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JUKE 1, 1878.
th»t Or. Stcvi !hf year. cerr prove aborti' ,h«»wn over ar
The fortnightly meeting of the member* of thU Bo*nl
held at the Union, South Stoneham, on Tueeday, when there were present Messt*. T. Warner (chairman), H. K. L Rosnmsn (vice-chairman), H. P. Bucban, C. K Carey, It. Scovell, W. 1L Chapman, John Qatar, \V. Warner, W. Owtoo, C. Crew, Captain Andrew, R N., or General Lewis, and Commander Loner, K.N. (elected Guardianal : and Captain T. H. M. Martin, ILX^ J P kf
'ncebera ik the mooee.
The MiWlR (Mr. Brown) report! that the number of ran I era in tbo Housefor the paat week waa 210, which, compared with 2X) in the oorre* ponding week of |a#t year, ahowa a decreaae of ten.
the vaccination ofticerh.
* . ,,ulte willing k* with any *ug*e*tioo of ths 'I (lovrrnmeut Ikani that waa practicable or likely to 1-0 I-cncf.cial in reference to vaccination in the dia-■lull. ..tUOxl, from long a«|>aH.noa, a.a [ I*tw of appointing four month, in l»n;li»8 with the four acuona. would u \\ inter vaccination here had been ^ ^ *»"« ^an uaele**, be. cau.i ,.. ..v^j—.ty it officially encouraged a ayatem of vac ination from preserved lymph, seeing that aa a role the mother, of children would not attend in the winter an{..krenupmrmto arm .vaccination If a hrsak mhould accidentally occur in their regulations.—The letter waa onlerto bo forwarded to the Local Government
patients at the copnty amylom. The \ icc-Chaihman brought up the report of the committee appointed to visit the Hants County Aaylum at Fareham, which stated that they viaited the establishment on the 23rd of May. They saw all- th< patients charged to the Union—twenty eight males am twmtyfenmle*. Soma of them were reported by Dr. Mauley to be in a hopeful condition, but of tho greater nuuiUY no hop* could be entertained. None of the nay nlm charges!;!* W th* Union oould be r*oomm*nded discharge. 1 he deputation went over the Aaylum building* now in conrme of emotion, and were mucn gratified with the care and attention be-•frivol up^n tho inmates—about seventy in number— an,I with the good order and discipline of the eatabliah-

and ho recommended that________
ody of the documents, register*. Ac., should be I, at a coat of £22, the condition of the present mThe Okpitv-Clerk (Mr. H. E. Robins) reported that a rate »>f one half-penny in the pound for police pur-I*'"' ' would be required fur the ensuing half-year. the assistant mateo*.
read from tho assistant matron resigning
Rplfintment. iral lc tcstin
il asking the Board to ______
ial. — It was mentioned that at reply a sufficient amount of duty
for her to perform, and
had undertaken w ith her present staff to discharge the ettiadutie*of the would not be neceaaary to till up the appointment.
nWATIFTINO INTELUOEECE. . The OiiAtHMAX said it would be gratifying to the l.u .nliaurn to hear of the aucceea nf one of the boya formerly in the House. In 1S03 Frederick Brown, a W. waa forwaidcd to the traiaing ahip Goliath, and afterwanla jmnesl the 91 at Itegiment am a tailor. He had saved enough money to buy hia discharge, and had just been appointed aa master tailor to the Scots Grey a, at a salary of over 1100 a year.
A letfer warn read from MimaE. E. Hale*, achool. mistress. in answer to a resolution of the Board passed at their last meeting with reference to the refnaal of the Lrcal Government Board to manction a malarr of f25 a year, Uigether with half the G*vemment grant. She stated that it was in consequence of the tonus of tha alv.'ruaement that the applied for the appointment. :s ihe wa very comfortable In her prevloum place, but ;hc*mdd coumcnt to remminif the Guardian* wou" Atianteehera*aIaryof fMOner annum.—After eon di-cus,ion:twsa.decided by the Guardian* to adhei. to their former resolution, and Miss Hales, on being In-formed of the fact, mtated.that ahe mhould apply fn,
situ ition at 1M0 if alio saw one vacant.
tiik RATES of niTTEUXE.—a deputation of rate-
trade. Involving the manufacture and employment of
waoheathe very cootro of Mlllbrook. IA Eodbridge the nuisance baa become Intole able, and numeroua ap-
phide of carbon are largely disengaged in theee works, and reoent obeervationa tend to ahow that general weakness, general depreaaion, with symptoms affecting the mucous surfaces, are the reeult of chronic poisoning from these gases. In 1876 Dr. Dayman reported that " the f°nt,?ae* in iu. vimlenoe unabated," while for FL . referred to the pouonona effect* of a creaaote trade at Totton, adding that the river warn made to reoelve a coploua pollution from the waate matter of theee noisome proceaeea. He (Mr. Boohan) believed that M ^*onel Hall * work* were precisely almilar to those which had before been demented by their medical officer M a poiaonoua mannfactnre, there oould be but rery little difficulty indeed in now getting him to certify a* to the in'ary to health canaed by theee foul gaae*. He had therefore prepared one or two resolutions,
" That thlaerk bo i^tr^ctodto^riU toD?. D$n% requesting him to visit, with the inspector of nuisances, the chemical work* of Colonel Hall, and to report to the Board whether any machinery or other appliance*
WSrEW! .
onoiJd.r fSHOOO ahovld b. thna ntrmnpd Iran
• »«fT,oe' J*i T«T large number* of children who ought to have been educated by thl* fund had to be educated at the ooet of the Guardian*, beddee which a large proportion of the aged and Infirm now being re-
do with u*.—Dr. Pale : Mr. Meldrom is entirely out of order.—Mr. Meldeom : The Eocleaiaetical CommU-alonem have no power to break the law—The Clese : They have aaaigned the leaee absolutely.—Mr. Mtt-DMOMs Moreover, if their racoessor* in ths School BoartI should at any future time decide that the Bible
I»op«r^ kit Jar . daflnlu ohJ«rt ahoofl not b. JnrUd
began their teaching work.

tmrrxD bkitohs' ddtuke at booth-
naghten, Ac. Throughout ths evening a plentiful supply of grog wa* placed upon the table* through the
(Mr. A. L. McCalmont), who was with hi* regiment at i J«p^-
ic*KAir, tbe rf"
i waa, therefore, of opinion, coonaeL that there was no
factura carried on at' Colonil if.U'i workj, Ulid « which iHT'Urn.1 .. i, whether the Southampton river is made to reoelve a plea againat the lease.
copious pollution from "the waste matter of these noisome> processes-Mr. J. Ron;** (clerk to the Board) stated that the Guardians appeared to be under some misapprehension in regard to this question, as the certificate of I)r. Dayman would not permit them to proceed as a rural sanitary authority except there any nuisance occasioned by a ditch or neglected appliance.—Mr. Grkw said they had been misled entirely m regard to this matter, as it waa understood that proceedings before the magistrates were conditional only receipt of a certificate from the Officer of id which he had hitherto declined to give.— ission which followed was taken part in by 1 mbers, but the Board shortly after --\ng to any decision upon
several oth.
warda broke up without------------, -------- --
*he subjmcL—The Highway Committee r.fterward* sat.
Tho member* of this Board met at their offices, Lansdowne House, on Tuesday, when there were present Mr. W. R Randall, J. P. (chairman), the Rev.
examinations IS biblical knowledge.
o the Biblical Knowledge Examination Fund, stating

rith notici

i deputation fro
atcpayera' meeting held at the Red Lw __ ouis, Bitteme, in reference to the education r do on the 5th of April, waited upon i iducing the depu
had been done them by tho levyinft of thia rate that they were determined not to pay it except it could be legally demanded.—Mr. Hen.vino a poke at some length, and explained that the cause of their complaint was that a rate of fourpenco in the pound for county, sanitary, and educational purposes had been levied m>on tho ratepayers for no cause whatev, The proportion of the county rate had been paid October last, while for sanitary purposes they km that only £10) would be required for tho whole of the parish, and at Bittcrne it was known that they were there exceptionally blessed in respect to school accommodation, and but a very few children were chargeable to the rates for the purposes of carrying out the provisions of the Education Act. They therefore felt that they had a perfect right to resist anything In the »hape of a tax, for a very trilling amount would have answered the purpose. — One or two others having !P°. ?• .. Chairman explained to the deputation
»ettlemcnt Letw
that the Board had nothing whatever to do wi'th I,
nd that it was simply a question for hemselves and the overseers, that the sum required for of the parish of South Stonebam nd that would represent a rate of under pound. — Mr. Robins, Mr.

nd Mr. Rosoman took part in a brief dis-mhoii which followed, and Mr. IlENNINO slated that ley were |»erfectly satisfied with the explanations nich had been given them, and they should take aa irly opportunity of inquiring into the authority of the reaaeer* to make such an exorbitant rate. — Mr. ^UTii called the attention of the Board to the fact that >c | arish of South Stoneham was not fully repre-futwl, no one as yet having been elected to fill up the scd by tho retirement of Mr. McCalmont. ith) stood next on the poll at the last elec-uon, out aa he was leaving tho neighbourhood he should p n";,|,lc to serve, although ho auggcated that the {var.l should call op Mr. Bailey, who stood next >t, and who was perfectly willing to aerve.—Mr. '•at: k explained that the Guardians in themselves had no i-.w-ir to fill up the vacancy, as it reated with tho ratepayers entirely to move in the matter. Tho subject nail already l#en brought forward there and diacuaaed.
sptanj AnuRew h'l'P' n to be at homo on the occasion of his "Its— Mr. Rosoman said the payments to the officials ere regulated by the Local Government Board, and the Guardian,, who wer. oWlwd to whmlt li.ti recommendation for confirmation by the higher i 7!a London.— Mr. Robins mentioned that the noli; «,f the collector* to the Board were paid on com-hlI'^ .t,'e1 amounts collected by them, and it ao 11 i« 'l -.hat last year the officer for Hound received l^rihentat all.—Captain ANDREW*t»tedthathe knew reU. ie. particulars of the case referred to, the
* '"/•f'Oicer having repeatedly cidled and found the
diwl.r**?** ono of 'heir officers, but the deputation
thanks Mr' Hennino tendered hi*
affoMi hi for th® information which had been
1 tbf-m, and the deputation then withdrew.
Th. II. J\lt ?*te* 8UPPLT or TH* HOUSE. .
biwiuU ,T 2*room. — Mr. Gate* aubaequantly

Schools in Biblical knowledge. The Rellgioui. xract Society had generously offered to double that amount in prizes of Bibles and Teatamenta, and awaited instruction*a*to the same and theconsequent disposal of thia money.—The VicE chairman moved that the offer of Messrs. Westlake and Dawson be accepted with the very prateful thanks of tho Board, and that the subject be referred to the Education Committee to draw up a scheme and report to the Board. He was sure they felt strongly indebted to those gentlemen for the trouble they had taken in tho matter.—Mr. Meldrcm seconded the proportion, which was unanimously agreed to, Mr. Webtlak* remarking that they hoped to raise £100, but did not consider it desirable to wait any longer before dealing with the sum subscribed.
the transfer of th* t. and o. school*.
A letter was read from Captain Bain, a trustee under a chanty termed the " Widows' Fund, notifying that if the Board carried out the purchase of the P. and O., now Eastern District, Schools, and accepted a convey-ance of the property, he should protest against any claim which might hereafter be made by the Board or other person on account of money expended on the buildings, or on tho land comprised in the lease, on the ground that the P. and O. Company had no right to conclude a sale to ths Sohool Board, which, moreover, not fair, provident, or beneficial to the charity to which the property belonged.—Mr. Westlake aaid he would Suggest that no further notice should be taken of the matter.—The Chairman : I don't think wa need take any notice of iL—Mr. Westlaxe said Captain Bam quite misunderstood the facta of the case. They did not purchase the lease, but had a fresh lease for certain properties.—Mr. Meldeum urged that the lease should not be signed unless the director* of the P. and O. Company would give them a guarantee against any claim that might hereafter arise in regard to the pro-p«rty, which oould not be disposed of unless ths wishes of the donor (Mr. Anderson) were strictly carried out. In the lease obtained through the Ecclesiastical Commissioner* it was provided that the Bible ahould be read in the schools ; and directly the trust was broken the property would revert t, the original trustees—Captain Bain, Mr. Howell, and Mr. Thomas Hill. Juat provioua to his death, Mr. Anderson transferred the property and ££0,000 to the director*, the fund to be devoted to charitable purposes iq connection with the company; and he (Mr. Meldrom) contended that if the director* of the company had not carried out the trust reposed in them, tJbe trustees would be able to come to the Southampton School Board and demand the property to be given up to them, together with any additions that might be made to IL For sixteen or eighteen months Csptain Bam refused to sign tho surrender, believing they were not carrying out the wishes of his uncle, Mr. Anderson j and before he signed it he was told that it had been signed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, which was not the case.—The Chairman: The whole thing has been transferred.--Mr. Westlaes: I will move that no further notice be taken of the matter—Mr. PmrrARi) ded the proposition.—Mr. Meldeum : And I move amendment that a guarantee be obtained from the directors. — The Chairman: There i* not ths slightest necessity for It—Mr. Mxldbcm : The amendment not being seconded, I will move that the letter be inserted in the minutes.—The Rev. R. Moont thought the matter should stand over for further consideration. If property was held under a certain trust, it should not be diverted from that trust.—Upon Mr. Westlake'i proposition being put to the meeting, there voted—
fm—Dr. Palk, Yem WesUake, Ulllier, Phlppard, Dlbls sad the Chairman—(J.
A amitul-Mr. XeMruna- L
Tb* Vlo^Chmlnoam and ths Rev. R. Mount—t —The proposition was accordingly declared carried.
industrial school d* qielb. The Bye-Law* Committee reoctnnxmded that places be reserved in the Girls' Industrial School, at Old Alresford, for girls that might have to be sent from
b. perfectly JnatM«i' in »ffiril«<'tS£
Meldrcm again contended that the transfer of the
taking place the lease would be nullified, and he believed
Uiat the subject should be postponed till the next Board meeting for further consideration ; but this was
secure in regard to the lease.—Upon the amendment being put, there voted—
For—The Rev. R. Meant and Mr. Meldnun—1
Seutrai—"Hie Vlee-Chalnnan-l. /
—The amendment having been lost, the original motion was put, and earned by a reversal of the votes.
mended U:at m temporary loan of £2,000 be obtained from ths treasurer of the Board in order that the pur-chase of the Eastern District School premises might be completed.—Mr. Westlake proposed the adoption of
sent there. It waa also recommended that a deputation from the Board visit the Boys' Industrial School at Pnrbroolt. to see bow the lads sent there by the Board were getting on.—The Vice-Chairman moved, and the Chairman seconded, (he sdoption of the report, which was agreed to, and tip Rev. 0. Strang* and Dr. Palk were appointed the deputation. N
. the central board school.
It was resolved, upon the proposition of Mr. West-lake, seconded by Mr. Phippard, that the new school peer the Rope-walk be called the Central Board School, in accordance with the recommendation of th* Works and General Purposes Committee.
the eastern district schools again. . Westlake moved "That the seal of th* Board be affixed to the lease of the Eastern District School premises from ths Rector of St. Mary's and other* to the Board, snd to the duplicate thereof." The matter hsd been under the consideration of th* solicitor to the Board, and also of counsel, who had given their opinion that everything waa perfectly dear tor the a Mixing of the eeal of the Board! The lea** wa* given by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the Bishop of Wincbeeter, and Canon Wilberfcroe, in consideration of the surrender of the old lease given to Captain Bain, in conjunction with other*, sevsral years ago. Captain
there wa* no ground whatever for opposing th* Mr-render of the lease, and mulcted the captain, who w*
"MWU, m=u ,, SWT naa *oe money they oould go on with the work without delay.—Mr. Dible eeoonded the motion.—Mr. Meldrcm moved an amendment that a temporary loan be not sanctioned, on the ground that he had no desire to see £2,000 of the ratepayer*' money thrown away, but it being shown that this would be a direct negative to the proposition, he said he would
purchaae of these schools, in the oourse of a short time the Chanty Commissioner* would come down on the truatoea of the property, which would have to be given np ,-to. Y* proper parties.—Mr. Westlake having replied, his proportion was put to the meeting with the following reeult
^atml-Wr. Meldrom-1.
Arwtw-The Rev. R. Mount—1.
—The proposition waa accordingly carried.
the pro roe xd hoondwell infant school.
TTie Special and General Purpose* Committee reported that after ten meeting* they had been unable to find a site at Hound well for an infant achool without incurring
chargea were Id per week. They would like to aee more how this would work, and aa the achool did not
Et the Government grant, they thought they would fer any expenditure for the preaent. notwithstanding the pressure put upon them by the Education Department.—The Chairman seconded the proposition, which was unanimously agreed to.
A report from the Finance Committee recommending van on* payments, and that the Chairman be authorised to sign the half-yearly statement of accounts, having been adopted, the Board adjourned.
The periodical meeting of this Board wa* held at the Reading Room. Itchen, on Monday, when there
8. Luke, and W. H. Cnapman.
the transfer or the schools.
A letter wa* read from the Committee of Council on
to religion* ina tract ion, which give* the manager* power to hold such instruction in the schools in case the Board refused to allow it, and in it they stated that the aimpleet and wisest course would be to have a clause "' have an end put to the g *ix month*' notice.—
. .. -.i-.-----managers of the schools
contemplated that if they gave a 99 year*' lease It would be terminable at a certain period, and they thought thia because at Scholmg the Boy*' School waa leased for 99
Sar*, terminable every three or five years. Then in e proposed lease they had a clause that on the surrender of the building* the manager* of the schools should have to pay what was advanced on loan. In the draft lease the provision waa also made that the managers should have the right to veto any enlargement of the proeent building, the expense* of which were to be met •by loan. He had been thinking of this, and suppose at the end of 09 year* the managers oould not psy for what had been done on loan, the Church would find that she had surrendered her property, that she had ru school* for religious Instruction, and no Sunday schools whatever. — Mr. Chapman thought that at the end of 99 year* the school* would revert to the managers.—TTie Chairman said ha was afraid not—Mr. Chapman : The only thing, then, would be to pay the money.—The Chairman believed that in default of payment the Board would seise ths schools, and the church would be left without anything.—Mr. Rosomaw remarked that If inch a thing occurred it would be very unfair, and he thought the difficulty might be met.—The Chairman said if it oould not au

on may pointa, ha oofld not bnt ballara that th.j were actuated by the sinoereet of motives to promote the permanent commercial prosperity of the town (hear, hear).—The toast was received with musical
oaadmjlr Uijt tha Mayor ... nreT.ntehoped that their mnnion.1 Council would alwaja reco* their prtotlcal aupport, the Iarjo amount of which mch aooiatiea wara the mean, of acoom. plisbing. Jt was an undenisble fsct thst their existence
not be slow to recognise the benefits s(forded to the
massesi of the population by societies of this description %
ing that he hoped before long to aee the advantagoa for shipping accommodation at the Town Quay more widely appreciated.—Mr. Coles, who for the past thirty
Sara had been intimately connected with the trade of * town, reeponded to ths toast. H* referred to ths U/f! ,D°re"« *bich had of late taken place in the trade of the Docks, and to the proepect which now j
-----. mwy^
and the more it waa developed and enoouraged, the more flourishing would the town itself become.-The Chaib-MA*. m gxnng ths toast of ths evening, "The Psnsvsmnes Lodge of the Order of United Briton*," alluded to the fact that it hsd been his privilege to be a member of it for aome few years past, and even before that he had watched with pleasure the progress it had been steaddy making. It had year by year been adding more members, and annually increasing in funds, while it was impossible to speak too highly of the beneficial influence caused by Its existence. Such sodetie* taught men to help tbemaelvaa, and to hi* mind there wa* no greater pleasure than to feel that they were meeting together for the mutual assistance of one another (hear hear). It was a great source of congratulation that in that Lodge they had a very large proportion of young members, and with a continuance of judicious and careful management, it* future success WM aaaured. He wiebed for it every proaparity, and oaUjd npon them to drink tha tout with Lodge honoon. -Thla h.Tin, bun hautilr donj with tha addition of aaranUn,an^of rfiaarinj, Mr. B. Ct'iXin, aecratarr, f"P«od*d. He said he scarcely knew how to congratulate the Lodge upon its present poeition, when he looked back some nine or ten years ago to the time when he was first appointed secretary, when the amount of their fund* was very email indeed; but since then they had saved upwards of £450l In March V**, ,4** amount on their balance sheet wss £357 ,4s. lid, but this year it stood at #05 0*. 8d., showing an increase on the twelvemonth of £47 15*. 9i.
now three honorary members, including the Mayor and their present chairman Mr. Aldridge (cheers), and dunng the year they had made 16 new members, giving new a total of 100 on the books. He hoped that next year hia report would be even still more encouraging (cheer*).—The remaining toasts were " The President and the Officer* of the Lodge," to which Messrs.
of which were appropriately acknowledged.—During the evening the announcement of the promise of subscriptions from several gentlemen in the room waa received with cheers. Some capital songs were given at frequent intervals between the speeches, and a most enjoysble evening was spent
%-f^ra.^iZ 'teiraSdVr
ably owned out the duties of "flower girls," their button holes being in great demand The room itself was handsomely decorated with massive mirror* and laoe curv-uns, kindly lent free of charge by Mr. Christopher Horseman, of the High-street, while flags of all nation*, genero.naly contributed by Mr. Wolff, were artistically hung roJind ths walls. During the afternoon and evening eeve,l*l lady amateur* discoursed capital selection of music. —\
or county expenditure, the statutes under which they !!! ithe for whlch *hey are
s^s-srrai'snir wfirt ES||5«S'.S
byquaMsrsasawma T^e amount pmdln swhof the three years was £1& Newport contributes under the
— mJisLsya;
county rate asseeament of the whole pariah made in
amount j1 snd £TO in 1878. The information cannot be furnished for those portions of the parishes of Caris-brooke. St Nicholas, and Whippingham within the borough, as the amounts are not separately shown for them. Romsey oontnbut* to all county expenditure except for polioe purpojee upon the county rate basis.
rate pnrpoaes exoept police. The county rate is levied on the basis of the county rat* assessment of the .whole psnsh, made in pursuance of 15 and 18 Vim., c. 81. The ameuutcoutnbuwd in 1874 was M88; 1875, £807; 1878, £317. The amount is not shown separately for the portion of St Helen * pariah within the borough, conaequently the information cannot be furnished ?or that parish. Lymmstmn pays to the county police an annual payment of £130.
AjwotahMnlghtslncean accident occurred at _ head, by which, through the capsizing of a steam launch three persons lost their lives. One of the bodies wi picked up shortly afterwards, and on Monday
%##### gwioM eerreedes. U**e^, *i»h«Ht #1teraUon lq value or
[ Ry.......T'

BaHg-_ Grinding'
Wednesday.-Wo hav,
iaUgooJ,l amiss, was a thin attendance, aaU the trade : last Mum lay s rates, but
i PArceU. Llnaeot arket for Hosting
cargoes of grain wn heavy, & Scotch. Tor"go.
. wo z %
BoEoaoa Hop MaEEEr. MwmiT.—Thsro i* m
COU2TTRY CORN MARKETS.' ANDOVEE, FEIDAY.-Th* attendance waa a mall one. Wheat wss In fair show, and wa* dispose! of st rslrs 1, ww nr. limited in q<

McDine, was di-----
nroaer's inquest was held at the Monday evening.—Henry Vasey, of the launch
ig day, what ery squally, the passage. He
second, that of J,
Soothsea Beach. A CrickcterVTavern c
aaid there were two men and three hov*
the weather waa very fine. On the follm the return journey warn to be made, it w,
and one of the lads refused to make tk
detailed the cirenmstaaces under which the________
loet and stated that ahe^lid not csnaize, but foundered. The captain was at the helm the whole time, and it waa '-ipoasible to put hack after thay got out to Bpithaad. tbstwould have been more dangerous than continii-57 forebatch and the vessel filled with
water. He got into the small boat, which drifted i and although be aaw the captain he con Id not re any assistance, as he had no oars. He did not con that the launch was a fit vessel to carry steam and the Solent.—The Coroner summed up at soma length, and tha jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased met with bis death bv drowning, and that the disaster was an secident—The adjourned inquest on the body of Robert William Cruncher, the master of the •el, was held at the'Sir Charles Napier, Stoke-road, wwport, «m Tueaday, by Mr. Edgar Ooble. conn coroner, when the jury returned a verdict of " Ac dentally drowned."
AVEECE v. Ronarr Social.—a between the shore clnbs on Saturday owing to the good batting of H. Csl.lcr
Heath resulted In an easy victory for tl..............
Innings and ItI runa. The bowling of H. Weston for the A
tch waa played - at Nomsey. and Weston, and F.
A re nut C.C.—CoIIint, b Wi « : Weaton, run out 14 : IT.' . .
FJ. Heath, c Cheater, h Walls. 1« : Martin, s 'Bntti_____
1# ; ( roes, b Watts, 3 ; Klena, b Cheater, 0 ; J.
1; Moxley, not out 0 ; byes, Ac., 7
WUd*L.* Cb,
Hom*ey Social C.C.- Moore, b Westcu. • not ont, 0; Hi______.
II. Calder, 6 ; Oram, at Heath, b
c Josephs, b H {'alder. 4 : DntUnshaw. b Wwt.m. S, b W.
L.5%:: ^ W
byes, Ac., S and S : toWa, 31 suVxcroEiA s. Wsrrs STA*.->A match between the** iJayed on the Public Cricket Ground on Saturday, draw. Boon—Victoria. 71 ; White Star (with
ment. They wanted the Board to have the —
and the Board were anxious to take them.—After-
discussion, it waa decided that the *ubi*ot should be referred to a meeting of a committee of the Board and th* nuauagera of the schools, the solicitor of th* Board (Mr. H. EL Robins) to be present.
The Board agreed tcirent the reading room in which — *Kd si office*, th '
o be decided on herei
resolved thst the next meeting should be held on Moo-mittem to oonalder the site for the new schools, Ac.
loena m eysry atom room
It having been resolved, in connection with the grand bazaar held last week at Baaaett Wood, in aid of the 8t Lawrence a Church Restoration Fund, to have a seoood day's aale—the attendance, owing to the wet weather, not having been so large as was anticipated— It was preceded, on Tueeday evening last, by an amateur oonoert of a superior character, under the direction of Mr. Alexander Rowland, F.R-S M., who was supported by his vocal and instrumental pupils. Ths entertainment was under very distinguished patron-sge, but a wet evening doubtless materially lessened the attendance, which, all things considered, was fairly good. The part songs by the choir and ladies' choir were remarksble for the precision and thoroughness of harmony which characterised them. " Lo, the Lilies of the Field" wa* rendered in a manner entitling the ladies choir to great praise, and again bore testimony to Mr. Rowland'a abilities as a composer, aa did the duet " Oh I when Jtu summer weather," auig with
and ended Tl.....
eight wickets down),
C*aer Cause*. NoEntA*, r. TAmrroE's ScEooc.— Tb- mat. h. played on the Common on Saturday, terminated li a vWeey or the latter br si* runs on the first inniags. Th four'wkksta****** *" M 49 : Chritt Christ 49 and 11 fo Msrcantile marine v. United. — Played at the
well, Kowier snd James also reaching <1 a We fiarurea. Ths large
seven wickets ; United, 7A
SrsiNO Hn.i. 8chool r. Teleorapn. — This match, played on the School Ground at Hprin* Hill on Saturday, resulted In a victory for the home team by si* wickets. Th*.
■Telegraph, it and U; Spring Hill School, 57 and 13
for four wickets.
Nostha* v. RED Stab.—A match bet we
played on Saturday in the Public Crick, _________
mr of Northern, the score being, Northain, 80;
i these clubs
Sodthaktton v. SwANMOES.—A match between these - pl»*-d on the Southampton^ Ground on Monday,
The 8 wan more wicket, M, but those the other nine of their wickets
aide found It difficult to surpass, ft ____
were down the total waa only M. Tho h ______
performance. Swsnmors's second venture realised M, so that had^ths ^match been played out there was a probability of s
ran out, 7 ; Kxhatn. not out. ». b Beoersft 1* : Hobsoo. b D.
b Jndd. 11 ; byes, Aa, 4 snd 4 ; totals, 80 and M.
Southampton. — A. Duscsn, a Harlock, b Lu«hln*ton. ? ;
Crook, e sub., b Lushiugtos, 8 ; Jewell, e Perfect, b Button,
as tic plaudits of the assembly. Miss K 8 balder* was touchbgly expressive in Sullivan'* charming song "The Lost Chord," and was re-called, a* waa Miss F. Linford for hsr chaste rendering of "Let me dream again" (Sullivan). Miss Shearer sang " Quand tu cb antes tMme verv artistically, and this young lady bids fair to beoom* _Increasingly popular, while it may be justly aaid tlwt aha oocupie* even at the present time r — minent position among our local amateurs. Her____
Then the instrumental part of the oonoert waa a posi-
land, in a melodi* raligieuae, for violin, violoooello.
Porltwl (Barraia), by fitaa Floranoa BmrUiul and Mr.
The grand duo for piano and violoooello. from
her hereafter occupying a high rank among pianistes.
Rotal enoineens. — This
« ; Royal Engineers, II.
#sr. Oats wars asprn llaillsd la qnaallly at receat price
SSSffiKMB" *»s ft
WiNCHEMTEE, BATCEDAT. -The following Is an accunt amdrhcesnfth, several sorUwf RMikhcwu
toes, as onmputed by the atsadard Imperial waaare :-WLeat
fSATURDAY, -At the weekly corn market.

rday, the following

inling to tho r
lotations of the
lil, C103 4s. Ttie avsrage per quarter was £3 17, *d.
was but thinly supplied wltl buyers wss small. Farmer* wi.. ... at a reduction of la per Imperial qr. when Mtqra. made ei.3m, or an quotations were 51s to Ma.
reading, Saturday.—The trade depre
rage of #|d. The
nrket waa scantily sup
L B^t old. Ma to #4s offer, but thcr
plied with _____ _____
mkldUag sorts. 41s to Ms. Xo Enallsl, l*r!,
were a few lota of foreign,- tho prices for wh.^^ ....
low. Oats asada s pretty g**! ahow sad there was aa Improve-meat-beat IJeloKa.mUdliag. gala
OcuaFOEc. 8ATUEDAY. — With an unumally short-supply of slldeacrint kms of grain, there was no parlicufar s lrra Uon observable, wheat sold st last week's «kes. Wheat.
£11 10a to £15 ICa:_____
ALTON. TCESDAY. -Very per qr. lower. A quiet trade it tiona. Pricea aa follorrs Wh,
8AUSEUEY, ToEiDAY.—Attendaa,
limited supply, and business at a standstill, ft se.1 at lower phcea. Other g ala easier to buy redaction.
Chichester, Wednesday.—A short
wheat, tho enquiry very slow, and t» sell fully 1, iy waa taken. The supply of other grain aim io change In valncs. Flour dull, at last rreck' . .da^Eood. WhllesvheatM«lnOM:dl(lo
f W: (n : barley (malting
barley (grlndlaglL Ma lo Ms : nats. Ms lo Rs; 4«s : peas. 42s to 44s. Household flour. 41s per a* NEWECEY, TBCESDAY. —Theshowof, proceedwl slowly s"
tra.lo for wheat, and Is r grain, at fona*r quota..
ihort Wheat In
plentiful, but liuain,
per qr., quotations there was a scanty figures. Sis to 40s pei . -* " rices, 2fs tn Ms
To-day Increased rate >ur sdos have closed firm, at ipported ; a clearance Is being ,ttle have stood firm at from «s 4 (t-h'-ics bree Is). 0a 4d per slona ess has been quiet, si Ing. thia hss fallen a tone pro valla. Upot
_^lt'g from 40s to 6Cs | pply, and «

difficult to get offers for. (a 6d per stone. The demi article having been in good i
Intended fa ......__
absence of anything like difficult to fix. but thej
• killing very f,
JATTLC MARKKT-MONDAY, meat hewillten. Up loUw ;e\eeat
' *"oelr mnio. Prime >'co.'ch */"Wp"rs!ons: Norf Iks Wl'h rraard to the aheep although activity prevailed y. and at the present a dull 'ery choice Downs a slight 7.hite-faccd breeds excecdinelr dull of sale— Indeed, 10 upon this class does nr.', exceed id for lamb has been i'ght ; thia irply. a cerree|#udlng decrease In le has finished bvlly. Of calves
'.to hand. Iu tho raluo^has been
Per ilb. to sink the offal.
Coarse inf. beasts Second quality . **-* large oxen..
2 to 4 0 Prime Southdowua 8 0 to 0
0 | Lambs......7 8-9
Large coanccalves 4 S - 0
J1 ditto 0 0 — 8
8 1 i Large h.
Prime long wool ..5 10 -
been no aeuaiblo dimim
. 5 4 — 6 8 Neat a,
ist he wr.tten lower
father that the
id the article la unque tlonably dsar. about 110 Am _________
class of cattle well liked by the trade) have been diapssed of adlly, at rates ranging from As to 8s 4d ser at >no. Calvee are irce and dear, the attention of breeders Is being given to saning rath- r than to falling, and thus supply declines. In ery little business has been doing ; good

The Crown Pnnoe of Germany visited Aldcrehot oi Wednesday with the Duke of Cambridge, for th,_ purpose of witnessing a sham fight on the Fox Ilills^ in
which nearly all the divisional troops took part Th< brigade* w*re drawn up in po*ition before ten o'clock, and operation* commenced immediately after the arrival of the special train from Waterloo, notwithstanding the rain, which fell heavily at that time. About twelve thousand men were engaged, and the review, which terminated in a march past about one o'clock, was extremely satisfactory from a military point
Peince leopold paid his,first visit to the Paris Exhibition to-day, and was received by Mr. P. Cunliffe Owen, C B., at the Royal Pavilion shortly before noon. Hia Royal Highness devoted the greater part of his time within the building to sn Inspection of ths pictures and the art furniture. After examining the several rooms In the Pavilion decorated and furnished by Messrs. Gfllow and company, the Prince proceeded to the EnffUsh gallery of paintings, ^whither he was conducted by Mr. Millaia. R.A., and M/Deachampa. Superintendent of Fine Art*. The reception of Mr. Millais by the whole art world of Paris, I may her* remark, has been enthusiasts ; and Mr. W. P. Frith, R.A., has experienced also a most cordial greeting at the hands of the chief French painters. After Prince Leopold had made the tour of the galleries hs returned to the neighbourhood of the Pavilion, and, having entered Mr. DoulIon's terracotta edifice, examined with great care and interest the artistic interior, embellished bv Messrs. James Shoolbred and Co., whose separate display of decorative furniture Inside ths build-" .....nd neatly admired
COUNTRY CATTLE MARKETS. UOECHEETM. Saturday.—Very large supply of Jtock large attendance of buyers, and very brisk business. Fat beef has gone up In aome Instances to 17a per score, whDo the neral run of heifers and calves may be quoted at £15 :o £20. utton, 0d to 1M per lb:; lamb, lid.
READINO. 8ATUEDAY.-A great many head of eattlo offer, and the anlmala were all In good condition. There waa brisk buying among the dairymen, and the best milch cow, were qal^ly takes ofafglT to £M perbesdzaoooadsry. gate** each. Good barren cows. £15 to £18. Y looked after: steers and heifers, two yea
head for the best: yearlings, £9 to £l_r______
best, 40s to 50s cscb. Bheep trade waa i; tegs, 80s to 85a ; and ewes, 55s to COs
aolVgllto £18 p
.rket was well sup-Mutton was a trifio dearer, but lea. Pigs wore In good supply, and

Jsssrdra •SJs'a yi
ths monssat they are excited, by the set of sucking becomes
actively besdtnjf. _ Bold oel^ In &L ^aad la boxes, by^p

marked by d,
girildfohd, Tossday.—Th,
Sed with all kiada of stock. "*
it commanded the aame rat . _
a large trade waa done at enhanced mutton, 5e 8d to 8a 4d ; lamb 8a to 9s 4,1 Mgs. 6e to 5e Od.
ChICHXSTSS, WgDNZSDAY. — A good attendance at to-daj's market. Beat from &1 to 4d per stone higher than for the prevloua fortalght Prime wether mutton maintained Its value, but fat ewee met a slow aale at a alight reduction. Lamb waa remarkably dear. The pig market waa a-'uggiah, with a downward tendency in ptloea. A large numberjof store sheep remained unsold at the close of the market. Best beef. Ma to fls 8d ; Inferior. Is lOd to 4a 4d ; prime mutton, 8a 8d to 7a ' * 1 - " fld : lamb, 8s to 9a ; veal, 8s (d to Oi
Porkers, 4a 4d to 4a Od. Store pigs fro----- ----
SWEOEY, THDEEDAY.-Suoply of fat beast* and now
and calves £10 to £18 ; In-calf cows, £18 to £20 per h«ad. Fat calves were scarce and dear, fetching 8s to 8s 4(1 per stone, or £5 to £7 per besd. Bheep were plentiful snd commanded firm prices. Down owes realising 55s to 00s ; Down weathers, 30s to 74a ; snd others, 50s to 00a per heart.
LONDON"AGRICULTURAL SEKU TRADE, eesrs. John Shaw and Sons, seed merchants, of Mark Lane, . >rt on this trade aa followa:-Nothing of special Importance has transpired thia week In connection with the trade for farm seeds; but although there baa been s lack of actual trsasae-tions^the tendency of valors, on account of the
upward direction

favourable. As regards red clover seed the position Is un-changedi; no offers are coming to hand from America, whilst the stocks remaining here are ao small as to prohibit specula-Uoo. Trifollum Incmmatum. In which there waa some little buaincea doing a week or two back. Is now neglected. For sow-
* hand for spring tares.
of fetd In the----------
two articles. Occssional ord« ______ _____
canary seed is there any quotable variation.
s demand at Monday's currrncU
For foreign Unseed ther
VAtCAtta Dtsoovssv roa vua Hua.—If your hair la turning Jrey or white, or falling off. use "Ths Mezloan Hair Renewer/
evwywhsrs at Is. (d. pec bottle.
—' *" *J Sole Agent for South-Perfumer, 17, Oxford-