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Alto*—Mr. O.^narnaap, Rlgh^trwL

Mtd Norn, Rmg#V Statloa. and Bo*. Hallway Station. Cmacnaa and Soa, aewwcenU.
■wi-k.11hoctv—aowi. HIRI and Soa, Railway Station.
>. Mr^R^Oox, newsagent, Post-Offlc«, I and #,
fcrmxi-Mn. Snaisnos, aewia*ent.
Baoroiirox—Mr. R. N. Surra, grow* and draper. Coi'*cii— Mc««ni Wirtnaad Soa. nawaagmta, Rlgh^treet 05»aa,i.\V.-Mr Qno Fbllows, West Ce—
Kastlkhmi—Mr. F. O. Br -----

i, Poat-Offloe.
cwMjrrn, ..
.......i>u>, oewaa*ent. Park-road.
Gosroar- Nlcmira. H«mi and Soa. Railway Station.
Jlmm -Mr. \V. If. Mojraa. ne-raagMit.
La* p roar—Mr. Sxrrn, SiS. Cotnmerclal-ruad. Lraisarox—Mr. If. Domix. High-street.
« Mr. J. E. Cam*, 78, High-street.
Lnrcmrmr—Mr. If. Ixunc*. mcwaagonl Jmii-Mii SrassT, N#*#af*nt, Victoria roml.
If sw roar, I.W.-Mr. R. Boil, ltt, Hljrh street. Poaraao-tii—Mcwra. Barm and Soa, Railway Terminus. Poatswoon-Mra. Dm. P'ftOfflco.
" Mr W. CiftojfBLt, Market nlaoe.
Rnovoon - Mraara. Rami and So*. Railway Station.
" Mr. C. Ilaowa, newsagent.
RsDsairos, Ncastme, Rowxh awa. 4c.—Mr. Csasstms, nsws-
ageut, It ed bride*.
8alisbi rt - M<-a«ra. «»mi and So*. Railway Station. a " MrA^' HnW** FUherton-atreet.
Bmai.aT-Mrs. Crans, High-street.
" Miaa Trio*»«, IUgh-street.
Bholixo - Kcraley a»l Oo , grocers.
BTOCKBRirv.t Mr. C. Hctctishcs, newsagent.
Bocnusrw* Tsawtsn*- Moors Barm and So*.
Totto* Mr. o. Read, nrwaagenL Wtar K*e-Mr. A. OrataaL, new^agenL WLxcitBsm—Mnanr*. Smith and Soa. Railway Station.
" ta ' and other news-
Woourrox, 8nouxa. a*» Dutaicr — Mr. Dam*am. . . . „ Bridge-road, Wool*ton.
And of all the newsagents. 4c., In Southampton and the neigh-
»po*d"Moaini School" n of great kindllneen of
7.7 ; C ™ K* "V* •/ waui

Pmtpsjrirf dspras.
k* Wgkho.
wixcnarrR CATiirnRAL.-
and I ait Sunday In thi ind Jubilate—ckeltor
-Hymn 14*-"0 Christ"
"Ty-Mag>iifiix.t and Nunc 1 Anthem—" God ia gon
Jl»." P«ltn xlvll, verses 6. «, T-Croft, In residence—Tbo Very Rev. the Dean and Bi.hop McDougaJL
NEW OuAmtWAW.-Cnl^rDioklmK pf Macklmdg. Moure. hy hMn elsctcl a Guardian mf Ihs Poor for the vdlage of Mdlaml, m ths room of Mr. T. H. Burton deceased.
Railway Accident.—An accident oocurrcd on Tues ####1
o?th.%J!"„T " * J'>°" WM I: bono
£ %
SSLi. .."d„ kooo".«%Tk
ouatody, and waa nnwl 6a. dara UnprUooinent The m^oey , ----------,|th a baby In '
and^jaooata, arma, rexldl

SH&i no ""
received thnr money from the b,ndi of the p,
m", 'a crzrz
y "fTcnca whatever heforo the civic
mim ■

Tnrra Hxjrra Rztlb.—Tb« Aral of a aeriaa of ooa geWmma amoo^at mam barm of thia oorgtook place
qoit the CVickateia Anna Inn, Springbonrne, when prdarod to do ao by the landlord, he being at the time inaiitate of drankenneaa, waa fined 7b. sd. and 9a. 6d.
£1 Yoli and
HUI* (nnderaiood to ba the bank manager at forte-mouth) would explain alL The body waa found in Bum, but wua oocveyad into Hampshire, where an in-Quaut has ainee been held.
Ornrino or rnm Viotobu Pa**.—Thia Ion* and eaferljr looked for event took place oo Saturday laat, in the praMBoe of a Urge number of spectators. Venetian maata had been raised along thi main pathway, and from them flaga of every description were suapended. whilat a ataff of larger dimensions waa honoured with the unfurling and floating of the Corporation fla* in bine and whits. Long before the time arrived a crowd began to aaaetable, and when the proosssion emerged from the gaa offioee in ths vicinity of tbs park and took ita way to ths main entrance it was so graat that oonaiderable difficulty waa sxperienoed in making a passage for the corporate dignitaries. Ths gats was at last gained, and opened with a ailver kev made and presented to the Mayor by Messrs. H. M. Emanual and Sons, and the prooeaaioo then wendod its way to ths large fountain, where ths Mavor mounted a seat, and congratulated the people upon their possession of a park at last He aaid it waa ten years ago the grant of land waa obtained, but many difficulties had intervened, and it was only two yeara since the actual work of forming the park waa commenced. He was sure they all felt very grateful to the Water Company for the gratnitoua supply of water for the three fountains. He then turned on the water to the large fountain, which worked admirably, and the band struck up ths National Anthem. Daring the remainder of the day the park waa well patronised. After the opening ceremony the prooesaion returned to the gaa offices, where they were joined by ladies, and partook of refreahmsnta. A few speeches were indulged in and toasts proposed before the company separated.
teen, in his employment, to enter a dwelling 1 Bournemouth dunng the time he continued th.


order made
jm their.rsspseUvs laatsUesh
name ; and are not the ratepayers who dissent to hare an opportunity of expressing their opinion because
to the visit of ths inspector to Romsey, (here were certainly no costs attaching to this, as he came to inquire Into the scheme on the application for the loan. This vexed question still remains unaettled, and the fact la itaelf a proof that in public business tke candid and open policy is invariably the best and most likely to secure public approval.
Th* qvmmx'b Birthdat. — Saturday was observed _J s general holiday at the Government eatahliahmenta, and the day being beautifully fine in ita earliest hours a large number of people availed themselves of the opportunity offered by excursions to different places at cheap fares. A feature in the day's celebration was the
sr b"u-o( -w—»
_ 0^ahT„Prd"sr;
a oorajJalot which waa made In mors
mthridinf without reiL oo th.°Jf.tS were ootmctad, the Snt-nentiooed bein, Sned 6d. ud
yean of age, was charged with having, on the 26th of v rV'^Sn/nd.cirn?d ?W%7 from tbo nurseries of Mr. Enoch White, it Spnngbourne, a quantity of flowers and planta, of the value of £1 10s. He pleaded guilty, and was ordered to pay a fine of £2, £1 10s., the value of the plants stolen, and 2a., the costs of the conviction, or in default to be impnaoned for aix wseka. with hard
home that morning. The Chairman aaid ahe muat be impnwned for u week^ with h.rd !.bonr.-il/,e»rr(
f *?!? b.nn, on the 2«h of April, cruelly ill-
a fln# of lOg. yd 11a. 8d. oosta.—Ofovyr Drmk, of Boamauxmth, fog- hanog. oo ths 12ch of Ma^ 01-

wHnsas and oomUstanaaa Is quits a un#q_____
state, and it is supposed that it walaWhoW W su____
of,the premises and of the usual

atreet. After tea the snacioua room waa well filled with an audience which listened with the greatest pes

■ } Botwssn th«s and four o'clock om Thursday
H il®
Crosbis House, May »th, 1178. *"* 'rVn™
v „ tt LYND HURST.
. „ , f,0Rlcrr UMO..-A parcel of tracts, migazloss.

r: "• opioer;, lor wnioa many thtnlu are returned. Books, papers, and old linen are alwaya welcome gifts.
!'"» o? S^.Hjsstea
verses. At the conclusion of the ssrrios a liberal ooUeo-won was made.
###.## aep* oo oatorday.

P.O. J,

were, as uamal, musical gsms of ths highest exosllsnos.
OmwKw.—Enywoom » To-rroir.-Thls match waa

—r rcueriot ueorffc JDI
Kdglf ^ ia*^&^of^%kI%d D5hw%
•ftcU." * brought home a uumber of the duke's
Th* Portssa Island Board of Guardians on Wednesday adopted ths plana of a new spacious ornamental building
Commercial road.
Belief rot thi Wins »*d Pamiliis or T«oora Goixo ABROAD. — A compualonftte fund ia being •Urted »t Portemonth. with the oountenence end ■appcrt o( .11 th. sua end other officer, in the pr-hr the relief of •oldi.r.' wire, ud children
the lowest co record, being on 17J per thousand per annum of the estimated population. The officer of "urn. laogth mk, »hs quastbo of th. desirability of erecting a public mortuary, end points out the inconveniences and dinger srising from ths want of one, and the small amount which its attain-ment would oost. The want of a public abattoir is also pointed out
M^»YJ birthd., ww oelebreted .t fSSSSth *£
holldy" "e° rtockj.rd.^K.rij'ta "he°'S*n™^f"h:
Bags ; the piers and coastguard stations were similarly
dsooratsd.aodthe Royal Standsnl waa displaysd at
lOUlVUl »/ eu. " UUIO IUJS. JUOT L_
:r Baiffhrmnp iKahnnt Ipmh ki. —


newpcTrt. ■
was duly carried.
« ryde.
bought the bullock in £1 and £1 10s. costs.
M mM
s J tbL
wu not icoounted for bv the dcfcn.l.nt, .nd :h, C71<
of intsrest him. * BeWb
apppintmonttn tbe ofhcu of treaiurer, the h#M thu offioas both of secretary ami treasur last witnesm infprmsd him thst he had not h,
monsy reosiyed from Mrs. Raynor. He ha.......
learned th^ there was £4 due by the wciety l, tkh-%
Won5 M^Wpidrid^th^l%%nt wL*!%A pay the cost of the prosecutors' witnesses.
ths purads ww greatly snhaneel in the eves (4 tk 'f known thit ou^ of tW
-ountry s gallant defenders warn to bo i>rewn:«i wilt
presenting the medial and gratuity to Cu addressed a few words of cmngratulatl m
renngand unblemished character during the whole of « service, and wished him long^ife to enjoy his *d •weritod reward. The appearinca of thr«> two n« batteries of Royal Artillery was not a^ all dimiaiiW by th* preaencs in their midst of ^dimher mf serve, whose splendid physique w is a subject of a loin-goo to all who had aaiemblcl to witnw th* awma I unctually at twelve o'clock a Royal salute sa* ".fi from the saluting battery, after which thr« hfirtj cheers were given for her Majesty, and the troops «rt dismissed for the day. j

00 WES. '
ratoro 4 altitude
. 181 p.m. ;»la.m. SJ

-- M?#|
n I 3% ' 34% : i:% :% * I 80 104 ! 90-969

* T.i X, Milri
0 89'4 49-2 S\v

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l®i°kln An Increase,! mppjtlte Is .ilw:\ys sn ^
I Onlnlna anil T.\..U, T1.irfr.lwi' JiMfS W >k

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