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Wixro*. SovruaurroM.
Be« to Inform Architect.*, Surveyors, Builder*. Contra -I "*hara that, having lately carried out several alteration, provements at their alrea>ly extensive Works, they are to offer best Red and Staffordshire Bine Pacing and'Oro
nea^ colour. anddnraUUty to the beat Statf ,nl*h:re are being extensively used by many Local Board* (■ r 1 pathway* and roa.1 crossing*, aa they are found to wear mor* evenly and last longer than the ordinary usually used for each purpuaee, aud do not cost t
aC10-u aju. and T.JO p.m.

Poat*. Oosroav. Soctb'to*.
» Basavo.—A few drop* of th'

liquid " riorUlne" speiL--------------
" er. which thoroughly cleanses the Impurities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar. — •- ^ jwcdllar poarV w,.:teues^ and
odour arising from decayed teeth or —*
and tne greatest toilet discovery
•a -"I have admlniatared the 'Palatobl*'
report v*ry favourably."
Amonoaa aaVSoaaaaaaaa-AU suffering from irri

South-Western Line.
-^8^«eci*l term* offerod^to Shippers fer Shipping Orders wk Ji
M- -■ m,:s!
_secured In Packets has been PREFERRED:
and post free, by Mee*ra Horplman. Tea Impwter*. Lon-U-a Alresfont—Conoa
Bnullng- RiDDica, Baker. Cowea—Oartirva: Roeaaa. Preemantle—II aMiLTOi* Fare ham»-A *.* ot a
Hambledon—W atria. Lymingtoe—Aiaa*.
Shirley — \V ai p a
- Horulman's Local Agent*.
Southampton—Do**a*. K'
High *trecL
M*TB'Pbh 01C"as *
Ht*r7st. Maiy'a-*trr«t J. Jou%a. Below Bar.
j. kcsia iv iwrnaiM • -■
Dawsox, Bellevueroad., wTi—Cot ax rrr. Shanklin— N genual. Solwrton — Holmka, leal >' Titchfield—tlocoil. Totton—Ftgrciiaa.
Wlckham—Wiitma BiVcr-Wlncheater -1'owvll. WooUton— Ana*a. Yarmoulb— Pmttir*.
f^taa. aad apedD anangemenja made for oaotlnaaac* on hW" ^aammunieeUona^by jjost or otherwise) should be a.l lre**d